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BROADREACH PARTNERSHIPS A collaboration for international education and hands-on learning

A world leader in international education

Over 20 years ago, Broadreach began with the mission to change lives through education and transformative global experiences. Since that time we have led middle school, high school and college students on international education programs to over 40 countries. It is how we learn that sets Broadreach apart. Our programs are uniquely designed to foster leadership and global awareness while achieving tangible outcomes of hands-on skill development and applied learning in real-world environments. Our professionalism is evident in our team of passionate educators and experienced global explorers who have chosen to dedicate themselves to making international learning more accessible and impactful. Our reputation and success are exemplified by the thousands of students who have traveled with us and learned more about the world and themselves through the active, hands-on exploration of global communities and fascinating topics in science, field research, medicine, language immersion, ecology, photography, international development and more.

Why partner with us? Broadreach partners with schools, universities and other organizations to design international education programs customized to your group’s needs and interests. We are not a group tour or travel package provider. We are experts at curating meaningful global experiences tailored to specific learning outcomes. A partnership with Broadreach is a collaboration that brings together your vision with our expertise to create high-quality and cost-effective programs.

INTENTIONAL COURSE DESIGN Broadreach has refined a unique model for education delivered in diverse global settings. Our focus is bringing learning outside the classroom with active, growth-filled experiences centered around learning-by-doing and engaging thoughtfully with new cultures and communities.

QUALITY STAFF We hire exceptional individuals with advanced degrees and in-country experience who provide expert leadership in all areas of international education including logistics, curriculum development, group and cultural facilitation as well as emergency and risk management.

SAFETY We make safety a priority with well-planned courses, well-trained support from experienced Broadreach staff and detailed risk management procedures. Our goal is to allow participants to experience success through accomplishment, not through high-risk adventure.

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Broadreach’s extensive global network of educators, researchers, professional and cultural experts, community leaders, facilities and equipment enables us to be much more efficient and ensure every aspect of the experience meets or exceeds your expectations.

FLEXIBLE ITINERARIES, TIMING & COSTS Our experience, global reach and diversity of course offerings allow us to deliver very high quality programs at a variety of customized itinerary lengths and costs. We work with you to optimize the program experience for your budget at whatever time of year works best for your group.

DEDICATED SUPPORT Depending on your needs, we can dedicate resources to help with promoting your program, answering incoming questions, managing payments, overseeing enrollment, researching course material and preparing your group to travel. A trained Broadreach instructor will also accompany your group 24/7 during your trip.

PRE-COURSE PREPARATION Our customized course preparation website facilitates many time-consuming processes and makes it easy to organize deadlines, finances, travel details, packing lists, curriculum guides, passport data and other key communications for parents, students, administrators and faculty.

Where do you want to go? We seek out the best locations for achieving meaningful interactions and real-word learning. Below is a sample of potential course locations that can serve as the landscape for meeting your program goals.


The possibilities are endless. We are always developing new Broadreach programs in new places, and will gladly consider expanding our reach or revisiting a destination from a past program. If you have a specific location in mind that doesn’t appear on this list, please contact us to discuss.


We have a lot to offer.

SHORT-TERM INTERNATIONAL COURSES Going far beyond the common approach to group travel, Broadreach pioneered a relationship with Lesley University to offer rigorous, short-term courses for college credit. We tailor courses to meet the specific learning goals of every partner, or we can work together to design an itinerary that pulls from the best of other Broadreach programs. Â To achieve our unmatched diversity of course offerings, we leverage relationships with university faculty and professional experts to build the best integrated curriculums that blend traditional classroom lessons with service projects, homestays and hands-on learning experiences in local communities, schools, non-profit organizations, cultural centers, field research stations, wildlife reserves and more. Our typical programs average 8-16 days with costs ranging from $1,400 - $4,000 per student. Our ideal group size is 10-14 students, but we have developed programs for larger groups of 60+ students.

CONSULTING Do you already have a global education strategy and international programs? We can work with you to provide concrete improvements to your program design, enrollment processes, logistical and travel planning, training and professional development for faculty or administrators, risk assessment and risk management. We can be involved as little or as much as you need. Our goal is to serve our partners to improve global education for all.

Nothing compares to real-world experience.

EXAMPLE COURSE OFFERINGS: MARINE & ANIMAL SCIENCE: Marine Science in the Caribbean; Fisheries & Wildlife in Canada; Veterinary Medicine in Costa Rica

CONSERVATION & ECOLOGY: Wildlife Conservation in South Africa; Conservation Biology in Costa Rica; Field Ecology in Ecuador

MEDICINE & PUBLIC HEALTH: Emergency Medicine in Belize; Public Health in Nicaragua; Health Education in India; Child Health in Malawi

LANGUAGE STUDIES: French, Spanish and Arabic Immersion ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography in Panama; Mixed Methods in Spain and Morocco; Videography in Iceland; Painting in Portugal

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Sustainable Development in Brazil; Rainforest Ecology in Peru

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Non-Profit Studies in Guatemala, Community Development in Indonesia

WRITING & JOURNALISM: Caribbean History in the Leeward Islands; Science Writing in Spain; Creative Writing in Croatia

FOOD STUDIES & SUSTAINABILITY: Food Studies in Spain; Gastronomy in France

RECREATION & TOURISM MANAGEMENT: Sailing and Leadership in the Caribbean; Travel and Tourism in Colombia; Outdoor Education in Panama; Resource Management in Chile

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS: Microfinance in Cambodia; Supply Chain Economics in Mexico

ENGINEERING & MATH: Navigational Mathematics in the Caribbean; Nautical Engineering in Grenada

ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY: Alternative Energy in Iceland; Applied Technology in Nicaragua

TEACHING & EDUCATION: Primary Education in Guyana; Teaching English in Vietnam

How we turn your ideas into reality: Broadreach’s extensive experience gives us distinct advantages with respect to training, course design, risk management and safety. But it is our one-to-one partnership approach that builds lasting relationships and drives our programs’ success.

STEP 1: CONVERSATION Every Broadreach partnership begins with a thoughtful review of your goals. We work with you to uncover the purpose behind your travel and design the best program to achieve your learning outcomes. Learning outcomes for most programs span a combination of curriculum objectives, skills development, service learning and understanding topics of global importance.

STEP 2: INITIAL PROPOSAL We propose an outline for the course that provides a daily schedule of lessons and activities connected to the program’s learning objectives.

STEP 3: FEEDBACK AND EDITING Because every Broadreach partnership is a collaboration, we welcome your ideas and suggestions for how we can create a better experience to achieve your goals.

STEP 4: FINAL PROPOSAL & ALL INCLUSIVE COST After incorporating your feedback, we submit a final proposal that includes all details on how to enroll students. Our program cost, estimated flight cost and a detailed description of what is and is not included in these costs will be provided.

STEP 5: PROGRAM MARKETING Need a poster, slideshow or handouts to help spread the word about your program? We can help! We can also budget for Broadreach to come to your location for in person presentations and Q&A sessions.

STEP 6: FINANCIAL PROCESSING Our financial systems are flexible and we recognize that each partner has different needs. We can accept individual enrollments and payments directly through our website, or we can accept a group payment from your school or organization.

STEP 7: PAPERWORK COLLECTION AND DISTRIBUTION Our pre-course preparation website far exceeds industry standards for simplicity and efficiency. The enrollment process can be done almost entirely online and each user has a unique profile that gives individualized status updates and deadlines. It has been designed to easily share information between Broadreach and our partners and to make your life easier!

STEP 8: PRE-DEPARTURE PREPARATION Your group will be given online access to all health, safety and vaccination information, course readings, packing lists, travel day instructions and other relevant information. Our team is also excited to answer any individual questions or concerns from students or parents, or troubleshoot any problems that may arise with key stakeholders.

STEP 9: PROGRAM BEGINS Broadreach staff will meet you at the airport, accompany you for the duration of your trip and be on call to support you in whatever way you need.

STEP 10: PROGRAM EVALUATION Assessment and course evaluations are a critical component of managing risk and examining student outcomes. Our support extends beyond the end of your program to ensure a safe and successful transition home as well as a thorough review of your program experience. This is a great time to reflect on all that we accomplished together, and make plans for how to transfer what we learned to future experiences.

I had known Broadreach for their professionalism and vast experience with students. Although I was already comfortable with the trip plan and organization, I was blown away by the attention to our needs, hopes, constraints, and all particulars. It was so easy to use their expertise and professional contacts to allow the trip to successfully happen at a price lower than we were able to find otherwise.  Throughout our entire trip we were well taken care of. The dinner-time laughter, underwater expressions, land-based experiences and vivid memories are but a few of the wonderful aspects of this enormously successful experience.  Jason F., Teacher


Contact Us If you are interested in discussing your ideas and goals for international education, please contact Nathan Trappe at (919) 256-8208 or email

806 McCULLOCH STREET, SUITE 102 RALEIGH, NC 27603-1942 919.256.8200

Broadreach Partnerships & Custom Programs  

A collaboration for international education and hands-on learning. Broadreach partners with schools, universities and other organizations t...

Broadreach Partnerships & Custom Programs  

A collaboration for international education and hands-on learning. Broadreach partners with schools, universities and other organizations t...