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Read carefully the following instructions before any operation. The product described in this manual is a lighting fixture for projecting a luminous beam. It is normally employed to illuminate, with a high level of brightness, small areas that must be emphasized. The projector can be used to create luminous effects for decorative purposes. The fixture must be used only for the purposes for which it has been designed and built. It is aimed to indoor and outdoor lighting, every other use is not approved by the manufacturer and therefore it frees him from any responsibility for damages deriving from improper or uncorrect use. This unit should be disposed of according to your country’s regulations regarding the differentiated waste collection and disposal.

CLAUSES This instructions manual must accompany the fixture. This manual must be stored carefully for at least 10 years, in a place known by all the concerned persons. This manual has been written accordingly to the EU directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC. The safety instructions contained in this manual cannot exclude other situations where the product may result dangerous. Remember always to pay attention and to be careful when dealing with the product.

FOREWORD For a proper use of the product, please follow these user's instructions to avoid damages to the product and to the user. The aim of this manual is to inform you about installation, use, safety and maintenance. The manual does not give only a description of the fixture, but it gives also useful advice in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency. Since the knowledge of the manual is very important when dealing with emergencies, it must be read carefully before using the product and must be consulted everytime difficulties or doubts should arise.

BEFORE USE This fixture must be operated only by adults. Unpack the content from the box and check whether there are any damages caused by transportation. Make sure that voltage and frequency in your area are the same the projector is certified to operate within. You must connect the projector to a grounded wall socket. Make sure there are no inflammable materials around the projector. Put the projector in a place with good airflow. Do not use the projector in closed or semi-closed environments that might increase the working temperature, thereby reducing the life of the unit. The ambient temperature should not exceed 30°C.

INSTALLATION AND USE After undertaking the aforementioned checks, the user can install the projector. The installation must be executed exclusively by qualified staff. The fixture must be fixed to wall with dowels, screws or other type of suitable elements. After fixing the unit, you can connect it to the wall socket (you must connect it to a grounded wall socket). Please follow the standard safety measures concerning any electrical appliance.

Caution ! never connect the projector to the wall socket when the installation is still taking place Caution ! when the projector is connected to the wall socket, avoid any contact with water or humid surfaces or moisture After installing the fixture and connecting it to the ground, the unit can be switched on. If the lamp does not start or there is a significant flicker, disconnect the unit from the wall socket before any action. The user is not allowed to dissasemble the projector or to carry out any action on the electric part of it. The projector's purpose is the projection of logos, texts, pictures. Should you see any cracks or breaks in the housing, stop using the product immediately. Do not install the projector in a place where there are people or crowd passing by. The fixture, if disconnected from the wall socket, is not harmful even when wet or under the rain. The fixture works with low woltage AC and is as dangerous as a normal household appliance. The projector has been designed according to all the available criteria of safety and has been built using materials fit for preventing dangers and minimizing risks, but behave responsibly during use. The projector is for indoor use only and should be kept away from moisture. The projector gets very hot during use: avoid contact with the naked skin to prevent burns. You should wear gloves when touching it. When the projector is turned on, do not touch the housing or the cables and avoid watching in the lamp’s direction. Before doing any maintenance on the unit, you must:

switch off the unit and unplug it from the wall socket.

wait 15 minutes before opening the housing.

After turning off the projector, wait 5-10 minutes before turning it on again, to avoid damages to the lamp. If you need replacing the lamp, the engine or the ballast, please contact your reseller for genuine spare parts. Never disassemble the projector or replace the faulty parts with non-genuine ones.

RESDIUAL RISKS Even if the fixture has been built according to all laws and regulations, there is still some risk due to some structural and functional aspects of the fixture. Do not disassemble the unit, and all maintenance operations must be carried out only by specialized staff. The ballast is sealed for safety reasons and it should never be opened. Warranty is void if the ballast seal is broken. Please put the projector in a place that can be easily seen by other people, to avoid them stumble upon it. Avoid installing the unit in a place where it might fall from, hurting people underneath. Keep children away at all times when the unit is switched on or when it is plugged to the wall socket.

MAINTENANCE The only maintenance operation you can undertake is the cleaning of the unit, which must not be washed but only cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Never clean the unit when it is switched on or when it is plugged to the wall socket.

FOCUSING To set the focus you only need to turn the ring around the lens, on the projector’s front.

GOBO SUBSTITUTION To substitute the gobo: 1.

Switch off the projector and disconnect it from the wall socket.


Wait 15 minutes before opening the housing.


Unscrew the 8 screws on the front of the projector and remove it.


Take out the gobo-holder and unscrew the ring as shown below.


Put the gobo in the place shown below.


Screw the ring back in place around the gobo and re-insert the gobo-holder inside the projector.


Screw the projector’s front with the 8 screws available.

LAMP REPLACEMENT Replace the old lamp only with one of the same kind. Do not exceed the maximum supported voltage. To install a new lamp: 1. switch off the projector and disconnect it from the wall socket. 2. wait 15 minutes before opening the housing. 3. unscrew the 8 screws on the front of the projector and remove it. 4. move the gobo-holder until the end of the rods and take it out from the projector. 5. Gently pull the lamp in your direction with a gloved hand. The lamp’s bulb should not be touched with your bare hands. Should it happen, clean it with an alcohol-soaked cloth. 6. Insert the new lamp. 7. put the gobo-holder back inside, sliding it on the rods towards the lamp. 8. screw the front of the projector back in place with the 8 screws available.

WARRANTY Our products have a 24-month warranty. We will, at our own choice, repair or replace your product. We need an adequate amount of time for the operations required and for the spare parts delivery. All the costs for shipping the parts to be replaced are charged on you. Unauthorized servicing or repairing voids the warranty. Only the original purchaser can benefit the warranty. We are not subject to the warranty when the original purchaser resells the product, the product is modified or any parts not produced by us are added to the product. Warranty does not cover damages caused by excessive strain, such as after realizing there is an anomaly caused by misuse, improper maintenance, or ignoring the use instructions. We are not responsible for any difficulties that might arise when reselling the product or using it abroad in the country when it has been sold. Should you need to use the warranty, please tell us the following information:

Date of purchase

Detailed description of the problem

REPLACEMENTS Any replacement or substition must be carried out only by specialized staff. For any maintenance operation, please contact your reseller.

CE MARKING The projector described in this manual has been designed and built according to EU Directives 2006/95/EC (low voltage) and 2006/95/EC (electromagnetic compatibility). This is confirmed by the CE mark on the product and by the Declaration of Conformity at the end of this manual.

WASTE DISPOSAL This unit should be disposed of according to your country’s regulations regarding the differentiated waste collection and disposal.

IMPORTANT The unit has been delivered to you in perfect conditions. All users are required to follow strictly the safety instructions and the notes contained in this manual. Any damage caused by the disregarding of the manual voids the warranty. We are not responsible for damages or problems caused by the disregarding of the manual. Any servicing or repairing must be undertaken only by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for damages caused by unauthorized servicing or repairing. Unauthorized total or partial disassembling of the projector voids the warranty. Spare parts such as lamps or fuses are not covered by the warranty. We have the right to modify the manual’s content, anytime and without notice. Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


I, the undersigned, Mario Suraci, born in Vibo Valentia (Italy) on 2 March 1962 and resident in Reggio Calabria, Via Pio XI diramazione Gullì n°34/C as the legally authorized representative of Sunland Optics SRL, established in Reggio Calabria, Via S.Anna II° Tronco n°28,


that the Eco Smart 250W projector

Serial Number:

has been built in accordance with the following EU directives: 2006/95/EC (low voltage) 2004/108/EC (electromagnetic compatibility)

and so it complies with the law in force.

Reggio Calabria, 21 May 2010

(Ing. Mario Suraci)


Ecosmart 250W goboprojector manual