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Understanding Marcellus Shale Mineral Rights The Marcellus Formation or Marcellus Shale is a part of bedrock found in the eastern part of our country. Marine deposits formed the sedimentary rock that is found here. Almost all of the Appalachian Basin is formed without the Marcellus Shale, but it is called so because of the Marcellus village. At present, there is a strong interest in Marcellus Shale mineral rights, as there is a lot of drilling happening in the Allegheny Plateau. There is a huge amount of natural gas still present here and this makes the Marcellus Shale Mineral Rights so interesting, particularly because the East Coast of our country has a high demand for these natural resources. Interestingly, the Marcellus Shale is actually one of the lowest parts of the Devonian age Hamilton. There are a range of sub-units found within the Shale. The majority of Marcellus Shale mineral rights is black shale. However, lighter shale can also be found. This is because when the sea levels changed, limestone was deposited here too. This happened some 400 million years ago. The black shale, however, comes from very deep water where almost no oxygen was found. Because of this, it is only fossiliferous in very short amounts. Fossils are far more common in limestone deposits. One of the great things about the Marcellus Shale is that the fossils that are found in the limestone and lighter layers is that they give us an amazing insight in the paleontology of these eras. It can tell us about the animal kingdom that lived here millions of years ago. In the black shale, other interesting ores are found, including uranium, iron and pyrite. This does make engineering a little bit more difficult.

Phillips Energy has a global presence in the energy world. Besides having a strong interest in the Marcellus Shale mineral rights, PhillipsEnergy is equally interested in the Barnett Shale. They are happy to discuss possibilities in terms of taking over you royalties and/or their interest, as well as your mineral shares. Phillips Energy is one of the biggest buyers of minerals in the industry, which means you know you will get an amazing and fair deal. They have been working in this area for over 100 years now and their goal is to make sure your cash settlement is better than any you would get through other competitors. Phillips Energy's interest in the Barnett Shale lies in the fact that it is

such a large field. Based in the north of Texas, it is said to be the largest as well as being the most developed onshore field of natural gas, possibly in the country. The field was discovered in 1981 but it wasn't commercially productive till the 1990s. This is because before then, the technology did not exist to be able to go through the tight shale. The majority of the Shale is a natural gas area. It is now not as attractive as it once was, mainly because the price of natural gas has done down. However, Phillips Energy believes the value is still there. Since 2007, they have continued to purchase mineral shares in the area and the holdings continue to expand. This is an interesting development in today's difficult economy, particularly since the price of the commodity is still decreasing. This shows the commitment Phillips Energy has to the development. If you own your own mineral rights, whether in oil or in gas, Phillips Energy would be happy to speak to you. Both Marcellus Shale mineral rights and Barnett Shale mineral shares are still in high demand. When you investigate this, you will immediately see that Phillips Energy is there to help you with any queries you may have. You can contact them through their website, where a representative will be happy to discuss all your options with you. They can even help you with a free of charge, no obligation property valuation. This will help to give you an idea of what your assets are worth and whether or not you want to sell any or all of them. Through Phillips Energy, you can release funds for your retirement or even a lovely holiday. Because you will be working with the global leaders in natural energy, you know you will be treated fairly.

Understanding Marcellus Shale Mineral Rights  

If you own your own mineral rights, whether in oil or in gas, Phillips Energy would be happy to speak to you. Both Marcellus Shale mineral r...