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Tour to Goa: Mesmerizing Experience of its Perfect Features Goa is the serene and the most pristine beach paradise, which is located on the western costal area of India. Tourists from all around the world crave to indulge themselves in the most relaxing ambience of Goa, while leaving behind their heavy and hectic pace of everyday schedules at their homes. Goa tour packages are considered to be the finest way to explore the beauty of the Goa. Goa tour packages are not just bounded to its beaches but also take you through the most magnificent, famous and landmarked monuments and palaces in the Goa. The life of Goa lies in its warm and entertaining destinations that make the entire Goa holidays a mesmerizing experience for the tourists. There are various salient features of Goa which are covered up in the entire Goa holiday packages are precisely explained below: Goan beaches: Goa can be explored with its magnificent and sensuous, pristine beaches which are known for their extreme beauty and chiseled features that drive the tourists’ attractions from all around the world. The golden and velvety sand, brightly outshining sun and the greenish blue, crystal clear water of the Goa beaches are its salient features. Shopping in Goa is a delight: Shopping in Goa is the most indulging and delightful experience for the tourists. Travelers pick the most precious keep sakes to make their trip the most memorable and cherishing one. Shopping is the major priority for every traveler and Goa fulfils it to the fullest with some mind boggling markets to be explored such as Panjim market, old Goa market, mapusa market and night bazaars. Goa is also well renowned for its exclusive Goan stuff that includes cashew nuts wine, cotton beachwear, silver oxidized jewelry, special delicacies of Goa, spices and its woodwork. Food Delicacies of Goa: Goa is a great marvel when we think about the variety of its scrumptious food. As Goa is exotically known for its coconut specialty so the flavor can be felt in every Goan delicacy. The unique cooking style with the most seasoned and exotically flavored spices available -the sea food, meats and curry dishes are worth tasting. Steamed breads are particularly famous and unique in the much favored goa style. The most importantly and undoubtedly Goa’s specialty lies in the most famous and perfectly distillated wines which deserve a due respect. Water sports in Goa: Goa beaches are the combined collection of water sports activities which maximizes the fun, thrill and excitement of the entire Goa Tour. Sky diving, wind surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing and dinghy sailing are some of the adventurous water sports in Goa.

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Tour to Goa: Mesmerizing Experience of its Perfect Features