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Smart Features Which Makes Goaquatix App Different From The Rest Not long it has been since Goaquatix was introduced to the aquatic management business and took the management business with a shock as it is so amazingly designed intuitive application that helps the managers keep track of everything very effectively and minimal efforts. Goaquatix is one such swimming pool app that has been designed very carefully keeping the ease in usability and functionality in mind. This aquatic management application is loaded with several useful features that are meant to carry out even the most complex tasks related to different aspects of a pool management business. Here are few of the features that are praiseworthy enough:

Easy payment & encryption: The application lets the clients pay for the job or project in advance through the in-built secure payment gateway which is robust and encrypted to withstand and avoid any security breach. The application sees many updates periodically that are meant to improve the security aspect of the of the application to protect your data from unauthorized access. Verification of certification: The various certifications of numerous lifeguards that a pool management company has employed can be easily validated on this application. In fact, if a certification is out of date or is no longer







administrator about the fact. Cloud Based Storage: No need to worry about the storage issues with the bulk data that you generate each day. GoAquatix cloud storage facility lets you easily store bulk data and recall any information any time with the help of your tablet personal computer or smartphone. Lifeguard timekeeping: It was believed to be a process full of inconvenience every now and then, especially when you have hired numerous staffing

members and professionals. It would be a nightmare if each of the employees is engaged as managing each and every detail of every employee can seriously give manager a headache. This app can not only efficiently track the time for each of the employee but notify the admin about the check in and checkout times as well. The rating system: Pool management companies like to keep a check on the performance of their employees which saves them a lot on time and money for future. GOAquatix features an inbuilt rating system which prompts client to rate the services that he had received for the project that the team was working on.

The features that makes goaquatix stand out from the crowd article goaquatix  
The features that makes goaquatix stand out from the crowd article goaquatix  

GOaquatix features several substantial features necessary to manage almost all aspects of the business saving you a lot in a longer run.