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• Just two cases registered in the women’s police stations in Panjim & Margao • NGO’s claim the women’s police divert cases to local police stations • No vehicle, infrastructure to investigate cases KAMAKSHI FOREX PVT LTD OPENED NEW BRANCH AT PRABHADEVI MUMBAI




By Andrea Fernandes & Suraj Nandrekar | GT PANAJI/ MARGAO:


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t a time when the whole nation is protesting the cruelties against women and all the state governments and police departments are taking measures to minimise the crimes against the women, GOAN TIMES has found out that the “sussegad” Goa Police seem to be still taking things for granted on women’s safety. The administration was taking things for granted was clear the day Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar made a statement that the incident

like the Delhi rape case cannot happen in Goa. Yes it was... but what happens next is appalling. Within a week thereafter there came an incident wherein a 7-yr-old girl was raped in a toilet in Vasco. Cruel as one may call. No...We are not blaming the chief minister for his statement but the laxity shown in increasing security by his department. The CM, who also holds the Home Ministry portfolio, has See Page 10


Friday, 18th January, 2013


Government schools – tragedy in the making By Ganesh Lamani | GT


ANJIM: On Monday, afternoon seven year old Kishan came back from school and went to play and within hours he learnt that the roof of the class in which he studied collapsed. He immediately ran to his mother, who works as a domestic help in a nearby house, and narrated the incident. Kamla, was stunned to hear this, Kishan is only son of theirs. Tears started flowing from her eyes as she knew anything could have happened


that day and thanked God for saving her child. Yes, the roof collapse at Government Primary school, at Kamrabhat, in Taleigao constituency, may not be looked at very seriously as nobody was hurt or there was no eventuality but it should be an eye opener as the condition of many primary schools is in a similar state. On Monday, anything could have happened, maybe something like Calvim, wherein six innocent students lost their lives for no fault of theirs. The major question before us remains whether we are

waiting for such incidents to happen and risk the lives of the students. Why is the Education Department not re-constructing the old buildings of the Government Schools and repair the ones which require immediate repairs? The school in question had been built under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan around 35 years ago and the locals say they have reported the state of building to the officials several times but that seems to have fallen on their deaf ears. After the collapse the students were shifted to the neighbouring chapel in the open area to study for temporary basis. Sources in the department now say that the matter has been reported to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and he has assured to re-construct the school building on priority basis. When Goan Times contacted the Deputy Director of Education, Anil Powar he said, “Many of the government schools existing before 1961 are having poor structures. We have identified around 100 schools which require

urgent re-construction as they are very old.” He further added, “earlier the work was under taken by PWD but the process was very slow so now we have sent a proposal to the Goa State Industrial Development Corporation (GSIDC), and since they are a corporation they can take quick decisions across the board.” Powar states, ”The department has enough funds to support the project and whatever bills are being produced by GSIDC will be cleared immediately.” When he was questioned to provide the list of reconstructed schools for last few years, he replied saying, “We have not reconstructed the buildings but of course we have pre-monsoon repairs done for the school which includes tiles, roofs, windows, cross bars etc.” On the safety measures that the department would undertake to avoid such incidents in future he said, “I know whatever happened was

quiet unfortunate, but best lessons are learnt only through mistakes and we will improve over it and take care that such incidents would not be repeated in future.” Goan Times has understood that the department believes in learning lessons at the rate of risking the life of school children. It looks like the people in authority are waiting for a bizarre incident to occur and then act instead of working towards preventing such incidents from happening. Who is to be blamed? Is anyone ready to shoulder responsibility for once? We need to see that

the environment where are children are studying is safe and secure, don’t they deserve this at least?


After Delhi tragedy police now set up round the clock helpline for women By Team GT


Till date approximately 154 calls have been received. The call would determine the kind of action needed to be taken and then divert it to the concerned police station depending on the area from where the call is received and problem is found. Every police station will have two or three LPC's and LHC's.

fter the cruel incident in Delhi last month when the medical student succumbed to injuries after being gangraped brutally by six persons, the Goa Police have now set up a helpline to respond to distress calls. The women’s helpline number, 1091, was launched here in Goa with much fanfare, recently. Sources in the police department informed GOAN TIMES that this helpline can be reached from any landline or even a mobile number. Not only the distress calls, sources informed that the women can also contact the

not only a patient hearing at the Police Station by the Reporting Officer, but also a quick response and follow up

of crime get quick justice,” says a police press release. Enquiries revealed that the 1091 will be functional round the clock in Central Police Control Room, Panaji. Officials said the calls received centrally by CPCR will be immediately transferred to the nearest Police Control Room vans as well as respective jurisdictional police stations for further necessary action. “All such calls related to both these towns will be referred to the concerned women police stations by CPCR," said DIG Om Prakash Mishra adding that all other calls will be referred by the CPCR to respective police stations and will be

helpline for any counselling or advice. How-ever, there seem to be a loophole in the service as calls made only through certain service providers will receive a response. Officials say that women are vulnerable to various forms of crime including sexual assault, eve teasing and domestic violence and hence every women victim deserves

on her complaint, so that her trust and confidence in law enforcement agency does not get lost. “In order to fine tune the response of police officers at the police station level and increase the accessibility and health of women victims certain concrete measures have been adopted for the existing mechanism of women helpline to ensure that women victims

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Friday, 18th January, 2013


Women’s Helpline number

handled by the respective police stations only. “1091 calls are been received by lady officers only. The CPCR calls related to victims who are resident of Panaji town and Margao town will be referred to women police stations situated in Panaji as well as Margao” explains Mr. Mishra. “Till date approxima-tely 154 calls have been received by this helpline. The call would determine the kind of action needed to be taken,” he says adding “this helpline receives the calls and then diverts it to the concerned police station depending on the area from where the call is received

and problem is found” says Mishra. He also went on to say that “Every police station will have two or three lady police constables (LPCs), two or three lady head constables (LHC). The women police stations will have one police inspector, two women police sub-inspectors and adequate number of LPCs and LHCs”. GOAN TIMES on issue dated January 11, 2013 as reported the spurt in crime against women with the number of rapes increasing by 100 per cent and the police action could be action in right direction.

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Friday, 18th January, 2013


Feel Free at the Flea By Evita Joan Coutinho|GT


n the way to the Anjuna beach by main road, you'll cross the Wednesday flea market location. Located in the heart of the 'backpackers' scene, the Anjuna flea market is the place to be on Wednesday's in Goa. Located on the sandy stretch overlooking the waves of the Arabian Sea, what started as an open-air hippie exchange has become one of the most popular attractions for backpackers and tourists alike. The Flea market is a sunrise to sunset market which begins around 9 am and shuts down only with the setting of the sun, is a unique experience which the visitor in Goa shouldn't miss. Wednesday is a host to the Anjuna Flea Market. Anjuna was the hideout for the “Hippies” who came to Goa in the late 60’s. Although you still see the foreigners at the Market is now more of a Souvenir bazaar. The Flea Market begins around 9.00 am and shut down with the setting sun. Anjuna Market takes place every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the high-season. It was the hippies who

brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s, and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since. The trend of the flea market came into existence ever since the Hippies started selling second hand goods in the hope of buying new articles. Even if you’re not interested in buying anything, or don't have the confidence to haggle, this is still a nice place to spend 1 or 2 hours and to see some real Goans at work. What to buy: In this place, anything goes! This is the best place to get all your holiday souvenirs, gifts and beachclothes at once! The Anjuna flea market is notorious also for drug peddlers although this has decreased due to the frequent raids by the local cops. One can buy anything from a second hand bike to miniature items like cellular phones, cameras etc, have a haircut, eat and feast on delicious Goan and other cuisines besides get tattooed on the choicest places on the skin. It is a place wherein you can go on a shopping spree till you get tired and want no more. Most stalls offer more or less the same products, but you

can bargain like crazy due to the stiff competition between the stalls and stands. The flea market is a heaven for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers, to bid on wonderful blends of Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets and handicrafts, jewellery (silver), European snacks, wooden crafts & carvings, beautiful wall hangings, musical instruments, bed covers, CDs with Goa Trance, artificial ornaments and t-shirts... the list is endless and so is the hustle, bustle, noise and shuffle. NOTE: Some of the female stall-owners can get a bit pushy, and may even grab you around the wrist (these little women are surprisingly strong!) and keep asking in a loud, shrill voice; “You buy madam! Why not! You buy, you buy!” A stern & determined “No!” may be necessary once in a while, but in general they’re relatively

harmless and are just trying to make a sale. What to buy: Forget about the word “flea”. This is the biggest market in Goa and you can buy almost everything here. This Market has some great rugs/blankets, lots and lots of joss sticks. You can buy spices and the best clothes! There are leather goods and a lot of jewellery too, just be prepared to haggle! There are Ayurvedic doctors, professional hair cutters and colours (foreigners), dreadlocks makers, and nose and body

to look hip at the all-night parties, this is definitely the place to get outfitted. There is a good selection of clothes (Indonesian styles, etc.) sold or designed by Westerners (they often carry European price tags). You may want to look out for the Europeantype jewellery made by foreigners, which is often good and cannot be found in any other place in India. There are also plenty of places to eat or grab a cold drink, and when you’ve finished shopping you can wander down to the beach to

piercers. You can have your hair cut and painted in any style imaginable. You can also have different designs painted on your body which look like tattoos, but which last only a few weeks. I was quoted Rs 150 for temporary henna tattoo, but bargained them down to Rs 50. If you want

examine your purchases and watch the sun set over a cold beer. What to pay: Absolutely anything, basically the rule is, get a price in your head what you think it’s worth/what you are prepared to pay, start much higher than work your way down.


Friday, 18th January, 2013


Bridging Infrastructural Gaps


rom the days of Chanakya, it has been a policy of rulers to keep the border areas undeveloped or underdeveloped, to make it difficult for invaders to rush in and to allow the Defending forces time to get ready and reach the border.

a fertile ground for trouble makers. The establishment of the North Eastern Council and a spurt in development activities has assuaged some of the discontent, but someone seems to be in a hurry to undo all that good work. Part of the

While we should be grateful to Chanakya for giving us a strong heritage in State Craft and Economic Policy, continuing with this archaic border policy in dealing with the North Eastern States and the Island Territories, the British Government had left us a bad legacy of insurgence and even attempts at Balkanisation. The incessant unrest in North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan is also a legacy from the British for the same reason. Nearer home, the sad state of the Goa Belgaum Highway is also a legacy of the same policy. The A&N Islands and Lakshadweep Group of Islands have languished without development for centuries on account of the same fear of enemy invasion. What actually happened is that the state of undevelopment or marginal development has led to unrest and discontent among the population and provided

development activity in the North East was the provision of direct Air connectivity to Kolkata, New Delhi and onwards to Mumbai. Indian Airlines and the Pawan Hans Airline were running these services. After the Liberal aviation policy the new entrants from Private sector were told to bear a part of the cost of developing the uneconomic routes to the extent of ten percent of their total connectivity. The industry had not taken to it enthusiastically. Instead they had been lobbying to get rid of this liability. They seem to have succeeded. Last week there were reports that the Aviation Ministry may, after all, do away with this stipulation. Whether the industry is short-sighted or the Ministry is the culprit, is not clear so far. Anyway, the matter remains that the casualty of such a change would be the development of the North East and the Island

Territories. The question arises -- to who is primarily responsible for developing a business opportunity? Theoretically, in a liberalised economic environment, it is the industry’s role to develop potential business opportunities. It can at best ask the Government to be a facilitator. But we have not yet declared ourselves a Capitalist State. Our Government is still having the enormous Planning Apparatus for centralized planning process and Government regulated development in most sectors of the economy. Have the State owned Airlines, the State controlled Railway, and State Road Transport Corporations. In that background, it is perhaps

with the INDIAN and AIR INDIA services, it would be more prudent to let the private operators run the services and get a subsidy to neutralise the loss and gain a small percentage of profit. On their part , the private operators may claim a lesser subsidy for the profit part, treating that reduction in profit as their contribution to develop the route. Such an arrangement can be kept operative for a period of five years, which is reasonable enough time to develop an Air Route. We know how much the rural villages of Sattari benefited from the setting up of Kadamba Transport Corporation and its pioneering of many interior routes, beginning with the Dhavem-Agacaim route,

By C S Radhakrishnan

CURRENT reasonable for the Industry to insist that they should not be burdened with the cost of opening up and developing a commercial service to underdeveloped areas. How do we reconcile these conflicting views? The Private operators and the Government should sit together and evolve a formula to share the cost of subsidizing the service, until the service becomes commercially feasible. Against the background of what has been happening

AFFAIRS later extended to Vasco, making it the longest Bus Route in Goa. The farmers started getting better value for their farm produce, school children found it possible to go for higher education at Sankhali College or other Centres. Access to Institutions of specialized and advanced medical care was another boon. The Konkan Railway has done the same thing to hundreds of villages along its 1000 kilometre route. The Moghul Lines ships did it for the coastal areas around

Western Maharashtra’s minor ports. It is surprising, therefore, that the Ministry of Civil Aviation should now think of doing away with an arrangement that facilitated route development in the remote areas of India. Economic development is not the right of the population of the Metros only. The remotest village of the country has an equal right. There have been arguments that the cities should get a larger share of the development pie, because they contribute to the Central and State treasuries by way of Taxes and Duties. The truth is that the cities have developed at the cost of the backward villages, through preferential selection of sites for industries, special incentives like land acquired at cheaper rates, power and water subsidies, etc. Labour from Rural areas migrated to the cities to service the urban development, but did not get proper housing or even fair enough wages proportionate to their contribution to the Bottom line of the Companies. We are quick to blame the rural poor who settled in slums of the cities, but do we look inward and find whose fault it was that they did not get proper housing? Even when we think of decentralizing the Industries, we are first looking at what incentives to give to the entrepreneurs, and the rural population’s interests come last, if at all. There has to be a fair distribution of Government investments, at least now, since the cities have reached saturation point. Nobody would be the gainer if the rural uneasiness turns into open discontent and overt action to demand their share of the pie. Better to be conscious of that.


Friday, 18th January, 2013

Give police officers fixed tenures With the beginning of the New Year 2013 we all had expected that things in the government functioning would change especially considering the number of promises made by the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. However, with the start of 2013 we heard that the North Goa SP Vijay Singh being shunted to the traffic cell. It is pertinent to note that in his tenure as SP North, Singh cracked down on prostitution rackets and beach parties in the coastal belt of North Goa. But that does not seem to have gone well with the people at the helm. It is now no secret that Singh is being targeted because he has helped us in controlling night parties with loud music. What was even more shocking was the reply from the CM, “Singh should have taken local officers into confidence before raids.” Well that says it all, the government does not want an officer who will implement law and order but the one who “obeys their orders”. Not only Vijay Singh, there are several other cases when an officer honestly tries to fulfil the promise he made during his passing out parade, he is shown the door, One such case was recently of Ponda PI Sagar Ekoskar, who was shunted out from Ponda only because he was doing his job honestly without bowing to the diktats of anyone. The government does not seem to understand that as local people get to know who the PI or the SP and begin to work in tandem with him to tackle local law and order problems the officer gets transferred and the new officers seldom get a chance to know the problems of the people. Union Minister P Chidambaram, recently made a statement that Police Officers are treated like football by the administration and the bane of frequent transfers has afflicted Police working since decades. Recommendations of many Police Commissions to give fixed tenure to Police officers have had no effect. It may be noted that the Supreme Court in the Prakash Singh Case decided on 22 September 2006 in Writ Petition No. 310/1996 directed that the minimum posting of a police officer be two years, which is not being implemented.



Parrikar compares his troubles with Christ's sufferings T he Goa Su-Raj Party is overjoyed to note, from the statement made by Manohar Parrikar in his village of Parra, that his troubles are comparable with the sufferings of Christ, for the simple reason that the Crucifixion scene that shook the world in the past 20.13 centuries AD in Judea at Mount Calvary is soon to be enacted afresh at Parra-Goa with the Crucifixion of a new avatar of Christ in Manohar Parrikar. All that this Party can say is OMG! Goa sure needs the attention of the World in these trying times where the loot from mining is scant to maintain the life-style and vote-banks on free for all Doles. If at all Christ did have the mastery over making U-Turns, then surely Judas and not himself would be nailed to the Cross. This ridiculous statement coming out from the mouth of our IIT’an CM a good deal of thought, this Party feels that he (Parrikar) got the icon entirely wrong to compare himself with. He should be comparing himself to Lord Ganesha, instead, having many more ‘hands’ than Lord Ganesha actually is believed to have, because, even Lord Ganesha would find himself totally and completely


Traffic woes again?

I was travelling from Calangute to Panjim on Saturday and figured that there were no cops managing the traffic at all. Where did they disappear? Are we having issues again? Is this just going to be a phase that passes or is it here to stay?

inadequate to distribute the number of Doles that Parrikar has been distributing and is intending to distribute in the near future, unmindful of

loading the exchequer with a terrible loan-burden, instead of going easy on borrowings and selling off precious State securities by stopping all votebank welfare schemes. Jesus Christ... indeed! And, if any of our elected ‘Catlik’ Goan ‘jokers’ had to utter something like this, comparing themselves to Lord Ram or Lord Krishna, there would be riots to deal with and endless apologies demanded from every rooftop for ‘hurting’ Religious Sentiments’ of Hindus. It is just as well that the erstwhile Portuguese had a good sense to condition ‘Catlik’ Goans to ignore and pass off such ‘gaffes’ from idiotic IIT’ans with a laugh or two. If at all Parrikar has identified himself with Christ, it is because he knows that ‘Catlik’ Goans are

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Drugs still on the roll!

After a happy new year, are we going to be facing a drug free 2013 or a heavy dose? The common places for the drug business like Anjuna, baga and Calangute have tried to get away from this tag but it doesn’t seem to be working Nivedita D’cruz, Panjim always. I am hoping the cops around are going to do their job well unlike last time. Colva: No more Sean Lopez, Calangute

habitats for fishermen?

A proposition was made by the tourism department to do away with the traditional fishermen from colva. This has hurt the sentiments of the village people and is causing chaos among everyone. Removing the fishermen will leave them with nothing when it comes to income. I hope they re consider this issue soon.

in his pocket, including those heavily decorated ornaments who adorn the Bishop’s Palace at Altinho, Panjim. Should he (Parrikar) decide to be stupid enough to compare himself to Prophet Mohammed, instead, he will be instant History. As an afterthought, if Goa Su-Raj Party were given the charge of nailing ParrikarChrist to the cross, the Party would want to do a ‘number’ on the ‘Carpenter’ that nailed Christ to the Cross, by pocketing not one, but two of the nails, leaving him (Parrikar) hanging by his ‘nailed to the cross’ palms only. And just like they jeered at the hanging ‘Christ’ wanting Him to use his powers to free Himself from the Cross and save Himself, GSRP would want to jeer at Goa's hanging from the cross ‘Ladla’ CM-Christ and goad/urge him to make as many U-Turns as possible so that he could break the Guinness Book of World Records. At best, Goa Su-Raj Party feels that Goa’s Ladla CM does not come even lightyears closer to Chirst and his sufferings and needs to be sent to Apna Ghar for ‘juveniles’ to rewind and come to his senses before he becomes completely raving mad with the ‘ProMining Syndrome’.

Rape, Rape and Rape

A girl is not safe in the womb due to FOETICIDE nor is she safe outside the womb due to RAPE. Sad to hear about the rape of a 7 year old in Vasco. How and where is she supposed to live in this cruel world? Will she ever be safe and able to live a fearless life? Norman Borges, Vasco da Gama Will the government for once

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put a law in place for women and stop negotiating with their safety? will the rapist be caught and the victim get justice at least this time? Blaise Fernandes, Aldona

Indo-Pakistan Issue

Pakistan players in Hockey India League asked to return home. The tension on the India - Pakistan border spilled over to the sporting arena, with a rattled Hockey India deciding to send back all the nine Pakistani players taking part in its high-profile league following protests over the killing of Indian soldiers. After protests by the Shiv Sena. Will this issue ever be solved between the two countries? Why is this Indo-Pakistan Issue casting its dark shadow on the sports activities of the country? Alice Noronha, Anjuna Disclaimer: Except the editorials above, columns, letters and people's edit represent the views of concerned authors and do not necessary reflect the view of GOAN TIMES, editor, publisher and owners.


Friday, 18th January, 2013


The new-look Vaddem lake By Ganesh Lamani | GT

VASCO: erhaps it is the only tourist spot in the whole port town and that is why the people always demanded the cleaning and beautification of the Vaddem lake. The beautification of the


The locals should have some civic sense to keep the lake clean and individually take up the responsibility to maintain it as it is now. - Tara Kerkar Vaddem lake which was pending for years was finally taken up recently, thanks to the 2012 assembly elections. After cleaning, one cannot sight garbage here nor at the

areas surrounding the lake. In other words it is well maintained and kept spike and span. A number of tourists and locals young and old are attracted to this spot and enjoy the fresh air that gusts here. The site of this lake is a sight to behold because it is well illuminated as well as clean. The presence of beautiful trees surrounding the lake not only provides shade to the people but also adds to the scenic beauty of this location. The same was not the story of the Vaddem Lake earlier. Before cleaning up, the lake was filthy and rubbish garbage was dumped in the lake by the locals. The lake was flooded with rains and water on the roads would trouble the parents

and school children found it difficult to cross the roads. The place was stinking due to the dirty environment. Surprisingly, the Vaddem Lake was under the rule of the Congress, then came BJP, UGDP & then the NCP and many councilors but no one was bothered to clean up the filth near the lake. Such was the condition of the Vaddem Lake then. The MLA Mr. Mauvin Godinho, took up the initiative of beautification of the Vaddem Lake with the due participation of the private sections and municipality. The project of beautification was under taken by him from his own funds without seeking help from the Government. At first the drainage system was cleared and the dirt was cleaned. A culvert was also constructed near Leema Leitao residence. The Parish priest of Vasco Fr. Antonio Costa also contributed his helping support for the project. GOAN TIMES, spoke to some of the people who were all praise for the local MLA. Tara Kerkar the Councillor of New Vaddem said, “The locals should have some civic sense to keep the lake clean and individually take up the responsi-bility to maintain it as it is now.” Another councilor of New Vaddem Mr. Sudesh Kolgoankar said, “The beautification of the lake has brought happiness among the locals. Now, moving one step further with the help our local MLA a proposal has been put up to the Chief minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar for further renovation and beautification of the lake through GSUDA & C.M has assured us that he will look into the matter immediately.” Vishwas Dabolkar, a local

The beautification of the lake has brought happiness among the locals. Now, moving one step further with the help our local MLA a proposal has been put up to the chief minister for further renovation of the lake through GSUDA. - Sudesh Kolgoankar


shopkeeper near the lake said “The Vaddem lake looks clean compared to before and the throwing of garbage is reduced near the lake. People come in the evening to stroll around the lake. I appreciate the authorities who are in power who have taken up this challenge.” Florence Fernandes, a senior local resident nearby to the lake said “Earlier the lake was very dirty, over flooded and a shelter house for the buffaloes with garbage thrown all over. But now the lake looks very beautiful as it is cleaned up, benches are laid for the people to keep Ganesh Idols.” When GOAN TIMES asked the Godinho regarding the Vaddem Lake, he replied in a humble way, “It is our duty to keep the environment clean and the beautification of Vaddem

lake is a small contribution from my side for the locals. Earlier the lake was flooded during the monsoons and lot of dirt and garbage dumped inside the lake. We cleaned up the lake and also constructed a

that to educate the people sign boards are placed requesting the people not to throw garbage in the lake. The same is cleared up every week by the sweepers. To stop the anti-social activities,

The beautification of Vaddem lake is a small contribution from my side for the locals. Earlier the lake was flooded during the monsoons and lot of dirt and garbage dumped inside the lake. We cleaned up the lake and also constructed a culvert for the people with our own funds. - Mauvin Godinho culvert for the people with our own funds.” He said that he took up the project on priority as the Hindus immersing the Ganesh idols and do their devotional activities. GOAN TIMES observed

a security has been appointed during the night hours. Putting up of political banners is also being stopped by the locals. Surprisingly, consumption of liquors is also prohibited by the locals in that area.


Friday, 18th January, 2013




– A SPECIAL SCHOOL in port town All Pics by GANESH LAMANI

By Team GT MORMUGOA: ducation in its broadest sense, means providing the required environment and opportunities to students to acquire knowledge and skills. Although the same goals of education are applicable to both disabled and nondisabled persons, the needs differ. To treat and teach such students is of a great social help for the students and their parents. And one such special school which meets the needs of these children is the ‘New Dawn Ashadeep School ‘- a special education unit for people with special needs located near Deep Vihar Secondary School, in Marmugoa Port Town. It deals with mental disability, Cerebral Palsy, multiple disabilities, hearing impairment, autism and behaviour & emotional disorders.


special schools have become aided schools and Goa is the first state to have implemented this. The school has a total of 24 staff members which includes teachers, therapist, assisting teachers and non teaching staff. When Goan Times contacted

There was no special school in the port town or its vicinity and parents along with these children found it very difficult to travel in other cities. Apart from that we would even like to have sheltered workshops were they could be earning members throughout their life. - Adv. Vijay Chandran The school is registered under New Dawn Charitable trust with the able and dynamic leadership of Chairman Adv. Vijay Chandran. Ashadeep came a long way since their inception in 1997, with just 8 students in one classroom of the Deep Vihar Secondary School. The infrastructural support was provided to them by the Mormugao Port Trust. Today they have 113 students and a full-fledged school building. The new building was inaugurated by Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar on September 2011. After special education was brought into the ambit of Education by the state of Goa,

the Chairman of the Ashadeep Adv. Vijay Chandran he said, “There was no special school in the port town or its vicinity and parents along with these children found it very difficult to travel in other cities during 1997.” About his vision for future he said, “We would like to branch out at various other neighbouring locations so that many would take the benefit and avoid long distance travelling. “Apart from that we would even like to have sheltered workshops were they could be earning members throughout their life,” he says. Children are grouped under 5 levels-Pre-primary,

Primary 1, Primary 2, Secondary and Prevocational. The Primary- I class has children in the age group of 6-9. Here emphasis is given

on the areas like self- help, language, communication, and recreational skills. The PrimaryII (9-14 years) has children with low functioning ability.

The Secondary class has children between the ages of 10 - 15 years. The curriculum content includes subjects like social and environmental science, maths, extended social and personal skills, occupational and domestic skills. The Pre- Vocational level, at 15-18 years lays emphasis on preparing students to acquire skills which prepare them to live independently as far as possible. The headmistress of the school Mrs. Vinny Fernandes briefed us about the students of vocational saying, “The vocational students are trained to be self dependent in future by training them for file making, candle making, paper bags, greeting cards, flower making, embroidery & paintings which are saleable.”


Friday, 18th January, 2013


“Policing needs to be more effective”

Two back to back shocking incidents against women have hit headlines of late – the Delhi rape case and the subsequent 7-year-old girl’s rape in a school in Vasco. The incidents have put a question mark on the women’s safety in the country and Goa in particular. In a chat with ANDREA FERNANDES, Women’s Commission chairperson Ezilda Sapeco states Goa is much safer compared to elsewhere in India but says policing needs to be more effective. Excerpts…. GT: How safe are women according to you, in wake of the Delhi rape and 7-year-old girl’s rape in the school at Vasco? Ezilda: This is not explainable how safe are women. There are no words to explain this shameful picture. But compared to other states in India Goa is definitely much safer. Not completely safe but much safer than other places. GT: Don’t you think after the Delhi rape the police or authorities at the school should have done or taken up measures to certain extent? Ezilda: As far as schools are concerned they have strict rules and disciplines, no visitors are allowed to enter. I feel this incident is utter negligence on the part of the school authorities and it is very sad to know that any tom, dick and harry can walk in and interact with a child because in normal circumstances they don’t allow any body to enter. Even parents have to go and seek permission from the principal before meeting their child. GT: As a women’s commission chairperson what are the measures you suggest to schools managements? Ezilda: Well, the need of the hour is every school should have strict rules with reference to visitors entering as well as the purpose

for entering. I don’t think anyone should be allowed in as and when they want. GT: What according to you needs to be done or taken up to curb and put a stop to the ever increasing crime on women? Any law you think that should be put

Our main aim is to protect women in Goa. Especially when a woman is in distress we give her necessary assistance. We guide her where she has to go and explain to her what her rights are. in place for a start? Ezilda: At the moment if you think of amending laws then yes laws do need amendments. For time being we have to function within the parameters. We cannot think of amending laws and then asking for changes. The main work is of the police since they are the first authority and they have to function efficiently and effectively. GT: We have our women’s police station in Panjim and Margao. Do you think they are doing justice to their role?

Ezilda: I really don’t think so they are doing their part well. They don’t have proper infrastructural facilities nor do they have a vehicle of their own. In fact a year back we had visited all police stations and submitted a report to the government. We had recommended that the police stations needed a counselling facility with a legal cell there because many a times a women doesn’t know what to do at that particular time. Whether she is protected or whether whatever is going on is victim friendly. We had proposed this to the government but nothing has come out of this. On the 13th of January 2013 we had a workshop and this suggestion of counselling facility with a legal cell came up again and we will put forth this proposal again to the government and the Deputy Chief Minister has assured that he will look into the matter. GT: As per statistics in the year 2012 just 2 criminal cases have been registered at the Women’s Police station. What is your view on this? From this can we conclude that Goan women are not abused or not victims to social evil and crime? Ezilda: The bottom line is they need infrastructure and training to act accordingly. I think that mostly the cases that come to the women’s police stations are diverted to the concerned police station and hence the number is so low. GT: Do you think that the victim and family is safe after the complaint is registered by them? Ezilda: No not at all they are not secure at least in Goa. GT: They have started this 1091 helpline number for women as well as the police have started patrolling in civil clothes. Do you think this is going to help in anyways?

Ezilda: It was existing previously but not functional. Now that again they have revived it I think women should make use of it. They should make it more effective and find out the flaws where it is lacking behind. GT: Anything in particular that Goa state commission for women (GSCW) is doing to protect and promote the protection of women in Goa? Ezilda: Our main aim is to protect the women in Goa. Especially when a woman is in distress we give her necessary assistance. We guide her where she has to go and explain to her what her rights are. GT: In the recent past which are the various cases or social evils you’ll have come across where in women are victimized? Ezilda: Major issue is violence in the family. Whereas there

are also issues such as rape, molestation which we come across. If one notices in the buses there are a lot of issues it is become a daily affair and is on a rise because people don’t complain firstly and sometime even if one observes what is happening others around tend to ignore. For example this incident which happened in Vasco is an eye opener to see how people reacted and revolted and come together on the streets to plead for justice. If people or these criminals know that people are watching him then also there is a fear created and will prevent him from doing the crime. There is a need that everyone open their eyes and support the victim. It’s nice to see when people retaliate when something wrong happens. May you be a man or women make your voice heard.

Resort Terra Paraiso, Gauravvaddo, Calangute, Bardez, Goa - 403 516. Tel.: +91 0832 2281811/2/3/4/5 E-mail: | Website:


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“All cases diverted to local police stations” Continued from Page 1

announced several measures like the plain cloth policemen will be posted in the private buses etc etc etc. Experts in the last issue of GOAN TIMES have already ridiculed the state of affairs in the police station while dealing with a case involving women. Here we take a look at the condition and the functioning of the women’s police station in Panaji. The sanctioned staff for the police station is 20 but the actual personnel working are only 14. Considering the number of crimes happening on a daily basis against women, the number of 20 also seems to be too less but the government or the police department thinks otherwise. A further look at the 2012 statistics, at both Panjim and Margao women’s police

2012 STATISTICS Applications 108 Nature of cases

Marital disputes, Property disputes

Cases registered



1 Immoral trafficking Act 1 Juvenile case

the other juvenile case. This is at a time when the State registered 51 rape cases last year but nobody seems to be comfortable registering cases at these police stations. Sources in the police inform us that whenever any complainant approaches these stations they are simply diverted to local police station…ridiculous” Speaking to GOAN TIMES on the number of cases and condition of police stations, Tara Kerkar, chairperson of NGO Savera says “First of all

They just keep redirecting and sending cases to the respected police stations. They don’t have even a vehicle on duty to go about with investigation. They are not investigating nor registering any case, the women’s police station tries to solve cases by counseling and this is not right as violence cannot be negotiated. - Sabina Martins station, they are even more pathetic. In 2012, there were 108 applications for complaints, which were mostly marital disputes, property disputes etc. But what is even more shocking is in the entire year only 2 complaints were registered at these women’s police station, one a case of Immoral trafficking Act and

there are just 2 police stations one at Panjim and other at Margao. Secondly, the lady police should not be there doing office work but be on field investigating and solving problems of women. “ Kerkar says that the women are shying away from filing complain because even after lodging a complaint at the women police station one

“They just keep redirecting and sending cases to the respected police stations. They don’t have even a vehicle on duty to go about with investigation. They are not investigating nor registering any case,” she says adding “the women’s police station tries to solve cases by counseling and this is not

put to action nothing is done.” “One cannot rule out the fact that our women’s police stations are under equipped. We are not asking them to train 300 people we are just asking them to train 30 people who can render dedicated service to the 50 per cent population of Goa,” Sabina adds. Taking a dig at the services

cannot expect action to be taken. PI PSI ASI LHC LPC PC HG Driver “They give all kind of excuses Present 1 2 - 2 5 2 1 1 such as they are understaffed 2 1 4 12 - - Sanctioned 1 or not having a vehicle,” she launched by government, right as violence cannot be says adding “the worst part Sabina states, “the governnegotiated”. is whenever one goes to file a ment must stop fooling the In Goa, Sabina states, “the complaint they ask the victim people with their bogus government gives the least to write the complaint and bring. “ Kerkar says, “You cannot expect much from them as They give all kind of their leader himself does not excuses such as they treat women well.” “The DGP Kishan Kumar, are understaffed or IPS is always busy come not having a vehicle. what may. Busy doing what chatting with his women staff The worst part is time and again. Instead I feel whenever one goes to he should be available to hear the grievances of the public. If file a complaint they any lady goes to meet him he ask the victim to says meet SP or someone else. write the complaint Is the DGP not answerable to public?” she asks. and bring. - Tara Kerkar Sabina Martins convener of Bailancho Saad also states the Women’s Police station is services such as 100 and priority to women. They just under staffed and need better announce schemes for women 1091 as these are just empty facilities. shelves.” but when the time comes to

Staff Strength


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An eyesore… By Team GT

MARGAO: The beggar menace is a serious problem that our society is facing today. They take shelter in large numbers at certain areas. One such area that you see in a pathetic state is near the Margao Railway station just behind the Apollo Victor hospital where the sulabh souchlaya is located. You will find nearly 40-50 beggars with their families and children making the road, which was basically parking area, their home. Their daily routine starts there itself, where eating, bathing, toilet everything is done at one place making the place dirty. (see pictures) The nearby gutters and the entire place is in a horrible

state. Worse still, they have made the garbage composting unit as their bathroom. Their spot light areas are bus stands and railways where they start their begging activities. During the rainy season it is learnt that they take shelter in the scrap railway boogies.

Neither the Margao Municipal Council nor the district administration has taken any measures to move these people out of the locality. When the DySP Mr. Mohan Naik was asked regarding the beggar menace he said, “In the year 2012 we have booked 170 beggar cases. We have arrested

them many a times but the court gives them warning and they are left free and once again they go back in the same place.” Further he added “Until and unless we don’t have proper shelter houses for the beggars, the problem will still continue.” However, he made no mention of the place near the Margao

police station despite reportedly being pointed out to. MMC vice-chairperson Pratima Coutinho on the other hand blamed the police inaction in the matter. “The police need to act and make a letter to MMC and only then we can act. It is basically the job of the police,” she said.



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Altering fashion in Goa By Evita Coutinho | GT


adies, if you are addicted to fashion, fun and a fabulous outfit, Orchid would the right place for you! Everyone likes dressing

up and looking good, but how many boutiques in Goa help us with that agenda? Charlotte Oliveira Fernandes makes sure her collection is the talk of the town. Dressed almost always in her best outfit, Charlotte is soft-spoken with a demeanor that belies the brilliance of someone who clearly is able to see depth, colour and vibrancy in all objects. Her pieces are the stuff of dreams, without a doubt, her collection at the store is Stunninnnng!!" Located in the heart of the Panjim city, Orchid attracts all the fashionalistas and you will be able to get all your fashion needs from pretty dresses and party frocks, sharp outer and hot leggings. Not to mention all sorts of fantastic shoes, bags and accessories to match for theme of the outfit... The customers who shop at Orchid look for something that the mall doesn’t offer. They’re looking for something that’s more individual. They want to be a little bit

of a statement. And they’re looking for some intelligence in their clothing. While shopping, you need to make sure you are wearing the right fit, the right color, basically u need to make sure you are looking fab. At orchid, the staff makes sure you are choosing the right print and design which suits your body type. The staff is friendly and willing to give professional advice to bring out your charming look, and serve you the perfect mix and d match of hottest design from all around Asia. Orchid releases new designs almost every month to provide the most current trends. Form the vast assortments of stylish pieces

here, you would certainly find the one that suits you the best. Located just opposite the post office besides her regulars who love her and her

style, she has a lot of walk-ins through the day as well. Charlotte personally makes trips and picks up clothes and apparel for the store which is

usually a limited collection, so there are no complains about someone else wearing the same clothes like you. So quench your thirst and treat yourself with the most stylish and get yourself updated with the latest fashion trends at an unbelievably affordable price, at Orchid.

For more details visit the store: Opposite Post office, Panjim, 403001. Contact number: 09604487531


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cries for better coaches By Andrea Fernandes | GT


f one sport that is of late formulating a name for Goa on the global map than it is Table Tennis is. Goa is performing well in this sport at the national scene. However, the sport is given very least importance unlike other sports like cricket, football and hockey. Even after winning laurels for the state the people in authority are not doing anything much for the growth and improvement of the facilities of this sport. Without doubt one can say that Table Tennis is doing well compared to other sports but, why rule out the possibility that if given more heed to can do even better. Mr. Vero Nunes, President of Goa Table Tennis Association says that “Goa should promote games. The only way the budding players learn is through senior players. We organize around 12 tournaments in the senior and junior categories during the year. We need to encourage players to play more and one has to be serious. We in Goa promote sports only at the rural level. More facilities and grants

should also be given to the players. We at Goa Table Tennis Association (GTTA) are trying our best and are coordinating with Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) to bring up this sport in Goa. Our Association is not having infrastructure and nor is it in our hands to get coaches.” He further explains the performance at the national level as well as the drawbacks faced by this sport saying “Last year Urmila Mense and Wesley do Rosario (Fomento Resourses) ranked third in India and this year Wesley Rosario won the all India Ranking No 2 in India.” “The problem is we do not have a good coach in Margao while in Panjim, one is a senior player and Vasco is a junior one. We have told Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) we need coaches. There are no facilities at all in Margao. The future is good and bright if we can make international players out of these,” he adds. Mr. Lenny an ex-national player from Margao, Goa says, “As former national players we are doing a lot for this sport. Compared to the past the scene of Table Tennis

is better since nowadays parents are also taking interest and if need be even bringing coaches even from outside for the improvement of their children. Firstly we need coaches all over, Now, it’s only former players doing a lot for this sport. I would like to say that to get there to a particular level its tough but to stay there is even tougher.” He says what’s important is efforts, sacrifice and dedication. “At Margao we have no infra-structure, no coaches, and no tables. We have put forward to Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) that we need coaches but nothing is being done so far. There are good players here but no chance to promote due to lack of basic facilities

for this sport”, he laments. Wesley do Rosario a table tennis player from Margao currently ranking No 2 in India says “The performance of our state at the national level is mid level performance. The main reason could be due to lack of qualified coaches. At Margao we do not have a

the Government and sports authorities of the state and act accordingly to promote and propagate this Sport. Why should the children who have keen interest in Table Tennis be deprived of their legitimate rights? It’s time the sports authorities of the state see that they provide

Goa should promote games. The only way the budding players learn is through senior players. We organize around 12 tournaments in the senior and junior categories during the year. We need to encourage players to play more and one has to be serious. coach since my dad used to play and he himself trained me. If this sport needs to improve firstly get coaches this is a humble request from me.” It must be noted that the merits and drawbacks of this sport needs to be seen to by

some good and senior coaches for our budding as well as our amateur table tennis players of Goa who are playing for the love and are passionate about this sport. They definitely need at least the basic infrastructure and facilities don’t they?


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Soul Food By Team GT


t is a saying, “a burp is a compliment to the chef”. Well this place really does make you burp. If you love sea food then you must visit this place, Anandashram. Housed in the inner,

“Service on the platter” “Authentic Goan Fish curry rice” open courtyard of an old Goan Hindu-style house in the heritage precinct of Fontainhas, near the GPO, Anandashram is the oldest place that serves and which is hugely popular for their fish, veg and non veg thalis. Keeping up the tradition since 1945, and now runned

pickle, rice, fish curry, fried fish, some shell fish, Sol Kadi - the cooling digestive made from kokum and so on. The Chicken Thali comes with substantial portions of meat cooked in the Sagotistyle with roasted garam masala. The Mori Masala, Prawn Masala, Fish Masala and Fish Fry are fast moving items over here. Who needs a 3 course meal here? The staff here makes sure you are stuffed and got the “satisfaction” look on your face. The waiter keeps wandering around you waiting for your curry to vanish so that he will re fill it for you. The staff comprises of around 18 people who do not fail to disappoint you what so

Goan Style

“chonak”. To accompany the plated special Thali, I ordered some rava fried mussels which were utterly delicious. By the end, I had to take a deep breath and sip on the sol kaddi juice which gave me some ease from the

by the Vallabh, Jitendra and Vardhan Haldankar this place dishes up simple, mighty tasty fish curries and veg and non veg thalis for lunch and dinner. Since New Years the place is open on Sundays too. The place is packed during lunch for their special Fish Thali consisting of kingfish, some special fish or seafood. A Special Thali here typically consists of chapatti, one vegetable,

ever. The ambience is quite modest considering the fact that it is crowded by office goers. The special Thali will cost you 100 Rs and the regular for 60 Rs. The eatery serves around 400 customers every day. What I began with was a special Thali which gave me an option to choose the fish I wanted, when I asked the waiter what he recommended, without hesitating his answer was

mouthwatering food that I relished. I could go, on and on about how I enjoyed the food here. But, Overall the quantity, taste and the prompt service was simply outstanding, so if

you are a sea food lover, then the Anandashram has to be in your “to do list”. Anandashram is open on all days from 12 noon – 3.30 for lunch and 7.30- 10.30 for dinner.


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FUN, FOOD & FUTURE Food court

Aries - (March 21 - April 19)

Stay ambitious, Aries. Several prestige trends culminate now, might lift you on their slender wings. To succeed, be diplomatic, show eager willingness, and tackle your duties. Your career – and life status, even life goals – are changing, mightily, this decade: get on the right side of this (ambition) not the wrong side (anger, resentment, rebellion). You might become a parent soon. Sunday’s happy but useless, so just enjoy. Retreat, rest, contemplate, plan, deal with management types Monday/Tuesday: promotion possible. You shine Wednesday to Friday: start projects, seek favours. Taurus - (April 20-May 20)

This is your last week of a mellow, intellectual, understanding, loving mood, Taurus. Nothing will upset your equilibrium, except possible friction at home. (Very likely if you’ve been fooling around.) You can reduce domestic strife all month by channelling this intensity into home repairs or other useful avenues. Sunday’s ambitious (or they call you “Sir/Madam” at the restaurant). Forego action. Happiness, entertainment, light romance, popularity – these visit Monday/Tuesday: someone’s interested. Retreat, rest and plan Wednesday to Friday. Your energy and charisma soar Saturday. Gemini - (May 21-June 20)

Wrap up deep, changeful things, Gemini – investment programs, sexual affairs, lifestyle changes, health actions, research or detective ventures. These are reaching a peak this week, but they will also lose their “main steam” by Saturday. Sunday’s affectionate, alert, but stick to routine. Your career gets a mild boost Monday/Tuesday: cast your eye on higher-ups, discern what they want. An air of (again mild) celebration comes Wednesday to Friday: social delights, more friends, entertainment, light romance. Retreat Friday eve, Saturday: your energy fades, but a month of joy begins. Cancer - (June 21-July 22)

The accent remains on relationships, opportunities and opposition. Opposition will be minimal, as others are inclined to appreciate you, to respond graciously. All month, your lustful, financial, and “detective” sides are strong. You can get ahead by combining ambition and your boss’ resources, especially Wednesday to Friday. You can also stir up a storm of sexual consequences anytime this month. (You might feel like such an adventure Sunday, but little will come of it.) A gentle, mellow, intellectual mood flows over you Monday/Tuesday. The weekend’s happy, flirty, friend-filled. Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)

It’s your last week of drudgery, Leo. Just plod on – Saturday (January 19) will bring a completely new trend of fresh horizons, new contacts and opportunities. Meanwhile, perform tasks so they won’t weigh down your future. Sunday brings relationship impulses, but not much result. Dig deep Monday/Tuesday: you can discover valuable information, secrets, money sources or investment ventures. A love relationship can reach deeply into intimacy. Wednesday to Friday brings a gentle, mellow mood, wisdom, love, acceptance of society’s ways. Be ambitious Saturday: meet people late day, eve. Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Give romance one more try, Virgo. If you’ve been batting zeros lately (last two years) it’s because you’ve just entered a huge, whole, new relationship trend, to last 15 years. Right now, you’re at the adjustment, or try-and-see-what-works stage. Instead of being discouraged, throw yourself into your work – February to June, you could take a giant step upward/forward! Then, mid 2013 to mid ’14, you enter the first real romantic year of this huge relationship phase. (If you just fell into a huge, gratifying romance, don’t listen to me.) Monday to Friday emphasize this message.


(Feijoada is Pungent gravy dish of sausage & dried beans)

Ingredients • 100 gm butter beans ( rajma or

lima beans) • 2 large Goa spicy sausages or

more if desired • 1 onion • 1 tomato

Instructions • Wash the beans, boil and keep aside. Slice the onion and tomato finely and fry in a little pork fat or oil till onion turns brown. • Remove the skin from the sausages and fry the meat together with onion and tomato for a while, then add the beans, fry a little and add a cup of warm water. Salt may be added if necessary. • Allow to cook on slow fire for a few minutes till the gravy is quite thick. The taste of Feijoada • Depends on the quality of the sausages, which should be spicy enough.

Strange but true facts... Lava in my mouth???

Men - Beware of Lightning

Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This week brings the last “home adjustment” for a while (until April or next December). You’ve made the essential change, the crucial choice – for now. Sunday’s creative, romantic, but leads nowhere. Tackle chores Monday/ Tuesday – a productive, mild luck aids you. Relationships jut up from the landscape Wednesday morning to Friday eve. Often, this brings choice or the adjustment mentioned above, but this time the change seems to lie deep; it slumbers (unless you live in Asia or Europe). Mysteries, sexual longings, financial coups and lifestyle changes “whisper” to you Saturday. Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The accent remains on communications, travel, paperwork, casual acquaintances. You are finally receiving some “pro” or affectionate responses to your queries. Stay close to home or in nature Sunday – DON’T start renovations or home repairs, just relax. Romance, creativity, pleasure, self-expression and charming kids call you Monday/Tuesday. Most systems are “go” for these: in fact, it’s a two-day winning streak. Tackle chores Wednesday to Friday. Be careful what you start Friday afternoon. This eve and Saturday bring relationships, opportunities – and potential opposition.

Fine-grained Volcanic ash is an ingredient in some toothpastes. Just another Laugh

Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

This is your last week of dancing around the money tree, Sage. Money isn’t your biggest trend this winter and spring (relationships and relocation are) – but July onward will see you either buying a big investment (e.g., a home) or landing a lucky money pot. You’re restless Sunday: travel for pleasure, not practical ends. Be home, relate to kids, garden, mother nature, Monday/ Tuesday. All’s well. Wednesday to Friday brings romantic excitement, though it’s really a sensual attraction. The same days favour creativity, pleasure, sports. Tackle chores Saturday. Travel, soon! Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Your energy, charisma and timing remain high, Cap. (In fact your charisma steps up a notch.) Start communications or travel projects Monday/Tuesday. Start domestic, real estate, retirement or foundational projects – or end situations – Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon. Romance, creative surges, arts, sports, pleasure and luck visit you Friday evening to Saturday. (If a romance does begin now, how long it will last is uncertain.) Money flows to you all month – bank it; don’t spend (except on January 22 for equipment, tools, telephony). Work delays will dissolve soon.

What does a monster eat after he's been to the dentist?

The dentist

lightning are men.

SUDOKU The rules for solving Sudoku puzzles are very simple: each row, column and block must contain one of the numbers from "1" to "9". No number may appear more than once in any row, column, or block.



9 1 2

9 8


7 6 5 1 3 An ejector seat on an Helicopter.

4 8 2



8 7

3 5 1

8 2


Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)



2 1


6 9

Continue to maintain a low profile: rest, contemplate, plan, reconnect with spirit. Be charitable. Visit institutions, government offices. Attend management meetings. Your energy and pizzazz climb nicely Sunday, but it’s hard to take advantage, so relax. Chase money or make purchases Monday eve through Tuesday – all’s smooth, no lemons. Your chatty side emerges Wednesday to Friday: you feel a bit of wanderlust. Wednesday’s best for friendly or “daily business” meetings. Friday night and the weekend bring weariness, and the end of weariness – a month of personal power begins!

3 1


5 4 8 3

Aquarius - (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Your hopes remain high. The last few weeks have invigorated you with optimism, friendship and romantic possibilities. This week is similar, but it’s the last in your run. Don’t delay fun. Sunday’s tiring and yields no net results, so relax, contemplate. Your energy and charm bounce back Monday/Tuesday. Chase money, buy/sell, and catalogue your possessions (even if this is a mere mental run-through of what you own) Wednesday to Friday. Avoid big purchases Friday. Casual acquaintances appear Friday night, Saturday – paradoxically, right at the start of a quiet, solitude-prone month.

Eighty percent of people who are hit by



5 6 9 3

6 5




s that a whole lot of Rihanna or just very little clothes? Either way, I approve. This year’s “Men of the Year” issue of GQ was overshadowed by a very naked rendition of Rihanna, taking up most of the cover’s real estate. The Bajan babe is already turning heads even before the issue hits stands. RiRi shared the saucy November issue's cover of the gentlemen’s interest magazine on Instagram. As expected, the post instigated an onslaught of reactions and hundreds of thousands of likes from her near three million followers, most of them were perverts. In the shot Rihanna poses with the sole company of her leather jacket and her brand new goddess Isis tattoo. No bra, no panties…just straight fantasy factory. Her jacket and tatted arm do a good job covering the naughtiest of the naughty parts in the photo, keeping the issue PG-rated enough for stands. But not even professional styling could cover up the details of her finely-tuned figure. RiRi also wears a CoverGirl pout and the stare of a master vixen. This will be Rihanna’s second American GQ cover. Her first cover appearance was in 2010 when she was still singing “Love the Way You Lie” with Eminem. On that cover, she was just topless so apparently the idea for this new one was to one-up the skin factor even more. Recently—following rumours that the “We Found Love” singer had reunited with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown— both RiRi and Breezy have gone on the record saying that they are in fact NOT a couple.

Takes It All Off

Murder 3 was a cake-walk for Sara Loren


Vidya goes

bold Again V

idya Balan goes bold for Dabboo Ratnani's calendar Vidya Balan ditched her trademark sari when she stepped out for Dabboo Ratnani's calendar launch. The actress was also seen with sindoor in her hair. Nayi dulhan after all! In the calendar she is seen in a bold avatar. When questioned about the shoot, she said she has different avtars which she would love to showcase.

Paris Hilton Has No Plans for Marriage...Yet


t took Pakistani actress Sara Loren (earlier known as Mona Lizza) just 15 minutes to land a role in the upcoming 'Murder' sequel. Sara Loren has been flashing her legs in the first look of her upcoming thriller. The Pakistani actress features in debutant director Vishesh Bhatt's upcoming film with Randeep Hooda. The newbie feels it is a dream project due to the ease with which she bagged the role. It didn't take the dare to bare girl much to convince the makers that she fitted the role. Thanks to her sensuality and confidence, the role suited her perfectly.

Friday, 18th January, 2013


aris Hilton and her young lover River Viiperi are still going strong despite their nearly 10-year age gap. Maybe there’s

something to be said about cougars and their cubs? It’s working for Jennifer Lopez and always has for Madonna. Heck, Taylor Swift even tried her hand at cougar membership, well, for a while. Paris’ mom Kathy Hilton says she really likes him. I adore River, he’s adorable, and

he’s really sweet and very mature.”That being said, Paris and River aren’t exactly rushing to the altar. It’s this same entrepreneurial spirit that Paris inherited from her mom. Paris is globetrotting and opening more and more of her own Paris Hilton stores.

Aamir: I can't compete with Big B B

ollywood star Aamir Khan holds Amitabh Bachchan in high regard and says he neither sees himself on the same platform as the megastar nor can he ever compete with the senior actor. "I don't even feel I am on the same platform as him (Amitabh), I

am not even anywhere close. I can't compete with him because I hold him in such high esteem," Aamir said in a statement. The two actors, who share a mutual admiration for each other, haven't yet worked together in a film.


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oa,Cavelossim- 31st December 2012: “So many artists, one stage and different genres, was the perfect way to end 2012. So happy to have come here, watching Julian Marley perform brings back memories of my reggae music days with grandpa” –Lorraine D'Souza (Music Enthusiast), LFTC@RRSS. Goa’s live music scene witnessed a revival over the weekend with the onset of the first edition of Live from the Console @ Rowson’s Reserve Smooth Spaces - Cavelossim beach. Keeping the essence of an intimate gig setting and the music discovery spirit alive, the first day of the 2 day independent music festival opened with a 45 minute act by alternative pop/rock band The Koniac Net. The breezy, chilled-out vibe on Saturday evening just got better with artists such as Colour Compound, Nikhil D’souza & band and Sky Rabbit providing the audience with some lively on stage performances. While Peter Cat Recording Co. enthralled music enthusiasts with their distinct style, ranging from gypsy jazz to Ballroom Waltz, the first day of this Smooth festival ended with a straight 60 min gig

Julian Marley & The Uprising

from the Console by New York based indie pop band, Cults. Featuring Madeline Follin on the vocals and guitarist Brian Oblivion, the duo put a perfect closure to the 1st day of the musical extravaganza. Day two of the fest featured slots for singersongwriters and Dub and Reggae acts. Setting the stage for the evening were the independent opening acts of Alisha Pais, Siddarth Basrur and Joe Purdy (described as a troubadour). Alternative rock act, Tough on Tobacco from Mumbai, lead by Sidd Coutto (of Zero) provided the perfect shift in genres until the stage was taken over by the seven-

piece, Bristol-based Dub Mafia who were dishing out a blend of drum and bass, dubstep, bashment and the

Alisha pais

likes. This was followed by a vibrant sound clash of industrialized dub power from Dubblestandart all of which received rave reviews from the crowds chilling on the sands of Cavelossim. The finale though was one that required no introduction, the son of the legendary Bob Marley, Julian Marley, who took to the stage with his guitar and long braided hair, reminding the crowd of what the whole reggae movement would have been like in his father’s times. Speaking right after his performance, Julian said, “Live from the console has always supported the Indie music scene in India. My trip to India has been an

amazing experience and I’m here to spread my music, love, and feel the good vibes of this country”. On stage with his band "The Uprising" the Marley boy and his troop dished out a whole lot from their releases as well as some of his father’s most famous ones such as Get up, Stand up. Julian Marley ended the event leaving a message of peace and unity through music amongst the crowd. So while we say goodbye to LFTC@RRSS Goa and the year 2012, be sure of having many more such, no frill, laid back, friendly evenings in the year ahead with music being the core.



Friday, 18th January, 2013


Dj Yuri Name: Yuri James Ribeiro – Resident Dj at Café Mambo Favorite Track: Calvin harris- Sweet Nothing Best venue ever played: Calangute football ground Likes: Warm food and motorcycles Dislikes: Irritating people, loud women and the Government If you were to be marooned on an island? ……. Enjoy it till I get bored Person you would love to meet: Vijay Mallya Person u would love to kiss: Michelle Rodriguez Favorite Dish: Papad and pork chops God is…… Unbelievable…..Like really awesome dude

Sunday Brunch at Tito's


Friday, 18th January, 2013






Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:23

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Dj Yuri & Dj Brandon De Baga Deck Keven Simply Solo Cafe Mojo Corporate's n Cocktails 10 percent add on to your cards on recharges of rs 1000 or more. Discounts on all your favorite cocktails. Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village Pescheria- Mediterranean Seafood Market Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees

FRANK ~ Live

Kick off your week with ~ Frank ! The Band & grove to various music followed by Deejay's




Sunrise: 07:04 Sunset: 18:21

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Friday Vibes Dj Yuri & DjBrandon Sweet Chilli Bardez Beer, BBQ & Blue 8:00pm to 11:00 pm Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Old Skool Old skool hip-hop n video's Fiplees KARAOKE & DANCE PARTY Sing along to KJ FRANCIS PAUL followed by Dance Party with In-House Dj's Poco Loco Restaurant International Jazz Jazz Junction 8:00pm to 11:00pm Lorange Restaurant Live & Wired with Axel Spining Retro Music 8:00 PM Kamaki Dj Nash & David Spining Hip-Hop, Retro & House Music 9:00 PM BAGA Indiafest 2013 10:00am onwards




Sunrise: 07:04 Sunset: 18:22

Tito's Retro Bar Anthony/ Brandon Club Titos Dj Pritesh & DjAnthony Café Mambo Saturday Showtime Dj Ajit Pai & Dj Jay Sweet Chilli Bardez Karaoke Night 9:00 PM Cafe Mojo Saturday Shuffle Every genre of music Fiplees SATURDAY NITE FEVER Retro-Pop to Night Club Genres ! Dazzling sound & visuals ! ~ ALISON - Live ~ To Heat the Nite followed by Deejays Lorange Restaurant Saturdays with Richard The One Man Band 8:00 PM Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village Pescheria- Mediterranean Seafood Market Cavala baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Kamaki Dj Nash & David Spining HipHop, Retro & House Music 9:00 PM

SUN Sunrise: 07:05 20 Jan Sunset: 18:22 Club Titos Dj Pritesh

Café Mambo Dj Jay & Dj Brandon Titos courtyard Together at titos Dj Pearl, Anish Sood and many more 4:00pm onwards Cafe Mojo Bollywood Boulevard 11:00 am to 7:00pm Digital Jukebox Request Your Choice of Song 7:00pm onwards Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees REVLON with JOLUS ~ LIVE Dineout & Dance with some live Music . . . to dancing groves from old or new tracks by our Dj's !! Make your nite The Park On Holiday Beach Sunday Bikini Brunch with DJ Nix 12:30 pm onwards Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village PescheriaMediterranean Seafood Market




Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:23

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Dj jay Kala academy Lokotsav Grand Hyatt Seafood Night Market 7:00pm to 11:00pm Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village Pescheria- Mediterranean Seafood Market

To place your event listings here, mail us at


23 Jan

Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:24

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Dj Jay Poco Loco Restaurant Melodies of blues and retro by Nelly Kala academy Lokotsav Cafe Mojo Ladies Nite Out!! with Dj Joel , a.k.a, 145bpm & Dj Usman Free Cafe Mojo shooters for ladies all nite long Wednesday Flea Market 11:00am to 6:00pm Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village Pescheria- Mediterranean Seafood Market


Retro music

Cavala Baga Sunrise: 07:05 The Piano Man Sunset: 18:24 Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some Club Titos old time hits. People are Dj Jay invited to jam up with Café Mambo him. Dj Yuri & Dj Brandon 7:00pm onwards Club Tito's @ The De Baga Deck Radisson Blu Karaoke Nite with Bollywood Hendry



Madness With DJ Aggie 9:30pm to 3:30pm

Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Retro

Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village PescheriaMediterranean Seafood Market

Goantimes 18 Jan  


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