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Valentine..... By Andrea Fernandes | GT



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very February 14, around the world candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? The history of Valentine's Day and the story of its patron saint is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient

rite? The Catholic Church recognizes different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of

the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape See Page 10



Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Chicalim Cottage Hospital – Well maintained but needs up-gradation All Pics by GANESH LAMANI | GT

By Ganesh Lamani | GT VASCO: ormugao taluka is said to be the Industrial capital of Goa, which has attracted not only the locals but the migrants as well in the recent years. Due to this, there is a demand for a full fledged government hospital in the port town which will cater to the medical needs of the ever growing population. Surprisingly, there is only one government cottage hospital in Chicalim in the entire taluka but it is in real need of urgent attention. The Chicalim Cottage hospital is a 60-bedded hospital having four medical officers, an ayurvedic, a homeopathic and ophthalmic physician as well as a junior gynaecologist who conducts the OPD as well as caesareans & sterilizing operations and a dental surgeon, who is


managing the hospital. On an average 200-250 patients visit the hospital per day in the OPD and about 5060 patients in casualty, trauma and accidental cases. The Chicalim cottage hospital is the only community health centre having facilities for caesarean operations and laparo-

facility and mortuary room which can accommodate two dead bodies. When the Health Officer of Chicalim cottage hospital Dr. Vikas Kuvelkar was questioned regarding the up gradation of the hospital he said, “The upgradation of Chicalim hospital is the need

“The upgradation of Chicalim hospital is the need of the hour and the Health Minister Laxmikanth Parsekar has promised us to do the expansion at the earliest during his recent visit in January.”

- Dr. Vikas Kuvelkar, Health Officer

scopic operations routinely. The hospital witnesses the highest number of delivery cases amongst the community and primary health centres in Goa. The hospital has X-ray facility, laboratory, ultrasound facility, counselling

of the hour and the Health Minister Laxmikanth Parsekar has promised us to do the expansion at the earliest during his recent visit in January.” Giving details of the up-gradation the doctor says “there will be a new trauma ward, a big casualty, orthopaedic ward and paediatric ward. The project has been undertaken by GSIDC who will do the inspection and a date will be finalized soon.” He further added saying, “The minister also made immediate arrangement for a brand

new ambulance for the hospital when he was approached for the same.” The Health officer along with the other staff members has maintained the cleanliness of the hospital in a well planned manner to the best of their ability. The kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, corridors and the rooms are kept neat and clean by the Eco Clean Agency. “The pharmacy is well equipped with all the necessary medicines and we procure the next quota of medicines in time so that the patients do not buy from outside.” added Dr. Kuvelkar. When asked about the short comings of the hospital Dr. Kuvelkar said, “There is an urgent need of a physician and an orthopaedic surgeon in the hospital and currently the patients with major wounds and cuts are being referred to GMC as minor surgeries cannot be performed.” Goan Times spoke to one of the patients in the hospital Saroja Chavan, who stated “For the last several years I have been visiting this hospital and year after year the facilities are improving and I am happy with the treatment here.” Another patient Parmila Saroj who had undergone surgery said, “I was operated in the morning for kidney stone problem and by evening I could move freely and the next day I was discharged and I am very happy with the services provided here.”

discharged on the same day who are fit to do any work.” As far as the security of the hospital is concerned the health officer stated that the Goa recruitment society has provided with security personnel round the clock to enforce tight security and avoid any violence. Also on the request of Dr. Kuvelkar to the Dy. SP of Vasco Police station, they have deputed one police personnel in the hospital as to handle medico-legal cases. Earlier it was learnt that lot of assault cases were reported on the government servants while on duty.

When Goan Times approached the local MLA Mauvin Godinho regarding the up-gradation he said, “Mormugao is the industrial capital of Goa, which has port, airport, railway link and with this ever growing population both the locals as well as migrants and with this industrial buzz all around it is high time that we upgrade the Chicalim hospital into a fully fledged hospital with all necessary medical facilities so people may not have to travel elsewhere”. He further added, “I had demanded the up-gradation of

“I had demanded the upgradation of the hospital for last ten years and again this time I have raised the issue in the assembly and the government has agreed to start the work soon with the help of GSIDC.”

- local MLA, Mr. Mauvin Godinho

Gynaecologist Dr. Sripad Kamat stated, “The most advanced surgery, also known as key hole surgery is available at Chicalim hospital & patients can get operated and

the hospital for last ten years and again this time I have raised the issue in the assembly and the government has agreed to start the work soon with the help of GSIDC”.


Thursday, 14th February, 2013


Sadly no shame on us, Goa... I

By Aires Rodrigues

t is almost one month that the 7-year-old Vasco girl was brutally raped in her school premises in broad daylight. Ironically, it was the very reputed Deepvihar Primary School run by the Mormugoa Port Trust. It seems that for obvious reasons the investigating authorities have failed to make any headway to nab the culprit and book the others who went out of the way to destroy vital evidence. The parents of this tender young girl have been running from pillar to post when justice should have been delivered at their door step. A perusal of the sequence of events right from the rape till date is very disturbing. There has clearly been a sustained cover up of this heinous crime. Though the rape was committed at 10.30 am the police were informed only three hours later. The father of the girl was informed 45 mins after the rape. Shockingly, the grieving 7-year-old received medical attention only over eight hours after she was brutally raped. All this while the school management was busy washing away all traces of evidence. The Headmistress of the school was suspended only on the 19th, five long days after the crime. She has allegedly been booked for negligence but not for destroying evidence. She was arrested but did not have to cool her heels in the police lock-up as she was privileged to get preferential comfort during her brief police custody. The Class teacher and the Head clerk though have not been booked till date for having destroyed all the vital evidence. They have only been suspended and that too on the 21st, eight days after the crime. Is the class teacher being shielded because her husband is an active worker of the ruling party? It was imperative for the investigating officers to get all the call details of the phones used by the Headmistress and the other teachers while they were washing out all the evidence. The Chief Minister who is also the Education Minister reached the school 10 hours

after the rape took place. He visited the school while attending the birthday party of the local MLA in the neighbourhood. How could the MLA have celebrated his birthday when the same morning a 7 year student was raped not far from his residence? Infact, politicians should keep away from visiting scenes of any offences as they only delay and distract police investigation. The Supreme Court has in fact time and again reiterated that the police investigation should be insulated from any political interference and cover up. To rub salt in the wound, an MPT official visited the parents of the child on 16 Feb with a draft of Rs five lakhs in an attempt to silence the parents and cover up the crime. The parents were brave and spurned the five lakhs. The MPT later transferred that official but the bottom line remains that the official had gone on the instructions of the MPT Chairman and the five lakh draft which was allegedly hush money was drawn at Andhra Bank by the MPT. As the rapist was allegedly seen at the school on earlier occasions, the security guards on duty and their entry registers at the Security office needed to be scrupulously scrutinized. The plea of the parents to the authorities that their 7 year old traumatized girl be immediately provided counselling services also fell on deaf ears. The

Counsellor was provided only on 3rd Feb which is 18 days after the crime. The counselling should have been instant when the extent of trauma was at its peak. The family has been seeking answers from the authorities but all in vain. There should have been

more care, compassion and better communication by the authorities. Is it because the parents belong to the Schedule Tribe community and not very well to do. A perusal of this rape case establishes a total collapse of the system which has failed to bring solace to the grieving

victim and her sorrowful parents. Did we as Goans do enough to stand by this young girl and show her our love and concern? Sadly no shame on us, Goa. Will it take the rape of our very own child to understand the trauma that this young innocent girl has had to go through with her parents?

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Picture Story

Thursday, 14th February, 2013 All Pics by ROHIT LOHARE | GT

Carnival 2013 – the Samba style T

he Goa carnival parade was an awesome spectacle encompassing a mind-boggling array of activities. Masked revellers dancing to live band music and ornately decorated floats was the highlights of this fascinating jamboree. Over the years, the Goa carnival has come to embody the very best of the unique Goan culture. This year on the eve of the carnival tourists from all over the world descend on Goa for a sip of the rich heritage of Goa. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar flagged off the festival, which is religiously held annually four days before Ash Wednesday. King Momo led the multi coloured procession comprising of about 100 floats. A special Bollywood float featuring celebrities - Neha Dhupia, Sayali Bhagat, Tanushree Dutta and Isha Koppikar - among others were the attraction this year. Depicting the rich tradition of Goa, they were commercials as well as non-commercial floats. Some floats also carried social messages like saving girl child, stop deforestation and quit smoking.

Counter Point

Thursday, 14th February, 2013


Beyond CSR - the other modifications to Company Law W

e had briefly discussed the element of compulsion sought to be introduced in the proposed amendments to Company Law in India with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Today let us discus the proposed provision for more voice to the smaller shareholders. Traditionally, the shareholders having the larger share blocks had been having their say in running the affairs of the companies. Since the system of proportionate representation favours this pattern of representation, the smaller investors, even if they were the majority of shareholders in a Company had no audible voice in the Annual General Body Meetings or in the day to day running of the Company. After much legal wrangling and enlightened debates, the system of Proxy voting enabled the smaller shareholders to find a semblance of representation. The dominant groups quickly learned the tricks to manipulate the Proxy

system also to their advantage. Then came the Dhirubhai Ambani experiment. The allotment of shares to smaller lot applicants on priority changed the existing pattern of preferring the larger investors for earlier allotment. The pattern of ownership of the Company was changed dramatically. This new pattern allowed the Promoters to have

system. The Annual General Meetings which had become happy festival time for the small shareholders, with gift packages and Bonus coupons were soon converted into Battle fields with Delegates holding proxies for significant number of small share holders seeking to make their presence felt. There were litigations and Appeals to the Board. But

By C S Radhakrishnan

CURRENT an easier time in managing the affairs of the company, without the large share-holders breathing down their necks. This was a short-lived relief, though. It was not long, before the larger share-holders deployed their expertise in manipulating the proxy

AFFAIRS something good has come out of this turmoil. The AGMs of large companies are no more mere rituals. Corporate Governance has become a topic of public debate. Trends from more advanced Capitalist countries soon arrived on the Indian scene.

The Cheque Truncation System

What it means to the Banks’ Customers


eaders might by now have been advised by the Banks to return unused cheque leaves from old cheque Books and requisition cheques in a new format called CTS cheques. What is all the fuzz about? For the past few months, the Banking system in the country has been grappling with the Reserve Bank of India’s directive to implement the Cheque Truncation system (CTS). The trial Project at Delhi posed a host of problems. But the trial at Chennai has worked well and the whole of South India is sought to be covered from a hub at Bangalore. Even remote Chandigarh is being tied to this hub. The Banking system of India handles about One hundred and twenty crores of negotiable instruments, (cheques) per day. (average one cheque per citizens per day) This massive volume of transactions caused delays in settling the claims of

presenting Banks and in turn the credit of the amounts to payee’s accounts. Banking Law requires a Ban presenting a claim on behalf of its client to physically produce the cheque and demand the payment. Where the payment is due from a Bank at the same station, the clearing system for settlement of inter-bank claims takes care of this and the payment is reflected within the next twenty four hours. When outstation cheques are involved, the legal requirement of physically presenting the cheque for collection involves postal or courier service delay and transactions get delayed considerably, inconveniencing the payee. The Business Community and citizens in general have been wondering why the Reserve Bank cannot avail of the Information Technology advances and simplify the procedure. The Cheque

Truncation Scheme (CTS) is the result of the RBI’s response to this. Simple as the problem may look to be, it poses a series of challenges to the Banking system. Banks need to switch over to the new format of cheques, get large volumes of these printed and sent to the customers. Add to this the problem posed by fraudsters, who use Photographs of cheques and make double claims through different branches, or those who alter the signatures, amounts etc on the cheques. The system has to be made foolproof against all these odds. Many years back, an experiment to deal with this kind of problems was made with the introduction of MICR cheques. It worked quite well for some time. But the crooks were ahead of the Banks, and counterfeit claims still surfaced. CTS has accordingly taken care of all such factors. A good initiative by the RBI! Let us hope it works well.

The emergence of a more prosperous middleclass then in the past has also contributed to this change. The new middle class in not entirely composed of those who are seeking to consolidate their newly acquired status through the adoption of conservative practices. There is significantly large section of upwardly mobile persons in these groups. Professionals, SME owners, small time traders making it god at their line and wanting to try harder, are all having access to Financial planners and Advisors who prompt them to invest in the Stock Market and grow their wealth. The higher levels of salaries commanded by the professionals, couples from this segment with double income having significantly larger savings for investments are factors that triggered the growth of small share holder population. Add to this a new

generation of young women with high salaries and other income, tasting the power of personal wealth for the first time, and you have wide range of investors not seen earlier in the market in the olden days. The new, educated small share holders are aware of their legal rights as investors and are keen to exercise them. Thus the quality of queries at the AGMs has improved over the years. Managing teams no more take the crowd for granted, relying on gifts or Bonus coupons. They give out more relevant information about the Company’s affairs, in order to build share holder confidence, and proactively seek to avoid Stock market decline of their shares. The present move by the Parliamentary Committee on the Company Law (Amendment) Bill are to be seen against this background and welcomed.



Goa lacks strong Opposition party

A strong and effective Opposition is the key to good governance but the recent assembly session has now proved that there is no Opposition for the Manohar-Parrikar led government on the floor of the House. As a result Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is in the eye of the storm over several issues, is bound to go scot-free even if he commits some misdeeds. Agreed, Mr Parrikar is a proven leader and the Goan electorates have given him the power to rule the next five years with thumping majority but then for democracy to survive there is need of a strong and vibrant Opposition to combat and expose any wrong-doings by any government. For a strong and viable government, an equally strong and viable opposition is a must. Such an Opposition is the secret to the success of democracy. Despite Parrikar’s promises of zero-tolerance to corruption, there is continued Corruption, nepotism and maladministration in Goa which are obstacles in the growth of a cohesive social and political life and this can be checked by a vigilant opposition. By being vigilant, the Opposition prevents the government from sliding into complacency. Now what we witnessed in the recent assembly was that just two people – Congress’ Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco and independent Vijay Sardessai exposed several wrong-doings by the government but their efforts turned futile as the main opposition Congress failed to capitalise on their exposes. Opposition leader Pratapsing Rane has failed miserably in his job. The former deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho, was a very good critic of his own government during the Congress regime but that seems to have been lacking now. The Opposition must be tough, because the voice of a weak opposition will be a cry in the wilderness. It is true that in a democracy, the majority will have their way, but the voice of the minority which must also be heard can be a formidable tool of influence. Opposition is one of the tripod stands in a democracy that must play its role actively for the system to nurture and grow. They should act out of anxiety and concern that the democratic freedom is not lost. The safeguarding of democratic freedom is very essential. Opposition should have the courage of its conviction by using it to the optimum level to enlighten the masses by objectively analyzing the government’s drawbacks. They must always exhibit the qualities of imagination, integrity, independence and incorruptibility forged by a spirit of idealism. By possessing a vision and understanding to tackle the immense problems facing the people, after an objective analysis, it should be able to come up with worthwhile and long-lasting solutions. Lack of an effective Opposition is the biggest threat Goa faces today.


Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Let’s Save Our Lokayukta - 2

If the government of the day has its way the Lokayukta will be soon transformed into a lifeless scarecrow. These are the signs of the times. In said context we should be beware of ‘The Goa Lokayukta(1st Amendment) Bill 2013’ which is a corruption friendly legislation. Believe or not what is printed in its statement of Objects and Reasons is trash. Read it between the lines and the message ‘Protect the guilty corrupt’ appears loud and clear. In fact the short title of the enactment ought to have been ‘How to crucify the complainant. The entire purpose of the political face saving exercise is to create loop holes in the law which will offer escape routes to those proven guilty of corruption. Former Supreme Court Justice and Karnataka Lokayukta Shri. Santosh Hegde was indeed right in publicly asking, ‘Does Manohar Parrikar want yes man Lokayukta?’ The Chief Minister of Goa like all other Chief Ministers knows it well that the best survival formula is to install a puppet as Lokayukta but that alone is not enough. The further anxiety is, what if that puppet develops a conscious at some point of time? So the solution being evolved is to amend the law which will reduce Lokayukta’s utterances about his findings to a cry in wilderness. Under the new scheme he will be only allowed to suggest or recommend. If the so called competent authorities i.e. The Chief Minister, the Governor keep their mouth shut and sealed for three months the Lokayukta’s report shall be deemed to have been rejected. In other words the strategy is to allow Lokayukta to bark but not to bite. If the Lokayukta persists in trying to act as true watch dog on behalf of ‘We the People, the law will tell on his face that he is not a competent

authority. Though people are anxiously waiting and craving and clamoring for empowerment of Lokayukta the amendment makers intentions are exactly the opposite. Their claim that amendment purports to strengthen the Lokayukta deserves to be included in the Gunnies Book of World Record as the ‘Best Lie of the Millennium’. There cannot be a better example of fooling and cheating people. Why the Chief Minister wants to retain the unbridled power of rejecting Lokayukta’s recommendations? If the veto is to vest in Chief Minister, Governor and in their likes there is absolutely no point in appointing a Lokayukta. The Lokayukta does not come for free for it is a costly


institution. The Lokayukta will be white elephant if so called other competent authorities are going to sit in appeal above his judgments and also have the rights to through those judgments in waste paper basket. We all know who these competent authorities are. In public perception they are they not god fathers of the corruption? If one protects corruption is not the protector equally guilty of abetting corruption. So far corruption thrived because politicians as a class offered it a safe sanctuary. The competent authorities come up from the class of politicians who have a vested interest in continuing corruption. The reason why thousands came on the street chanting the demand for appointment of Lokayukta was because we the people have rightly lost our faith in the ability of Chief

Minister and Governor to deliver justice. We know that they are not the solution but part of the problem. Therefore independent and autonomous Lokayukta is being welcomed as substitute choice of people. The Chief Minister’s argues that ‘Lokayukta is no Angel’. Granted that Lokayukta is not someone divine, does that lacuna or human failing create a right in the Chief Minister and or Governor to clip Lokayukta’s wings and appropriate those wings for themselves? In what ways or in what manner they are better or more competent. Let’s concede that Lokayukta is not Angel and therefore he will not be able to bring heaven on earth. But how the hell he will stop corruption if is recommendation are only advisory and not mandatory? Should the Lokayukta’s role be restricted to that of a priest giving pious sermons? In context of the fact that Lokayukta is expected to be appointed from the expert pool of retired Supreme Court revered justices and experienced High Court chiefs. The Chief Minister must clarify why he or Governor should have a final say even if the Lokayukta is better qualified. I pen this with pain and anguish in my heart. If the Lokayukta is robbed of his powers the fooled ‘Aam Aadmi’ like me will be unfortunately right in concluding that much proclaimed zero tolerance to corruption is myth or a fiction. What is happening in Goa is a classic case of extortion. The Lokayukta from whom we seek security and who is sought to be put on pedestal with much fanfare is in fact being subjected to day light robbery………and the extortionist is none other than the purported legal amendment. We the People let’s unite. Let’s Save our Lokayukta…… Adv. Satish Sonak, Goa People’s Forum, Convenor,

Send in your letters to :

…And the Dice Rules The Article about Casinos published on the 1st February 2013 was an eye opener. Great job done by the editor as well as the team. We need more articles like this which will

truly bring out the dirty truth in front of the Goans. This paper should be a daily newspaper as it gives serious and society related news which the daily newspapers are far lacking behind. Goa is known for its

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rich culture and heritage and it shouldn’t be used as a means of illegal money laundering. I am truly waiting for your next issue. Keep up the good work. My best wishes are with you. Sharadha Salgaonkar Margao Disclaimer: Except the editorials above, columns, letters and people's edit represent the views of concerned authors and do not necessary reflect the view of GOAN TIMES, editor, publisher and owners.

Ventine’s D Love s  he Ai 





Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Rameshwar Bhagat

Hirani who was then just busy directing and editing advertisements and also trailers for the films.

promptly replies “Definitely yes, if it comes on my way being a Goan I would love to edit Konkani films. He is planning to open a studio very soon in Goa along with his wife Mrs. Pallavi Bhagat, who is very supportive when it comes to fulfilling her husband’s dreams. He is a man who doesn’t have a routine day planned out. He starts his day at around 7:00 am in the morning and his lunch, dinner and family time all depends on how much of his time his work and other priorities demand for him. But he makes sure he can spend enough time with his son and wife. When asked about his future projects he says “well yes I have few projects piled up like Boss starring Mr. Akshay Kumar and many others but unfortunately I cannot mention the others as per my contract rules”. Within a short period of his career he got to edit different

“Being a Goan I would love to edit Konkani films” By Ridhi Bandekar | GT


diting is a powerful tool for shaping up films and storytelling”. Says film editor of Goan origin Mr. Rameshwar Bhagat. Rameshwar Bhagat a name which needs no introduction when it comes to the film industry. After editing a lot of successful films like Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai, New York, Anjana & Anjani, Housefull 1 & 2 and the latest that stole everyone’s heart Ek Tha Tiger. He is definitely a Tiger when it comes to editing films.

Mr. Bhagat is one of those people who have made not only Goa but also India proud. Without any doubt he is one

Mumbai. He finished his graduation in BSc Chemistry but for him advertisements always fascinated him so he

“intern with good editors and try to get as much practical knowledge as possible. As knowing the basic software of editing doesn’t make you an editor. People should take up editing as their career as it’s got a lot of revenue in this film industry and sometimes we literally fall short of talent”. - Rameshwar Bhagat of India’s finest Movie editors. Born and brought up in

followed his likes and started his career with Mr Rajkumar

He worked with him for more than five years and during these years he learned the inclined process of film making. After doing lots of advertisements he gave his priorities to films and since then he never looked back. On asked how he got the break to work with Mr. Hirani Mr. Bhagat said “I went to meet Mr. Hirani and I told him I am interested to learn as much as I can. I don’t need money but all I want is you to teach me the whole process of editing”. And seriously the rest is history his craving to learn more and more about editing has got him to achieve lots of recognition not only in India but also abroad. Some of his achievements are best editing Screen Awards, best editing Filmfare Awards and GIFA (Global Indian Film Awards) for Dhoom Movie. Mr. Bhagat is living a life of simplicity. He is a very down to earth person in nature. His life revolves around his work and family. When asked whether he would be interested in editing any Konkani films he

genres of films like drama, action, and romance etc. Mr. Bhagat’s advice for all the aspiring editors is to

“intern with good editors and try to get as much practical knowledge as possible. As knowing the basic software of editing doesn’t make you an editor. People should take up editing as their career as it’s got a lot of revenue in this film industry and sometimes we literally fall short of talent”. During these years in the Indian film industry, Mr. Bhagat has been praised for his editing techniques and why not as his works speaks for himself. His hard work, dedication and patience give not only all the young and aspiring film editors but also others a moral that hard work always pays off to the people.

Up Front

Thursday, 14th February, 2013


he has become a politician by compulsion and not by her wish, Alina Saldanha, wife of late Mathany Saldanha, is as humble as her husband was. In a chat with Ganesh Lamani, she reveals her plans for the constituency and the love for the environment as a Forest Minister. GT: Are you able to keep up the promises of Late Matanhy Saldanha and what are your plans for the constituency? Alina: Matanhy had a lot of dreams for the people of his constituency. I have taken his place to fulfill his dreams and promises. Accordingly, major projects that are coming up are market complex & public health in Cortalim & Cansaulim, bridge in Velsao,

areas? Alina: Mining is absolutely illegal as per the law, and we won’t permit any such activities in the forest area and strict action will be taken against those found guilty of the crime. As far as the illegal cutting of trees is concerned, the Forest Department has been deployed with very active and vibrant work force to check the illegalities and action will be taken immediately. I applaud the good work of the forest department both in the north as well as the south.


GT: What are your view points on the buffer zone proposed by the centre for mining? Alina: Though I had opted for two km buffer zone, but the cabinet along with the Chief Minister approved and followed the guidelines of the Supreme Court to keep the buffer zone within one km and less.

“No mining will be permitted in forest area” major roads are coming up in all four villages. Similarly three beautification projects in Cortalim, Sancoale and Velsao under the tourism department will be coming up soon. Also, under the Water Resources Department we have taken up works like desiltation and construction of retaining walls in all four villages.

GT: As a forest minister what are your plans to protect the forest area? Alina: Well, as a forest minister I will take care that nobody exploits, misuses and destroys the forest area. In that respect no projects will be passed until and unless they are being certified as non-forest area. In that aspect I personally make time for sight inspection along with the Forest Department officials. All the problems and illegalities of the forest dwellers have been taken into consideration through recent surveys conducted at various places. GT: What action will be taken on the illegal cutting of trees and mining in the forest

GT: Mathany was the leader of GRE and fought for the rights of fisherman but they are yet to get their regularization of their houses under CRZ area. What is your view on this? Alina: The dwelling places of the coastal house committee have been constructed. We will go by the CRZ notification 2011 which ensures that the dwelling places sheds for work and mending nets of the traditional fishermen will not be demolished. The committee will look into the cases and not let the traditional dwellers suffer.

GT: When will the state get its new regional plan 2021? Alina: In a matter of few days’ brain storming sessions along with the CM and conscious citizens will be done to debate on the Regional Plan 2021 and other issues pertaining to special status. This is the need of the hour to protect Goa’s unique identity its environment and scarce land resources. GT: Brief us with the state’s

opinion on the Madhav Gadgils Report on the Western Ghats? Alina: The central government has not accepted the report as yet instead appointed a high level working group to study the various clauses in the report and its significant high level working group has called comments on the report. Goa government has constituted a panel under the chairmanship of our Hon. CM and the report will be made available very soon.

GT: Matanhy was very fond of nature, as a forest minister what steps will you take to preserve nature? Alina: Yes, Mathany was a great lover of nature and he had lot of plans to preserve and enrich the nature and environment. With this thought in mind, every Vanamohatsava will be a festival of planting plants at various locations throughout the state especially at institutions, work place and in fact we will provide every individual with plant saplings.

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Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Continued from Pg.1 harsh Roman prisons, where they were often beaten and tortured. According to others, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl--possibly his jailor’s daughter who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and most importantly romantic figure. By the middle Ages, perhaps thanks to this reputation, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France. Valentine’s Day. Who says that this day should be restricted only to romantic love? No other day can conjure such powerful imagery of chocolate, flowers, romance and love. For those in stable, loving relationships, the day offers a wonderful opportunity to express or reaffirm their love. For those who are recently bereaved, divorced, or single, this is a day that can trigger feelings of overwhelming loneliness and grief. While Valentine’s Day is a way to express our feelings to

our partners, it is also true that this day sustains the myth that all couples are happy. Not just romantic love between couples, but love in all of its forms. What about a perspective change? What if we were to adopt the idea that this Day is not just for couples, but for everybody? While your friends might be buying flowers for their partners, consider the people in your world that you love, and that love you back. Something special for your Mom, a telephone call to your Dad. Perhaps your daughter would appreciate flowers as much as any lover would. Maybe spending the evening with your son watching a game would be one way to express your particular brand of love. GOAN TIMES speaks to a few youth to find out whether the day just for couples? Here’s what they had to say.. No it’s not just for lovers it’s also for people whom you love. It can be anybody. This is the day of expressing love towards people who are special to us. Ambrita Gaonkar, Mapusa Love does not need a special day to be celebrated first of all. As long as you give Love and receive

love from everyone everyday becomes a day of celebration of Love. Fergie Noronha Pinto, Bastora It’s the best time of the year to commemorate love. But I don’t think it’s only for couples it’s also for the people in our life who are dear to our heart and we love a lot. Wilfred Fernandes, Merces No. Some of us have partners, spouses or others whom we love in a romantic way. But, we also love children, parents, grandparents, friends and other people who have had a strong influence in our lives. Aniketh Devidas, Panjim

with romance, for others, the holiday that has been celebrated for centuries is about more than roses and chocolates and declarations of undying love. Agee Almeida, Ribandar No I don’t agree it’s just for couples Valentine’s Day can be a day of family celebration, a time for parents and children alike to remind each other that they are loved. Clinton D’Souza, Old-Goa It’s not only for lover but also for friends, mother, brother, sis and family members who loves each other more then lovers. Deejay Ravi, St. Cruz

No. Valentine’s Day is for all those who are very close and stay in our heart forever. Whoever it may be. Pritam Barve, Bicholim Valentine’s Day is meant for lovers. Who love each other. Love means care and affection which is shown by one person to another. Love can be between brother and sister, friends etc. So it is not compulsory that you have to celebrate it with your partner only. If your single than you can celebrate it with your friends as well if they are interested. Shraddha Nagvenkar, Panjim

Hmmm… no I don’t think so. Actually as per my opinion on Valentine’s Day people send greetings, post cards to their loved ones so it can be anyone mother, sister, elders, friends etc Kaustubh Chari, Panjim

No. I don’t really think so. It’s also for friends to cherish their friendship. Savio Fernandes, Verna No. It’s for every-one who believes in love. Vishnu Satardekar, Aldona No.It’s for all those who have experienced some bonding and affection called Love in some form or the other may it be between Parents and their children or between friends. This Valentine for me is for the one I loved and lost. Mohammed Neymathulla Shariff, Margao May be it all started because of a Christian saint named Valentinus. But nowadays it is more of a day of love celebrated by all the religions who believe in love. And singles also celebrate with their loved ones by exchanging gifts, like we do in our office. Soniya Gaonkar, Mapusa Hmmmm yes. . . Casmiro Lobo, Aldona

No not really. We can celebrate it with our loved ones as well. It’s a great time to let family members know how much they’re loved. While many associate Valentine’s Day No, it’s for everyone. It’s a day to appreciate Love which builds up all relationships in different forms. Dickie Sangma, Shillong It is a day for lovers and not just for couples. It can be any form of love. Love for parents, sister, brother or friends. Harsha Barve, Mayem

Nope! It’s for a son who loves his mum, for a student who loves his teachers, for an employee who loves his job, for a boss who loves his employees, for an individual who loves people & for the people who love peace. Vighnesh Patil, Panjim

not only love but also happiness and joy to one another for being there for each other or helping each other during tough times. Valentine’s Day is just a celebration that needs to be shared with one another. Milind Ribeiro, Panaji

I don’t think so it’s just meant to be celebrated for lovers because most of the people who are not in a relationship would not get a chance to express their feelings of

No it’s the day to be spent with your loved ones. It can be your friends, parents cousins and not only with your girlfriends and boyfriends. Blazy Fernandes, Majorda Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. It is not just for lovers but an occasion to show those whom we truly love how much they mean to us, how much we really appreciate and love them. Sangeeta Naik, Porvorim

I feel everyday should be like Valentine’s Day and it’s not only for couples. Guruprasad Namshikar, Ponda No. It’s for anybody and everyone who love each other. Not only a boy and girl kind of love. Parents and child love, friends love and brother and sister aswell. In short for everyone. It’s a day to express love and it may be towards anyone not only lovers. Kattimani Laxmikant, Margao It is not meant only for lovers. It’s for everyone. It’s a perfect day to tell your loved ones how much you love them it can be your family, friends, employees or colleagues. Sairaj Naik, Savordem

have a chocolaty Valentine with...

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Restaurant Review


A place for Biryani called

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Biryani Palace local as well as domestic past 13 years. “Biryani is a full meal and doesn’t need anything else to accompany when it come to roti or steamed rice” says Mr. Cheerassery “Biryani Palace is different from the others as it has quality food and we also have seafood biryani like

for anything. The place is meant for take away or door step deliveries. As the saying goes greatest things come in small packages and so is this place. As the ambience of the place is unimpressive but don’t go on the looks as the Owner Mr. Cheerassery has worked on maintaining

“Biryani Palace is different from the others as it has quality food and we also have seafood biryani like prawns, squids etc. This place is meant exclusively for Biryani” - Dinesh Cheerassery, Owner

By Team GT


ant to have a taste of real Biryani, don’t need to go all the way to Hyderabad, just drive to Biryani Palace, behind O’Coquero, Porvorim and you will fulfill your wish. When the word Biryani

comes in your mind its either Chicken or Mutton but Vegetarians don’t get upset as this place has different vegetarian Biryanis like Panner, Mushroom, special vegetable Biryani which is a mixture of Paneer Mushroom and other variety of vegetables.

Biryani Palace was started by Mr. Dinesh Cheerassery in the year 2000 and soon this place attracted the locals, and many passerby as the fragrance of the food lingers through the streets and makes you feel hungry. They have served splendid Biryani to the tourists both

prawns, squids etc. This place is meant exclusively for Biryani” says the proud owner Mr. Dinesh Cheerassery when asked how this place is different

the quality of the food rather than the place. But this place can accommodate nearly 10 people in the restaurant. The place is open on all days from 11:00 am - 4:00

from the others. For the people who are bored eating chicken or mutton this place has 11 types of different Biryani’s so you have options to choose depending on your mood and taste. The price of the Biryani is reasonable and one plate is more than enough for one person it does not quite leave a space

pm and 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm. The Good news is this place is open on Sunday as well as other public holidays. So if any guest drops in at the last moment or you are not in the mood of cooking or eating the same home cooked food then just pick up the receiver and place your order from Biryani palace.

Life & Style

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

By Ridhi Bandekar | GT


s the saying goes “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Today with the evolution in lifestyle has come along immense number of diseases and disability. In the recent years people have found a crucial need to remain fit and healthy. As lifestyle changes peoples conception regarding fitness also changes. There are many people who have a


into this business. He used to work for State Bank of India (SBI), although he was working in the bank his interest in fitness was not overshadowed by the 10-5 job at the bank. In fact, the long hours seated at a desk propelled him to plunge himself towards exercising harder, as he did not wish to see himself as a “pot – bellied” gentlemen in the future with a sedentary lifestyle. He did not wish to be known as a “Paunchy

Norbert’s Gym

for the health - savvy. misconception about Fitness and healthy living. According to some people fitness means size zero and others think fitness as eating less and exercising more. In a conversation with Norbert D’Souza the owner and fitness consultant himself of Norbert’s Fitness Studio he tried to enlighten our readers through his words on how to stay fit and healthy. “I workout two hours every day I practice what I preach I follow a clean diet with no-no to junk food like pastries and oily stuff being in the fitness

business it helps me stay fit and healthy apart from being a role model for my clients”, Says Mr D’souza when asked what his fitness mantra. Mr D’souza was a banker before venturing fully fledged

Banker”, while he was doing fitness he had this knack for reading bodies and started training youngsters in achieving a healthy body, later he went in for fitness certification courses in

eating. Norbert’s Fitness Studio is open from Monday to Saturday. The morning session starts as early as 5:30 am to 12:30 p.m. and evening session starts at 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. All times are “I workout two hours every unisex time day I practice what I preach I and the ratio follow a clean diet with no-no of ladies to junk food like pastries and working out oily stuff being in the fitness is more as compared business it helps me stay fit and healthy apart from being to men as I feel women a role model for my clients” - Norbert D’Souza in Goa are more conscious of Mumbai which boosted his their body. confidence to train people. He has changed the Later in 1999 he resigned perception of many people from the bank and set up his who think Gym is meant for

own fitness studio, today he is sitting back with three fitness studios across Goa namely at Panjim, Porvorim and Vasco where he helps people to choose healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy

bodybuilders by designing programs for weight loss and gain, general body fitness and many more that will suit all age groups and both genders. Norbert’s fitness studios are in Miramar, Porvorim

and Vasco. He has plans to open three more branches in Margao, Ponda and Mapusa. He is putting an effort in inculcating healthy living

practices among the masses. There is a need for staying fit among the people of Goa irrespective of age limits, gender and physical conditions. So people who have made no resolutions this year can take up staying fit and healthy as one. At Norbert’s Fitness Studio they shape lives not just bodies.

DE BAGA DECK Restaurant & Pub

We Serve the Best of Goan/ Indian/ Tandoor/ Continental/ Italian/ Chinese Add.: Khobravaddo, Opp. Subway, Baga, Calangute-Goa Contact : 08323- 2277529



Boxing – no rings to KO

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

By Andrea Fernandes | GT


oxing is a complex and dangerous sport where one can’t stop to think. It’s all about instinct. If one stops to think, they are gone. One of the most exciting and unpredictable sports in the world. The ability to take punishment in the ring is just as important as dishing it out. Recent performance of the Indian boxers at the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games and this year at the Women's World Youth and Junior Championships augers well for the sport. They are very good and some boxers could win medals in the Olympics in the near future, say experts. Two noted boxers of the current times Goa has produced are Santosh Harijan and Vishwanath Naik. The atmosphere is great and the boxers are now in a confident state of mind having done well in international competitions too. With regards to Goa there are not many boxers like footballers. This game has a very simple

“When it comes to rings there is just one at the Indoor Stadium, Panjim. We have proposed around four rings one for Mapusa and two for Margao but, the government is in process of allotting and granting the same,” - Clyde Lobo Secretary, Goa Amateur Boxing Association

principle: Beat the other man up .Either hit him more effectively to win on a point system, or hit him so hard or so much that he can't continue to fight. Clyde Lobo Secretary of Goa Amateur Boxing Association said “One can blindly say

boxing comes among the top 5 sports of Goa. The Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) has a total of 8 coaches and are appointing a few more coaches down south because there is a growth in the number of boxers from south.” “When it comes to rings there is just one ring at the Indoor Stadium, Panjim. We have proposed around four rings one for Mapusa and two for Margao but, the government is in process of allotting and granting the

same,” he laments. He further went on to say as of now if boxing wants to do well it needs infrastructure hurriedly. “We are doing well at the national and international level too. Santosh Harijan and Vishwanath Naik are two boxers really glowing and Santosh had also made his presence felt at the Commonwealth Games. This sport is improving and moving in the right direction”, he adds. “We are also trying to tap a lot of school by having sessions for school children. The future of this sport is good as we plan to have a separate boxing academy cum residential stay for the boxers who show keen interest towards this sport, Lobo explained. Santosh Harijan had three medals in as many international tournaments and currently ranking 38th at the international level says “There is just one boxing ring in Panaji and more are supposed to be built at Mapusa and other places.” “In the recent years boxing has taken me for as many as five tours. There are many coaches such as Pravin Shirodkar, Nilesh Kanolkar

and a few more, he adds”. He concluded saying that The Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) is giving 90% support towards this sport but still a 10% is lacking on their part. The scene of this game currently is good and the future of this sport as well looks bright. Like other sports this one is doing well and one should not rule out the fact that it can do better. The love and pride that goes into fighting has left somewhat in favor of the greedy grab for money that has plagued and ultimately helped kill the old sport. It is

“There is just one boxing ring in Panaji and more are supposed to be built at Mapusa and other places.”

- Santosh Harijan, Boxer

fine to make a lot of mistakes out of the ring, but I never made any in it. The people in authority need to get this boxing theory right. And yes must think first, before they move.

Legal Eagle

Thursday, 14th February, 2013


Freedom of Speech and Expression


an is unique in his own sense different from the other living beings. He is considered as the supreme of God’s Creation and highest on the ladder of living beings. What sets human beings apart from the rest of the beings is its power to reason. It is this reasoning power which makes humans “Human”. Take away this Power to Reason and we are nothing more than animals. It is this reasoning power which makes us judge and decide for ourselves what is good and what is bad, what gives pain and what gives happiness, what is moral and what is immoral and what is just and what is unjust. A step further of reasoning is expressing it. Speaking out. As it is said, “The most kind words unspoken, are no kind words at all” i.e. you may have the best of thoughts and best of ideas, but if you do not speak it out or express it, then it is of no significance at all. Speech, expression and reasoning are interwoven. You have to have the reasoning power to form ideas, which when spoken or expressed take the most constructive form. May it be a painter expressing himself with colours or a musician expressing himself with music, a orator expressing himself with words or demonstrators expressing themselves with protests…. all express their happiness, sadness, joy or hardships only by expressing it, speech being one of the aspect of expression. It is essential, that this basic, natural and inalienable right or freedom i.e. right to freedom of speech and expression needs to be acknowledged, protected and encouraged in order that human liberty may be preserved, human personality developed, and an effective social and democratic life promoted, to recognise these rights and freedoms and allow them a free play. Such rights are characterised as ‘Fundamental Rights’. These rights are regarded as fundamental because they are most essential for the attainment by the individual or his full intellectual, moral

and spiritual status. A law curtailing or infringing an entrenched right would be declared to be unconstitutional. If ever it is deemed necessary to curtail an entrenched right, that can only be done by the elaborate and more formal procedure by way of a constitutional amendment. Clauses (a) to (g) of Article 19(1) guarantees to the citizen of India six freedoms which are as follows:The six Freedoms; (a) Freedom of Speech and Expression. (b) Freedom of Assembly. (c) Freedom to form Associations. (d) Freedom of movement. (e) Freedom to reside and to settle (f) Freedom to hold and acquire property (repealed in 1978). (g) Freedom of profession, occupation, trade or business. These various freedoms are necessary not only to promote certain basic rights of the citizens but also certain democratic values in, and the oneness and unity of, the country. However these freedoms guaranteed by Article 19(1) are not absolute as no right can be, each of these rights are restricted by the constitution itself by conferring upon the state a power to impose by law reasonable restrictions as may be necessary in the larger interest of the community. The restrictions imposed must be reasonable and not arbitrary. Hence the restrictions must be constitutionally valid and in the interest of the general public. Clause (2) to (6) of Art 19 lay down the grounds and purposes for which a legislature can impose” reasonable restrictions” on the rights guaranteed by Art 19(1)(a) to (g). Article 19 protects the six freedoms of an Indian citizen


from state action and violation of these freedoms by private conduct of an individual is not within its purview. A foreigner enjoys no right under Article 19. Article 19 confers certain rights on the citizens and not on noncitizens of India. We are going to discuss here the most pivotal of the right of Freedom i.e. Freedom of Speech and Expression. Freedom of Speech and


By Adv. Brijesh PS Sardessai Expression [Article 19 (1) (a)]: Freedom of speech is the pillar of a Democratic Government. This freedom is essential for the proper functioning of the democratic process. The freedom of speech and expression ensures liberty. It is rightly described as the mother of all liberties. For a Democracy to survive in its real essence, freedom of

speech and expression plays a crucial role as it helps in the formation of public opinion on social, political and economic matters. Freedom of speech and expression means a right to express ones own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing , printing ,

pictures or any other mode. It thus includes the expressions of ones ideas through any communicable medium of visible representation, such as gestures, signs and the like. The expression connotes also publication and thus the freedom of the press is included in this category. Free propagation of ideas is the necessary objective and this may be done on the platform or through the press. The freedom of propagation of ideas is secure by freedom of circulation. Liberty of circulation is essential to that freedom as the liberty of publication. Thus the freedom of speech includes liberty to propagate not ones views only. It also includes the right to propagate or publish the views of other people. The state cannot make a law which directly restricts one freedom even for securing the better enjoyment of the other freedom. Rights which are included under this head are: • Right to Speech: It includes right to voice one’s views in the form of words spoken or printed or by demonstrations, etc. whether of praise or criticism against the policies of Government or general opinions about the surroundings in which the individual lives. However there are restrictions on speech and expressions. At public level the freedom is restricted on certain grounds laid down in the Constitution of India, while at Private Level a person is susceptible of being sued for defamation if he exceeds the limits without proof at hand. • Right to Receive Information: It include the right to acquire information & disseminate the same. It includes the right to communicate it through any available media

whether print or electronic or audio visual, such as, advertisement, movie, article or speech, etc. This freedom includes the freedom to communicate or circulate ones opinion without interference to as large a population in the country, as well as abroad, as is possible to reach. • Freedom of The Press: The press is regarded as creating a fourth institution outside the government as an additional check on the three official branchesExecutive, Legislative and the Judiciary. Press is considered to be a pillar of the Democracy. It is the primary function of the press to provide comprehensive and objective information on all aspects of the countries social, economic and political life. A Unbiased and fearless press serves as a powerful anti-dote to any chance of abuse of power by government official and as a means for keeping the elected officials responsible to the people whom they were elected to serve. In India, freedom of the press is implied from the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by Article 19 (1) (a). The no specific provision ensuring the freedom of the press as such the freedom of the press is regarded as “a species of which freedom of expression is a genus”. Thus, being only a right flowing from the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press in India stands on no higher footing then the freedom of speech of a citizen, and the press enjoys no privilege as such distinct from the freedom of the citizen. The press seeks to advance public interest by publishing facts and opinions without which a democratic electorate cannot make responsible judgment. Article & news are published in the press are published in the press from time to time to expose the weakness of the government. This leads at times the suppression of the freedom of the press by the government. Continued in the next issue


Fun Food & Future

Aries - (March 21 - April 19)

Social joys, optimism, entertainment, wish fulfillment and flirtations fill this week. But draw back from all this Sunday afternoon to Tuesday eve. Love holds many future disappointments for couples that form/begin Sunday. Things you do to improve systems, meetings you attend, charitable, spiritual and governmental involvements, all somehow aid your standing with higher-ups Monday/Tuesday. Your energy and charisma soar Tuesday night through Thursday. Start important projects, ask favours. (Start self-employment ventures before 1:30 p.m. PST Wednesday.) Chase money Friday onward. Taurus - (April 20-May 20)

The accent remains on ambition, career, testing situations, reputation, prestige and status relations. Your hopes rise Sunday p.m. to Tuesday, but wait until Monday to form plans, start a relationship, flirt, or begin any project – this day features new beginnings and old successes. Retreat, lie low and rest Tuesday night through Thursday. Contemplate and plan. You might encounter a subtle but deep disagreement, or a significant “order” Wednesday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Friday/Saturday. If someone opposes you, a quiet talk might solve it. You have to admit, to gain. Gemini - (May 21-June 20)

This is your last week of pondering and understanding, of feeling one with society, of travel and intellectual activities, and of gentle love. Not that these things end, but sooon another influence will enter, to bring a whole new set of priorities and goals. You get a hint of that new ambitious influence Sunday afternoon to Tuesday eve – though this is just that, a hint – the ground is not solid enough yet to commit or start a new project, especially Sunday. Tuesday night through Thursday brings social joys, friends, wish fulfillment, flirtations. Retreat, rest Friday/Saturday. Cancer - (June 21-July 22)

A mystery continues, but you’re close to solving it (and probably will, Monday). If you want to make a significant investment, this is your last chance for a few weeks – but do so AFTER Sunday – a day that holds little good for anybody. Don’t let a sexual attraction flower into an approach or relationship Sunday. Monday/Tuesday bring wisdom, a mellow mood, gentle love, perhaps travel, school or legal developments. Be ambitious Tuesday night through Thursday: you’ll impress higher-ups, but more importantly you can succeed with a financial effort. Joy, popularity come Friday onward. Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)

The accent remains on relationships, co-operation and challenges, opposition and opportunities. Be diplomatic and eager to join others. Be cautious Sunday – the wrong relationships arise. Seize a financial opportunity, or a doorway to intimacy, early Monday morning. Tuesday night through Thursday brings understanding, love, far travel, educational programs, intellectual prowess, international contacts, possibly legal affairs. Chase opportunities in these areas – but sidestep opposition. Your ambitions, career get a boost Friday/Saturday – it might come from past family efforts. Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Stuffed Squid/Calamari

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Food court


• 6-8 calamari / squids • 3 medium onions finely chopped • 3 medium tomatoes finely chopped • 3-4 green chillies finely chopped • 15-20 cloves of garlic finely chopped • 1/2" ginger finely chopped • a few tbsps chopped corriander • oil to fry • 3-6 tbsps of rawa/semolina/ semid • salt to taste


Marinate with salt, turmeric powder (haldi) vinegar mix for at least 15 minutes to eliminate the stronger smells. Turn the squid inside out. This accomplishes 2 things - you can remove all the extra tissue from the inside & the opening of the squid tends to rollup outwards when cooking, if its inside out, it will turn inwards and your stuffing will be safe. Keep squid aside until stuffing is ready. All the cuttings should be chopped really fine. Sauté the onions in a bit of oil, until they sweat. Add tomatoes, saute till they start to dry up. Add chopped garlic, chillies and ginger. Fry till the stuffing is almost dry. Add chopped tentacles, (I used 2-3 squid tubes which had torn, were too thin and in danger of bursting when stuffing, you can also use baby shrimp or chopped shrimp). Fry till almost dry. You want just a hint of moisture, else liquid will come oozing out when you fry the stuffed squid. Add the chopped coriander and give it a quick stir. Turn off the gas and let the stuffing cool a little before assembling. Add salt to taste (the meet mirsang already has salt).You can add a little lime juice, if you like the stuffing sour. Stuff the squid tubes with the mixture. Pin it shut with a toothpick. Roll the stuffed squid in rava and shallow fry, turning once. Serve hot. Garnish with chopped coriander if you like.

Strange but true facts... Cats sweet tooth

It’s your last week of “overwork” for a while, Virgo. Soon, fresh, exciting horizons will ascend – new people, too. Sunday to Tuesday gives you a taste – but not a bite – of those future horizons – don’t act, though – wait. The best idea, pre-noon Monday, is to seek old openings, used items, or to connect with an old flame. Mysteries and valuable commitments arise Tuesday night through Thursday. Commitment can be to a lifestyle, a financial action, or to someone, with “intimacy attached.” Love, wisdom, education, far travel or legal matters come Friday/Saturday – all’s good!

Super Dog in Space

Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This is your last strongly romantic week, Libra. A sweet affection will remain until month’s end, but the strength, the surge, will be over. If you’re single/ seeking, act now – especially Tuesday night through Thursday, when your “mating prospects” are high. (You might confront the fear – and it’s correct – that mating will change your cosy home world. But is that such a bad thing? It certainly is a great excuse for stagnating.) Earlier, tackle routine chores – carefully Sunday, confidently Monday. Friday/Saturday bring depths, sex, financial commitment – or not. Embrace the new. Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

This is your last week of “domestic overload,” Scorpio. Soon, a period of pleasure and creativity will begin. Meanwhile, though Sunday to Tuesday do bring a wee streak of pleasure, romance and creativity, it is unsubstantial – enjoy the feelings, rather than trying to build anything on them. Tackle chores midweek – don’t be distracted by unreliable directions or information midday Wednesday. Exciting meetings, opportunities, fresh horizons confront you Friday/Saturday. One of these seems linked to your employment or a co-worker. Be mildly wary, but don’t reject a good person.

Just another Laugh

Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

This is your last week of waiting, talking and feeling restless, Sage. Soon, you’ll face significant trends in domestic and security, property and shelter areas. Sunday to Tuesday give hints of this upcoming phase, but they aren’t the sort of hints you should run with or build on. Just watch and think. DON’T start a new romance or any project Sunday. Speaking of romance, it comes barrelling in Tuesday night through Thursday – if not romance, then you will experience a streak of creativity, pleasure, beauty or “winning.” Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – you’ll succeed.

was a Dog sent into space by the Russians.

SUDOKU The rules for solving Sudoku puzzles are

very simple: each row, column and block must contain one of the numbers from "1" to "9". No number may appear more than once in any row, column, or block.


Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Continue to deal with money, earnings, buying/selling, and possessions. Your $ luck remains high. If you ask for a pay raise Friday you might get a “no” – but that’s okay. You might meet someone interesting Sunday, but do not begin a friendship or more loving relationship. This link would “crush love.” If you want to get those errands done, start early Monday morn. Tuesday eve through Thursday bring domestic duties, security, home comforts. This is a splendid time to deal with leases, premises, business foundations – and family. Your romantic instincts awaken Friday/Saturday.

The first living creature to orbit the Earth

Cats cannot taste sweet things.

Waiter, what is this fly doing in my

4 7


8 9

Freestyle I believe.

Aquarius - (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)


What has four fingers and a thumb but is not a hand? A glove.


7 6 2

1 8

3 4 5

3 4 9

Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)

Although your energy and attractiveness rise Sunday to Tuesday, you still have a week of resting, thinking and planning before you move into solid forward gear. Soon, the world will be yours to play with – but not yet. Avoid any lovebased commitment Sunday. A hidden flaw would wreck its future. Chase money Tuesday eve through Thursday. Buy items, especially high tech or tools, after 2 p.m. Wednesday, not before. A short trip, errand, visit, call or email leads to successful and happy “contact forming” Friday/Saturday. Property/family issues, held back lately, will resolve soon.


6 8


Your effectiveness, charisma, energy and clout remain high. Your most charming self radiates, attracts admirers or lovers. Start significant projects, especially in money areas (early morning Monday) travel and communications (Wednesday eve to Thursday eve) and home or domestic zones (Friday/ Saturday). One warning: make sure these projects can be completed, or can take one solid step forward, before the middle of next week. (A slow-down’s coming.) Your money affairs run swiftly – too swiftly, if you’re spending! Love, romance and children’s affairs go luckily forward, to June.


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Bolly / Holly

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Kareena Kapoor not celebrating Valentine's Day with Saif.

Bruce Willis opposes new gun-control laws


he 57-year-old action star also dismissed any link between Hollywood shootouts and real-life gun violence. He said that he believes that the government couldn’t just pick anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone. “If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn’t they take all your

rights away from you?” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying while promoting his latest film, ‘A Good Day To Die Hard.’ He also believes that “the real topic is diminished” when observers link Hollywood with high-profile mass shootings like those last year in Connecticut and Colorado. He said that no one commits a crime because they saw a film and there is nothing to support that claim. The actor said that they are not making movies about people who have gone berserk, as these movies don’t last very long. Willis added that he couldn’t see how additional legislation could prevent future mass shootings.


he actor is currently shooting the political thriller Satyagraha opposite Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan. She told The Indian Express: "This year Saif [Ali Khan] will have to gift me something. I think I have given him the biggest gift in October last year. I have transformed myself

into a begum. He should come and give me a gift. "I will be shooting in Bhopal on the Valentine's Day. This year my Valentine's Day will be with Amitji, Ajay Devgn and Prakash Jha. So it's not that bad." Khan recently said he decided to get married because he did not want to turn into an "old bachelor". The long-term couple got married in a three-day ceremony last October.

'STUDENT' Alia aces the test A

lia Bhatt replaces leading Bollywood actress to become the new face of a beauty product. She may be just one-film-old, but buzz is that Alia Bhatt has replaced a leading Bollywood actress in a beauty product ad. A source tells us, `The deal is done. Alia has landed a major campaign. ` However, there has been no official confirmation from either the actress or the brand. The source adds, `Alia is on a high ever since debuting in Karan Johar's Student of the Year. The official word will be out in a month. `


to perform in Muscat on Valentine's eve


hah Rukh Khan may have lately been in the news for all the wrong reasons; however now we hear that the actor is back to doing what he does best. News is that SRK is all set to entertain his fans in Muscat as he will be performing there on the eve of Valentine's Day. It is learnt that the actor will perform to an audience of nearly 25,000 on February 13, in a nearly three-hour event called 'Temptations Reloaded'. Apart from SRK, Bollywood beauties Katrina Kaif, Preity Zinta and Anusha Dandekar along with singer-actor Ali Zafar will also be performing.

Sylvester Stallone quits Twitter

Where in the world S is Kristen Stewart?

ylvester Stallone has become the latest celeb to deactivate his Twitter account after growing uncomfortable



ccording to Deadline, Stewart just cut a deal in Berlin to appear alongside Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks in “The Big Shoe,” a new film from director Steven Shainberg. In addition, also says that Kristen Stewart has been “fairly busy signing onto a steady stream of new projects. She recently joined ‘Focus,’ a romantic comedy-thriller that was supposed to co-star Ben Affleck until scheduling problems caused his exit, and now we have word coming out of the Berlin International Film Festival that Stewart as found another new role.”

revealing too much information about himself on the micro-blogging site. He said that he used to tweet but it is an act of futility. “You’re not really making any impact and if you find yourself in a mood when you wanna be a bit controversial and you post something, you suddenly realise, ‘Oh my God!’ because you’ve opened yourself up to criticism,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.




Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Calangute hosts st 1 all India Beach S ccer


ndia’s inaugural Beach Soccer Tournament kicked off amidst much fan-fare at Calangute beach in Goa on 5th February 2013. The grand opening ceremony saw the who’s-who of Goa present to launch the 5-day sporting extravaganza. Among the notable personalities present at the launch event were Francis D’Souza (Deputy Chief Minister of Goa), Dilip Parulekar (Minister of Tourism), Udit Sheth (MD & CEO – TransStadia), Dr. Rufino Monteiro (Chairman – Goa Football Development Council), VM Prabhudesai (Director, Sports & Youth Affairs), Anna Maria D’Souza (Sarpanch, Calangute Bardez), Joseph Sequeira (Calangute Constituency), Alex Fernandes (President – Calangute Football Association), Alirio Lobo (Member – Goa Football Association), Brian Colwell (President – Deltin Suites). The action-packed matches saw 32 teams from the 64 registered football clubs, battling it out for the coveted championship title . This mega sporting bonanza brought an eclectic mix of beach soccer and entertainment to the Goan shores. The cheering crowds perfectly blended with the thumping music to add the much-needed vigour to the sport. The 8th and 9th witnessed music artists like Marlo, Dj Sasha and Ankytrixx.The scissor kicks, flying headers, and bicycle kicks for example kept the spectators glued to their seats as there was plenty of action on the field. The team from the Kasaragod district of Kerala won against Goa United with 105 points

Runners-up of Barefoot 2013 - Goa United Sports Academy

Player of the Tournament - Mohd. K.

Best Goalkeeper - Mohd. Shahid

Winner of Barefoot 2013 - Kasarkod Kerala

Thursday, 14th February, 2013






Name: Lasker-Resident Dj at Cape Town Cafe Favorite Track: Insomnia (Faithless) Best venue ever played: Cape Town/ Café Del Mar Likes: House music/ EDM Dislikes: Commercial club music/ wannabee’s Person you would love to meet: Paul Van dyk Favorite Dish: Crumb fried prawns God is…… a Dj

Weekend @ Tito's & Mambo's





Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:24

Club Titos Dj Jay Café Mambo Dj Yuri & Dj Brandon Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu Bollywood Madness With DJ Aggie 9:30pm to 3:30pm Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Retro Retro music Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards De Baga Deck Karaoke Nite with Hendry Grand Hyatt Sparkling Valentine’ Day




Sunrise: 07:04 Sunset: 18:21

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Friday Vibes Dj Yuri & DjBrandon Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu Beauty & The Beatz

Events Diary Sweet Chilli Bardez Beer, BBQ & Blue 8:00pm to 11:00 pm

Café Mambo Saturday Showtime Dj Ajit Pai & Dj Jay

Cavala baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards

Sweet Chilli Bardez Karaoke Night 9:00 PM

Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Old Skool Old skool hip-hop n video's Fiplees KARAOKE & DANCE PARTY Sing along to KJ FRANCIS PAUL followed by Dance Party with In-House Dj's Lorange Restaurant Live & Wired with Axel Spining Retro Music 8:00 PM Kamaki Dj Nash & David Spining Hip-Hop, Retro & House Music 9:00 PM Down The Road Ladies Night with The Valentinos, DJ Ashton




Sunrise: 07:04 Sunset: 18:22

Tito's Retro Bar Anthony/ Brandon Club Titos Dj Pritesh & DjAnthony

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Cafe Mojo Saturday Shuffle Every genre of music Fiplees SATURDAY NITE FEVER Retro-Pop to Night Club Genres ! Dazzling sound & visuals ! ~ ALISON - Live ~ To Heat the Nite followed by Deejays Lorange Restaurant Saturdays with Richard The One Man Band 8:00 PM Cavala baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Kamaki Contemporary 9:00pm




Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:22

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Titos Courtyard Together @ Titos Club Titos Radisson Blue Weekend Heroes 8:00pm onwards Café Mambo Dj Jay & Dj Brandon Tito's Retro Bar Sunday Night With Dj Brandon 9:30pm onwards Cafe Mojo Bollywood Boulevard 11:00 am to 7:00pm Digital Jukebox Request Your Choice of Song 7:00pm onwards Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees REVLON with JOLUS ~ LIVE Dineout & Dance with some live Music . . . to dancing groves from old or new tracks by our Dj's !! Make your nite Swimsea, Caranzalem Frndzfreedom Hill Top Hill Top Festival 2013




Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:23

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Dj Yuri & Dj Brandon De Baga Deck Keven Simply Solo Cafe Mojo Corporate's n Cocktails 10 percent add on to your cards on recharges of rs 1000 or more. Discounts

on all your favorite cocktails.

To place your event listings here, mail us at

Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees FRANK ~ Live Kick off your week with ~ Frank ! The Band & grove to various music followed by Deejay's Hill Top Hill Top Festival 2013




Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:23

Café Mambo Dj jay Tito's Retro Club Dj Brandon Hill Top Hill Top Festival 2013

Club Titos Dj Pritesh




Sunrise: 07:05 Sunset: 18:24

Club Titos Dj Pritesh Café Mambo Dj Jay

Kamaki Dj David & Ashley 7:30pm Poco Loco Restaurant Melodies of blues and retro by Nelly Cafe Mojo Ladies Nite Out!! with Dj Joel , a.k.a, 145bpm & Dj Usman Free Cafe Mojo shooters for ladies all nite long Wednesday Flea Market 11:00am to 6:00pm Lorange Restaurant Spining Classic Retro & Rock Music

Goantimes 15Feb  


Goantimes 15Feb