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Born in 1948, Gordon & Co is a residential estate agency and property management company. Our services include: Sales


Property Management

Block and Estate Management

“W hilst working with Ryan and his team we were impressed with the efficiency, initiative and depth of knowledge shown at every level, we look forward to continued business with Gordon & Co in the coming year� Sarah Maguire, LondonMetric

Like any comparable properties, no two people are the same. We all possess different skills, personalities and let’s face it, quirks, that make us unique. At Gordon & Co we value these varying qualities, and celebrate our people’s assortment of talents, backgrounds and experiences which are utilised in all aspects of our working life.

the people Interestingly, very few of our employees actually come from an agency background. There is however an ever prevalent stream of common characteristics and morals that Gordon & Co are proud to recognise run deep in each and every employee. There is the enthusiasm which gets us up in the morning; we want to do the best possible job for you. We strive to obtain, and most importantly, retain, your trust. There’s the dynamic, resourceful and dedicated manner in which we conduct ourselves, bringing you the most efficient and effective solutions and results. And finally, the commitment, knowledge and local expertise you should expect from anyone involved in a transaction regarding your property. We believe that if we give our employees the responsibility they’ve earned, they’ll go above and beyond to make their work a credit to not only the company, but themselves.

With it’s origins dating back to 1948, Gordon & Co.’s longevity can demonstrate and endorse our capable and adaptable business culture.

the brand Our dynamic and experienced employees are constantly shaping and re working our brand into the recognisable and reputable identity it signifies today. Although we pride ourselves on our modern and progressive initiatives, we will never forfeit or overlook the stringent rules and regulations laid out by the governing bodies we are accredited with. You can trust that we will always endeavour to follow industry procedures, and will never knowingly mislead you.

with our customers

At Gordon & Co we pride ourselves in forging long lasting customer relationships. The longevity and strength of these important client connections help us to deliver outstanding customer service and are the foundations of everything we do.

By matching our detailed and extensive database, meticulously cultivated not only over time, but from every channel available; from pen to paper, to interactions with social media, and using criteria only specific to your property, we aim to give you a much more concentrated pool of interest of those viewing, and ultimately purchasing, your property.

sales This also enables us to react quickly and efficiently on instruction, ensuring your property isn’t left sat on the shelf gathering dust. To ensure success we are happy to be your guide at every step of the way, at no point will your negotiator step back until the job is done. Our personable, professional and knowledgeable negotiators know there’s a significantly higher chance of this should they stay involved and actually place the keys in your hand on completion. Their informal, honest and upfront manner means they are available to you, any time of day, even for the simplest of questions. We feel it’s also worth a mention/hugely important, that due to our ever shrinking world (so to speak,) our database of foreign investors is of vast significance.

If you are letting, or looking to let a property, it’s probably a lifestyle choice. With this in mind, you need insighful and knowledgeable negotiators on your side.

lettings Our negotiators take it upon themselves to not only keep abreast of the market, but pride themselves on knowing the right tenants and more importantly, the quality of tenant, needed for a successful let. We place a huge importance on minimising void periods, the security and background checks carried out, and the approval needed before a contract is signed. This favours both parties of any agreement. It is with the utmost satisfaction that we’ve come to recognise that tenants are actively seeking out a Gordon&Co. managed property, we couldn’t ask for a better compliment.

If you’re too busy with everything life throws at you before leaking pipes, burst boilers and gutter clearing, you can trust our quick and efficient team to take these particular pressures off your shoulders.

residential management We’ll promise to communicate, keep you in the loop (or not, should you so wish), and be as transparent and exible as you like, tailoring our services to your needs. As members of the relevant governing bodies involved, we can handle all the legalities surrounding the management of your units/s, making sure you’ve covered every base and will never be knowingly liable in the face of adversity, a real weight off your mind.

Efficient budgets, efficient planning, efficient maintenance.

block management ‘Efficient’ is a word that we hear a lot of in Block Management. A word that should sum up a good block manager. A word that people should relate to when instructing management of an asset, and a word in which we pride ourselves comes up again and again in testimonials from our clients. Our detailed, responsive and communicative team endeavour to be as exible as each tenants needs, and we aim to fit our working style around yours.


tower bridge

elephant & castle

We aim to place ourselves in centralised strategic locations, gaining maximum exposure, coverage and footfall surrounding our chosen areas.

ofď€ ces Our network of offices are currently at: Battersea

Covent Garden

Elephant & Castle



In each of these offices, we also operate the same open door policy for those seeking property advice. They are manned by local dedicated teams, with focused knowledge on each particular area. The above network of offices ensures a wide coverage of London’s iconic skyline. They are prime spaces in London, easily assessable through varied transport options. Following offices opening in 2015: Surrey Quays


Tower Bridge

global network

To help optimise our growing global network, Gordon & Co are expanding into Asia. You will shortly

find us in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Linking these great cities only amplifies the possibilities open to all on a global scale. As well as co-founder Neil Hunt personally moving country, each office will be manned by a dedicated London contact. We have every confidence these will become key offices going forward.

rental partners

We have worked with a lengthy list of developers, large and small in a Rental Partner capacity and expect to continue to excel at this going forward over the coming years. These partners include, but are not exclusively:

Lend Lease, Barratt London, Hyde Housing, Berkeley, Brookfield and Telford Homes. In addition to this, we are proud to have partnered other leading property consultancies, including, but not exclusively: Savills, DTZ, CBRE, Colliers & Hartamas.

A large part of this work involves exhibitions abroad (predominately Asia) where the investor is re assured to meet with a member of our team who will be letting their unit, from London.

rental partners Working with these large developers demonstrations how we are entrusted and endorsed by them and a valued part of multi million pound projects, yet also giving the individual investor a point of contact on the ground. As with any local client, our aim is to maximise each individuals return on their investment and keep their project running smoothly and efficiently. We feel this is an excellent example of our capabilities and take pride in the confidence inspired in us by these large household names. For each development we are willing to run a branded onsite office should the developer wish, placing us at the crux of the action.

We see the PRS (Private Rental Sector) as an increasingly important player in city living.

private rental sector The general model involves an institutional investor raising funds and providing equity to fund the construction and development of a programme/development. This will then be built and managed by the developer. Councils and other landowners will put in land in return for an equity stake in the final development. We then act as the Letting Partner for essentially one landlord.

To maximise the exposure of your property to the world wide web of possible buyers or tenants, Gordon & Co make sure we cover as much of cyberspace as we can.

online marketing This includes uploading your property to all major portals, at no extra cost. We also have placed a huge amount of time and energy into keeping our website and mobile applications at the pinnacle of any new technology out there. Honestly, we think this is really important.

one of the

top 50

property agents


most influential property agents


(as at Q3 2014) on the pulse of all property networks & trends

young & we young & we understand the importance of dynamic; thedynamic; social networking social mediasocial (as at Q3 2014)

Happy to chat informally across numerous platforms on a day to day basis. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

one of the

top 50to all most influential accessible property agents to online on the pulse of all property networks young & we understand & trends dynamic; the importance of social networking So, Tweet us, Like us, Favourite us, Share us and Connect with us, whatever you’ve got to say,

we want to hear it.

all accessible

(as at Q3 2014)

on the pulse

We are keen to abide by and learn from all the professional bodies involved in the property industry.

accreditations We are currently members of: NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) ARLA (Association of Residential Estate Agents) ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents) The Property Ombudsmen Financial Conduct Authority

At Gordon&Co. we take our corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. Fact.

csr From charity walks raising thousands of pounds for communities and charities close to our hearts, to having a coherent and effective recycling programme, we are very aware that it is down to not only the company, but every individual within it to look after what we’re entrusted to protect.


up on total deals compared to 2013


average time to sell/let

increase in traffic to our website from all social media platforms

Sales – 9 viewings Lets – 7 days

3 minutes average time people spent on our website


average engagement from direct marketing campaigns


viewing hours on our blog in 2 months


personnel growth over the last year (May 13 – May 14)

6 UK offices


increase in office coverage by Q4 – 2014

4 continents we act on behalf of landlords across the world

1 Hong Kong office 1 Singapore office


global network 2 new offices opened in Asia

“I’m extremely impressed by your commitment and dedication on our behalf” Simon Baker, Freeholder

“We were extremely impressed by the professional, courteous and attention to detail service we received” Mr R.J.O’Grady, Client

“Thank you for attending to this so efficiently (as usual)� Julia Williams, Landlady




200 Lavender Hill, London SW11 1JA Tel: 0207 223 3100 battersea@goandco.co.uk

1354 London Road, Norbury, London SW16 4DA Tel: 0208 679 1666 norbury@goandco.co.uk


covent garden


22 Long Acre London WC2E 9LY Tel: 0203 667 8000 coventgarden@goandco.co.uk

6 London Street, London W2 1HR Tel: 0207 706 7845 paddington@goandco.co.uk

elephant & castle

tower bridge

4 Walworth Road, London SE1 6EB Tel: 0207 703 7088 elephant@goandco.co.uk

212 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP Tel: 0207 407 2790 towerbridge@goandco.co.uk


facebook facebook.com/GordonAndCo1948

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