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“For Crest Nicholson Eastern, Gordon & Co manage many of our developments and are a preferred managing agent on complex schemes due to the

attention to detail, technical and legal knowledge and excellent customer service. More recently Gordon & Co have been involved as early as the land acquisition stage to provide advice and peace of mind that a comprehensive management strategy can be achieved on challenging sites. From land acquisition to launch, communication

is vital and Gordon & Co work closely with our own solicitors to review legal documentation, and are an integral part of the briefing to the sales team. Whilst selling on a development the Crest sales team have regular communication with Gordon & Co and any concerns or queries from prospective purchasers are dealt with swiftly. Crest’s legacy is of utmost importance and it is essential we partner with a managing agent

who can maintain our developments to a high standard and provide the same high standards of customer service for our purchasers.� Annette Cole Sales & Marketing Director Crest Nicholson Eastern

Gordon & Co has been managing blocks and estates since 1948. Since then, various house builders, freeholders, management companies and individuals ranging from just 10 properties to 2500 have appointed us as their trusted managing agents.

who we are Our award winning team believe in establishing long term relationships with all our clients, and consequently a better understanding of their requirements. This enables us to provide the correct service for each unique situation. All developments are different and Gordon & Co tailor each role and fee to suit the needs and input of the individual client. With the latest block and estate management software package on our client portal, Gordon & Co can deliver all of the important financial data quickly, correctly and efficiently. We can provide a secure login for directors and owners to view information and provide the ability to pay service charges online, as required.

Winners of the News On The Block Property Management Award: Best New Build Property Management Company Of The Year 2014/2015

property professionals You can take comfort that Gordon & Co are members of, and abide by the stringent regulations of: ARMA-Q (Association of Residential Managing Agents) The Ombudsman Services ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings Agents) FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents)

Ombudsman Services Property

We believe in long-term relationships. In doing so, we believe that this enables us to gain an understanding of each client’s requirements and be able to provide the required high level of service for each unique instruction. No two properties are the same and Gordon & Co will always place huge emphasis on tailoring our property management services and fees to suit these individual needs.

what we do Standard management services

Additional management services

P  reventative and reactive

Tendering for competitive


insurance renewals (buildings, lifts,

M  anagement of maintenance contracts that would typically

public indemnity, directors and officers liability insurance)

include lifts, cleaning, gardening,

Accounting and financial control

roof, communal energy systems,

(budgets, ground rents, invoices,

estate facilities and playgrounds,

reconciliations and payroll)

woodland areas and pumping stations Regular site visits E  nsuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation

Formulating service charge demands Arrears chasing Maintenance of all company records

Freehold purchases Ground rent collection Company secretarial Major works projects Assisting with leases, licences and planning Insurance reinstatement cost assessments Out of hours emergency service Assisting with lease extensions, rent reviews and enfranchisement

After initial consultation and a site meeting, Gordon & Co will discuss the services required and the involvement of both parties. From there we will draw up a management contract setting out our duties and fees in order to run the block efficiently and cost effectively, including some or all of the services below.

standard services Insurance

Site visits

Gordon & Co fully appreciate our clients’ need for

Regular site visits to the property or estate will

appropriate insurance. Given our size, we are well

be undertaken for which an agreed number can

positioned to obtain high quality building and estate,

be specified by the client and written into the

plant, terrorism, Directors and Officers liability and

management contract.

other insurances at very competitive rates.

Preventative and reactive maintenance

Service charge budget and demands In advance of each service charge year an estimated

The immediate response and actions to everyday

budget for the block or estate will be prepared by the

problems including leaks, communal and electrical

property manager on the basis of historical expenditure

malfunctions, door locks, gutters, downpipes, leaves,

and include any planned revisions for the year ahead.

keys, lighting, fire alarms and car parking etc.

Once agreed by the client these charges will be invoiced

Management of contracts Gordon & Co will orchestrate block and estate service contracts with quality approved companies for works such as cleaning, gardening, maintenance, plant supervision, electrical testing etc.

as payable under the lease terms.

accounting & financial control Arrears chasing

Maintenance of all company records

Good cash flow is essential for the good

Gordon & Co will keep all of the company’s records

management of all buildings and estates. If owners

and information up to date and available for

fail to pay their contributions the ability to finance

inspection with pertinent information available

their needs will be jeopardized. It is our policy to

to view on our client portal.

chase any arrears, instructing solicitors as necessary, following client consultation.

Health and Safety compliance

Accounting and financial control The accounts department will keep all of our client’s monies in FCA and ARMA-Q approved client

We will always be pleased to advise on such

accounts. Each client has their own independent

matters. This is becoming ever more important as

account and funds are managed by each schedule,

regulations become stricter for both the agent and

for which we will always be happy to advise on

client. Gordon & Co will advise on risk assessments,

balances, arrears and interest payments.

water hygiene, fire and electrical safety, together with liabilities of the directors or the “duty holder”.

Where money is raised for a specific purpose, such as major works or reserves, this will be kept in a further separate account that will not be used for everyday service charge expenditure. Gordon & Co will reconcile all income and expenses at the end of each service charge year. This information will then be provided for appropriate account audit and certification.

additional services Freehold purchases

Company secretarial

Gordon & Co are able to place freeholders in

Gordon & Co are the Company Secretary for many of

contact with professional investors and are regularly

our clients who do not wish to have the added burden

involved in the sale of freeholds for their clients.

of dealing with the Limited Company aspects.

Once the ground rents and leases are finalised, a competitive price can be obtained from one of our

This involves dealing with items such as:

panels of buyers. We only deal with known third

Calling and attending AGM’s

parties and are willing to liaise and assist on the sale.

Maintaining and updating all relevant

Ground rent collection Gordon & Co can assist the freehold purchaser by collecting the ground rent from the owners according to the lease. We have software systems in place that are compatible for this process purpose and current income statements can be produced at any time for the freeholder.

company records Maintaining statutory books for the Companies House register Preparing and issuing share certificates Dealing with all official correspondence Preparing and filing of annual returns

Out of hours service Gordon & Co are able to provide a contact telephone

A charge will apply for the collection and

line managed by property professionals who have

chasing process.

details of your property or estate and your approved contractors list. This enables emergencies to be dealt with promptly and efficiently should they occur “out of hours�. If this service is unable to deal with the matter unassisted, both the Property Manager and the Head of Block Management are available for consultation.

Major works

The general procedure is as follows:

Well organised and tended blocks and estates

Gordon & Co will review the lease/transfer to

will have an on-going maintenance programme to

understand if there is a pre-defined cycle that

keep the building and grounds in top condition.

needs to be adhered to.

This not only keeps your investment valuable

Initial communications will be instigated between

and safe, but also provides for preventative planned

the client and Gordon & Co to discuss the works


We will arrange a survey of the building to obtain

There is a legal consultation process that must

costs in advance.

be adhered to if works are going to cost over a

The Landlord’s Notice of Intention will be sent to

threshold value in accordance with the Landlord

all lessees on behalf of the client inviting comment,

and Tenant Act 1985 and Service Charges

observations and details of any contractor they

(Consultation Requirements) (England) Regulations

would like to include in the tendering process within

2003 (as amended). Works could include internal and external refurbishments, car park works, re-wirings and

30 days. A surveyor is then appointed to draw up specification, put works out to tender and obtain at least three quotations.

fire detection systems in accordance with statutory requirements.

W  e then advise on the returned tenders, including all associated costs such as building surveyors,

All contractors will be vetted, and only allowed to undertake works for the client if Gordon & Co is satisfied with their due diligence, method statements, risk assessments, standards of work and

contract administration, CDM Regulations and VAT. Owners are then notified of the total expense together with their apportionment and have a further 30 day consultation period to raise any final

financial standing.

questions or observations.

The fees for undergoing this procedure will be

Once funds are collected the contractor is formally

discussed with our clients before undertaking

appointed and the lesses are advised of the start

any project.

date. Gordon & Co and the contracts administrator will then closely liaise throughout the project.

Whether you are looking to extend your lease, or need advice on valuing your property, Gordon & Co have all the connections and knowledge to guide you where possible.

advice Assisting with leases, licenses and planning Gordon & Co can assist with lease interpretation, the procedure for obtaining lease extensions and the processes for such issues as Licences for Alterations. We are also happy to provide general planning and lease advice where required.

Insurance reinstatement cost assessment It is recommended to have your block re-valued every few years, especially if reinstatement prices are moving significantly. If a development is valued too highly the insurance premium will consequently be too high. If the insured amount is too low, the amount may not cover the full reinstatement costs and leave owners with an unexpected and often expensive residual financial liability.

In order for us to manage your block correctly we will need to arrange the appropriate risk and Health and Safety assessments.

health & safety Currently the surveys assist the management and

Gordon & Co will inform clients of what needs to be

managing agents to comply with their statutory

addressed including such items as:

duties under the: Emergency common parts lighting 1. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Fire and smoke detection systems 2. T  he management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 3. T  he Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 4. O  ther current and future relevant

Fire Risk Assessments Water hygiene risks Dangers and Hazards Reactive maintenance

statutory duties Asbestos inspection and management reports

Kilnwood Vale



Good, efficient and cost effective maintenance is

The maintenance of the lift is not only essential,

essential to the smooth running of any block or

but a legal requirement.

estate and Gordon & Co use a selection of specialist contractors who provide just that.

Gordon & Co will organise a maintenance contract for this as well as specialised insurance, for which a


consulting engineer will inspect every six months.

It is often the first thing one sees and comments

A report is then issued and any necessary

on when arriving at any development. We recognise

works will be carried out in conjunction with the

the importance of keeping the grounds and

clients instructions.

associated areas well maintained, clean and tidy through regular visits.

Security The security of your property is important and we

Cleaning The cleanliness of the common parts is the first thing you see inside the building and hence it is paramount to keep these areas maintained and clear of obstructions.

can assist with the installation of: Electric gates CCTV Entry systems

Neglect of regular cleaning will result in smells, dirt, dust and, in turn, excessive wear and tear that could be avoided. Cheap is not necessarily good, it is value for money that should be paramount when using service charge funds. Frequency and specifications can be tailored to each building and higher than normal wear and tear areas.

Other requirements

As with many things in life preparation and planning is the key; Estate and Block management need just that.

property developers If you are a developer looking to

Our new business team is

Where on-site staffing is

employ a reliable and trustworthy

structured to provide quality

desired, we will take the time to

managing agent, Gordon & Co

relationships. We actively support

discuss options with our client

can provide you with a proactive

stakeholders from planning, sales,

to understand the vision for

service that you can depend on.

site, technical and customer care

the development. This enables

teams to ensure that the whole

us to contribute to the right

process is seamless.

job specification, uniform, staff

Our service sets out to assist all stakeholders in the project from

training and employment strategy.

the developer to the residents and

Our pre-occupation welcome

social housing providers.

meetings benefit all owners. They

Where occupation is phased,

help to start build the community

Gordon and Co. work with all

We are familiar with the needs

and are a valuable early introduction

parties to ensure that areas of

of both simple or complex

for residents to understand the

the development are logically

buildings and estates. Our quality

management processes.

and seamlessly passed over. This

analytical skills can assess the

ensures that both the customer

full requirements of a scheme,

We can provide continued

and the client are looked after with

draft service charge schedules,

liaison with the owners and a full

a clean transfer of responsibilities

management plans and develop

encompassing welcome pack

and minimum cost to the

processes that meet the ethos of

tailored to each development


each unique development.

where required.

Bolnore Village

When the developments start being sold, Gordon & Co will liaise with the solicitors as to pro-rata insurance charges, service charges, ground rent and will properly account for void payments. A financial year- end will be decided, and Gordon & Co will draw up an initial budget for the developer to agree. The service charge will be calculated in accordance with the lease/transfer and subsequently billed to the purchasers. Gordon & Co will set up all the maintenance contracts discussed, and carry out any necessary contractor assessments. The continuing involvement of the managing agent through these stages is vital, making queries from new owners significantly easier to resolve. If you need any advice or wish to consider using Gordon & Co please contact us on 020 7724 4477 or

On site sales services for the developer Depending on site size and location, Gordon & Co would tailor a team to work in situ for the developer which would include a key member of staff with relevant management experience. Gordon & Co are able to work with the developer to give the site a strong brand presence. Liaising and working with our branding experts, the right marketing material would be produced professionally and quickly to assist the sales process. Gordon & Co have a strong and successful track record working for developers as a sales agent. This would include all marketing channels and collateral, as well as an on-site presence. Overseas sales - Gordon & Co have a comprehensive network of Asian offices and personnel able to provide local support and assistance. C  ommercial space – Where possible and practical, Gordon & Co would look to occupy on-site commercial space for a continued Gordon & Co presence in the area (eg. The Strata Building, SE1 and Tavern Quay, SE16).

After the initial meeting with the freeholder/directors of the management company, Gordon & Co will assess the block or estate, in line with the clients requirements and input, will give you a total price to carry out the standard management of the development.

costs & fees Our management fees will be shown in both the

Depending on the legal documentation, there may be

Budget and Management Agreement, payable

charges payable directly by the owner, not the service

as per the lease apportionment.

charge account, for items such as:

Gordon & Co can carry out additional duties such as Company Secretarial, major works, assisting with lease interpretation and obtaining planning consents for reasonable and proportionate fees.

Licence to alter  Licence to assign  Deeds of covenant  Solicitors enquiries (when selling a property) Replacement share certificates The duplication of extra documents such as insurance schedules, leases, transfers (Memorandum and Articles of Association etc.) These are all made clear in our management contract.

one of the

top 50

most influential property agents


most influential accessible property agents


(as at Q1 2015)

on the pulse (as at of Q1all 2015) property networks & trends

young & we dynamic; the to all social mediasocial

young & we understand dynamic; the importance of social networking

Gordon & Co are conscious that with the rapid technological advances occurring almost daily, companies need to keep their finger on the pulse of these new and technical developments or risk becoming out of touch.


Gordon & Co champions the increased communications between all parties involved through all channels. Whether you want to email, call, ‘post’ or ‘tweet’ us, we want to hear it. We will also manage accounts and pages for individual developments if there is a need.

one of the

ontop the50pulse of all most influential property networks property agents & trends online twitter

to all




Feel free to get in touch through any of the above channels or for advice and answers

(as at Q1 2015)

relating to your property or development. Alternatively, we have developed a bespoke QUBE portal where you are able to view your unit information.

on the pulse

young & we understand of dynamic; the importanceproperty net social networking

“G ordon & Co recently won a tender for the management of our building, now that it is under a “right to manage company”. They have patiently worked to rationalise costs, drawn up our first long term management plan and kept communication channels open at all times. For the first time in many years we feel as though we have professionals managing our property.” Kelvin MacKenzie - Tower Bridge

“I have associated with Gordon & Co as managing agents for many years now and without doubt would recommend the team as the best. They are professional, supportive, responsive and overall very client centered. They are prepared to hold the line when needed and be flexible when the situation demands it. They deliver to the highest standards and are unfailingly polite and prepared to listen and they act in the best interests of the property and leaseholders.� Sue Black - Paddington

Block & Estate Management

Sales & Lettings


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