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Page 4-5 – opinions & issues “The Debt-Limit Mess” by Sheldon Richman

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Amador County Concert Band to receive grant from Amador Community Foundation Call for Folk Art & Craft fair and Jug Band Festival entries August 27

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Amador Community News—Monday Newsletter, July 25, 2011

government - JACKSON CITY COUNCIL - Mon July 25 at 7PM at the Jackson Civic Center, 33 Broadway, Jackson. DISCUSSION CALENDAR. - “Virtual Tour” of the Jackson Wastewater Treatment Plant. Accept presentation. - Rezone and General Plan Amendment (from Residential Duplex to Professional Office), Hazel S. Powell, Trustee for Cuneo Trust, 1316 Jackson Gate Road, APN 020-050-008. Review and consider second reading of Ordinance and adoption of Resolution. - Design Review Committee Formation. Discuss and provide direction to staff. SPECIAL BOARD MEETING: AMADOR WATER AGENCY BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Wed July 27 at 9AM at the Amador Water Agency, 12800 Ridge Road, Sutter Creek. Website Address : ON THE AGENDA: AGENCY GENERAL A. Confidential Bargaining Unit MOU Amendment 1. Discussion and authorization to Agency Negotiators to sign and ratify Addendum No. 2 to the Confidential Bargaining Unit (CBU) July 1, 2008- July 30, 2012 Memorandum of Understanding. B. EBMUD Water Supply Management Program 2040 1. Discussion and possible direction regarding scoping for supplemental project environmental impact report items. IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS A. Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP) 1. Discussion and possible approval of the proposed plan to comply with State Water Resources Control Board adoption of the Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirement. GENERAL MANAGER'S REPORT- General discussion of various issues for informational and communication purposes. Discussion only, no formal action will be taken. Any matter requiring action will be placed on an upcoming agenda for consideration. BOARD OF DIRECTOR DISTRICT REPORTS - The Board Members may report on various activities, meetings, etc. that they have been involved in within their respective districts. Discussion only, no formal action will be taken. Any matter requiring action will be placed on an upcoming agenda for consideration. COMMITTEE REPORTS A. Budget and Finance Committee B. Public Relations Committee C. Policies Committee D. UMRWA FUTURE AGENDA TOPICS -This item is to provide the Board Members an opportunity to request items to be placed on future agendas. CLOSED SESSION A. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6 -Conference with Labor Negotiators (Gene Mancebo, Karen Gish, Robert Manassero, Paul Molinelli) -Management Bargaining Unit (MBU) l l. ADJOURNMENT CONTINUED JOINT PLANNING COMMISSION AND BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING REGARDING THE GENERAL PLAN UPDATE PRELIMINARY DRAFT GENERAL PLAN, GLOSSARY, AND IMPLEMENTATION PLAN - Wed July 27 at 1PM (and Thurs, July 28 at 8:00 a.m., if needed) at the Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Administration Center, 810 Court Street, Jackson ON THE AGENDA: Continued - Review of the Preliminary Draft General Plan Goals, Policies and Implementation Plan. AMADOR REGIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE - Wed July 27 at 7PM at the Jackson Civic Center, 33 Broadway. ON THE AGENDA AGENDA: Approval of agenda for this date; any and all off-agenda items must be approved by the Planning Committee. CONSENT AGENDA: Items listed on the consent agenda are considered routine and may be enacted by one motion. Any item may be removed for discussion and made a part of the regular agenda at the request of a Committee member (s). PUBLIC MATTERS NOT ON AGENDA: Discussion items only, no action to be taken. Any person may address the Committee at this time upon any subject within the jurisdiction of the Amador Regional Planning Committee; however, any matter that requires action may be referred to the Committee for a report and recommendation for possible action at a subsequent Committee meeting. Please note – there is a five (5) minute limit per topic. COMMITTEE MEMBER REPORTS. This section is to provide Committee members an opportunity to present reports on their activities and to request items be placed on future agendas. AGENDA: Discussion and possible action on all items listed. 1. Discussion Expansion Outreach. 2. Viewshed Discussion. 3. Set Agenda for August 24, 2011 meeting. NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 ADJOURNMENT PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL - Thurs July 28 at 6:30PM at City Hall, 9426 Main Street, Plymouth. CITY WEB SITE IS:

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Amador Community News—Monday Newsletter, July 25, 2011

opinions & issues PROGRESSIVE WOMEN'S COMMITTEE meets the 1st Thurs of the month at 11:30AM at Thomi's Banquet Room in Jackson. The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes entree, salad, vegetarian offering, various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip. Please respond to Sally at no later than the Tues before the meeting. Note: If you make a reservation and cannot attend, please call and cancel by Wednesday noon. 267-0177, as you may be billed for the luncheon if you do not show up and have not cancelled NEXT MEETING: Thurs Aug 4 at 11:30AM Double speakers this month - Media and Local Radio Sue Wilson on the recent court ruling on the media, and Sean Kriletich on the proposed local fm station/ JEFFERY SEATON MOTORCYCLE POKER RUN FUNDRAISER – Thurs Aug 21 at 9:30AM-11AM at the American Legion Hall, 12134 Airport Road (Hwy 49) Sutter Hill. Join us for a day of fun and show your support for Jeff! The Poker Run will take you on the beautiful back roads of Amador County ending back at the American Legion Hall for an old time Bar-B-Q, Raffle, Award Presentations and after ride festivities. REGISTER at the American Legion Post 108, 12134 Airport Road, Sutter Creek, CA. 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM $30 Couple, $15 Solo, $10 Bar-B-Q Only. For details contact: The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Seaton (209) 223-2311 STEVE HERMANSON SPAGHETTI & TRI-TIP FUNDRAISER DINNER – Sat Aug 27. No Host Bar, 6PM, Dinner at 7PM at the Native Son’s Parlor, 20 Court Street, Jackson. Limited seating. Silent Auction. Tickets: $25 per person, or $40 per couple. Tickets available at Farmer’s Insurance, 201 Clinton Road, Jackson. Call (209) 223 -0111

TOWN HALL MEETING: CONGRESSMAN TOM McCLINTOCK - Thurs Aug 11 at 6PM at the Italian Picnic Grounds, Hwy 49 in Sutter Hill. McClintock currently serves on the Natural Resources Committee, Power and Water. Meeting is sponsored by the Mother Lode Tea Party. For more information call 223-1318, drop by at Mother Lode Plaza Hwy 49 Jackson Wed-Sat 11-3pm or

Amador Community News—Monday Newsletter, July 25, 2011

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opinions & issues The Debt-Limit Mess by Sheldon Richman The U.S. government has run up a debt of more than $14 trillion, nearly the size of the economy’s annual output — and it’s not enough! So the politicians want to borrow $2.4 trillion more. But the need congressional authorization. That’s what Washington is in a tangle about these days. For 94 years Congress has set a limit for the government’s borrowing. But raising the limit was usually a mere formality. In other words, it was no limit at all, and government felt free to borrow at will. Among the effects of borrowing is bigger government. The current U.S. budget is $3.8 trillion. The government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends. Now imagine its having to raise the full $3.8 trillion in taxes. Borrowing permits a growth in government that would be virtually impossible otherwise, because some portion of government spending — the portion borrowed — appears free. Of course it is not free. Borrowing brings several kinds of costs, but they lie in the future or are hard to discern. One cost is interest, which last year came to more than $400 billion. A second cost is higher interest rates. When the government is in the international capital markets looking for money, it adds to the demand for limited lendable funds and bids up interest rates for everyone else. A third cost is related to the last. When the government borrows money, no one else can borrow that money. Thus, private projects, which ultimately would have aimed at satisfying consumers, must go unfunded. That is a real loss in welfare, but it is unseen. We are poorer as a result. To most pundits and politicians, the “grown-up” position is to favor increasing the debt ceiling, which stands at $14.294 tr illion. Paying Mastercard with Visa is considered responsible, and anyone who says otherwise will be branded an extremist, if not a nihilist who wants to bring down the economy. We are in a pretty sorry state if thinking the debt is big enough gets that reaction. It can be chalked up only to an ethos — fostered by the government’s own schools, of course — that regards the state as the first claimant on all income. So the debate in Washington is not whether the ceiling should be lifted but under what conditions. Republicans generally favor raising the limit as long as some spending cuts are promised. The Democrats want increased tax revenue along with spending cuts. Thus the impasse as the August 2 deadline approaches. What should they do? What they should not do is raise revenue in any way. Taxation is the forced extraction of money, an immoral practice. If you and I can’t morally demand money from our neighbors with a threat of force, neither can the politician s. If I max out a credit card, I cannot legally steal money to make my payment. Why can the government? Of course the legal rules are different for the government, but that is what we should be objecting to. The government is a group of people, so the rules should be no different. Over many years the policymakers have dug the hole that they are now trying to climb out of. The hole, let’s be clear, is th e result of government spending, not insufficient taxation. Federal spending is close to 25 percent of GDP. Those who want to raise taxes complain that revenues are at a historical low of 16 percent of GDP, but they have conveniently forgotten that the economy has not recovered from a deep recession, in which unemployment depressed revenues. Typically tax revenues are close to 20 percent of GDP regardless of tax rates. The problem is not on the revenue side. Indeed, the government shouldn’t be taking any money by force. But in the short term , if the self-proclaimed wise men and women in Washington feel they have to pay the bills they have incurred in our names, let them reallocate spending without borrowing new money. They can start by liquidating the empire and cutting the military-industrial complex off from the public trough. All spending, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, should be on the chopping block. But then, instead of paying the bondholders, let the taxpayers keep their money. Sheldon Richman is senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation ( and editor of The Freeman magazine.

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Amador Community News—Monday Newsletter, July 25, 2011

amador living & recreation Amador County Fair Offers Eclectic Entertainment Where else, but the Amador County Fair can you meet a Captain of the Bering Sea, a wheelwright who traveled the United States by covered wagon, or a trendy young band from LA with a name like “Arrest My Sister”? You can taste fine award-winning wines with the Amador Winegrowers on Friday night, or hoist a microbrew at the Brew Tastings on the weekend. “We have to keep things fresh and exciting for our Fair visitors,” says Troy Bowers, CEO of the Fair. “But we need to keep our traditions alive as well. The Fairgrounds is a living history museum that we don’t want to abandon.” He is speaking of the permanent exhibits that are as much a part of the Amador County Fair as the carnival and corn dogs. Visitors flock to see the turn of the century sawmill using steam power to cut massive logs, to watch as ore is stamped at the Pokerville Gold Mine, or to see the Mountain Men reenact an old saloon fight. Alongside the whirling, twirling neon of the carnival, the daily antique tractor parade chugs along. The bands coming in for the Fair provide a broad spectrum as well. Young country western talent from neighboring El Dorado County, Whiskey Dawn, is making waves as they look for their big break, and will kick off the Picnic Hill Concert Series on Thursday night, while Nashville Billboard Country recording artist, Katie Armiger, takes the stage on Sunday night to wrap things up with her hits “Kiss Me Now” and “The Best Song Ever”. Arrest My Sister, the brash young band from LA will knock your socks of with their twisted time-warp sound, fusing rock with reggae, pop with folk and psychedelic with symphony. They cut their first album last year. Keeping things lively on Saturday night, Clean Slate brings the big sound you loved from Tower of Power to Picnic Hill. As usual there are hours of fun things for kids to do that don’t cost parents a nickel, including free admission on Thursday until 6:00 pm. The shows at the Puppets & Players Theatre will keep them mesmerized, all kinds of fun activities await in the 49er Kids Town, and they can learn about Amador County’s Miwok culture under the willow-branch-covered round lodge, where they can make and take home a craft project. At the Gold Mine they can pan for gold, though they probably won’t end up rich! There’s a charge for entertainment in the Grandstands Friday through Sunday, but that won’t stop capacity crowds at the Truck Pulls on Friday night, the Rodeo on Saturday and the packed Destruction Derby on Sunday. Buying your reserved seat in advance is a good idea. Thursday night the arena will host the Mutton Bustin’ preliminary round with the finalists going on to compete during the rodeo. There’s no charge on Thursday night. Probably the most unexpected star to drop into the Amador County Fair is one of the Captains of the Bering Sea crabber vessel the Wizard. The blockbuster TV show Deadliest Catch seen on Discovery Channel has made a celebrity of Relief Captain and First Mate Monty Colburn and his brother Captain Keith Colburn. The two are descendants of Harold Colburn, one of the founders of the Amador County Fair, and son of Gary Colburn, well-known resident of the County. Captain Monty and crew members Lynn Guitard and Lenny Lekanoff will start the day at the Kids Parade on Thursday, enjoy the Fair then tell tales of the sea, answer questions, and sign autographs in the evening. The Fair wouldn’t be the Fair without everyone in the County working, volunteering, or dropping by. From manning service club booths, to monitoring buildings, to sponsoring various items and activities, residents of Amador County are very involved in the annual event. The exhibit halls are filled with art, quilts, baked goods, preserves, needle arts, plants and flowers, gems and minerals, and Junior projects. The barns bustle with animals tended by 4-H and FFA youth, show rings, and with parents not far away making sure all is well. Tickets are available on line and you can save on Fair admission and Carnival rides. Reserved seats for Grandstand Events and the Wine Tasting on Friday night are available in advance as well. For more information about the Amador County Fair, July 28-31, visit

Amador Community News—Monday Newsletter, July 25, 2011

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Amador County Concert Band to receive grant from Amador Community Foundation Received July 22, 2011 - The 45-member Amador County Concert Band, under the direction of Steve Chambers and Irv Gidding, has just received notice that the Amador Community Foundation intends to award the band $500 from the mini-grant program established by the Foundation. “We are excited to have been approved for the grant” said Chambers…”and the funds will be used for new music and concert expenses…we are privileged to have such a wonderful organization as this in our community that supports so many good causes”. The grant will help the band achieve its goal of providing the community with 5 free concerts per season. Says Chambers, “The Foundation was wonderful to work with and so interested in our goals in the community…many thanks to local donors who make so much difference in Amador County through the Foundation”. The next free band concert will be held on August 14 at 3pm at the Community Church of Pine Grove. The concert, titled “Journeys”, will feature music from around the world. Selections will include “Man of La Mancha”, Gypsy Dance from “Carmen”, “Malaguena”, music from “Miss Saigon”, and two soloists from the band! Refreshments will also follow the program. The Amador Community Foundation is a nonprofit, public charity organization established in 2000; they continue to work to support local charities as well as grants that have helped thousands of people in Amador County. This year, working with local donors (anyone can contribute!), ACF has granted support to Kennedy Mines for school tours, has supported the Resource Connection for their “Growing Up Wild” workshops, and through the Emergency Crisis Assistance Fund, ACF continues to help support local citizens in need. Local individuals or businesses may also establish funds or channel their contributions through the Foundation and may request how their funds are to be distributed. The Foundation may be contacted at or by phone at 223-2148 for information on grant applications or those who wish to donate to these needed programs.

Call for Folk Art & Craft fair and Jug Band Festival entries August 27 This year's Ninth International Jug Band Festival in Sutter Creek, to be held on August 27th at the Sutter Creek Inn, 75 Main Street, will feature for the first time an American Folk Art & Craft Fair. This will be a juried fair and we especially invite local makers of quality hand made folk arts and crafts to join us. We are seeking makers of yard art and bird houses, decoys, whittled figures, traditional folk toys, quilts and other folk crafts. Luthiers, banjo makers and other makers of folk and jug band musical instruments are especially invited to participate. Exhibit spaces will be $75, with a special rate of $40 for quilters and instrument makers. Interested exhibitors should contact Lindsay Way at 209 267-5606 or As in year's past, we will be teaching kids to make simple musical instrument and to join in with some of the jug bands on stage to take part in the show. Anyone wishing to participate in this activity or to demonstrate instrument making should contact Banjo Andy at 209 267-5967 or at Jug Bands interested in participating in the festival should contact Wayne Hagen at 530 400-8882or

more announcements... ACUSD/ACOE BOARD MEETING - Every 2nd & 4th Wed at 7PM. The next regularly scheduled ACUSD/ACOE Governing Board Meetings will be Wednesday, July 27, 2011. Teri Crain - Superintendent's Office - Amador County Public Schools 209 257-5353 PROGRESSIVE WOMEN'S COMMITTEE - Thurs Aug 4 at 11:30AM at Thomi's Banquet Room, Jackson. Double Speakers this month - Media and Local Radio Sue Wilson on the recent court ruling on the media and Sean Kriletich on the proposed local fm station The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes entree, salad, vegetarian offering, various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip. Please respond to Sally at no later than Tuesday, August 2nd (sooner if possible) Note: If you make a reservation and cannot attend, please call me and cancel by Wednesday noon. 267-0177. You may be billed for the luncheon if you do not show up and have not cancelled SUPPORT OUR YOUTH! BARREL CHICKEN DINNER - Sat Aug 6. No host cocktails at 6:00p.m. Dinner at 7:00p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Jackson Michelle Burns, Amador 2011 graduate who recently returned from the Catholic Heart Workcamp in Beaverton, Oregon is packing her bags again for another mission to Cancun Mexico with Mission Youth. Michelle still needs support to cover travel and 4 months of living expenses so some local friends are holding a fundraising dinner and raffle (need not be present). Menu includes Barrel Chicken, pesto pasta, fresh green and fruit salads topped off with local homemade desserts. For a $15.00 donation, you won't leave the hall hungry. Supporting our youth today, improves our tomorrow. Tickets are limited and available for cash or check call Tina Boitano at 223-5036 or Maja Johnson at 296-5901. Or online at: or credit card by phone 296-5495. Remember! Supporting our youth today improves our tomorrow! Mission Youth: Michelle's Blog site: SAVE THE DATE! A-PAL HUMANE SOCIETY'S ANNUAL "BARK IN THE PARK" - Sat Sept 24 at the Italian Picnic Grounds, Sutter Creek. Registration and Vendor Info: Ruth Hartley (223-1470 or 482-1946) WOMEN’S MINISTRIES AT TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH ECW OUTING: Crocker Art Museum - August 2, 2011, Tuesday, Meet at Trinity Church. Everyone is invited to join ECW by carpooling from Trinity Church to Sacramento to visit the Crocker Art Museum. See the Crocker's special exhibit online Then off to lunch at IKEA. Don't laugh. I understand from some of our members, IKEA has a great cafeteria. Plus, we might have to support Sacramento's economy with shopping at IKEA. Bring your friends, too, for a great day. The plan is to leave Trinity at 9:30 a.m. It should be a pleasant morning before the forecasted high of 90 degrees hits in the late afternoon. Please contact Mary Mahoney if you would like to come so we do not leave without you. 209.257.0220 ECW Birthday Party - August 16, 2011, Tuesday, 1 p.m., Jane’s Hall ECW invites everyone to come together to celebrate our time on earth and Christian fellowship, no matter when your birth date. Please contact Mary Mahoney to let us know you are coming so we can have plenty of cake and ice cream. 209.257.0220

if it’s happening in Amador County, you’ll probably find it at - july 25  

Monday Newsletter - goAmador - July 25, 2011

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