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Amador Community News—Weekend Newsletter, July 28, 2011

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more announcements… County Supervisors urge AWA to build a Gravity Supply Pipeline for upcountry water supply (Sutter Creek) The Amador Water Agency Board of Directors received word at their board meeting Wednesday that the Amador County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution urging the Amador Water Agency to build the Gravity Supply Line on the upcountry Central Amador Water Project (CAWP) system. The resolution, presented to the Supervisors at their July 26 meeting by CAWP customer Richard Farrington, listed numerous benefits to fire protection and water supply reliability provided by the proposed raw water pipeline that would run downhill from the Tiger Creek Regulator on the Mokelumne River to the Buckhorn Water Treatment Plant. A support letter from the Amador County Fire Chief’s Association accompanied the resolution. Amador Fire Protection District Battalion Chief David Bellerive also spoke at the Supervisors’ meeting in support of the resolution. Supervisors shared the importance of getting information on the gravity pipeline benefits out to the public. Over $5 million in federal grant money is available to help pay for the pipeline and AWA Directors approved the Gravity Supply Line in March, 2010. Opponents of the pipeline have blocked construction by opposing any rate increase on the CAWP system, needed to help pay for the pipeline and correct an on-going budget deficit. Also on Wednesday, AWA Directors approved scoping comments in a letter to East Bay Municipal Utility District that expressed concern about changes to the Pardee Dam that would raise the level of the reservoir and impact the Middle Bar Reach of the Mokelumne River. Discussion by Directors and audience noted that there was little Amador County public support for raising the Pardee Dam as proposed in EBMUD’s Water Supply Water Management Program 2040. In other Agency business: The Board approved an agreement with the AWA Confidential Employees Bargaining Unit that will save the Agency an estimated $36,985 this fiscal year. For 2011/2012, the three employees in this bargaining unit agreed to monthly furlough days, to forfeit cost of living and merit raises, and to eliminate matching contribution to retirement funds, similar to the concessions already made by the largest Agency employee association. An agreement with the remaining Management Bargaining Unit will be before the Board at their next regular Board meeting. The Board also approved a Sanitary Sewer Management Plan required by the State of California for regulating wastewater collection systems. The formal plan for operations, enforcement of standards and emergency response covers sewer systems in Martell, Lake Camanche Village, Eagles Nest, Fairway Pines/Mace Meadows, Gayla Manor, and Pine Grove. Field Services Manager Chris McKeage gave credit to AWA staff for completing the complex, 265-page plan in-house at a significantly lower cost than a consultant would have charged the Agency. The complete document is available at and a hard copy is available for review at the Agency Offices. -TONIGHT: PLYMOUTH CITY COUNCIL - Thurs July 28 at 6:30PM at City Hall, 9426 Main Street, Plymouth. CITY WEB SITE IS: IONE CITY COUNCIL - meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 6PM. Planning Commission meets Meets the 2nd Tuesday at 5:30PM. 1 East Main Street, Ione SUTTER CREEK CITY COUNCIL meets every 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7PM. Planning Commission meets every 2nd Monday at 7PM. 33 Church Street, Sutter Creek.

Letter to the Editor:

Help us Help our Children I have been a Naturalized American Citizen since 1976. I came to this country to be an asset, not a burden. I believe that, if I get an opportunity to become something in life and make my dreams come true, I have to earn it. I have never asked the government to give me anything for free; I earn every penny I make. But as a Mexican American, I believe that our Country is having problems right now, and we need to balance our budget. As a business person, I would not lend money to anybody unless and until I could balance my own books. That said, I know that some children are brought into this country without their consent. However, go to any other country and see if they will give your children a loan so they can educate themselves. God help us help our children make their dreams come true. Martha Perez, Jackson Owner, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant

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Amador Community News—Weekend Newsletter, July 28, 2011 Mine Model tours ongoing each Saturday Mine model tours are on-going each Saturday in the Mine Model building next to Amador County Museum, 225 Church St., Jackson, CA. Two tours are scheduled for 11:00 am and 12 noon, and by appointment. Group tours, organizations, students, car clubs, senior groups, are welcome. Learn how the "Hardrock Miners" brought the gold up from more than a mile underground by viewing mechanized models created and built by Robert Post, and inspired by his father, Eldridge Post, engineer of the Kennedy Wheels. Please call: Amador County Historical Society office, 209-257-1485, leave a message, Georgia Fox will return your call. FIDDLETOWN PRESERVATION SOCIETY “ THE MEDITERRANEAN FLAVORS OF SUMMER” – Sat Aug 6 from 7-10PM at Lodge Hill in Plymouth. The evening includes a dinner, music and silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Fiddletown Schoolhouse Restoration Fund. Catered by Beth Sogaard. Music provided by Fiddletown resident and jazz guitarist/vocalist Herb Boxhorn. Tickets are $50. Reservations can be made by sending a check to PO Box 53, Fiddletown, CA 95629 or by calling 245-6042 or via e-mail at president@fiddletown. Seating is limited, so early reservations are encouraged. FPS is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1964. As a 501(c) 3 organization, donations to FPS are typically tax deductible (ask your tax advisor). Tax-deductible donations may be sent to Fiddletown Schoolhouse Restoration Fund, PO Box 53, Fiddletown, CA 95629. To learn more about the FPS, visit the Fiddletown Preservation Society's web site at MOTHER LODE RAGTIME SOCIETY Don't forget to order your badges for this year's Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival. Dates are August 12 -14, 2011. The deadline for early bird badge pricing is fast approaching. The price is the same as last year, $60 if ordered before 7/15/11; $70 after 7/15/11. Visit for more information, or call 209-405-1563 if you have any questions.

----- - Art, Music & Theater SIERRA RIDGE "MUSIC ON THE RIDGE" SERIES - Fri July 29 from 7-9PM - Kevin Adams of Wingnut Adams on Keyboard. Gates open at 6:30 - No cover charge Save 10% On any 1 bottle of Sierra Ridge Wine being offered at any one of our concerts! AMADORARTS T.G.I.F. CONCERT SERIES – Fri Aug 5 at 6PM at Castle Oak’s Golf Club, Ione. Featuring Sierra Sax & Brass Quartet, Pop Tunes from the 1920's - 2000's.

----- - Community Groups & Organizations PROGRESSIVE WOMEN'S COMMITTEE - Thurs Aug 4 at 11:30AM at Thomi's Banquet Room, Jackson. Double Speakers this month - Media and Local Radio Sue Wilson on the recent court ruling on the media and Sean Kriletich on the proposed local fm station. The buffet luncheon is $15.00 which includes entree, salad, vegetarian offering, various drinks, coffee, tea, dessert, tax and tip. Please RSVP to Sally at no later than Tuesday, August 2nd (sooner if possible) Note: If you make a reservation and cannot attend, please call me and cancel by Wednesday noon. 2670177. You may be billed for the luncheon if you do not show up and have not cancelled SUPPORT OUR YOUTH! BARREL CHICKEN DINNER - Sat Aug 6. No host cocktails at 6:00p.m. Dinner at 7:00p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Jackson. Michelle Burns, Amador 2011 graduate who recently returned from the Catholic Heart Workcamp in Beaverton, Oregon is packing her bags again for another mission to Cancun Mexico with Mission Youth. Michelle still needs support to cover travel and 4 months of living expenses so some local friends are holding a fundraising dinner and raffle (need not be present). Menu includes Barrel Chicken, pesto pasta, fresh green and fruit salads topped off with local homemade desserts. For a $15.00 donation, you won't leave the hall hungry. Supporting our youth today, improves our tomorrow. Tickets are limited and available for cash or check call Tina Boitano at 223-5036 or Maja Johnson at 296-5901. Or online at: or credit card by phone 296-5495. Remember! Supporting our youth today improves our tomorrow! Mission Youth: Michelle's Blog site: - opinions & issues Guest Commentary:

A different view of the Debit-Limit Mess We all just read an article by Sheldon Richman of The Future of Freedom Fund in the Amador Community News. The FFF is involved I believe with the Koch brothers, and the Rodney Fund, also involved I believe with the Koch brothers. It is getting harder to trace this stuff. This organization wants to weaken our government. *Below is the exact words from The Future of Freedom Fund’s Program Director, Bart Frazier; from an article called “Forget Reform”, April 2011* It is based on the theory that we the people can not effectively govern ourselves. Which I do believe is in doubt, but it is in doubt because we have let the people with the wealth unduly control our politicians and policies and tax code. The America people through our votes decide we want an EPA, Dept of Education, IRS, FAA, Social Security and Medicare things that make life better for us as Americans and keep a watchful eye over corporations who seek profit at all costs, even safety and the well being of the American people. Mr. Brazier and the Future of Freedom Fund deem them socialism. Of course they never talk against what would be by his thinking the biggest socialist department of our government, the Dept. of Defense. We have the Dept. of defense to protect Americans, for the same reason we have the food and drug administration, FAA, EPA and IRS to collect taxes to pay for the things American people have said they want through majority vote and for protection of the people! Mr. Frazier contends that it is an abridgement of freedom to take money from the wealthy and redistribute it to the masses. I see it as all pitching in fairly to live in a country we all like. That is not what is going on….the wealthy right now are getting away with paying a lower percentage tax rate then the middle class. I know combined they pay a huge chunk of revenue paid to the government but that is because the top 10% has 70% of America’s wealth. The top 400 families make more that 60% of Americans combined. So now that they have accumulated most of America’s wealth by benefiting fromAmerica and its people, they want to take their chips and go home. The wealthy have their wealth because the average Joe purchases their products and services. They have the honor of creating jobs because the workers work and make the money to spend on their products and services. We are co-dependent on each other, yet we are constantly protecting only the job creators. The American people love wealth and do not want to punish it….we just want fairness. After all we all dream of being rich someday. Just for information, long before some of theses depts. existed, the American Economy had bouts of inflation/recessions along with all other forms of economies. Here is the most egregious part of what he wrote. For the whole article, Google his name and the title of his article. *If socialist programs are doomed to fail, what should be done with them? Abolish them! Repeal them. End them. Dismantle them, along with the departments and agencies that administer them. End them and the taxes, debt, and inflation that pay for them. Abolish Social Security. Repeal Medicare and Medicaid. Dismantle NASA, the Department of Education, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and Amtrak. Terminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. End the Federal Reserve. Get rid of them all. The clarion call for the small-government type should be “Abolish it all!” Clear the decks and leave peaceful enterprise entirely to the private sector and the free market. Each person’s money belongs to him and it is his right to do with it as he pleases. Moreover, freedom and free enterprise, unlike socialism, actually work.* My thoughts: First thought, people came to American to escape the kind of life they were subject to by the private sector who governed them, the people with the money. Second thought, the programs are doomed to fail because organizations like his promote starving the government to death. There is not enough money for these programs because the people with the power and money have tweaked the loopholes and subsidies in their favor and have manipulated our tax code so that they are taxed at 35% but actually pay no where near that. Yes, let’s leave our fate in the hands of the peaceful private sector, people with all of the money....those with the money make the rules ….what could go wrong there. Maybe what is going wrong right now because the people with the wealth have taken over our government through lobbying and paying for the elections of our politicians? Stuff like the rich getting richer and Americans out of work? Attempting changes in our constitution to make it harder for majority rule? A tax code that enables the wealthy to pay less than my middle class family? Etc. Mr. Sheldon the problem IS also a revenue problem. Our government right now due to the Bush tax cuts that so heavily favored the wealthy, most hurtful the dividend and capitol gains tax rate that he lowered to 15% (in other words the tax on the money the wealthy makes off their money) and the declining revenues due to the recession, is collecting taxes at 15% of our GDP. Just thirteen years ago under Clinton, when the wealthy were not overly burdened and in fact where actually paying a fair rate, we were not at war and had a great economy, our government collected 29% of the GDP in taxes. Mr. Richman says himself we are spending 25% of GDP. Now that seems perfect, collect 29% of GDP in taxes, spend 25% of GDP and use the rest to pay down the debt. 29% taxes of GDP is sum capable of running the type of government the American people have said they want. Of course the Rich don’t want to play anymore. This is because the fly their own planes, go to private schools…live behind gates and hire private guards to protect their property. I am not saying we don’t need to cut back and make government leaner, and make adjustments to entitlements….I am saying you only get what you pay for. Small, weak government is best for those who will be the beneficiary of the power transfer from government…and it sure won’t be the middle class. Grace Steblay Amador County (Pioneer) property owner and ACN reader - july 28, 2011  

amador county fair weekend newsletter - july 28, 2011