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Friday, May 9, 2014 | Vol. No. 2 | Issue 26 | Price Rs. 10 | | G-2/RNP/Weekly/Goa-05/2013-15

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Surfacing from the depths By Ananda Krishna


t 18, Johnny Deep was already spinning his first album. Producers twice his age were eagerly taping his groovy beats. Within one year after discovering his first turntable at his cousin’s house in London, Johnny had already begun to dig deep in his music. Hailing from an Anglo-Indian origin,Deep has a mix of Punjabi and English blood. He grew up in the UK and at age 11, he moved with his family to Australia, where he spent the next 20 years of his life. This is also where he started his professional journey as a DJ. He played for a radio station on a community channel for the first time in his life. This was a humble and yet an important milestone in Johnny’s life. It gave him the confidence to move onto other venues like clubs, parties and

festivals not just across Australia but venues across the globe as well. Deep first came to India in 2008 to play at the Taj Hotel in Bombay. The contract was for only 3 months but little did he know that India would charm him into spending the next five years here. “It felt right being here,” he says. Deep was warmly accepted by the people and perhaps his Indian roots, although he had had never lived here, had already begun to take hold of him. In the following year, 2009, he made the move to Goa. It was initially hard for him to fit in.But having grown up in a village, it wasn’t long before Deep discovered the simple joys of Goa, with its rich village and country life. From a professional perspective it was the best place to interact with international artists and audiences. Recently, he played alongside some of the

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May 9 Prepone Saturday Night Fever, Edgy Nights with Manthan at the Edge Bar At Alila Diwa Goa, Majorda 7.30pm onwards. +91 9049997528 Beach Party 2014 Starring: Vijay Arora, Ancy, Leon Large, Funksun At Cafe Lilliput, Anjuna 6 pm onwards +91 9822137767 Rock and Roar By the Sorpotel Club At Soul Souffle, Verna @ 8 pm onwards +91 832 2782100

May 10 The Way of the Samurai Birthday bash with DJ Axailes Solar At Chronicle, Vagator beach @ 6 pm +91 8888687804

Natalie Matos

Alternative rock Night Joe Ferrao band presented by the live music project At baywatch , colva 7.30 pm onwards +91 9323590051

May 11 Goa Forgiving & Heritage Jazz Presents The Campal Creek Mother’s Day Celebration At Campal, Panjim @ 7.30 am onwards

May 14 Full Moon Beach Party With Chris Barr, Nath, Myst and Cosmic At UV bar, Anjuna 7 pm onwards +91 9822153440

May 25 Baroque Jazz Mélange Experience live ‘Baroque-Jazz Mélange’ - Fusion with a difference as performed by Prof. Mathew Mendes (Piano) and Jason Quadros (Keyboard). Celestial Baroque music is played juxtaposed with attractive Jazz idioms and innovative counter-melodies bringing out the very best effect that the confluence of Baroque and Jazz affords. At 76, Orchard Court Street, Mapusa @ 5 pm +91 9423503412

April 16 to June 1 Indian Premier League (IPL), Season 7 Watch live action from IPL 2014 on a giant screen At Guru Bar, Anjuna 8 pm onwards +91 9823383257 IPL Season 7 More IPL action on a giant screen. At Terrace, Vagator 5.30 pm Onwards +91 9673050869

Johnny Deep

IPL Season 7 Indian Premier League screening At Soul Souffle, Verna +91 832 2782100 IPL Season 7 Live Screening At North 16 Goa Resort, Calangute From 8 pm onwards +91 832 6745555/ 5557

Karaoke Night With KDJ Tony Followed by DJ Leona & DJ Bonny At Cheenos, Baga Bridge, Baga 8 pm Onwards +91 8806564991

IPL Season 7 At Curlies, Anjuna From 8 pm onwards +91 9822168628

Thursday Night Live With Smoking Chutney At Sofala, Nerul @ 8.30 pm +91 777400882

IPL Season 7 Grand Cocktails Packages includes 5 cocktails at Rs. 1000 plus taxes unlimited. At Capiz Bar, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim @ 4 pm and 8 pm +91 832 3011234

Until May 10 The Summer Project In association with Chameleon Art Projects. Displaying photography, street art and installation work alongside traditional paintings. Check out the Goa Streets story at At Sacha’s Shop and Black sheep Bistro, Panjim At Black Sheep Bistro: Tues to Sun: 7 pm onwards At Sacha’s Shop Mon to Sat: 10 am to 8 pm +91 832 222 2901

Every Thursday

Sundown Karaoke With DJ Colett and… you, if you’re in the mood to help Colett with your voice and talent. At Cocopazzo, Chapora 7 pm onwards. +91 9561212810 Silent Disco With DJ Mr. R & Flakey Spinning EDM. Nothing ‘silent’ about this disco (unless you’re wearing headphones, that is). At Alpha Bar, Palolem 9 pm onwards +91 9890281505

Every Friday

Every Wednesday

Reggae Friday By Graeme Hamilton At Laguna, Anjuna @ 7.30 pm +91 832 227 4131

Rock is Alive With Charley and the Music Factory At Baywatch Resort, Colva @ 7.30 pm +91 832 2747744

Wicked Friday A journey through deep tech house, minimal tech and progressive house At Waters Lounge, Ozran, Anjuna +91 9702025555

Every Saturday Silent Noise Party With DJs Husman, Sam & Azgar Find out which is true, the silence or the noise. 
At Neptune Point, Palolem 8 pm to 4 am +91 9822584968

Every Sunday Jazz, Blues & Bossa Nova With Steve Sequeria and Kittu (check out the Goa Streets story on this jazz power couple on At Go With the Flow, Baga 7 pm onwards +91 8975514481

On-going Cavala Every Wednesday: Cavala Aucutic Latin Retro Every Friday: Band Tidal Wave Every Saturday: Piano Played by Bosco At Cavala, Calangute - Baga road, Baga 8.30 pm onwards +91 832 2276090 Hippies Ocean Cafe Live Music Every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday At Hippies, Anjuna @ 10 pm +91 7507486444 Cantare Every Monday: Live band with Lester Every Wednesday: Live band with Steve Sequeira and Kittu Every Friday: George and Group At Cantare, Saligao 8 pm onwards +91 832 2409461

Resort Rio Every Monday: Grill n Chill with the ‘Music Fever’ Every Wednesday: Sing Along says Bonny – Its Karaoke Nite Every Friday: Joe ‘solo’ – “Rio Goan Festival” Every Saturday: Sing Along says Bonny – It’s Karaoke Nite. Every Sunday: “Sunday Funday” by the Pool side (Rain Dance) & In-house DJ Music” At Resort Rio, Arpora 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 2267300 Park Hyatt Every Day Dinner with Music Thurs: Acaccio Live, Fri: Shalini, Sat: Savio, Sun: Edriya & Taniya 7.30 pm to 11 pm +91 832 2721234 The Park, Calangute Every Thursday: Retro Night Every Friday: Karaoke Night with KDJ Tony Every Saturday: Ladies Night with DJ Sunil and Tania At The Park, Calangute 8 pm onwards +91 8805028194/ +91 832 2267600 Kapriz Restaurant Manic Mondays: Silence, instrumental (Keyboards, violin, trumpet) BBQ Retro Thursday: With Music Fever and specials on Bbq Jazzy Fridays: Jazz music with Yvonne Gonsalves Sultry Saturday: Pink Sky Sunday Brunch & Amore: with Amore (Sharron & Darryl) At Kapriz, Baga Arpora Road, Baga 7.30 pm to 11 pm +91 9820134503

Friday, May 9, 2014

best artists at ‘Wave’, the 7th edition of the Kingfisher music festival. It was here he first heard DJ Ma Faiza, India’s ace artist in the world of electronic music and the mother of Electronica in India. Humble and down to earth, you won’t find Deeptalking too big about himself. In truth, he knows a lot and says a little. Happy to be the entertainment for the night and give people a good time for their money, you won’t find Deep throwing his weight around. His style of music is a lot of tech, techno, minimal, soulful, deep, groovy and funky. Deep in particular has been playing a lot of soulful house, one of his true loves. He’s also been getting into lounge sets and Deep feels that this is a very versatile genre for musicians to interact from different disciplines. On some nights he jams up with the tabla, congo and flute players and he feels that there is some very exciting music born from this synthesis. Deep’s love of varying genres helps him amalgamate himself with other artists. He is a traveller crossing boundaries in music, integrating, synthesizing and learning. It’s obviously Deep’s pure love for music that allows him to blend in so well in the industry. In a testament to his staying power, Deep has been playing for the last 21 years and still going strong. And he’s having a great deal of fun along the way. At one gig in Bombay he played under the alias Peter Boogie, belting out some old school hip-hop tracks. Infact there were other hip-hop DJ’s who’d come just to check this scene out and they referred to Deep’s adaptation as “challenging and impressive sets.” When asked some of the favourite venues that he’s performed in, he says ‘Sunburn’ in Goa, Blue Frog and Oris in Bombay. He particularly loves the intimate ambience of Oris. Deep’s also played in Club Asian and Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo.Space Lab Yellow is one ofJapan’s leading clubs, hosting some of the greatest DJ’s across the world.

It’s special parties and gigs that Deep enjoys as well. He loves the ambience of a small gathering where people can let themselves loose and really get into the music. He says one of the best parties he performed at was at Christmas for a friend. I asked Johnny what making music is like for him, and he responds with a wide smile, “a holy grail.”Even after two decades, his music exudes the same joy and effervescence. There’s something wonderful, even sacred, about that. Johnny Deep enjoys all the good fortune that comes his way!

6  Movie Review



magine a world where we wouldn’t have to put up with our spouse/ partner’s disturbing physical outbursts – no stinky farts, no ear-splitting snores, no incessant nagging and hallelujah, never again the scary days of PMS. Enter Spike Jones’s seemingly not too distant yet futuristic techno love saga ‘Her’, about a despondent man, Theodore Twombly (seriously?!)) who’s life dramatically changes when he falls head over heels for his new sophisticated Operating System (Samantha) that’s tied in to a portable smartphone earpiece. Starring the superbly talented Joaquin Phoenix with Scarlet Johanasson lending her sensual and erotic voice, this surreal film has all the sexiness and heartache of a normal romance between real human beings and has charmedaudiences across the globe. Set in LA, Theo is presented as an oddball nerdy type, with a god-awful moustache and high hitched pants that made me cringe. His job at is to compose special occasion notes for people who are a tad challenged in the art of meaningful conversation and witty prose. But he’s still struggling to come to terms with the feelings of isolation brought on by his failed marriage.Et voila–Samantha of husky tonsils makes a timely, if slightly disembodied, audio appearance. Her super-efficient organizational skills (ahem, she’s a computer) and psychiatrist style of soothing expert advice provide the perfect antidote to his achy breaky heart and before you can yell ‘I, Robot’, he’s in luuvvv. You really can’t blame the man; after all he’s living every man’s Utopian dream, the power to literally switch off his relationship whenever things get too hot and heavy. Even the lack of physical contact doesn’t matter – there’s always phone sex. Comforting, reassuring and funny to boot, Samantha is like the ideal mate, almost too good to be true. As an added bonus, she seems to develop a soul and fall in love with him as well. They go on dates to the beach and Theo feels liberated enough to share his depressed state of mind, “..sometimes I feel I’ve felt everything I’m going to feel”. They appear to be cradled in high tech cocoons, a cosy feeling that is enhanced by the dreamlike soft lens lighting. True to form for most reel and real

love stories, disaster strikes (c’est la vie folks). Pining for physicality and determined to fully experience all the joys of lovemaking, Samantha boldly sets up a surrogate woman to have sex with Theo on her behalf. The friend has mini-cameras and micropoints taped to her body. I remember having mixed feelings at this stage as to the appropriate reaction – shock, laughter or applause? Alas, the man is not exactly pleased with the opportunity for free sex (there’s a first) and from here on, their relationship nosedives. Plus, on seeing countless other people in the street murmuring into their phones, Theo realizes that what he shared with Samantha wasn’t unique. The ending sadly turns mushy and woozy. On the whole, the film, though thoroughly enjoyable, was a touch contrived in certain scenes, while the cutesy and clever lines gave me goose bumps. Having said that, I must confess to identifying more with this offbeat film than some of the regular romcoms one has been tortured with. And Samantha’s voice was smoking. Amy Adams, who is one of my favourite actors, failed to make her usual impact as Theo’s sympathetic exgirlfriend – a damp squib. When asked what appealed to him about the movie, Joaquin candidly replied that “..the idea of subjective love is. It’s rare to have a movie where you want to connect with somebody else and communicate some of these ideas”.

The Lowdown Summer and monsoons. Forget about calling it off-season anymore. As you will see from our coverage of The Other Goa: Summer & Monsoon Glory, this season is anything but 'off' these days. We hope you enjoy reading about it! On these pages you will find a nice selection of stories on a wide range of topics, which we hope will alternately enlighten, entertain, educate and illuminate. Please note in particular our thoughtful coverage of the Goan sex trade, and our piece on how to be a better parent by looking within yourself. Don't miss our fascinating story on the growing phenomenon of Goan metrosexuals, or our piece on how Belly Dancing can be a great way to stay fit. Our article on stress in Goa sheds light on a topic of great concern, and hopefully will contribute to the cause of reducing anxiety in our state. Be sure to check out our fun and funky piece on how to spruce up your garden with what might seem like junk, and of course our pieces on DJ Johnny Deep, the hip new restaurant in Panjim Black Sheep Bistro and our story on Goa's acclaimed fashion designer Verma D'Mello, who's creating quite a stir with her wedding and other creations. Soon, our state will be awash in rain and bursting with unbridled greenery. We hope you're looking forward to it as much as we are! Happy reading! The Goa Streets Team

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!!

The Mustard Seed Art Company is throwing a party for the Bard to celebrate his 450th birthday. A unique adaptation of ‘As You Like it’, written and directed by Isabel Santa Maria Vas with Daegal Godinho of Carpe Diem as co-director, will be staged with music and dances plus an inside source has revealed that it will have a ‘surreal’ twist in its plot. Performance dates have been locked in for May 14 and 15, at GVN Margao and Kala Academy Panjim respectively. Tickets, priced at Rs200 and Rs100, can be grabbed up at Optica Opticians in Margao, Magsons Supercenter in Miramar and Literati Bookshop in Candolim. The cast is made up of Nieta Bruto da Costa, Sheena de Mello, Kiran Bhandari, Nigel Khamkar, Melanie Garredh, Melvyn Noronha, Daegal Godinho, Roger Fernandes, Yulian Pinto, Celsa Fernandes, Marlow Lawrence and BinaDatwani. So come and share the laughter with a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Squid Prawns Plancha

By Ananda Krishna


o you wish you could be transported to other places and times ona gastronomical quest? Well, there is kind of teleportation happening right in the heart of Panjim. It happens to be shepherded (no pun intented) in an old, beautiful Portuguese villa, the perfect setting from which to enter another world. As the swishing glass door closes, reflecting the fading myriad sounds and sights of the Goan capital, you feel like you’ve gone through aportal of time and space.Crossing all the way across the Atlantic to dine in New York! Welcome to Black Sheep Bistro, the hip new joint that offers

world-class ambience and contemporary fusion cuisine. Prahlad and Sabreen Sukhtankar opened BSB just a few months back and the black sheep is gaining quite a reputation.“We’re not too fond of ‘authentic’ and prefer not to follow any rules, but would rather amalgamate what’s inspired us around the world with unusual twists that we think better suit the Indian palate.” The Cinnamon Whisky Sour, a selection from BSB’s handcrafted beverages is an example of the synthesis. Instead of just serving a regular Whisky Sour, Prahlad adds a touch of home-made cinnamon sugar and a sour mix to take the experience to a different level. Mankurad Cheesecake is yet another sweet twist from the traditional approach. It’s made from cheese mousse, naankhatai crumbs, strawberry coulis, lemon, basil and the one and only Mankurad mangoes. The overriding theme of this culinary journey is tapas – inspired from the beloved Spanish tradition of small, intricately prepared dishes. The great

thing about tapas is that you can have a lot of them in a single sitting, titillating your taste buds with a wide variety. With a host of so many exciting things to pick from, after a hearty swig from my Cinnamon Whisky Sour, I first tasted the Squid-PrawnsPlancha. It was served along with salad, garlic, chilli and garlic mayo. The whole dish came together beautifully, particularly the balance between squids and garlic mayo. The texture was tender yet firm, keeping the juicy prawns and squid delectable, bite after bite. TheRobiola is one beautifully exotic looking dish that tastes just as fantastic.

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May 3 to May 18

Every Saturday

Tango with Mango Special Dishes: Mango baked cheesecake, raw mango and black salt quiche, mango upside down, mango thai red chilly timbale, fresh mango mania At Vivanta by Taj, Panjim 10 am to 10 pm +91 832 663 3636

Saturday Brunch @ Rs. 950/- including taxes with unlimited Mojitos, Vodkatinis, Daiquiris, Frozen Cocktails Saturday Live Music - “Latin Connection” At The Park, Calangute 1 pm to 4 pm +91 8805028194

May 10 to May 19 Summer Street Food Festival BBQ At Mekong Lounge, Panjim +91 832 6455547

May 13 to May 15 Mango Festival Organised by the Directorate of Agriculture At Kala Academy, Panjim +91 832 242 0450

May 20 to May 22 Konkan Fruits Fest The Konkan Fruit Fest features exhibition-cum-sale of fruits from the Konkan belt. The fest includes a variety of fruits on display, seminars and interactions, eating and carving contests and music all under one roof. The three day Konkan Fruit Fest also holds music and entertainment shows every evening. At BPS Club, Margao +91 9011864429/ +91 9225984919

May 21 to May 25 Goa’s Coconut & Cashew Festival 2014 A unique initiative celebrating these two very Goan crops At Campal Ground, Panjim +91 832 2224132/ 2226515/ 2226728

Until May 31 Alila Diwa Goa Gets Mangolicious A special tribute to the “King of Fruits” throughout the month of May with a mango promotion at Vivo At Alila Diwa Goa, Majorda +91 832 2746800

April 3 Onwards
 High Tea @ North 16 Goa 
 Savour a robust cup of coffee or tea, beat the heat with fresh fruit smoothies and treat yourself to an enticing selection of snacks from finger sandwiches, amuses bouches, pastries and soufflés. The North16 GOA High Tea brings you an afternoon of relaxation and culinary indulgence at GRAB N GO. Planning a special event? Ask about their tailored High Teas, specializing in birthdays, children’s events, get together for small and large groups. High Tea is served daily at Grab n Go at Rs. 350 ++ per person.
 From 4 pm to 6 pm 
 At North 16 Goa, Calangute
 +91 832 674 5555

Every Sunday Sunday Family Brunches Rejuvenating cocktails, soul warming gourmet cuisine from around the world and activities to keep the kids entertained. At Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Panjim 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm +91 832 6633636 Sunday Bikini Brunch Sunday BBQ Brunch @ Rs. 950++ per head, with unlimited alcohol. Enjoy Live Karaoke with Emmanuel. At The Park, Calangute 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm +91 8805028194 Re-Orient Yourself Make your own meal. Don’t worry; you won’t actually have to do the cooking! This place serves up some of the finest Asian cuisine in Goa. At Wan Hao, Goa Marriot Resort & Spa, Panjim +91 832 2463333

Baga, Calangute & Around A Reverie
 European, Asian 
 One of the finer eating establishments in the state. Popular dishes are seared fillet steak tournedos, smoked Australian duck breast, insalata caprese, basil oil, baby bocconcini, smoked tuna, chicken liver pate.
 At Holiday street, Calangute
 7 pm to 12 am +919823174927 /+919823505550 After Seven French, European Try the camembert soufflé, warm squid in balsamic vinegar and rum, steaks and lemon infused prawns At Gauravaddo, Calangute 12 pm to 11.30 pm +918322279757/+91 9226188288 Aquamarine Bistro & Bar Indian, Goan, Continental Perhaps the top draw is the riverside location. Good place for golden fried prawns and a nice sunset view over the river. 7 am to 10.30 pm At Baga Land’s End, Baga +91 832 2276084/2275482 Bhatti Village Indian & Goan There is chicken cafreal, pork roast and beef roast, sorpotel, samaranchi kodi, feijoida, all the different varieties of chilli fry and fish Roe. At Bhattiwaddo, Nerul @ 7.30 pm to 11 pm +919822184103

Amigos Indian, Goan, Seafood Hearty food in an attractive village Below Nerul Bridge, Nerul 12.30 pm to 4 pm & 7 pm to 10.30 pm +919822104920

Bean Me Up It’s a small garden restaurant in Anjuna specialising in world vegetarian cuisine At Deulvaddo, Anjuna 8 am to 11 pm +918322273479

Big Pecker’s Chinese, European, North Indian & Seafood Also offers grilled sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, baguettes and jacket potatoes. At Calangute beach road, Calangute 9 am to midnight +91 9823226977

Biryani Palace Goan, North Indian, seafood At Anjuna Beach Road, Anjuna 11 am to midnight +918323257586

Britto’s Chinese, English, Goan, Seafood At Baga beach, Calangute 8.30 pm to midnight +91 832 2277331/ +91 832 2276291 Café de Goa Attractive Café with lots of fresh small bites and innovative offerings. At The Red Tower, Calangute 10.30 am to 5.30 pm +91 832 2279961

Anjuna & Around A Varanda 
 Chinese, European, Goan, Italian, North Indian, Thai.
 Check out the seafood platter, fish curry rice, chicken cafreal and beaf xacutti. 7 am to 11 pm 
 At Resort Marinha Dourada, Arpora
 +91 832 2276780/ 84 Alcove Restaurant & Bar Chinese, Goan, Italian, North Indian & Seafood Dine on chilled Avocado and prawn salad, or get stuffed with the prawn stuffed calamari. At Ozrant Beach, Anjuna 8 am onwards +918322274491/2273349 Avalon Sunset Bar & Restaurant 
 Goan, Indian, Chinese, Seafood & European 
 Some popular orders are paneer pasanda, fish masala, chicken vindaloo, seafood pasta, seafood sizzlers. 
 At Anjuna Beach, Anjuna 
 8.30 am to midnight 
 +91 9822586268 Baba au Rhum A coffee shop with a twist A favourite among the foreign crowd, this popular eatery offers lots of tasty choices. Especially check out their croissants, quiches and pizzas. At Kudachwaddo, Arpora 8 am to 4 pm +919822078759 Basilico Italian 
 This alfresco restaurant serves pizzas, home-made pastas, salads and sinful desserts. At D’mello Waddo, Anjuna 6.30 pm to 11 pm +918322273721/ +918323953744/ +919822599130

Blue Tao Italian & Seafood Organic Food At Anjuna Beach Rd, Anjuna 9 am to 11 pm +918975061435 Coba Indian, Grills, Seafood At Double Tree by Hilton, Arpora 10 am to 11 pm +91 832 66556672 Frangipani Global Cuisine Start with the chicken satay- skewered chicken supreme grilled in Chinese marinade. At Sun Village, Fankwadi, Arpora 7.30 am to 10.30 pm +91 832 2279409/14

Candolim Addah 
 Indian & Barbeque
Enjoy the sea view deck on the beach and the soft music of a live two-piece band, with appealing cuisine. 
 7 pm to 10.30 pm 
 At The O Hotel, Candolim 
 +91 832 3047000/ 9/ +91 9890800073 Angaara 
 Tandoori, Goan, North Indian & Seafood.
With excellent Indian and Goan fare and a lot for vegetarians as well.
 At Murrodwaddo, Candolim Beach Road, Candolim
 9 am to 12.30 pm 
 +91 832 6647601-4 Banyan Tree Thai An open air restaurant surrounded by lush green lawns At Vivanta Holiday Village, S inquerim 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm & 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +918326645858 Barbeque and Grill North Indian, seafood, grills and live entertainment ‘Seafood Bazaa’r is on Monday and Wednesday At Fortune Select Regina, Candolim 7.30 pm to 11 pm +918323988444 Beach House Goan, Portuguese & Seafood A Goan specialty restaurant that was long the base of the renowned chef Rego. At Vivanta Holiday Village, Sinquerim 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +918326645858

Bob’s Inn
 Goan Something of a Goan institution, this place offers up some fine curry rice and other satisfying fare. At Calangute-Candolim Road, Candolim
 11.30 am to 3.30 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm 
 +91 832 2489402 Bomras Burmese and other Asian Cuisine Good option for Asian food At Souzawaddo, Candolim 6.30 To 11.30 pm +91 9767591056 Bon Appetit Chinese, European, Goan, Italian, North Indian, Thai
Check out the crab in butter garlic sauce or the seafood platter
 Near Vivanta Holiday Village, Sinquerim
 11 am to 11 pm 
 +91 832 2479477 Caravela Chinese, European, Goan, Italian, North Indian, Thai A long-time favourite haunt among Goans and visitors alike
 At Vivanta Holiday Village, Sinquerim 7.30 am to 10.30 pm 
 +91 832 6645858

Panjim & Around 
 A Lua 
 Chinese, European, Goan, North Indian, Seafood
 11 am to 11 pm 
 At, Bella vista, Sangolda, contact: +91 832 2416671/ 73 
 At Porie Bhatt, Verna, Contact: +91 832 2782760/ +91 9881272080
 At Bhueem Bhatt, St Cruz, Merces, Panjim, +91 832 2448172/ +91 2448757 A Pastelaria Bakery Good place for pastries, cakes, cookies and other sweet offerings
 9 am to 9 pm 
 At Hotel Mandovi, Panjim 
 +91 832 2426270/ 73 A’tona Bar and Restaurant Goan, Portuguese Good choice for grilled dishes and highly competent Goan food. Recently the winner of the Goa Streets Readers’ Choice Award for Best Xacutti. At Carina Desa, Betim 7 pm to 11 pm +919823129239 Anandashram Hotel 
 Chinese, Goan and Seafood
 This is one of the oldest eateries in Goa and is something of an institution for its affordable and delicious Goan Fare. 
 At 31st January Road, Panjim 
 1 pm to 10.30 pm 
 +91 9823195245 Antonio D’silva
 This one is strictly for the sausage lovers. 
At Goa Velha, Panjim 6 am to 9 pm 
 +91 9822184433

Food & Drink  9

Friday, May 9, 2014

Avanti Bar & Restaurant 
 Indian, Goan & Seafood 
 Serves up Goan specialties like rawa fried prawns, stuffed squid and gratinated stuffed crab masala
 Near Patto Bridge, Panjim 
 11 am to 3 .30 pm, 7 pm to 11.30 pm 
 +91 832 2435884/ +91 832 2427179 Baba’s Wood Cafe Italian Pizza oven and homemade gelato. Wide choice of pure Italian dishes with beef fillet and fish always on the menu. Closed on Tuesday At Mala, Fontainhas, Panaji 12 pm to 3 pm & @ 6 pm – Midnight +918323256213/ +919923414098

Margao & Around Ruta’s World Café World Cuisine
 Located on a quiet side street near the City’s Latin Quarter, Ruta’s offers up some of the most tasty fare in Margao. Worth checking out. At Dr Miranda Rd, Behind Nanutel, Margao. From 9 am to 6 pm +91 832 2710757 Alcoves Goan, Indian, Chinese Good choices here are the Chinese Crispy Chicken, Cafreal, Veg Kolhapuri, Veg Crispy and Chicken Vindaloo. Near Cine Vishant, Aquem, Margao 8.30 am to 11 pm +91 83 22735062, +91 832 2730536 Allegria Goan, Portuguese Fine-dining restaurant at the Taj Exotica serving up very good food. On offer are all the classic Goan dishes like Chicken Cafreal, Pork Sorpotel and Kullanche Mass Kottnim, which is crab meat in a shell, plus your Fish Curry Rice. At Taj Exotica, Calwaddo, Benaulim, Salcette. 7.30 pm to 10.45 pm +91 832 6683333 Café Tato
 Pure Vegetarian Check it out if you’re in the mood for a good Goan veg lunch. Try the puri bhaji. At Apna Bazaar complex, Margao
 7 am to 10 pm 
+91 832 2736014

Canacona Baba’s Little Italy 
 Chinese, Goan, Indian, Italian & seafood.
 At Palolem Beach, Canacona
 9 am to 11 pm
 +91 9923749449 Big Fish Restaurant & Bar North Indian, Chinese, Italian, European Try out the bruschetta, the opensandwich-style bread with all kinds of different toppings, or the Marguerite Pizza, the Foccacia and, of course, the pastas. At Palolem Beach, Canacona
 8am to 11 pm +91 9418097133, +91 9904312298

Bhakti Kutir European, Goan, Indian, Seafood At Palolem, Canacona 8 am to 10 pm. +91 832 2643472 Canacona Coffee shop There’s Indian, Goan, European and some Chinese on offer with a contemporary, fusion touch to the items. There’s a buffet breakfast and an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner. At the Intercontinental Lalit Goa Resort, Rajbaga, Canacona +91 832 2667777

Morjim & Around Café Nu 
 Chinese, European, North Indian & Seafood At Junaswaddo, Mandrem 
 10 am to 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
 +91 9850658568 4X Bar & Restaurant Sword Fish marinated in wine, Tuna Steak, Salted Tuna, Pork marinated in garlic and wine At Morjim Beach, Vithaldas Vaddo, Morjim +91 9850357876 Coros by the Sea
 Coros by the Sea is a good place for food and relaxation.
 At Ajoba Temple, Morjim
 8 am to 11 pm 
 +91 8605020020 Everest Restaurant 
 European, Goan, Italian, North Indian, Tandoori
 At Cliffside, Arambol beach, Arambol
 11 am to 11 pm Hotel Casablanca
 Russian, European Russian favorites like red beetroot soups, borscht red beet soup with sour cream and many more 
 At Tembvaddo, Morjim 
 8 am to 11 pm 
 +91 9822985576

Sabreen and Prahlad

It’s got cheese, roasted bell peppers, zucchini, seasonal greens and home-made citrus marmalade! The zing from this marmalade isrefreshing and it blends in like long lost friends with the cheese rolled inside. Another yummy dish from this particular part of the menu is the Spiced Fish Salad. It’s got Kingfish, Barracuda, turnips, mung (lentil) sprouts, Kerala spice “tadka” and seasonal greens.The “tadka” or “chowk” element was a welcome Indian twist to the fusion at play.

Looking around, while waiting for the next dish of pomfret, I realize that BSB has a unique charm, a way of making its guests feel cozy. It’s a lovely experience to be embraced by the décor in such a subtle manner. Details like the Italian stool by the bar, the black leather, reclaimed pieces of furniture, the granite slabs, the wine cellar, the cold steel and the photographs framing the walls … all blend into each other as effortlessly as BSB’s world class fusion cuisine. Plus there’s a number of other whimsical, unexpected touches, like the screen in the men’s washroom playing video clips from “Back to the Future.” It isn’t just all luck. BSB, was born almost after two decades of experience by Sabreen and Prahlad in hotel management, food preparation, wine tasting and mastering a host of other skills that makes a successful restaurateur. Prahlad and Sabreen graduated from Les Roches, one of the world’s best hospitality schools in Switzerland.Prahlad also happens to hold a degree from the prestigious International Sommelier Guild and a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. Les Roches was also wherePrahlad and Sabreen happened to meet each other for the first time before tying the knot. The couple roamed the planet for a while, with stints in Hawaii, Vancouver, Singapore, North America and Europe – working with some of the leading luxury hotel chains in the world, includingthe Four Seasons. They finally came back to India to run their own restaurant. Alas, my pomfret is here! More than just catering to your palate, the pan seared fish fillet is also a display of presentational prowess.It has just the right texture, allowing one to appreciate the flavor and the freshness of the dish. BSB is currently hosting the ongoing “Summer Project”, an experiment bringingtogether design, art and food. “The Summer Project Menu” is a four-course summer menu with samples of exotic and rare wines. I am on the last note of my meal and Sabreen, who is on a sugarless diet at the moment, is eyeing my chocolate lava cake. Prahlad,meanwhile, is talking to me and looking askew to make sure that the health vow they’ve taken is still intact.This is her favourite dessert and it’s making her weak in the knees. I suppose that’s not an uncommon reaction to the wonders of Black Sheep Bistro. Address: The Black Sheep Bistro, Swami Vivekanand Rd, Panjim Phone:0832 222 2901

Metro Shoes Opens in Goa



India’s largest fashion footwear store now at 18th June Road, Panaji Leading brands and latest styles all under one roof

etro Shoes, the largest fashion footwear brand in India opened its showroom in Panaji and was inaugurated by Mr.Sohel Kamdar - CEO, Metro Shoes, Mr.Khalid A Majid – Regional Manager-Metro Shoes and Mr.Tahir Isani-Franchisee owner of Metro Shoes in Goa. The product range at Metro Shoes will feature style, quality and the latest international trends that appeal to all age groups. “Goa is a rapidly developing location with a sizeable population base that is fashion forward and has a liking for quality branded footwear. Being a tourist spot and attracting a large number of teenagers and families over the year gives Metro Shoes an impetus to target the place and offer all footwear needs under one roof”, said Mr. Khalid Majid, Regional Manager, Metro Shoes. A superb amalgamation of modern styling and rich Indian heritage, Metro Shoes provides a one stop destination for all footwear needs; making it a must have accessory in the wardrobe of every fashion aficionado including Bollywood Stars. The newly inaugurated store stocks more than 7,800 pairs of shoes that comprise of formal, casual, sports-wear, and wedding footwear for men, women and children. To celebrate the opening, Metro Shoes announced a 20% discount on all in-house

brands and 10% discount on other brands like Florsheim, Lee Cooper, Red Tape, Bulchee, Fila, Franco Leone & Ganuchion (On Friday May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd only). “The Metro Shoes store in Goa has an area of 1100sq.ft. and will hosts over 100 pairs of new designs every week. Customers are expected to come from nearby areas such as Margao, Panjim, Colva, Calangute, Ponda, Mapusa, Corlim

and Ribandadfr to shop for the various exclusive brands stocked at Metro Shoes. This region has a huge demand for casual and formal footwear to cater to and Metro Shoes has kept that in mind” adds Mr.Khalid Majid. As in all Metro Shoes stores, the product range is customized to fit local tastes and fashion trends. Men’s shoes are priced from Rs. 1090 onwards while ladies’ shoes are priced from Rs. 590 onwards. Metro

Shoes also houses men’s and women’s accessories such as handbags, wallets, belts and shoe care products ranging from Rs. 300 onwards. Shop Details: Address – Shop No 3, Municipal Building, 18th June Road, Panaji Showroom Manager- Afzal Khan Mobile – 09920228538

Raise Your Hand, Fight Global Child Malnutrition Amway attempts to break the Guiness book record W

ith a mission to help people live better lives and achieve their potential, Amway unveiled a global campaign named “Raise your hand, fight global child Malnutrition”. Under this initiative, Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) launched “Power of Five” an advocacy program to build awareness on Child Malnutrition. Amway distributors and employees and NGO partners at 105 locations came forward to provide colourful handprints to a global mural. For every colourful handprint Amway will donate US$1 summing up to a total of US $ 400,000 to CARE International towards the support of underprivileged children and by doing so, AOF attempts to break the 30,000 hand print Guiness World record In a message from Amway India headquarters, Mr. William S. Pinckney, MD & CEO, Amway India stated, “Globally, Amway has always been in forefront when it comes to supporting noble causes. Our core values and legacy drives across 104 countries through our employees and distributors with an objective to make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people around the world. I am delighted to launch our global campaign to fight against child malnourishment on the occasion of our 16th anniversary celebrations here in India and yes this year also marks the 80th anniversary celebration for our flagship brand Nutrilite.” Mr. Pinckney further added that “Idea is to sensitize people towards importance of Nutrition in those critical initial five years of child’s life. This collective effort is necessary to help children around the world live to see their 5th birthday and achieve their potential in life.” According to the World Health Organization, 7 million children younger than 5 years old die each year from preventable causes and malnutrition is the underlying cause of 45 percent of these deaths. Not only across the world, 75% of preschool children in India are Iron deficient and 60% of them have vitamin A deficiency. India is No. 1 country in World for stunted (low height for age) children as per UNICEF.

Amway business owners participating in 'Power of 5' global campaign

Feature  11

Friday, May 9, 2014

By Crespo D’souza


t was past midnight when a group of musicians sat sipping coffee after an evening out in a fancy hotel in Panjim. Out of the blue, a person unknown to the group began making obscene gestures towards the young women who were with the musicians. What followed was a rain of punches upon the perpetrator. Make no mistake. Among domestic Indian tourists Goa is a sex haven, a sin city where even if one doesn’t patronize allout prostitution, male marauders are seeking proximity to liberally clad women, be they foreigners, other Indians or even local Goans. Indeed, many visitors to Goa perceive it as “Sin City”. Jason Pinto, an employee at a local luxury hotel, recalls the evening when he was cycling along the road to his village of Betalbatim after work and was asked by a group of men in an SUV where they could find prostitutes. A shocked Pinto could only mutter to them to look elsewhere. The extent of the problem is generally brought to the public’s attention as a result of the raids conducted by the police and the publicized arrests. Most Goans believe that the ‘mafia’ is made up of only outsiders and just caters to outsiders. However, what might come as an eye-opener to most Goans is that many people from Goa have also been involved in these illegal prostitution rackets. In two raids conducted by the Goa Police in December 2013 at the peak of the tourist season, three Goan pimps were arrested. They had joined hands with others from outside the state to run prostitution rackets inthe coastal belt of Bardez. In the first case Surendra Mandrekar, hailing from Ashvem, was arrested as he was dropping a sex worker off at a potential customer’s room inSinquerim. In the second case two Goans,Rohit Karapurkar, a resident of Dhargal Pernem, and Sunny Nagvekar, from Calangute,were also arrested for a similar offence. Both were not only booked under the

Immoral Trafficking Act, but alsounder the Information Technology Act. The Police investigation revealed that they had advertised for their services over the internet and were obtaining customers through mobile numbers listed on these websites. “Many of the hotels are complicit in these rackets and consciously allow the premises to be used for such activity. There are others that actively try to stop it and still others who let it run under their noses,”states a local hotel manager who requested anonymity. The tourism industry in the state has recognized the problem. So badly tarnished was the image of the hotel and spa industry that the good ones found it necessary to distinguish themselves under a newly created umbrella called the Goa Salon and Spa Association in a bid to salvage the pride of the ‘ethical players.’ Explaining the need and purpose of its

establishment Ryan Semelhago, President of the newly formed association, said that the association serves to fulfill the purpose of a platform for the ethical industry players. “The salon and spa sector in Goa has been growing in a chaotic way all these years. This association is to bring some semblance of order and to protect the business interests of our members. There are a lot ofunethical sleaze and fly-bynight business operators that have given a bad name to the rest of the industry,” Semelhago said at the launch event for the association. The problem many of the salon and spa operators face is being automatically tagged as prostitution dens. Many employees hail from the North Eastern States of the country and have characteristically South East Asian features so they are wrongly assumed to be prostitutes. “Back home our parents are worried that we do not have genuine

jobs and that we are in the state’s sex industry,”said one such employee. The news media reports on illegal prostitution in Goa definitely do not help the legal spa workers’ efforts to put their parents at ease. The local government’s efforts to register massage parlors with the health authorities a few years ago has not found many takers and with the increasing number of suspicious classified ads in local newspapers, it is clear that illegal massage parlors have, in fact, blossomed over time. Tourists are approached by prostitutes in a variety of ways: either through an offer for a massage that is given right at the beach or he is invited to a parlor where he is ‘taken care of’. Alternatively, the ‘massage’ is givenin a moving van that innocuously drives around town, curtains drawn, withthe outside world lost to the illicit activity taking place inside. Social worker Suzana de Souza, who has worked with the police on many cases to “rescue”young women from the clutches of the pimps, narrate show most of the women end up back in the trade. “After several years, they know no other life and even if rescued by the police, end up back into it,” she explained. “Of all the cases of women we have rescued I have found only one case where a woman has admitted that she was forced into the business due to abject poverty and needing the money for the operation of her mother,” de Souza recalls. Most of the sex workers have children and families back in their home towns that they are working to support.Several NGO’s are also working towards the rehabilitation of these workers. In some cases the women are lured to the area with the promise of legitimate jobs and then are duped and forced into prostitution, ending up with the pimps and no way out. It’s not without reason then the State’s North Goa Superintendent of Police Priyanka Kashyap caused an uproar when she remarked that in her”personal opinion” she was in favor of legalizing prostitution. However, her husband and Superintendent of Police of the state’s Anti-Narcotics Cell were more cautious to comment. “It (legalizing prostitution) has its advantages and disadvantages. Like a coin, there are always two sides. Some countries have done well with prostitution being legalized. Our country has a different view. Morality-immorality and all those things, it’s apolicy level question,” said Kashyap. Information on the total extent of the sex industry in the state and the value of the industry as a whole is difficult to come by simply because it is underground. Few authorities are willing to even hazard a guess. As long as Goa is looked upon as this oasis of liberal values in a parched and sexually conservative Indian subcontinent, this window to the west will likely continue to be used and abused for illicit activities tourists wouldn’t dare do elsewhere. 

12    Cover Story

Photograph by Ananda Krishna

The Charm of the Summer and Monsoons

Why is it called the OFF season when so much is ON? By Amy Perez


s there really a bad time to visit paradise? In a place where it’s shorts and T-shirt weather for 12 months of the year – what is all the fuss about summer and monsoon season being a bad time to visit? Goa is an amazing place to visit any time of year. During the so-called off season, the “other” Goa really comes to life. The very term ‘off season’, it seems, is something of an oxymoron. So the days get a little hot and sultry from April to June and then the winds and downpours arrive that send people running for cover until September. What’s a little perspiration and rain shower when you can save heaps of money on your cool tropical digs, shop to your hearts content, see beauty in nature that you thought only existed on

postcards and sample tasty-licious Goan treats and bevvies at normal prices? Did I mention you also get to avoid the crowds of over-eager partiers? There you have it, summer and monsoon season are actually an ideal time to visit Goa. Most tourists in India and abroad are yet to wake up to the charms of a wet Goa when it is at its most beautiful. Discover a unique Goa with the vivid green of rice paddies, palm trees dancing and waves crashing in the high winds and rivers zigzagging, swollen with rainwater. Goa in the rains is an amazing sight to behold. Take this time to head to the interior of Goa and explore spice plantations, jungles and wildlife sanctuaries that will take your breath away and offer a bit of a respite from the heat.Or head to the larger towns like Candolim, Mapusa, Panjim or Margao to check out the shopping markets and trendy boutiques.

Don’t worry, the beach doesn’t have to be off your itinerary… Just be prepared to have a different kind of experience. During the summer, the beach and swimming are still there for the taking. And during the rains, you can enjoy the rustic charm of the crashing waves and spray of the Arabian Sean moistening your skin while you sit protected on the veranda at the luxury villa that was a steal. Truth be told, local businesses do suffer a significant slowing down of tourism from April – September - after the millions of tourists that descend upon Goa each winter have gone home. Increasingly, however, resorts, hotels, restaurants and other tourism operators are getting creative and tapping into whole new markets during the summer and monsoon seasons. Chief among the ‘off season’ visitors are Indians

themselves – so much so that it’s fair to say these days there’s no real ‘off season’ in Goa. Many resorts offer great summer and monsoon packages and discounts that will change your mind about putting up with the heat and rain. Some even throw in freebies that would normally cost you a fortune such as a Spa or Ayurvedic treatment, an extra night stay, meals and alcohol, recreational activities, sightseeing, cooking classes, airport/ train station pick up and drop off and more. You need to be a savvy shopper when making reservations and check out all the different offers and discounts to get the most for your money. The deals are there. Be sure to ask for them! Resorts such as The Alcove Resort at Vagator Beach, The Crown Resort in Panjim, The Holiday Inn Resort at Mobor Beach, The Zuri Resort at Varca Beach,

Cover Story  13

Friday, May 9, 2014

ene beach sc Monsoon

Lemon Tree Resort in Candolim, Royal Orchid at Uttorda Beach and Lalit Golf & Spa Resort at Patnem Beach all have different promotions designed to entice guests to Goa during off-peak times. The beauty of not feeling obligated to stay at the beach frees you up to explore other lodging options which also offer summer and monsoon time discounts including B&B’s or homestays such as such as The Only Olive,which are charmingly and authentically restored Portuguese villas near Mapusa. Maybe a body treatment to restore you to health and happiness is in order. It is widely believed Ayurvedic treatments are best done during the monsoons due to the cooling climate and fresh air because the body responds to the treatments quicker. So take advantage of deals at Ayurvedic spas such as Turiya Villa and Spa in South Goa, where nightly costs run about one third the price of high season. The same holds true for yoga retreats. Your favorite place to get zen will, most likely, be offering students reduced rates during the hot and rainy time. Smaller classes are an extra perk. You’ll get more personalized attention from the instructor and have more room to do your practice without having to hold hands with your neighbor during Savasana. Feeling adventurous? Head to the jungle cottages and mud abodes where your morning wake-up call is the choir of over 40 species of birds that you’ll find in the dense forests of Goa and drink your morning coffee to a view of the stunning waterfalls of Dudhsagar and Kesarval, newly replenished by the monsoon rains. Wildernest Nature Resort, Godfrey’s Indian Retreat and Canopyhave a range of discounted packages for accommodations and eco-fun such as birdwatching, trekking, fishing, safaris, spice plantation visits, cultural heritage tours and wildlife experience at places such as Mollem National Park, Bondla Wildlife Safari and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary which are at their most bountiful during monsoon

time. With extra cash in hand, it’s a time to indulge in seeing the sights and have some fun. Adventure tours and rental equipment that are often costly can also see some pretty good discounts from May to September.It’s easy to stay active on land and off when you have overflowing rivers waiting to be rafted, high winds taunting para-sailors, lush green river banks making the perfect perch for fisherman and empty roads calling out to cyclists. If your idea of a good time is more about culture and not speed then you won’t be disappointed. There is an abundance of art to be seen, concerts to be watched and festivals reflecting Goa’s

heritage and contemporary edge. Festivals this season: The Goa Cashew and Coconut Fest from May 21st to 25th honors Goan roots and traditions by celebrating rare arts, cuisines and traditional activities centered around the ever popular cashew and coconut. If you are a fan of feni, this will be the place to be. Make sure to mark June 24th on your calendar as the Festival of Sao Joao promises to be an event of epic entertainment all throughout Goa. In honour of St. John the Baptist villagers gather and jump into wells, streams, ponds and even pools. The leap into the water signifies the great joy that St. John felt when Jesus was born. The enthusiasm that Goans bring for this feast day is a sight to behold. So bring your crown of leaves and flowers and join in the merriment and local delicacies. The sleepy and lush island of Divar will come to life for the annual Bonderam Festival which falls on August 23rd. Just a quick trip (12km) from Panjim and you’ll have a full day of traditional festival fun like flag parades, dress competitions and concerts.

If the heat or rain is just too much to take, what better way to wait it out than by taking in a Bollywood movie or going on an around-the-world culinary adventure? Besides the authentic Goan eateries and dishes that will make your mouth water, a great many hip places stay open all year and serve up international flavors that will keep you sheltered and fill you up. Talented chefs are definitely creating food that is rockin’ the gastronomic scene in Goa. Whether it’s food, shopping, zooming down rapids or counting bird species, there is something for everyone during summer and monsoon time. Depending on your type of travel, the benefits of coming during this time might far outweigh the arguments to come during high season. The “other” Goa is here to be discovered. The one that is friendly to your pocketbook and the one that will reveal that a little heat and rain can’t diminish the beauty and good times to be had in this magical place. 

ferry during the Gaily festooned l va Bonderam Festi

Sao Joao Festival


Friday, May 9, 2014

Verma D’Mello: A world-class fashion designer right here at home

“Fashion is not just about your clothes; your attitude counts too,” avers Verma D’Mello, Goa’s renowned fashion designer. Best known for her bridals and evening wear, Verma has scaled to great heights. Dr. Charlane Pereira e Rebello catches up with this down-to-earth talented personality in an interesting têteà-tête at her studio in Margao.


s I rush to make my appointment with Verma, I spot a woman outside the studio who seems to be on the lookout for someone – namely, me. It was Verma. She was waiting for me just in case my navigation skills betrayed me. After a warm welcome, I find myself sitting comfortably at her impressive studio as she speaks about her challenges and the success she has found in the fashion industry. Born in Goa, she moved to Mumbai when she was 5 years old. Here is where her dreams of fashion took root at the young age of 11. Though shy and introverted by nature, she was always a dreamer and what better place to dream about fashion than in the Bollywood capital where glitz and glamour rein supreme. She says, “All I dreamt of was dresses, and more dresses.” She pauses, shoots me an animated smile and says, “by the way I have already

dressed you up in my mind” and then continues her story of success without missing a beat. She is a woman with fashion on the mind. Verma’s credentials reach far beyond the world of fashion. Her background is diverse and impressive. She graduated in Literature from Khalsa College in Mumbai before moving on to study law at Kare College in Goa, and finally on to earning a Master’s at Goa University. With a few awards for “Best Designer” in inter-collegiate competitions under her belt, D’Mello gained confidence and the idea that she could do this as a career began to blossom. While holidaying in London, she saw a promo for a fashion design competition that read, “If you have it in you, walk in.” Though the entry fee was 10 pounds at that time, she participated along with 6 others and won a prize for Do-It-Yourself designs. That was the turning point in her life and career. It was a fast track into the fashion industry after that. D’Mello went on to study draping and fashion technology at Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London and the art of millinery (the art of making hats) in Brussels and even made her way to France where one needs to look no further than the streets to learn about fine fashion. Ooh la-la! She still recalls those days, “Eating batatawadas, babysitting to pay my expenses, and walking down the busy streets of Brussels.” Times were indeed tough but she was doing exactly what she wanted. The journey to success didn’t unfold in a single day. D’Mello faced racism in several countries where Indians were not favorably looked upon. However, her perseverance and dedication never

wavered. In 1997, her big break came while she was in Goa. On one of her visits to the Eagle Warehouse in Margao to exchange dollars, the owner inquired about the top Verma was wearing, asking where she got it. Her simple reply, “I designed it” landed her an order of 100 pieces of that same shirt to be delivered within a month. The orders kept pouring in! There was no turning back. Today Verma is the proud owner of her studio in Panjim heading up eleven interns. A self-made woman! In her Margao studio she has 28 interns. She says, “Eighty percent of my girls are from National Fashion Institute of Technology (NFIT), Polytechnic College and School of Fashion Technology (SOFT).” D’Mello’s forte is bridal gowns and evening-wear which are elegant yet also reflect contemporary glamor. However, as a designer her creativity is limitless. In addition to formal wear you can also find her designs of everyday wear and

Verma’s summer wear this year is hot! The fiery red glow of the Gulmohar flower serves as great inspiration for this designer who loves bold bright colors for this seasons fashion statement. For those who dislike bright shades, Verma opines, “Opt for white with a dash of vibrant shades.” Crop tops and tribal prints are also on the “in” fashion list this summer. So, that being said… get shopping! D’Mello has been widely recognized not only in Goa but the world over. Her recent Dubai trip showcased her talent along with the likes of Esposa. Being the only Goan fashion designer to be invited to showcase her bridal collections at the event ‘Bride Dubai’ this April, it was a giant leap in the international circuit. An excited Verma exclaims, “The world is now mine.” She has designed beautiful costumes for Miss Femina and Gladrags contestants in the past. In 2012, she also participated in the Kochi fashion show sponsored by Kingfisher. The year 2011 saw Verma designing costumes for about 11 traditional professions of Goa, ‘Salaam Goenkar,’ applauded by the Goa Government. Her fashion shows in other states have also added to her immense popularity. Her clientele extends far beyond the borders of Goa. Not only Goans but brides from Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Dubai, Kuwait, the UK, Australia, etc are eager to wear the fashion of Verma D’Mello. However, if you want to have your very own “D’Mello” bridal gown, bookings have to done more than a year in advance. She says, “I am booked till December 2015. Though the slots are booked in advance, I don’t start working on these bridals immediately as the young bride-to-be might lose or gain weight.” Friends Kyla Warret, Raymond Rossana and mother Zita D’Mello have always encouraged her to chase her dreams and in 14 years in the industry she has accomplished so much. Her advice to youngsters is full of wisdom, “Today’s budding fashion designers need to read and keep themselves abreast of knowledge. Create timeless trends. People also need to change their mentality about fashion.” She adds, “There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work always pays off. Be humble. Lead a clean life. Be righteous. Live life queen-size. Be true to yourself. Be more of a giver than a taker. Don’t be a prisoner of the past but an architect of the future.” D’Mello represents a small percentage of successful Goan female designers in the fashion world. She takes great pride in her Goan roots. Goa is proud of you, Verma! 

Arts&Entertainment  15

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dance Competition Organised by Youth United for Christ, Borda Near St. Joaquin Chapel, Borda @ 7 pm

Until May 10 The Summer Project In association with Chameleon Art Projects. Displaying photography, street art and installation work alongside traditional paintings. Check out the Goa Streets story at At Sacha’s Shop and Black sheep Bistro, Panjim At Black Sheep Bistro: Tues to Sun: 7 pm onwards At Sacha’s Shop: Mon to Sat: 10 am to 8 pm +91 832 222 2901

Galleries of Note San Thome Museum Go back in time and visit a real jewel in Goa’s treasure chest. Free entry. At Varca 9 am to 8 pm +91 9822363917/ +91 832 2745017 Yahel Chirinian Interesting mosaic mirror sculptures. Free entry. At Monsoon Heritage Studio, Arpora 9 am to 6 pm +91 9822122771 Gallery Gitanjali An elegant art gallery in Panjim’s Latin Quarter; definitely worth popping in when you’re in the area. At Fontainhas, Panjim 9 am to 9 pm +91 9823572035 Panjim Art Gallery Get a dose of local culture: figurative, individual work by Goan artists. Near Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Panjim 9 am – 8 pm +91 9822168703 Cheshire Cat Jewellery Gallery Fashionable wearables. It’s all about style ladies. Jewellery and accessories. At Bairo Alto, Assagao 10 am to 7 pm +91 9822580898 Gallery Attic More local talent on display: paintings by Goan Artists. Opposite Don Bosco, Panjim 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm +91 832 2420929/+91 2257931 Sunaparanta- Goa Centre for the Arts The centre houses several exhibition galleries, a large multi-functional space for workshops and lectures, an inhouse film club, sketch club, studios, open air amphitheatre, pottery studio and an open courtyard that houses the al fresco café, Bodega. Open to the public, and the food at the café is recommended. Brunch on Sundays. 10 am to 6 pm At Altinho, Panjim +91 832 2421311

Mario Art Gallery Original paintings and other memorabilia of the great Goan artist/ cartoonist Mario Miranda. Buy “The Life of Mario”, as well as prints, mounted prints, frames, tiles, mugs, card sets and other books. At ‘Houses of Goa’, Salvador-doMundo, Porvorim area 9 am to 5.30 pm +91 832 2410711 Arte Douro Art Gallery Even if you aren’t into serious art, check out these paintings on canvas originals and prints, international and local. At Porba Vaddo, Calangute 9 am to 9 pm +91 832 22882266/ +91 9822147148 Art Chamber - Galleria de Belas Artes Featuring works by Goan artist Yolanda D’Souza and others. Whilst you’re there, check out their programme of musical performances. At Gauravaddo, Calangute 10 am to 1 pm & 4 pm to 8 pm +91 832 2277144/ +91 9823217435 Big Foot Art Gallery Display of works by various artists from India and abroad. At Loutolim 9 am to 6 pm. +91 832 2777034 Surya Art Gallery Contemporary art works - Goan canvas paintings & artifacts. At Bandawalwada, Pernem +919404149764 Moksa Art Gallery Salvador’s paintings. Salvadore Fernandes, that is, and others. At Naikawaddo, Calangute 9.30 am to 8.30 pm +91 832 2281121/ +91 9326717386 Casa Araujo Alvares A 250-year-old mansion showcases our heritage in Goa’s first automated sound & light museum. Entry Fees Charged Rs.50 At Big Foot, Loutolim 9 am – 6 pm. +91 832 2777034 Email: Gallery Esperance Go back in time: Retrospective of art in Oils, Watercolors, Crayons Portraits, Landscape and Still Life Photographs. Near the Our Lady of Merces Church, Merces 9 am to 6 pm +91 9545536437 Carpe Diem An extremely active art and learning centre that hosts a number of exhibitions and performances. Also look out for the workshops there. At Majorda 10 am to 6 pm. +91 8888862462 Fundação Oriente Art Gallery Permanent exhibition of paintings by Antonio Xavier Trindade (1870-1935) – a well-known Goan painter of the time. At Fontainhas, Panjim 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm +91 832 2230728/ +91 2436108

Photograph by Ananda Krishna

May 16

By Perin Ilavia


s anyone who’s been through the pains and gains of a workout routine knows, finding ways to have a little fun while doing so can be a real challenge. Look no further, Goa Streets reader. Just get into the Babylonian groove and sexily gyrate your hips a bit. Welcome to the world of belly dancing. Known by different names around the world - Dance du Ventre (dance of the stomach) in France, Cifte Telli in Greece, Rakkase in Turkey, Raks Sharki in Egypt and simply Oriental Dance in the Middle East - belly dancing has traditional associations with religious and erotic elements. Its apparent origins are goddess rituals in temples and fertility cults of the ancient world. While belly dancing will certainly keep you fit it’s also a form of meditation. Moving the body while keeping the mind focused on the inner experience of the movements - articulated isolations, snake like undulations, lifts, locks, drops, shimmies, fluid arm movements and swaying hips - expresses inner emotions and transports you to a higher level of consciousness, stimulating the “Hara” – the second Chakra of the body, which is the centre of sense, body and self. There’s a great belly dance program on offer right here in Goa, which I’ll get to in just a bit.

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From page 15 Many cultures such as those in India, China, Japan and Africa acknowledge the belly as the point of physical access to spiritual power. The belly is our first point of receiving life-force energy. But in contemporary living we have cut ourselves off from our bellies; we don’t even breathe down to our bellies anymore. Belly dancing energizes our bellies, strengthening the physical connection to our spiritual source and by doing this equips us to step aside from patterns of negative behavior such as domination, exploitation and addiction. Sadly much of society associates it with an erotic dance performed by women in public places and therefore views it with a degree of disdain. But many know better - that it’s also a form of exercise and meditation that can help create life -enhancing alternatives for individuals and bringing forth the mindset that our culture requires for personal, community and planetary healing. In particular the dance is uniquely designed for the female body. Its practice helps women reconnect with their feminine aspects, relieve

stress and feel calmer. It rekindles their creative energies, helps them access higher levels of vitality and brings straightforwardness into their minds, bodies and souls. The complex steps also stimulate the working memory. Interested? Well, you can learn belly dancing here in Goa with Mandira Srivastava, a well known Healer and Therapist from Delhi who came to live in Goa some seven years ago. Educated in India, the Middle East and America, she entered the world of healing fifteen years ago to help find new meaning in her own then mostly unhappy and unhealthy life. Seeing the benefits of certain therapies, she decided to extend them to others. Included among these is belly dancing. Viewing her own life as being akin to that of a dancer, dancing to the beat of different drummers, Mandira explains the benefits of belly dancing as follows: “Women today have demanding day to day schedules; a career, taking care of the family. Many do not give themselves ‘me time,’ and along the way they have lost grace and sensuality that is so much a part of every being. Pamper yourself, live for yourself, concentrate on how you can enhance your energy

and spirit. The concept behind belly dancing is not for performance, it’s a personal experience, to unlock energy. In my experience, belly dancing allows for ease in acceptance of one’s own form. Arising from that, it helps to reestablish a deep connection with being a woman. Dance the belly, breath into it, energize it and celebrate it. For me, it has been like bringing to life my true ‘self’, realizing my personal power, and finding the energy to fuel and fulfill my potential, taking one graceful step at a time. It enables me to celebrate ‘me’ as a woman completely.” Mandira’s program is entitled ‘Awaken the Dance Within.’ It is an invitation to move beyond one’s adapted ways, from the unconscious to the conscious, from darkness into light, harnessing one’s energies to create a new reality and authenticity. The sessions are filled with music, light, sound, dialogue, meditation, and importantly - pragmatic processes. Other sessions that Mandira offers include: Reiki: a system that provides simple tools and techniques for analyzing the dynamics of self-behavior, and relationships.

Active Meditations: a series of simple, powerful techniques for releasing negative and destructive emotional energy trapped and stored deep within the tissues and cells of the body and mind which create havoc within us. Aura Soma: a non-intrusive selfselective soul development system, supported by the energy of plants and crystals. Crystal Healing: a system for harnessing energies. Select your crystals and wear or keep them in your space. Also learn how to clean, program and activate them. Gemstonery: Learn about especially crafted crystals that protect and energize you. The venue for these sessions is located amidst verdant countryside. Mandira holds both specially designed individual workshops (one on one,) as well as group sessions, each for 1-2 hours. You can dance your belly and avail of her other programs by prior appointment. Mandira can be contacted by e-mail on: 

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 10

April 30 to May 15

Film - The Wages of Fear (Le Salaire de la Peur) By Henri George Cluzot Free entry At Alliance Francaise, Panjim @ 3 pm +91 832 2420049

Summer Creation An art and personality camp for children between 5 to 14 years of age. Includes crafts like key chains, wall hangings, bags, candles, flowers, shells, and dance and personality sessions. At Saraswat Vidyalaya, Mapusa +91 9423886063/ +91 9822155805

Science Mag on Dr Narendra Dabholkar Organised jointly by Goa Science Forum and Lokbhoomi Publications At Multipurpose hall at Sanskruti Bhavan at Patto in Panaji 5 pm onwards +91 832 2404601 Workshop called 'trust in God, but never remember your passwords!' Host- Social engineer, Werner Egipsy Souza At The international centre Goa, Dona Paula @ 10:30 a.m. +91 832 2452805

May 18 The Karnataka Quizzing Association’s annual double-header of written quizzes is here again and will be conducted in Goa by the Sunday Evening Quiz Club in association with the International Centre Goa. At the Zuari Hall of the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula @ 10 am +91 832 245 2805

April 7 to May 22 Summer Camp 2014 Don Bosco Oratory, Panjim organizes its annual summer club 2014. This year the camp features coaching in 14 sports disciplines, training in 18 different talents and hobbies, 3 dance forms and a host of other camps and programmes. Parallel activities include a campfire, beach trek and night cycling. At Don Bosco Oratory, Panjim +91 832 2221986

April 15 to May 15 Summer Crash Courses One month crash courses for students will be conducted in basketball, football, keyboard, guitar, wushu, drums, and theatre acting. Students will be taught basic and advanced skills comprising theory & practicals. At St.Thomas Higher Secondary School, Aldona +91 9823945094

April 28 to May 31 Pencil Line Summer Art Camp A wonderful initiative by Rajendra Usapkar – at one of Goa’s most important art centers. At Carpe Diem, Majorda 
 from 10 am to 1 pm 
 +91 8888862462

April 16 to June 1

Season 7 IPL Watch live action from IPL 2014 on a giant screen At Guru Bar, Anjuna 8 pm onwards +91 9823383257 Season 7 IPL More IPL action on a giant screen. At Terrace, Vagator 5.30 pm Onwards +91 9673050869 Season 7 IPL Indian Premier League screening At Soul Souffle, Verna +91 832 2782100 Season 7 IPL Live Screening At North 16 Bar and The Games center At North 16 Goa Resort, Calangute From 8 pm onwards +91 832 6745555/ 5557 Season 7 IPL At Curlies, Anjuna From 8 pm onwards +91 9822168628 Season 7 IPL Grand Cocktails Packages includes 5 cocktails At rs. 1000 plus taxes Unlimited At Capiz Bar, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim @ 4 pm and 8 pm +91 832 3011234

May 1 to May 31

Creative Paper Quillings Workshops for children. One day workshop on Paper Quilling basics and five-day Workshop to learn how to make fridge magnets, key chains and 3D models out of Paper Quilling. At Gera Estadia, Caranzalem 10.30 am to 1 pm +91 9763550980

May 9 to May 11

Mother’s Day at Park Hyatt Goa At De lungi, Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 11 am to 8 pm. +91 832 2721234

May 10 to May 18

Calling all Borikars to learn theatre The Bori Development Trust, being committed to the all round development of the village in general and Borikars in particular is organizing its second annual Theatre Orientation course for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 25 At St. Francis Xavier’s Church Hall Borim From 9.30 am to 1 pm. +91 9822983541/ +91 9822169127.

May 10 to May 14

Lifestyle & Fashion

Play – ‘Suicide’ Tragedy King Mario Menezes presents his 35th Konkani tiatr. Come and watch a unique story, enacted by the best of casts. The play provides an enlightening message on the prevention of suicides. At Ravindra Bhavan, Margao @ 7.30 pm +91 9822164904

Cheshire Cat Jewellery Gallery This Gallery showcases jewellery, accessories and fashion, among other delights At Bairo Alto, Assagao 10 am to 7 pm +91 9822580898

May 11 to May 13 Water colour Workshop Conducted by Vatsala Kamat Hede At The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula From 10 am to 12 pm +91 832 245 2805

Go Karting Track I Goa Karting Single and tandem go karts are available for Rs: 180 for ten laps or Rs 200 for ten laps tandem At Panjim - Margao Highway, Nuvem 4 pm to 10 pm +91 832 2757899/ +91 9850736334 Track II Goa Karting Single and tandem go karts are available for Rs: 180 for ten laps or Rs 200 for ten Laps tandem At Anjuna - Calangute Rd, Arpora 4 pm to 10 pm. +91 832 2914526

Great Goan Experiences Birds & Breakfast Have your morning breakfast watching birds. Note: The best time for bird watching is October to Mid April. At Gaurro Waddo, Calangute +91 832 2276711/ +91 9822149002 Horse Riding Majorda Beach Horse Riding offers riding on Goa’s longest beach. At Majorda. From 5 pm to 7 pm +91 9822586502 Goa Butterfly Park & Conservatory A small park on a hill that’s a great place to spot stunningly beautiful butterflies. Near Tropical Spice Plantation, Ponda +91 832 2985174, +91 9822125474 Canopy Eco – Tours Offers a wide variety of experiences including nature-treks, butterfly tours, dragonfly and damselfly tours, plus boat safaris on the Zuari River as well as their original unique birding tour. At Housing Board Colony, Margao +91 9764261711, +91 9764052225 The Bushmasters Owner Rahul Alvares is one of our state’s most experienced snake rescuers. Snake Watch programmes costs Rs. 1600 per person inclusive of transport and breakfast. At Almeida Vaddo, Parra 6.30 am to 9.30 am +91 9881961071

The Private Collection Features an eclectic collection of sophisticated women’s apparel, bespoke jewellery, colorful accessories, lifestyle, furniture, design pieces and more. At Anavaddo, Candolim 10 am to 8 pm +91 832 2489033 Maria Elena’s Wardrobe Elegant ladies party wear and accessories Behind Fidalgo, Panjim +91 9049079769/+91 7769043301 Mandi - Your Indian Fix Mandi, meaning ‘market place’ in Hindi, features apparel, eco-friendly ayurvedic fabrics, accessories, furnishings, Indian art, handmade paper and quirky ideas that you never imagined. At Betalbatim behind Jasmine Hotel in South Goa +91 9545500938. Paper Boat Collective Specializes in ceramics, textile, furniture, clothes, children items and more. At Bella Vista, Chogm Rd, Sangolda From 10.30 am to 8.30 pm +91 832 6521248 Solberg A Scandinavian Designer in Goa At Pedro Martina Resorts, Gaura Vaddo, Candolim +91 9822364978 TukTuk From apparel to silver jewellery, bags to accessories and souvenirs to curios, everything at TukTuk is handpicked from across India. At A 104, Pereira Plaza, 1st Floor, Opposite Hospicio, Margao 10:30 am – 1:30 pm & 2:30 pm – 7 pm +91 9049017182 Fabindia The shop is famous for Indian inspired ready-to-wear garments for men, women, teenagers and children. At Dattawadi, Mapusa (also in Candolim and Panjim) 10 am to 8 pm +91 832 2253585 Artjuna An unusual boutique in an Old Portuguese villa showcasing, among other items, leather crafts. Also features a lovely outdoor café. At Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna 9 am to 6 pm +91 9822686640

People Tree Its first outlet in Goa, creating and selling contemporary crafts and cool clothing. At Saunta Vaddo, Assagao 11 am to Midnight +91 832 2268091/ +91 9582018969 Bebel Boutique Designer fashion accessories At Opp. St Anthony Chapel, Calangute +91 832 6451489

Spas of Note Tatva Spa - Elements The only family spa, the largest spa chain in Goa. Well worth a visit! At Panjim, Margao, Dona Paula, Calangute, Ashvem, Candolim, Arpora +91 9325637431 Tantra Spa Signature indigenous rituals: touch therapies, spirit of Ayurveda, revitalizing body therapies, cocoons, hand & foot rituals & royal baths. At Hotel Fidalgo, 18th June Road, Panjim +91 832-2226291- 99 Quan Spa Try signature treatments like Marine Algae Bath, Aroma Fusion Massage and Quan Foot Ritual. At Goa Marriott, Panjim +91 832 246 3333 Sereno Spa Ancient Ayurvedic and yogic healing traditions are infused with the revitalizing allure of the Arabian Sea. At Arossim Beach, Cansaulim, Park Hyatt, Arossim +91 832 2721544
 Snip Salon & Spa A ‘grand’ spa At Padmavati Tower, 18th June Road, Panjim (also in Calangute) +91 832 2420898 Zara Spa A luxurious spa At Tambudki, Arpora, Bardez 8 am to 8 pm +91 832 2267300/ Sohum Spa and Wellness An ‘absolute-wellness’ spa in wonderfully luxurious surroundings At Kenilworth, Utorda, Salcete +91 832 6698888 Shamana Spa For relaxation, re-Invigoration and recreation a la The Grand Hyatt. At Grand Hyatt, Bambolim +91 832 3011603/ 1604

18    Feature

By Vivian Maverick Martins


f you are a man who likes to shop, likes a little pampering and doesn’t mind spending some serious one-on-one time in front of the mirror, then you may very well fall under the “metrosexual” category. If it’s good enough for David Beckham, it’s good enough for you. Right? You, along with many others, might be wondering what this curious label refers to. Metrosexuality refers to the latest men’s craze to embrace the idea of taking care of oneself from head to toe….skin, nails, hair and body. If it means a trip to the salon for a manicure and pedicure in addition to a haircut or a stop at the cosmetic counter for eye cream, then you might be metrosexual. Whether you’ve been manipulated by fashion and cosmetic advertising or simply have a personal desire for change, it is clear that the metrosexual trend is on the rise amongst men. Does it mean every man who cares about their looks is metrosexual? No. There is truly a difference. A man who cares about his looks is just that. But a man who takes it all to a new level – prizing his appearance, his clothing, and his material chattels - is unquestionably a metrosexual. The metrosexual man is quietly on the rise in Goa as well. The mushrooming of men’s grooming salons is a revealing fact. Many men now prefer the salon to barbershops, associating barbershops with blue-collar men who don’t give a second thought to their looks. Men that frequent salons are after a contemporary and slick haircut that they feel they could only get at the hair salon. The men I interviewed use fashion and beauty to separate themselves from other men. They rely on their style to distinguish them as “men with class.” Beauty treatments traditionally associated with female pampering, such as facials and manicures, are also increasingly popular among men. Mario Barneto, owner of Neomis Hair and Beauty Salon, has watched this trend grow. He feels that the it took off in the metropolitan cities and Goa is getting

on board late into the game. “Everyone wants to look and feel good about themselves when it comes to their hair and nails,” Barneto said, attributing the trend to increased spending power of Goans. “As people have more exposure and at the same time more disposable income to throw away, more and more metrosexual men are created,” he added. There is no doubt that there is a change to the conventional way that men have thought in the past. Their salon has indeed seen a sharp increase in male customers who want to go for bleach, threading, facials, glow packs, face scrubs, hair coloring and more. Goa’s very own metrosexual popstar Oliver Sean feels that a lot of Goan men began pampering themselves way before the trend of being “metrosexual” ever got famous.Unlike Barneto, he feels that a lot of Goans were ahead of the game in terms of fashion and personal grooming care before other men in the country even got close. “Goa is closer to the west than any other state in India and this makes us way more modern,” he added. He also feels that soccer star David Beckham was the guy who really started the trend worldwide.“It’s a cool thing,” he says “I like to get pampered too.”However, Sean does think there is a fine line that men shouldn’t cross – the line that crosses into having a large ego. Gym instructor, Joel Gonsalves of Fitness Point in Margao says, “More and more men are willing to do everything they can to make themselves look good and be in good shape. Many men want to follow metrosexual icons like David Beckham, Adam Levine and our very own

Bollywood stars. Everybody wants a six pack and a ripped body”. It is hard to deny that men are targeted by marketing companies as potential consumers of beauty products. Advertisements for men’s colognes, clothes, hair products, and facial creams are splattered over billboards, printed in fashion and men’s magazines, and broadcast over radio and television. From superstar Shahrukh Khan to sport icons like Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone is endorsing beauty products for men which make it crystal clear that the metrosexual phenomenon is here to stay. The celebrity metrosexual likeness has encouraged men to splurge freely to enhance their looks. In addition to an explosion in advertisements, we are witnessing a growth in the number of products

available to male consumers. Today, in many department stores men can shop for products at cosmetic counters alongside women. According to Naeem Shaikh, Retail Manager at Lifestyle Stores in Margao, “The demand for fairness creams, hair straightening cream, deodorants and hair styling products has increased. Sales of grooming products for males in their 20s or 30s are increasing despite the current recession as young Goan men rush to take care of their appearances. Cosmetic houses like Nivea, L’Oreal, Fair and Lovely, Garnier etc have also seen the market potential and have developed products specifically for men.” Though it's a time of recession and inflation, rich urbanites have more disposable cash than ever and are spending it on their image. ‘’Men are definitely buying more and more cosmetics and don’t have any hang-ups about buying them,” said Iqbal Khan, owner of The Cosmetics Store. “They surely don’t feel shy about standing in front of a cosmetics counter and choosing the products, as they might’ve a few years ago,” he concluded. The market seems ready to service such men. Boutiques no more signify women’s designer clothes. There are now fashion designers cutting out funky, special occasion ornamental clothes for men, and the city is dotted with shops catering to men only. Many 'All Men’s' luxury lifestyle stores have been opened in Margao, Panjim, Vasco and the coastal belt. Globally, the metrosexual industry is worth billions of dollars and consumer product mega-corps like P&G and J&J are repositioning many of their skincare and hair care products to appeal to the metrosexual phenomena. This trend has prompted the fashion and beauty industry to focus on the emerging men’s grooming market, as the women’s beauty market has reached saturation point. As urban males are now being more open to changes and experimental in nature, the male fashion industry is rapidly growing. It has become more socially acceptable for men, of all sexual orientation, to take an interest in skincare and looking good. So all you men go out there and show the world that you’ve got the “moves like Jagger.”

Feature  19

Friday, May 9, 2014

By Perin Ilavia


ver notice how relationships can be the most difficult with the people we love the most? Let it not surprise us, for these are the people in whom we are most emotionally invested. When you care about someone as much as a parent loves a child (a force of nature no less powerful than the wind and sea), the situation can be ripe for conflict, given the intensity of emotions. Often there is a clash between parents' desires and how children behave. Somewhat ironically, the best way to deal with it may be by treating children as if they were grown-ups. Be careful about what you say to them, how you behave with them and what example you set for them. Don’t be hypocritical, allow for compromise and remember that children have lives of their own. Here’s an example of a clash that’s not unusual nowadays (all names are changed and quotes are paraphrased): Deeplai is a 44-year-old single mother of a 17-year-old girl and runs a successful real-estate business. She would often tell me: 'my daughter Maya and I are good friends. I'm grooming her to take over my business. She's the best kid anyone could have. I've told her she has to concentrate on her career and not on guys.’ It was like a bolt out of the blue when a year later Maya told her she had been called for an interview for an airhostess's job. 'You applied for a job without telling

me? Why? I've sweated to establish this business. How could you do this to me?' said Deeplai. 'It's always been about you. I can't remember you ever asking me what I want to do. I'm going,' said Maya. She went to Mumbai and after training, on her second flight met up with a young pilot with whom she is now living. So there you have it; surprises, disappointments, unpleasantness and tension all round. Here’sanother example of a challenging situation: 'It's difficult,' says Ritu, a working mom. 'The time we can share with our preteen boys is limited on week days, so we make up with quality time on week-ends, but many times we feel our children are deceiving us’. And they may well be, but to the children’s minds it’s often justified. Parents are told what they want to hear, but quite regularly children will be resentful and rebellious if they feel that parents are not being completely truthful themselves. 'All this stuff about parents spending quality time is a load of poppycock', says a sceptical 17-year-old Manish. 'They think that taking me on expensive holidays and

giving me gadgets makes up for timethat they don't spend with me,' he adds. And here’s yet another: A child who has been restricted the use of cell phones or TV viewing, saying: 'When my parents come home from work, the first thing they do is switch on the TV or talk with friends on the phone, so why can't I?' Likewise, a parent who smokes or drinks telling his children ‘It's bad for you.’ Should it be a major surprise to see children ignoring such advice? I met up with Dr.Neelprabha Telang, (Niloo) a practicing homeopath based in Porvorim, who started the 'Progressive Parenting Forum' two years ago, to discuss the issue. She first explained the work of the Forum: “It started with my patients talking about their problems. Children disobeying them, revolting, being aggressive, not giving them enough respect, not striving for higher grades (though they had the capacity to achieve them), and so on. I started meeting with five couples in the age group of 30-50years, with 6-18 year old children. We met on the 2nd Sunday of amonth to address such issues.” Here are some anecdotes and advice offered by Niloo which arose from the experience of those meetings: - “First off, it's not necessary that every child should score 90%.”

- “Parents have to set examples. If saying 'white lies' to friends comes naturally, yourchild will think it's no big deal to fib.” - “In the case of two young girls whose parents complained that they were becoming glued to their TV sets we decided to disallow a cable TV connection. However, they were to be allowed to watch DVDs. Initially, the parents encountered resistance from the girls, but over a period of time the family found they were spending more time together, the children were reading more and playing more outdoor games.” - “It's important that parents change their terminology. For example you may come home from work and say: ‘I'm tired.’ Your child may then ask: ‘Why are you working?’ Instead of saying: 'It gives me pleasure, or it gives me independence', a parent might say: 'To take you on holidays, or to buy you things.' There is too much emphasis on money. This instills a false sense of values.” Niloo has separate sessions with the children in these families. They confided in her about smoking and drinking on the sly, parents nagging them excessively, being dated in their thinking, lying and not spending enough time with them. There were also complaints about parents who have disharmony in their marriages continuing to live together, ostensibly for the sake of the children. Instead of helping the situation, the feeling of the children was that this was more disturbing than a separation would have been. The work of the Forum has apparently been beneficial; parents have changed their attitudes and aggressive children have settled down. The results have encouraged Niloo to suggest to parents who have benefitted that they set up subgroupsin their own localities. And so to some concluding advice for parents: Don't bribe children in exchange for good conduct. Try to figure out why they are behaving badly. It could be to draw attention that they lack from you. Be receptive, not dismissive. Draw a line under the language that is used in conversation. Choose your words carefully when advising them. Don't make it a sermon.Don't compare them to other children. Observe, and if necessary change your own mindset. In short, be the change you want to see in your kids.

20 Sereno Spa awarded the ‘Hall of Fame’ award for Best Resort Spa at the asia Spa India Awards 2013


ereno Spa at Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa was awarded the ‘Hall of Fame’ award for ‘Best Resort Spa’ at the recently concluded asiaSpa India Awards 2013. The asiaSpa Hall of Fame award recognises winners in the same category for three successive years. Emerging a winner over some of the most respected spas in the country, this award reinstates Sereno Spa’s position as a leading resort spa in India. Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Thomas Abraham, General Manager of Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa said, “It is a great honour for us to be recognised by asiaSpa India, a thought leader in the publishing world. This accolade is testimony to our commitment to offer our guests uncommon and enriching wellness experiences. We thank all our guests for their goodwill and support.” Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa and Sereno Spa have been the recipient of a host of prestigious awards and accolades, including ‘Favourite Destination Spa’ at the Conde Nast Traveller India Readers’ Travel Awards 2013, ‘Favourite Leisure Hotel in India’ at the Conde Nast Traveller India Readers’ Travel Awards 2012 and Best Resort Spa at the asiaSpa India Awards 2012.


his May, Vivanta by Taj in Panjim brings to all lovers of the king of fruits 'Mango Mania'; a festival dedicated exclusively to lovers of mangoes. Mango Mania is the brainchild of Chef Sahil Desai, whose love affair with food began at the early age of 10, when his mother allowed him to be the part of her kitchen and passed her skill and knowledge on to her son. This passion continues to date with this year's mango festival being the third, and most elaborate to date. To woo newcomers to the festival, the chef has concealed age old favourites in new avatars. His 'Raw Mango and Black Salt Quiche' is a stab at recreating playground and schoolyard memories where children would queue up to buy the fruit with a sprinkling of salt. In a similar vein, he has also put together other nostalgia inducing options such as Bhadshai Mango Falooda, and what he calls his showstopper: Fresh Mango Mania (pictured). For all these delicacies and many more, head on down to Vivanta by Taj in Panjim any dat up to May 18.


Many Education Fields. ONE SOLUTION GOA EDUCARE SHOW 2014 When we close our eyes and imagine, we see our new generation, youngsters shining through in the global competition across diverse fields and industries. We see them as young Indians, leading tomorrow’s world. At ‘the Goa Educare Show’, we bring together leading educational institutions to guide students, to discuss oppurtunities and to ensure that they have all the knowledge and information to make the right career choice. DOORWAY TO THE DREAMS OF GEN-NEXT Today’s youth are far more focused and selective in seeking the right education that leads to a successful and satisfying career. One that not only makes them rich and famous but is also fun. They are constantly looking for newer avenues to explore, which would nurture their natural talent, instead of the dull and drab - degrees and diplomas. An exhibition like “Goatimeline Educare Show” gives generation-next a great opportunity to look at the various options available to them in India and abroad which meets

their needs and ambitions - all under one roof.

WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN At this reputed Expo which is a much looked forward to annual event by the target audience; the youth, you will feel proud to share the space with foreign institutes, management institutes, unconventional course providers, schools, colleges, education loan providers, migration consultants, publishers, internet sites on education and coaching institutes. It is quite possible that in the near future a Nobel laureate from India, will say while accepting the award that the journey to this position started from your space at Goatimeline Educare Show 2014. SUCCESS STRATEGY • Large scale advertising campaign in leading newspapers, magazines,periodicals, journals, television, radio & other electronic media. • Listing in major education & exhibition related websites throughout theinternet.

• Principals, Deans, & other education authorities etc. • VIP invitations delivered personally to various Ministers in education field. • E-mails to our database of students & education institutions etc. • Extensive international & local PR campaigns. • Pre event & during the event press conferences for wider reach & awareness. • Promotions in universities, colleges, schools & other institutions through posters & visits. • Banner promotions & cinema slides. • Large scale advertising campaign in leading newspapers. Exhibitor’s Profile : International Schools and Universities • Business Administration & Management Education Departments of Overseas Governments • Institutes offering Engineering, Technology, Human Resource & Knowledge Management, Medicine, IT, Economics • International Management Institutes • Indian Universities & Colleges • Career

& Educational Consultants • Distance Learning, IT Training, Architecture, Designing • Fashion, Music Institutes • Teaching Centres - Technical & Vocational • Colleges- Law, Medicine, Aviation, Accountancy, Media etc. • Government Ministers, Govt. & NonGovt. Organizations • Information Technology Companies • Employment Agencies • Human Resource Consultancy Firms • Banks- Students Loans, Immigration & Visa Experts • Placement Firms • Educational & Training Institutes • Tertiary Institutes • Polytechnic Colleges • Industrial Training, Technical Education Institutes • Open Universities • Management Training Centres • Commercial Schools • Computer Schools • Fine Art Colleges • Others

Contact Details : Timeline Media Private Limited # 640, Next to VMS College of Law, Miramar, Caranzalem- Post Tiswadi- Taluka, North Goa- District Goa, Pincode: 403002, India. Tel: 8888848091 | 8888885180 | 9822460334 | 9822200034 Website: Email: |

Feature  21

Friday, May 9, 2014 Photograph by Ananda Krishna

Think stress levels are low in Goa? Well think again. Recent research studies have revealed a very high prevalence of stress-related problems in our so-called ‘stress-free’ state; 5-10% of young adults and 15 - 25% of all people who visit primary health centres appear to be suffering from stress-related symptoms. Psychologist Dr. Charlane Pereira e Rebello, catches up with a few experts (some others) to find out more about the ground reality of this insidious ailment.


irst, some comments from the experts: Dr. Anil Rane, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (IPHB), Bambolim says: “Given the stressful lifestyle of today, many people now suffer from various mental and physical ailments.” Rochelle Pereira, a Margao based psychologist feels: “Stress levels are escalating everywhere.” Referring specifically to students, Dr. Ravindra Agrawal, Consultant psychiatrist at Manipal Hospital, Dona Paula and Salgaoncar Hospital, Vasco who also operates from his Panjim clinic, says: “The current materialistic culture, competition, pressures to perform, expectations from parents and others as well as strained interpersonal relations [such as failed love interests] put a big pressure on our teenage students.” Agrawal believes that up to 60% of the patients he sees at his clinic suffer from stress-related disorders. “The increasing trend of unhealthy coping through activities like smoking and drinking compounds the problem,” adds Dr. Rane. He points out that some of the common symptoms of stress are: “Poor sleep, decreased work productivity, forgetfulness and preoccupation with worry,” adding that: “In severe cases, it can lead to depression, high blood

pressure and many other ailments.” A person of any gender or age can be stressed, Dr. Agrawal explains. However, he points out that the highest proportion of people suffering from stress are in the working age group; early 20s to mid 40s – perhaps this because of the number of issues that this group are juggling with in their lives. Such opinions are borne-out as ringing true when speaking with random members of the population. Samantha (name changed to protect privacy) is a working mother of a school-going daughter. She freely admits that worry is the main cause of her physical maladies. “I worry about everything in my life; my daughter’s studies, earning additional income for the family, and looking after my bedridden mother,” she says, before adding morosely: “I am on my toes the whole day and hardly get any sleep at night. I keep tossing and turning in my bed. I visited my family physician, who said: ‘Nothing is wrong with you. What is worrying you? Keep your worries away. You will be fine.’ The doctor is right about that.” (What she doesn’t say is why she is unable to put this into practice). High school teacher Kimberly (name changed also to protect privacy) says: “It is maddening to be a school teacher these days! Notwithstanding the pay

packets, the continuous classes, minimal breaks, supervisions, corrections of answer-sheets, preparing for classes and delivering results are all very stressful.” As if this weren’t enough, she adds: “At times, we are faced with students who are drop-outs from other schools and have joined here. So, maintaining class control and discipline with such rowdy boys can prove extremely overwhelming.” And it’s not just the lay-population who are stressed. Our doctors are stressed too! In a study carried out in 2009, more than 80% of doctors in the age group of 23 to 30 years working in Goa Medical College and Hospital (Bambolim) were found to suffer from high levels of stress and tension. So how does one recognize and deal with the problem? Dr. Rane believes that awareness is the key. “Be it a school child, a home maker or a high-flying executive, one is often not aware of stress until the ‘system’ breaks down. Inherently, all of us have the resources to cope with stress. The problem arises when stress exceeds our ability to cope or when stress persists for a long period,” he says. Rochelle explains why it can be tricky to identify the root cause of one’s stress, “There is often no single factor that causes it. Maintaining a balance between

personal and professional lives especially for women, being anxious about children, dealing with unhealthy competition, coping with inflation, desiring fabulous holidays to exotic destinations especially when one is in a financial crunch - all cause stress and deteriorate the mental health of an individual.” However, Rochelle believes that with a bit of practice, signs of stress are not that difficult to spot. “I don’t use any tests to determine stress. An informal chat with my patients elicits the required information,” she says. She also feels that awareness among the general public about stress is growing and further that increasingly people are willing to ask for help (though it might not yet be in huge numbers). Formal treatments vary. Dr. Agrawal says, “Some patients can be helped with psychotherapy while others might need a combination of medications and psychotherapy.” In addition to individual psychiatrists and psychotherapists, there are a number of other organizations that are focused on the issue within Goa: Sangath, a NGO which has branches at Porvorim, Raia and Soccour-Bardez, organizes workshops and clinics dealing with stress. Another NGO, COOJ Mental Health Foundation, which is spread across Vasco, Mapusa and elsewhere in Bardez, conducts awareness programs in schools and colleges to help the student community cope with their stresses. But lest you go away thinking that all is doom and gloom, be aware that there is a good side to stress. Dr. Rane opines: “Stress is not the enemy that it is usually made out to be. In fact stress is essential for the body to meet the demands of life. Its just a question of managing stress so that its kept in control and not left to get the better of you.” Here are some top tips for dealing with stress in your day-to-day life: • Try talking to a close buddy/ confidant/family member to give vent to your feelings and thereby relieve yourself of them (commonly referred to as ‘catharsis’). • Maintain a personal diary to jot down what stresses you the most (stressors) and the triggers to your stress reaction (situation/past memory/bleak future). Take note of the recurring patterns. For example, you may be always stressed whenever you have to answer your exams or when your boss pulls you up at work. Just being aware of the stressors and triggers can help reduce stress levels. • Engage yourself in hobbies such as gardening, listening to pleasant music, reading, playing with your pet dog, etc. • Rest, yoga, meditation, dance and music therapy all work well to bring down stress levels. • Focus on the present. Don’t ruminate about the past and excessively plan for the future that you forget to enjoy the ‘here-and-now’ moments. • And finally, enjoy life – and that includes enjoying your stresses! 

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ontinuing its strategic ‘Year of Excellence’, Mercedes-Benz India launched India’s most powerful luxury SUV, the extremely stylish and high performance machine GL 63 AMG. The GL 63 AMG redefines luxury with its striking design and super luxurious interiors and enhanced safety features. With continued versatility and uncompromised dynamism, drive comfort and handling safety, the GL 63 AMG bears a distinct stamp of individuality. The GL 63 AMG has a 5.5litre V8 BITURBO engine, which develops a peak output of 410 kW (the highest in its segment) and maximum torque of 760 Nm and is coupled to a AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7GTRONIC automatic transmission. The unique AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension with ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM roll stabilisation provides high level driving dynamics and the comfort that Mercedes-Benz has become synonymous with. Mercedes-Benz AMG deploys a


specially designed transfer case for the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, which distributes the drive power to the front and rear axle at a ratio of 40:60 in the interests of dynamic handling. AMG styling elements include the front apron with its large openings that ensure an effective air flow for the cooling modules. The bottom air intake takes the form of a typical AMG stylized “A” with a gap under the fine black fin through which air can flow optimally to the cooling modules a perfect blend of design and hightech. AMG front apron with AMG specific LED daytime driving lights gives the GL 63 AMG a dynamic and dominant look. Inside all seven seats are wrapped in high quality designer leather. AMG sports seats feature double topstitching in a contrasting colour and AMG badges are featured on the front seat backrests and outer rear seat backrests. The GL 63 AMG is priced at Rs. 1.66 crores ex-showroom.

udi, the German luxury car manufacturer, announced the launch of its successful flagship – the new Audi A8L which has been exhaustively updated. Offering superior design, hand-built quality, lightweight construction and an abundance of high-end technologies, the new Audi A8L is priced at Rs. 1.1295 crores for ex-showroom Delhi. The most important highlight of the new Audi A8L is the Matrix Headlamps, a first by any luxury car manufacturer. A direct evolution of Audi’s signature LED headlights, the high-beam comprises of 25 small, individual light-emitting diodes per unit that can be switched on and off or dimmed individually as needed. An important USP of the new Audi A8L is the ‘Audi Exclusive’ which offers customers countless combinations - close to ‘infinite’ customization options, to customize and

Skoda Announces Summer Check-Up Camp


KODA Auto India has organized a month long comprehensive summer check-up camp starting from 2nd May 2014 to 31st May 2014. The camp will hold a 16 point complimentary check across the SKODA model range. This complimentary service can be availed by customers at any of the authorized SKODA dealerships across the country. This summer camp will offer a thorough examination of the AC, engine, steering, clutch, electrical system, tires & wheel rims etc. The check-up will ensure that long haul journeys undertaken by car owners during the summer vacation are memorable & free of incident. SKODA will also organized monsoon car care camps, pollution check-up camps to enhance the ŠKODA driving experience.

personalize the new Audi A8L as per their choice. In addition to 111 exterior colors, 23 leather colors, 27 customizable parts and 12 wooden inlays, customers can also opt for personalized headrest logo, door sill trims and exclusive folding tables. The engine lineup has become more powerful and efficient to offer better performance and optimum efficiency. The new Audi A8L has one TFSI gasoline engine and two TDI units. These are the V8 biturbo 4.0 TFSI with 320 kW (435 hp), the highly efficient 3.0 TDI with 180 kW (250 hp) and the 4.2 TDI with 283 kW (385 hp). Output of the 4.2 TDIq engine has been increased by 35 hp and of the 4.0 TFSI by 15 hp. In the 3.0 TDIq, the torque is increased by 30 Nm while the fuel efficiency is increased by 20%. The 4.0 TFSI engine accelerates the new Audi A8L from 0 to 100 km/hr in 4.6 seconds.

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