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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saving Goa through music (and other creative pursuits)

Can Goa be the music capital of the East?

By Armando Gonsalves


ast month I was pleased to have helped present a wonderful programme of music and food, in association with the Tourism Ministry, marking World Tourism Day. Our event at the Inox Courtyard in Panjim corresponded with a shift in thinking within the powers that be, toward an understanding that we need to think differently about planning tourism in Goa. Goa has been blessed abundantly when it comes to natural beauty, and the Goan vein is flowing with immense talent. Why else do people come to Goa other than for this spirit that is so special? On a plain natural beauty index, our beaches are no more beautiful than those


Art Escape Presents the Live Music Project This Saturday “Transalento� Live - tribal- psychedelic-fusion feat. Feel the salty evening breeze flow with the beats. Kavita Soni, Elvis Lobo, Victor Netesov & Andrea Presa. Goa Streets is a media partner. At Baywatch Resort, Colva On Oct 19 @ 7.30 pm +91 9323590051

Season Opening Party A start to weeks and months of excitement, with DJ Clement, Rinton, Mr.E (Eldrin) Couple entry Rs 1500 | Ladies Rs 500 ( Open Bar Policy ) Dress code - Smart and Sexy | Party Pool - Swim Wear Elegant outdoor decor, great indoor ambience, and a carefully prepared menu. At SinQ, Candolim On Oct 18 @ 10 pm onwards +91 832 2489333/ +91 8308000080

of Maharashtra or Karnataka. Why then is Goa the lure for people worldwide? It is the invigorating spirit of Goa that excites people, a heady mix of music, art, culture and the subtler things in life. But sadly, as you look around, there are many dark clouds on the Goan

horizon, and our promise is slowly dying, with quantity rather than quality of tourism being the order of the day. Adv Francisco Braganza, President, Travel and Tourism Club of Goa recently said that

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music & nightlife | 03 Goa as Music Capital?

lowdown | 6

Oct 18

Go Goa -- The Party Trip -Sundowners 6

At The Tease Bar, Vivanta by Taj, Panjim @ 8 pm to 11pm 9922947001/3

Liquid Sky Presents

Lavina Special Thursdays

Techno Tales Chapter II At 9 Bar, Vagator @ 8 pm +91 832 2273368 / +91 9623102102

Gordon Edge Live

food & drink | 07

At SinQ Beach Club, Candolim @ 9 pm +91 832 2489333/ +91 8308000080

Ori: A Vasco Surprise

Low Rhyders

At Cafe Lilliput, Anjuna @ 7 pm +91 832 227 4648

Oct 23 Karanjit’s Triumphs

Opening Nite

Music-house- hip hop-R&B Ladies Free Entry At Club Cubana, Arpora @ 9.30 pm +91 9823539000

Oct 17 to oct 28

cover story | 12 Season Time!

arts & entertainment | 15 Funky Artsy Trading Cards

what’s on | 17

Help Mondays

DJs Sunil and Tania Romanova (Russia) will be playing some heart thumping numbers behind the console to help you dance away your Monday blues. At The Park Holiday, Calangute @ 9 pm onwards +91 832 2267600

This Saturday

Jive and Bachata

The Best Combination ever At Mayfair Hotel, Panjim @ 7 to 8.40 pm +91 9823014397

Every Monday

Electronic Dance Music At The UV Bar, Anjuna @ 4 pm to 10 pm +91 9822153440

Every Wednesday

explore | 19 Great Family Outings

Karaoke Night

At Resort Rio, Arpora @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 2267300

Cosmopolitan Ladies Night

mind, body & soul | 21 Transplants in Goa

Free Absolut Cosmopolitan cocktails all night long exclusively shaken & stirred for the fairer sex. Ladies Night, the Butter way. At Butter, Patto, Panjim @ 8 pm onward +91 8308838888

Driving women crazy

fashion | 22 Ethel Da Costa

Wahida Gomes will rock you

At MN resort, Arpora @ 7 pm +91 9811933351/ +91 9911118671 / +91 9911942227

Oct 21

sports | 11

Every Thursday

With DJ Nix & DJ Crodin Unlimited Premium Alcohol, music madness style Dress code: Stylish Best! At Ianos, Calangute @ 8 pm onwards +91 8888662244

Catch Lavina croon to some of the best pop hits and rock numbers followed by a jam session and Open Mic Time. At Down The Road, Panjim @ 10 pm – 12 am +91 9637808867

Thursday Grill & Games

Music, games & barbeque! At Soul Souffle, Verna @ 7 pm – 10 pm +91 832 2782100/9764694321

Every Friday Friday Ladies Nite

DJs Saj Akhtar & Kiran At Club Margarita, Colva @ 10 pm +91 9823259008

Wahida Gomes

At The Adega Camoes, Taj Exotica, Benaulim @ 8 pm to 11 pm 9922947001/3

Catch”the Valentinos”

Live featuring Elvis on lead guitar & keyboard With the best of slow rock/retro & old school At Down the Road, Panjim @ 9 pm onwards +91 9823173757

Friday Night

Crimson Tide Live Retro and classic with funk At Malts n Wines, Baga @ 9 pm +91 8698694319

Sky High Band

At Edge bar, Alila Diwa Goa @ 7.30 pm onwards +91 832 2746800

Every Saturday Funky Saturdays

A lot of youngsters can be seen hanging out at Butter for its Funky Saturdays where everything – from the music to the dress code and even guests’ hairstyles – have to be funky. At Butter, Gera Emporium, EDC Patto Plazza, Panjim @ 8 pm onward +91 8308838888

Hindi Karaoke Live

At Appetite Classic, Housing Board, Mapusa @ 7.30 pm to 11 pm +91 9823107114

Every Wednesday and Saturday Karaoke Night

With Bony At Resort Rio, Arpora @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 2267300

Every Saturday & Sunday Karaoke Night

At Whispering Palm Beach Resort, Candolim @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 6651515

On-going Raissa’s Sheesh Mahal Lounge

Delicious food and lovely music At Margao @ 10 am to 11.45 pm +91 832 2712899

One man live band Show

By Wili Guitarist At Whispering Palm Beach resort, Candolim @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 6651515


Live Music on Tuesdays and Fridays. Gauravaddo, Holiday

Street, Calangute @12 pm – 12 am +91 9869076107/9820134503/983 3156510

Cafe la Musica Lounge & Disco

Events performed by professional international artists on a daily basis. DJ’s are Raz& Mike. At Red Square lane, lane parallel to Tito’s lane, Baga @ 8 pm onwards +91 7798932264

One Man live band show

By Wili Guitarist At Whispering Palm Beach Resort, Candolim @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +91 832 6651515

Park Hyatt

Every night dinner with music Mon: Indian Classical Dance Tues: Singers Band Wed: Solo Dance Performance Thurs: Acaccio Live Fri: Shalini Sat: Savio Western Music Sun: Edriya & Taniya @ 7.30 pm to 11 p m +91 832 2721234

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shruti from Indiva

From page 3 the European tourist does not find Goa exciting any more, and that due to our greed we have lost our heart and spirit to attract the discerning tourist. I cannot help agreeing with him, but, how can this be reversed? At Heritage Jazz, we have long talked of taking this dream of bringing in high spending and classy tourists who are attracted to the Spirit of Goa rather than an abyss of lowly pursuits. Music has always been the mainstay of Goa, and in a way, it is surprising that we have an International Film Festival of India before an International Music Festival! Sure, let’s have the film festival. But let’s also showcase Goan talent in music. Why not have International Music festivals such as Jazz, Rock, World Music and the like? Sunburn has been a grand success here but surely, live music festivals which are marketed well will have higher spending

tourists vying for the limited space that Goa has to offer. Imagine a Shakira performing here, or a Rod Stewart or Kylie Minogue! In this way, we will also encourage the local music industry to perk up, thus throwing up newer and brighter stars. There’s so much more we can do to fill the talent cupboard in Goa, stars who can create the buzz that will bring us a Grammy somewhere in the near future. The Manohar Parrikar government is a sincere one, but where is the thrust in taking all this forward? Even at such a short notice, we can certainly organize a short Music festival at the end of the IFFI later this year, and take advantage of the infrastructure that will already be in place. We don’t need to bring in international stars to grace the stage, since we can start with showcasing the immense music talent that is available across our vast country. Street music should be encouraged. It should be glamorized in such a way that upcoming musicians find it worth their salt to go up and do their bit, thus impregnating the air with original music that will surely be lapped up by all. I remember the days about a decade ago when we tried getting Goan musicians to play in old aged homes, schools and slums, and these suggestions were greeted with sneers from all. When we went about doing what we believed, but with musicians

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6  The Lowdown

The Lowdown There’s excitement in the air. Hotels, restaurants, beach shacks, drivers, performers, store owners, boat operators and so many others are in high gear now, preparing for what’s expected to be a healthy tourist season. This is a story with silver linings, and more than a few surprises. In this tale, what’s bad for Egypt appears to be good for Goa. And the weakness of the rupee may contribute to the strength of Goa tourism. Read all about it in this week’s cover story on ‘gearin’ up for the season’! with Booney Alex Dias,

his guitars (7 in all)

From page 5 from overseas (who were delighted to participate in such projects designed by us), Goan musicians realized that this was a sure way of being noticed. Today, it has become a trend where young musicians are vying with each other to grab media space through these types of initiatives. With the support of the ever energetic media in Goa, we can now work to bring about newer energy to street music so that hidden talent can be thrown up. In this way, we will also get purer music, with unplugged instruments such as the guitar, the violin, the saxophone, the accordion and the like. Simply put, we need a revolution. We need music to be enmeshed in a bigger thought process which brings in not only a calming influence to the jagged and distorted tourism notes of today but also the moolah to feed the upcoming musicians of our beautiful land. Imagine the day when we

can throw up a Madonna or a Billy Idol and the like from the streets of Goa! Easier said than done, but UNITY across the spectrum, where egos are shelved and dreams are fuelled through cooperation amongst all, is the way to go. We can do it; I have absolutely no reason to believe that we cannot be the Music, Art and Culture Capital of the East. We have to start NOW because the time has come!  _____ Armando Gonsalves is Chairman of the Goa ForGiving Trust and Founder of Heritage Jazz and Konkani Rocks. These groups are at the forefront of the Jazz and Konkani Revolution in Goa, besides being actively involved in myriad initiatives that bring solace to the Goan soul. These include the Campal Creek initiative, the Mermaid Garden Restoration, initiatives in slums, schools, old aged homes and work with the blind and underprivileged sections of society.

We must fight this rampant Westernisation! First we had jeans, then we had punctuality, then clean toilets. Next thing you know we’ll be stopping for pedestrians!

Speaking of the season, be sure to read our story on a series of unique, funky destinations suitable to take the whole family. Or our piece on some fascinating trading cards that focus not on cricket or football but on little works of art created by inspired Goans. Don’t miss Ethel Da Costa’s sassy fashion story, or Armando Gonsalves’ prescriptions for turning Goa into the music capital of the East. In between our comprehensive listings on parties and food and music and art, there’s lots of other little gems as well, from our cartoons to our photography to our story on the quiet medical revolution taking place in Goa. Not many know it, but the Goa Medical College has been performing kidney transplants for the past two years, and the results are very positive. And on another positive note, on these pages we point out a very special eating option in Vasco, not a city generally known for its culinary offerings. Goa Streets is Goa’s party paper. It’s also a space to learn about what’s happening in the state every week. And a review that offers some very fine journalism written by top-notch contributors. Read on! And welcome to The Season!

The Goa Streets Team


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Sinful Date Pancake and Ice cream at Ori in Vasco

Curlies Beach Shack

Curlie’s is a beach shack, located on the Anjuna Beach strip. What started as a small shack has today become a landmark, recently extending to a second floor, with plans for further growth. Facilities include a roof top lounge bar serving excellent liquor and cocktails, and a restaurant. It is host to party nights with international DJs. Curlie’s is open all day and into the night, and is great for watching the sunset, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying drinks with friends and partying at night. It is famous for its wood fired pizzas, Goan, Indian and International cuisine, and fresh fruit juices. At Anjuna Beach +91 9822168628

49er’s bar and restaurant 49er’s is a get-the-familytogether restaurant whether you are hosting dinner party or an intimate dinner for 2. It’s in an eco friendly ambience and a memorable destination for your next dining experience. At Colva Beach, South Goa, Salcete-Goa +91 832 3255783/3263964/2781250 / 2780931/ +91 9822124531

Time 11am-12 midniht non stop food service, open everyday. Home delivery: 0832-2411959 & 9764159686 Caterin Service Contact: Mr. Roland Rodrigues @ 9890422440

Ori – Pan Asian Cuisine Who said you can’t get world-class cuisine in Vasco? By Goa Streets


es, Vasco has a lot going for it, the best harbor, the only airport, home to the Navy and many other lovely attributes. But as a culinary destination? Perhaps not yet, but if you spend a little time at Ori, the Pan Asian restaurant at the HQ Hotel in Vasco, you will see this coastal city is in fact capable of offering up some very good food. The truth is the food at Ori is good not just ‘for Vasco’, as it would hold its own in any Indian metro or international capital. The first thing that hits you when you enter Ori is the stunning Japanese-style décor, recently put together by the highly talented British designer Martin Grace. Warm, minimalistic and very elegant, the dining room features comfortable seating, a large sculpture in the shape of a fan, a well-stocked and eye-catching bar, and a fountain with gentle running water. This sets the mood for what’s to come. On a recent afternoon, we sampled appetizers that included the Maldivian Chicken Salad, oriental chicken with bean spinach and sesame

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8  Food & Drink Oct 3 to Oct 31

The staff at Ori

Month for Starters!

Pick up any two starters and get a Kingfisher to accompany At Pan Asian Bowl, Panjim +91 832 6455547

Every Sunday

Champagne Sunday Brunch

Enjoy brunch at the Grand Hyatt with French champagne & food from five interactive & live stations dishing out Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian cuisine & desserts. At Rs 2,200 + taxes (includes buffet, champagne, wines & select drinks.) At Grand Hyatt, Bambolim Beach @ 1 pm – 4 pm +91 832 3011125

Sunday Family Brunches

Rejuvenating cocktails, soul warming gourmet cuisine from around the world, activities to keep the kids entertained. At Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Panjim @ 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm +91 832 6633636

Bikini Brunch

Sunday BBQ Brunch at Rs 950 with unlimited alcohol. Enjoy live Karaoke with Emmanuel. At The Park, Calangute @ 12.30 pm – 4:30 pm +91 832 2267600/8805028194

Sunday Funday

Weekend with family, with breakfast, lunch, and hi tea. Lots of entertainment for kids and ladies through the day. For adult Rs: 849 and for kids above 5 years: Rs.599 At O Goa, Hotel Fidalgo +91 8806663865/+91 9158055222

Sunday Brunch

A glass of our delicious Sangria is free with your first a-la-carte or buffet purchase. At SinQ Tavern by Bodega, Sinquerim +91 9011662233

Leisurely Sunday Monsoon Brunch

Goa Marriott Resort & Spa unveils the ultimate weekend brunch experience these monsoons with the reinvented Sunday Monsoon Brunch at Waterfront Terrace & Bar. Partake in a colorful spread traversing a range of cuisines. Amid a cozy ambience musically enhanced with the light tunes of a live band patter. Of raindrops outside. At Goa Marriott, Panjim +91 832 2463333

Re-Orient Yourself

Make your own Meal This Season rediscover oriental cuisine at your favorite restaurant Wan Hao. With a new chef on board and a brand new a la carte menu, every evening at dinner will unravel new secrets. At Goa Marriot, Panjim +91 832 2463333

Baga, Calangute & Around Amigos

Specialised in Indian, Goan and Seafood open throughout the Year At below Nerul Bridge, Nerul From 12.30 pm to 4 pm, 7 pm to 10.30 pm +919822104920

A Reverie

Serves continental cuisine. Popular dishes are seared fillet steak tournedos, smoked Australian duck breast, insalata caprese, basil oil, baby bocconcini, smoked tuna, chicken liver pate. At Holiday Street, Calangute @ 7 pm to 12 am. +919823174927 /+919823505550

Big Pecker’s

Offers a grilled sandwich, burgers, pizzas, baguettes and jacket potatoes. Specilises in Multi-cuisine, Chinese, European, north Indian, seafood. At Calangute Beach Road, Calangute @ 9 am to midnight +91 9823226977


Based on contemporary European style of cooking. Signature dishes lobster au gratin, herb ricotta ravioli and death by chocolate At Saunta Waddo, Baga @ 11 am to 11.30 pm +918322279894/+918322281440


Specialising in multi-cuisine, Chinese, English, Goan, Seafood At Baga Beach, Calangute @ 8.30 pm to midnight +91 832 2277331/ +91 832 2276291


Choose from range goodies of vegetarian and non vegetarian At Neelam the Grand, Calangute @ 11 am to 11 pm

Anjuna & Around

Avalon Sunset Bar & Restaurant

The Goan, Indian and Chinese food here lacks real punch, but the grilled seafood and the European fare are worth trying. Some popular orders like paneer pasanda, fish masala, chicken vindaloo, seafood pasta, seafood sizzlers. At Anjuna Beach, Anjuna @ 8.30 am to midnight +91 9822586268

Union Restaurant & Cafe Sea food Speciality At Dangui Colony, Mapusa @ 11 am onwards

I 95

It’s a European Restaurant At Grand Marod, Saligao @ 7 pm to 11 pm +91 832 2275213/ +91 9881301184

Cotinga at the Tamarind

Restaurant has a multi-cuisine menu, including Italian, Chinese and Indian dishes, seafood, meats and signature pastas and pizzas. At Opp. St.Micheal Church, Anjuna +91 9810804063

Guru Bar

It’s a multi cuisine restaurant specialising in Chinese, European, Goan, Indian, Italian, seafood. At Praisevaddo, Anjuna @ 7.30 am to midnight +91 832 2273319


Specialising in Indian and veg food @ 12.30 pm to 3 pm, 7.30 pm to 11 pm At Resort Rio, Arpora +91 832 2267300


Barbeque and Grill

Specialised in North Indian, seafood, grills, Live entertainment Seafood Bazaar is on Monday and Wednesday At Fortune Select Regina, Candolim @ 7.30 pm to 11 pm +918323988444

Beach House

Panjim & Around

A’tona Bar and Restaurant

Specialised in Goan and Portuguese food. The menu has a choice of bakes, grills or Goan. At Carina Desa, Betim From 7 pm to 11 pm +919823129239

George Bar and Restaurant

Specialising in Goan, Seafood At near Mary Immaculate Conception church, Panjim @ 10 am to 3.30 pm, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm +918322426820

This Goan speciality restaurant at the Vivanta Holiday Village was the base of super chef Rego and features some of his signature creations. Specialised in Goan, Portuguese, Seafood. At Vivanta Holiday Village, Sinquerim @ 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm +918326645858

Cantina Bodega

Bob’s Inn

Global Shore Restaurant

It’s a good place to try Goan food like the perennial favourite fish curry rice or the prawn curry rice. At Calangute-Candolim road, Candolim @ 11.30 am to 3.30 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm +91 832 2489402


Specialising in Pan Asian At The O Hotel, Dando, Candolim @ Noon to 3 pm, 7.30 pm to 11 pm +918323047000

Pizzeria, bakery & cafe. Owner Vandana utilizes her her expertise earned from her years as a top pastry chef in New York City. At Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panjim @ 10 am – 7 pm +91 9011662233 Global Shore Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant and we specialize in Goan Seafood/Chinese/Thai/Indian & Tandoor. At Hotel chandrageet, Porvorim +91832 2414125/+9193731113205

Antonio D’silva

Specialising in Goan. This one is strictly for the sausage lovers. At Forgottem , Goa Velha, Panjim @ 6 am to 9 pm +91 9822184433

Food & Drink  9

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photographs by Ananda Krishna

Angel’s Resort

From the Indian Section the famous Butter chicken, and from the Goan the Goa Prawn Curry and the fish reached is worth mentioning. The all Goan special dessert, fruit salad with custard. @ 7.30 am to midnight At Chogm Road, Alto Porvorim +91 832 2412403/ +91 832 2414784

Interiors of Ori

Avanti Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant server all the Goan Specialities. Rawa fried prawns, stuffed squid, gratinated stuffed crab masala they are the recipes to be treasured. Specialising in Indian, Goan and Seafood. At near Patto Bridge, Panjim @ 11 am to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm +91 832 2435884/ +91 832 2427179

Margao & Around Ruta’s World Café

Specialties in Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee Located on a quiet side street right by the City’s Latin Quarter, we’re a short walk from downtown, yet a world away from the madding crowd. At Dr Miranda Rd, Behind Nanutel, Margao @ 9 am to 6 pm +91 832 2710757

Hangyo Ice cream Shoppee

Soan Papdi and Variety of Ice Creams At Marcell -Kumbharjua Rd, Marcella, Ponda +91 9822128904


If you are here for a meal, opt for their Butter Chicken, Chinese Crispy Chicken and Cafreal. Other specialties include Veg Kolhapuri, Veg Crispy, Chicken Vindaloo and Crispy Chicken. @ 8.30 am to 11 pm At Near Cine Vishant, Aquem, Margao +91 83 22735062, +91 832 2730536


Allegria is the Goan speciality, fine-dining restaurant at the Taj Exotica and serves up some authentic Goan-Portuguese items. They serve all the classic Goan dishes like Chicken Cafreal, Pork Sorpotel and Kullanche Mass Kottnim, which is crab meat in a shell, Nistiachi Koddi, which is your Fish Curry Rice. @ 7.30 pm to 10.45 pm At Taj Exotica, Calwaddo, Benaulim, Salcette +91 832 6683333

Canacona Canacona

One of the best coffee shops in Goa,there’s Indian, Goan, European and some Chinese on offer with a contemporary, fusion touch to the items. So there’s a Buffet Breakfast and an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner. At Intercontinental The Lalit Goa Resort, Rajbaga, Canacona +91 832 2667777

From page 7 dressing. At the first bite, we understood that the quality of the food easily matches the elegance of the atmosphere. Next came the Tom Yom, a traditional Thai hot & sour clear soup with lemon grass and fresh chili. Again, a pleasant surprise. It tasted the way it’s supposed to (certainly not a given in restaurants that bill themselves as Pan Asian). The main courses we sampled were the Oriental Pork Chops with chili garlic sauce and the Chai Ta Ha Prawns, cooked I can eat as spicy as any Indian

in herbs and fragrant green coriander sauce. Both were triumphs. In the interest of full disclosure, let us state that Goa Streets was invited by the restaurant to lunch at Ori. So unlike other reviews, this one was not conducted anonymously as the management very much knew we were there! No matter the circumstances, we had an extremely positive experience – one that was capped by a particularly decadent offering for dessert. The Date Pancakes – wantons with sweetened dates and

minced nuts with ice cream – were good enough to be declared illegal. On the day we lunched there, we shared the dining room with many others – a testament to the fact that the three-year-old restaurant’s popularity is growing, especially with the recent renovation by Grace. It’s worth the trip even if you don’t live anywhere

near Vasco. And if you have the time and the dough, you might even want to consider staying overnight at the HQ, Vasco’s only four-star hotel where Ori is housed. That way you can enjoy Ori without having to bother with a long drive home. Turns out there’s lots to do and see in the Vasco area. Ori isn’t the city’s only surprise.

• The Food: Pan Asian. Very Good. • The Ambience: Warm, elegant, understated. • The Service: Attentive • Contact: Swatantra Path, Vasco-da-Gama. Tel: +91 832 250 0015/16/17/18,

Sports  11

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Karanjit: Eyeing The Second

I-League Title

By Andrea Fernandes


n July 23, 2011 Salgaocar Football Club was playing United Arab Emirates. Goalkeeper Subrata Pal got a red card and a young Karanjit was called off the bench. His impressive performance earned him a debut win for India against the United Arab Emirates. It had been a short but fruitful journey for the young lad from rural Punjab who had made Goa his karmabhoomi. When he was15, Karanjit Singh picked up a keeper’s glove and made it his friend. He was spotted at a local tournament by Sukhwinder Singh, the former national coach who is currently the technical director of another Goan team, Churchill Bros, and brought to Goa. Today he is one of the goalkeepers of Indian football team and is playing for Goan I-League Salgaocar Football Club, Vasco. Karanjit began his career at JCT FC where he played from 2004–10. He moved to Salgaocar in the 201011 and after one season with The Green Brigade he tasted I-League glory for the first time. The 27-year old is a fan of Chelsea FC’s keeper Petr Čech. Standing under the crossbar needs immense concentration. Karanjit has shown this ability for club and country. His position is the last line of defense and also the first line of attack. A mistake can cost the team dearly. “The dying minutes of the match are crucial for a keeper. Sometimes nothing happens for the entire match and then suddenly you see the opponent’s striker

racing towards you – and it is up to you, as goalie, to make sure that he doesn’t score. It’s at that moment when you’re stressed the most and you have to stand tall. It’s a challenging task but I enjoy it. Once I decided to become a goalkeeper I put my soul into it!” says Karanjit, ‘Karan’ to his team mates and friends. “I chose goalkeeping because during training it was my plus point. Compared to the other positions this was where I did well. I had always wished to be a goalkeeper.” Karanjit opines that both talent and practice are essential for a good sportsperson; plus discipline and hard work. He speaks highly of the quality of training that he has received at his current clubs. He says, “It’s every player’s dream to play for the national team and having a dream come true is a big achievement. For me, this has been possible because of the training I received. From the time I was at JCT and these four years at Salgaocar… I would like to give the credit to my goal-keeping coach.” “I am happy to be a part of the Salgaoncar FC. It’s a very good team and it and I give it my best. We are practicing very hard for the I-League under our head coach Derrick Pereira, from Monday to Saturday for 1-1 ½ hours a day, on the field.” If he had to choose between the country and his club whom would he choose? He said, “Both are dear to me, but I would choose to play

for my Club because I owe them a lot. What I am today is because of this Club. If my Club allows me, I will play for the country.” Football has taken him to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Qatar, U.A.E, Singapore and various parts of India. He lives in Goa and misses his family occasionally, but knows that even though they are far away in Punjab he is always in their heart. What after football? Karanjit says, “After I finish my career in football I plan to do a course in coaching.

It will be a pleasure to train young football enthusiasts.” Back to the present he goes: “Only the fourth round of the I-League has been completed and we’re in the second place right now with Bengaluru FC topping the chart. It’s still early in the season and have a long way to go. Our goal remains the same, we have to clinch the title this season.” Salgaocar FC has started the season with two consecutive victories and a draw from three outings. Karanjit has stood strong, conceding only one goal to a 1-1 draw with Goan rivals Dempo SC on October 9. Who knows, Karanjit and Salgaocar FC might win the title again. 

12  Cover Story


Dmitry Egorov and Victoria Shirokova from Moscow at Anjuna beach

Photographs by Ananda Krishna

The Season is Here!

Goans goin’ crazy to prepare (Newsflash: Expect a good one!)

By Pedro Menezes


Dmitry Egorov and Victoria Shirokova from Moscow

he rains have all but stopped. The rupee is ridiculously low. The shacks have been allotted. Restaurants are opening. Charter planes are landing. Goans of all stripes are scrambling to prepare for the high season, just getting under way now. After all the issues and problems that Goa has faced in recent times, from garbage to graft to overwhelmed infrastructure, a little good news is undoubtedly just what we need. Happily, we have some. Perhaps because of the rupee, perhaps because of turmoil in Goa’s tourism competitors (see Egypt, Turkey), this year’s “season” is expected to be a healthy one. To be sure, the challenges are many. Much still needs to be done to solve the core issues that in recent years have kept the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Goa relatively stagnant – from ubiquitous garbage to inadequate infrastructure to traffic congestion. And the state is still struggling to reverse a growing trend of low-end, low-spending tourism at the expense of travelers who can spread the economic love. But here we are again, with the season starting and everyone from shack owners to hoteliers to taxi drivers to nightclub operators eyeing a slice of the tourism pie. It’s a now-or-never situation for those hoping to cash in on the season. Perhaps nowhere is this feeling more acute than in the area of beach shacks, those wonderful thatched huts that, perhaps more than anything else, signify the attraction of this beautiful slice of land overlooking the Arabian Sea. Who doesn’t love a Goan beach shack?

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14  Cover Story From page 12 Shack owners had been hoping to get going from October 1 after the Tourism Department promised to finish the allotment of shacks by then. But like every other year, delays ensued, this time because of rivalry between two shack owners associations. But that’s been sorted out by the Mumbai High Court and the 350 shacks were allotted earlier this week (about 250 in North Goa and 100 in the South). “It’s definitely a good start to the season,” says John Lobo, general secretary of the Shack Owners Welfare Society, the biggest union of shack operators. “This year they have allotted the shacks early and also for three years. Hopefully the season will be better than last year.” But with 900 applicants and only 350 beach shacks, many have been left out of the Tourism Department’s draw of lots. Says John, “Definitely those who do not get the beach shack licenses will lose out on shacks for the next three years, and that will hurt. But then everyone cannot get shacks.” Of course the shacks are just one part of the tourism eco-system which includes resorts and guest-houses, two-wheeler and car rentals, beach beds, DJ’s, tourist taxis, tour operators, and a whole army of workers like chefs, bartenders, waiters, all of whom are inter-linked, with the tourist at the centre of the matrix. The number of tourist arrivals to Goa grew by only one percent in 2012, for a total of around 2.8 million arrivals, more than 80 percent of which were domestic tourists, according to the Government of Goa Department of Tourism. The three countries which send the most tourists to Goa are the UK, Russia and Germany, and many of these folks are sure to find a Goa holiday particularly affordable this year because of the weak rupee. The boutique resort The Clematis in Candolim is beautifying its cobblestone pathways, lush tropical gardens and tasteful suites to make the resort

Shore Bar, Anjuna

particularly appealing to foreign guests. Explains Sanjiv Jain, managing director of the property overlooking the Arabian Sea, “First and foremost we’ve revamped the property and we now have a poolside bar where our guests can relax. We’ve also recruited more chefs and revamped the menu to offer more to our foreign guests. We have proper Indian dishes, besides Western and many Mediterranean food dishes.” Another lovely feature of Clematis: the 700-square-foot Aqua Suites all have plunge pools. “The idea is to make people stay in the resort and enjoy all their drinks and food there itself. The concentration is more on seafood,” Sanjiv says, outlining his strategy for the new season. Sanjiv is not the only one expecting a good season. Joaquim ‘Jack’ Fernandes, a compere and master of ceremonies at many shows and who doubles as a guide to visitors from cruise ships docking at Mormugao, says, “The season looks very promising. I’ve got shows booked right up till May. In January itself I’ve got six shows booked already, and by the time January comes I’ll get more. Also there are around 30 cruise ships which are supposed to come, which means there will be a lot of guiding trips.” There is also cautious optimism on the charter tourism scene because of turmoil in other countries, as tourists stay away from Egypt and Turkey in particular. The charter tourist flights, which had crossed the 1,000 mark last season, are expected to rise to around 1,400 flights. According to Francisco Braganza, president of the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), the apex tourism industry body, “The season will be extremely good due to the rupee falling against the dollar and the pound improving the purchasing capacity of European tourists. The visaon-arrival facility will also encourage tourists from larger countries.” More charters mean more business for hoteliers and everybody else. Joseph Sequeira is a member of the Calangute village panchayat, which sees thousands of tourists every day. He also owns the

Season Time

Uh Oh. The monster birds are here again.

I just love the whites.

Casa Severina resort besides a travel agency, which takes dozens of charter tourists on sightseeing excursions every day. “The tourist season is always good in Calangute. Whoever wants to come to Goa will always come here. This season will be better than last season,” he says. “Everybody wants 100% room occupancy; how they can expect that? The important thing is we have to give them good facilities like good and clean roads, which the panchayat is doing by creating more infrastructure like broader roads. Work has started on the sewerage network and the garbage treatment plant, all of which will mean better facilities for tourists.” However, Joseph has a word of caution for visitors, too. “People have to beware of bag-snatchers who come on motorbikes and snatch the shoulder and hand-bags of female tourists. A lot of people are unemployed, especially amongst the migrants who come to Goa and they turn robbers. People should watch out for two persons coming close to them on motorcycles while they’re walking on the streets, especially at night.” Still, there’s lots of new stuff happening all over the coastal belt, including in old-time hangouts like Anjuna. Take Shore Bar, the popular beachside party spot in the middle of south Anjuna. It’s now going to be Shore Bar in association with Extreme Sports Bar. With multiple outlets in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, etc, owner Danny says it’s not going to be your typical Anjuna party place. “It’s all about food, it’s not about partying. The feedback we’ve received is that our food is the best in the area, both in terms of the taste and the quantity too. We will also have karaoke nights, live music, international DJ’s and the food will be international, Goan, Indian. It’s a different experience from the usual Anjuna scene. We hope to do a lot of cocktails,” he says. Not everyone is completely excited about the new season, to be sure. With each passing year it’s getting tougher and tougher for the tourist taxi operators,

You love their leftovers.

who are often seen as the villains in the tourism story because of high fares. Says Vasudev Arlekar, president of the powerful North Goa Tourist Taxi Owner’s Association, which has 1,800 members, “Nowadays tourists who come to Goa pick up a rental car at the airport or railway station itself, drive all over Goa for seven days and go back. Where will we get business?” He spoke of what he called debilitating government regulations, including a prohibition against tourist taxis parking along roads to solicit customers. Vasudev also complained of new hotels failing to make provisions for tourist taxis and of Russians running their own taxi operations. “This year if we find any foreigners operating taxis, we will not complain, we will take direct action,” Vasudev said. “When a man is hungry, he will do anything for some food. Our situation has become like that.” At the top end of the tourism industry, the 20-odd five-star resorts are also sprucing themselves up for the new season. “We at Alila Diwa Goa are going full steam ahead to prepare for the winter season,” says Siddharth Savkur, the general manager at Alila Diwa Goa in Majorda. “Our new winter packages were launched earlier this month and are already getting a strong response. A packed entertainment schedule has been planned for the outlets. The popular Edgy Nights will continue at our Edge Bar, not just on one but five nights a week with live music. All our restaurant menus have been revised with some exciting additions to cater to both the international and domestic tourists. We also have a host of food festivals lined up at Spice Studio, our specialty Indian restaurant.” But as Joaquim ‘Jack’ Fernandes, the compere cautions, “You can never say – sometimes the season gets affected by factors beyond our control, as happened with the Gulf war.” For now, however, it seems clear that the factors beyond Goa’s control are, for the most part, working in the state’s favour. 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

streetspicks Panaji Art Gallery

Collage Chai by Vaish navi

The Gallery, popular with locals and visitors alike, keeps works of all kinds of genre, ranging from Goan Art to landscapes, figurative and stylized paintings, traditional as well as contemporary work. It also displays collections of individual artists. A good place to drop by in whilst out on a shopping spree. Open everyday except Sunday At Panaji Art Gallery,Opp. Municipal gardens, Next to Souza Tower, Panaji. @ 9 am to 8 pm +91 9822168703


Oct 17

Classical Music Course

At Conference Hall, Goa University, Taleigao

Oct 18

Alphonso Mojo by Priya

Kingfisher Voice of Goa

The second audition on October 18 at Vasco; Third audition on October 25 at Green Park, apusa Fourth audition on October 27 in Margao. @ 5 pm +91 9527443747 / +91 9527777360

Oct 18

Dandiya Dhamaka

@ 6.30 pm to 11 pm At the Clube Premises, Miramar +91 832 2462220 / +91 832 2462221

Oct 19

ORION aiming for Stars

At Dyanprasarak Mandal’s College, Assagao, Mapusa @ 9 am 0832 2268488

Learn how to grow your own vegetables safety

Hosted by Miguel Braganza and Green Essentials At Quinta de Souza Farm, Thivim @ 2.45 pm to 6.45 pm +91 9960643245

Oct 20

Hello Uncle Tiatr

Directed by Tomazinho Cardozo At Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim @ 3.30 pm 0832 2224143

17 October onwards

Assavri Kulkarni Photography At Flat no F1. Green Vally, Alto Porvorim @ 9.30 am to 7 pm +91 9823140996

Guess what? It’s a riot! by Nolan Mascarenhas


his might seem a little juvenile at first glance, perhaps a little nerdy. Something you might expect from Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, from someone who perhaps never gave up a childhood fetish for Football Cards or comic books. Nevermind all that, dear reader. This is a story about a special kind of trading card, featuring works of art. And guess what? You don’t have to be a kid or a nerd to love it! Turns out there’s a bunch of people in Goa whose soup is most definitely stirred by these rectangular printed gems. I’m happy to tell the world about this riotously fun initiative, reviving the age-old trading card tradition with a new, artistic twist, by an artistic community in Panjim called The Creative Pool. I’m part of the group, and we have a simple core theme: ‘Everyone is an Artist’. The

cards are roughly the size of your visiting cards - 2.5 x 3.5 inches – and are limited only by the degree of one’s creativity. People from various fields and disciplines of the arts, such as illustrators, designers, photographers, painters, and aspiring students, all come to the forum to get a piece of their fellow artists’ works – all free of charge. To get an idea of their projects, check out their Facebook page at thecreativepooldiverightin. Aspiring artists meet the established ones and have a chance to trade work. Everything’s merit- based. From collages to photographs, oil paintings to digital prints it’s a smaller version of an ‘art mela’. The Creative Pool was started by a handful of determined artists who believed that art was for everyone and that everyone had art inside them.

16  Arts&Entertainment Oct 10 to Oct 21

Galleries of Note

An exclusive exhibition cum sale of exquisite Handicraft & Handcrafted Textiles At Clube National, Panjim @ 11 am to 9 pm +91 832 222 5316

Displays of Contemporary Art are displayed by Salvador Fernandes. An exhibition and display of contemporary works and paintings by Salvador, Lata P. & Ronsay for U.K. At Naikawaddo, Calangute @ 9.30 am to 8.30 pm +91 832 2281121/ +91 9326717386

Craft Mela

Moksa Art Gallery

Oct 6 to Oct 28 Craft Fair

Demonstration, exhibition-cum-sale of exquisite Crafts, from NorthEastern Region brought to you directly by Artisans. Sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles. At Goa Kshatriya Maratha Samaj, Porvorim @ 10 am to 9 pm +91 832-2437032. +91 9420689089

October 17 to October 19 Concept of Drupad in Indian Classical Music

Ustad Baha’ud-din Dagar Nana Shirgaokar Chair visiting Professor in Indian Traditional Music. At Goa University, Dona Paula

Oct 17 to Oct 21

Gruha Shoba - Living Style Exhibition

At Parking Ground, Next to meat market, Margao @ 10 am to 9 pm

Nov 8 to Nov 10

Goa International Latin fest 2013

At Sun City Resorts, Calangute, Baga Road @ 9 am onwards +91 9923484002

Oct 19 to Oct 20 Painting Exhibition

At Kala Academy, Panjim @ 2 pm to 6.30 pm +91 832 2420453

Oct 19 to Oct 26

Raw beauty photography exhibition

By Nadia Gunardisurya @ 7.00 pm At Alliance Francaise, Panjim. +91 832 2420049

Oct 20 – Oct 21

Child’s Play (India) Foundation

is a not-for-profit music charity working with disadvantaged children. For our 2013 Christmas cards, we invite designs, photographs and illustrations incorporating the theme ‘Music, Happiness and Children’. Last date for submission of entries is October 15, 2013. Age no bar. We would love entries from children as well. Email entries to luis@

Exchange 2 in full swing


Exclusive range of archival prints on Christian Art (life of Jesus Christ). The museum displays works of Original Art & International print arts. There is also a display of Picture framing, Custom framing & Archival framing, all done by Goan Artists. At Near Domino’s Pizza, Panjim @ 9 am to 1.30 pm & 3.30 pm to 7 pm +91 9822124245

Mario Art Gallery

Original paintings of Mario Miranda & “The Life of Mario 1951” new book has been released. At Salvador-do-mundo @ 9 am to 5.30 pm +91 832 2410711

Garden Central Gallery

Permanent exhibits paintings and Sketches of artists Derek Monteiro. At Panjim @ 10 am to 5 pm +91 9921372036

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, the newly opened art and learning centre in Majorda brings to lovers of art, a number of exhibitions and workshops. At Majorda @ 10 am to 6 pm +91 8888862462

Fundação Oriente Art Gallery

Permanent exhibition of paintings by António Xavier Trindade (1870-1935) – a painter from Goa. At Fontainhas, Panjim @ 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm +91 832 2230728/ +91 2436108

Gallery Esperance

Retrospective art in oils, watercolours, crayons portraits, landscape, still life photographs. Gallery celebrates Franjoao Centenary. Every day, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Retrospective art of artist Franjoao. At Near the our lady of merces church, Merces +91 9922509704

Gallery Attic

A display of painting by Goan Artist. At opp. Don Bosco, Panjim @ 9 am to 1 pm to 2 pm to 7 pm +91 832 2420929/+91 2257931

Gallery Gitanjali

This art gallery is a part of the three Heritage Hotels, Showcased are the works of artists from Goa, Mumbai and Karnataka; Suhas Shilkar, Jayshree Patankar, Kerky & Devi Prasad. @ 9 am to 9 pm At Fontainhas, Panjim +91 9823572035

From page 15 Apurva Kulkarni got it off the ground with help from Vatsala Kamat, Vasant and Omkar Naik. The member artists have been meeting at the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Azad Maidan to discuss topics related to the arts and new methods, means and techniques. The warmth and generosity of Pallavi Arondekar who is the Deputy Director of the GCCI and Bija, an art initiative formed by Nayna Bandekar and Apurva Kulkarni, have together helped to start the ATC. The first session had a turnout of around 35 artists ready to trade. The second had 55. Many local and foreign artists have taken part in this initiative and trade their cards across table counters hoping to get in return something they like and want. I have collected works of Apurva Kulkarni, Aadhi Vishal, Sandesh Naik, Tushar Rao, Conrad Pinto, Priya Alphonso and others. The more cards you make the more you have to trade. If you don’t wish to trade, you could still witness the session as it is open to all. The rules are simple. Barter a card for a card or two depending on how badly you want it. No compulsions. At the end of the meeting (lasting half an hour) participants go home with a few treasured card creations. What’s more, one meets and greets over coffee and snacks likeminded people. Some say we artists are killing art itself by ‘trading’ it for free. I say, we trade an artist’s time and effort, something unique and beautiful. I was at an art gathering in Mumbai recently and I met this collector who had bought (at a steep price) two paintings of an artist present there. I asked him why he’d done that. He smiled and said, ‘Someday his work is going to be thrice the

amount I’ve paid today.’ It was heartening indeed to see this positive response. He went on: he had met the late M.F. Hussain in the 70’s when the latter was a mere billboard painter who had no idea of what life had in store for him. This collector had commissioned 5 paintings from Hussain. Hussain painted those during his free time, 5 paintings for Rs.1500/-. I’m looking forward to ATC’s next meeting on October 25th at Surendrababu Timblo Hall at 5:30pm. Come. Who knows, perhaps you might find your Hussain there? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

streetspicks Gandhiji’s Fundamental Principle A Festival of Gandhian Ideas, a rare chance to hear and discuss Gandhi’s ideas. The topics covered are: Rediscovering the Mahatma Gandhiji’s Fundamental Principle Commitment to Satyagraha Speaker Dr. Tridip Suhrud, Ashram, Ahmedabad 380 027. Author of: M.K. Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj (Orient Black Swan, New Delhi, 2009.) Reading Gandhi in Two Tongues and Other Essays (IIAS, Shimla, 2012) Twelve other books, and 58 essays. Dr Suhrud is also recipient of the Katha Award, 1999 and the Sahitya Academy Award, 2010. At Don Bosco High School Hall, Panjim

Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Zumbathon Party yourself into shape this October and help those in need. With licensed instructors from all over Goa to guide. It’s a Charity Event, lend a hand to victims of a natural disaster. At Marinha Dourado, Baga On Oct 19 @ 4.30 pm +91 8390054647

Oct 17 LECTURE Biological Diversity and Its Conservation

The Directorate of Museums has organized a lecture of Nitin S. Sawant, @ 3.30 p.m. At Goa State Museum Auditorium, Panjim +91 832 243 8006

Oct 18 LECTURE - Rammed Earth Houses of Goa Goenkarachem Daiz in collaboration with Ravindra Bhavan, Margao presents Architect Hyacinth Pinto and Engineer Jose Lourenco who will deliver a lecture. At the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao @ 4.30 pm +91 832 272 6980

GCCI’s National Conference

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Food New Delhi and Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry is organizing a national conference on ‘Linking Growth Drivers Of Food Processing Industries Market, Retails, and Quality With Food Safety And Skills’. @ 10.30 am to 3.30 pm At GCCI’s Surendrababu Timblo Hall, Panjim +91 832 2424252

Aham Brahmasmi. Matrix Discover

At Om Kairos, Korgao, Pernem @ 6 am +91 9845720254

Photogiri Workshop by Dinesh Khanna

At Varca Le Palms, Fatorda @ 12 pm

Workshop- Heart Disease By Dr. Gurudutt Amin At Institute Menezes Braganza, Panjim @ 10.30 am

Earth House

At Ravindra Bhavan, Margao @ 4.30 pm

Oct 19 100 at last! A Tribute to Micky Correa

Event for Jazz Goa, Hosted by Colin D’Cruz Musicians are Micky Correa, alias Michael Aloysius Cypriano Correa, referred to by the media as the “Sultan of Swing”, At Clube National, Panjim @ 8 pm +91 832 2225316

Interactive Session on Shamanism

Conducted by Paul Hinsberger and Neelam Nanwani At The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula @ 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm +91 9765404391 / +91 832 2452805

Oct 20 Ghumott Workshop At Kala Academy, Panjim @ 3 pm +91 832 2420453

Annual solo written quiz compitition

the Oasis Lone Wolf Quiz At The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula @ 9.30 am

Free Health Camp to cure Bone & Joint Problems At Senior Citizens Ghar. Calangute @ 10 am +91 9821758877

Workshop on Shamanism

Shamanic Practitioners Paul Hinsberger and Neelam Nanwani will conduct a workshop on shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice At EDC Hall, Dr. A B Road, Panjim @ 9.30 am to 5.30 pm +91 9890305754

Film Festival

The Psychiatric Society of Goa is presenting an unique film festival, Mantarang a cinematic journey through human emotions. At NIO auditorium, Dona Paula @ 5 pm onwards

Oct 21

Oct 21 to Oct 24 Garter - Symposium ITxpo

This is the world`s most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives. At Grand Hyatt, Bambolim +91 832 301 1234

Oct 21 to Oct 23 Photography Workshop

Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa in collaboration with West Zone Culture Centre, Udaipur will organise a photography workshop By Shiresh Thane At Multipurpose Hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Panjim @ 10 am to 5 pm +91 832 2404600/ +91 832 2404623

Oct 17 to Oct 20 All Goa TT Tournament

Rotary Club of Panaji in association with Sports Authority of Goa is organizing the 3rd All-Goa major ranking table tennis tournament. At Indoor Stadium, Campal, Panjim +91 9822175777/ +91 9763817905

PARADE ~ Police Commemoration Day Parade

Oct 8 to Oct 27

Oct 22

Ponda Badminton Club is organizing its 10th all Goa major ranking badminton tournament. At SAG Multipurpose Hall, Ponda +91 9552684461/+91 9764015152

At the Goa Police Headquarter, Panjim @ 7.30 am.

DRAG Anniversary Celebration

The Disability Rights Association of Goa will celebration its 10th anniversary MP Shripad Naik will inaugurate At The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall, Panjim @ 10.30 am

Oct 12 to Oct 20 Italian Language Week

18th Oct. 6:00pm: Italian Cinema for film lovers. 20th Oct: Film screenings. At Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library, Panjim +91 9371703536

Oct 17 & Oct 19 Workshop- kantha embroidery

Classes will be conducted by Conchita Ribeiro. At NAM Centre, St. Inez, Panjim @ 10.30 pm to 12.30 pm +91 9423883396

Oct 21 to Oct 23 Fashion Photography Workshop At Multipurpose Hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Patto, Panjim @ 10 am to 5 pm +91 832 2404600/ +91 2404623

Parkinsons Workshop

Parkinson’s Monthly Support Group Workshop On 19 Oct At YMCA, Campal, Panjim @ 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm on 20 Oct At EMMAUS Counseling Centre, Mapusa @ 4 pm to 6 pm +91 832 2268304/ +91 9867259279

Badminton Tourney

Oct 14 to Oct 20 Seminar on Healthcare Management and Managerial Effectiveness By Goa Institute of Management At the Goa Institute of Management Campus, Sanquelim +91 832 2490342 / +91 7774906149

Oct 24 to Oct 28 Dalima’s Professional Bakery Classes

At Calangute, Church Hall, on 19th Oct At Colva, Dalima Pastry Shop, on 21st to 26th Oct At Panjim, Model Residency, St. Inez, On 28th to 2nd Nov +91 9096901516/ +91 9326101493

Every Friday Tabla Classes

At Swami Vivekananda Society junta house, Panjim @ 3 pm to 7.30 pm +91 832 2224098

Every Monday and Wednesday Capoeira Classes

@ 7 pm to 8 pm At Tito’s White House, Anjuna +91 9769341128


Creative Art Classes

With elements of Craft, Music, Drama interwoven to develop Out-of-the-box Thinking Skills. Or alternatively 4 sessions a month on Sunday Mornings. At Caranzalem, Panjim +91 9763550980, +91 832 2462054.

Free Swimming Guidance

Organized by Walter Mascarenhas; Everyday by prior appointment only. At The International Centre Goa, Dr E Borges Road, Dona Paula @ 5 pm – 7 pm +91 9822911161


From apparel to silver jewellery, bags to accessories and souvenirs to curios, everything at TukTuk is handpicked from across India. At A 104, Pereira Plaza, 1st Floor, Opposite Hospicio, Margao @ 10:30 am – 1:30 pm & 2:30 pm – 7 pm +91 9049017182

Water Sports

Water Splash Cruises

Experience the Boating lifestyle Water Splash Cruises specializes in offering luxury boating and yachting experience in Goa with a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts in Goa. At Models Status, Dona Paula +91 8888864347

Spice Farms

Savoi Plantation

Offers traditional Goan Saraswat cuisine served in mud pots & banana leaf plates along with seasonal fruits grown in the plantation. At Ponda +91 832 2340272/9423888899 Email:


Naval Aviation Museum

First of its kind in Asia. It displays a number of vintage aircraft, armament, used at different stages by Naval Aviation dating back to 1950`s and a vast number of memorabilia related to Naval Aviation history. At near Bogmalo Beach @ 10 am to 5 pm +91 832 2538668

Goa State Museum

The Museum has 14 galleries, Christian Art, Religious Expressions, Culture, and Anthropology. At EDC Complex, Patto, Panjim @ 9.30 am to 5.30 pm +91 832 2438006 / +91 832 2437306

Goa Science Centre

The Centre has a science park with interactive exhibits, 3D shows, galleries on oceanic science, explaining mysteries of the underwater world & a gallery on fun science with amazing exhibits on scientific principles. At Miramar @ 10 am to 6 pm +91 832 2463426



18   Leisurely Sunday Monsoon Brunch at Goa Marriott!

Goa Marriott associates and students from Goa University amongst others after the clean-up at Mirama Beach

Coastal Clean-up by Goa Marriott


o mark the annual International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) event, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa conducted a Beach Cleaning drive on 11thOctober, 2013. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people in more than 75 countries are united in the world’s largest volunteer event on behalf of clean waterways and unpolluted oceans - the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC). They remove millions of pounds of trash from waterways and beaches all over the world during Ocean Conservancy’s ICC. ‘Ocean Conservancy’ is a non-profit organization that promotes health and diverse ocean ecosystems through

research, education and science. Approximately 30 Goa Marriott associates and students from IMBA Department of Management Studies, Goa University, participated in clearing the Miramar beach segment. The waste scrap, trash and debris will be segregated and handed over to the Municipal Corporation for recycling. As part of the resort’s ‘Spirit To Serve’ ideology directed at serving its community, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa is committed to organizing groups, scouting for clean-up sites and rallying volunteers all year round. At the Marriott, the concept of Going Green starts with Living Blue.


oa Marriott Resort & Spa unveils the ultimate weekend brunch experience these monsoons with the reinvented Sunday Monsoon Brunch at Waterfront Terrace & Bar every Sunday afternoon! A colourful spread, a range of cuisines, pleasant conversation over drinks, a cozy ambience musically enhanced with the light tunes of a live band against the backdrop of the rain outside. The re-invented Brunch is all about lazing the weekend away with gastronomic delights that bring you a sense of comfort and well-being. Treat yourself to delicacies from across the world specially selected by our Chefs to complement the monsoons. Dig into mouth-watering KheemaPao and Kathi Roll, taste exquisite Burmese Khao Suey, Dim Sums and Momos. Sample the Japanese Okonomiyaki, and savour Quesadilla and Fajita.

Get into a Middle Eastern stupor with Shawarma and Falafel, and relish regional specials of Appam and Stew from Kerala or Madras Kuttu Paratha. Culminate this lazy luncheon with desserts like the Mississippi Mud Cake, Cranberry and Vodka Jelly, Rustic Apple and Mint Pie, and a range of Cheese Cakes. A beverage component of a choice of domestic premium Sula Wines and IMFL Spirits or French Champagne and Imported Spirits will get you in the weekend mood! Magical monsoons only at the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa! For reservations, please call 0832 – 2463333.

The Corner is a regular space where businesses, entrepreneurs and all those with noteworthy projects can ‘strut their stuff’.

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa Masters of Food and Wine – Journey through Malaysia


ark Hyatt Masters of Food and Wine is a series of sophisticated culinary and beverage experiences hosted at Park Hyatt locations around the world. This season, Nyonya Chef Supi (who worked with visiting sommelier Emanuela Supino Mansor) presented a first of its kind mélange of Malaysian flavours, paired with Italian wines from Campania. Nyonya cooking blends Chinese ingredients with spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay community. The evening started off with wine at Praia de Luz, followed by a five-course menu at Casa Sarita. The dinner began with chilli silken tofu and lobster masak lemak (bean sprouts, bok choi, Malay curry), paired

with the citrus blossom aroma of Falanghina del Sannio DOC 2012. The next course was a choice between pumpkin and lemongrass soup and Soup itik “Penang style”. A lychee coconut sorbet with mango and lime was the palate cleanser. Main course offered an option of Potato perkedel (fried potatoes, scallion, onion, chili)

and Terong balado (spicy grilled eggplant, served with nasi lamak) or Steamed sea bass (Ginger soy sauce, scallion) or Beef rendang (Beef, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric leaf, spices and coconut), complemented with the cherry jam, cinnamon and vanilla of the Aglianico Taurasi DOCG 2008 ruby red wine. Concluding the meal was Sago gula melaka with pandan ice cream and delicate petit fours, paired with Louis Royer Borderies. Nyonya Chef Supi Mansor began his career at the Royal Brunei Catering Company and over 17 years has worked across some of the finest hotel chains in the world. Sommelier Emanuela Supino is the owner of Feudi

San Grigorio the wine estate of one of Campania’s most dynamic wineries, spread out over lush and gentle hills in Sorbo Serpico. The unique volcanic, sandstone soil of this area lends the wines their tell-tale aromas. 

Explore  19

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By Revati Upadhya It would be easy to rattle off a list of common family attractions in Goa – from the beach to a water park to a boat ride to a hike. But let’s leave the beaten track for a moment and look at some out-ofthe-box, unusual things to do with the whole family. I’m not saying that you’re guaranteed everyone from grandma to little baby will appreciate every spot I mention. But these are hot spots with significant appeal, and I wholeheartedly recommend each of them!

For those inclined to spending a few days in close harmony with nature in Goa, just 70km away from Panjim, nestled in the Chorla Ghats, is Wildernest – an aptly named eco resort. With rustic architecture that is in-sync with the natural landscape overlooking a lush valley and a waterfall beyond, the resort is dotted with many peaceful nooks where you can sit with a book and gaze out at the valley below. The infinity pool perched at the sharp edge of a hill is a great place to chill (literally, too). The ethnic cuisine is cooked with local, organic produce and served with warmth and cheer. Wildernest is the ideal location to enjoy some quality family time or a few days of peaceful solitude. (

Many Goan homestays are homes that are owned and run by families who still live there. They have simply chosen to open their doors to guests. Olaulim Backyards and Arco Iris are examples of such getaways. Olaulim Backyards (named after the village in North Goa) is a safe distance from the beaches, should you feel the need to abandon the lazy, homely atmosphere and rush for a dip in the sea. But chances are you won’t even miss it. There’s a luxurious pool, homecooked Goan meals and a menagerie of pets – a great spot for all those who appreciate down-to-earth holidays. (

Arco Iris is a tastefully restored 200-yearold home in the South Goan village of Curtorim run by a family of 4. The brightly tiled porch and red-oxide floors make one feel at home, at once. The hospitality, the décor and the cheerful conversation over drinks is likely to make you feel like you are visiting a friend, not staying in a hotel. Arco Iris is for those who want to experience village life in Goa. It’s not a run-of-the-mill beach holiday. (

Another interesting destination is the Savoi Spice Plantation in Ponda, 25 km from Panjim. It’s spread over 100 acres of farms that organically grow local fruits and vegetables, spices and medicinal plants. A day trip there is as fascinating as it is educational. One can even camp over a weekend (one of the few places in Goa where safe camping is possible!). Step out of city life and slide into the rural – the staff at Savoi go out of their way to give you an authentic experience, complete with delicious country food, cooked using local ingredients and techniques, served on eco-friendly tableware! (

The Mascarenhas Ancestral Home in Loutolim (in the South Goan interiors) proudly tends one of Goa’s loveliest botanical gardens. The house, turned into a cosy bed and breakfast, has a cheerful vibe and the rolling Garca Branca Garden of Eden that surrounds it makes the property seem like a world away. Here you can step into tranquility, where the only sounds you will hear are chirping birds by day and crickets by night. ( For those inclined to physical exertion and exploration, the Dudhsagar Falls presents multiple options. Follow the trails that run through the surrounding woods; the most unique of them all is the Rail Trek that is sure to pique the interest of trekkers and trainspotters/ railfanners alike!

Perhaps you don’t want the treks and forests. You want the sun and sand, yet without feeling overwhelmed by riotous crowds? Try Calamari Bathe and Binge. Sure there are lots of people here during the season. Yet it’s the kind of place where you can let your hair down, sip on cocktails, lounge on beach-beds and binge on an array of barbecue and grilled food. Eat all the seafood you can. It’s fresh, filling, fabulous and makes for the perfect accompaniment to sipping drinks all day long! Museum lover? Visit Houses of Goa, which has painstakingly archived and documented Goa’s Architectural History, right from the advent of the Portuguese, chronicling the cultural influences they had on the homes and the changes seen over the decades. It is located in a wooded residential area in Torda in North Goa, in a uniquely shaped building. (www.

You may not know that Panjim’s Public Library – Krishnadas Shama State Central Library – was India’s first public library. Established in the 1830s, the library has gone through several transformations, but its latest development saw a totally revamped avatar in an all-new location in Patto, Panjim. Spread over 6 spacious floors to accommodate its vast and varied collection of close to half a million books, the building is open to one-time visitors too, making it worth a visit, even if just for a few hours. Little known fact, Goa is also home to an Archaeological Museum located in a part of the convent of the church of St. Francis of Assisi in North Goa. Showcasing a range of antique collectibles including objects from prehistoric and early historic times up to the late mediaeval period, the museum is spread over eight galleries. If a little bit of history is what you need to make your holiday complete, this is a storehouse of artefacts and historic information! Sometimes taking the road less travelled can dramatically alter your experience in Goa. An open mind, and a little enthusiasm is all it takes. These lesser known hideaways, places of interest and Goa’s winding village roads in between can take you far from the ocean, away from the cacophony of the touristy beach-belts, and reveal a side of Goa you may not know. And just maybe, some of these spots sill take your breath away.

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Goa Joins the Medical Big Leagues with Kidney Transplants It’s a Quiet Revolution By Sheela Jaywant


quiet medical revolution has been taking place in Goa, largely out of the spotlight, away from public view. But gone are the days when it was more or less essential to leave our small state for major medical procedures. Perhaps there’s no better illustration of this sea change than kidney transplants. This past Oct. 15, the Goa Medical College marked the two-year anniversary since it began performing the procedure. Nephrologist Dr Tiwari, urologist Dr Prabhudesai and their colleagues put the State on the medical map of India. They have done several live-related transplants since then. Kidney transplantation provides highquality life-years to patients with irreversible kidney failure. The transplanted kidneys and their hosts have a survival rate of over 90% in the first year worldwide. Better understanding of drugs (to prevent rejection and fight infections) coupled with improved organ matching and preservation techniques have contributed to the success. Goa’s first patient, a 17-year-old boy, had to drop out of school dropout because of his health. But then he received his mother’s kidney. Today, he is studying computers. Another gentleman who was not able to work as a laboratory assistant in a college because of dialysis is now back at his job because of his sister’s gift to him: her kidney. A third example: an Electricity Department employee, father to two pre-teenagers, was desperate. He was dependent on hell-on-earth dialysis and on the verge of losing job and life. His wife stepped forward to donate a kidney. She had to leave children with relatives for two weeks and undergo a surgery herself, but the rewards were handsome. Her husband rejoined work and is now able to enjoy a good family life and bring up his children. (Live donors are screened carefully before they donate an organ and they are as normal as anyone else once they’ve recovered from the surgery. Yes, we only

need one kidney.) Goa’s population of 15 lakh has 250 individuals added each year to the list of dialysis- requiring patients. At any given time, their total number is over 800. The average cost of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis is around Rs 25,000 per month, which is unaffordable for most. Goa government subsidizes the cost of dialysis up to Rs 13,000 per month. It costs the state 3 crores; only 35% are alive after five years on dialysis, according to Dr Amol Mahalkar, Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician at the Goa Medical College. Once kidney-function fails (that means both kidneys will not function again, not with any other branch of

medicine, not with prayers nor visits to holy men), and transplantation is possible, where does one get another kidney from? Ideally, from a parent, sibling, cousin or child. Our law allows the spouse to donate and anyone who would like to give it out of strong affection to the patient. This last clause has been misused in many states and poor people are made donor bakras for a couple of thousand rupees. If a relative’s tissue doesn’t match the patient’s, if a relative is not willing to give a kidney, the alternative is to get a kidney from a deceased person. Here’s how: There are two kinds of death. A cardiac death, when the heart stops beating. Second, brain death, which happens when the brain stops functioning, as in the case of serious head injuries or bleeds inside the skull. Or in rare cases, of primary tumours that kill the brain yet allow other organs to work under certain circumstances. The brain

dead patient, in a well-equipped ICU, can be hooked onto a ventilator to keep the air and blood circulating inside the body. The doctors artificially maintain the heartbeat and blood pressure. The instant the ventilator is switched off, the heart will stop. It can’t keep the heart beating for more than a couple of hours anyway. Brain death is not coma. A patient in coma is alive. S/he gags if a spatula is inserted into the throat. Her/his eyes move if ice-cold water is injected into the ear. There are very special tests which also have to be done. Maintaining a cadaver-donor for organ retrieval is a complicated, highly skilled process. GMC is getting ready for it. Two sets of specialists (neurosurgeons, intensivists) have to carry out tests at least six hours apart before declaring brain death. When that is done, the family of the person can consider donating organs: 2 kidneys, 1 liver, 1 heart, 2 lungs, 2 eyes, the pancreas, the skin… of these GMC can handle eye (cornea) and kidney transplants at the moment. As in live-related transplants, there is paperwork involved. The medical team has to run against time to retrieve the organs and prepare the recipient (who is always shocked, however pleasantly). An No Objection Certificate has to be obtained from the police. The coroner has to be informed regarding the missing organs at the time of the post-mortem. Most importantly the consent has to be signed by the family of the deceased. If you wish to donate your organs after death, it’s a good idea to regularly tell close family members about the wish. Carry at all times a small note in the wallet indicating your wish. In case of an untimely death, it reminds the family of your wish and makes it easier to them to sign the consent form. Some say: “Our religion does not permit this kind of cutting up. We can’t do rites on an incomplete being.” Each religion in India: Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, Sikh, Jew, believes that giving life to another the ultimate charity. Recipients are carefully chosen depending on their age, how long they have been on dialysis, tissue and blood matching, and many other points. The patients are chosen in a fair and transparent way and told to rush to the

operating theatre for the transplant. Organs retrieved from a cadaver are neither bought nor sold. After the transplant, patients have to be on a lifelong course of medicines, be careful about not catching infection and always stay in touch with their nephrologist. They can earn a living, attend college, have sex, even take part in sports. The average five year survival after kidney transplant is 75%, more than double that of dialysis patients. A transplant in the GMC costs the State about Rs 100,000 per patient (this ‘free facility’ is unique in India). That amount would have covered only a few months of dialysis for the same patient. It will take some time before GMC can start its cadaver program. Every year traffic accidents result in up to 320 deaths on our roads, a majority of them with head injury and brain death. Harvesting and transplanting even 40 % of these will rehabilitate up to 250 individuals, according to Dr Mahalkar. We’re losing a lot of young lives to rash driving, but that’s another article, for another day.

22  Fashion your throat, a cute thin bracelet on your wrist, a generous splash of Chanel 5 (don’t forget a dab down your cleavage) to create a sense of mystery around your aura. Body piercing, and the jingle of bangles on a cocktail dress is downright crass. Lose it.

WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH GRACE Think Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Sushmita Sen, Angelina Jolie (my favourite women). The world loves these women for their immense sense of style, supreme grace, beauty, and a quiet intelligence that make them icons of femininity. Cultivate your own style statement. And be consistent with what is `you.’ Let your style, body language, your voice reflect it.


o, you think you’re a haute cash strutting chick, flashing a wardrobe that cost your old man a fortune, huh? Well, chill down sis, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. Like what you see? Money can’t buy you style, if your fashion barometer is nosediving. An `It’ girl knows the fashion rules (and it has nothing to do with brands), says ETHEL DA COSTA, creator, curator of Fashion Fridays Club Nite Series, a unique fashion event going into 2nd edition this season.

Know Yourself. Then Get Dressed Sounds simple, isn’t it? But don’t get over enthusiastic. It isn’t. It is the rare woman who really understands what looks best on her, and what does not. Rarer still is the woman who keeps pace with the changes in her circumstances, without morphing into an overdone clotheshorse. Rule No. 1: Look in the mirror. Think. Repeat as necessary.

Give A `High Five’ For Fit. Not Brand Label Don’t believe us? Well, too bad if you rob a bank to buy that earth-shattering Gucci number, but instead of Kate Moss you end up looking like something the cat dragged in three days ago. No matter what the glossies tell you, the right cut and fit reigns supreme. Always. So, ask around for a good tailor. If his name gets mentioned twice in your party circuit, run to this man. RUN girl!

A CHEAP DRESS FITS NOBODY Er…ok, so quality matters too, because cheap won’t last you long. Get the best dress you can afford, even if you can’t quite afford it. Remember, it’s an

However, despite what Moses the Prophet said, Laws were made to be broken. When you’re ready, you’ll know. Cheers! One of my favourite and ageless, Supermodel Nina Manuel shared these Fashion Mantras!

investment. Because no matter what all you’ve stuffed in your closet, you’ll always reach for the same two or three dresses that draw wolf whistles every time you sashay in it. Grab it, even if you have to over-extend yourself to buy.

DRESS YOUR AGE Hitting 50 and you’re thinking Naomi Campbell? Burst that bubble. Unless you have a body like Naomi Campbell. It’s tacky to wear a mini dress, sport a belly button that has seen better days and teeter on six inches in a bouffant, the sight of which would give designer Valentino a six-second fit …unless, of course, you’re Goldie Hawn. You’re not, so get real. Groom, Groom, Groom! Chip, file, wax, buff. Take a second look, buff again. A woman must – and we really, really mean MUST -- always have perfectly turned neat hands and feet. Chipped nails, peeling nail polish and dirty feet are hugely, grossly, and unforgivably ugh!

COMFORT FIRST Ok, so you paid a bomb for a Rina Dhaka bustier and going blue in the face trying to suck your breath in to keep the tummy in shape? At the end of the day, you want to look and feel comfortable, right? Pants that you can’t breathe in and threaten to burst or shoes you can’t walk in, ain’t doing your image any favours. ONE PAIR OF TOP QUALITY SHOES IS BETTER THAN TEN CHEAP PAIRS A good classic leather shoe rotated throughout the year, should last for two years or more. For blister free breakingin: Wear them for brief, gradually increasing periods, removing them as soon as they begin to bother you. KEEP THE WAR PAINT IN CHECK Red may be hot, but perhaps not on your cheeks! Technique is `in’ so learn how to enhance your features with the right make-up and cosmetic partner. Tarts die with the Carnival. TWO RINGS, ONE WRISTWATCH, YOU’RE DONE Ok, you can add tiny chains around

• A little Black Dress. A must have. Black is the safest colour and will always save the day. • At most times, the rules of dressing are determined by your surroundings. So be sure to check the weather before you wear something shimmery in winter. • Be bold, be different, be unique. Style is a personal statement as long as you can carry it off and if you are comfortable wearing it. • Try to mix colours. Black does not always have to go with white. Green can go with yellow and red can go with grey. • Don’t think twice about dressing your head. It’s the first thing that catches the eye. A well-worn hat or scarf can perfectly compliment jeans or even a short skirt. • Open toe shoes or slippers for summer and closed shoes or boots for the winter. But if the occasion calls for it, you can wear whatever and whenever. Comfort is of importance. • It never hurts to get a second opinion is the seventh law of dressing.

Ethel Da Costa is a Goa based acknowledged fashion, lifestyle, music writer, radio head, creative entrepreneur, commenter and columnist of all things politically and socially incorrect. A published poet-author of Eve’s Revenge: Stories of Nemesis (2008) with a second sequel in the making Eve’s Light: Stories of Passion, she can be reached at Website: http://

Glamour from the fashion show at The Nightlife Convention by, Resort Rio, Arpora on Oct. 5th, 2013

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