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VK-TDR-1 Viking Electronics Viking Time Delay Relay OVERVIEW A time delay relay is an electronic device that allows specific events to happen after delays that are chosen by the user. Viking Electronics is a high standard company dealing in time delay relays. The VK-TDR-1 is a quality time delay relay with the finest features.

8 Delay times If you are using the VK-TDR-1 Viking Electronics , you can choose 8 closure times on which you want your events to be triggered. For each event, the closure would be executed after the input from trigger 1. The user can choose a time frame from 1 to 30 seconds for each of the closures. DIP Switch Programming and activation of TRD Mode For using the TDR mode, users need to program the DIP switch and set times for the events to trigger. The best thing is that the user has the option to select his time frames for each and every trigger. Viking is one of the few brands that offer this option to the user. In other words, he does not have to work with fixed time duration for each event. This time delay relay allows him to customize the time frames. Easy to understand LED Status indicator Users do face problems when they use TDR devices but with the VK-TDR-1 Viking Electronics is much easier in comparison. This device an LED status indicator which clearly shows the status of each event that has to be triggered after a particular time frame. Simple installation process

A lot of people have the opinion that Time Delay Relays have a complicated process for installation. This is not the case with this Viking TDR. It comprises of three simple steps after which the TDR can be used easily. ∙ First of all, the top cover of the relay has to be removed. ∙ In the second step, the circuit below the cover has to be unscrewed. ∙ In the third step, the TDR has to be mounted in the wall with the help of screws. Contact Closure products •

One of the components which get into contact with this TDR relay is the K-600 D. This component eliminates the requirement of multiple bells including loud and normal sounds. For instance, with the K-600 D, multiple telephone lines are not needed as this component comes with an amplifier. In other words, the frequency is increased when loud sounds are needed. The best thing about the K-600 D is that it does not require a power input to work. Along with that, the user can make volume adjustments for which controls have been provided. The RC-2A is the other closure components which the relay gets in contact with. The purpose of this component is to execute the relay operation. This can be done from any standard phone that has a tone dial.

Technological Performance As a user, when you are buying a relay, communication switch or any other similar device, you need to be sure about the technological caliber before you spend your hard earned money on it. For instance, on the internet, you may come across various communication switches that are available at a lower rate than Viking. However, this does not mean that the quality level is up to the mark. •

Viking is a highly reputed brand so customers can be sure that the selected device would work without any problem. For instance, a common problem with various other TDR brands is that they cannot tolerate high temperatures. Users do not have to go through this problem when they are using this time delay relay by Viking Electronics. This is a durable TDR device and lasts for a long time without a problem. Viking does not comprise on the quality level of any of its products. Once this TDR has been mounted on the wall, you can forget about it coming off. Users have their own preferences when it comes to switch programming and setting time frames after which events would be triggered. Most other time delay relays do not offer this option to the user. These devices have fixed time frames for delays which cannot be modified.

Easy to use device Most TDR’s by other brands have a difficult interface. As a result, the user faces a tough time when he is using the device. This is not the case with this TDR by Viking. The interface of this device is quite easy and so are the controls. Thus, users do not need to go through any hardships

when they are using it.

Company backed warranty

Buying an electronic product without company warranty is a big mistake. However, users do not need to worry about anything if they are buying Viking products. All the products by the company including this TDR switch are backed by proper company warranty. As a result, repairs and replacements within the warranty period can be made without any payments. Visit our site:

Vk tdr 1 viking electronics  

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Vk tdr 1 viking electronics  

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