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Feb -March 2011 Vol 8, Issue1

MIchael ThoMpson “It was the best hole of my life”

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Recognizing those who make ‘it’ happen ... and there’s a whole bunch of you! We would like to express our thanks and sincere gratitude to all those who participate in supporting our efforts in promoting golf in Southern Arizona. Whether you just happen to pick up the magazine at one of our 400+ outlets throughout Southern Arizona, or you visit the website at, or subscribe to the digital format of the magazine -- we truly appreciate you. We extend our thanks to our sponsors and advertisers for seeing the value of using Southern Arizona Tee Times to promote their businesses to Southern Arizona golfers, and non golfers alike, through both the magazine and our website. We could not have come this far without you, and you are the sole reason that our faithful readers, online subscribers and vacationing visitors continue to recieve this magazine for free. In addition, we would like to recognize the Advisory Board and contributing writers whose particpation makes this publication the only frequently published local golf magazine in Southern Arizona. Before I touch on an emotional matter, let’s talk real quick about how important we feel this particular magazine is to Southern Arizona. For example the cover story about Michael Thompson, a former Tucson junior golfer who has reached a milestone in his career and life -- and how important it is that our community hears these local success stories. We also continue to communicate to our readers how important it is to our local businesses, community and overall economy


The Southwest Section PGA is one of 41 Sections of the PGA of America, consisting of more than 1,500 members in the state of Arizona and Southern Nevada. The Southern Chapter PGA is the six southern counties of Arizona. Currently the President of the Chapter is Mike Hayes from Tucson City Golf, Vice President Dan Wickman the Director of Instruction for Tucson City Golf and Secretary Steve Hughes Director of Golf at La Paloma Country Club. The PGA of America is the world’s largest working sports organization, comprised of 28,000 men and women golf Professionals who are the recognized experts in growing, teaching and managing the game of golf, while serving millions of people throughout all the PGA Sections nationwide. Since its founding in 1916, The PGA of America has enhanced its


that we have the good fortune to host one of the biggest championships in golf, “The World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play Championship.” Let’s collectively make this a team effort in supporting the Tucson Conquistadores and come out with a friend or your family and watch the best golf in the world right here in Southern Arizona, at the Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain on February 21-27. On a final note, the Tucson tragedy that occurred that fateful Saturday morning, January 8, 2011 will be with us forever. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends devastated by this heartless act of cruelty upon their loved ones, and our community. The outpouring of support and kindness from our own community, the State of Arizona and our Nation, gives us hope that we as citizens can overcome such devastation -- and that these lives lost and injured, will have a greater purpose.

feb-march edition l Vol. 8, issue 1

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Gold sponsors: It sure puts things in perspective in your own life when tragedy such as this, hits so close to home. So, do not take your spouse, family, friends or loved ones for granted. “Make the time to spend time” and go play some golf and have fun.

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leadership position by growing the game of golf through its premier spectator events, world-class education and training programs, significant philanthropic outreach initiatives, and award-winning golf promotions. Your PGA Professionals are the “Experts in the Game and Business of Golf.” Contact your local Chapter by calling (520) 290-1742 ; 600 S. Alvernon Way, Tucson AZ 85711.

ON THE COVER Sony Open in Hawaii - Round One HONOLULU, HI - JANUARY 14: Michael Thompson plays a shot during the first round of the Sony Open at Waialae Country Club on January 14, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mike Hayes Adam Lazarus Judy McDermott Jack Rickard

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S. AZ TEE TIMES l FEB 2011 - MARCH 2011



Sections World Golf ChampionshipsAccenture Match Play Championship


Expect The Unexpected By Wade Dunagan, Executive Director

In 2011, we have even more reason to be excited about the World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play Championship. There is an incredibly strong youth movement in golf, and we will undoubtedly see many of the rising stars pitted against established champions.

32 32 32

Official World Golf Ranking - Top 64 Onsite & Broadcast Schedule Ticket Information

Southwest Section Southern Chapter


Recognizing those who make ‘it’ happen and there’s a whole bunch of you! By Rick Price, PGA



Touchstone Energy Southwest Division Ricki Rarick Junior Golf Benefit By Dennis Palmer, PGA

Tubac Golf Resort & Spa hosted the 2010 Ricki Rarick Junior Golf Benefit Tournament, with the help of PGA TOUR professionals Don Pooley, Dan Pohl, Ronnie Black, Rich Barcelo, Greg Twiggs, Brian Prouty, Phil Ferranti, Christa Johnson and Cindy Rarick.

46 47

PGA Professionals Re-Capture The Gibson Cup Gibson Cup Results



50 51 54 55

Koreans Sweep Junior Invitational Americans Win Junior Cup FIRST TEE OF TUCSON Greg Bryne Hits The Perfect Drive By Judy McDermott

Kids Learn Golf and Life Skills at Trini-Alvarez El Rio Golf Course


Southern Arizona Golf Courses

10 12

AT A GLANCE: Dell Urich Golf Course


COURSE REVIEW – Crooked Tree


COURSE REVIEW – Tubac Golf Resort


Women’s Pro Golf Returns To Tucson At Omni Tucson National Rio Rico Country Club Adds New Forward Tees

19 20 24

COURSE REVIEW – Oro Valley Country Club By Jack Talmage


By Jack Talmage By J.C. McAbee



Freeze Frame By Pam Drake, PGA

Departments Features




Michael Thompson – It Was The Best Hole of My Life By Rick Price, PGA

41 57 58


Think You’ve Got What It Takes? Thinking About Golf Lessons? Amateur Spotlight – Dee Dee McCabe and Tom Beach

Instruction / Rules / Equipment 26

Immerse Yourself


Fellow-Competitor or Opponent?


By Kim Griggs, PGA By Rick Price, PGA

Swing Cover to Cover For Better Ball Play By Ryan Eckroat, PGA


LOCKER ROOM – Equipment & Apparel

Community News


60 70 71 72 73 74

PGA Pros Raise Over $78K For Patriot Golf Day TEE TO GREEN – Local News & Reports Hole-In-One Recognition Golf For A Great Cause (and a tax credit too!) Arizona Tourism Alliance Honoring Arizona’s Golf Industry in 2011 The 8th Annual Desert Diamond Casino and Entertainment Golf Classic






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DELL URICH GOLF COURSE (Shown above and at left)

This "heart-of-Tucson" is a richly varied, reasonably hilly romp through mature trees to large, thoughtfully contoured greens that offer a multiplicity of interesting chipping and putting opportunities. Testing from the tips but a joy to tackle from the forward tees, this fun walk in the park played host to the LPGA Tour in 2003 and 2004. Centrally located at 600 S. Alvernon Way, North of 22nd Street, call (520) 791-4161 for tee times. For interactive course map, course ratings & expanded listings with photo galleries, videos, online tee times, and more visit:


No. 4 - Par 3

By Jack TalMaGe In today’s world of daily fee golf, on line bookings, and playing a different golf course with different people every other round, there is something missing in golf that many of us grew up with…a true private country club. A country club is a place where family and friends gather together to play golf, eat, drink, and socialize with each other on a regular and familiar basis. A club provides a golf course that you enjoy playing frequently; a course where you get to know the nuance of each hole and every break on the greens, a course that each time you play it only gets better and better. While we tend to think this way of the old great golf clubs in the suburbs of most big cities back east, we are blessed with just such a club here in Tucson at Oro Valley Country Club, located in the upscale NW Tucson community of Oro Valley. The golf course is a very traditional layout, tee to green fairways, no desert carries or cacti to get tangled up with and trees of all shapes and size framing almost every hole. In fact, unlike most courses in our area, OV overseeds wall to wall. That means no dormant Bermuda in the rough and everything is lush green… isn’t that what we want to see on a golf course? Stretching out to just over 7,000 yards from the tips

there are tees for all levels of players. Good, because tee shots are critical at OV; lots of doglegs guarded by big trees and corner bunkers that demand accuracy to set up for the approach shot. The greens are possibly some of the finest greens you can putt on anywhere. Bent grass, smooth as glass and just as fast. While true at any golf course, there is one overriding rule here to score well…try to leave it below the hole. Any downhill putt can go sliding past the hole so far you are praying not to three putt. While all the holes are different and offer their own challenge, I think the #11 par five is one of the best. After a good drive, you come around the corner of the dogleg and can finally glimpse the green off in the distance and up the hill. Keep it on the left side on your second shot to avoid the moguls on the right and as mentioned before, keep your approach below the hole on this two tiered green where everything breaks back towards the fairway. The signature finishing hole #18 is a beautiful par four. The pond runs down the entire left side of the fairway and a line of trees guard the right, demanding a very accurate and long tee ball. Any approach shot pulled left will find you wet and over favoring the right may put you in a bunker facing the lake on the other side of the slippery green.

ORO VALLEY C.C. 300 W. Greenock dr. oro Valley, arizona 85737 Phone: (520) 297-1121 Mark Oswald, General Manager

Since the only way to play Oro Valley Country Club is to be a member or a guest of a member, you may want to consider one of the many affordable membership opportunities available. Do the math on how often you pay to play and you may find membership to even be a savings. The tangible benefits that come along with joining the club are many; great dining facilities, full fitness center, tennis courts and of course a great golf course. But the real value comes in the pride of membership, the personal service provided by a staff you will easily get to know, and the great friends you will meet who share your love for the club and the golf course. Jack Talmage is the General Manager and Director of Golf at Rio Rico country club. he comes to the golf business from an extensive career in golf resort marketing and sales. his passion is sharing the enjoyment of southern arizona Golf and he can be reached at (520)281-8567.

No. 7 - Par 3

Southern Arizona is home to many wonderful and challenging golf courses. Some of them can be intimidating from the moment you walk into the pro-shop and others are as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans . . . Crooked Tree Golf Course is just such a place. Located in NW Tucson, just north on Thornydale and about a driver-8 iron south of Mountain View High School, Crooked Tree continues to be a local favorite. Originally designed by PGA Hall Of Famer Lee Trevino, the course opened in 1977 as Arthur Pack Muncipal GC. In 2004 the golf course went through a slight re-design and major facelift, and reopened as Crooked Tree Golf

Course. Now under the custodianship of golf professional Rich Mueller and his team, the facility continues to improve on every level. From the moment you walk into the proshop, you feel right at home. The unpretentious and accomm-odating staff greet you with a smile and can take care of your every need to ensure a

good day of golf. If you are in need of a hearty breakfast ( I recommend the breakfast Sandwedge) head to the Crooked Tree Bar and Grill. On the other hand, if you are too anxious to tackle the golf course, you can wait for a Parbuster Burger and a cold beer after your round. The bar and grill, like everything else at Crooked Tree, has a warm and welcome feeling. Good food, good service, and all at a very affordable price. The oversize practice facilities offer a warm up for every shot you will need that day. If you need more help, lessons are always available for any level of skill. The

CROOKED TREE G.C. 9101 n. thornydale rd. tucson, arizona 85742 Phone: (520) 744-3366 Rich Mueller, General Manager

instructional staff welcomes junior players and has a stable of some of the finest young talent in the state. As you step out onto the golf course, that warm and comfortable feeling continues. “the golf course is a core style design, there are no homes adjacent to the often parrelling fairways, no streets to cross, and not far to travel from green to tee” says Rich Mueller. Unlike many of the desert style courses it is hard to lose a ball at crooked tree, making for a good pace of play as well as an affordable day. The fairways offer spacious landing areas and the well defined green complexes make for very visible targets, if you can focus your eye away from the magnificent views of the Catalina’s in the background. Small, undulating greens surrounded by closely mown collection areas force you to focus on getting up and down from errant approach shots.

three separate nines.

Island Green on Anza 9 - Par 3

The jewel of Tubac Golf Resort is its 27 holes of championship golf lying between the Santa Rita & Tumacacori Mountains. Known as one of Arizona’s classics, the layout is nestled among stately cottonwood and mesquite groves and traverses the untamed Santa Cruz River. The first 18holes were originally designed in the 60s by Red Lawrence and were portrayed in the film Tin Cup starring Kevin Costner. In 2006, a new 9 was seamlessly added to the original 18, giving the resort 27 unforgettable golf holes. The longest of the three 18-hole combinations measures a formidable 6,870 yards. The course has

The Otero Nine (named after the original Spanish land grant family that came to Tubac in 1789) is Tubac’s original front nine with beautiful bentgrass greens hopscotched among cottonwoods and mesquite groves and a huge lake that runs most of the left side in front of the green. The Anza Nine, (named after Juan Bautista De Anza, who in 1775-76, led a contingent of 30 soldiers and their families to found a presidio and mission on the San Francisco Bay) starts with five newer holes then finishes with what were formally the 10th, 11th & 18th. Patrons of the adjacent Stables Restaurant can often be seen watching players navigate the tricky par-3 ninth hole with its island green, which is reminiscent of the 17th at TPC Sawgrass. The Rancho Nine, (named after Rancho Manana, the course in Cave Creek owned by the Allred family, who also own Tubac Golf Resort and Spa) includes the infamous

TUBAC GOLF RESORT 1 ave de otero tubac, arizona 85646 Phone: (520) 398-2211 Dennis Palmer, General Manager

"Tubac Triangle," a perilous three-hole stretch that will put even the most talented players to the test. Aptly named "Train Wreck," the 651 yard eighth hole can test the mettle of the most accomplished professionals. Any golfer whose ball lands on a cow pie on the starting hole may refer to the local rule printed on the scorecard stating, "Ball landing on cow pie: pick, lick, and place no closer to the hole!" The new stretch is sure to impress. The three new holes on the East side of the river include a No. 6, a 464-yard par 4, No. 7, 254-yard par 3 and No. 8, a 651-yard par 5. The ninth hole is a 430-yard par 4. These holes, in particular, retain the original feel of Tubac more than anything, and the practice facility is one of Arizona’s best!

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TTry r our our Championship Champpionnship 18-Hole 18-Hole Golf Golf Course Courrss C

Golf Club at Oro Valley



W OMEN ’ S P RO G OLF R ETURNS TO T UCSON Women’s Senior National Invitational scheduled for Tucson National April 28-May 1






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mni Tucson National Resort will host the Women’s Senior National Invitational for the second year when professional golfers from the Legends Tour, the LPGA’s senior circuit, come to play at the resort’s Catalina Course. Mark your calendar for April 28 through May 1 to see LPGA legends such as Pat Bradley, Amy Alcott, Jan Stephenson and Tucson’s own Cindy Rarick and Christa Johnson.

The First Tee of Tucson will host a Junior Clinic during the event to raise fund for their programs, according to Tournament Director Dave Garcia. Events kick off with a private VIP/Media Day Thursday, April 28; professionals practice round on Friday, April 29; The First Tee of Tucson Junior Clinic and the WSNI Pro-Am on Saturday, April 30; and the Women’s Senior National Invitational on Sunday, May 1. “The tournament for the pros will once again be an 18-hole shootout,” Garcia said. “We had an exciting finish last year with our champion, Nancy Scranton, scoring six birdies to shoot a four-under 69 on the par 73 Catalina course and win by three strokes.” Solheim Cup Captain Rosie Jones, LPGA H all-ofFamer Patty Sheehan, Sherri Turner and Kris Tschetter tied for second at one under.

TOP TO BOTTOM: Jan Stephenson, Rosie Jones, Cindy Rarick and Christa Johnson

Sponsorships ranging from total tournament sponsor to pro-am hole sponsor are available. The WSNI will offer several venues for companies to entertain customers and guests, including a hospitality pavilion. Contact Garcia for more information at 913-707-4653 or Tickets for the tournament are $10 per day for the Saturday pro-am and for the Sunday tournament. They will be available March 1 at the Tucson National Pro Shop. Tucson National’s Catalina Course has a long history of hosting PGA Tour events, and was a great test for the Legends Tour last year. Selected as one of Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play” and one of the "75 Best Golf Resorts in North America," the Omni Tucson National Resort is one of Tucson's finest spa and golf resorts.

PHOTO CREDIT: Cindy Rarick and Christa Johnson, by Rick Sharp






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73.0 71.1 68.9 66.1 67.0

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RIO RICO COUNTRY CLUB ADDS NEW FORWARD TEES Rio Rico Country Club announces a more enjoyable golfing experience for both ladies and seniors. A new forward set of tees is under construction (and already in play) bringing the yardage down to 5,000 yards as compared to 5,650 yards previously. “We felt that ladies had a disadvantage here at Rio Rico due to the length of the forward tees. We believe this will give most players a chance to hit greens in regulation and bring the short irons back into play. That should make for a more enjoyable experience as well as better scores.” Says Jack Talmage, Director of Golf. A new set of “Senior” tees will replace the previous red tee box, providing an option for senior gentlemen or ladies who still wish to test their game with a longer golf course.

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southern arizona Course direCtory & map

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Green Valley and nOGaleS





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l Bowl Championship Series l PGA Championships l AZ ICECAT Hockey l Major leagu


9777 e. sabino Greens dr. tucson, az phone 520.749.3636 par 71, yardage 6776


955 W. Vistoso highlands dr. tucson, az phone: 520.797.9900 par 72, yardage 6932

06 l HERITAGE HIGHLANDS 08 l CROOKED TREE GC @ 4949 W. heritage Club Blvd.


9101 n. thornydale tucson, az phone 520.744.3322 par 72, yardage: 6887


3965 s. Craycroft rd. tucson, az phone 520.228.3734 par 72, yardage 6611

31 l del LAGO GC

14155 e. Via rancho del lago, Vail, az phone 520.647.1100 par 72, yardage 7206


600 south alvernon Way tucson, az phone 520.791.4161 par 70, yardage 6633


6601 e. speedway Blvd. tucson, az phone 520.885.6751 par 62, yardage 3900



10555 n. la Canada dr. oro Valley, az phone 520.544.1800 par 71, yardage 6801 Conquistador Course par 72, yardage 6713 Canada Course

64500 e. saddleBrooke Blvd. tucson, az phone 520.825.2505 par 72, yardage 6494



3660 e. sunrise dr. tucson, az phone 520.299.1500 par 72, yardage 7088


38691 s. mountain View Blvd. tucson, az phone 520.818.1100 par 72, yardage 6728


2727 W. Club dr. tucson, az phone 520.575.7540 par 72, yardage 7262 Catalina Course par 70, yardage 6418 sonoran Course



66567 Catalina hills dr. tucson, az phone 520.825.9022 par 72, yardage 6418


10000 n. oracle rd. tucson, az phone 520.544.1770 par 35, yardage 2788

1400 W. speedway Blvd. tucson, az phone 520.791.4229 par 70, yardage 6418

5910 n. oracle rd. tucson, az phone 520.887.6161 par 54, yardage 2311



30 l FRED ENKE GC 8251 e. irvington rd. tucson, az phone 520.791.2539 par 72, yardage 6567


14000 n. dove mountain Blvd. marana, az phone 520.744.2555 par 72, yardage 7435 north Course par 72, yardage 7315 south Course


marana, az phone 520.579.7000 par 72, yardage 6904


12000 e. tanque Verde rd. tucson, az phone 520.749.4212 par 72, yardage 6630

8900 e. 29th st. tucson, az phone 520.298.2401 par 63 yardage 4146


8480 n. Continental links dr. marana, az phone 520.744.7443 par 71, yardage 6300

32 l RANDOLPH GC 600 s. alvernon Way tucson, az phone 520.791.4161 par 72/70 yardage 6863


6501 Boulder Bridge pass marana, az phone 520.572.3500 par 36 yardage 3894 saguaro Course par 36 yardage 3955 tortolita Course par 36 yardage 3897 Wild Burro Course






1401 W. Calle urbano Green Valley, az phone 520.648.1880 par 72, yardage 6610

1069 Camino Caralampi rio rico, az phone 1.800.288.4746 par 72, yardage 7119



5800 s. Camino del sol Green Valley, az phone 520.393.1966 par 70, yardage 6549


30556 s. robson Cir. tucson, az phone 520.818.6403 par 72, yardage 6875

110 n. abrego dr. Green Valley, az phone 520.625.4281 par 72, yardage 6905



16461 s. houghton rd. Corona de tucson, az phone 520.762.5620 par 72, yardage 6523


2010 n. Quail Crossing Blvd. Green Valley, az phone 520.393.5802 par 72, yardage 7005


3600 n. silverbell rd. tucson, az phone 520.791.5235 par 72, yardage 6824

4201 s. Camino del sol Green Valley, az phone 520.648.3468 par 71, yardage 6704



5200 e. st. andrews dr. tucson, az phone 520.299.0464 par 71, yardage 6123


3645 W. starr pass Blvd. tucson, az phone 520.670.0400 par 72, yardage 7008


14200 n. hohokam Village pl. tucson, az phone 520.219.1500 par 72, yardage 7307


2950 n. Camino principal tucson, az phone 520.298.6769 par 72, yardage 6954


300 W. Greenock dr. oro Valley, az. phone 520.297.1121 par 72, yardage 6964


6200 n. Clubhouse ln. tucson, az phone 520.577.4015 par 72, yardage 6907mtn/6819-Cyn



1555 e. rancho Vistoso Blvd. oro Valley, az phone 520.825.3110 par 72, yardage 6715


187 Kino springs dr. nogales, az phone 520.287.8701 par 71, yardage 6500


800 e. Country Club dr. Benson, az phone 520.586.2585 par 58, yardage 3004


1794 W. newell st. naco, az phone 520.432.3091 par 72, yardage 6778


3233 s. abrego dr. Green Valley, az phone 520.625.5200 par 72, yardage 6978

926 n. madison st. Benson, az phone 520.586.7888 par 72, yardage 7313



77 e. paseo de Golf Green Valley, az phone 520.625.8831 par 72, yardage 6281


2500 s. Circulo de las lomas Green Valley, az phone 520.625.5090 par 72, yardage 6464


one otero rd. tubac, az phone 520.398.2211 par 71, yardage 6576


1105 irene st. sunsites, az phone 520.826.3412 par 72, yardage 6632


2770 st. andrews dr. sierra Vista, az phone 520.378.6444 par 72, yardage 7074

To change or add a course listing, please email or call 520.792.6650


2121 n. thornton rd. Casa Grande, az phone 520.836.9216 par 72, yardage 6353


26000 Gila Bend highway Casa Grande, az phone: 1.800.237.4238 par 72, yardage 7545


11 mission royale pkw. Casa Grande, az phone 520.876.5335 par 72, yardage 6700


1505 south toltec rd. Grande Valley, az phone 520.466.7734 par 72, yardage 7183


6100 W. merrill ranch pkw. florence, az phone 520.723.1880 par 72, yardage 7282

NBA l Major league baseball l Phoenix Suns l Arizona Diamondbacks l National Football League l PGA

Key: l public & semi-private Courses p private Courses

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ue baseball l NCAA Basketball l NCAA March Madness l College Game Day l MLB l

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March 31st and April 1,2,3,7 and 8th, 11:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. Top 3 qualifiers each day move on to the final qualifying on Sat. April 9, 2011 at Randolph Golf Complex Dell Urich golf course.


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Annual Pro-Am Tournament, Sat., April 9 This tournament attracts Golf Professionals from all over the Southwest. Open to 100 amateur golfers to participate. The Pro-Am includes a morning shotgun start and awards luncheon followed by the Million Dollar Hole-in-One contest finals. PROCEEDS BENEFIT


600 S. Alvernon Way • Tucson The Tucson Parks Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to assist in improving the quality of life in Tucson through parks that all citizens can enjoy by supplementing the services and facilities provided by the Tucson Parks and Recreation Dept.

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Hooters of Tucson 6335 E. Tanque Verde Tucson, AZ 85715


Hooters Marana 4385 W. Ina Road Marana, AZ 85741


The 19 Hole! Th





Freeze Frame By paM DRake, pGa

What is the MOST important piece of equipment to take with you to the golf course? Well your CAMERA of course. Unlike tennis courts, football and baseball fields each and every golf course is unique and what you might see while out playing a round of golf can be spectacular. Inevitably you will see the best sights on the day you forget to take your camera. Luckily local Tucson golfer Don Phelps remembered his camera when Desert he captured this beautiful picture of Javalina a bobcat while playing the 14th hole at Fred Enke Golf Course. As the head pro at Fred Enke for 8 years, I was fortunate enough to capture several of my own good pictures. For those visiting the area, some of the more common sights you might see on any Tucson course are Gamble Quail, Roadrunners, Mule Deer and Javelinas (pronounced Havâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;e-lin-a). Javelinas are wild pigs and are not friendly especially if they have some babies in the group. Some more 4 legged friends include coyotes, even here at Randolph right in the heart of the city.


Mule Deer


rn ch o b w e n ail with u Q e l b Gam

Just like the best Superbowl ads, using animals as a way to communicate your message can often be the most effective. I’ve created a poster to remind golfers to leave the course in better condition than they found it. This photo (at right) was taken at Omni Tucson National while a coyote was gnawing on a rake handle and although some folks think I “Photoshopped” it in, I promise you, it is authentic. Besides the four legged friends, the Arizona skies are filled with interesting bird species. These include a Great Blue Heron I saw catching his dinner, Osprey, Snowy Egrets , Cooper’s Hawks, Red Tail Hawks, Red Flycatchers, and Cactus Wrens who actually do make their nests inside our Saguaro Cacti. So next time you hit the links, look around! Remember to take your camera and you will be amazed at not only the wonderful scenery and landscapes but also the fantastic wildlife that all of our courses here in Southern Arizona have to offer. pam Drake, head Golf professional at Randolph Golf complex, handles the buying activities of the four city golf shops and enjoys photography as a hobby.


Blue He ron goe s Snowy


h Time! t a B g n li k Duc



immerse yourself By kIM GRIGGs, pGa In the most recently released PGA tour statistics, the 100th ranked player in driving distance averages 286 yards per drive and the 100th ranked player in putts per round averages 29 putts (or 1.6 putts per hole). This is the golfing world we live in. Let’s face it, in our

Jack Nicklaus has often said that golf buddy is a lifetime sport. So too is swimming and have an ice I suppose. While many of us can cold Arnold remember learning to swim at a very Palmer drink. early age, for most of us golf did not have the same allure or accessibility. Another fun idea is to set your par Mom or Dad, the YMCA or the city score for the day. Mine may be 75 and pool were natural outlets for our desire yours may be 90. Make it realistic, to splash something you can shoot or a little and play The question continues as we age like better. Compare your over/under to or maybe your favorite touring pro in his or her fine wine -how do we enhance our even to most recent event (using your enjoyment of the game? compete. handicap of course). Spending time at the country club or even the golfing heyday single digit handicaps No matter what your goals in the local muni might have been an were more the exception than the rule. game are now, no matter how many opportunity for a few of us, but for years you have been playing and no the most part it passed us by until the The question continues as we age like matter how much advice you may have late teens or early twenties. fine wine -- how do we enhance our been given, a better game with greater enjoyment of the game? Love of the comfort within the golfing Perhaps and especially for women, the game is the most obvious answer, environment begins with contacting desire to play golf might not have however on a long hot day; love of the your local PGA professional. There materialized until even later when game can you can find out how to fit families and careers started to mature become yourself with the proper a bit. At whatever point we became the equipment, locate Get more instruction visit our interested in the game, many of us or archives at drudgery information on lessons and entered into the fold with some fear call Kim direct at 520.825-3110. of “will I clinics and and trepidation. We started the game find ways to with equipment that was handed down make it around”. So, enjoy the level of to us from the corner of the garage or why not highlight the social aspect of competition you desire. a family member. We took advice from the game? Play with someone you have parents, older siblings or friends who never played with before and get to may or may not have been able to kim Griggs is the head Golf professional at The know them. Following your round, Views Golf club, 1565 e. Rancho Vistoso Blvd in oro break 90. Valley az, she can be reached at 520-825-3110. relax in the restaurant with your new

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For one week in February, all eyes in the golf world will be on the World Golf ChampionshipsAccenture Match Play Championship being conducted at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain. From February 23rd through the 27th, the best 64 players in the world will play head to head to determine our 2011 Champion. The international field competes over 5 days, and the event is televised in more than 200 countries, reaching over 460 million homes. This is a very important event for all of Arizona, with coverage going all over the world.

There is no sure thing, no safe bet and while there will be certain players favored over others, there are no underdogs. expect the unexpected.

But why is the Accenture Match Play Championship so compelling? Why do golf fans across the globe tune in or come to Arizona to see this event? To begin, the match play format is somewhat unique to competitive golf, typically reserved for special events, most recognizably, the Accenture Match Play Championship and the Ryder Cup or President’s Cup Matches. Two of these are team events conducted every other year on both American and foreign soil with alternating locations. The Accenture Match Play Championship is an individual competition; it’s one-on-one to see who is best. The Accenture Match Play Championship is one of only four World Golf Championships, and typically attracts the very best players from all over the world. Last year, there were 19 Americans and 45 international players in the field. It is a chance to see players we would not normally have the opportunity to see in person. Golf has become a global game, and this event boasts one of the strongest fields in all of golf. In 2011, we have even more reason to be excited about our event. There is an incredibly strong youth movement in golf, and we will undoubtedly see many of the rising stars pitted against established champions. With the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk and defending champion Ian Poulter, will the “young guns” like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Rickie Fowler and Anthony Kim be able to overcome years of experience to claim victory? All are expected to play, and the fireworks of competition will be tremendous.

Match play is easy to identify with for the average golfer. When friends get together to play, they typically will play a team or individual game against each other with each hole counting for something. Match play lends itself well to this friendly competition, and keeps players involved in the game throughout the round. A lot more fun that waiting until the end to see who has the fewest or greatest number of strokes. The average player can identify with a “two up” result, whereas 20 under par may not be a reasonable perspective or goal for most of us.

The match play format leads to aggressive play. As a “reckoning of holes” this is an exciting sprint each day with winners advancing and losers going home. There’s no playing safe, and no four day marathon to make up for lost strokes. There is no sure thing, no safe bet and while there will be certain players favored over others, there are no underdogs. Anything can happen, and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I would add that the Accenture Match Play Championship is not only about the world class competition. It is also about spending a few days with family, friends and clients at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club and the beautiful Sonoran desert as the backdrop. Even if you know nothing about golf, it’s the place to relax and enjoy the tournament atmosphere, to see friends and colleagues, and to be and be seen. I hope you will support the Accenture Match Play Championship, and by doing so, support your community and the charities of the Tucson Conquistadores. We’ll see you out there!!!

Wade Dunagan is the executive Director of the World Golf championshipsaccenture Match play championship

OFFICIAL WORLD GOLF RANKING POS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

Match play schedule

NAME/AVERAGE Lee Westwood, Eng Tiger Woods, USA Martin Kaymer, Deu Phil Mickelson, USA Graeme McDowell, Nir Steve Stricker, USA Jim Furyk, USA Paul Casey, Eng Luke Donald, Eng Ian Poulter, Eng Ernie Els, Zaf Rory McIlroy, Nir Matt Kuchar, USA Dustin Johnson, USA Francesco Molinari, Ita Retief Goosen, Zaf Robert Karlsson, Swe Louis Oosthuizen, Zaf Edoardo Molinari, Ita Tim Clark, Zaf Hunter Mahan, USA Robert Allenby, Aus Charl Schwartzel, Zaf Adam Scott, Aus Geoff Ogilvy, Aus Padraig Harrington, Irl Miguel A Jimenez, Esp Zach Johnson, USA Kim Kyung - Tae, Kor Rickie Fowler, USA Justin Rose, Eng Anthony Kim, USA Bubba Watson, USA Ross Fisher, Eng Ryo Ishikawa, Jpn Jason Day, Aus Nick Watney, USA Ben Crane, USA Peter Hanson, Swe Camilo Villegas, Col Yuta Ikeda, Jpn Sean O'Hair, USA Bo Van Pelt, USA Y.E. Yang, Kor Stewart Cink, USA K.J. Choi, Kor Ryan Moore, USA Hiroyuki Fujita, Jpn Martin Laird, Scot Alvaro Quiros, Esp Jeff Overton, USA Charley Hoffman, USA Henrik Stenson, Swe Heith Slocum, USA Brendan Jones, Aus Bill Haas, USA Richard Green, Aus Jonathan Byrd, USA Angel Cabrera, Arg Ryan Palmer, USA Toru Taniguchi, Jpn Matteo Manassero, Itl Lucas Glover, USA Noh Seung-yul, Kor

8.829 7.315 7.046 6.238 6.238 6.020 5.761 5.655 5.503 5.402 5.402 5.401 4.819 4.418 4.327 4.305 4.208 4.034 4.030 3.831 3.803 3.555 3.546 3.499 3.467 3.455 3.443 3.430 3.336 3.329 3.298 3.271 3.233 3.139 3.089 2.983 2.920 2.894 2.869 2.852 2.846 2.741 2.688 2.673 2.610 2.600 2.579 2.543 2.530 2.499 2.386 2.329 2.304 2.298 2.249 2.247 2.187 2.173 2.171 2.166 2.150 2.141 2.085 2.021

Qualification: Official World Golf Ranking as of Jan. 16, 2011. Top 64 as of February 14, 2011 qualify for the Accenture Match Play Championship. On the Bubble: Visit for weekly rankings, and players on the bubble.

Sunday, Feb. 20 Bracket Announcement: 5 p.m. MT

Monday, Feb. 21

• Practice Round for Professionals The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

Tuesday, Feb. 22

• Practice Round for Professionals The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

TICKET PACKAGES Wednesday, Feb. 23 • Competition begins • Thirty-Two Matches (approximate match times: 7:36 a.m.-12:30 p.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

Thursday, Feb. 24 • Sixteen Matches (approximate match times: 9:18 a.m.-12:18 p.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 8 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

Friday, Feb. 25 • Eight Matches (approximate match times: 10:50 a.m.-12:14 p.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

Saturday, Feb. 26 • Four Quarterfinal Matches (approximate match times: 7:10-7:46 a.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT • Two Semifinal Matches (approximate match times: 11:50 a.m. - 12:02 p.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain

Sunday, Feb. 27 • 36-Hole Championship Match (First eighteen holes Approximate match time: 7:35 a.m. MT) (Resuming match - Approximate match time: 12:00 p.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain • Gates Open: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT • 18-Hole Consolation Match (Approximate match time: 11:45 a.m. MT) The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain *All times are subject to change. Please contact the Accenture Match Play Championship office for further details at: (520) 207-0595

For hospitality and tournament information, or to purchase tickets, visit or call (520) 571-0400. General admissiOn Monday - Practice Round Tuesday - Practice Round Wednesday - First Round Thursday - Second Round Friday - Third Round Saturday (Quarterfinal & Semifinal Rounds) Sunday (Championship and Consolation Matches) Wednesday + One Package

adv. $25 $25 $45 $45 $45 $35 $35 $75

Monday - Sunday Package


Wednesday, 1 weekend day, and parking


Gate* $35 $35 $55 $55 $55 $45 $45 $85 135


*This is a limited attendance event.

Gate prices are listed, but may not be available if event or particular day is sold out. Prices do not include applicable taxes & fees.

HOspitality Walter Hagen Club Weekly Package Be a part of the excitement of the pivotal 13th hole in the Walter Hagen Club, which features a choice of menu for purchase, premium cash bar, large-screen televisions and non-reserved seating in a relaxed, sportsbar setting.

Two Pack Four Pack Eight Pack Canyon Club Weekly Package

500 900 $1,800 $ $

Enjoy first class amenities while watching the action at #15 tee and #16 green in the Canyon Club, an open-air venue featuring an all-inclusive food and beverage service, televisions, and non-reserved seating.

Two Pack Five Pack

2,500 5,000

$ $

yOUtH pOliCy Youth 18 and under are FREE when accompanied by a ticketed adult.

military pOliCy Complimentary tickets available for all active, retired and reserve military and their dependents; please visit to register for tickets. A valid military I.D. will be required at the gate for admission. Proceeds from the Accenture Match Play Championship primarily benefit the Tucson Conquistadores Charities.

MARANA, Az - fEBRUARY 21: Paul Casey of England hits from the fifth tee box during the final round of the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain on february 21, 2010 in Marana, Arizona. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Your ticket investment may qualify for a 100% deduction as an entertainment expenses incurred in connection with a charitable sporting event. Please consult with your tax advisor.


Fellowcompetitor or opponent? By RIck pRIce, pGa Spectators watching or playing match play need to be aware of the differences in the rules between match play and stroke play. They can be quite dramatic. Some rules involve a different type of penalty, and the terminology is different as well. In match play you will hear the players being referred to as “opponents” verses “fellow-competitors” (as compared to a stroke play event). During the World Golf ChampionshipAccenture Match Play Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, they play a single-elimination match play format. The top 64 players in the world are split into two brackets and four different divisions, based on their world ranking. The ultimate winner will have to win five matches to claim the Championship. In match play, each hole is a separate competition. The player with the fewest strokes on an individual hole wins that hole; the player winning the most holes wins the match. The total strokes do not matter in match play. It is directly player vs. player, or the proper terminology would be side vs. side. A hole is won by the player with the lowest score. The match is expressed by the terms: so many “hole up” or “all square,” and so many “to play.” A player is “dormie” when it is as many holes as there are holes remaining to be played. In friendly rounds of golf, players often give “gimmies,” a very short putt that one simply picks up rather than holing out. Gimmies, are a violation of stroke play in the Rules of Golf, with the penalty of disqualification. However, in match play, it is perfectly acceptable to “concede” a putt or even the hole. Your opponent can concede a putt to you at any point, whether it's 6 inches from the cup or 60 feet. But conceded putts almost always come on very short putts, that your opponent feels you will make anyway. That's why in some match play matches

you'll notice a player will pick up or knock away a very short putt - his opponent has told him to pick it up, it is good. Here's how it would work, say you've won 5 holes and your opponent has won 4. The score is not shown as 5 to 4; rather, as 1-up for you, or 1-down for your opponent. Essentially, match play scoring tells golfers and spectators not how many holes each golfer has won, but how many more holes than his opponent the golfer in the lead has won. If the match is tied, it is said to be "all square." Match play matches do not have to go the full 18 holes and you can never predict how long individual matches will last. They often sometimes go even further than 18 holes if they are tied -- they must keep playing until someone wins. However, another scenario is one player may achieve an insurmountable lead, and the match will end early. As an example, Mike Weir last year in the Accenture Match Play Championship beat his opponent, Alvaro Quiros, 8 & 6 after birding nine of his first twelve holes. The first number in such a score tells you the number of holes by which the winner is victorious, and the second number tells you the hole on which the match ended. So when the match reached "8 and 6" that meant Weir was 8 holes ahead with 6 holes to play deeming the match over after No. 12. A match is won when one player leads by a number of holes greater than the number remaining to be played. For further answers on Match-Play or Stroke-Play rules and definitions, I encourage you to read and study the USGA Rules of Golf to make sure you are getting the most out of golf and your game.

520.665.3120 "

! !




Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

</+> @3/A= A3>2 + 6+<1/ ,+-5C+<. B>/8./. %+81/< =:/8 :6+8 A =0 B>/8./. 63@ 381 .38381 ,+C A38.9A /B>/8=3@/ -/<+73>36/ 0699<381 /B>/8./. ,<3-5 :+>39 7?-2 79</ /381 =96. >?<8 5/C +66 0?<83=2381= 638/8= />- 38-6?./. &

?<+819 1</+> <997 79./6 A3>2 1</+> =?8=/> 79?8>+38 @3/A= B>/8=3@/ -/<+73- >36/ 0699<= A99. =2?>>/<= 8/?><+6 -969<= 83-/6C 6+8.=-+:/. A /B>/8./. -9@/</. :+>39 &

?=>973D/. 23126C ?:1<+./. &+8>+ %9=+ 1</+> <997 79./6 98 -97798 +</+ >2 >// ,9B +</+ A3>2 ) *& /.1/ =>98/ # ?: 1<+./ =>+11/</. 2/312> 7+:6/ -+,38/>= A -<9A8 796.381 1<+83>/ -9?8>/<>9:= /B>/8 =3@/ -/<+73- >36/ 0699<381 :6+8>+>398 =2?>>/<= >2<? 9?> 79</ &

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

?66C /B>/8./. 366=,9<9 1</+> <997 79./6 A 1960 -+<> =:+-/ >2 0+3<A+C A ./=/<> ,?00/< B>/8./. -9@/</. :+>39 A =?8=/> 79?8>+38 1960 @3/A= !/A6C ?:.+>/. 1<+83>/ -/ <+73- >36/ 0699<381 -+<:/> 6312>381 0+?-/>= 7?-2 79</ % ./8 =0 63@381 +</+ &

6/+8 </+.C % ./8 1960-+<> 1+<+1/ (:1<+./= 38-6 /B> -9@/</. :+>39 ,+C A38.9A -9<3+8 -9?8>/< >9:= =385 A99. =2?>>/<= /B >/8=3@/ -/<+73- >36/ 79</ +8.=-+:/. ,/+?>30?66C A A+>/< 0+66 =3>>381 A+66 1+= ,?36> 38 $ <+3=/. ./-5 /B> ,<3-5 :+>39 &

B>/8./. #9<>6+8. 79./6 3= 9:/8 =:+-39?= A 1</+> ./-9<+>9< ?:1<+./= &:63> ,.<7 :6+8 +669A= 1?/=> :<3@+-C /8 9< 63@381 <997 C9? -299=/ +?8.<C <997 2+= ,?36> 38 9003-/ +8. 1+<+1/ 3= /B>/8./. +6=9 &

Preserve @ Dove Mountain

Canyon Pass @ Dove Mountain

Gallery Golf Resort

*"* +,?69?= 8/A 8=312> 97/ 69+./. A ?:1<+./= +8. 98 + -9<8/< 297/=3>/ A 79?8>+38 =?8=/> @3/A= (:1<+./= 38 -6?./ 0<98> -9?<>C+<. A ,<3-5 :+@/<= 3<98 1+>/ %949= -98-</>/ 0699<= >2<9?129?> 1<+8 3>/ ?:1<+./ -+,38/><C A99. =2?>>/<= -?=>97 /6/-><983- =?8 =-<//8= 6+<1/ :+>39 A38.9A= 7?-2 79</ &

?36. C9?< .</+7 297/ 98 >23= 297/=3>/ 38 1+>/. +8C98 #+== 9@/ 9?8>+38 + 4/=>3- 78>8 ,+-5.<9: A + 2366=3./ 90 &+1?+<9 -+->?= +8. <9-5 9?>-<9::381= -97:6/>/ >23= 297/=3>/ +8. :<9@3./ :<3@+-C ><+8;?363>C )/<C :<3@+>/ =3>/ A .<+7+>3- @3/A= ,9<./< 381 9:/8 =:+-/ &>+>/ '<?=> +8. & <+81/

+,?69?= @3/A= 90 => >2 0+3<A+C= 90 >2/ +66/<C !9<>2 9?<=/ +8. >2/ +>+638+ >8= 0<97 >23= 0+,?69?= +66/<C 9>>+1/ /+? >30?6 =>98/ 0699<= 7+=>/< =?3>/= 4+-?DD3 >?,= A/, ,+< ,?>> 16+D/. 16+== #/66+ A38 .9A= +8. 7?-2 79</ "?>.99< 03</:6+-/ ,?36> 38 $ :996 =:+ -97:637/8> >2/ ,+-5 C+<. &


MIchael ThoMpson “It was the best hole of my life”

By RIck pRIce, pGa

PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament - Final Round WINTER GARDEN, FL - DECEMBER 06: Michael Thompson hits a tee shot during the final round of the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament at Orange County National on December 6, 2010 in Winter Garden, Florida. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

This is the picture perfect success story

cut. It’s a game of rules, honor and

of the All-American boy, former Eagle

respect and there is no doubt, he

Scout from a small town who reached

earned the respect of his peers and

for the stars and achieved his initial

every golfer watching that day. He

dream as an inspiring junior golfer to

followed up the Masters by making the

become a PGA TOUR player.

cut in the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines finishing in 28th place receiving the

This former “Tournament of

medalist honor as low amateur. He

Champions” winner from the Ricki

played with Rocco Mediate the first two

Rarick junior golf program Michael

rounds, who eventually finished as

Thompson secured his 2011 PGA TOUR

runner-up to Tiger Woods in an

card in a dream come true fashion.

incredible 18 hole play-off.

Thompson was heading to the par-5 17th hole of the final round in the

Before turning professional in July

grueling PGA TOUR “Q”-School

2008 the World Amateur Golf Rankings

qualifying, knowing he was on the

had Thompson as the number one

bubble trying to secure a top 25 finish

ranked amateur in the World. This two-

to qualify for his card. He proceeded

time All-American golfer from the

to hit an incredible piercing drive down

University of Alabama graduated in

the middle, a 3-wood on the green to

2008 and is currently living in

45-feet from the hole and calmly holed

Birmingham, Alabama. He just

the putt for an eagle. Thompson said,

recently got married; his wife’s name is

“It was the best

Rachel, who is a

hole of my life.”

Doctor of

It was good


enough for a tie for 16th giving him full time status on the PGA TOUR. The 25-year-old Thompson

on the 2010 nGa hooters Tour Thompson was named player of the year after winning the Michelob Ultra classic, including five other top ten finishes and was the leading money winner.


Therapy. Thompson a Tucson native still has strong ties to Tucson as his parents Mike and Beth Thompson still resides here in

University High

town. As well

School in Tucson

as his golf coach

from 1999 to 2003. He was named the

Susie Meyers, who is a member of the

Arizona High School State Player of the

LPGA and PGA that teaches at Ventana

Year in 2002 and 2003. During the


2003 season, he won the Class 4A State team championship. Thompson

Thompson, credits Susie Meyers, his

received a scholarship to attend Tulane

“swing coach, mental coach, fitness

University and after his second season

coach, life coach,” for getting him to

Hurricane Katrina hit forcing the

this point. Meyers said, “I have been

program to disband allowing Thompson

working with Michael, since he was 14

to transfer to the University of Alabama

years old, we are going on 12 years

and shortly after became the 2008 SEC

now. To have Michael fulfill his dreams

Player of the Year.

and to be connected to such a quality

Thompson’s career highlights as an

humbling experience as well.”

person has been a real privilege and a amateur first grabbed our attention when he finished runner-up in the 2007

On the 2010 NGA Hooters Tour

U.S. Amateur earning him an invitation

Thompson was named Player of the

to the 2008 Masters and the 2008 U.S.

Year after winning the Michelob Ultra

Open. He received some notoriety in

Classic, including five other top ten

the Masters when he called a plenty on

finishes and was the leading money

himself for his ball moving on the


green after addressing it, which subsequently caused him to miss the

conTInUeD on pG 40

MIchael ThoMpson conTInUeD FRoM pG. 39

The NGA Hooters Tour was a good experience for him Meyers stated, “It has helped shape him for the next stage in his professional career.” Meyers continued, saying that “Michael will learn how to be successful in that bigger limelight, the PGA TOUR and will figure out how to manage himself and his time to continue improving for the future.” Thompson admits that his biggest goal is to

Michael is learning every day that he has the capability to be a long time Tour player. he is taking one step at a time and is going to have a lot of fun in his new surroundings.

susie Meyers, coach

obviously retain his card, but more than anything he’d like to put himself in position multiple times to win, to feel such pressurepacked situations and the ultimate would be to make it to the Tour Championship. Meyers said, “Michael is learning every day that he has the capability to be a long time Tour player. He is taking one step at a time and is going to have a lot of fun in his new surroundings. He has a pretty good head on his shoulders, and since we’ve worked together for so long now, we are beginning to think alike. He told me what he was going to do on Tour, and it was just what I would have told him. Since he’s played his way onto the Tour he certainly has the game to play on Tour. He will not need to make any big changes to his game or anything else to be successful. He is going to keep his head down and go do his thing.” Thompson is excited to get started and said, “It’s been my dream, since I was seven years old to play on the PGA TOUR.” He should be fairly comfortable playing on the biggest stage in golf based on his previous experiences. Meyers mentioned that, “I know how he must feel getting his Tour card, since I was fortunate as well fulfilling one of my dreams of playing on the LPGA Tour. However, as a Teacher seeing your student achieve such an amazing milestone in his career is pretty emotional for me.” The dedication, perseverance and natural talent, all of which Thompson possesses, will definitely make him one of PGA TOUR rookies to watch as a potential breakthrough star for Rookie of the Year.

Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera Maya - Round One RIVIERA MAYA, MExICO - fEBRUARY 26: Michael Thompson lines up a putt on the eighth hole during the first round of the Mayakoba Golf Classic on february 26, 2009 at El Camaleon Golf Club in Riviera Maya, Mexico. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

ThInk yoU’Ve GoT WhaT IT Takes? PGA TOUR Qualifying School The qualifying school is officially known as the PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament, commonly referred to as "Q-School." Having evolved over the years, this is the current process to qualify in becoming a member of the PGA TOUR. • Pre-Qualifying Stage:

• Final Stage:

Applicants that are not exempt to First, Second or Final Qualifying Stage shall participate in Pre-Qualifying. Stroke play contested over 72 holes with no cut field. Field size at multiple sites will be approximately 78 players. The number of players advancing from each site will be on a pro rata basis. Entry fee $2,500; additional payment of another $2,500 for successful Pre-Qualifiers.

This tournament is played over six rounds compared to four rounds in the previous stages and is played in late November or early December. The field consists of Second Stage winners and players who received exemptions (126-150 on the PGA Tour, 26-40 on the Nationwide Tour) into the Final Stage. The top 25 players, plus ties, earn PGA Tour cards for the following year. Their priority ranking for purposes of tournament entry is 24; this ranking enables them to enter most full-field events on the PGA Tour, but not more prestigious stops on the tour unless a substantial number of players in higher categories skip the events. For example, the top 125 players on the previous year's money list who are not otherwise eligible are at priority 19; sponsor's exemptions are priority 11; and winners of PGA Tour events in the previous two years are priority 9. The next 50 players plus ties after the top 25 earn Nationwide Tour cards for the following year, and any remaining finishers receive conditional status on the Nationwide Tour.

• First Stage: The participants are a mixture of Pre-Qualifying Stage winners and players who were exempted from Pre-Qualifying. Approximately, the top 25 players plus ties in each tournament advance. • Second Stage: Similar to the First Stage, certain players receive exemptions to this stage and approximately the top 20 plus ties in each tournament advance.

CROMWELL, CT - JUNE 21: Michael H. Thompson (L) and his caddie wait their turn to make an approach shot during the third round of the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands held on June 21, 2008 in Cromwell, Connecticut. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)







64 of the World’s Best Golfers 5 Days of Head-to-Head Competition Daily Tickets Starting at $25 For tournament and hospitality information Call 520.571.0400 or visit


* 2 / ) · 6  * / 2 % $ /  6 8 0 0 , 7



Touchstone Energy Southwest Division Ricki Rarick Junior Golf Benefit By DennIs palMeR, pGa Dan Pohl and Cindy Rarick give instruction.

(L-R) Ronnie Black, Dan Pohl, Don Pooley and Cindy Rarick lend a hand at the clinic.

Dan Pohl takes a question from spectator

Dennis Palmer, General Manager of Tubac Golf Resort MCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for the event.

Local legend Cindy Rarick visits with Dan Pohl.

Dennis Palmer, General Manager of Tubac Golf Resort (Right) presents $10,000 check for Ricki Rarick Junior Golf to Southwest Section Southern Chapter PGA President Mike Hayes (center) and Rick Price, (left) Operations Coordinator.

on saturday december 11th the tubac Golf resort & spa hosted the 2010 ricki rarick Junior Golf Benefit tournament and are proud to announce that a check for $10,000 was presented to the ricki rarick Junior Golf program on behalf of the resort. the ricki rarick Junior Golf program is a great introduction to competitive junior golf as well as an arena for more experienced players to compete. through these events, kids will be able to further their knowledge of the game of golf and will learn respect, honesty, knowledge, character building, self discipline, sportsmanship and many other attributes by participating. the proceeds from this tournament will go a long way to help support all the junior golfers in the ricki rarick Junior Golf program.

following golf, dinner and awards were handed out. the highlight of the awards ceremony was when former ricki rarick players spontaneously stood up and spoke of how the program had helped them in not only in competitive golf, but also in how to conduct oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s self in the arena of life. dale faulkner, rich Barcelo, Brian prouty and Cindy rarick all shared numerous heart warming stories and experiences of what the program has meant to them. michael thompson a former ricki rarick member who recently qualified for the pGa tour was unable to attend but wrote a wonderful letter that was read to all the players at the clinic. in his letter, michael spoke of how the program got him to where he is now, a member of the pGa tour.

the day began with a clinic featuring don pooley, dan pohl, ronnie Black, rich Barcelo, Greg twiggs, Brian prouty, phil ferranti, Christa Johnson and Cindy rarick. the hour long clinic was led by former university of arizona standout dan pohl, who did a fantastic job with how both the juniors and players could improve their games. following the clinic lunch was served and at 12:30 pm twenty seven teams of five players (one professional, one junior, and three amateurs) began the competition. the winning team finished at -19 under par, led by Champions tour member ronnie Black and his partner's junior golfer Ben Bradford and amateurs ron Welch, Brian murphy and lou Weidman. finishing second at -17 under par was the team of professional Wendell saunders junior golfer trent terry and amateurs larry pagel stuart Wolff and tom reaves. three teams tied for third at -15 under par.

the success of the ricki rarick Junior Golf program would be impossible if was not for all the sponsors and players who generously support this program, especially like rick Vogel from touchstone energy southwest division stepping up as the title sponsor. Certainly making is a first class event was the support of the tour players and local professionals. the tubac Golf resort was proud and honored to make a difference in supporting junior golf and looks forward to hosting the event every two years. so set aside on your calendar to join us at the tubac Golf resort for this event in december 2012 to help continue our efforts in supporting a great junior golf program in tribute to the legacy of ricki rarick!

[PRO.FILE] Southwest Section Southern Chapter

PGA Professionals (L-R): Josh Brown, Steve Hughes, Bob Gaona, Chris Dompier, Brandon Smith, Jim Kirwan, Derek Deminsky, Kevin Crawley, Glen Griffith. Not shown: Wade Dunagan, Rich Elias & Mike Russell

pGa pRoFessIonals Re-capTURe The GIBson cUp By RIck pRIce, pGa For the 16th consecutive year, the top Southern Chapter Southwest Section PGA club professionals and the AGA Southern Arizona amateurs competed against each other in the Gibson Cup matches, a match play format promoting competition between the associations seeing who has the better team for the year. The La Paloma CC was host of this year’s annual event. The first day format was a Four Ball competition, with two players from each team paired together playing their best ball against the other team. The final round matches were single matches. The scoring was based on a point system, (1) point for the low front nine, (1) point for the low back nine, and (1) point for the overall low eighteen hole total. During the first round team matches the professionals just could not get anything going, as the amateurs continued to win point after point. After the first round, it appeared the

amateurs were distended to win the Cup for the 5th straight year after opening a big lead, scoring (13 ½) points to the professionals (4 ½) taking a (9) point advantage into the final single round matches. The first team that reached the total of (27) points would win the bragging rights for the year. With twelve single matches equal to (36) points, it did not give the professionals much wiggle room to lose any matches. In the final round as each group turned from the front nine the professionals seemed to have brought their “A” game, as they turned the moment in their favor winning (9) of the (12) matches. Although, still having to win the majority of the back nine matches to re-capture the Cup. In a earlier crucial senior match, professional Wade Dunagan won all (3) points over Craig Bauley to close in on the amateurs lead. Chris Dompier, the 2010 Southern Chapter PGA player of the year from Skyline CC, closed the gap

even further sweeping (3) points from amateur Gabby Bobroski. This allowed the 2010 Southwest Section PGA Champion Brandon Smith to record the winning points by defeating the AGA team captain Cyrus Whitney (2) to (1) posting the needed (28) points to the amateurs (26) points to win. However, in the last match of the day, amateur Tom Sweigart thought if he made a birdie on the last hole, he would sweep (3) points against professional Glen Griffith and would probably win the Cup for the team. As he proceeded to roll in his 10 foot birdie and win his match, he shortly found out that they fell (1) point short of retaining the Cup. The name "Gibson Cup" is in honor of long time local PGA club professional and UofA Golf coach, John Gibson. The overall record stands at ten wins for the Southern Chapter Southwest Section PGA Professionals, and six wins for the Arizona Golf Associations Southern Arizona Amateurs.

Round One

Four Ball Matches




Brandon Smith / Mike Russell



Tak fuji / Cyrus Whitney



Josh Brown / kevin Crawley



Pat Geare / Eric Nielson



Glen Griffith / Rich Elias



Rich Morrison / Matt Bergstrom 3


Chris Dompier / Derek Deminsky 1 ½


Tom Sweigart / Gabby Bobroski 1 ½


Bob Gaona / Jim kirwan



Ben Crebbs / Craig Bauley


Wade Dunagan / Steve Hughes 1


Jeff Rudi / John ferenchak



Brandon Smith, PGA

Mike Russell, PGA

Single Matches




Steve Hughes



Rich Morrison



Jim kirwan


Jeff Rudi


Bob Gaona



Ben Crebbs



Wade Dunagan



Craig Bauley



Mike Russell



Tak fuji



kevin Crawley


Justin kent



Derek Deminsky



Pat Geare



Josh Brown


Erick Nielson



Brandon Smith



Cyrus Whitney



Rich Elias



Matt Bergstrom


OVeRall tOtal:


Glenn Griffith



Tom Sweigart





Chris Dompier



Gabby Bobroski





23 ½

2 13 ½

LEFT to RIGHT: Cyrus Whitney, Mike Russell, PGA Tak Fuji, and Brandon Smith, PGA

Wade Dunagan, PGA

Round Two



12 ½



#*( *) E- "- ) * *3/# '' -7 *' *3-. ; -* ..$*) ''7 *- / : /#$. FEEF .,;! #*( * -. F -(: G : E - " - " : "*3-( / &$/ # ): : 5$/# "- / -**(<'$ - -7<" ( -**(; # -( # . $/. *5) +-$4 / /#; )- $ ' &7 - 5$/# +**'<.+ : 5 / - /3- : *3/ **- - +' : - : +32)" "- ); $ 5 * "*' *3-. ) (*3)/ $).; ADCCBBBIE @KJG:BBB

$. '*. /* '' -7 *' *3-. ; +*-/. )/ $/8> -'/*) .*-/; *+3' - *+ ) **- +' ) 5$/# "- / -**(: "*3-( / &$/ # ): *-( ' $)$)" ) - & ./ )**&: F -**(.: E /#.: ' -" ( ./ - .3$/ 5<% 1 /3 : ' -" 5 '&>$) .#*5 - ) .+ $*3. '*. /; &7 - $) '3 . +**': .+ : 6/ ) + 0* 5$/# + 4 -.; A DBKDIGKG @GFK:BBB

HERITAGE HIGHLANDS - Gated, Adult Community

HERITAGE HIGHLANDS - Gated, Adult Community

* ; + $*3. E -**(. +'3. ): .$/. *) /# C./ $-5 7 * "*' *3-. 5$/# "*-" *3. (*3)/ $) 4$ 5.; )/ -$*- 3+". $) '3 .' "- )$/ *3)/ -/*+: " . **&/*+: *3 ' *4 ) +'3. 3$'/=$) ($ -*5 4 : FD $) # ./ "" $) /.: +3'' *3/. $) '' '*5 $) /.: 5** .#31 -.: + 4 -.: - +$/: 6/ ) ' 3) -7 ) 30'$/7 /3 ; 6/ ) " - " *- "*' -/ + -&$)" ) <*- ./*- " ; ADCBDDFDC @FDJ:KBB

9 *( * -. D -(. +'3. * < ); + ) '$4$)"< $)$)" - : 5$/# .3 ' ($'7 -**( *+ ) /* /# &$/ # ); . ./*4 9 + $*3. ( ./ - .3$/ 5<( ./ - /# 5< /3 : 5 '&>$) .#*5 -: D 4 )$0 . ) D '*. /.; -" '*/ +-*4$ . *- +-$4 7 5#$' )%*7$)" /# ) /3- ' . -/ ) / '$) *3)/ $). $) /# &"-*3) ; ADCBBFFIE @EBJ:KBB


5BI? *( ./;) /

enjoy the

Ultimate resort experience

GRILL Open for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Daily Specials (520) 393-1933

SPA GOLF *36 Championship holes Canoa Ranch (520) 393-1966 Torres Blancas (520) 625-5200

Massage Manicure / Pedicure Facial (520) 545-0855

[YOUTH.LINKS] Southwest Section Southern Chapter

TOP (R-L) Kyle Moeller, Hyun Yang and Logan France BOTTOM (R-L) Hyo Kim, Seon Kim and Krystal Quihuis

Seon Kim - Girls Winner (above inset) with Hyun Yang (R) - Boys Winner, both of South Korea

By RIck pRIce, pGa

KOREANS Sweep Junior Invitational By RIck pRIce, pGa


he Southwest Junior Invitational hosted by the Silverbell golf course found our visiting South Korean junior golfers on top of the leader board in both the boys and girls divisions. Our local junior golfers had an opportunity to play in this Invitational tournament with some of the top juniors from Seoul, Korea, who are in Tucson practicing and playing golf for the next couple months. In the boys division Hyun Yang from Seoul, Korea won by astounding 13

strokes over his next competitor Kyle Moeller of Tucson, AZ. Yang shot an impressive opening round of 68 and capped it of with 67 for 135 -5 under par total on the Par 70 Silverbell golf course measuring out at nearly 7,000 yards. Moellerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s runner-up finish scored rounds of 75-73=148. Logan France of Tucson finished third shooting 150 edging out Seoul, Koreaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jae Lee and Nick Leitner of Tucson at 153 totals. This is the first time that the juniors from Seoul, Korea have been to the United States. The two golf academies and coaches who are here with the juniors brought over four boys and six girls. They initially intended on

bringing quite a few more students. However, being the first time over to the States and tensions brewing between North and South Korea the ten juniors were all that could come this year. The girls division was a much more heated contest with young rising junior star from Tucson, AZ Krystal Quihuis was held off by first round leader Seon Kim of Seoul, Korea for mere one shot victory. Kim fired rounds of 7376=149 as Quihuis posted 76-74=150 total as runner-up. Hyo Kim of Seoul, Korea finished third at 154 and our other future junior girls stand out Desiree Hong from Vail, AZ was in fourth place shooting 156.

AMERICANS Win Junior Cup

Colin McCarty

By RIck pRIce, pGa


he Southwest International Junior Cup was contested over 36 holes in a Ryder Cup style format to crown an overall winning team between the American and the South Korean junior teams. Furthermore, within the team format there was an individual 36 hole medal play winner in both the boys and girls division. This was a very special event for some top rated junior golfers from Arizona and South Korea. The event was sponsored by the Southwest Section Southern Chapter PGA and the Ricki Rarick Junior golf program. The juniors from Arizona were invited by their team captain based on their junior and high school tournament record. The boyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team captain was State Champion Gentry Hicks from Canyon Del Oro high school. Unfortunately, Hicks was unable to play because of a hand injury a week prior to the event. The girls were captained by Laura Jabczenski the State Champion from Catalina Foothills. There was also an opportunity for the juniors to qualify for the team during the Southwest Junior Invitational.

Hye Bang Desiree Hong

The first day of competition was played over the par 70 Dell Urich golf course in both a Four Ball and Individual medal play format. In the Four Ball competition, they had two partners play against two other competitors in a best ball point system receiving one point for the low front nine, one point for the low back nine and one point for the overall low 18 hole score. The American junior girls jumped off to a quick lead and never let go. The American boys were not as fortunate and were unable to convert a point in either of their matches. The American girls posted 8 ½ points allowing the CONTINUED ON PG 52

Laura Jabczenski

Kyung Kim

[YOUTH.LINKS] Southwest International Junior Cup Results Dell Urich & Randolph Golf Course December 28 & 29, 2010

BOYS DIVISION indiVidUal 1 Colin McCarty Sierra Vista, AZ 2 Alex McMahon Oro Valley, AZ T3 Matt McClure Tucson, AZ T3 Hyun Yang South Korea 5 Yun Jeong South Korea T6 Jaime Waltmire Tucson, AZ T6 Seong Seo South Korea 8 Logan France Tucson, AZ 9 Nick Leitner Tucson, AZ 10 Kyle Moeller Tucson, AZ 11 Ricky Lee Tucson, AZ 12 Jae Lee South Korea

1 Kyung Kim Phoenix, AZ 2 Laura Jabczenski Tucson, AZ 3 Seon Kim South Korea 4 Hyo Kim South Korea 5 Jordyn Carter Tucson, AZ 6 Brianna Vogel Green Valley, AZ 7 Gi Lee South Korea 8 Melissa Olson Tucson, AZ T9 Tess Terry Tucson, AZ T9 Morgan Messick Tucson, AZ T11 Carrie Ford Tucson, AZ T11 Desiree Hong Vail, AZ 13 Hye Bang South Korea 14 Joo Park South Korea 15 Seo Park South Korea

what team would be crowned the Southwest International Junior Cup Champions.

In the individual medal play Kyung Kim from Phoenix, Arizona fired a 33-34=67 -3 under par round to take a two shot lead over her Captain and teammate from Tucson Laura Jabczenski, after posting a -1 under par 69. Tucson resident Jordyn Carter opened with 71 to position herself comfortably in third place.

The South Korean’s put up a good fight and won some key matches, although were unable to keep up with the depth of the American juniors. The Americans posted another 19 ½ points to the Koreans 10 ½ points giving the American’s a two day total of 28 points to South Korea’s 17 points to win the Cup.

The top three scores in the boys division were also recorded by the Americans. Oro Valley’s Alex McMahon opened with a spectacular 33-33=66 -4 under par to take a two shot lead over Colin McCarty of Sierra Vista, AZ shooting a 33-35=68 –2 under par. Also, finishing under par with a 34-35=69 was Matt McClure of Tucson. These three gentlemen did not compete in the Four Ball competition, only the individual medal play.

It appeared the weather did not bother Kyung Kim as she continued her stellar play firing another under par score of 69 -3 under for a 136 total and an eight shot victory. Laura Jabczenski finished second shooting 69-75=144 and from Seoul, Korea moving into third was Seon Kim 75-74=149 and her teammate Hyo Kim finishing fourth at 7577=149.

rd 1

rd 2


















































During the final round, the weather took a turn for the worse, however they were able to complete play in less than ideal conditions. The par 72 Randolph golf course played all of its 6,900 yards during this challenging round. The final round consists of single matches and the individual medal play for medalist honors. The girls played six matches, and boys played four to see


team to take a 2 point lead over the South Koreans 6 ½ points after the first round of play.

rd 1

rd 2






























































With only one score posted under par during the final round for the boys, it was good enough to catch and pass first round leader to take home the low medalist honors. Colin McCarty recorded a -2 under par 70 to add to his opening round 68 giving him a 138 -4 under par total to edge out first round leader Alex McMahon’s 66-73=139. In a tie for third was Matt McClure at 6975=144 with South Korea’s Hyun Yang 71-73=144. In fifth place from Seoul, Korea was Yun Jeong 70-76=146.

1st rd – Four Ball matches - Usa 8 1/2 - south Korea 6 1/2 USA USA USA USA USA

Tess Terry & Brianna Vogel Morgan Messick & Desiree Hong Kyung Kim & Laura Jabczenski Kyle Moeller & Nick Leitner Logan France & Jaime Waltmier

3 Pts 2 ½ Pts 3 Pts 0 Pts 0 Pts

vs vs vs vs vs

South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea

Seo Park & Joo Pard Hye Bang & Gi Lee Seon Kim & Hyo Kim Yun Jeong & Seong Seo Hyun Yang & Jae Lee

0 Pts ½ Pt 0 Pts 3 Pts 3 Pts

Final rd – single matches - Usa 19 1/2 - south Korea 10 1/2 USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA

Carrie Ford Desiree Hong Melissa Olson Jordan Carter Kyung Kim Laura Jabczenski Collin McCarty Alex McMahon Matt McClure Ricky Lee


3 Pts 3 Pts 0 Pts ½ pt 3 Pts 3 Pts 3 Pts 2 Pts 2 Pts 0 Pts 28

vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs

South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea

Seo Park Joo Park Gi Lee Hye Bang Seon Kim Hyo Kim Seong Seo un Jeong Jae Lee Hyun Yang

0 Pts 0 Pts 3 Pts 2 ½ Pts 0 Pts 0 Pts 0 Pts 1 Pt 1 Pt 3 Pts 17


Greg Byrne Hits The

Perfect Drive

At The First Tee Of Tucson Learning Center Dedication

“It’s here in The First Tee of Tucson learning center, where sport is translated into valuable life lessons, so our young golfers have the tools they need to succeed on and off the golf course”


niversity of Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne inspired young golfers at The First Tee of Tucson Learning Center Dedication to embrace the program’s lessons of honesty, integrity, teamwork and good sportsmanship to help them in their sport, in their classrooms and throughout their lives. Bryne then joined The First Tee members and special guests and launched a ceremonial drive from the program’s practice tee—the crowd of 200 guests applauded a very long and perfectly straight drive by the keynote speaker.

City of Tucson Council Member Regina Romero, who represents ward one which includes the Trini-Alvarez, El Rio Golf Course, home of The First Tee of Tucson Learning Center, welcomed neighbors and guests. “It’s here in The First Tee of Tucson Learning Center, where sport is translated into valuable life lessons, so our young golfers have the tools they need to succeed on and off the golf course,” said Romero. “I’m so proud of my neighborhood and my community.” “The First Tee of Tucson is a model for establishing public and private partnership that contributes to the well-being of the community,” said Dan Meyers, a Tucson Conquistador who serves as president of The First Tee of Tucson. Meyers credited the City of Tucson, private businesses, individual donors and dedicated volunteers to making the new Learning Center possible. The Tucson Conquistadores fund the operation of The First Tee of Tucson program with ticket proceeds from the World Golf ChampionshipsAccenture Match Play Championship, February 21 – 27, 2011 at The Ritz Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain.

university of arizona athletic director Greg Byrne launches ceremonial drive during dedication.

About The First Tee of Tucson the first tee of tucson, recruits youngsters ages 5 to 17 from every corner of the tucson community, especially disadvantaged and at-risk children. the tucson Conquistadores funds the staffing and operations of the program with monies raised through its partnership with the World Golf Championships-accenture match play Championship. dedicated volunteers serve as coaches for the hundreds of participants. the program began in 2005; the learning Center was added in 2010. the first tee, a division of the World Golf foundation, is a program designed to impact the lives of young people by creating affordable and accessible golf facilities for those who have never had access to the game and its positive values. for more information, visit

Kids Learn Golf and Life Skills at Trini-Alvarez El Rio Golf Course The First Tee of Tucson combines group golf lessons with Life Skills instruction for area youths between the ages of 5 and 17. The program strives to instill in members the First Tee’s nine core values – honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment. How It Works Five and six year olds begin at the Target level and meet once a week for three weeks. Members ages 7-17 participate in nine-week programs and begin at the PLAYer level which emphasizes learning golf, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the game, and developing your game in gold and in life. Members advance to Par level, which focuses on interpersonal communication and self-management skills; to Birdie with emphasis on goal setting; to Eagle which builds on previous levels and emphasizes resilience skills, conflict resolution and planning for the future. The advanced ACE Level focuses on personal planning for golf, career, volunteerism and education. Members attend class one day week during each program session. Sign-up for the Spring Session The cost is $5 per member for each session. Call 628-1555 or go to for session dates. Visit us at 1400 W. Speedway Blvd.

The The Arizona Arizona Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Golf Golf Association Association

We We provide provide more more than than just just aa handicap handicap .. .. ..

WChampionships and events WChampionships and events

WFunding junior golf programs WFunding junior golf programs

WPlayer development programs WPlayer development programs

 SSeminars WEducational EEduc ducaational tional Seminars eminars WEducational Seminars WInformation  Informa ormation tion and outreach each pr programs W and outr outreach programs WInformation Inf ograms W outreach programs  de pr WVolunteer VVolunt olunteer eer development devvelopment elopment programs programs ograms WVolunteer development programs WUSGA  CCompliance Pr W WUSGA USGA USGA Compliance ompliance Programs Programs ograms W Compliance Programs

[WOMEN’S GOLF] Kristie Fowler, LPGA/PGA helps Nancy Retson begin to learn the game of golf.

start the year off riGht! Kristie Fowler, LPGA/PGA is offering a

FREE GOLF CLINIC on sunday, february 20th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at The Gallery Golf Club. Get the Tip that can be your game changer!

Call the Golf Shop at

520-744-2555 siGn-up in adVanCe as spaCe Will Be limited.

Thinking About Golf Lessons? If Tour Pros Can Benefit, So Can You! By MaRy ann soUTeR After 20 years of working with golfers, Kristie Fowler, PGA & LPGA Class A Instructor, knows without a doubt that every player will benefit from taking lessons. Kristie quipped, “Tour players take lessons on a regular basis. Is there a better testament to the value of professional instruction to a player’s game?” Kristie is an Assistant Golf Professional at The Gallery and manages their ladies golf program. She considers herself an encourager, motivator, coach and cheerleader. “I want ladies of all skill levels to participate and play,” Kristie said. “I give a Rules quiz every week about questions from their own situations and the ladies really enjoy it.” Claudette Halpern, AWGA and Gallery member and student of Kristie, agreed. “We have learned so much from Kristie. She reinforces the fact that everything takes time and regular practice is the game changer.”

Claudette first broke 90 and then 80 under Kristie’s coaching. “I’m a southpaw,” Claudette mentioned. “Kristie was amazing as she hit the ball left-handed so I could see how my swing should look. She recognized how I learned best and taught me in a way I understood. I owe my game to her – going from a handicap of 24 three years ago to a 12. Now I can compete in regional and state tournaments.” Kristie knows that no one is going to hit every ball perfectly. Every golfer can use expert input. She believes this is particularly true for skilled players. “They have high expectations for themselves and lose confidence when they have issues with their game,” she said. “I can watch good golfers play and suggest small changes that can make a dramatic difference for them.” According to her students, Kristie has the gift to help players at any age and level. She has found that beginners learn better in a clinic with other women. “Players need to practice to improve and practice is fun in the

clinic setting,” she explained. Nancy Retson, 61, is retiring soon and learning the game. “After only four months, I am playing golf and gaining confidence,” Nancy said. “I take Kristie’s clinics and individual lessons and I am amazed by her “great eye.” She can analyze my swing and instantly tell me how to correct it and it works.” Kristie said her goal is to get beginners on the course quickly to stay interested in the game. This strategy definitely seems to be working for Nancy. The bottom line: To maximize your potential, get the tips that only an LPGA or PGA Teaching Pro can give you. Call the Arizona Women’s Golf Association at 1-800-442-2942 for a list of LPGA Pros in your area or visit our website at for a complete list of LPGA teaching Pros in Arizona. Taking lessons can bring your game to a new level of both ability and enjoyment! Mary ann souter is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in a variety of golf publications. she is co-author of synergistic Golf-one Day at a Time. contact info: (480) 332-6335 or

aMaTeUR spoTlIGhT By RoBIn lane

Tom Beach

Dee Dee Mccabe

Tom Beach learned to golf from his father when he was

Dee Dee learned to golf as a youngster of 13 with her Dad at her

just a tot, 8 years old. Dad retired from the Air force and became the golf professional at Cannon AFB in

country club on Long Island using two clubs and a putter. She has always been an athlete;

Clovis, NM. Tom learned to play by the rules

softball, tennis and golf. DeeDee was a

with all of the sergeants and enlisted men on

tennis instructor for 25 years in Aspen,

the Air Force Base. Tom says it may be

CO. She did not come back to the

hard to listen to your Dad, but he was

game of golf until she moved to

right to send Tom to other teachers as

Southern Arizona in 1984. She

Tom grew into quite the amateur

was a nurse at St Joe’s and

golfer. Moving with his family to

Membership Director at the

Benson in 1971, Tom attended

49ers club while still spending

Benson High School. He also

her summers in Aspen. She

participated in amateur events with

had a really hard time finding

the Ricki Rarick junior program.

out about golf for ladies here in Arizona. Dee Dee says

Tom received a golf scholarship to

that she had to keep asking

Yavapai in Prescott. He earned his

until she found a group that

Business Management degree and he

would let her be a part. This is

went Pro in something other than golf.

why she vowed to reach out to

Tom is in the Financial industry

any and all women golfers when

currently working for Chase.

she became the Membership Director

His golf career never stopped. He joined the Arizona Golf Association in 1981. He was actively

at Tucson National in 1999, and a full time resident. Dee Dee took the time to go out on the course with each of her new members. She taught them how to love the game of golf and feel welcome at her club.

involved with the AGA; past

Dee Dee is a fine golfer, currently a 10 handicap.

president 1999-

She plays for fun and a bit of competition. Her

2000 and

favorite event is the AWGA Senior tournament

Pacific Coast

each year. She says that is because it is more


than a tournament, it is all about the fun and


the camaraderie! She hosts a dinner party after


He plays

in many events

the first day of play followed by her famous Karaoke night with Sue Basso as her sidekick.

throughout the

Dee Dee shares that her friend, Grinder (Connie

state. Tom is a

Stapleton) could not play this year in the event due

scratch golfer and is a member of the 9 and

to an injury.

Well Grinder showed up anyway, to be

the team Sherpa, and enjoy the rest of the fun.

under league playing at Crooked Tree Golf Club. Tom has good advice for new golfers, Find a teacher! Golf is not a self-taught sport. Tom knows that golf is a great network and any new player should find a good golf professional. Go to a club near you and talk to them, they can help.

When asked to give advice to the new golfer, Dee Dee says, “do not be scared”! Ask around and find other women who play to let them guide you. Call the AWGA to find a place to start. Go see the golf professional at a course near you. Just ask until they say yes. You can also find Dee Dee on Facebook showing us all how much fun the game of golf can be.

WanT To leaRn To GolF? amateur spotlight is brought to you by the arizona Women’s Golf association (aWGa). The aWGa is dedicated to supporting amateur golfers in their quest to master the game. If you are considering taking up the game of golf, the aWGa can be a strong resource for those who are looking to make the right connection to get them headed in the right direction. To learn about all the services offered by the aWGa visit or call 1.800.442.2942

. S o u t h e r n A r i zo n a ’s

Be st Go l f i n g Val ue!

Opened in 1995, past home of the LPGA tournament. Rolling fairways and dramatic elevation changes.

CENTRAL Alvernon, North of 22nd

520.791.4161 Original site of the PGA TOUR’s Tucson Open. Short, tight, challenging par 70.

WEST Speedway, West of I-10

520.791.4229 Think you’re good? Test your ability on a true desert golf course.

EAST Irvington, East of Kolb

520.791.2539 Former home of PGA TOUR and LPGA tournaments. Lush tree lined fairways.

CENTRAL Alvernon, North of 22nd

520.791.4161 Dramatic re-design in 2005 challenges all skill levels. Picturesque, spacious fairways.

NORTHWEST Silverbell, North of Grant

520.791.5235 w w w. t u c s o n c i t y g o l f . c o m


80 Golf courses and sWspGa pros Raise oVeR $78k FoR paTRIoT GolF Day! By VITo BeRlInGeRI, sWspGa

Ventana Canton Golf & Racquet Club

Tubac Golf Resort - Photo

Omni Tucson National Golf Resort

The Southwest Section of the PGA and 80 plus golf courses participated in Patriot Golf Day during Labor Day weekend, September 3-6 2010. A total of $78,829.00 was raised from all of the participating golf courses; 3 out of the top 10 golf courses are from the Tucson area. Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club led the way raising $18, 275.00 followed by Tubac Golf Resort raising $13, 870.00 and Omni Tucson National Golf Resort. A special “Thank You” to all of the PGA Professionals and thier staff for all of their hard work! “We embraced the opportunity to help our Military Men and Women, as they put thier lives on the line everyday to keep our country safe,” remarked Brandon Smith, PGA member at Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club. “We're already working on next year with about 600 cold calls and letters out to local businesses with some responses already. The event was really spearheaded by one of our members Paul Adamsbaum, but in the end we had a pretty substantial committee of staff and members that did the work. One of our members is Captain Doug Hadley in the AZ Air National Guard,

Doug did a lot of the work with the bases”. Patriot Golf Day is the flagship fundraiser for the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides postsecondary educational scholarships for the children and spouses of military men and women disabled or killed while serving our great nation. On Labor Day weekend, golfers across the country are asked to add an extra dollar to their greens fees to fund Folds of Honor scholarships. The Patriot Golf Day campaign is jointly supported by The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association. The Folds of Honor Foundation was founded in 2007 by Major Dan Rooney, a former F-16 pilot, golf course owner, PGA Professional and USGA member. A Major in the Air National Guard and a decorated military aviator, Rooney has served three combat tours in Iraq. After returning from his second tour, Major Rooney witnessed a profound situation that drove him to create the Folds of Honor Foundation. after 30 years of corporate life with Bell laboratories and aT&T, Vito entered the golf industry as store operations Manager with hot stix Golf and Vp of sales for profile sports until joining the southwest section pGa as Director of Marketing in 2008.




Quarry Pines Golf Club 8480 North Continental Links Drive Tucson, AZ 85743



Swing Cover to Cover for Better Ball Flight By Ryan eckRoaT, pGa

While this is an impossible feat to achievc, the mere attempt can produce immediate results.

Of all the elements that one must do to hit a golf ball, one of the keys to hitting consistent shots swinging the club through the ball. It sounds relatively simple and for some it is. For others, they’ve heard countless variations on this, “Chase the ball down the line,” “Let the club do the work,” “Just make a swing and allow the ball to get in the way,” etc. The problem is that these thoughts are either too abstract or promote a swing that’s virtually impossible.

What remains is Get more instruction - visit our one of these two archives at or very common call Ryan direct at 520.723.1880. swing faults: a steep and stabbing motion where the club does not travel much past impact, or a shallow scooping motion in which the leading wrist breaks down early causing the trailing palm to be facing upward at impact. The former produces shots that feel solid but because of the amount of spin (side and back) that is imparted, ball flight is very erratic. The latter can produce straighter shots at times, but generally results

in very high, soft feeling shots that fade and lack power. Both can lead to injuries in your elbows, hands/wrists, shoulders because of the jarring impact or awkward twisting/extension of your joints. While everyone has their own images and swing “feels,” one that I have found to be very successful in my own game, and with students, is the idea of swinging cover to cover. What I mean is that when hitting a ball, I try to feel as though I am going to push the cover area on the back of the ball where my club makes contact, through the cover area on the front of the ball. While this is an impossible feat to achieve, the mere attempt can produce immediate results as you are now focused on getting the club head to swing through the golf ball instead of lifting it into the air, hitting down on the ball, or any of other hundreds of thoughts that seem to creep into the mind. Better yet, because of the force it would take to actually compress a golf ball like this, it allows you to be aggressive through impact. As a friend of mine told me once, “Swing hard, you might just hit something.”

Ryan is the General Manager at poston Butte Golf club at anthem Merrill Ranch in Florence, arizona. as a pGa Member and 9-year veteran with Troon Golf, Ryan has managed multiple facilities in arizona and colorado. Ryan can be reached at 520.723.1880 or visit


GUARANTEED G UARANTEED F FUNDS UNDS F FOR OR THE THE FUTURE FUTURE The youth of Southern Arizona are counting on the Conquistadores to continue to be there for them as we have been since 1962. The Tucson Conquistadores Foundation is a self-perpetuating endowment created through the generosity of the Tucson Conquistadores, its community par tners and generous individuals. The Foundation is dedicated to the funding and the promotion of youth and special needs athletics in Southern Arizona. Your donation to the Tucson Conquistadores Foundation can be as easy as writing a check, or designating gifts of appreciated stock or other assets. Contact the Tucson Conquistadores for detailed descriptions on how you can be par t of this legacy.

Tucson Conquist adores Foundation 6 4 5 0 E Broadway Blvd Tucson A Z 8 5710

( 52 0 ) 571- 0 4 0 0

+= ;9:53 /4 '4?54 !'99

(952;:+2? +>7;/9/:+ 4+= );9:53 .53+ /4 -;'8* -':+* '4?54 !'99 !'458'3/) 35;4:'/4 '4* )/:? 2/-.: </+=9 #6+):');2'8 54+ 5, ' 1/4* -2'99 ='22 );9:53 6552 =/:. 2'-554 '8+' 9=/3 ;6 ('8 96' =/:. '*05/4/4- ,/8+6/: $.+ 5;:*558 +4:+8:'/4/4- '8+' ,25=9 :.85;-.5;: :.+ +4:/8+ (')1?'8* '4* )'4 .59: :.+ 2'8-+9: 5, 6'8 :? -;+9:9 4:+8/58 5, .53+ (5'9:9 :.+ ,/4+9: 5, ,/4/9.+9 =/:. 3'8(2+ :8'<+8 :/4+ =55* -2'99 *+9/-49 +>:8'58*/4'8? ;22 );9:53 )'(/4+:8? :.85;-.5;: .53+ 62;9 +>5:/) (':.85539 ;4/7;+ 6'4:8? =581 '8+' $./9 /9 ' 359: 96+):');2'8 .53+

'9548? '9:+86/+)+ /4 '4?54 !'99

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'9548? )549:8;):/54 62;9 ,/4+ )8',:93'49./6 '4* ,/4/9.+9 9+: :./9 .53+ '6'8 : ,853 '2359: '22 5:.+89 4:8? *558 /9 ' =581 5, '8 : );8<+* 9:++2 '4* -2'99 25589 '8+ !+8;</'4 :8'<+8:/4+ 62;9 9+2+):+* '8+'9 5, .'8*=55* ,25589 '9:+8 (+*8553 /9 ' 2;>;8/5;9 9;/:+ =/:. '4 +>:8' 8553 :.': )'4 (+ ;9+* '9 ' 68/<':+ 5,,/)+ *+4 58 +>+8)/9+ 8553 %/+=9 '8+ '(952;:+2? -58-+5;9 35;4:'/4 </+=9 '4* 96+):');2'8 9;49+:9 4+ 5, :.+ :=5 )'8 -'8'-+9 /9 '28+'*? 62;3(+* ,58 4+= 5=4+8 :5 +'9/2? )54<+8: :5 -;+9: 7;'8:+89 58 68/<':+ 5,,/)+ $5 :56 /: '22 :.+8+ /9 ' (5::2+ 8+*=55* =/4+ 8553 .59: :.+ 2'8-+9: 5, 6'8:/+9 /4 9:?2+

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$;84 +? /4 +8/:'-+ /-.2'4*9

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58-+5;9 )54:+3658'8? /4 -;'8* -':+* '4?54 !'99 $./9 (*83 (':. );9:53 .53+ (5'9:9 953+ 5, :.+ 359: 96+):');2'8 $58:52/:' :4 </+=9 3+93+8/@/4- 9;49+:9 8'3':/) ,854: +4:8? *558 '(;25;9 -5;83+: 1/:).+4 = '22 ./-. +4* '662/'4)+9 );9:53 -8'4/:+ :/2+* (')1962'9.+9 &'22 5, 85)1 );9:53 -8+':8553 ,/8+62')+ 96')/5;9 -;+9:85539 62;9 6552 96' ,,+8+* ': #


33');2':+ (*83 *+4 .53+ :.': /9 )5362+:+2? 35<+ /4 8+'*? 53+ /9 (+/4- 5,,+8+* :;84 1+? = '22 '662/'4)+9 =/4*5= )5<+8/4-9 ,;84/:;8+ '))+9958/+9 6':/5 ,;84/:;8+ -8/22 1/:).+4='8+ $% 9 53+ /9 96'812/4)2+'4 = ,/4+ ;6-8'*+9 "+2'>/4- (')1 ?'8* = ,/8+6/: ,8;/: :8++9 ,25=+8/4*+9+8: 2'4*9)'6+ '4 '(952;:+2? (+';:/,;2 .53+ ,,+8+* ': #


Performance Golf Performance Golf Owner Leo P Calabro, PGA

7942 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson AZ 85704

Bring in this ad for


10.00 OFF a purchase over 50 Limit 1 coupon per customer. Offer expires 3-31-11.

Southeast corner of Oracle and Magee, in the Plaza Escondida Shopping Center, which includes Trader Joes and Marshalls. 297 GOLF 4653



La Paloma Country Club Friday, April 29, 2011


Support Council for Pima County, Inc.

Court Appointed Special Advocates... a child’s voice in court. TITLE SPONSOR


11:00 am Registration Registration • 1:00 pm Shotgun • Handicapped Scr Scramble amble Hosted wine and light buf buffet, fet, auction, raffle items and prizes. Contact Marti Hubbar Hubbard d at 520-400-8586 or martihubbar | | CASA Tax ID #83-0410169

As Long & Light As It Gets! - The Exotics XCG-4 Driver At 276 grams, Tour Edge’s new Exotic XCG-4 driver is one of the lightest drivers on the market today and offers legendary performance. Being lighter means you’ll be able to move through the impact zone at greater speed generating far greater distance. The XCG-4 driver incorporates an advanced head design that features a titanium face and sole, an amorphous carbon crown, two amorphous carbon sole inserts, and two tungsten sole weights. The ultra-light weight carbon frees up 27 grams of weight that is strategically positioned in the lower rear of the club head to improve MOI by more than 15%

over previous versions. Powered by the game’s most advanced lightweight shaft, the XCG-4 is a true distance weapon off the tee generating shots that hold the target line even on offcenter contact. To maximize spring-like effect, Tour Edge created the Boomerang face. This supercharged design offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the rebound effect from more points on the face. With Exotics, Tour Edge has spared no expense in building a better golf club and delivering it to market at most appealing prices points.

The Exotics XCG-4 driver is guaranteed longer than your current driver and has a suggested retail of $329. For more information call (800) 515-3343 or visit


Polara Golf’s Self Correcting Golf Ball Technology™ - a Game Changer! Polara Golf has introduced what recreational golfers all over the world have been looking for a quick fix for their game. While other golf ball manufacturers “claim” to improve accuracy or reduce your hook or slice, the unique dimple design of the Polara Self-Correcting Technology™ golf ball actually does it! Polara golf balls with Self-Correcting Technology™ were recently tested by Golf Laboratories, the leading independent golf testing laboratory in San Diego, California. The golf robot was set-up to hit balls under several different slice swing conditions. Under all test conditions, the Polara Self-Correcting Technology™ golf balls were demonstrably

straighter than two of the most popular balls in golf, validating the claim that the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls correct hooks and slices by up to 75%.

Technology™ and unique design, where each dimple on these golf balls has a specific purpose in correcting hooks and slices by up to 75%. The only real difference is that the 3piece Ultimate Straight XS ball will spin a little more and hold the greens better.

Now even recreational golfers can play from the fairway instead of the rough, the woods, or the next fairway over. Using Polara golf balls is guaranteed to improve your game, increase your accuracy and lower your golf score, which makes the game more fun.

"We're delighted to introduce golfers to the first of many products that have No Limits other than the laws of physics," said David Felker, PhD, Head of Technology for Polara Golf. "Currently, there is nothing a golfer can purchase that even comes close to correcting hooks and slices as well as these new Polara golf balls. The Self-Correcting Technology™ of the Polara Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS golf balls will change the game of golf by making it more enjoyable and even speeding up play."

The new Polara golf balls are available in two different models. The Polara Ultimate Straight is a 2-piece construction ball with 386 dimples and the Polara Ultimate Straight XS is a 3piece construction ball with 386 dimples. Each ball utilizes Polara’s Self-Correcting

All of the Polara golf balls are designed for recreational golfers that want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help golfers enjoy the game more. For more information about Polara Golf, visit or call 866-556-3100.

Antigua Outerwear – Good for all climates and great for on and off the golf course >>> Atlas Jacket 100% polyester water resistant fully seam sealed jacket with contrast bonding details. Removable ball cleaner cloth snapped in wearers right front pocket, adjustable velcro cuffs, toggle bungee bottom and hidden inside left chest pocket and Antigua branding at right shoulder.

Highland 100% polyester interlock knit Desert Dry Xtra-lite water resistant long sleeve full zip jacket with contrast color insets and Antigua branding on right sleeve.

Men's and Women’s Traverse 100% Polyester bonded fleece water resistant full zip jacket with adjustable velcro cuffs, chest and side pockets with Antigua branding at back neck.

Viper (Not Shown) 100% polyester jersey Desert Dry moisture management jacket with contrast color insets with Antigua branding on the right sleeve (not shown).

Men’s and Women's Succeed 84% polyester/16% spandex jersey fleece long sleeve pullover with 3/4 zip placket, and contrast inset detail at shoulder. Antigua branding on right sleeve. Antigua's fall based outerwear is created to function in various climates with a trend that focuses on layering. The current opinion is that weather fluctuations throughout the day make it easier to take off-and-add on layers to adjust for comfort and function. Antigua has the options to meet this demand. To demonstrate, as pieces of the Antigua layering line-up start as base layers they can be combined with wind resistant or water resistant wind shirts and jackets as well as with fuller weight pieces to function against more inclement weather. Antigua has an excellent base layer long sleeve mock called ‘Hero’. Using Antigua's proprietary Desert Dry moisture management technology, it is constructed with a hyper-micro poly fleeced backing against a super soft interlock face which has enough weight to be worn alone and light enough that it layers remarkably well. Add to that the next tier in style – ‘Succeed’, consisting of a contemporary color block stretch jersey half zip shell with a micro fleece brushed back which can be worn on its own, under a jacket, over a base layer - or both depending on climate and preference. In other words, you are going to stay warm and protected while finishing your round. To round out Antigua’s outerwear collection offering, styles are developed to function according to climate needs. Antigua has a great wind shirt and wind jacket in styles ‘Rendition’ and ‘Highland’. They have created Antech Desert Breeze wind block fabric to serve as a guard against wind while offering warmth. Made with a two-way stretch laminated jersey bonded to a water resistant membrane, Rendition and Highland both offer water resistance as well as comfort against the wind and rain. Rendition, styled with contemporary color blocking details, is available as a traditional pullover wind shirt while Highland is designed as a full zip front wind jacket. The stretch aspect of these pieces allows them to be multi functional – on the course and off. Antigua has a variety of great golf jackets. ‘Style Motion’ as a full zip jacket is constructed with a stretch jersey face bonded against a high-low fleece 'wave' pattern engineered for warmth allowing breathability for comfort. ‘Style Explorer’ is built for warmth while being light weight and ideal for layering. With its water resistant woven shell bonded against a micro-fleece inner core Explorer wears and travels well and is well suited for both cold and precipitation alike. Antigua equally offers thin-layer micro fleece shells in both pullover as well as full zip styling as exceptional layering options in styles ‘Frost’ and ‘Sleet’ as well as traditional fleece hooded styles in both a pullover as well as full front zip styling. So, no need to let weather concerns factor into your round as Antigua has the right outerwear to get you into the clubhouse warm, comfortable and dry.

tee to green

By RIck pRIce, pGa

local news and Reports

the lpGa teaching and Club professionals (t & Cp) have announced the 2011 lpGa t & Cp Central section Championship, which will be held may 15 -17, 2011 at The Gallery Golf Club south Course in marana, arizona. this year’s tournament promises to be one of the most enjoyable and competitive opportunities for women teaching and club professionals in the country and the winner of the Championship division will earn an exemption into the lpGa tour Championship. if you are interested in playing in the pro-am or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tournament Director, Kristie Fowler at the Gallery Golf Club 520-744-2555 or e-mail What a great opportunity we have February 21-27 to walk along the fairways with the top 64 professional golfers in the world at the Accenture Match Play Championship hosted by The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain. the daily tickets start at only $25.00 and you can be a part of the historical event. Why sit on your couch at home like the other millions watching the tournament across the globe on television (wishing they where here)? take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy this championship event in person. please do not forget how important it is to support this world class event and what it brings into our economy -- includings the millions of dollars raised for local community youth sports programs, by the Tucson Conquistadores.

the Tucson Parks Foundation is holding the third annual Million Dollar Hole-In One Contest – sponsored by Desert Diamond Casino and this year’s event will help the tucson parks foundation towards its goal of installing sun shades at the over 75 public parks, including joint use facilities at public schools. Qualifying will take place at the Randolph Golf Complex March 31st and April 1,2,3,7 and 8th. Qualifiers will compete for a chance to win $1,000,000.00 on April 9, 2011. sponsorship opportunities are still available as well as discount coupon books. for more information, contact the tucson at parks foundation at (520) 393-8420, or visit Brent Lingel assistant golf professional at the Davis Monthan AFB, Blanchard golf course was awarded the southwest section pGa Assistant Golf Professional of the Year at the annual awards dinner in scottsdale.

Southern Chapter PGA’s semi-annual meeting was held at the First Tee building at El Rio Golf Course followed by the Pro-Pro-Pro best ball event. the team of Pat Miller, omni tucson national, Mike Hayes, tucson City Golf and David Foster from Vistoso Golf Club shot -10 under 60 to win. L-R: Hayes, Miller, Foster Shown in background: Galley Golf Club in Marana, AZ, Hole No. 7 - South

southern arizona tee times hole-in-one program The Golf Channel Am Tour is coming to tucson, conducting a circuit of twelve events that will culminate up to the two day tour Championships at Ventana Canyon in august and the national Championships in september at the PGA West in la Quinta, Ca. tournaments will be; one day, eighteen hole events held on either saturdays, sunday, or an occasional monday depending on location. the tour will be stroke play and governed by the usGa rules of golf. there will be a maximum of six flights in each the open and senior divisions. all scoring will be gross for your flight. there will be no adjusted net scoring used. members can expect a true professional experience from the tour in hopes to provide a fresh perspective for golfers of all abilities and ages. the tour will travel throughout tucson and the surrounding areas. the confirmed venues are as follows January, 30th at The Preserve at Saddlebrooke, february 19th at The Omni Tucson National (Catalina), march 6th at Dell Urich, march 27th at Del Lago, april 17th at Tubac, and many more of the best courses southern arizona has to offer. for a complete list of events go to and click on find your local tour and click tucson. for more information or to become a member of the tour, go to or contact tour director Jordan Munic at or 520-406-4373.

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southern arizona tee times provides individuals who make a hole-in-one with a personalized bag tag and special certificate to commemorate the achievement. record a hole-in-one or view members at Congratulations to the following new members that have holed out since last issue. all holes are par 3, unless otherwise noted:

Bill Clarkin

Mike Ramsey, AGE: 47

saddlebrooke - (Catalina) January 14, 2011 Club used: 5 iron hole no. 24, 159 yards, par 3

Blanchard Golf Course (10-50 men’s club) november, 14th, 2010 Club used: 7 iron hole no. 9, 165 yards, par 3

Peter Harley - Age 67 dell urich January 13, 2011 Club used: 9 wood hole no. 2, 170 yards, par 3

Arthur Woll - Age 39 randolph north december 28, 2010 Club used: 4 iron hole no. 8, 165 yards, par 3

Suzanne Lavergne - Age 51 Brandon Smith head Golf professional at Ventana Canyon will be playing in the Waste Management Phoenix Open from a sponsor’s exemption winning the 2010 southwest section pGa Championship.

dell urich december 24, 2010 Club used: 6 iron hole no. 9, 138 yards, par 3

William Kalt - Age 62

the southwest section southern Chapter pGa Ricki Rarick Junior Golf program is introducing a new Boys Golf Club; a developmental golf program for boys ages 7 – 17 that will be conducting monthly clinics. please contact Dan Wickman, PGA at or call (520) 940-3825 for more information.

randolph north december 20, 2010 Club used: 8 iron hole no. 6, 130 yards, par 3

Kathy Andersen - Age 57 this is her first hole in one! the Gallery Golf Club december 22, 2010 Club used: 3 wood hole no. 16, 118 yards, par 3

Steve Stewart university of arizona Wildcat women's golf junior Margarita Ramos was victorious in her native mexico, recently winning the National Amateur Tournament at the Club de Golf Vallescondido. the UofA women will open the spring season february, 6-8 with the Wildcat Invitational held here in tucson at Arizona National Golf Club. the Men’s University of Arizona team had a disappointing fall season but is looking to get off to a fast start for the spring, which is already underway. the Pima Community College aztecs men’s team coached by Grant Waltke will host the opening event for their season february 20-21 at the Torres Blancas GC. Coach, Bill Nicol for the Women’s team opens their season february 14-15 in scottsdale at the Papago GC.

Beth Brady, AGE: 54 the Gallery Golf Club november, 19th, 2010 Club used: 8 iron hole no. 3, 118 yards, par 3

forty niner Country Club december 7, 2010 Club used: 7 iron hole no. 18, 146 yards, par 3 2nd hole in one in a 2 week time span!

Steve Stewart forty niner Country Club november 26, 2010 Club used: 7 iron hole no. 8, 150 yards, par 3

Sandy Emrick, AGE: 72 the Gallery Golf Club december, 1st, 2010 Club used: 7 wood hole no. 7, 131 yards, par 3

Bob Kuna, AGE: 67 the Gallery Golf Club north Course november, 16th, 2010 Club used: 8 iron hole no. 3, 151 yards, par 3

Charles Mangum, AGE: 65 dell urich Golf Course november, 16th, 2010 Club used: 8 iron hole no. 17, 116 yards, par 3

Tom Barbour tubac Golf resort & spa november, 13th, 2010 Club used: 7 Wood hole #4 anza, 181 yrds, par 3

Juan Carlos Medina tubac Golf resort & spa november, 6th, 2010 Club used: 7 iron hole #7 anza, 171 yrds, par 3

tee to green Continued the La Paloma CC was host of the Southern Chapter PGA Pro-am series presented by Sol Casinos. the teaching professional from the hilton el Conquistador, Jay Synkelma and his amateur playing partners Joe Moats, John Pierpont and Lee Nelson was the winning team finishing at -21 under par 123 seven strokes ahead of their closest competitor. the runnerup team finished -14 under par 130, team of professional Brent Lingel from Blanchard G.C. amateur Jason Jones, Jeff Brown and Amber Coleman.

Golf for a Great Cause and a tax credit too!

individual professional results found skyline Country Club’s Chris Dompier finishing 1st with a total of 12 points in the stableford format, followed by Jay Synkelma and Brent Lingel. Tucson City Golf hosted the Annual Kane Cup in memory of pGa professional Willie Kane the former head professional at randolph Golf Complex. Winners of the regular Kane Cup Gross division were the randolph men’s team Hamid Badghisi, Ken Kavanaugh, John Ferenchak, Jay Johnson, Larry Pagel, Chip Plowman, Tom Reeves and Mike Bevins scoring 726. Winners of the regular Kane Cup net division were the fred enke men scoring 688 with the team of Craig Bauley, Bob Dalton, Gary Maupin, Terry Kirchoffner, Tom Branham, and Steve Holly. the winners of the senior Kane Cup - both Gross and net divisions from the fred enke men, shooting 438 & 408 were Gary Maupin, Terry Kirchoffner, Craig Bauley and Bob Dalton. Randolph Golf Complex will host the Roy Tatum best ball tournament February 19-20 and AZ Publinks Championship on March 11-13 on the randolph north course. the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort & Spa announced the appointment of Tricia Brossack as the new Golf Club’s membership director. Brossack comes from Dove Mountain Realty (the residences at ritz Carlton) and spent the past year volunteering at the Marana food bank and enjoying semi-retirement. Brossack previously spent 5 years at Miraval in such varying positions as director of residential services (residential sales), organizational development project manager (human resources), Conference services manager and front office operations. prior to miraval, she had many years in customer service with varying financial institutions. Brossack has been a tucson resident with her husband for many years. To notify us of awards, clinics, tournaments, events and similar news for the April-May issue of Southern Arizona Tee Times - Send details via email to with “tee to green” in the subject line.

Where can you give to a wonderful charity to benefit children, get a tax credit in the process, and play golf? on april 29, 2011 golfers and friends will gather at the Jack-nicklaus-designed golf course at the la paloma Country Club for the annual Casa Benefit Golf tournament. this is an opportunity to raise funds to support children in the court system, to play this award-winning private course, usually open only to resort guests and members and to be eligible to receive tax credit for your contribution. CASA - HELPING CHILDREN Casa stands for Court appointed special advocate. a Casa is a specially trained community volunteer appointed by a Juvenile Court Judge to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children involved in court proceedings. there are over 3100 abused and/or neglected children in pima County. the ongoing involvement of a Casa, acting as the “eyes and ears of a judge” greatly assists in determining whether a child can be safely returned home or placed in a foster or adoptive home. the Casa child has a Consistent, caring person throughout the process. the best interests of the child are considered ensuring that the children do not “fall through the cracks” of the system by providing vital and timely services. Cases having a Casa can come to closure or permanency more quickly. the job of the Casa volunteer is to monitor the child’s health, psychological and social needs, ensure educational needs are being met, interviews individuals pertinent to the child’s case and submits ongoing reports to the

Juvenile Court Judge. Casa volunteers come from all areas of the community. a social service or legal background is not required. Volunteers are carefully screened for maturity, responsibility, objectivity, cultural sensitivity, commitment, and the ability to relate to families in stressful situations. Background checks are performed to ensure minimum legal standards are met. the Casa support Council of pima County (CsCpC) is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer Board whose role is to support the Casa program, the Casa advocate volunteers and Casa children involved in pima County. TAX CREDIT DETAILS your donation of $400 if filing jointly or $200 might be eligible for a dollar for dollar tax credit by arizona as an organization that “supports the Working poor”. if you don’t claim the credit, your donation is eligible for state and federal deductions. TOURNAMENT DETAILS april 29. 2011 la paloma CC, 11:00 a.m. registration, 1:00 shotgun, handicapped scramble. hosted wine and light buffet, auction, and raffle items and prizes. Cost per individual player = $140.00 for more information, please contact marti hubbard mcellis, chairperson of the tournament at (520) 400-8586 or For more information about CASA visit the website or, or call (520) 740-2060

$%"$ '# *# (-

Arizona Tourism Alliance Honoring Arizonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Golf Industry in 2011. ( #,-) (-* #++(' !&&

The Tucson Conquistadores, The Phoenix Thunderbirds and the Southwest Section PGA will be honored at the 7th Annual Arizona Tourism Unity Dinner on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, in Scottsdale, AZ. The Tucson Conquistadores and the Phoenix Thunderbirds showcase Arizona by hosting Professional Golf Tournaments to promote tourism and benefit youth charities. Currently the Tucson Conquistadores host the World Golf Championships â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Accenture Match Play Championship and the Phoenix Thunderbirds host the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The Southwest Section PGA is one of forty-one sections of the Professional Golfers' Association of America. Its boundaries include the state of Arizona and Clark County, Nevada. Within the Section is a Southern Nevada Chapter and a Southern Chapter to further facilitate programs within those areas. Their membership is a group of professionals dedicated to making golf a better game. The Section is the local delivery system for the PGA of America programs and activities to promote the game of golf in this region and to enhance the skills of its members. The Arizona Tourism Alliance (ATA) is an independent, nonprofit organization based on unifying Arizona's many travel-related businesses. Its mission is to ensure the future growth and success of tourism through our collective efforts. ATA and its partners work throughout the year to advocate, educate and unite the tourism industry. Since 1996, ATA continues to serve as a catalyst and a voice for the various elements of Arizona's tourism industry. It is dedicated to providing advocacy, generating awareness of the tourism industry through education and leadership, promoting the economic well being of Arizona tourism and working to increase public funding of tourism.

The 8th annual

DeseRT DIaMonD casInos & enTeRTaInMenT GolF classIc at canoa Ranch Golf club


short drive south from Tucson’s downtown is one of the top public golf courses in the region. Tucked in the serenity of Green Valley’s established neighborhoods, the Canoa Ranch Golf Club is famed for being an accessible, premier golf destination. Beyond having the best facilities and course maintenance in Southern Arizona, Canoa Ranch embodies the ideal setting for all skill levels. The tricky par-70 course provides a challenge for scratch golfers while still being playable for a novice. The course is so robust, in fact, that any casual golfer will feel like he or she is on the PGA tour—even if it’s only for one round.

so highly regarded that it has sold out each time—raising more than $425,000 since its inception. This year, the 8th Annual Golf Classic takes place on Friday, March 25, 2011. Pre-registration is the evening before at the Desert Diamond Casino-Entertainment-Hotel on Nogales Highway at 5:30 p.m.; the kick-off party also includes an on-site Nike Golf Store with the latest in Nike Golf apparel and accessories.

Using a four-man scramble format, the tournament starts at 8:30 a.m. with a shotgun tee-off. It’s followed by an awards luncheon at Desert Diamond CasinoEntertainment on Pima Mine Road with prizes given out to the top-three For the past seven years finishes and many other specialty this event has been so awards.

Even more impressive is the course’s ability to highlight and beautifully exhibit the native land. highly regarded that it has While some courses exist despite The beneficiary for this year is the sold out each time. its surroundings, Canoa Ranch’s Indian Oasis-Baboquivari Unified appeal is amplified by its School District No. 40, serving the relationship with the desert sights and sounds. This is not children of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Funds will go just another golf course that can be replicated anywhere; directly to youth programs at the schools—such as athletics this is how Southern Arizona golf should be experienced. and drama—which are located near Sells, Ariz. Last year, the Tohono O’odham Community College received just It is also home to the highly successful Desert Diamond over $74,000 from the golf tournament, which went toward Casinos & Entertainment Golf Classic—an annual the college’s Capital Campaign. fundraising event that supports educational and cultural organizations on the near-by Tohono O’odham For more information on participating in the 8th Annual Nation. For the past seven years this Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment Golf event has been Classic—including a Stay & Play discount with the casino’s hotel—or for sponsorship opportunities, visit

DESERT DIAMOND CASINOS & ENTERTAINMENT GOLF CLASSIC four-man scramble tournament Friday, March 25, 2011 8:30 a.m. shotgun tee-off Canoa ranch Golf Club

(520) 342-2926



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Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazine is the only frequently published golf publication in Southern Arizona, and the official publication of t...

Arizona Golf Magazine Southern Arizona Tee Times Feb-March 2011  

Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazine is the only frequently published golf publication in Southern Arizona, and the official publication of t...