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2012 Champion Kyle Stanley - Waste Management Phoenix Open Stanley hits a tee shot on the second hole during the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 5, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Golf Opens State Of The Art Research Facility l Bobby Pancratz Wins the SWSPGA Assistants Championship l Four Phoenix-Area Golf Clubs Donate $5,000 to the First Tee of Phoenix l Warrior Cup Invitational - For America’s Heroes! l Growing The Game With Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale l Greyhawk G.C. Opens Isabella’s Kitchen l Sun Ridge Canyon Expands - Adds New Facility For McLean Golf School l Expert Golf Instruction Offers Two Junior Scholarships


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BY JACK TALMAGE Associate Publisher

You know that excitement you have when going to a golf course you have never played before, right? You have heard nothing but good stuff about the course, or presumably you wouldn’t be going there. The anticipation begins to mount the moment you make your tee time and throw the clubs into the trunk. Today’s exploration takes my companions and I to Club West Golf Club, about 10 minutes west of I-10 on Chandler Blvd. Club West is operated by the Foothills Golf Group, well known for providing an excellent golf experience at all their facilities. With courses such as The Foothills Golf Club, Ahwatukee CC, Ahwatukee Lakes, and the notorious Duke Course, all under the watchful eye of Terry Duggan, President of the Foothills Golf Group, we knew today would be a memorable experience. First impressions mean a lot; it sets the tone for the day. We were made to feel welcome the moment we pulled up to the bag drop. Club Manager, Chilo Mendoza, checked us in and gave us some quick tips and a yardage guide before sending us to the first tee with a smile and an invitation to return after golf for a

Club West - Hole No. 12

cold beer in the newly remodeled Lakeside Grille. We all made a note to self on that point.

phoenix valley tee times



dramatic elevation changes@club west Club West - Hole No. 2


16400 S. 14th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85045

Club manager: Chilo Mendoza Phone: (480) 460-4400

“There is a sense of tranquility on the course; adjacent homes are set far off the fairways and there are very few contiguous holes. It makes you feel like you have the place to yourself. “ golf architects Brian Whitcomb and Ken Kavanaugh and is consistently rated one of the top 20 you can play. There are four sets of tee boxes to choose from, stretching out to 7,142 from the tips. Starting on a relatively short par 4 without a whole lot of trouble always gives you a little needed warm up time, and I for one always appreciate that. Each hole, unlike a lot of desert courses, is distinct from the rest. There is a sense of tranquility on the course; adjacent homes are set far off the fairways and there are very few contiguous holes. It makes you feel like you have the place to yourself. This is not a “thick with cacti and boulders lining the fairways” kind of desert course. Club West offers a more forgiving edge for those errant shots that are never found on other desert tracks. Tee shots, for the most part, fly to generous landing areas that focus your attention on approaches to well guarded greens. Strategically positioned bunkers provide for some very interesting hole locations. Play it safe to be on the dance floor or take the risk to be closer to the band…and possibly end up in any number of massive traps surrounding the greens. There is a lot of elevation change as you climb up and around the foothills on the sunny side of South Mountain.

None however, is more dramatic than the ascent to the tee of the two closing par 3’s, numbers 15 and 17. The shot from tee to green on the shorter #15 is like throwing a ball over a cliff and having time to shave before it finally touches down. We thought that was pretty cool until we climbed up to the tee box a couple holes later to #17. Wow what a view! And an even more pronounced drop to the green… or should I say greens? For at this tee you are given a choice to hit the ball down to either of the two greens well below you. It’s up to you and maybe where you stand in your match. From the tips, the back green is a lengthy 215 yards while the closer choice is only … both very daunting shots and neither surface is very large, or so it appeared from our lofty position on the tee. Almost done….one more hole and we could head for that cold beer and settle our bets while watching the sun set over the surrounding mountains. Club West is certainly on our list of places to return to time and time again, definitely worth the price of the frequent player card that Chilo suggested. With that card we could even explore the other Foothills Golf Group courses. The excitement continues to build!

The course was designed by renowned Arizona Visiting Arizona? Just looking to Play A New Course? Get the scoop from our Course Review archives:


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BY BRANDON SMITH, PGA Each time I interview and work with a new student I ask them what their goals are. Invariably, each person will say that they want a consistent swing. Most often my response is that they already have a consistent swing; some are consistently better while others are consistently worse. What they are really pursuing is a predictable ball flight. No matter what shape or style your swing takes, the golf ball only goes where the club tells it to. Each ball flight is a predictable result of the combination of three factors: swing path, face angle, and angle of attack. One of the things that I try to get my students to understand is the effect on ball flight of each of these factors. The ability to recognize the cause and effect of each factor allows you to more quickly diagnose in-swing errors and apply the proper fix. The addition of the Flightscope Launch Monitor to my instruction has been a tremendous tool in bridging the gap between concept and application. So how do path, face angle and angle of attack affect ball flight? Path (the direction that the clubhead is moving through impact) dictates the spin of the ball. An out-to-in path creates slice spin and an in-to-out path creates hook spin. Face angle dictates the starting direction of the ball and can be measured in relationship to the path or the target. The angle of attack has a larger influence on the initial launch of the ball, but also plays a significant role in that it magnifies the effect of a closed or open face. Let’s take a look at a couple of Flightscope screenshots to see how these add up. In this first shot notice the slice pattern for this right handed player. The path is moving left, or out-to-in, giving us a negative path number (-8*). The face, however, is also closed or pointed left (-3.6*), which has caused the ball to start left of the target line. It is not an open face that caused the slice! The face was only slightly open to the path, but closed to the target line, thus causing it to pull.




This second shot is a draw pattern for a right handed player. Notice how the path has shifted to the right, or in-to-out, giving us a positive path number (2.2*). The face has also changed to a positive number (2.3*), indicating that it is open. Can you really hit a draw with an open face? Yes! The face is slightly closed to the path, but open to the target line, causing it to push to the right. If your ball flight is not behaving like you want it to, pay attention to the starting direction and how it curves. Apply these ball flight laws and make the necessary adjustments to your path, face angle, or both. Head Golf Professional - Lodge at Ventana Canyon


Since joining the PGA, Brandon Smith has had great success both on and off the golf course. As a member of the University of Arizona’s golf team, Brandon was a PAC10 Academic All-American. His Playing success has continued in the Southwest Section PGA, winning numerous Section and Chapter events including the Southern Chapter Match Play Championship and the PGA Dell Urich Award for low stroke average. He has qualified to compete in the PGA Professional National Championship in 2010, the major championship for club professionals. Brandon coaches all aspects of the game simplifying the mechanics so that you can become a complete player on the golf course. Miss an Issue? Read the entire issue online: Browse our website, or read with ‘Flipper’

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The AWGAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Annual Giving Program puts your gift of any amount to work funding Arizona junior girls programs, national and international teams, player development, and many other programs.

AWGA members receive a USGA handicap, the opportunity to compete in statewide championships, fun golf days, newsletters, seminars and much more.

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BY MICHAEL HAYWOOD, PGA Founder, The Player’s Institute

In order to see the type of difference in your game that you need to score, you MUST have a quality level of iron play throughout your round. Quality iron play begins with a well struck and properly flighted shot. Proper ball flight and distance control is essential to the type of predictability you will need when improving your game. Unfortunately most amateurs do not excel in the ball striking department with their irons. Many if not most develop a scooping technique to hit their iron

In the end, better iron play begins from the ground up with good footwork, good posture, weight shift and a slightly descending angle through the ball. shots thus affecting ball flight and distance control. This is primarily due to the clubhead reaching the golf ball before the hands, and providing more of a “slapping” motion rather than tight crisp contact. So what should you do? First, begin with a proper set-up that places the hands in a position IN FRONT of the golf ball. While good ball position is essential to this (just inside the left knee), it’s the position of the hands that will make all the difference. Why? Because in nearly every situation the hands

About The


MUST lead the clubhead through the hitting area. This will ensure an angle of decent back into the ball that is proper, allowing the leading edge of the golf club to make contact with the ball first. Maintaining proper posture is also an important way to ensure good ball striking with your irons. Staying down and through the ball as the body rotates through the shot keeps the clubhead down through impact ensuring a solid strike. This will be most evident when you analyze your divots, and notice where that divot actually begins. Good contact starts when the clubhead makes contact with the ball first and the divot is out in front or after the ball. Poor contact occurs when the divot is behind the ball and either skips into or scoops the ball. This is a problem that must be addressed immediately. By maintaining proper posture through the shot you will improve your contact and have a better feeling of compressing the ball. Tour Professional Brian Prouty working on his ball striking skills at his home at Tucson Country Club

One other sure way of better contact with your irons is with good foot work in your golf swing. It is often understood that a good transfer of weight through the ball will help with your contact. But few understand the importance of good foot work, and how this affects weight transfer through the ball. Keeping balanced and centered on both feet on the backswing and follow through will help the player to pivot from the right side to the left through the ball. It further allows the player to feel like they can “attack the ball” with a descending angle while continuing to rotate through the ball. This feeling is important to


speed and stability that every player must feel in order to become a better iron player. In the end, better iron play begins from the ground up with good footwork, good posture, weight shift and a slightly descending angle through the ball. Couple this with solid rotation and a strong finish and you will see a vast improvement in the ball striking of your irons.

Founder, The Player’s Institute. - President, SWSPGA

Michael Haywood, PGA is the Director of Golf at Tucson Country Club, President of the Southwest Section PGA, Member of the PGA of America’s National Board of Directors, National Advisory Staff, Taylor Made/adidas Golf & National Advisory Board, SNAG Golf and Founder of The Player’s Institute, a full service player development and coaching organization.

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Hitting off the back edge (L) vs. a different area of turf each time (R) results in these divots taken with the same ball count.


Hit the Range like a Pro! BY RYAN ECKROAT, PGA

Have you ever noticed how the driving range tee at professional events looks so much better than that of your local course? Ever wonder why? Some might blame the course Superintendent. Others might think that it is because the pros are so good. In actuality, it has little to do with the Superintendent and all to do with the golfer, regardless of skill. The reason that the range tees at professional events look so clean is that pros hit shots off of the back edge of their previous divot. The ball is still sitting on enough grass for solid contact to be achieved, but instead of taking another divot, very little additional turf is taken up with each shot. There are two purposes for this, both of which are reasons why every golfer should do this. The first is that hitting off of the back edge of divots promotes making proper contact. To create proper contact with any ball that About The


is not on a tee, the player must strike the ball with a descending angle of approach with the hands slightly ahead of the ball. Ball placement on divot when hitting off the back edge

This pinches the ball against the turf which sends the ball up the clubface. This allows the grooves on the clubface to impart backspin on the ball which in turn helps the ball rise up into the air, remain in the air for downrange flight, and land softly on the green. That’s how good players hit the ball and, regardless of skill level, following this simple method on the range will help you do the same. Hitting shots with the ball sitting atop the front edge of a divot promotes striking the ball with an ascending angle of approach. Because you


Poston Butte Golf Club - General Manager

never actually get a lie such as this on the golf course, practicing hitting the ball with an upward strike will lead to shots that are topped, thinned and drop-kicked. The second reason pros hit off the back edge of divots is that it uses less turf space. A proper strike with an iron or wedge will create a divot. The turf area that is taken should always be the area that is directly in front of where the golf ball was. So, if you hit off the back edge of your previous divot, you will use less turf area because you can’t take a divot that isn’t there! You don’t have to be a highly-skilled golfer to do this, you just have to be a considerate one. If you hit every ball from a completely different area, inches away from your previous divot, not only will it make the teeing area look all chopped up, it also wastes a tremendous amount of turf space. This leaves little to no useful space for the next person, and also creates unnecessary work for the Agronomy and Golf staff at your course. So the next time you head to the range to practice, or warm-up before a round, follow this simple tip to improve your game AND your course at the same time! 520.723.1880

Ryan is the General Manager at Poston Butte Golf Club at Anthem Merrill Ranch in Florence, Arizona. As a PGA Member and 9year veteran with Troon Golf, Ryan has managed multiple facilities in Arizona and Colorado. Ryan began his career with Troon Golf at Legend Trail Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ. He then moved to Colorado to open Vista Ridge Golf Club, a master-planned community just north of Denver. Ryan returned to Scottsdale after being named the Head Golf Professional at The Westin Kierland Resort, Spa & Villas where he served for 3 and a half years before joining the Troon Golf team at Poston Butte Golf Club in 2008. Miss an Issue? Read the entire issue online: Browse our website, or read with ‘Flipper’















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Putter Fitting May Improve Your Game


It is often said that putting is a game within a game, and there is some truth to that. While most of us may never hit 300 yards drives, anyone can be a good or even great putter. All it takes is a combination of good technique and having a putter that fits your stroke. Many times, golfers manipulate themselves around a putter that doesn’t fit. Instead, we want to manipulate the putter to fit the golfer. The first step is to establish good posture. This includes your hands hanging directly beneath your shoulders, having the putter shaft in a straight line with your forearms, and your eyeline parallel to the target line. After great posture is established, the

proper length putter will position your eyes directly over the ball. If the putter is too long, your eyes will be to the inside of the target line. Conversely, if the putter is too short your eyes will end up outside the target line. Having your eyes over the target line makes it much easier to aim properly.

in. Loft is necessary to get the ball out of that depression and rolling on top of the grass. However, too much loft will cause the ball to jump in the air and bounce, and in many cases have backspin. Not enough loft will drive the ball into the ground, and who knows what direction the ball will go. In both cases distance control is difficult at best.

Just like with your irons, the lie angle of the putter is important. If the putter is too upright, the toe will be up in the air, and you will tend to miss to the left. A putter that is too flat will cause pushes to the right.

Determining the proper loft is tricky, because everybody has a different stroke, and a different amount of “shaft lean”. We know that at impact you need 3 to 3.5 degrees of loft to achieve the proper roll. Phil Mickelson has a dramatic forward press, which de-lofts the putter. Therefore, he needs more loft on his putter. Other players, without the forward press, will need less loft.

There are 3 different types of putting strokes—square to square, in-to-in (the arc stroke), and in-to-out. There are different styles of putters that match each of these strokes. A face balanced putter will work better with a square to square stroke. A putter with “toe hang”, or an Anser style putter, will work best with the arc stroke, and blade putters are built for players using an in-to-out stroke. Many golfers don’t understand that putters have loft. When the ball rests on the green, it creates a little depression that the ball rests

Like I said in the beginning, with good fundamentals and a putter that fits, anyone can be a great putter. Putter fitting is often overlooked, but in terms of lowering your scores it might be the best thing you can do.

Steve Grosz, PGA is the General Manager at Hot Stix Golf - visit or call 877513-1333 to book a fitting.



GOLD CARD Call or visit the web to see how you can get FREE golf! 480.893.1161 480.460.4400 480.893.3004 480.460.4653

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has its advantages

the Big Muscle Swing BY COREY BAEHMAN, PGA

As we have all realized through our golfing careers there is no secret to the golf swing. We all understand that sound fundamentals and consistent practice are the keys to improvement. However, in my experience there is one thought that is a borderline secret to great ball striking. The concept is simple but not understood by most golfers. The “secret” is to understand what parts of our bodies we use to swing the golf club. Many players fall into the habit of swinging the club almost entirely with their arms. They don’t rotate their shoulders or hips and tend to finish their swings “flat-footed”. By turning the lead shoulder to a position even with the ball we can achieve a full weight transfer and establish the coil needed for maximum power. By unleashing the shoulders on the downswing, momentum will carry your weight to your front foot and your chest will be facing your target. Using the shoulders to swing the golf club will allow you to feel the club stay more in sync with your hands and the clubhead and give you maximum clubhead speed. Trying to coordinate all the little muscles in the hands and arms is near impossible. To feel this concept a great drill to do is the “body motion drill”. Simply rest the club up on your shoulders and assume a golf posture. Make some turns with your lead shoulder so your back faces the target. Repeat this drill 20-30 times every few days and you will start to feel what a “big muscle” swing should feel like. Try this “secret” next time you’re on the range, I bet you will pick up some distance and consistency. Corey Baehman is Head Golf Professional at La Paloma Country Club, 3660 E. Sunrise Drive in Tucson, AZ. in Tucson, Arizona. An active member of the Southern Chapter of the Southwest Section PGA, and a member of the SWSPGA Board of Directors, he began teaching golf instruction in 1997 and is an occasional contributor to Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazine. To contact Corey, call 520-299-1500 x7803, or the La Paloma Golf Shop 520-299-1500, or visit

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For complete details about Membership Packages, please contact Chris Schindler, PGA Head Golf Professional at

Oakcreek Country Club 690 Bell Rock Blvd. l Sedona, AZ 86351 928-284-1660 or toll-free 888-284-1660

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18-hole Gary Panks Championship Course NEW! The Grille Restaurant & Bar Full Service Restaurant with Daily Happy Hour & Specials Weddings & Special Events Professional Instruction at our Golf Academy

The Legacy Golf Club, rich in heritage and history, is an 18-hole, par 71, Championship golf course, designed by renowned golf course architect Gary Panks. Located on what was once Dwight B. Heard's 7,500-acre ranch, the golf club is rich in Arizona heritage and history. Taking great pride in preserving and integrating many of the historical structures and monuments, our 18-hole championship golf course offers a unique look and an added opportunity to experience some Arizona history and of the Heard legacy from which the golf club takes its name.

THE LEGACY GOLF CLUB l 6808 S. 32nd Street, Phoenix AZ 85042 l (602) 305-5550 l

“This is the best book ever written on the subject.” - Chris Verna, CVT Pro Golf Trainer Tim Clark says, “The Now Golfer will help people reach their full potential on or off the golf course.” “This is a book for golfers...all golfers. Playing golf correctly means playing golf with a cohesive sense of self, which is elevating, enriching, and positive.” - Preston Waddington

“I have seen Preston Waddington work wonders with players in allowing them to play to their ability level.” - Martin Hall, Host of Golf Channel’s School of Golf and 2008 PGA Teacher of the Year

Available Online at and Miss an Issue? Read the entire issue online: Browse our website, or read with ‘Flipper’

Golf Distance or Direction

Amateur Association of Arizona Golfers

BY JAY BECHER, PGA Golf is a game of two components - distance and direction. Qhen you think about it, you line up in the direction that you want to hit the ball and then you try to hit the ball the distance that you need it to travel. When asked the question what is more important distance or direction, what is your answer? Most are split and half will answer one way and the other half the other way. Of the two components, I like to have people focus mainly on distance when they are hitting the shot. If you ask some one to putt they generally hit the putt in the correct direction, they might miss a little to the right or left and might not read the putt correctly, but it is still within two or so feet of the cup to the left or right so the over all direction was not that bad, but they might leave the putt four feet short or knock it ten feet by, this is the biggest reason that people three putt, because of the lack of distance control and not direction.

Servicing Courses, Clubs and Golfers in the area of Club Development, Handicapping and Playing Opportunities. For more information please contact us at

480-443-9009 or

When you get ready to hit any shot, one of the pre shot routines is to line up in the direction in which you want the ball to travel, thus after set up is done you should not worry any further about direction and you should worry more about how far the ball needs to travel. If one can accomplish this it will help them from trying to guide the ball and will allow them to swing more freely. This process will really help you short game and will give you more consistent shots onto the green. So next time you play or practice, get yourself set up and try to focus on the distance you are trying to go and not so much on the ball and the direction it is going to go. Jay Becher is a PGA Professional who has worked in the golf industry for over 28 years. With responsibilities for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the golf department at the five Foothills Golf Properties; which consist of the two Ahwautkee courses, Club West, The Duke, and Foothills Golf Club all of which are focused on customer service and growing the game, Jay still finds time for tournament play and teaching. He is an established teaching pro in the Valley, involved with two golf schools at the courses and can be reached at (480)893 9772. Share your Arizona golf news with PVTT readers:

local 520.792.6650 email:



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Weighted Shots:

How much do they weigh?

BY DON LAY As an avid golf fan I find myself addicted to watching PGA golf tournaments on television. During the course of a tournament, I often hear the commentators referring to “scoring shots” or “pivotal shots”, shots that were eminently crucial in a round or a match…putts or individual approach shots, bunker shots or chips that are central to the outcome of the tournament. There is, in fact, no single underlying shot that is any more important than any other shot in a round. They are all counted, “weighted” or not, as just one shot on the scorecard. The value of any particular shot in a tournament can only be determined after the round is over. One can only look backwards, into the past, to accurately assess any one shot’s particular value. If a golfer attaches importance to a shot while playing, he will inevitably find his mind and his attention traveling into the future and will thereby attach expectations to the outcome. Any expectations take us away from the present and away from the tranquil mindset that allows for a fluid golf swing.

WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN TO PLAY, TRY NOT TO GET TOO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO A SINGLE SHOT OR A SINGLE OUTCOME. UofA alum, Jim Furyk won a career-best three tournaments on Tour in 2010: The Transitions Championship, the Verizon Heritage, and the season-ending Tour Championship. Furyk's victory in the Tour Championship also earned him the 2010 FedEx Cup after winning by one stroke.


Ironically, many of the shots that are considered “weighted” by the announcers are not the same shots that the players themselves become emotionally attached to. Players have individual strengths and weaknesses, and may become emotionally destabilized by missing a shot that to us, the viewing public, seems insignificant. It is not just a shot missed that can cause problems. A great shot made can lead to a state of excitement that keeps the player from maintaining an even keel. The prospect of hitting more shots like it draws the player into the future once again, and again expectations of outcome interrupt the fluid swing. When it is your turn to play, try not to get too emotionally attached to a single shot or a single outcome. Enjoy each swing as it unfolds, for each one is just a single shot on the card. Don Lay is the co-author of “The Now Golfer: The Psychology of Better Golf”, with renowned psychoanalyst Preston Waddington. Don is a former touring and teaching tennis professional. His students include the Kennedys, the Shrivers, Oleg Cassini, Peter Grace, Cliff Robertson, and Jimmy Buffett. Don’s career on the tennis court, along with his background in psychology, has made him a lifetime student of how athletes learn, and how best to communicate this process. Don can be reached by email at or visit

Play The Original Green Valley Golf Course

A traditional tree lined course offering some of the best conditions and value in Green Valley. Play the 18 hole championship course or practice your short game and get some exercise on the walking only Tortuga executive nine.

OverPar Grill open for breakfast and lunch.

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Using What The Golf Architect Gives You To Lower Your Scores Hole No. 18 at Eagle Mountain

What may be overlooked is the fact that by reading what the architect gives you, you can employ strategy on the course that will help shave strokes off your game. BY KRIS STRAUSS If you are like me, you do not hold a landscape architecture degree nor have you completed an internship under Tom Doak. Like most golfers that have a passion for the game, we both have probably grown to appreciate great golf course design. A strategic and welldesigned layout is not just a “course”, it is a “journey”. It’s a work of art that is painted on Mother Nature’s canvas. Over the years, I have come to appreciate many elements of golf design, from the use of natural land movement at Desert Forest, to the walkable nature of the Coore/Crenshaw designed Saguaro course at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club (and About The


everything in between). There is art within most every golf design. What may be overlooked is the fact that by reading what the architect gives you, you can employ strategy on the course that will help shave strokes off your game. For example, take the 18th hole at Eagle Mountain Golf Club, designed by Scottsdale based architect, Scott Miller (Miller also designed other nearby courses that included Kierland Golf Club and the original Cholla Course at We-Ke-Pa). He protected many of the concave shaped fairways with visually stunning bunkering. The photo above shows the heavy bunkering on the downhill 18th hole. Standing on the tee, you can try to place your tee shot as


close to the bunkers as possible and be rewarded with a shorter approach to the green. However if you tee off on the right side of the tee box and aim AWAY from the bunkers you will play a shot away from this menacing hazard. While your second shot may be a few yards further, you won’t be forced to play it from a sand bunker lie. Also you get rewarded with a shot that doesn’t bring the water into play as much as one that hugs (or ends up in) the bunkering. So before you tee it high and let if fly, take a moment to survey bunker and hazard placement, measure the risk/reward and make sure your strategy matches your goal for that golf hole…and be sure to enjoy the journey along the way!

VP of Sales and Marketing - OB Sports Golf Management

Kris Strauss is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Scottsdale-based OB Sports Golf Management. To contact Kris visit, call 480-948-1300 or email

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The member and guests always come first. This is applied in many ways throughout the operations, especially in the service and hospitality areas.

Borders Golf Group: Hole #9 - TPC Cancun, Mexico

Solving Problems Through Creative Solutions BY TIM EBERLEIN, PGA The golf season is beginning to start in the Phoenix area and new golf management companies are preparing to attract new golfers and members, and rebuild relationships with current golfers. The newest management company to enter the Phoenix arena is the Borders Golf Group ( and owners Joe Petrash and Bill Timken are excited to be in Phoenix. ” We are very excited to be part of the Phoenix area golf community”, says Petrash and Timken. Mr. Petrash and Timken established the company in September 2008 with offices in San Francisco, Denver, Cancun and Phoenix. Collectively the Borders Golf Group has over 75 years of golf industry management, consulting, restructuring and recruitment experience. Petrash’s operating belief is, “The member and guests always come first. This is applied in many ways throughout the operations, especially in the service and hospitality areas.” According to Petrash, being available for the members is what this business is all about, and his About The


goal is to have each member forget the outside world the minute they pass through the entrance gates. We also believe that there is a solution to every challenge. Challenges create opportunities to be different, and provide a differentiated product, which is the key in the market today. We will find a way to eliminate your challenges. We have never found a situation we could not resolve to the satisfaction of our ownership groups. Prior to forming Borders Golf Group, Mr. Petrash was President of the Cordillera Group, which owned and operated golf communities throughout the United States. Mr. Petrash also served as Executive Vice President for the Club at Cordillera, a 7,500 acre mountain community, located in the heart of the rocky mountains of Colorado. Mr. Timken brings years of successful sales experience from a career on Wall Street. Prestigious firms Mr. Timken worked for include Dean Witter, Everen Securities, and the U.S. equity division of the Royal Bank of Canada. Mr.


Timken strengths are the day-to-day nurturing of customer relationships in addition to resolving client issues in a satisfactory way. Mr. Timken’s role is primarily in due diligence, sales and acquisitions of properties and management contracts along with working with financial institutions to obtain financing and development funds. Both Petrash and Timken feel a true luxury golf experience includes an exclusive collection of world-class amenities and services that stand out in a sea of golf club opportunities. Borders Golf Group is acutely aware of these standards of excellence and has cultivated a distinct brand of golf club management in which homeowners, club members, and guests benefit from exceptional upscale ambiance, superior service and operational authority. Petrash and Timken state, “Our private boutique approach caters to every aspect of highend golf club management ranging from course construction and development to ongoing management with precise attention to detail.” Today, Borders currently manages 5 courses. Three are in the Phoenix area Western Skies in Gilbert, Tres Rios in Goodyear, and Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix. They also manage the first TPC course outside of the US, TPC Cancun in Mexico and own and manage Heritage Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton, Colorado, just outside Denver. Borders intends to expand its management portfolio in Arizona, Nevada (Las Vegas area), and Colorado. Other international opportunities are currently being pursued in Mexico, India, and Africa.

Golf Academy of America - Phoenix Campus Director


Tim Eberlein is a PGA Master Professional and Campus Director for the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix. For more information on the Golf Academy of America, visit or schedule a campus visit call 480-857-1574. For more information on how to become a PGA member go to

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Golfers Demonstrate A Generous Spirit! BY MARY ANN SOUTER

Arizona’s golfers are a generous group year round but especially during the holidays when their spirit of giving is demonstrated with energy and enthusiasm. Committees are formed and parties are planned all for the purpose of helping the less fortunate. Women’s golf leagues raise money, donate goods and volunteer their time to a diverse group of charities which help those in need.

Women golfers in Arizona have proven to live by the characteristics touted by all golfers: solid values, integrity, responsibility and benevolence. Over 300 women’s golf clubs statewide are giving generously this holiday season. the power of giving and the impact made on the lives of countless individuals. Women golfers in Arizona have proven to live by the characteristics touted by all golfers: solid values, integrity, responsibility and benevolence. Over 300 women’s golf clubs statewide are giving generously this holiday season. Here are just a few.

Although one person’s contribution does make a difference, a group working together can greatly increase About The


Ladies Grand Niners at Sun City Grand: Mary Anne Lyons, co-chair for holiday giving, reported that their charity is Luke AFB Operation Warm Hearts. It provides holiday gifts for children of our service people. Many of our military families live on a limited income and some even need food stamps. The ladies raise money and purchase gifts under the advisement of the First Sergeants by


selling raffle tickets and Entertainment Books. This year a local restaurant is hosting a fundraising night in which 20% of their profits will come back to the Grand Niners to benefit this worthy cause. Foothills Golf Group/Ahwatukee LGC: Joyce Blobner said their women started a Teddy Bear drive with the Phoenix Fire Department in 1999. A few years later, responding to a request from Banner Desert Hospital, they began donating blankets. The ladies now buy teddy bears and make blankets year round. Joyce adds, “It’s a true labor of love. Knowing that warmth and love is given to a child in need is what motivates all of us.” Whether their crisis is due to a fire, accident or cancer treatment, the teddy bears and blankets make a

Writer - Arizona Women’s Golf Association


Mary Ann Souter is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in a variety of golf publications, including Phoenix valley and Southern Arizona Tee Times. She is co-author of Synergistic Golf-One Day at a Time. Contact her at (480) 332-6335 or All the Instruction You’ll ever need! Golf Instruction Archives


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difference. In Joyceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s words, â&#x20AC;&#x153;they have warmed a heart and brought a smile to a sad face.â&#x20AC;? The ladies donate over 100 blankets and 150 bears every year! Red Mountain Ranch WGA: Edith Melton reported that the women from Red Mountain Ranch hold many events and fundraisers for Sunshine Acres, a home for children in Mesa. The club plans Christmas shopping trips with the children with the money they raise during the year. In the past they have collected thousands of dollars and have taken hundreds children shopping with gift cards.

Tonto Verde 9-Hole GA: According to Kris Amborn, these ladies contribute to several organizations during the holidays. They collect and donate for the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Toys for Totsâ&#x20AC;? program, participate in a fundraiser for Sunshine Acres and purchase two hole-sponsorships for the Tonto Verde Rally for the Cure. In the end, the legacy we leave will not be measured by what we received but by what we have given. Give generously this holiday season!

- FNB PS S ! O ' F 00   5+ 0:  $0. Share your Arizona golf news with PVTT readers:

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The 'Thunderbirds' speak after the ďŹ nal round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 5, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Phoenix Open A tournament of giving BY JACK TALMAGE Associate Publisher

The Holiday Season is upon us. We are all busy with plans for the holidays; friends visiting, places to go, gifts to buy, memories of days gone by, and New Years resolutions forgotten and those yet to be made. We all celebrate the season in our own way and have our own reasons for doing so. For many, the Holidays are about giving to others and doing our part to share what we have with others less fortunate. It can be about giving back to our community, the environment, and the world around us. Golf, to those who play the game itself, gives us so much personally. The game provides us with a sense of being part of something greater than ourselves. It gives us a sense of belonging, of friendship and camaraderie, of fairness and playing by the rules, of

competition and winning or losing. The game gives us beautiful places to play the sport we love no matter how good or bad we are. Golf gives a chance to take a walk and enjoy the wonderful Arizona weather and beautiful courses we are blessed with and maybe even get in a little exercise in the process. But golf, in addition to what it does for our own lives, gives back in a much bigger way, a way that we need to reflect upon from time to time, particularly during the Holidays. The PGA TOUR is long known for being one of the most charitable organizations in professional sports. Over 2,000 different charities receive benefits from the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, and the renamed Tour (formerly the Nationwide Tour). They touch millions of lives and in every community they play. In fact, the majority of funds raised by TOUR events are funneled back into local

All the Instruction Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever need! Golf Instruction Archives

markets and in a variety of areas including education, health and human services, youth development, community services, and so very importantly, the growth of the game itself. In our own community, The Waste Management Phoenix Open and the host Thunderbirds are among the leaders in giving back, and in so many ways not necessarily in just the form of charitable gifts. However, as long as we are talking contributions, lets first consider the impact the Thunderbirds have had on the Valley charities. Following the 2012 tournament the Thunderbirds gave over $5.5 million to over 60 different charitable organizations. Contributions ranged from $3,000 to $200,000. The giving is spread out to touch a lot of lives. Since 2003 when the tournament first brought on a title sponsor, the Thunderbirds and the Open have

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Fans do the wave on the 16th hole during the third round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 4, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Submit an Arizona Golf Course Hole In One: Free Personalized Bag Tag, Certificate and Club Fitting!

Kyle Stanley is congratulated by the 'Thunderbirds' after winning the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 5, 2012

No matter who you are, you are touched by this now legendary golf tournament. It is estimated, by an economic impact study conducted by the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business, that the 2012 tournament pumped $222 million into Arizona’s economy. The impact comes from visitor’s spending, organizational spending, employment opportunities and tax revenue. Non-local attendees (aka Snowbirds) accounted for nearly 30% of the overall attendance and spent an average of $300 per day for a total of $89 million. Next time you see that Minnesota license plate in front of

you, thank them for being here instead of cursing them for driving so slow. The Thunderbirds, the PGA TOUR and others associated with the event injected an additional $49.7 million in staging the tournament. The expenses are numerous and include tents and equipment, food and beverage, administration, signage, parking and security, and hotel rooms for players/caddies, TOUR employees, and out of town media, to name a few. Putting on an event of this magnitude is not like

Kyle Stanley will be returning to defend his title against the best players in the world and in front of some of the best and rowdiest and fun loving and good looking fans in golf organizing your Sunday skins game at the club! Giving comes in a lot of forms, not necessarily monetarily and sometimes in ways that we all benefit from, like bettering our environment. An event of this magnitude and attendance (518,262 fans in 2012 alone), creates an environmental impact of huge proportions. Thankfully the Opens title sponsor is Waste Management who uses the tournament as a showcase for their expertise in sustainable event management. A

Fans mingle around the clubhouse during the third round of the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. The attendance of 173,210 set an all-time single-day record in Waste Management Phoenix Open and professional golf history.

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

raised more than $5.9 million for charities. In it’s history, dating back to 1932, the Phoenix Open has raised more than $79.9 million for charities in Arizona. “As one of the oldest events on the PGA TOUR, the Waste Management Phoenix Open continues to be a leader among TOUR events,” said commissioner Tim Finchen. “Congratulations to the tournament, and its host organization, The Thunderbirds on the charitable announcement and for continuing to make a tremendous impact on lives in their community.” A strong statement from the leader of an organization that prides itself on charitable contributions!

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


team of experienced professionals from Waste Management worked closely with The Thunderbirds and TPC Scottsdale to develop creative solutions to the unique waste challenges presented by the event. The Zero Waste Challenge was successful in diverting more than 97% of waste generated by the event from landfills and recovering 82% of tournament materials by recycling, composting, material reuse and even charitable donations. Imagine how many plastic cups are used in the Bird’s Nest alone each night or every day at the 16th hole coliseum. All that carpet from corporate tents is donated to Habitat for Humanity, and food, napkins, paper plates and cups are processed to a high quality compost for the gardens of surrounding communities. Practically nothing went to waste making the tournament the “greatest and greenest show on grass” and a gift for all of us who live on this planet.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

PHOTO: Bubba Watson blasting from the bunker onto the second hole green during the final round of the 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale.

The tournament is scheduled for January 28-February 3, 2012 and will once again be played at the magnificent TPC Scottsdale. Kyle Stanley will be returning to defend his title against the best players in the world and in front of some of the best and rowdiest and fun loving and good looking fans in golf (did you get all that). The WM Phoenix Open is one of the most well attended golf tournaments in the world and has gained legendary status for being the most unique stop on the PGA TOUR. Thanks to the giving nature of Waste

Management, The Thunderbirds, and the players themselves, we get to take part in all the festivities, right here in our own back yard. Thanks everyone involved for the belated Christmas gift! As we fast approach the Holiday’s, with the tournament not far behind, we want to remind ourselves again that this is the time of year to give as much or more then we want to get, a time to spend with friends and family, a time to unselfishly share our magnificent golf courses with others, and a time to give a golfer, or fan of golf, something special, perhaps something from the gift guide in this issue of Tee Times Magazine. One very special gift you can find on that wish list is a ticket or sponsors package to this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open. Support the tournament that supports our community, our environment, and our game. Happy Holidays to All!

Golf without limits, the Jack Nicklaus way. Unlimited Golf Packages Starting at $279* Challenge yourself at La Paloma Country Club’s 27-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course. And this Winter, the golf is unlimited! Relax and recharge during your stay with the Red Door Spa, five heated pools including a swim-up bar and 177-foot waterslide, and distinctive dining destinations including Azul Restaurant & Lounge. Our Unlimited Golf Package includes: · Rates from $279* per night, $329* for two golfers, with unlimited golf each day · 20% Discount at AZUL Restaurant & Lounge and Sabino’s Pool Bar & Grill · 5 minutes from 20 restaurants & bars, upscale shopping, and art galleries

Get a Video Golf Lesson (for an additional $30)

Call 866-716-8137 and ask for “Unlimited Golf” or visit


This is how it should feel.

* Rates based on availability through May 201 3. Restrictions may apply. Rates do not include taxes, gratuities or additional charges that may apply.

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ZÉÄy [ÉÄ|wtç Z|yà Zâ|wx

Golfers are without question the most difficult people to buy gifts for. They are as finicky and particular about what goes into their bag as they are what they wear and where they play golf. So please don’t give them another glove stretcher, a dozen balls they probably don’t play, or an argyle sweater vest.

Tee Times Magazine went out in search of some unique Holiday Gifts for Dad, Mom, Husband, Wife and even the kids who need or want to learn to play. Golf gifts for golfers have to be something special, something that might improve their game and their approach to it, someplace special to play, or maybe something to reflect upon when they are not on the course. We hope this gift guide helps you find something that will bring a bigger smile than a 12 foot putt for birdie to win the match!



U.S. Kids Golf Junior sets of Golf Clubs and Equipment.

[Prices vary based on Age of child, size, clubs desired, and current ability]

Don’t just cut off and re-grip your old golf clubs for your aspiring young player this Holiday. Any Jr instructor will tell you that is one of the worst things to do for their swing at this developmental stage, the clubs are simply too heavy. U.S. Kids Golf designs clubs tailored to the child’s height and age and are 25% lighter than adult and other junior clubs. The vision of the U.S. Kids Golf Foundation is to provide kids and their families the opportunity to participate in the game of golf through instruction and competition. Today, the U.S. Kids Golf Foundation conducts over 400 local, regional, national, and international events.

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs and Lookout Mountain Golf

Antigua Outerwear

[Leader Pullovers $80]

[HOLIDAY GIFT PACKAGE - $134] 1-888-463-4931

Antigua is long known for quality and functionality, combined with design and detailing, that the golf market has come to desire and expect. A favorite is the Leader pullover (below), in both men’s and women’s; this popular layer is always the first choice for softness and comfort with a bit of warmth for those frost delay mornings. This AZ based company is also well known for the functional success of it's DESERT DRY TM moisture management technology, providing apparel options that are perfect for our Arizona summers. Look for DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE (D2XL) which combines Antigua's exclusive DESERT DRY™ moisture-wicking feature with specially constructed ultra-light fabrics for maximum wicking performance and optimum comfort on their website for the perfect holiday gift to provide a gift that offers less restrictive movement and lighter weight all year long!

Sometimes during the Holidays you need a break just to get away from all the hustle and bustle. The Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs is offering the perfect Holiday getaway package, and you don’t have to travel far. Enjoy all the amenities of this classic Phoenix resort, spacious suites, breakfast for two, and golf on the magnificent Lookout Mountain Golf Course. Then go home and continue wrapping presents.


[Player Pak or Princess Pak - $109]

P Ch ublis oic he e! r’s

SNAG is a proven player development program designed for new learners of all ages. SNAG contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form, making it an easy and fun way to learn and play golf. The system builds on strong fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing to develop playing ability quickly and effectively. SNAG incorporates developmentally appropriate equipment and instruction that will allow golf to be learned and played in non-traditional venues, such as on a soccer field, in a gym, the backyard, or on the beach. The game has its own simplified rules and terminology that adds fun to the learning and playing experience. The key is in simplifying the instruction so that it can be an effective transition into the game of golf. The program builds on strong fundamentals of the different strokes and swings and develops playing ability quickly and effectively. SNAG can be taught and played almost anywhere with immediate, positive results. This immediate success keeps new learners wanting to be further involved with golf.


Southwest Section PGA Golf Pass

P Ch ublis oic he e! r’s

[$115 until December 1, 2012 and then $129 after December 1, 2012] Visit any participating Golf Course or purchase on-line at The ultimate gift for that golfer we all know that just can’t play enough and wants to play a variety of courses but not spend a fortune in the process. The 2013 Southwest Section PGA Golf Pass offers 50% off Green Fees 7 days a week at over 40 participating courses all over Arizona and Southern Nevada! Each time you play you earn Reward Points towards the purchase of great prizes all year long. In addition to great every day discounts on Green Fees, the purchase of the pass also earns you the 2013 “Little Blue Book” full of coupons with offers at each of the participating courses for everything from complimentary golf, to merchandise, Food & Beverage, instruction and more. This is truly the affordable gift that gives all year long and in so many ways!

Club Glove Caddy Towel [$19.95]

Dirty and muddy golf equipment just doesn’t work as well as clean clubs and balls…it’s a known fact! This incredible towel is perfect for any player who wants to play his or her best. Strong enough to remove any dirt or sunblock, yet gentle enough to clean eyeglasses. The Caddy Towel can hold 300 percent of its weight in water! Order now and receive a Pocket Towel in a tandem gift package with the purchase of the renowned microfiber Caddy Towel.

Great Stocking Stuffers!

Foothills Golf Group Gold Card [$139] Purchase at any participating golf course

Give the Holiday Gift that keeps giving all year long! Special year round rates for cardholders at Foothills Golf Club, Club West, The Duke, Ahwatukee Country Club and Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Club. Receive 2 complimentary rounds of golf, logo hat, and two sleeves of golf balls upon purchase. Be treated like a member with unlimited rounds and guest rounds at Gold Card rate, advance tee time reservations, automatic enrollment in Foothills rewards program, and special discounts in the pro shop and restaurant at each golf course. Share your Arizona golf news with PVTT readers:

Local Golf Gift Ideas!

Champions Card, City Card, Mountain Club, Flight Card, Palm Card, and More!

[Card Prices range from $99 - $199]

Frequent Player Card and Bonus Points Benefits at some of the Best golf in the Valley. Visit or call any OB Sports Golf Course to learn about special savings and benefits when you buy a frequent players card from any of these spectacular golf courses. Each has a unique card member program that helps you save the most at your home course as well as provide for many benefits when visiting any OB Sports facility. AZ courses include; ASU Karsten, Eagle Mountain, Longbow, McDowell Mountain, Palm Valley, Raven GC-Phoenix, Sedona Golf Resort and many more fabulous courses are included in the OB Sports collection of spectacular courses

local 520.792.6650 email:

32 18 Greatest Scottish Golf Holes and 18 Greatest Irish Golf Holes [$199/each]

Holiday shoppers with a discerning golfer on their list can score an easy scratch off with these limited edition golf books from the 18 Greatest Golf collection. Any golfer who has been fortunate enough to play in Scotland or Ireland, or dreams of doing so one day, will be forever grateful to have these books on the coffee table. Reading through them is like taking a trek across the UK’S top links with some of the game’s greatest players as your guide. These limited edition volumes will take you to the Old Course at St. Andrews, Turnberry, Carnoustie, Royal Troon, and Royal Dornoch in Scotland and some of the venerable greats of Ireland like Ballybunion, Portmarnock, Royal Potrush, and Royal County Down.

P Ch ubli oic sh e! er’ s

Each book features brilliant, unique work from photographer John Kernick and exclusive interviews with the game’s luminaries to provide a more beautiful and accomplished collection than any other golf books on the market. The exclusive photography and beautifully crafted illustrations captured therein are also available singly as large format, hand-numbered limited edition framed prints. 18 Greatest Golf produces the world’s finest golf volumes, as much collectible works of art as books. The company’s titles – “18 Greatest Scottish Golf Holes” and “18 Greatest Irish Golf Holes” – are the ultimate golf gifts for aficionados of the game as well as those who love fabulous books.

GolfLogix - The number one app for Golf! [FREE!]

Here is a Holiday gift for every player who wants to know exactly how far and where to hit the ball….and it is absolutely free. The app is easily downloaded to more than 60 smartphone models and includes nearly 30,000 golf courses worldwide. The GolfLogix app provides accurate distances to numerous points throughout the hole with yardage book quality imagery, scorekeeping and in-round stat tracking. New features launched in 2012 include logged club tracking to produce a mapped history of every hole you play and aerial flyovers of every hole, just like you see on TV. A partnership with Golf Digest delivers customized instruction from top-ranked teachers and Tour stars direct to GolfLogix member’s Smartphone.

All the Instruction You’ll ever need! Golf Instruction Archives


Butch Harmon About Golf; two DVD instructional set [$79.95]

Butch Harmon, the man voted #1 in Golf Digest’s annual ranking of America’s Best Teachers for the past 11 consecutive years has released a comprehensive golf instructional two-DVD set titled "Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist". "My thoughts were to create a DVD that was designed to help your game, capture and retain your interest, and to entertain you. Unlike any other golf instructional DVD ever produced, I'll share my thoughts supplemented with those of the game's greatest golfers that I've had the privilege of working with," says Harmon.

Mobile Warming Gear

Club Glove Luggage

Even here in Arizona there are chilly days on the golf course. Now you can keep your favorite golfer warm, even on the coldest days. Developed by PGA Professionals to beat the elements, these jackets and vests for both men and women have Lithium battery powered heating panels to warm you up quickly and for up to 10 hours. Great for golf, workouts and walking the dog when it’s cold outside.

Like to travel to the worlds great golf courses? When the PGA pros travel, they protect their equipment with Club Glove Luggage, the worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of premium travel golf bags, accessories and luggage. In fact, Club Glove Luggage is used by more professional players, and countless recreational travelling golfers, than any other single golf product. Nothing worse than getting to Pebble Beach with a broken driver or bent putter.

[$159.99 to $219.99]

[$219 to $827]

OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

[Standard Unit $399.95 or Silver Package $899.95] The ultimate gift for the golfer who just can’t get enough play or practice time. Also fun for the whole family whether they play golf or not…and this is a good way to start, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. With their own clubs, up to four players can compete by hitting real balls, foam balls or no ball at all.

Sun Mountain SV1 Push Cart

[$229.99] Available from most major golf retail shops Every golfers New Year’s Resolution is to play better golf and to do so, fitness should be at the top of the list. What better way to get fit than to walk the course. The Sun Mountain SV1 Cart is the next wave of revolutionary golf products. Loaded with the latest in technological advances, this pushcart is sure to become a favorite piece of equipment to enhance your game and your health.

The award winning inhome OptiShot Silver Package includes the OptiShot simulator, 5X5 Octagonal Mat, Premium Hitting Net, a custom designed Optistix Driver and 11 pre-loaded courses that include one premium layout venue replica such as Old Scot, Ponte Vedra or Whispering Dunes. Easy to set up, the system connects with Windows computers via a plug-and-play interface.

Submit an Arizona Golf Course Hole In One: Free Personalized Bag Tag, Certificate and Club Fitting!


The Now Golfer: The Psychology of Better Golf

Hilton El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort - Tucson, AZ

[Unlimited Golf Package Starting at $349 double occupancy] 1-800-325-7832 or - Request Rate code “P4” Have friends visiting for the Holidays? Take them for a short drive to Tucson and play from sunup to gorgeous sunset on the Hilton El Conquistador’s 45 unique holes. The Unlimited Golf Package includes; as much golf as you want to play each day of your stay, spacious accommodations, complimentary club rental, and a $25 per person food & beverage credit to enjoy in the brand new Epozote Kitchen and Cocktails restaurant. El Conquistador is one of Southern Arizona’s premier resorts and offers some of the best views in the West. A short drive can sometimes be exceptional!



P Ch ubli oic sh e! er’s

Perfect for that technological oriented golfer who craves constant feedback about their swing. The SwingSmart is a small Bluetooth-enabled module that communicates with the free-to-download app, compatible with i-pad, iphone, and Android devices. Simply mount the sensor to the club shaft and instantly receive


By Preston Waddington, Ph.D and Don Lay or

Information and tips once offered only to professionals like Players Champion Tim Clark and British Open Champion Stewart Cink are now available to the rest of us. The wisdom found in the pages of “The Now Golfer” offers golf fanatics new ways to improve their game without changing their clubs or swings. This is about hitting the golf ball with the swing you already possess, yet maximizing your ability, your outcome and your enjoyment.

key information such as tempo, swing speed, face angle, and angle of attack. Legendary instructor Peter Kostis provides in-app tips and strategies along the way to developing the perfect swing using this valuable feedback.

PGA TOUR Tournament Tickets - [General admission starting at $25 - Additional packages available] Arizona residents are fortunate enough to host two highly popular PGA TOUR events right in our own back yard; The Waste Management Phoenix Open and the World Golf Championship-Accenture Match Play in Tucson. What a great opportunity to watch the game the way it is supposed to be played. The Phoenix Open (Jan 28-Feb3) at TPC Scottsdale is widely known as the biggest party on the tour and features the “Colliseum” hole par three #16 where the party is in full swing all day during the tournament before the excitement moves into The Birds Nest tent after the last putt drops for the day….and really gets it rocking! The Accenture Match Play (Feb 22-26) at Dove Mountain features the worlds top 64 players in head to head match play leading up to an always exciting finish on Sunday with the final four players. The tough Nicklaus Design course at Dove Mountain has to be one of the prettiest desert settings for golf in all of Arizona, as well as boasting some of the trickiest greens on tour. While a variety of daily and weekly passes, as well as Corporate Sponsorship packages are available in many price ranges on, the greatest offer is the All Arizona Golf Pack at $399. This exciting package includes two good any day tickets to each tournament as well as the Charles Schwab Cup Nov 1-4 at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale AND (this is the best part) you and a friend get to play the TPC Scottsdale complete with a Fore Caddie, all included in the one time purchase. Remember to wave at the fans as you walk the Stadium Course fairways! PHOTO TOP LEFT: Kyle Stanley kisses the trophy after winning the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale on February 5, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) PHOTO BOTTOM LEFT: Hunter Mahan (R) is awarded the Walter Hagen Cup after winning the championship match during

the final round of the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club on February 26, 2012 in Marana, Arizona. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

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Fitness by Andrew Golf Fitness Improvement Package

[$300 (only $249 for Tee Times Readers)!] 602-516-4225

Package includes: 1 K-Vest 3-D Performance Assessment, 1 TPI Golf-Specific Fitness Evaluation, and 6 “Perfect Practice” Sessions. K-Vest uses wireless sensors to diagnose the cause of accuracy and distance issues. Once the swing has been captured, you are provided with specifically deigned practice sessions to strengthen your swing efficiency. The real time visual and auditory feedback of K-Vest reinforces correct movements and gets you playing better golf in less time. How many golfer do you know that would love this gift….all year long!

Kent Chase Junior Golf Academy

[Three Lesson Series $300 Offer good until Dec 24, 2012] 602-243-0931 or Bring out your Junior Golfers full potential to be a great player this year with a series of three one-onone lessons with renowned instructor, Kent Chase. Recognized as one of the best in working with children, The Kent Chase Jr. Golf Academy works with patience and a trained eye to identify a young players weak points and provide helpful tips and practice drills to make them better players for life. Lessons are taught at Whirlwind at Wild Horse Pass, easy to get to from any location in the valley.

r’s she bli e! Pu hoic C

CHAMP Flix Divot Repair Tool

Boccieri Golf

[Gift Cards Available in any amount, based on services desired.] 888-788-8374 For the golfer who has everything but a swing and the right equipment to make one, a gift card for services and/or equipment from Boccieri Golf in Scottsdale is the answer to your gift giving challenge. The 9,000 square-foot facility in North Scottsdale offers a variety of services designed to improve your game, including; Custom Club fitting using cutting edge technology to analyze a golfers swing characteristics, SAM (Science and Motion) Analysis provides accurate ultrasound measurements of a putting stroke to determine specific putter characteristics that will improve performance, and high-tech lessons by renowned instructors using video analysis to create a full evaluation. Share your Arizona golf news with PVTT readers:


The perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas! The Flix Divot Repair Tool is fun to use with a “switchblade” design that opens with a distinct feel. Incredibly durable, yet so light it is almost unnoticeable when carried in a pants or skirt pocket. To avoid that fumble time looking for a ball-marker in your pocket, the Flix features a magnetic attached marker that can be customized to include a club or event logo and name.

local 520.792.6650 email:


Veterans Find COMFORT in Golf phoenix valley tee times





The mental and physical injuries troops bring home with them, like traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, can present challenges when transitioning into civilian life. Even with the help of the military in assisting the veterans for transition, the veteran needs to find support when he or she comes home.


For 30-year old Iraq war veteran Dave Hillary, dealing with the psychological issues was the hardest, and he said, “Golf saved my life”. Hillary explained, saying, “I fell on hard times back in Houston when I returned. But before it was too late, I made a decision to get help and began finding the real me again.” Hillary then found strength and support through other veterans at the Military Warriors Support Foundation, and met another war hero and Purple Heart recipient in Chad Pfeifer, who won the first Wounded Warrior Open in 2011.

Pfeifer, a Golf Academy of America - Phoenix graduate, told CHAD PFEIFER Hillary about the school and how it had helped him achieve a sense of normalcy in his life. About The



That’s when Hillary also decided to start playing golf again, just like he did as a youth growing up in Dallas at Prestonwood Country Club. “Golf is at first an escape and a release for many veterans,” said Pfeifer, who today works as an assistant golf professional at Tatum Ranch Golf Club in Cave Creek, Ariz. “You find a new love for the game. It is very rewarding to me that I can have a second career opportunity in something that I have become passionate about.” Like Pfiefer, Hillary decided to pursue golf as a career and is currently attending the Golf Academy of America in Dallas and will be graduating in 2013.


When 26-year old Jonathan Gernatt was discharged from the Navy after 5 years of service, the hardest part of transitioning to

Golf Academy of America - Phoenix Campus Director


Tim Eberlein is a PGA Master Professional and Campus Director for the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix. For more information on the Golf Academy of America, visit or schedule a campus visit call 480-857-1574. For more information on how to become a PGA member go to

All the Instruction You’ll ever need! Golf Instruction Archives

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Your Swing. Your Health. Your Game.

ETION! E R FSULTA and ion een t a tiv e b mo uv ! he rt yong for t t Ge uppoooki l s



civilian life was losing the steady paycheck and health benefits. Gernatt said, ”I had 100% medical and dental insurance and received a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of every month. Giving that up and having to find a new source of income was very intimidating and deciding what to do with my life.” Gernatt pointed out that when he started to play more golf after returning home, he started to pay attention to the people working at the golf course, observing them in conduct of their duties and responsibilities. “I began to


Offering complete golf fitness programs to instantly improve your game ... and your life!

Have you tried “almost everything” to fix your game and are still asking yourself these questions?

Why am I coming over the top? How do I get rid of this slice? Why are my drives lacking distance? Why is my ball flight so inconsistent? Can I ever stop popping pain relievers before I play?

Our programs are designed for you! We offer the K-Vest 3-D Swing Analysis, developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, a powerful 3D motion capture software platform using 3 wireless sensors, located on your hips, shoulders, and golf glove to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues. Once a swing has been captured, we can analyze and communicate your swing efficiency or “power signature” to you and improve every aspect of your golf swing including set-up, backswing, top and impact positions, sequence, timing and speed.

notice golf professionals who were enthusiastic about their job and I could tell who enjoyed their job. I made a point to try and ask them questions about the golf industry. Ultimately I decided to pursue a career in golf ” said Gernatt. Gernatt, Hillary and Pfiefer are just a few of the many military veterans enrolled across the five Golf Academy of America campuses that stretch from San Diego to Phoenix to Dallas to Orlando and to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Fully one-third of its 1,400 students are veterans, and they are put through a rigorous 16-month program that trains them for a variety of jobs within the $76 billiona-year golf industry.

(602) 516-4225 Submit an Arizona Golf Course Hole In One: Free Personalized Bag Tag, Certificate and Club Fitting!



phoenix valley tee times

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Executive Director, Arizona Women’s Golf Assoc.

An Arizona holiday golf tradition, The Joanne Winter Silver Belle has been played every year since 1971 during the week between Christmas and New Years at a golf course in the Phoenix Valley.

In 1971 there were not very many opportunities for young female amateurs to compete at a high level, let alone a level that drew the attention of college golf coaches. In 1971 there were not very many opportunities for young female amateurs to compete at a high level, let alone a level that drew the attention of college golf coaches. It was before the AJGA, before the IJGT, even before our own JGAA and before all of the other competitive opportunities for junior players that are available these days, many of which are run by for profit companies. But way back then one woman had a vision. Joanne Winter, inducted into the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame in 2000, was master of several sports. She began with tennis and swimming, and graduated to professional softball in 1943. Winter was a star pitcher for the Racine Belles, which you might best recognize by recalling the movie “A League of Their Own” which featured the All American women’s softball league formed to fill the void created when the major league ball players were called to fight WWII. From the mid 1950’s to 1962 Winter played amateur golf in Arizona, winning the 1962 Arizona Women’s Amateur Championship. In 1963 she began to try her hand at the LPGA tour, but never could beat the likes of Kathy Whitworth and Mickey Wright, so she returned to Arizona for good and joined the LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals Division in 1966. There her real legacy was created, and lives on today through The Joanne Winter Arizona Silver Belle Championship. The Arizona Silver Belle Championship started with 23 players that first year, and has grown to be the only nationally ranked

championship for girls ages 13 to 23. Getting into the Championship is no sure thing. Each year the Tournament Committee receives hundreds of entries and selects the field of 112 players based on past performance in the Championship and national ranking points, coupled with scholastic achievement and community involvement. Arizona Silver Belle Champions include many who went on to play on the LPGA Tour, including Mary Bea Porter-King (1973); Jenny Lidback (1981); Danielle Ammaccapane (1984); Debbi Koyama (1985 and 1987); Emilee Klein (1991); Hilary HomeyerLunke (1997); and Yani Tseng (2005). 2012 players registered as of press time include 13 Arizona girls and players from 18 states, Canada and Germany. These include: • • • • • • •

Saki Iida from Gilbert, plays for Hamilton High School, 2012 Arizona Girls State Junior Champion. Madison Kerley from Chandler, plays for Xavier Preparatory, ranked 122 in the nation. Krystal Quihuis form Tucson, played on the 2012 Arizona Junior America’s Cup Team. Mikayla Harmon form Gilbert, played on the 2012 Mary Cave Cup Team. Samantha Postillion - AWGA Four Ball Champion, AWGA State Amateur Stroke Play Champion. Angel Yin - From Arcadia, CA- 2011 Silverbelle Champion. Sarah Cho - From San Diego- Ranked 26th in the Nation.

Not only is hosting the Championship an Arizona holiday tradition, but the way that the Championship is run is a tradition in itself. In a day when volunteerism is thought to be waning, the Arizona Silver Belle is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The women and men who give their time to this very worthy endeavor continue to do so out of sheer love for the game, and a deep desire to see young women benefit from playing golf; a tradition I hope we never lose.

For more information on this 54 hole Stroke Play Championship at ASU Karsten G.C. Dec 28-30th, visit

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#+ -%% + *.# )% 0 * . %()& ', ' ( "#'! (*! '#1 ,#(' ," , ' (&) ++ + %% +) ,+ , "#'! 0 " % 0/(( % 0 *3+ '+,#,-, #'+,*- ,(*+ " . ( " & ',(* # ' ,* #' +(& ( ," #' +, (-* " &)#('+ (-* (-* ,#('/# (-* ' # ' (-* -,-* + (-* , / 0 (-* ' *(++ ," (-',*0 ' *(-' ," /(*%

0 (% #! +, + (' ( ," 2 +, " *3+ #' *#1(' * (*& ' '+,#,-, *,# # #' ," -+) '+#(' * #'#'! 0+, & * #'#'! *(!* & #' ," (% ( "#'! 0+, &

(%%(/ ," )*(!* ++ ( 2 "

% 0 *3+ '+,#,-, 3 )*( ++#(' %+ , &# " %" 0/(( )!

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Junior Golf Association Of Arizona Names Its

Anthony Quezada and Megan Knadler Lead Impressive List of Junior Golfers

The JGAA Awards Party was held on Saturday, October 20 at PGA Tour Superstore – Chandler. The Awards Party, catered by Honey Bears BBQ, recognizes the Player of the Year winners for each age division, along with Sportsmanship, Volunteer of the Year, Most Improved and Hole-in-one recipients. Megan Knadler captured Player of the Year honors for the Girls Championship division of the Junior Golf Association of Arizona. Knadler, of Phoenix, finished in the Top 5 in five in six events on the season, including three wins. She won the Desert Mashie Spring Championship and the Arizona Junior Match Play Championship. Her low round of the year was a 1-under-par 71 at the Desert Mashie Spring Championship. The Boys Championship Player of the Year was Anthony Quezada of Phoenix. Quezada had 5 wins and ten top 3 finishes, including victories at the Desert Mashie Spring Championship, Antigua Milt Coggins Stroke Play and the Thunderbird Junior Classic. He had 15 total rounds under par and represented the state of Arizona at this year’s Junior America’s Cup Team in Idaho. “All of this year’s award winners are not only talented players on the golf course, but truly display the characteristics of champions off the course as well,” said Melanie Boyles, Tournament Director of the JGAA. “We are extremely proud of what these young players accomplished on the fairways and greens, but are especially proud of what outstanding individuals they are developing into.”

The following represents the remaining JGAA Player-of-the-Year Award Winners: 2012 Player of the Year Awards Girls Championship – Megan Knadler Girls 15-18 – Mariola Szmit Girls 13-14 – Samantha Sandland Girls 11-12 – Elizabeth Caldarelli Girls 10 & Under – Grace Chung Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys


Championship – Anthony Quezada 15-18 – Danniel Bonnell 13-14 – J.J. Gresco 11-12 – Davis Evans 10 & Under – Daniel Thompson

The JGAA also announced its Sportsmanship Award winners with Alec Bone and Morgan Messick leading the Boys and Girls Championship divisions. “Golf is a sport that cherishes its traditions, most importantly, that of good sportsmanship. All of our winners this year exemplify those traits,” added Boyles. Other Sportsmanship Award winners and their respective age brackets were: Jenny Bae -- Girls 10-Under Zachary Missigman -- Boys 10-Under Eve Worden -- Girls 11-12 Norman Tibajia -- Boys 11-12 Karsten Mickelsen -- Girls 13-14 Michael Feagles -- Boys 13-14 Riley Corona -- Girls 15-18 Sam Triplett -- Boys 15-18. Most improved girl golfer in 2012 was Kim CiFuentes of Gilbert. She posted five Top 3 finishes this year including a 2nd place finish at the Chandler City Junior Championship.


Annual Award Winners Tyler Kerston won the year’s most improved golfer for the boys division, winning four of the six events he competed in. His victories include the U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifier, Mesa City Junior Championship, PGA Junior Championship Qualifier and the Phoenix Metro Championship. He shot under-par seven times, including a 68-67 in the Mesa City Junior Championship. Rick Pressler, of Peoria, was this year’s recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. Finally the ace in the hole, the following golfers fired holes-in-ones during the season and was also honored at the Awards Banquet at PGA Tour Superstore – Chandler: JJ Gresco - Scottsdale, AZ May 30, 2012 at Dell Urich Golf Club Round 1- Hole #2, 165 yards using a 7 iron Tucson City Junior Championship Prescott Mann – Scottsdale, AZ – **Albatross** June 29, 2012 at Raven Golf Club – Phoenix Round 2, Hole #5, par 4, 324 yards using a driver Callaway Junior World Championship Qualifier Alejandro De Zavala – Phoenix, AZ September 16, 2012 at Bear Creek Golf Club – Cub Course Round 2, Hole #3, par 4, 209 yards using a driver Chandler City Junior Championship. Hunter Thomas - Phoenix, AZ February 12, 2012 at Bear Creek Golf Club – Cub Course Round 2 – Hole #4, 140 yards using a 5 iron Phoenix Metro Junior Championship For more information on the JGAA, visit the website: or contact Tom Cunningham or Scott McNevin at the JGAA office at (602) 944-6168.


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Pro File l


Research showed that there were as many as 100,000 hits on “Google” for left handed golf instruction and there was very little fulfillment on that specific topic.

The Left Handed Golf Guru - Ken Carpenter How can a person, who provides 80% of his golf instruction to Right Handed Golfers, be marketed as a “The Left Handed Golf Guru”? Ken Carpenter smiles when questioned and indicates that the moniker is part of an overall marketing program for his golf instruction that is targeted to a segment of golfers to which he is directly related as a lefty….playing golf left-handed!

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Southwest Section


Ken came to Arizona in 1993 following experience writing for the Golf Digest Schools in Florida. He has since gained a great appreciation for golf instruction, golf schools and golf travel. Since coming to Arizona Ken has worked at Rio Verde Country Club, the JW Marriott at Wildfire and has spent more than ten years based at the Westin Kierland Golf Club where he resides today. Ken is a great player and has become a very qualified golf instructor with his fifteen years of teaching, all while raising his young daughter. He found a good home in Arizona—but the road had some big bumps in store for Ken.

Player—Teacher—Father-- Surgery

In 2009 Ken’s playing career was headed in a great direction. He had narrowly missed winning the Navajo Trails Open in his hometown of Durango, CO, losing in a playoff. He was playing well and had registered for PGA Q School in the Fall. Ken was continuing to learn as an instructor, and had gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from Mike and Sandy LeBauve, who Ken credits for providing him with the insight to the golf swing and the experience necessary to teach golf to players of all levels. In addition, Ken was raising his young daughter Kayla on his own, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at three years old. He learned how to effectively deal with the daily demands of this dangerous condition for a child. Ken had recently met his current wife Paula, who he credits for much of his success. Having suffered from back problems for several years Ken had been working his way around the pain and the problems-until he was unable to walk one morning following some long practice sessions.

Having exhausted the options of shots and therapy and unable to walk, Ken scheduled surgery to shave off parts of his L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae to provide relief to his lower back. Three hours later his surgeon finished up and provided Ken with few assurances on his recovery. The Doctor indicated it may get better, but only time and rehabilitation would tell and unfortunately there were no guarantees.


While the rehab at times consisted of regular pain and severe spasms over a three year period Ken continued to make great progress with his strength and fitness and his game began to come around. Over the last six months his game started taking shape and in August Ken finished T26 at the SWSPGA Ping Section Championship at even par. His game was even better as he played at his good friend Bill Kuikman’s place Pinnacle Peak Country Club in the Section PNC. There Ken finished T9 at four under par and earned a spot in next year’s PGA Professional Championship at Sunriver, OR. Although he got great satisfaction with his personal and team High School State Championships in Colorado as a youth—he has definitely appreciated these recent accomplishments a great deal more.

Ken’s game is showing great progress as is his teaching business. The Left Handed Golf Guru idea came up following investigation that was done on the availability of “left-handed” golf on the internet. Research showed that there were as many as 100,000 hits on “Google” for left handed golf instruction and there was very little fulfillment on that specific topic. And as you would guess there were no other Left Handed Golf Guru’s on earth! Registering the domain name, creating a logo and developing a website (that is managed and maintained by his wife Paula) Ken has had great fun in this arena. He has been able to market and sell videos and instruction in the far reaches of the world including Iceland, Portugal and Sweden. And while it has been great fun—it is not yet enough to retire on.

Ken will continue to play and teach. Currently Ken works with some very good players, several local professional hockey players and both right and left-handed golfers. He also works part time on his high-end golf travel business, Unlimited Outings, but one thing is for sure now he is definitely enjoying and appreciating the ride.

For more information on Ken please visit the guru at






Southwest Section

(Photos by Rick Price, PGA/Southwest Section PGA, Southern Chapter)

Tournament Coverage

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southern arizona tee times

Griffith lags for win

Long 3rd Shot - Playoff

Griffith approach - Playoff

Long bunker shot - Playoff hole

Glen Griffith Earns Spot in Waste Management Phoenix Open With Playoff Victory at the PING Southwest Section PGA Championship BY CURT HUDEK, PGA

Executive Director, Southwest Section PGA There are a variety of ways to earn your way into a PGA Tour event — •

Finish in the Top 125 on the PGA Tour’s Money List

Win Three times on the Tour in One Season

Finish in the Top 25 on the Tour

Finish in the Top 10 of the event the week before

Earn a Spot through “Q” School (last year for this option)

Receive a Sponsor’s Exemption

Earn a spot through a Monday Qualifier and

Win the PING Southwest Section PGA Championship

Few people remember that the PGA of America (The Club Professional Association) and The PGA Tour (The Guys who play on TV) were once part of the same association. Through this prior relationship there are a variety of agreements whereby a club professional, working the market where a tour event is being held, has an opportunity

to earn a spot directly into a PGA Tour Event. One of those opportunities occurs each year in Arizona and that spot was earned this year by Glenn Griffith of Tucson Golf Schools---but it wasn’t easy. The Championship had a field of over 90 players that spent three days working their way around just over 7,000 yards of the North Course at the Gallery Golf Club. The depth of the field was extensive and the quality of play was fun to watch. Glen Griffith started the final day five shots off of the lead established by 2011 Section Champion Jon Stanley (at 7 under par) but Glen was able to post a bogey free round of 67 to get him to 9 under par. Being 5 shots off of the lead at the start of the day had Glen in the clubhouse well ahead of the leaders. It looked as if none of the other players were in a position to catch him and then the fireworks started. Jon Stanley and Travis Long both birdied the 15th. Long then birdied the 16th and eagled the drivable par 4 17th hole to get him to 9 under par. Not be left out of the excitement Jon attempted to drive the short par 4 17th, but lost his ball beyond the green—he “re-teed” drove to the front of the green and made the 80 foot putt for par! Jon was able to card a birdie on 18,

that left him one shot off of the lead. Travis Long calmly parred the 18th to also finish at 9 under par and force the playoff. Long and Griffith headed back to the tough par 4 18th. Driving it in a “deep” fairway bunker (see photo) Long made an incredible play that went just over the flagstick and carried into the deep rough. Griffith hit the fairway and with ice in his veins hit a beautiful approach shot to about 15 feet. Long had a difficult downhill pitch to a green that “ran away” from him and the only chance to keep it close to the pin would be to hit the flagstick. His aggressive play finished about 18 feet past the hole and left him with an uphill breaking putt that just trickled to the right as it got to the hole. This left Glen with two putts for the win, the championship and a spot. Griffith said, “This was huge for me to win our Section Championship and what goes with it. The biggest thing for me was coming from behind to catch the leaders and just having an opportunity to win in a play-off. However, receiving an exemption into 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open is the best. It has been a longtime dream of mine to play in a PGA TOUR event.”

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(Photo by Bo Cichuniec, AGCS)

Southwest Section Professional National Championship Scott Frisch wins at Pinnacle Peak Country Club


“premium” that is placed on driving the ball in the fairway here, the need for a player to work the ball both directions, extreme accuracy with the short irons and most importantly an ability to “read” the greens. Not particularly long for this type of event— the scores were a great reflection of the fact that while a couple players could handle all of these demands for a day—no one handled it for the entire week.

Executive Director, Southwest Section PGA

While the Southwest Section Professional National Championship is always one of the premier events of the year because of the quality of the field and the variety of items at stake, it was the golf course that received a great deal of attention at this year’s event. At stake in this event is a good sized purse, SWSPGA Player of the Year Points and 10 qualifying spots for next year’s Professional National Championship. Although these items are always a focus of the discussion at the event in the end it was the golf course and its demands that were getting a lot of attention. Pinnacle Peak Country Club’s Head Professional Bill Kuikman explained the

Pinnacle Peak Country Club’s Head Professional Bill Kuikman with Champion Scott Frisch

The rough was at a manageable length and the hole locations reasonable, however the greens proved very difficult to read for most of the field. Clearly influenced by the “push” from Pinnacle Peak and the “draw” from the Valley there were frequent claims of putts “defying gravity” and “breaking uphill” as players made their way around this traditional layout! The scoring table following the round was filled with comments like “I hit

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southern arizona tee times

it pretty well, but could not make a putt”. In the end it was the “consistent” play that determined the winner. The quality of the course was evident following day one of this 54-hole event as there were twenty professionals that were able to shoot under par and the low score for the day was a four under par 68 shot by Nick Hodge of Arizona Country Club and Joe Penaflor of the Golf Club Scottsdale. At this point there were more than 30 professionals within five shots of the lead. Scott Frisch was among this group with a one under par round of 71. Day two was very similar to day one, although Chris Hantla was able to handle all the challenges of the golf course and he carded the low round of the week with a 7 under par 65 to take the lead after an even par round on day one. Twenty professionals again shot under par—however only six of these professionals had done so on day one! The list included Scott Frisch, Mike Hopper, Craig Hocknull, Brandon Smith, Glen Griffith and Troy Helseth. There remained 12 professionals within 5 shots of the lead— although it was the steady play from this short list of six that all factored into the title. Starting the final day four shots off the lead and with seven players between him and the leader Scott Frisch was hoping to get off to a good start—but through seven holes he had not yet posted a birdie. In the next 9 holes however Scott put all the pieces together, including reading the greens, as

Larry Mackin, PGA he carded five birdies and an eagle. Scott was fearful for his chances as he made a bogey at the 17th and made par on the reachable par 5 18th and thought that he may have come up short again in his efforts to win this major event. His hot nine holes enabled him to post the second lowest round of the week at 66 and got him to nine under par. While Scott had been able to figure it out for at least nine holes, none of the seven players ahead of him when the final day started was able to do the same. The course did yield seventeen rounds under par on the final day and in the end only four players were able to shoot under par each day of the event---not surprisingly

all of these players finished in the top 5. While Scott enjoyed the victory, there were other items at stake as well. The players that ultimately qualified for next year’s PNC included our winner along with Mike Hopper, Craig Hocknull, Brandon Smith, Will Frantz (final round 67), Chris Hantla, Jeff Yurkiewicz, Jon Stanley, Ken Carpenter and Jeff Thomas. A special thanks to Bill Kuikman and the members at Pinnacle Peak Country Club for allowing the Southwest Section PGA to host the event this year—it really contributed to a great story.

Scott Frisch PGA Jeff Thomas, PGA

Blayne Hobbs, PGA

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LPGA Legends return to Sun City West for Walgreens Charity Classic

The Legends Tour, the official senior tour of the LPGA, announced it will return to Sun City West for the second annual Walgreens Charity Classic, February 23-24, 2013. A field of 40 LPGA Legends will compete at the Grandview Golf Course for a $225,000 purse and is expected to include several LPGA and World Golf Hall of Famers. Last years tournament, won by Rosie Jones (shown in photo at left with members of Walgreens Management Team), included such notables as Pat Bradley, Betsy King, JoAnne Carner, and Hollis Stacy. The Legends Tour began in 2000 by LPGA professionals to showcase the talents of some of the greatest women golfers of all time. In last year’s event, the ladies in the field had combined for over 350 wins in the LPGA Tour. Quite impressive!

Walgreens was so pleased with the Legends Tour, the venue at Sun City West Grandview Golf Course, and the fan turnout that they signed a three year agreement as the title sponsor. This year the event is the first tournament of the Legends Tour season and coming earlier in the year should not only insure a larger gallery, but an even better field of players.

Bobby Pancratz wins the SWSPGA Assistant's Championship

Bobby shot 67-66 at The Mirabel Golf Club to edge Ben Kern by three shots. Bobby is shown here with DJ Jewett of Cobra Puma Golf.

All proceeds will once again support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Nearly $40,000 was raised for PCH through the 2012 tournament.

Tickets will be available at all Sun City West golf courses or A Friday pro-am precedes the weekend 36 hole tournament and a limited amount of spots will be available.

Boccieri Golf Opens State of the Art Research Facility Boccieri Golf, known as the maker of the Tour-proven Heavy Putter, has recently opened a state of the art Research and Performance Center in North Scottsdale,

following six successful years in Ridgefield, CT, where the company established itself as one of the golf industry’s most forward thinking brands. Its popular Heavy Putter collection and “Control Series” line of full-swing products were the first to integrate counterweight principals.

Coinciding with significant growth in demand for the entire portfolio of innovative Boccieri Golf products, the new 9,000 square-foot facility offers a variety of services for local and visiting golfers, including but not limited to:

• Custom Club Fitting – Using the latest TrackMan, Foresight and Vector Pro launch monitors, Boccieri Golf representatives precisely analyze golfers’ swing characteristics and prescribe equipment for optimal performance; available in a variety of packages that cover every club in the bag • Science and Motion (SAM) Puttlab Analysis - Accurate ultrasound

measurements of a player’s putting stroke are relayed to experienced fitters who use the data to determine specific putter characteristics that will improve performance; available for standard, belly and other long-shafted models • High-tech Lessons – Renowned instructors use video analysis to create full player evaluations

“This latest expansion of our business allows us to continue helping people improve their games by working hands-on with the die-hard golfing community in and around Scottsdale,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “With the Research and Performance Center, we’ve created a true equipment think tank where creative ideas will flourish and new concepts will be tested and brought to fruition.”

Four Phoenix-Area Golf Clubs Donate $5,000 To The First Tee Of Phoenix

Four Valley golf clubs recently donated $5,000 to The First Tee of Phoenix as part of a special program called Tee It Up at 10 For The First Tee. Each of the participating clubs (ASU Karsten Golf Course, Eagle Mountain Golf Club, Longbow Golf Club and Raven Golf Club Phoenix) set aside one tee time Monday – Friday, June 11, 2012 – August 31, 2012 in the 10 o’clock hour available to the public for $100. The entire $100 was then donated to The First Tee of Phoenix.

"We are happy to pitch in to raise well deserved funds for The First Tee of Phoenix,” said Daryl Crawford, Director of Golf for ASU Karsten Golf Course. “Through the years, The Thunderbirds and Hugh Smith have made a positive impact on thousands of kids through the game of golf. We’re proud to support their efforts."

The First Tee of Phoenix teaches youngsters the game of golf by focusing important core values such as responsibility, respect, integrity and confidence, all of which are key to success on and off the golf course.

“We truly appreciate the positive boost that our local chapter received from these clubs,” said Hugh Smith, Executive Director of The First Tee of Phoenix. “Their generosity ensures a host of youngsters will pick up the game as well as the many valuable life lessons that go hand-in-hand.”

All the Instruction You’ll ever need! Golf Instruction Archives

Warrior Cup Invitational - For America's Heroes!

Do your part to help support the heroes who have defended our country and our freedom. Join our host, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, in meeting twenty PGA TOUR PLAYERS, as well as troops and other patriots for a special day of golf and fellowship on November 13-14, 2012 at the beautiful Troon Monument Golf Course in Scottsdale, AZ.

This invitation-only golf experience will feature a benefit dinner, a round of championship golf with PGA TOUR PLAYERS, a silent auction and live auction featuring a unique roster of items.

Each player will have the opportunity to meet military leaders and warriors to discuss their impressive work in supporting America's most severely wounded warriors, the Gold Star children of our fallen heroes, and those suffering from the invisible wounds of war.

Limited space is available for this unique golf experience that will benefit the Headstrong Project, Navy SEAL Foundation, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Give An Hour.


Tee Times Magazines and Hot Stix Golf Hole-In-One Program

Tee Times Magazines and Hot Stix Golf have partnered to recognize Hole In One’s achieved on Arizona Golf Courses. We provide each certified Hole-in-One with a free personalized bag tag, certificate and club fitting. Ask your Pro Shop for details or visit

Steve Kostorowski Age: 68 Golf Course: Palm Valley Golf Club 2012-10-16 - Club Used: PW Hole No: 12 : 96 yards, par 3 Stephen Kirk Age: 62 Golf Course: Palm Valley Golf Club 2012-10-12 - Club Used: 8 iron Hole No: 12 : 96 yards, par 3

W! WO Aces o Twn Two! Stephen Kirk Age: 62 i ays D Golf Course: Palm Valley Golf Club 2012-10-11 - Club Used: 8 Hole No: 8 : 121 yards, par 3

Rick Glenn Age: 60 Golf Course: Ken McDonald G.C. 10-2-12 - Club Used: 8 Hole No: 17 : 159 yard, par 3 Fred Jaeggi Age: 67 Golf Course: Rolling Hills G.C. 2012-09-21 - Club Used: 5W Hole No: 17 : 178 yards, par 3 Mike Esquer Jr Golf Course: Rolling Hills G.C. 2012-09-08 - Club Used: 8 Hole No: 8 : 140 yards, par 3

Growing the game with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association have welcomed the Boys and Girls Club of America in a five year mission to introduce youth to the great game of golf. Through this partnership, PGA Professionals are teaching golf to kids at 50 Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide, including the B&G Club of Greater Scottsdale.

On Oct 10, a clinic was hosted by the PGA Sports Academy and Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club. Over 35 boys and girls in the 5th & 6th grade from the Club attended the clinic that included chipping, putting, driving irons, bunker play and an informative and all important presentation on rules and etiquette. This event was the culmination of five weeks of instruction conducted at the Virginia G. Piper Branch of the B & G Clubs using special training equipment. The on course clinic at Silverado gave participants, many for the first time, the opportunity to experience green grass play and translate their skills onto a real golf course.

The instruction is all part of the PGA Sports Academy powered by UnitedHealthcare curriculum and includes elements of health and wellness with golf related activities as well as promoting character and developing healthy lifestyles through the game of golf. Chris Fry, PGA Professional and Director of the PGA Sports Academy is committed to more events in the future. Growing the Game is an important initiative to the PGA and this is a fine example of efforts being done to accomplish that goal.

Bradley Dalton Age: 32 Golf Course: Ken McDonaldG.C 2012-08-31 - Club Used: 5 Iron Hole No: 17 : 169 yards, par 3

Justin Jones Golf Course: Ocotillo Golf Resort Gold Course 2012-08-28 - Club Used: 8 Iron Hole No: 8 : 160 yards, par 3 Dave Siwek Golf Course: San Marcos G.R. 2012-08-18 - Club used: 6 iron Hole No. 13 : 147 yards, par 3

UP TO THE CHALLENGE. WE HONOR THE GAME WITH OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU. A commitment that has made Club Car the global leader in golf and utility vehicles. It drives our passion to deliver the products and services you need to achieve success. Our innovative fleet and mobile merchandising solutions provide the advantage you demand – while our new Guardian SVC system protects your investment for years to come. Reliable and responsible solutions to meet today’s challenges. 1.800.CLUBCAR


with the purchase of a HOT STIX PUTTER includes video analysis of putting stroke Offer valid through Dec 31, 2012

Visit Hot Stix Golf The #1 Club Fitter in Golf Fitting Services:

Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Putters, Wedges, Gap Analysis & Ball Fitting

Private Parties . Corporate Events . Group Outings

Hot Stix Golf - 15444 N. 76th Street - Suite 110 - Scottsdale, AZ 85260 - 877-513-1333


tee to green Local News and Reports

cont. from pg 49

Chef Logan Stephenson of Isabella’s Kitchen

Sun Ridge Canyon Expands - Adds New Facility for McLean Golf School

Grayhawk G.C. Opens Isabella’s Kitchen

Located in North Scottsdale across the street from the main entrance of Grayhawk Golf Club, Isabella’s Kitchen at 8623 East Thompson Peak Parkway features handmade, homemade pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwiches, bruschetta, antipasti and much more—using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The appeal of the rustic, peasant-style cuisine rests on simple recipes and presentations allowing the fresh ingredients to take center stage. And the wine menu is populated with a variety of California and Italian selections.

“We’re very eager to begin welcoming guests,” said Chef Logan Stephenson. “The food we serve covers the Italian favorites that most of us grew up with, and then we take it up a notch by preparing these classics by hand, homemade with fresh ingredients.” Styled after an Italian country bistro with an artisan’s edge, this vine-covered, 4,400-sq-ft roadside retreat houses several distinct indoor and outdoor seating options ranging from the traditional four-top to the unique fireside picnic tables on the Backyard Patio overlooking Grayhawk’s Talon course and the Valley below. Isabella’s comfortable atmosphere welcomes diners to relax and stay for awhile. Dress code is casual with an average entrée price of $14. Take out is welcome.

“We equipped Isabella’s Kitchen with a few interesting features that will no doubt appeal to a variety of diners,” said Brian Bevard, Director of Operations for Grayhawk Golf Club. “The gigantic garage doors and ample patio space provides a seamless transition to the outdoors. We have comfortable seating for those who’d like to hang out and enjoy the views of the surrounding desert and the Talon course. We have a rooftop patio with 360-degree views. It’s just much more than an eat-and-run-type place.” Call ahead at 480-502-3100 or visit

SunRidge Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills has been the Arizona home for the Jim McClean Golf School since November of last year. The schools popularity and success has led SunRidge Canyon to making the learning process even better for instructors and students by erecting a building at the golf course to permanently house the school.

The new building, about 1,600 sq. ft., will feature indoor/outdoor hitting bays with state-of-the-art computer swing analysis equipment. It will be air conditioned allowing golfers to swing away in comfort when the heat is on, and the outdoor hitting areas will also be covered in case of inclement weather throughout the year. Other features of the building include

office space, a golf-specific physical therapy room, a custom club-fitting suite, and restrooms. Architecturally, the building will complement the Southwestern style of the main clubhouse.

“Jim McLean certainly has built an impressive resume over the years as a player, instructor and author,” said Jeff Lessig, General Manager of SunRidge Canyon Golf Club. “We look forward to building a strong relationship between our organizations to provide a solid venue for golfers to learn the game at the best school available.”

For more information about SunRidge Canyon and the Jim McLean Golf School, visit or call the course at 480 837-1500

Expert Golf Instruction Offers Two Junior Scholarships - Applicant Submit Essay by 1-15 In the continuing effort to grow the game and develop young talent along the way, every year Expert Golf gives two qualified young players (1 male and 1 female) a 6 month Expert Golf Membership scholarship. What an opportunity for a young player to receive! The scholarship includes unlimited one-on-one lessons covering all facets of the game, fitness training programs, and on course management and practice.

To earn one of these scholarships, applicants must write a one page essay describing why he or she should be picked. Talk about your experience and your golfing goals, the more creative the better, use pictures or videos, talk about why you love the game and deserve to get this opportunity. To qualify the entrants must be between the ages of 13-17 and have a current handicap of 10 or less. Most of all, you must be dedicated to the game and have that come through your essay! Submit your essay to Deadline is January 15th, 2013. If you are chosen, you will be notified by February 1st.

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What qualifies a hole to be one of the best?

Is it the ease or the difficulty of playing it? Is it the pure length or the hazards that come into play? Does it offer you strategic shot making opportunity yet offer room to miss or does it require pinpoint accuracy and make you pay the price for an errant shot? Is it the natural beauty of the hole, maybe the view from the tee, or is it the roller coaster green that you still can’t figure out?

We want YOU to tell us which Par 3, 4 and 5 are the best holes in the state ... and why.

Voting includes Par 3, 4 & 5’s as well as other popular categories. Vote online only, Sept 1 - Dec 1, 2012. Results published in upcoming 2013 issues of Phoenix Valley Tee Times and Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazines!


It’s All About Local Golf. Be part of the story.

Visit our home page and tell us your choices today!

Results of the Reader’s Choice poll to be published in 2013 issues of Phoenix Valley Tee Times and Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazines. Click on the Arizona’s Best link from our home page at to vote for your favorites, and share comments about why your selections should represent the very best of Arizona. Participants can also register during the survey to win a dream golf vacation prize package, awarded to one entrant by random drawing, on January 10, 2013. Complete details available during survey..


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19th HOLE

Two Great Reads! BY JACK TALMAGE Associate Publisher

18 Greatest Scottish And Irish Golf Holes $199 per copy

y olida See Huide on re Gift G2 for mo ! 3 fo page tos & in o h p

the 18 greatest golf holes of both destinations, along with the aid of many informed and dedicated golfers. While there were some Tour Professionals providing input, the contributors are mostly the people who live and breath the game on a daily basis; Club Professionals, life members, architects and of course the greenskeepers, among others. Each hole is looked at first by the authors who provide a broad history of the hole and the golf course where it is, they describe the setting and relay well written and fabled stories about the hole. The local contributors then provide their view on how best to play it and tell of some insightful experience of their own with the hole. That input, by the people who know each hole the best, makes these books fascinating. In-between these pages, the photography of John Kernick stunningly captures each hole and the features that make the hole famous. The books acknowledge the classics; The Postage Stamp at Royal Troon, The Road Hole at The Old Course and others throughout Scotland and Ireland, but the pages also pay respect to those lesser knowns on the newer courses.

Written by Craig Morrison and Andrew Ross. Photography by John Kernick There have been many books written about the great Scottish and Irish golf links and courses, many of which we all know either from personal experience, TV, or the stories of our golfing buddies. Neither of these volumes are just another one of those books. The authors, Craig Morrison and Andrew Ross’s concept was to select

In a foreword passage of the 18 Greatest Scottish Holes by Colin Montgomerie; “Any of these eighteen holes featured here would live long in the memory after tackling them. They manage to live long in the memory after simply reading about them, which for most of us is to play them in our mind.” To have these beautifully crafted and bound books readily available on any coffee table is to take a trip through Scotland and Ireland, stopping whenever you want along the way to play the Great Golf Holes … if only in your mind.


€30 per copy, plus €7.50 shipping (Apx $40 USD)

The Links of the European Club in Pictures with Musings on Golf Architecture. Written by Pat Ruddy with photography by Pat Ruddy.

hearing his stories of golfing greats who have played here and what he wants to do with the hole next. It is a lifetime work in progress and the result is a golf links which is correct for today’s golf, with nothing dated. The European Club in County Wicklow, Ireland is very unique in the world of golf, it is owned by the same person who designed and built it. Pat Ruddy is obviously a talented individual; he has been a golf writer, a publisher, a tournament promoter, and a designer of over thirty golf courses, many of which are ranked amongst the best in the world. In his book; The Perfect Golf Links, he takes us on a stroll through his creation from 1st Tee to the 18th Green and “a wee chat along the way.” Each hole is described in a manner that makes you really believe you are simply walking along with this fascinating man and listening to what his thoughts were in designing each hole,

Anybody who plays a lot of golf has at least a mild, if not passionate, interest in golf architecture. The Perfect Links is written in a style that makes the musings of the author/designer enjoyable and informative, this is not a golf design textbook. Each hole and outstanding design element are photographed in glorious clarity by Mr. Ruddy himself. You literally look through the lens with him as he conducts a survey of his work and vision, hole by magnificent hole, shot by strategic shot. His style of writing and course design are summed up in the opening dedication to his wife Bernardine, “who shares my fairways and sighs gently at all my divots”.

Share your Arizona golf news with PVTT readers:

Such is the creative mind of Pat Ruddy. This book is a must read for any golfer who has played or is planning on playing Links golf. It is the ultimate yardage and history book for arguably one of the finest golf links in the British Isles.

local 520.792.6650 email:



a e d a m t jus

When the High Five’s, Photo Takin’ and Celebratin’ is just about done ... Let The Golf Course Make You Really Famous! Before you leave the course, stop by the Golf Shop and ask the staff to certify your ace with Tee Times Magazines. We’ll publish your hole-in-one in the next issue, send you a personalized commemorative bag tag and certificate of recognition, PLUS you’ll receive a custom club fitting from Hot Stix Golf .... COMPLETELY FREE!

Submit online @

This popular program has already celebrated hundreds of aces throughout Southern Arizona ... and now it’s available to every single golf course throughout the state!

Brought to you by: Custom Club Fitting

teetimes MAGAZINES


Hole In One must be verified by at least two witnesses and submitted online within 2 weeks by the staff at the golf course in which the ace occurred. Golfer’s email address is requested -- golfer will be notified via email by TTM when the ace is published in the magazine and when their package is ready for pickup from the course. Delivery can take up to 8 weeks, depending upon time of submission and the next issue of Tee Times Magazine. Out of state packages are sent USPS. Courses who advertise with TTM can customize the tag, call (520) 792-6650 details.


Southwest Section

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Improving Your Golf with Fitness BY ANDREW FODGE, MS I want to address a common problem most golfers fall in to when advised to start working out, and that is “Mirror Muscle Syndrome”. Of course this isn’t a medical condition, but it is a condition that seriously limits the abilities of most golfers attempting to get in to a proper setup posture and alignment when addressing the ball . “Mirror Muscle Syndrome” of golfers is to focus on the easy muscles to lift with, specifically the chest, biceps, and possibly the quadriceps (front of the thigh). Typically, men will gravitate towards exercises that work only these muscles as they are “easy” to see and feel the effect, like in the mirror. The quadriceps are also “easy” to see and feel the burn, without much effort. However, it is that overemphasis of these muscles, that can truly limit the golfer’s ability to reach a full range of motion.

phoenix valley tee times

These exercises, one for the upper body and one for the lower body, will allow the golfer to have a better starting position and body control during the movement of their golf swing.

In this article, I wish to focus on two exercises with the goal of improving the strength and posture of a golfer. These exercises, one for the upper body and one for the lower body, will allow the golfer to have a better starting position and body control during the movement of their golf swing. Starting with one of the most essential upper body exercises a golfer can do, the Lat Pulldown. We are about to stress most of the muscles of the back, as well as stabilizing the spine. In Figure 1, you can see the correct starting position of the exercise. Start with hands about shoulder width apart, then begin to pull down towards your sternum to about two inches below your collarbone. Figure 2, pictures the correct posture at the end of the Lat Pulldown, with the chest extended towards the bar. Commonly, most exercisers lose technique as well as posture when performing this exercise and begin to engage muscles in the chest, Figure 3. If your body begins to compensate with the muscles in the chest for a movement, like the Lat Pulldown, we can assume that you are most likely allowing your chest to tighten up or excessively engage in your golf swing. This could mean limited range of motion in both your backswing and follow-through The second exercise for the lower body, the dumbbell deadlift, targets the hamstrings and lower back with stabilizing a proper posture. The exercise begins in a standing position with arms and dumbbells resting at the sides of the body, Figure 4. Keeping the abdomen tight and shoulders slightly pulled back, hinge at the hips, allowing the torso to come towards the floor, Figure 5. In Figure 5, you can see that the knees are slightly bent. The eyes are looking downward, so as to not extend or arch the neck, you can see that the spine is straight and not arched or rounded. A stretch can be felt in the hamstrings (back of the thigh) while doing this exercise. Figure 6, shows the most common mistake while attempting this exercise. The incorrect posture puts all of the stress dangerously on the spine, avoiding any action by the hamstring muscles.

19th HOLE

Fig. 4 Deadlift Start

Fig. 1 Lat Pull Down Start

Fig. 5 Deadlift Finish Fig. 2 Lat Pull Down Finish

I would suggest adding these two exercises, into your routine at 2 sets of 15-20 repetitions. Though these exercises do not stress rotation of the body, which is required in a golf swing, they will give your body a better foundation of strength and posture to make your swing more effective. If you need help with assessing your strength, flexibility, and power of your current fitness level and how to apply it to your golf game, please feel free to contact me at Andrew Fodge, is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness By Andrew, LLC Personal Trainer Group. He holds a Master of Science degree in Physical Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. Andrew loves to play golf and can be reached at 602.516.4225 or email

Fig. 3 Lat Pull Down Incorrect Finish

Fig. 6 Deadlift Incorrect Finish

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19th HOLE

Antigua Launches Accessories Line of Hats and Executive Luggage for 2013 Antigua has expanded their golf performance line for 2013 to include a new collection of performance hats and a variety of executive quality and sport inspired luggage styles. Four new hat styles are being introduced this season, and each style is embellished with the Antigua branding. The 2013 hat collection offers a variety of styling details that compliment this season’s performance golf fashion collection featuring pop bright accents on performance fabrics designed for comfort and fit. All hats are also made available to customize with an embroidered logo of the resort, course or company desired. The Solar hat is a fitted performance four-way stretch woven fabric offered in a range of seven seasonal bright solid colors (such as Lapis, Apple, and Melon). Circuit hat comes in five solid colors with the bills underside featuring a contrasting multi-bright colored yarn dye stripe that is also featured as the hats piping detail. Each solid color offered features a different pop stripe accent combo complimenting both the hat and the performance fashion collection and is made with an adjustable fit closure. The Pulse hat is made of a soft yarn dye neutral tonal knit stripe which is derived directly from this seasons fashion golf collection. This contemporary styled hat features a bright contrast accent color subtly placed under the bill and mirrors the contrast cover-stitch accent color deliberately engineered on the seams. Pulse hat is coordinated to the performance golf fashion collection in four color combinations (White/Steel/Lapis, Smoke/Steel/Zest, Black/Steel/Melon, and Navy/Light Navy/Apple). The Sedona hat features a technical performance 4way stretch woven fabric that is utilized in the bottoms collection and features the yarn dye plaid and stripe patterns found on the short and pant styles;

Sedona Short, Santa Fe Short and Riviera Pant. Both the bottoms and the complimenting hats are all current updates to the Spring ’13 golf performance collection. Offered again for 2013 is Antigua’s Fitted hat, that can be a daily go-to accessory that looks great on any golfer. The Chino hat continues to be a wardrobe staple and is also offered as a visor in a wide range of colors. Both the Fitted hat and the Chino hat and visor are one size fits all. Antigua has also expanded their accessories line to include an Executive collection of luggage made of 100% nylon dobby, and offered in sleek black with grey contrast piping. The new Exec Rolling Duffle is perfect for the traveling golfer and is durable and water resistant. The new Exec Tablet Portfolio is a secure way to transport any tablet and is designed to be embellished with a company or course logo of choice. Also offered this season is a collection of Action sport inspired luggage, essential for the golfer’s everyday golfing and traveling needs. The Action Back Pack and the Action Duffel are quality bags that are great for any team to easily add a customized logo to. The Antigua 2013 accessories line parallels the quality, style, and value the company is known for in its apparel. Accessories can be purchased in some of the finest pro shops and golf retailers, exemplifying Antigua as one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of genuine golf and sports apparel and accessories.

The Antigua 2013 accessories line parallels the quality, style, and value the company is known for in its apparel. Accessories can be purchased in some of the finest pro shops and golf retailers, exemplifying Antigua as one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of genuine golf and sports apparel and accessories.

Antigua products can also be found online at Miss an Issue? Read the entire issue online: Browse our website, or read with ‘Flipper’


A short drive from Sedona’s beautiful red rocks and nestled in the heart of Arizona’s thriving Verde Valley wine country, you’ll find Cliff Castle Casino Hotel—Arizona’s #1 casino for over a decade and the perfect entertainment destination. Call for special player hotel rates.

• State-of-the-art Slots

• Live entertainment

• Vegas-style Blackjack and Poker

• Award-winning Storytellers Steak House

• Hotel packages and conference center

• Kids Quest®, bowling and an arcade for hours of family fun • Distant Drums RV Resort 1.800.381.SLOT | I-17, Exit 289 · Camp Verde


For more information and a list of participating courses visit:

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The golf pass can be purchsed at any of the 40+ participating courses or online at The 2013 Golf Pass offers 50% off Green Fees 7 days a week. In addition to great everyday discounts on golf, the purchase of the golf pass also earns you the 2013 Coupon Book with offers at each of the participating courses and a subscription to either Golf Digest Magazine or Golf World Magazine.

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Golf for the holidays ... plus the giving spirit of the Waste Management Open, The 'Greatest Show on Grass', returning to Phoenix, AZ Jan 28...

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