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March l April 2009

Quick Fixes ‘fore’ straighter drives DREADED VANISHING LOFT DISEASE




HOT Deals in an ‘undiscovered’ GOLFING PARADISE


IT’S A BUYER’S MARKET Don’t play the “waiting game”


lthough we are all well aware of the recent difficulties and challenges of the economy, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that it’s a GREAT TIME to buy real estate. I’m working with many buyers who are very interested in jumping into the market, but are fearful of jumping at the wrong time. Well, lots of folks timed the market wrong in 2005 which along with the credit crunch has created the perfect “buying” storm NOW! Here are a few compelling reasons to make a purchase during this opportune time:


are low, low, low!!

 Money IS AVAILABLE to qualified borrowers. Yes, the rules change every day, but the money is there.

sitting on the sidelines with many foreclosed REO and short sale properties available.

 You can have your pick of the litter – your dream home is waiting!

 Be ahead of the game, not chasing the market this time. Don’t wait for the herd to turn – once that happens the best deals are already gone.

 Bargains galore! The prices have rolled back in many areas (not all) to around 2004 pricing. WE’RE HAVING A SALE!  Great

 Don’t try to time the market. We won’t know that we have hit the bottom until it is long past.

time for investors with some cash

e Country Club Life

ities- Th Golf Course Commun

l Omni Tucson Nationa drop dead gorgeous views. Primo locale and ol po h wit e op hom

Hillt orplan ts, 2 BR+Den, Open Flo Popular Fairway Heigh s Nob Hill community iou stig Pre in ry ora Southwest Contemp untains as a backdrop the green with the mo area Enjoy the action on lf course & common go to cks ba 2BA y, 2 BR/ Darling golf hideawa

$850,000 $350,000 $825,000 $415,000 $275,000

b Oro Valley Country Clu intenance, mountain & golf course views ma low , me nho tow ing

$400,000 $475,000

on Pass Dove Mountain/Cany ry home in prestigious Canyon Pass


Charm lf course e private lot on the go Custom home on larg ntempora Stunning custom co

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Active Adu

lt Commun


Other Great Values Cute Looking for a great investment? erty is condo REO bank-owned prop $ 99,000 super deal! able Classic brick ranch home in desir s Winterhaven with mountain view $325,000 this Lots of bang for your buck with near ½ on e hom Den BR+ 4 SF, + 3300 acre in Vail $359,900 t of Oro 3.4 acre lot located in the hear ything ever to close & s view with Valley $300,000

Great valu e in La Cho lla Hills ne GONGA d ar Omni Tu eal on very cson Natio nice Santa nal Incredible Rosa mod unobstruct el in Herita ed view in ge Highland Sun City, C s heyenne m odel Fabulous p atio home offers priva Finisterra! cy, city lig hts & moun tain views Immacula in te townho m e in popul turnkey with ar Vistoso furnishings Hills could available Roomy 3B be purcha for sale R/2BA hom sed e in popul shopping a a r Monterey nd everythi at Vistoso ng! close to go lf,

Gated Co


$155,000 $300,000 $425,000

$600,000 $300,000 $250,000

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64 golfers in the world play in

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Tucson is Home to the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship

Omni Tucson National #18, Tucson, AZ

az golf academy

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Chambers Bay Course From the 14th Tee Box

Chip Shots

By Tom Draper, Associate Publisher

While Our Economy is facing severe challenges; the PGA Tour is weathering the storm quite nicely. Prize money is slightly up, because tournaments had increases built into their contracts. So players won’t see a change in their paychecks or their schedule. As it stands currently, there will be 46 tournaments (down from 48) with a $100,000 increase in total prize money. That doesn’t include the majors, which have not yet released their purses for 2009. The Masters is set for April 10-13. At present the field has 88 players expected to compete. Among those still not eligible (at this writing) are Woody Austin, Scott Verplank, Davis Love III and J.B. Holmes, the only Ryder Cup player who would miss the first major of the year. Players still can get in by getting into the top 50 in the rankings published a week before the Masters. The Masters has not had more than 100 competitors since 1966. Tom Doak, who has built 6 courses in six countries, and his partner, Jim Urbina, have been hired by Bandon Dunes owner Mike Keiser to design a fourth course along the coast of Oregon with inspiration from the

father of American golf-course architecture, C.B. Macdonald. Ten holes of the Old Macdonald course will be open for play in the spring of 2009 - all 18 holes will be ready for play in the summer of 2010. Best Of The New: The brightest starburst is America’s Best New Public Course of 2008, Chambers Bay in suburban Tacoma, Wash., a Robert Trent Jones Jr.-Bruce Charlton design that has already been named to host the 2015 U.S. Open and the 2010 U.S. Amateur. Nearly equal in luminescence is the year’s Best New Private Course, Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club, overlooking Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene, a Tom Fazio design that stresses backwoods beauty over cosmopolitan opulence. Everyone Knows that Tiger makes more bucks than anyone else on and off the golf course. But guess who ranks third in the on/off category – Arnold Palmer. Yep, $42,000 in on-course earnings and $27,500,000 in offcourse earnings. That puts him right behind Phil and just ahead of Vijay. Pretty good company for a guy who’ll turn 80 this year.


Stand Proud you noble swingers of clubs and losers of balls. A recent study found the average golfer walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found golfers drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means, on average, golfers get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kind of makes you proud. It’s A Fact: The average handicap has decreased consistently over the past 15 years. According to the USGA the average Handicap Index for men has gone from 16.5 in 1994 to 14.6 in 2008 (the drop for women during this time went from 29.9 to 27.4). This decrease in handicaps coincides with a remarkable decade of equipment innovation that has brought us titanium drivers in every shape and size, game-changing hybrids and oversize putters. It’s true; the game can be made easier. Take a trip back to that “muni” where you grew up, and see if you aren’t driving to places you did in your youth or even farther. Yes, Virginia, you can buy a golf game. Remember, it’s not a gimme if you’re still away.


Spring Cleaning BY RICH MUELLER

Spring-time golf is enjoyable for a variety of reasons: the desert flora is in full bloom, the Bermuda grass has pushed through and is beginning to flourish, and the weather is mild and perfect. With lengthening daylight hours and balmy temperatures, these months are ideal for knocking the rust off your clubs and doing some spring cleaning, so to speak, with your golf game in preparation for the summer haul. Here are four important fundamentals to review.

Grip Surely there is nothing more damaging to a golfer’s quest for a sound swing than a faulty grip. Your left hand (for a righthanded golfer) controls the face of the club at impact so it is imperative that your club rests in your hand correctly. Try this test: grip the club with your left hand only and offer the clubhead to a friend. Let them gently pull the clubhead towards them until your left arm and wrist are both fully extended. If your grip is sound, the clubface will remain square. If not, the face will either open (grip position too weak) or close (grip position too strong). This information will help you make the proper adjustment. On a 110 scale (1 being the lightest and 10 being the tightest), you should try to hold the club fairly lightly, between 3 and 5. If your grips are looking worn or slick they will tend to make you grip too tightly, and nothing destroys a fluid swing faster than vice-like grip pressure. Maintaining clean, tacky feeling grips is a key to achieving a consistent, light feel in your grip pressure.

Photo by Lorriane A DarConte


Ball Position

Establishing good posture at set-up will afford you the opportunity to begin the swing with the body, hands and arms working in a synchronized fashion. The proper spine angle at address (approximately 90 degrees to the club shaft angle) allows the arms to hang freely from the shoulders and encourages a solid one-piece takeaway. On the other hand, a common sight is the golfer with his/her torso too upright, tail tucked under, too much or not enough knee flex, chin buried in chest and arms reaching away from the torso. Typically, this type of postural neglect leads to a backswing that starts almost exclusively with the hands and virtually assures an immediate breakdown of the correct swing sequence. What happens next is anyone’s guess!

When the ball creeps too far back in your stance, it promotes a swing path that approaches impact too far from the inside, subsequently resulting in pushes to the right, possible shanks, and plenty of unsolid hits. Conversely, a ball positioned too far forward in your stance can result in topped shots, thin shots and chunky shots as your body moves out of sequence in an effort to compensate for the faulty ball position. I generally like to see the ball positioned slightly forward of the center of your stance for most iron shots, and still further forward for the driver. Try taking your stance and have a friend stand behind you, then have them assume your stance by stepping into your foot imprints after you step away. This is an easy way to see with your own eyes whether or not your ball position needs adjusting.

Alignment I firmly believe in the old saying: ‘’If you have poor alignment, you’d better not have a good golf swing’’. Make a habit of placing a club on the ground and using it as an alignment aid when practicing. If your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are parallel to the target at address, you are practicing a fundamentally sound alignment routine.

Of the four fundamentals I’ve listed here, I find poor ball position to be the most insidious, but I recommend you make an effort to check each of these fundamentals on a regular basis. After all, these are the basic building blocks for a consistent swing and lower scores!

Rich Mueller is the Director of Golf at the Crooked Tree Golf Course in Tucson 520.744.3366 and recognized as one of the most respected golf instructors in Arizona. His instructional articles are always informative as well as highly entertaining. WWW.SATTMag.COM  SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE


INSTRUCTION BY SUSIE MEYERS Alignment can boggle our minds on the golf course but without it our golf shots go everywhere but where we thought they should go! Alignment is a process that can be visually very straightforward and fun to do every time. When you watch the golf professional play, you may notice that they stand behind their ball on every shot they hit. What are they doing back there? Well, they could be doing a lot of things but one thing I know for sure, they are looking at the target. So let’s begin there. Stand behind the ball on the line of the target. Draw an imaginary circle around the ball on the ground, and imagine it is a clock. Now you are standing at 6:00. The point on the circle that is closest to the target is 12:00; this could be your intermediate target. Now that you have picked out an intermediate target you should walk along the circle to get to 9:00. Walking into the ball from 9:00 is very important. When at 9:00, place your club behind the ball in line with 12:00 or your intermediate target. It is easier to align your club to a near target rather than a target which is far away. Once you align your club, then you set your feet to the club. Many golfers get into trouble when they set their feet first then their club. You will have better luck aligning your golf club first then your body. Using the clock visualization is very vivid and helps the alignment process because it gives us a routine.

Which Way Do I Go??? Stand at 6:00 Visualize 12:00 Walk on the circle to get to 9:00 Set your clubface to 12:00 (the intermediate target) Set your feet Look at the main target Hit your shot! The trouble we get into is if we are entering the ball from 10:00 or 8:00. If you have a tendency to walk into the ball

from 10:00 then this will point you to the right of the intended target. If you walk into the ball from 8:00 then this will align you too far to the left. Using the “clock” visualization can be used on every shot you have. Use it when hitting drives, fairway shots, pitch shots, chips, bunker shots and even putting. Pay attention and enjoy the process!!

Susie Meyers is a golf instructor at Ventana Canyon Golf Resort. To book a lesson with Susie call 520.419.5289. 6 SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE  WWW.SATTMag.COM


Quick tips to lower your golf game: BY DUANE ALSTROM

couple of factors. First, is your ball going uphill or downhill? Is it going to roll in from the side of the hole? Is the green cut short or is the green’s grass long? Look for these when on the green to determine the distance and speed.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a quick way to lower a golf score is putting. In golf we use the putter more than any other club in the golf bag, so why wouldn’t you want to learn to be a better putter in order to The last tip is tempo and this is very lower your score? There are a number important in putting. You should not of factors to look at in putting. First, be in a hurry when trying to get the ball you need to learn to read the green in the hole. When practicing your putting try correctly, second, counting “one… determine the two…” that would Getting the ball distance and speed of be one… on the the putt, and last, started on the take away and the tempo in which correct line is two… with the you use to putt your important so you forward motion; ball in the hole. must do your best you can do this Getting the ball to “read” the green with any size putt. You could also use started on the correct correctly and not tic, tock or back, line is important so spend a lot of forward; any of you must do your time doing it. these will work or best to “read” the maybe you could green correctly and think of a not spend a lot of time doing it. My first tip would be combination. Whatever works for you, that as you are walking to your ball on do it. Another method you could use is the green you start looking at the to visualize something like a contour of the green and the Grandfather clock with a pendulum surroundings. All you need to do is be arm going back and forth. a little more mindful as you’re walking to your ball and in doing so you will see So the quickest way to lower the score if the green breaks to the right or left, of your golf game is to work on your or whether it’s up hill or down hill distance, speed, tempo, and reading the slope. This will help you know what greens. And yes, this takes practice. line your ball needs to roll on in Now, I know we all enjoy pounding golf balls at the driving range but if you general. want to be a better putter, you need to To determine the distance and speed of spend a little more time on the practice the putt, you will need to look at a green and practice, practice, practice.

Downhill Pu

Uphill Pu

Downhill to Uphill

Downhill Pu

Duane Alstrom was raised in Southern California and has played golf off and on over the past twenty years. In 2008, Duane was looking to switch his career and decided that his next career was going to be something he really enjoyed. That’s when he began to think about working in the golf industry. In May of 2008 he started attending The Golf Academy of America-Phoenix campus. After graduation Duane plans to be a golf assistant and work towards being Director of Golf. Contact Duane at WWW.SATTMag.COM  SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE



Quick Fixes “Fore” Straighter Drives BY TRENT DAVIS Have you ever wondered why we, as golfers, strive to hit the ball off the tee straight and long? The answer is simple: who doesn’t want straighter and longer drives? I know I get a feeling inside that is unexplainable when I tag a drive 300 yds straight down the pipe! The thing with golf is that you need to find out how to repeat that feeling. If you need help doing that, then I hope that these tips will help accomplish your goal. The first tip begins with the grip and swing. If you have been watching some of the younger touring pros you will notice a lot of them are choking up on their clubs. This is done to give more control with the club they are hitting. The basic rule is, make the club shorter for more control. The only downside to doing this is the loss of distance, but it isn’t as much as you think, maybe 10-15 yds at the most. Along with choking up on the club try abbreviating your backswing to about a ¾ swing. The hands should be almost parallel with the shoulders when making this adjustment. The important thing to remember when doing this is to create enough coil in the upper body and keep your legs stable. This allows for balance and resistance between the upper and lower body creating good swing power to maintain control and distance. Last is the subject of distance. The above covers the matter of hitting the ball straighter by sacrificing distance. If you feel you need to hit the ball straighter without losing distance try this drill. Rotate your shoulder into your chin, not under it. It should feel like you are turning your back to the target and creating a slightly flatter swing path. I picked this little tip up reading some of Martin Halls’ literature. He was recently named the 2008 PGA Teacher of the Year. This brings me to the end of my lesson, and one last point; If the information I have provided doesn’t fit your style of golf then don’t be afraid to pick other bits of information from another source. I do hope that this article will help you improve your consistency off the tee box, while at the same time maintaining distance and power. Now get out there and hit ‘em good.


Trent Davis is a student at The Golf Academy of America-Phoenix Campus. Contact Trent at


NO SURPRISES Jon W Lillis, Agent 200 W Magee Rd Ste 130 Tucson, AZ 85704-6492 (520) 797-0151

American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries Home Office - Madison, WI 53783 © 2008 003080 - 3/08





The pitch shot is a shot that is used once you get out of the 15 feet from the green range. It is a little more difficult than chipping but with practice the usefulness of this shot is priceless. Being able to bring the ball in from a greater height and land it softly is a skill that will help to set good golfers apart from average.

 What Club: The clubs that are used in pitching are the pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge. The club selection depends on one, how high you have to hit it and two, how fast you have to stop the ball.

depending on the angle of ground the shot is being played from. If on a steep slope a wider stance may be needed for stability.


For people who are starting to learn this shot, keep the face of the club square to the target. Doing so will allow you to find out how far each club goes. Once familiar, the face can be played more open to give more loft and add spin to the shot.

A weaker grip should be used for these shots because they are more about feel. Take a normal grip and then rotate the right hand more to the left or over the shaft more. Doing this will allow the club to move more freely in the hands and to keep the face of the club facing the target longer.



Start with the ball in the middle with your feet together. Take a 6inch step to the left with the left foot and a 6-inch step to the right with the right foot. Keeping the end of the club pointed at the belly button. The stance can vary width

The swing can vary in length but the distance on the backswing and follow through should be the same so that you can avoid slowing down at impact or decelerating. The path of the swing should be on the path back and through making sure you

 Face Angle:


finish facing the target.

 Tempo: The same tempo used in chipping should be used here. Same speed back as through. Like a clock… Tic….Toc… The method of pitching is a vital shot that can be used by every skill level of player.

Brandon Broschinsky is a student at The Golf Academy of AmericaPhoenix Campus. He has a two handicap and his goal is to play golf professionally and then to become a Head Professional of a golf course, teaching lessons and meeting new people everyday. Brandon can be contacted at






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Classic flavors of the region, such as roasted chili peppers, cilantro, ripe tomatillos and native limes, as well as the fragrant smoke of the grill and

Scottsdale’s Only Full-Service All-Suite Resort Completes Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Chef Goodell’s signature rubs, serve as the foundation for many of Asada’s flavorful dishes. Asada’s dry-aged beef, pork and poultry are the freshest available, and all fish are flown in daily. The restaurant’s adjacent bar, The Orange Iguana, offers a versatile indoor and outdoor lounge with a comfortably hip ambiance and a central outdoor fireplace. The Orange Iguana features a menu of specialty cocktails, including the resort’s signature Iguanarita, as well as an extensive selection of premium liquors, beers and wine. With its fireside seating and inviting ambiance, The Orange Iguana is the perfect place to socialize, mingle with friends, or just enjoy Xona Resort

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Augusta National Golf Course 12 th Hole

Pasquale en Augusta: A Moment To Treasure BY PARKER SMITH, Former Senior Editor, Golf Magazine


ne Friday night in 1985, I said to the ravishing redhead I was living with in New York City, “Let’s go to Sparks (Steak House).” It was well known to the power brokers, but not so much to tourists then. I had worked around the corner at Golf Magazine for years and had never gone in. We arrived on that November night, both wearing coats. I walked in and saw Walter, the maitre d wearing a tux and standing at a small wooden counter, almost a prayer book holder, or a declination of a station of the cross. He looked at me and knew immediately I had no reservation, but he handled me beautifully. “See all those people at the (tiny) bar?

They’re all hoping no one shows up.... Make a reservation for another night. We’ll give you a good table.” Behind him I saw a tall slumping man wearing large glasses, a badly fitting red golf shirt, and a little, silly toupee. He’s either the owner or the janitor, I thought, and then I went right around Walter. I walked up to the older man. “Excuse me. Yes, you look like you own the place. So, so, you see the redhead by the door? I don’t want to disappoint her. You take care of the coats; I’ll take care of the redhead.”

somewhere in the middle of all of it, he said he took a lesson everyday for golf, lived in a castle upstate, had a 17 handicap, and knew everyone in California because he sold more wine than any other restaurant in New York. He had played Cypress, Riviera, Olympic, you name it, but he had asked too many times to play Augusta and was never going to get there…and that meant as much to him as the $18,000 in profit he made every day at lunch. Or more. Maybe it was the only thing that he desired in life, the only thing he couldn’t buy….

We closed the place. The waiters were yawning. We’d had our fourth great bottle of wine. He was still waxing philosophical, which he did well. We were laughing and,

Months later, after I left New York for Kiawah Island outside of Charleston, breaking the redhead’s heart, I had a call from Atlanta…Marietta…a friend, a


 F E AT U R E  member of Augusta. “This is the third and final invitation. You were too busy the other times, so what‘s it gonna be?”

He arrived that night, and we met him at the airport. He looked at me through his thick rim glasses and said, “We’re not….”

“There’s someone you should invite instead of me...and you’ll be entertained like a king any time you’re in New York. The owner of Sparks desperately wants to play. It means more to him than to me, though I would love to play there....”

“Tomorrow,” I answered. He was speechless, something that wasn’t part of his nature.

I’m saying to my friend; take him, not me, knowing this is my last chance? “Yes. I’ll call you back.” An hour later he calls, says, “I talked to more than five members. All of them said no one had ever told them ‘take someone else’. So the president of the Bank of Augusta is going to invite him. The both of you can play November 5th.” I knew Pasquale would think I was inviting him to Kiawah, a famous and wonderful place, when I called him and said I would send the plane ticket, my treat. “Bring your clubs to work on November 4. Leave after lunch on the flight from La Guardia, arrive that night, play the next day.... Hey, the weather’s gonna be cold by then.” “Great idea,” he agrees. I call Walter, tell him there will be a singing telegram for Pasquale at noon on the fourth of November. Could you ask the wait staff to tell everyone to be quiet when the singing telegram arrives? The guy came dressed up like the Phillip Morris man. The place went silent. He sang “Dreams Come True” to Pasquale, whose knees buckled when he opened the envelope and saw a ticket to Augusta, Georgia.

We woke up and went to the first tee. You could feel the ghosts similarly, but differently from the first tee at St. Andrews. It is a tangible moment, everyone feels it. Maybe even the members. It was cold and damp. His back bothered him. I felt some discomfort in my left hand. The temperature was in the fifties. It might have misted or even rained. He shot his handicap. I recreated Gene Sarazen at the fifteenth, driving it four yards from his monument, hitting my little Taylor Made Tour Cleek seven feet from a front left pin placement. The caddie said to me, “Play the left edge; it’ll break toward the water.” I hit the only perfect putt I ever have, and it spun halfway again around the cup from the pro side, top end. But we walked off happy. Lunch in the Augusta clubhouse…. Pasquale knows that a former member donated a wine cellar, and you pay what he paid for it or some incredible price. He asks the manager to see the cellar. The manager says it is impossible.... Pasquale gives him a card - the man’s jaw drops, says he’s seen him on the cover of Food and Wine and all these other things and says, “Come with me.” Pasquale returns with a bottle of 1966 Lafitte, which we share with chicken salads. We are enjoying ourselves amazingly. The Bank guy says, “Let’s go play the

par 3.” Pasquale, now in heaven certainly, pars the first four holes. High fives become tens. There is joy in the atmosphere, and the weather is getting better. The caddies are laughing, sensing a fantastic tip from the man from the city. On number five, the first hole over water, Pasquale has the honors, and tries a little five iron from 160 that ends up predictably short in the wind; adrenaline is never enough to compensate for talent. He stands there, smiles…asks us if we’d mind if he hit another one. We smile, of course, happily, and acknowledge his right, based on performance. He laterally arabesques it into the water, 75 feet wide of the green. He growls, glowers. Frowns mightily. Looks at the caddy. Turns Brooklyn, demanding another !#@*&! ball. The caddy, in horror, throws it to him. We are agape, exchanging disbelieving glances. He hosels another one, even further right. Starts an obscenity tirade. “!#@*&! this, that.” His body is flaming. I run over to him, put my arms around his massive frame, whisper to him, “Pasquale, you’re at Augusta, Augusta, Pasquale....” He shivers, stops, collapses. “I’m sorry, please forgive me.... Of course, let’s move on.” The final holes are enjoyed as before. Everyone is doing well. On the last hole, number nine, Pasquale hits first, and his ball lies two feet short of the pin. The Bank President hits his, and, incredibly, his ball hits Pasquale’s or it might have gone in. Pasquale’s ball goes two feet past the pin. The Banker’s is inside a foot. The Marietta man hits CONTINUED ON PG.16



CONTINUED FROM PG. 15 a perfect shot. It almost brushes the Banker’s ball and finishes a foot from the cup on the right side. I’m last. I’m supposed to be the player; I barely get it on the green. But what joy on the green as we finish with one three and three twos…. We have a drink in the clubhouse. Reserved merriment, but acknowledgement: “A special, amazing day.” We are leaving, heading back to the hotel—just Pasquale and I— for dinner before he goes back tomorrow morning. My friend from Marietta walks me to the car. “It was incredible—the wine, the scores, the par three, the ninth...Pasquale’s outburst! I enjoyed it, loved it.... You were great. But I have to tell you that, based on Pasquale’s behavior, neither he, nor you, will be invited back again.” “No problem. I understand. Thanks for a very special day.” The Bank President and the Tour Operator from Marietta both entertained often at Sparks over the next few years, always getting the best service and the gift of a Latour, at least. Pasquale’s restaurant became the place of choice for my mother’s birthdays in her late eighties, and he loved her dearly. He entertained the president of Tokyo Broadcast systems perfectly... giving us a bottle (jeroboam) to share. That jeroboam was on my guest’s desk in Tokyo when I appeared unannounced two years later. Of course, Sparks became very famous when Gotti sent his own form of singing telegram, a machine gun outside its doors on the street to eliminate a little Mob competition. I was there the night before. And again when they filmed America’s Most Wanted and my kid appeared in the film as an extra. One night, I took a client and my lady friend from North Carolina there, and Pasquale came over with a bottle of wine. He was limping badly. “Lover,” he said (he called me that), “I can’t stay tonight, I’m in misery— there’s something really wrong with my leg. I’m gonna see the doctor tomorrow morning, going to go home now.” He paid his respects to my guests Eliot and Paula, and I walked him out to his car. He hugged me and said, “You know, ever since Augusta, I’ve been in heaven.” He went home and died in his sleep from some sort of blood clot. I was the last person to touch him.  16 SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE  WWW.SATTMag.COM

Glenda Grow


CRS, GRI, MRE, SRES Dove Mountain & HeritageHighlands Active Adult Specialist! Top 1% Tucson REALTORS速

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Fabulous views of golf, mountains & lights from this elevated back yard on the 2nd fairway! Great winter retreat w/easy walking distance to clubhouse! 1377 sf, 2 bdrm + 2bath +2car garage. MLS#20902283 $239,000

VIEWS & located on large corner homesite backing to common area! Durango great room model w/1506 sf, 2 bdrms + 2 baths + 2 car garage. Bright, clean & ready for occupancy! MLS#20834597 $239,000

Mountains, sunsets, lights, saguaros, desert & more from this relaxing backyard! Keystone model w/extended bdrm 2 & extended garage & lots of upgrades! 1440 sf, 2 bdrm. MLS#20902401 $259,000

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Fantastic Medford model on large homesite w/views of golf, sunsets & mountains! Landscaped beautifully w/front courtyard, extended patio, waterfall & more. 2155 sf, 2 bdrm + den. MLS#20833883 $339,000

Fabulous views of the 7th fairway/green, mountains, city lights & sunsets! Medford model w/extended bedroom 2, extended garage & bay windows. 2130 sf, 2 bdrms + den +2 baths + 2 car garage. MLS#20902672 $349,900

This home sits above the 6th tees with VIEWS looking down across the fairway, mountains & city lights! Large homesite, updated home w/lots of upgrades. 1889 sf, 2 bdrm + den. MLS#20840881 $359,000

Heritage Highlands

Heritage Highlands

Bluffs At Dove Mtn

WOW! Fantastic views of the Tortolita Mountains & 16th fairway from this North backyard. Napa model is loaded with upgrades! 2316 sf, 2 bdrms + den + 2 baths + 2 car garage. MLS#20903845 $449,000

Seeing is believing! Fantastic move in ready Santa Rosa great room plan loaded w/upgrades! Elevated homesite gives relaxing views of lights, golf, mtns & sunsets. 2060 sf, 2 bdrm + den. MLS#20830400 $449,000

This home sits on common area on 2 sides allowing fabulous views of mountains, sunsets & city lights! Custom home w/exterior block walls, metal framing, gourmet kitchen, pool/spa & much more! MLS#20901354 $725,000

HOT Deals

in an ‘undiscovered’ GOLFING PARADISE

San Ignacio Golf Course


It’s time to think again.

“Drop-dead gorgeous,” mused David Johnson. “That’s the only way I can describe the golf courses in Green Valley. I was amazed that there was a whole ‘nother world south of Tucson with such stunning courses.”

While the town is home to a booming Arizona retirement community, Green Valley is a Mecca for golfers of all ages and skill levels. From championship golf courses to a highly-rated public course, you will experience all the amenities of golfing paradise in Green Valley, including fine Southwestern dining, entertainment, and world-class lodging.

Toby Farmer agreed. “I played at Canoa Ranch and could not believe how pristine the greens were,” said the 22-year-old golfer. “The course was top-notch – one of the better ones in Southern Arizona in my opinion.” Most people think about active-adult living and age-restricted housing when they think of Green Valley.

of Green Mountain Hotel Group LLC and president of the Green Valley-Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce. “We are a condo-style hotel with hotel prices. It is more of a hometype of atmosphere,” said Green. “We have 44 one bedroom suites and another 44 rooms that are larger than a typical hotel room. We are easily accessible from the freeway, but we are in a residential section.”

How Suite It Is!

Take the Inn at San Ignacio, for example. From the outside you may be reminded of an upscale condo, but this condo-like hotel operates just like a hotel, said Jim Green, owner

While the Luxury Villa Rooms at the San Ignacio will make you feel right at home – a kitchenette/wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV/VCR, and easy internet connections— the 1000-sq foot

Quail Creek

Canoa Ranch Clubhouse


 C O V E R F E AT U R E  courses are open to anyone.

Luxury Villa Suites have an intentional design.

“Anyone plays,” reassured Green. “They are open to the public. At any of the courses you will find a good mix of young and middle age and old, and everyone is 100% welcome.”

Carefully planned with southwest zest, the suites feature a large bedroom with a king size bed or double beds, a large living room with dining area, TV/VCR, a fully furnished kitchen, microwave, open/range, pots & pans, dishwasher, and even a washer and dryer. Suites also feature a private patio with dazzling views of the San Ignacio Golf Course and/or the Santa Rita Mountains.

Green Valley is a somewhat undiscovered golfing paradise. The town is far enough away so you feel like you’re getting away from it all, but close enough to avoid travel time so you have more golf time.

“One of the things I’ve heard people say is, ‘I wish we would have found you Canoa Hills years ago,’” said Green. “We know that if we can The Green Valley courses that offer get them to come one time, they discounted rates include San Ignacio will come back time after time – Golf Club, Canoa Ranch Golf Club, they will fall in love with it!” Canoa Hills Golf Course, Torres Blancas Golf Course, Quail Creek Stay and Play Country Club, and Haven Golf The Inn at San Ignacio is adjacent Course. Special rates are offered at to the San Ignacio Golf Club, and courses outside of Green Valley, as several more of Arizona’s best golf well, including the Tubac Golf Club, courses are minutes away. One of Rio Rico Country Club, Kino the features of the Inn is the staySprings Country Club in Nogales and-play packages that are offered and Del Lago Golf Club in Vail. with local golf courses. “You can get a room or a suite and golf at several different courses at a discounted rate. We have the best golf courses in the state, and you can play three courses all within a couple of minutes of each other.”

In the past, many have shied away from golfing in Green Valley, thinking that it is only for local residents or members. While there is a membership element for locals or people who would like to join, the

So whether you’re sipping wine at Lavender Restaurant or getting ready to tee off at Canoa Ranch, once you discover Green Valley you’ll most likely keep coming back. “Green Valley is absolutely beautiful,” said Green.

Getting to the San Ignacio Coming from Tucson, take I-19 South toward Nogales. The Inn is located just off of the Canoa exit of I-19. Follow the Inn signs, making a left turn on Calle Tres, then a right turn up the hill at Camino Del Sol. Follow the signs to the Inn office. The Inn is located at 1861 West Demetrie Loop, Green Valley, AZ 85614; Phone: (520) 393-5700 or toll free at 1-888-450-5444.

Torres Blancas



The Dreaded Vanishing Loft Disease BY TOM GRUNDNER I received a flyer the other day. It was from Tom Wishon Golf Technology, probably the premier manufacturer of golf club components in the world. The flyer

proudly announced that they were going to produce a line of irons that had no numbers permanently stamped on the bottom. Instead, they would use a system where the numbers would be glued in place when the club is made, so that any given iron would be... well... whatever the clubmaker says it is. I know that sounds nutty, but in reality it’s not. To explain it, though, I’ll need to give you some background. You probably don’t know this, but since the early 1970s, the loft angles on your irons have been steadily decreasing. Prior to that, irons were made to a standard set of lofts, and every club manufacturer in the world held to that standard. Then some genius realized that if you tweaked the iron lofts downward, you could market a club that “hit farther” then the competitor’s clubs. “Our 5-

irons hit as far as their 4-irons,” the marketers proclaimed. Well, duh… that’s because last year your 5-iron was a 4-iron. The net effect was that every manufacturer started tweaking their lofts downward and the “Dreaded Vanishing Loft Disease” became an epidemic. In the 1960’s and early 70’s the 5-iron was pegged at 32-degrees. By the 1980’s, the average 5-iron was 30degrees. By the 1990’s, it was 28-degrees. By the turn of the century, it was around 26-degrees; and recently several of the large club manufacturers announced their 2009 lines would feature 5-irons with 23-degrees of loft. To give you a point of reference, in 1970 your shiny new Shazam-3000 5-iron would have been somewhere between a 2- and a 3-iron! Now, before you chuckle at how boys will be boys—even in the marketing department—let me point out three additional things. First, golfers were never told that this shift was taking place. The golf magazines didn’t tell them. The golf channel didn’t tell them; and the manufacturers sure as heck didn’t tell them.


these clubs are unhittable in the hands of the average golfer; but that simply doesn’t matter—as long as sales are up. Now combine those three facts and what you get is sheer, abject, total and complete, frustration. The average golfer, not knowing that these club changes have occurred, thinks it’s his or her fault that they cannot consistently hit the ball well. As a result, some three million people a year simply give up on the game. They had bought the finest equipment and took the best lessons; but the game was just too hard. And, that’s the real tragedy in all this. So, to come back to the flyer that began this article—why did Wishon come up with the portable iron numbers? Because he sells most of his products to custom clubmakers; and custom clubmakers tend to make clubs that actually are what they’re supposed to be. His customers, however, were getting beat up competing with the big club companies and their “distance clubs.” So, now you have a choice. You can get Wishon irons that reflect what the clubs really are, or you can get them made to reflect what the golf industry wants you to think they are. Terrific.

Second, the average golfer cannot hit a 2or 3-iron. Yet, there it is, residing in your bag, masquerading as a five. Third, to go along with these farcical irons, the club companies came up with 45- and 46-inch, 9- and 10-degree drivers. The major equipment companies know

Tom Grundner is a retired Golfworks master golf clubmaker and co-author with Tom Wishon of the nationally best-selling books: The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, The Search for the Perfect Driver and The Right Sticks: Equipment Myths that Could Wreck Your Golf Game. He lives in Tucson, so feel free to email your club and equipment related questions to him at: 20 SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE  WWW.SATTMag.COM




The Exciting New World of Golf Ball Technology


LOW HANDICAPPERS AND TOUR PROS CONTRIBUTE TO THREE NEW TOUR-CALIBER BALLS Ball-fitting has proven to be a valuable diagnostic tool - helping thousands of golfers become better informed about how to choose the right golf ball for their game. “It has become a catalyst for our research and new product development, providing valuable insight into what golfers need most,” said Dan Murphy, Senior Director of Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc.

TOUR B330-RX Through its ball-fitting program, Bridgestone Golf tested thousands of golfers and found that no ball on the market could deliver TOUR-level spin and performance on the greens while also offering a softer compression that allowed moderate swing speed players the ability to compress the core in the same manner a high swing speed player does with other TOUR-level balls. As a result, Bridgestone Golf has developed the new TOUR B330-RX – a ball made specifically for low handicappers who do not have TOUR-level swing speeds, but want TOUR-level performance in their short game. The B330-RX delivers TOUR-level spin, control and feel and provides maximum

distance to moderate swing speed players (less than 105 mph swing speeds) off the tee. Designed for swing speeds between 85-105 mph, the new B330-RX is the softest multilayer ball on the market, and the first TOUR performance ball designed specifically for low handicap amateurs. “We’re very excited about the B330-RX as we believe it addresses a segment of players that have not received the attention they deserve,” said Brandon Sowell, Golf Ball Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “With the ‘RX’ players will no longer have to sacrifice distance off the tee, for better feel and spin into and around the greens.”

NEW TOUR B330 and TOUR B330-S While some 4-piece balls feature a dual core, the Bridgestone TOUR B330 and B330-S have dual mantle layers, providing several competitive benefits. For instance, the new inner mantle used in both balls provides reduced spin and a smoother energy transition resulting in even more distance off the tee. The inner mantle also performs better in windy conditions. Furthermore, the new TOUR B330 and B330-S feature a slightly softer core and cover for increased touch on the greens and even better spin performance on half wedge shots. The Tour B330 is designed for swing speeds of 112+ mph and will appeal to players who appreciate a slightly firmer feel. The B330-S is optimized for players with swing speeds ranging from 103-115 mph, and will appeal to players who value a softer feel.


BRIDGESTONE’S NEW e7+ ADDS COMPLETE VERSATILITY TO THE MOST UNIQUE DISTANCE-PERFORMANCE LINE IN THE INDUSTRY Newest Addition to e+ Series produces more penetrating ball-flight for more distance for those with a high-to-medium ball flight that desire a more penetrating trajectory for increased distance. “We have the most complete offering of any golf ball lineup in the industry because we believe one size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to balls,” said Dan Murphy, Senior Director of Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “Our innovative solutions when combined with our ball-fitting diagnostic tool assure that we’re putting a player into the best possible ball for their game. The e7+ is designed to allow players hitting it too high, or that already have optimal launch conditions, the ability to gain more distance off the tee.” With its new construction, the e7+ offers golfers high-speed distance, multi-layer performance and the accuracy and consistency of seamless cover technology. The new e7+ is a three-piece surlyn construction ball featuring a larger High Speed Gradational Compression Energy Core that when combined with the thinner Initial Velocity Booster (IVB) Inner Cover provides increased ball speed resulting in unparalleled distance. The Surlyn 330 seamless dimple design cover provides optimal trajectory and consistent ball flight on all shots.


through optimizing their trajectory height.

The Bridgestone Golf e5 and e6 balls have skyrocketed in popularity. The new e-series balls utilize enhanced design and material technologies to provide golfers with a combination of the best in distance and accuracy.

From the start, the fact that the e5+ is the only two-piece ball on the market to have a Urethane cover sets it apart from the crowd. The e5+ provides players with an unparalleled balance of the power consumers have come to expect from a two-piece ball, and the feel and control associated with a TOUR level Urethane cover. The Bridgestone e5+ golf ball features Bridgestone’s popular seamless 330-dimple pattern for pinpoint accuracy. Introduced by Bridgestone in 2001 and setting an industry standard for consistent performance, Seamless Cover TechnologyTM (SCT) provides complete dimple coverage compared to conventional balls that have a seam and may cause unexpected differences in ball flight.

“Ever since their introduction in 2005, the e5 and e6 have amazed consumers as they clearly separate themselves from the category competition with their technology, unique constructions and outstanding performance,” said Brandon Sowell – Golf Ball Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “With the exceptional performance and value of the eseries players of all skill levels have discovered that the most popular ball is not always the best choice for their individual game and playing ability. The new iterations of the e5+ and e6+ are even more amazing, using impressive new technologies proprietary to Bridgestone to generate greater performance and further reduce the effects of miss-hits.” The e5+ is specifically designed for players looking for more carry distance off the tee

Like the original e6, the new e6+ is targeted at those players whose game would benefit from having a ball that reduces a hook or slice. The Bridgestone e6+ golf ball, the softest multilayer construction ball in the market, utilizes a new inner layer material, enhanced

core and a cover that features the patented SCT (seamless) 330-dimple design to offer golfers straighter shots, and thus more distance. The new e6+ is really differentiated from its predecessor by its proprietary ASEV (Anti Spin/Extra Velocity) inner layer. The new material works to generate higher repulsion and reduce excess sidespin and backspin, producing longer straighter shots. The way this works, is that when the tangential force of the clubhead reacts with the ASEV inner layer, more force to reduce spin is created and less force to generate spin is produced. The new Soft Gradational Compression Energy Core provides an exceptionally great feel off the clubface and a smooth roll off of the putter, for unrivaled touch and control in a Surlyn cover ball. There can be no question that Bridgestone continues to make remarkable breakthroughs in golf ball design and construction. It is now for we golfers to experience their expertise and leading edge technology – and hopefully, like Bridgestone’s golf balls, take our game to new heights.

Let us turn YOUR DREAM

INTO REALITY! Do you dream of turning your walk-in closet into a bathroom? Your garage into a den? Your porch into an Arizona Room? CARLSON EBY Custom Remodel Contractor

Whether it’s a new window or door opening, an entirely remodeled kitchen or a brand new addition, we stick to our moto “Quality is our Reputation” and give the best in timely, courteous excellence.

F R E E S! E T A M I T S E

With over 30 years experience, Eby Custom Remodeling and Building has done it all with quality and style. Specialists in fine custom doors and windows

520.405.1757 LICENSED



ROC 235375



of medical services in southern Pima County. At United Community Health Center everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, can receive care . . . and every child has access to required vaccinations. They also provide dental services for children, many of whom have never before seen a dentist.

Santa Rita Golf Course Fundraising Events to Benefit Green Valley Not-For-Profit Organizations Santa Rita Golf Course will sponsor fundraising events to benefit not-forprofit organizations who work so hard to support those in need in the greater Green Valley area. These worthy groups include: United Community Health Center, the Green Valley Food Bank, Green Valley Assistance Services and the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation. Each month in 2009 one of these organizations will receive a donation from Santa Rita Golf Course in the amount of $1.00 for each round of golf played during that month at the course.

Hole No. 15

Santa Rita Pao

This fundraising program kicks off with support going to United Community Health Center and their primary healthcare services. If your New Year’s Resolution involves getting more exercise, this program just might be what the doctor ordered. You’ll enjoy a favorite pastime and contribute to supporting this nearly 30-year old healthcare organization which has been the safety net provider

EWGA Kicks Off Golf Season in Tucson The Old-Pueblo-Tucson chapter of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) will conduct its kickoff event Thursday, March 19th at the Viscount Suites Hotel located at 4855 E Broadway in Tucson. Marking the start of the chapter’s golf season, the event welcomes members and guests with a hors d’oeurves and no-host cocktail reception. Other features of the Tucson chapter’s kickoff event include a guest speaker from the PGA, a putting contest, and a chance to win a one year EWGA Classic Membership. The event runs from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Register online

Greens fees at Santa Rita have been lowered to $16 (plus cart) anytime. There is a full service restaurant open from 7AM – 3PM, Friday through Sunday, with lunch options available everyday. The course phone number is 762-5620; web site address is To learn more about United Community Health Center, please visit their website at Once you learn more about these dedicated health care providers and support staff, you may want to make a tax-deductible donation directly to them. So, when the spirit moves you to hit the links, head to the Santa Rita Golf Course and have some fun, get some exercise and help this worthy organization who works diligently to help all of us live a healthier life.

About the EWGA

at or by contacting Mary Ellen Case at by March 12 th to reserve your place. For more information about this event, contact Mary Ellen Case at .

Since its founding in 1991, the EWGA has touched the lives of more than 85,000 women by providing opportunities to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life. This not-for-profit association delivers a wide range of golf, social and networking activities for both new and experienced golfers to nearly 20,000 members at over 120 local chapters throughout the United States and international chapters in Canada and France.

The Old-Pueblo-Tucson EWGA chapter offers summer leagues, monthly golf outings, educational programs and networking events for golfers of all ability levels. New golfers are welcome. The EWGA enriches the lives of women through the game of golf. We connect women to learn, play, and enjoy golf, for business and for fun.

EWGA members are drawn to EWGA for various reasons: to learn to play golf, to connect with others for social golf, to play more often and improve their games, to test themselves competitively on the course, and to belong to a group to expand social and business connections. Those that belong to a local EWGA Chapter enjoy year-round organized golf, social and networking opportunities with the convenience to simply sign up and show up. For more information about the local chapter of EWGA and its membership, visit


Junior Achievement Open Set for May 8th at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain Tucson’s Junior Achievement Open (JAO) has already gained recognition as one of Tucson’s premier charity golf events, raising nearly $400,000 in support of Junior Achievement programs over the past four years. Now in its fifth year, the 2009 Junior Achievement Open is bringing new opportunities for engagement to its participants and sponsors.

‘R O U N D TOWN Intuit 2009 Junior Achievement Open presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

The Ritz-Carlton @ Dove Mountain Friday, May 8, 2009 at 7:30 AM Sign up deadline: March 31, 2009 Registration Fee: 4-some = $3,500 2-some = $2,000 Cindy Ramirez; 520.792.2000, Sponsorships Available

A morning tee time on the beautiful, new Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain is the perfect way to network with important business prospects and colleagues, or to reward your top performers’ efforts. As host course for the PGA Tour’s Accenture Match Play, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain provides the ultimate in high-end golf. Its traditional-style fairways cap a bluff overlooking the beauty of the Dove Mountains. These 27 holes promise to be the best Jack Nicklausdesigned courses in the Southwest. Premium golf items will be given to each participant. Junior Achievement’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs and they have been doing so in Southern Arizona schools for over 50 years. JA’s goal is the development of a well-trained and competent workforce for Arizona and a higher quality of life for its citizens. As students explore the free enterprise system, they will begin to gain the skills necessary to excel in school, in the

Ritz-Carlton @ Dove Mountain workplace and as the future leaders of our communities. JA’s programs teach students the relevance of education to the workplace. Through hands-on activities, students better understand the relationship between what they learn in school and their successful participation in our economy. JA’s programs help students understand the:  characteristics of the American economic system  relationship of basic economic concepts to their life experiences  role of the individual as a consumer and producer in the market economy  relevance of the core curriculum to success in developing rewarding careers  the importance of staying in school and completing their education.

Tucson Parks Foundation Hosts the “$1,000,000 Hole in One Contest” Six Days of Qualifying: Saturday, March 14 Sunday, March 15 Friday, March 20 Saturday, March 21 Sunday, March 22 Saturday, March 28 Feeling Lucky? Then head out to Randolph Golf Course (Chipping Area) for the Tucson Parks Foundation $1,000,000 Hole in One Contest. The cost is $10 for 11 balls. Contest information is available at right; or call 791-4161 for more information.

Two (2) contestants will be selected from each day. In addition, a Flighted Amateur

Tournament will be held Saturday, March 28 at Dell Urich (formerly Randolph South) at 8 a.m. During the tournament, participants also have the opportunity to qualify for the Hole in One Contest on each of the 5 par threes. A total of 23 golfers will qualify for the Finals to be held on Saturday, March 28 at 1 p.m. on Dell Urich Hole #9.




Economic Climate Causes Some Owners to Ditch the Office BUSINESS OWNERS OPT FOR OFFICE AMENITIES SANS OFFICE

BY MINDI JOHNSON As our recession deepens, many companies are scrutinizing their expenses; they find themselves making hard choices concerning their bottom line. When the economy is booming and money flows freely, many businesses focus on revenue and not expenses. I think we can agree that these are not those times. One way many businesses are choosing to cut expenses is by moving their offices into their homes. While this may not work for some, it does work for many. Attorneys, Financial planners, Realtors, Insurance agents and many others have found this option to be very attractive. One local businessman is helping by providing a variety of affordable office and phone solutions to make working from home a success. Mark Harris is the owner of the Intelligent Office here in Tucson. Mark and his team of professional receptionists answer phones for a large number of home-based, as well as larger businesses in Tucson. What sets the Intelligent Office apart is that the caller has no idea

A unique business model, booming in current economy. Intelligent Office celebrates the opening of a second location in Oro Valley, AZ. Left to Right: Ron Janicki of Truly Nolan; Alexis Metzler of Intelligent Office; Mayor Paul Loomis of Oro Valley; Mark Harris Owner of Intelligent Office; Stacy Harris of Intelligent Office; Jason Watson of Intelligent Office.

they aren’t talking to the company’s full time receptionist. The Intelligent Office team prides themselves on not being an answering service, but rather a complete business solution. “We can answer any business’s phone, screen their calls, share information, schedule appointments and seamlessly connect callers to the appropriate person in any organization. Our technology allows this as multiple pages of information about our clients come up when a call comes in. The customer on the other end of the phone doesn’t know their call came through us, they just know they were treated great,” says Harris. The Intelligent Office also offers first class office space with conference rooms, address services and actual offices a business can rent for as little time as an hour and up to a year to meet their clients, have training events

MOVE YOUR GOLF TO NEW HEIGHTS! Country club conditions at an everyday value. 14155 E. via Rancho del Lago I-10 east to Vail exit (279), north to del Lago! Tee times 14 days out.

647-1100 Corporate & Group Outings • League Play Charity & Holiday Events • Expert Culinary & Tournament Staff • Groups up to 250 26 SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE  WWW.SATTMag.COM

or just do business. With all of these services and this economy, business is booming for the Intelligent Office. On January 28th, they opened a second office on the northwest side in Oro Valley to further accommodate the needs of the greater Tucson business community. “We just love being able to help other businesses stay afloat and even get ahead during these times,” stated Harris. “It’s always great to see local businesses helping each other and we are excited to be able to help our fellow Tucsonans. Together we can all come out ahead!” If you would like to see what Intelligent Office can do for your business, you can visit them at either their Oro Valley or Broadway address. You can also call them at 512-5400 for a personal VIP tour.

Southern Arizona Tee Times Expands to Digital Delivery! BY SCOTT BRYANT


t would be an understatement to say that many of our investment portfolios have found the rough over the last eighteen months. Even well diversified and conservative investments were no match for the collapse of our financial system and the contraction of credit on a historic scale. As we continue to watch the confusion on Capitol Hill and Wall Street, we are still wondering if it could get worse from here and if the enormous amount of fiscal and monetary stimulus will provide some relief.

Grade Corporate Bond Fund (NYSE:LQD) or the Vanguard LongTerm Bond Fund (NYSE:BLV). An overly conservative investment portfolio with only low-risk investments, however, is unwarranted. By no means is it too early to position a portion of your portfolio for an eventual recovery. There are great values today in US growth equities that, until recently, were far too expensive. Many of these companies have little or no debt and have solid long-term growth prospects. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and Visa (NYSE: V) are a few favorites.


Finding Investment Opportunities From An Impossible Lie

Although the most shocking news seems to be behind us, caution about our immediate economic future is still well founded. Reconstructing our banking systems and restoring confidence with the consumer and homebuyer will take time and patience, regardless of congressional actions. So where should investors look for opportunities now? Highly rated, senior secured debts and insured municipal bonds have considerably attractive returns for the level of risk and should be closely considered for any portfolio. Yields on these securities are significantly higher than Treasuries and represent great value. Diversified portfolios of investment grade debt can be purchased through exchange traded funds like the iShares Investment

Certain alternative investment strategies are also attractive in today’s market. Worth particular consideration are buy-write funds like the Eaton Vance Tax-Managed BuyWrite Income (NYSE: ETB). These funds sell covered calls against their portfolio holdings to pick up additional yield from the option premiums. This strategy often outperforms when the equity markets trade within a range, which is a likely scenario for the foreseeable future. ______________________________ Scott Bryant is the Managing Director of BerylStone Asset Management and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is also the author of Safer Harbors: Navigating Today’s Extraordinary Economic Events With Ordinary Words. Scott can be contacted at

Since its inception, SATT Magazine has provided the Southern Arizona golf community with high-quality articles on golf instruction, great get-aways and the latest golfing equipment releases, quickly proving that the printed magazine is still a valuable resource to the avid golfer. Effective immediately, Southern Arizona Tee Times is taking Southern Arizona Golf News to the next level, and while SATT will still be available in printed format at all of your favorite locations, SATT Magazine has also expanded to now include SATT Digital! SATT Digital features all the great articles and pictures from our printed version, but arrives with email delivery directly to your inbox. The digital version of Southern Arizona Tee Times will offer periodic updates, and subscribers to the digital version will benefit from additional articles, expanded features, and exclusive access to discount offers and contests available only through digital subscription. To sign up, go to and type in your email address in the box that says, “Sign Up for SATTDigital Magazine!” (And as always, we will never share your information!). Please let us know how you like the digital magazine, or share your golf news, stories and photos with our readers by sending an email to We’d love to hear from you!






he Omni Tucson National Resort has opened Bob’s Steak & Chop House, ranked as one of the top steakhouses in the US. A traditional American prime steakhouse, the dining experience combines comfortable elegance, a lively atmosphere, big drinks, an extensive list of fine wines and large cuts of the finest prime steaks, chops and seafood.

décor of the upscale restaurant showcases custom accents throughout including oversized rustic brown leather chairs, cherry wood bamboo floors, vibrant earth tones blended with bold colors,

Since the opening of the first Bob’s Steak & Chop House in Dallas, TX in 1993, the name “Bob’s” has been synonymous with a great steakhouse experience. The ambiance and


wood beaming ceilings and expansive windows overlooking the Catalina golf course and the Santa Catalina Mountains. The dining experience is further enhanced with outdoor seating on the spacious and beautiful terrace, so guests and locals alike can enjoy the enchanting desert environment throughout the evening. “Bob’s has been recognized by Bon Appetit, Robb Report, Money Magazine and many other notable critics as a preferred restaurant to experience frequently. We are excited to bring this tremendous culinary experience to Tucson,” said Danny


Mix It Up!

Bob’s Steak & Chop House is a nationally renowned steak house specializing in the finest corn-fed, Midwestern prime beef. Our formula is simple: incredible meat, gigantic shrimp, fabulous salads and decadent desserts. Classic steak house food prepared and presented in a manner that Bon Appétit magazine calls “the kind of fare you’ll want to go back for again and again.” Quality and service are two of the main ingredients that make up our culture. Because of the caliber of our product, our servers exude a friendly confidence that charges the atmosphere in our restaurants with vitality. Award winning food, educated service and warm classic décor make dining at Bob’s an outstanding experience. Guests can locate restaurants, make reservations and learn more about Bob’s at

Goldmann, general manager of the Omni Tucson National Resort. Following a significant renovation over the past two years, the addition of Bob’s Steak & Chop House joins the resort’s newly opened and remodeled Legend’s Bar & Grill, 79 Mountain Vista guestrooms surrounding a new infinity pool, terrace and private cabanas, private meeting space and a new Tucson National Golf Club. Bob’s Steak & Chop House at the Omni Tucson National Resort serves dinner from 5:30pm Monday through Saturday.

The Omni Tucson National Resort is located at 2727 West Club Drive in Tucson. For more information call (520) 297-2271 or visit

You’ve left the links – now it’s time to relax at home. Here’s a recipe to bring closure to a triumphant day on the greens.

Tom Collins In the late 1800’s, this drink was served in New York bars. The “Father of American Mixology,” Jerry Thomas, published the recipe for an early version of the cocktail in his 1876 edition of “The Bartender’s Guide.” It’s a simple drink to mix, but full of flavor – the perfect way to relax after 18 holes of golf.

Try this updated version of the recipe: 2 oz gin 1 oz lemon juice 1-2 tsp superfine sugar 3 oz club soda 1 maraschino cherry 1 slice orange

In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the gin, lemon juice, and sugar. Shake well. Strain into a Collins glass almost filled with ice cubes. Add the club soda. Stir and garnish with the cherry and the orange slice.

READERS AND BARTENDERS: Do you have a Signature Drink you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you! Email to





Q. A.





AZ Publinks Championship, Randolph North Golf Course, March 6-8 AZ Stroke Play Qualifying #1, Bear Creek Golf Complex, March 12 AZ Stroke Play Qualifying #2, Arrowhead Country Club, March 16 AZ Stroke Play Qualifying #3, Silverbell Golf Course, March 20 AZ Stroke Play 2nd Chance Qualifier, ASU Karsten, April 1 San Tan Amateur, Las Colinas, April 10-11 AZ Stroke Play Championship (Exempt), TPC Scottsdale Champions Course, April 15-18

ARIZONA WOMEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION Phoenix City Championship, Encanto Golf Course, March 13-14 AWGA Four-Ball Championship, Yuma Golf & Country Club, April 20-21 Challenge Series, Superstition Mountain, April 6 18th TRANS Senior Women’s Four-Ball Championship, Mesquite, NV, April 28-30


Q. A.

Cool Clubs Pro-Am, Arrowhead CC - Glendale, AZ, March 9 Assistant/Apprentice Series, Union Hills CC - Sun City, AZ, March 23 Senior Series, Union Hills CC - Sun City, AZ, March 23 Cool Clubs Pro-Am, Seville Golf & CC - Gilbert, AZ, April 6 Assistant / Apprentice Series, Vistal Golf Club - Phoenix, AZ, April 27 Senior Series, Vistal Golf Club - Phoenix, AZ, April 27

JUNIOR GOLF ASSOCIATION OF ARIZONA Boys Golf Club - Shamrock Classic, Encanto - Phoenix, AZ, March 1 Thunderbird Invitational, Papago - Phoenix, Az, Mar 7 - March 8 Tucson Conquistadores Spring Classic, Silverbell GC Tucson, AZ, March 12-13 Desert Mashie Spring Championship, Encanto Phoenix, AZ, March 17-18 Boys Golf Club - Tee It Up, Maryvale - Phoenix, AZ, March 22 Spring Stableford, Las Colinas - Queen Creek, AZ, April 5 Boys Golf Club - Spring Fling, Viewpoint Golf Resort - Mesa, AZ, April 18 Junior/Parent Scramble, Lone Tree Golf Club - Chandler, AZ, April 26 30 SOUTHERN ARIZONA TEE TIMES MAGAZINE  WWW.SATTMag.COM

Q. A.

I like to play early in the morning. Usually there is still dew on the ground during the first few holes. Is it permissible to sweep away the dew or mop it up with a towel around my ball? Generally, improving the lie of the ball, the line of play, or the area of intended stance or swing by removing dew is a breach of Rule 13-2 (the penalty for which is loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play). However, dew, frost or water may be removed from the teeing ground. What’s the ruling regarding a player being permitted to clean the ball? A player may clean his ball at any time when it has been lifted, except for when it has been lifted under Rule 5-3 (Ball Unfit for Play), Rule 12-2 (Identifying Ball), and Rule 22 (Ball Interfering with or Assisting Play). Decision 20-1/0.7 (Lifting Ball to Determine Application of Rule) further stipulates that the ball may not be cleaned when it is lifted to determine if the player is entitled to relief under a Rule (e.g. whether the ball lies in an abnormal ground condition or is embedded in its own pitch-mark). A player plays a ball from a hazard (water hazard or bunker) onto the putting green. Once on the putting green the player realizes the ball he played was a wrong ball. What is the ruling? In match play the penalty for playing a wrong ball is loss of hole (Rule 15-3a). In stroke play, the player incurs a penalty of two strokes (Rule 15-3b). The stroke played with the wrong ball does not count in his score for the hole. The player must correct the error by playing out the hole with the correct ball (his original ball). If the player is unable to find his original ball he must proceed under the lost ball Rule (Rule 27-1). What is the ruling if a player lifts his ball in play because he feels it will interfere with another player? The player was not authorized to lift his ball in this situation. Therefore, he incurs a one stroke penalty under Rule 18-2a and must replace the ball. (See Note to Rule 22)




9777 E. Sabino Greens Dr. Tucson, Az Phone 520.749.3636 Par 71, Yardage 6776

 CROOKED TREE GC @ ARTHUR PACK REG. PARK. 9101 N. Thornydale Tucson, Az Phone 520.744.3322 Par 72, Yardage: 6887

 DAVIS MONTHAN 3965 S. Craycroft Rd. Tucson, AZ Phone 520.228.3734 Par 72, Yardage 6611

 del LAGO GC

14155 E. Via Rancho del Lago, Vail, Az Phone 520.647.1100 Par 72, Yardage 7206


600 South Alvernon Way Tucson, Az Phone 520.791.4161 Par 70, Yardage 6633


6601 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.885.6751 Par 62, Yardage 3900

 EL CONQUISTADOR GOLF RESORT 10555 N. La Canada Dr. Oro Valley, Az Phone 520.544.1800 Par 71, Yardage 6801 Conquistador Course Par 72, Yardage 6713 Canada Course

 EL RIO MUNICIPAL GC 1400 W. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.791.4229 Par 70, Yardage 6418


12000 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.749.4212 Par 72, Yardage 6630


8251 E. Irvington Rd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.791.2539 Par 72, Yardage 6567


14000 N. Dove Mountain Blvd. Marana, Az Phone 520.744.2555 Par 72, Yardage 7435 North Course Par 72, Yardage 7315 South Course

 GOLF CLUB @ VISTOSO 955 W. Vistoso Highlands Dr. Tucson, Az Phone: 520.797.9900 Par 72, Yardage 6932

 HERITAGE HIGHLANDS 4949 W. Heritage Club Blvd. Marana, Az Phone 520.579.7000 Par 72, Yardage 6904


3660 E. Sunrise Dr. Tucson, Az Phone 520.299.1500 Par 72, Yardage 7088


38691 S. Mountain View Blvd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.818.1100 Par 72, Yardage 6728

 OMNI TUCSON NATIONAL GR 2727 W. Club Dr. Tucson, AZ Phone 520.575.7540 Par 72, Yardage 7262 Catalina Course Par 70, Yardage 6418 Sonoran Course

 THE PINES GC AT MARANA 8480 N. Continental Links Dr. Marana, Az Phone 520.744.7443 Par 71, Yardage 6300

 THE PRESERVE GC—SADDLEBROOKE 66567 Catalina Hills Dr. Tucson, Az Phone 520.825.9022 Par 72, Yardage 6418

 PUSCH RIDGE AT EL CONQUISTADOR 10000 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.544.1770 Par 35, Yardage 2788

 QUAIL CANYON GC 5910 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.887.6161 Par 54, Yardage 2311

 RANDOLPH NORTH 600 S. Alvernon Way Tucson, Az Phone 520.791.4161 Par 72/70 Yardage 6863

 RITZCARLTON GOLF CLUB DOVE MOUNTAIN 6501 Boulder Bridge Pass Marana, AZ Phone 520.572.3500 Par 36 Yardage 3894 Saguaro Course Par 36 Yardage 3955 Tortolita Course Par 36 Yardage 3897 Wild Burro Course

 ROLLING HILLS GC 8900 E. 29th St. Tucson, Az Phone 520.298.2401 Par 63 Yardage 4146


64500 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.825.2505 Par 72, Yardage 6494

 SADDLEBROOKE RANCH GC 30556 S. Robson Cir. Tucson, Az Phone 520.818.6403 Par 72, Yardage 6875


16461 S. Houghton Rd. Corona de Tucson, Az Phone 520.762.5620 Par 72, Yardage 6523


3600 N. Silverbell Rd. Tucson, AZ Phone 520.791.5235 Par 72, Yardage 6824


5200 E. St. Andrews Dr. Tucson, Az Phone 520.299.0464 Par 71, Yardage 6123


3645 W. Starr Pass Blvd. Tucson, Az Phone 520.670.0400 Par 72, Yardage 7008

 THE STONE CANYON CLUB 14200 N. Hohokam Village Pl. Tucson, Az Phone 520.219.1500 Par 72, Yardage 7307


1495 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Oro Valley, Az Phone 520.825.3710 Par 72, Yardage 6715


2950 N. Camino Principal Tucson, Az Phone 520.298.6769 Par 72, Yardage 6954

 ORO VALLEY CC 300 W. Greenock Dr. Oro Valley, Az. Phone 520.297.1121 Par 72, Yardage 6964

 VENTANA CANYON 6200 N. Clubhouse Ln. Tucson, Az Phone 520.577.4015 Par 72, Yardage 6907Mtn/6819-Cyn

Download cooresponding travel map at GREEN VALLEY






1401 W. Calle Urbano Green Valley, Az Phone 520.648.1880 Par 72, Yardage 6610

5800 S. Camino del Sol Green Valley, Az Phone 520.393.1966 Par 70, Yardage 6549


110 N. Abrego Dr. Green Valley, Az Phone 520.625.4281 Par 72, Yardage 6905


2010 N. Quail Crossing Blvd. Green Valley, Az Phone 520.393.5802 Par 72, Yardage 7005


1069 Camino Caralampi Rio Rico, Az Phone 1.800.288.4746 Par 72, Yardage 7119

 KINO SPRINGS GC 187 Kino Springs Dr. Nogales, Az Phone 520.287.8701 Par 71, Yardage 6500

 PALO DURO CREEK GC 2690 N. Country Club Dr. Phone: 1.877.752.9732 Nogales, Az Par 72, Yardage 7000


4201 S. Camino Del Sol Green Valley, Az Phone 520.648.3468 Par 71, Yardage 6704

800 E. Country Club Dr. Benson, Az Phone 520.586.2585 Par 58, Yardage 3004



3233 S. Abrego Dr. Green Valley, Az Phone 520.625.5200 Par 72, Yardage 6978

 COUNTRY CLUB OF GREEN VALLEY 77 E. Paseo de Golf Green Valley, Az Phone 520.625.8831 Par 72, Yardage 6281


2500 S. Circulo de las Lomas Green Valley, Az Phone 520.625.5090 Par 72, Yardage 6464


1794 W. Newell St. Naco, Az Phone 520.432.3091 Par 72, Yardage 6778


926 N. Madison St. Benson, Az Phone 520.586.7888 Par 72, Yardage 7313

CASA GRANDE / ELOY  CASA GRANDE MUNICIPAL GC 2121 N. Thornton Rd. Casa Grande, Az Phone 520.836.9216 Par 72, Yardage 6353



One Otero Rd. Tubac, Az Phone 520.398.2211 Par 71, Yardage 6576

26000 Gila Bend Highway Casa Grande, Az Phone: 1.800.237.4238 Par 72, Yardage 7545



 SHADOW MTN. GC 1105 Irene St. Sunsites, Az Phone 520.826.3412 Par 72, Yardage 6632

 SIERRA VISTA PUEBLO del SOL CC 2770 St. Andrews Dr. Sierra Vista, Az Phone 520.378.6444 Par 72, Yardage 7074

To change or add a course lisng, please contact Mindi Johnson, Associate Editor at

11 Mission Royale Pkw. Casa Grande, Az Phone 520.876.5335 Par 72, Yardage 6700

 GRANDE VALLEY GC 1505 South Toltec Rd. Grande Valley, Az Phone 520.466.7734 Par 72, Yardage 7183


6100 W. Merrill Ranch Pkw. Florence, AZ Phone 520.723.1880 Par 72, Yardage 7282



Parting Shot This month’s photo comes from Travis Kelly, Club Services Supervisor at The Golf Club at Vistoso.

Travis says, “The Golf Club at Vistoso is a true jewel located in the Northwest section of Tucson. If I had to pick my favorite hole here, I would say that it has to be ‘Mesquite’, hole number four. A straightforward par four with a mesquite tree in the middle of the fairway. Depending on the tee box, it is 340-390 yards in length. A shot just left or right of the mesquite tree can give any level of golfer visions of being on the green in two. ‘Mesquite’ has a way of making us all feel like we are getting a handle on this great game.”

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS! We want your pictures. Have you visited a great destination lately that you’d like to share with fellow readers?  Was that shot you took picture perfect?  Did your ball, or possibly your club, end up

where it shouldn’t have?  Golf Pros, want to show off your course’s

scenery or your favorite hole? Send us your high-resolution picture with a brief description and in an upcoming issue of Southern Arizona Tee Times we’ll showcase your photo. Send digital images to


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Arizona Golf Magazine Southern Arizona Tee Times March-April 2009  

Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazine is the only frequently published golf publication in the area. Serving the communities of Tucson, Green...

Arizona Golf Magazine Southern Arizona Tee Times March-April 2009  

Southern Arizona Tee Times Magazine is the only frequently published golf publication in the area. Serving the communities of Tucson, Green...