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Bulk SMS Services in India Tree SMS is the leading Bulk SMS service provider in India. Which provides both Transactional Bulk SMS & Promotional Bulk SMS with affordable prices in India.

About Tree SMS Tree SMS is a leading, reliable, easy to use and best Bulk SMS Provider in India Offering Marketing SMS, Transactional and Promotional bulk SMS services at reasonable Prices with faster SMS gateway network and HTTP API to provide reliable service to our clients.

Tree SMS Services ❖ Transactional Bulk ❖ Promotional SMS ❖ Promotional SMS DND ❖ Promotional SMS NON-DND ❖ Business SMS ❖ Email marketing ❖ Voice SMS ❖ Reseller ❖ Unicode SMS ❖ Short code ❖ Custom SMS ❖ API Integration

Bulk SMS Messaging Bulk SMS messaging is the effective Marketing and sales tool which can send large number of SMS messages from one device to one or more recipients at single time. This is done by a software or application. Bulk SMS Messaging service is as simple as sending text Message from mobile phones or smart phones.

Transactional Bulk SMS features ➢ Can be sent to DND and NON DND numbers. ➢ No time constraint ➢ Allows to send informative and urgent SMS to set of audience. ➢ Push Delivery report option is available

Promotional Bulk SMS features ➢ SMS can be sending through Excel plug-in user-

friendly SMS Gateway, API, Web & Android apps. ➢ You can also Schedule your SMS for further date & time. ➢ Promotional SMS can be sent between9 AM to 9 PM. ➢ 160 characters of SMS constitute 1 SMS Credit. ➢ Listed DND Numbers can be extracted and will not be charged or credited. ➢ Instant Delivery for multiple operators. ➢ You can also check the Delivery Status of SMS.

Promotional DND Bulk SMS features ➢ Promotional DND Bulk SMS can be sent DND

numbers. ➢ This features will connect you with Do not Disturb activated mobile number users. ➢ You can promote your service by sending promotional SMS that is beneficial to customers.

Promotional Non DND features ❖ DND Numbers will be automatically filtered. ❖ Delivery Time is 9am to 9pm. ❖ Sender ID will be with Dynamic Numeric Sender

ID. ❖ Gateway Options are Normal SMS Gateway & High Priority SMS Gateway. ❖ Multiple SMS Gateway will automatically assigned to all clients.

Business SMS feature Using business SMS you can grow your business by telling your customers about your products and services using Transactional and Promotional SMS.

Voice SMS feature â?– using Voice SMS you can directly left a voice

message to your customers so that they can know that you are responsible regarding your services with them. â?– You can send voice message rather than normal SMS to your targeted audience to promote your product or services.

Reseller ❖ Reselling is the one of the most popular service in

India. ❖ You can use Bulk SMS service as reseller. ❖ You can purchase Bulk SMS service. Then you can

sell Bulk SMS service at your prices.

Unicode SMS ➢ Bulk SMS enables you to send SMS messages in the

➢ language of your choice. ➢ you can use Non-English characters to send SMS. ➢ A Unicode message will be at most 70 characters per

SMS message.

Short code Short codes, or short numbers, are short digit sequences, significantly shorter than telephone numbers, that are used to address messages in the Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and short message service (SMS) systems of mobile network operators. In addition to messaging, they may be used in abbreviated dialing.

API integration API allowance and processes to give programs access to connect and essentially, communicate with other programs.

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Bulk SMS Service  

iSMS application solution is a high throughput bulk SMS service, used to send large volume of text messages enabling you to engage and trans...

Bulk SMS Service  

iSMS application solution is a high throughput bulk SMS service, used to send large volume of text messages enabling you to engage and trans...