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e.p.a. Tri-Continental Youth Cooperation Project 2009

“A different Triangle Youth empowerment under a rainbow of hope” Training Course in the Dominican Republic




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“El Triangulo vino a Tingó!” 27.04. - 04.05.2009 • Haina - Santo Domingo



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Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

mfort than a ic in better co nt la At e th d our host We crosse were greeted by d an ip sh e av he Women’s leaking sl ama Tingó” (t “M es er uj M campesina Junta de ó was a black ng Ti a am M . n) e fought to associatio ece of land, sh pi e tl lit r he d by the big working t was murdere bu nd la r he to all people defend an inspiration is e Sh . rs ne ht for their land ow public who fig Re an ic in m Do this story by from the ó continues ng Ti a am M schools and rights. Mama Tingó to of a am dr e taking th y local communit centres in the where many ve of activity hi a e is re nt ills and becom Their ce me to learn sk co en om w d girls an empowered. en of Mama the magic Wom to ks an th t Our grea Tingó.

gó!” “El Triangulo vino a Tin o Domingo

a - Sant 27.04. - 04.05.2009 • Hain

Our host: Mama Tingó

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

cing, from the amazing We were always surrounded by dan Merengue and Salsa. The sounds of the Voodoo band to the loosened up and if you stiffness of the Europeans was soon it with the rhythm. didn’t look to carefully almost blended the Caribbean is more Music in the Dominican Republic and ure of communication than just an iPod, but a whole cult where people touched and swirl and talk and laugh. It’s better than television and more lively than a history book as it connects Afro-Caribbeans with their roots in Africa.

Voodoo sounds and magic dances

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

Caribbean Food

Not been able to pop down to the super market you get an old car wheel, lite a fire, get a huge pan and with all the local abundance of tropical delights, stirred for an hour ... and you have some of the most beautiful food you have ever tasted. Except as long as you have a love for chicken, chicken, pollo, frango or chicken. But done in soo many ways that even a chicken wouldn’t recognize! The breakfast on the Hotel terrace was much more ordinary boring and you had to use your knife and fork ... but with a very nice view of the sea.

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

Training & Preparation

people from 12 countries on three The purpose of this meeting, bringing together colleagues and young e in Portugal in August 2009. continents was to share our knowledge, plan and train for the big exchang and our country. We prepared the outline We looked at issues of slavery as they effect ourselves, our community by Bruno and Vanessa to the cultural, of the workshops for the Exchange in Portugal and were introduced historical and social delights that will await us in the City of Columbus! / Brazil and shared many ideas on how to We had feedback from the participants of the last exchange in Recife make the Exchange a real success. work, programming, communication In small groups and in a big round we did training in participation, group Exchange. and financial accounting - all issues we need to organise a good Youth took with them an official invitation from We discussed Travel arrangements and Visa requirements, each group the Portuguese group.

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

Studying history

We had the opportunity to see a real ruin of a Sugar Plantation, its store rooms, boiling pans, drying areas, bagging and shipping house. This area if being turned into a very good museum of Plantation Life. We felt very privileged to have a Historian as a guide who invited us to visit these historical not very well preserved remains outside of Santo Domingo. Another visit was to the abandoned Palace of the Dictator Trujillo, overlooking the sea. It was hard to realise that this was the place of mass murder, violation and torture of many, many Dominicans during the Dictatorship. The country still struggles to overcome this trauma. But with amazing organisations like Mama Ting贸 the people of the Dominican Republic are reclaiming their history and the legends of their country.

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009

We met many people in many places, always with smiles and a hospitality that has no boundaries. e So many communities wer tal nen onti interested in our Tri-C e project “A different Triangle�. Ther i Hait were many people from who kers former sugar cane wor shared the same hard work of poverty, living in wooden huts left over by the Military. a But this vibrant community had ol scho a e, clinic and a qualified nurs with qualified teachers and a bio garden that also grew plants for s med icinal purp ose s. A cera mic and p ksho wor workshop, a carpentry a cooperative food outlet. It is significant that less than 50 km away is the tourist centre of Puerto e Plata where the Europeans com the of ware again ... blissfully una pov erty and ama zing crea tivi ty resilience of the Dominican people.

In the community

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009 e.p.a. always tries to create the conditions for our host group to use the fact we are celebrating an International Event to attract politicians and those in authority to discuss and debate issues important to them. During the week we had meetings with community groups and leaders. At the May 1st Festival, an important event for the Black African population of the Dominican Republic and over the border in Haiti, we were given a rousing welcome by the Mayor, political leaders, the President of Mama Tingó and the Community Minister. There were fine speeches, beautiful singing and a feeling of a community alive and committed to change and improvements. The Black African community in the Dominican Republic have still to fight for their rights from the majority “white” spanish oriented population and are often treated as second class citizens. The importance role that Mama Tingó plays must never be underestimated in bringing lives into empowerment and dignity.

Meeting people and politicians

Tri-continental Training Course in the Dominican Republic 27th April - 5th May 2009 host in The e.p.a. team, the trainers and our ner. ban bow Portugal pose in front of the rain of young As we wait for the bus a group the road in people have filled a large hole it flat. ped with rocks and earth and stam held ds han They wait at the roadside with ... es etim som out so that passing cars can ... It rt. effo r give them a few coins for thei . tegy looks like a good fundraising stra wait the This is a community that does not argy of leth corruption of politicians or the their in re futu bureaucracy but take their in live can own hands so that their children dignity and with respect.

to The bus arrives and not being able zing dance we sing and the 6 ama rn days come to an end. We retu l u f r e home with many wond a and memories, lots of new friends programme of activities to prepare for the Exchange in Portugal. All participants took away with them a multilingual programme, official to invitations and a list of things ple. peo prepare with their young Lisbon here we come!!!

Looking Forward

Preamble of our Global Passport created when European borders shut for our partners from Ghana and the Dominican Republic

Todos os Homens livres e iguais compartem com a titular deste Passaporte Global uma visão de explorar o mundo sem fronteiras nem obstáculos. Que a portadora deste passaporte receba o maior apoio e acompanhamento possível para se deslocar livremente e que seja tratada dignamente e apreciada, sempre que ela decida descobrir e viajar o mundo em paz. *** Todos los hombres libres y iguales comparten con la titular de este Pasaporte Global una visión de explorar el mundo sin fronteras ni obstáculos. Que la propietaria de este pasaporte reciba el mayor apoyo y sea guiada en todo lo posible para desplazarse libremente y que sea tratada dignamente y apreciada cuando decida descubrir y viajar por un mundo en paz. *** All free and equal people share with the holder of this Global Passport a vision of exploring the world without boundaries or obstacles. May the holder of this passport receive the most possible support and guidance to move freely and be appreciated in dignity whenever they choose to discover and travel a world in peace.

Lisboa, 2009

e.p.a. Tri-Continental Youth Cooperation Project

“A different Triangle!” 2009

Training Course Triangle DomRep 2009  

Praia, Mindelo / Cape Verde 27.04. - 04.05.2009 • Haina - Santo Domingo Lisbon / Portuga l Hamburg / Germany Amsterd am / Netherla / Dominic...

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