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Project reference: GB-31-22-2010-R1


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What would you do if somebody gives you a e same lot of money ... and at th ates trying time you can see your m very limited to make their best out of them are strugresources? ... or some of special needs... gling because they have s? ... and which What are our basic need ided as public resources should be prov services without paying? ues These were only a few iss rkdiscussed during our wo shop sessions.


During this international youth exchange young people from both sides of the Urals shared and compared issues of poverty and social exclusion! Every group presented a workshop ... introducing the topic ... with a task ... followed by discussions or exercises at different stations ... and we came back together to feedback our ideas and outcomes in creative ways ... such as posters, little role plays, short videos or just verbal comments.


We can say that English was the main language to communicate, but because we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect everybody to come with fluent english skills, we also tried, tested and enjoyed a lot of non-verbal, playful communication. ... surprisingly also the English young people tried very hard to make their first steps with Russian and Romanian!


Beeing in Russia without singing and performing wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be very authentic. In different occasions of the exchange everybody had the opportunitiy to express her/himself in a creative way ... we took fotos, played around with video equipment and had several presentations of songs, dances and other creative stuff!


The data traffic on Facebook & Co is probably just one indicator for the bounding forces of this exchange. Maybe you wont believe it, but a few weeks after the exchange lots of young people know exactly what is going on in Tyumen, Kurgan, Liverpool, Bucharest and Feodosia! Just in case that our memories will be washed away we left a little lock at the Tyumen bridge as an eternal memorial.


The Siberian cuisine was very much appreciated ... only vegetarians had to suffer sometimes. To get to know exactly how to put the meat into a пельмени (Pelmeni) we were invited by a the WestSiberian-State-College to learn how to cook in their apprenticeship kitchen ... with media coverage ... and a beautiful traditional dance perfomance before we enjoyed the food made by ourselves!


Have you ever been in a Russian childrens camp when it is up and running? Just imagine a mixture of a Rock concert, a sports centre, an elite university, a scoutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s camp fire with guitar songs and of course a big parade on the Red Square. In a childrens camp you can enjoy all this within a few hours. We also had the unique opportunity to meet the different groups of children ... They asked questions about our countries, our languages, our traditions, about our lifestyle and many more things!


For me it was not the first summer camp. I saw in Germany it in very common that children or teenagers spend two weeks of their holidays without their parents. But the summer camp here in Tyumen really surprised me. Children and teenagers from different age spend 3 weeks together with young indivied volunteers, who want to give the children a good time.There were so many different creative and sportive activities for the children to develop their skills, that really impressed me. At the end we danced the German â&#x20AC;&#x153;labadouâ&#x20AC;? dance with approximate 350 children in a large circle, an atmosphere i will never forget!


Distances in Siberia and the Ural Region are something else: In Europe you pack a propper case for a 5 hours journey. In the East you come back at the same day because we went “just for a day out” to see Ekaterinburg and Tobolsk. And if you go there you can’t miss the road because there is only one, edged by miles and miles of wonderful birch trees.


Our short trips were very much enjoyed by all participants, because they gave time to talk and sleep and watch and sing and to play. And we also had the opportunity to get to know some historically very important places and to eat in a typical soviet community kitchen in Tobolsk. We also discovered the Beatles wall in Ekaterinburg closed to a Scotish Pub.

International Youth Exchange Siberia 2010