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Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Benefits Administration Outsourcing continues to play a huge role in the HR Outsourcing solution offered by GNSA. Most employers claim the complexity and time-consuming nature of delivering employee benefits is their number one frustration and the reason they shop for a capable partner to provide benefit administration services in the first place.

In addition, most employers believe that in order to attract and retain top employees for their company, a competitive benefit package is a requirement. Removing the administrative burden and lowering the overall cost of delivering benefit administration services can have a significant impact on employee retention, and the quality of the candidates attracted to your firm.

GNSA has been providing benefit administration services since 1997 and understands the issues related to getting this aspect of employment right. GNSA’s dedicated team can provide real value to your company by:


1. Reviewing your employee benefits in relation to your competitive environment

2. Reviewing the method you are currently using to communicate your employee benefit options

3. Identifying methods and opportunities for streamlining the benefits

enrolment services 4. Identifying time-saving methods for your existing staff to manage the administrative burden of handling employee questions and communicating with vendors

It’s not uncommon for our review of existing processes to identify methods that can save an employer 30-70% off the cost of their current method. (Some employers are still using benefit administration methods that date back to the early 1950’s). If we just described your company..…we need to talk today.

A lot has changed in the last ten years. Technology and just plain old common-sense have revolutionized the way every company can deliver benefit administrative services. The net result is faster, more efficient processes that will make your employees happier and eliminate wasted time in the HR function.

If you think you need to check out a new provider of benefits you might consider joining hundreds of other companies that have realized the easiest and most effective way to eliminate the administrative burden and lower their overall employee cost is to take advantage of one or more of GNSA’s many benefit administration service options.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing  

GNS Admin offers benefit administration services in the HR outsourcing solutions including workers compensation administration by GNSA’s HR...