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getting to know gnomelive THIS IS THE FIRST SECTION OF YOUR COURSE. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE TEXT PRESENTED HERE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Welcome to gnomelive! If this is your first time taking a course or you’re a previous user, this introductory guide is designed to familiarize you with how gnomelive operates. In all it should take you less than 10 minutes to get started in familiarizing yourself with how gnomelive works. If you have already taken a course on gnomelive you can skip down to the section titled Getting Started to refresh your memory on how to use gnomelive if it’s been a while.

gnomelive will close down at 11:59 PM on 11/29/2012 - No further work will be accepted for this semester after that time. GETTING STARTED Everything starts at the main page on gnomelive. Click on your course to see options for your course. The most commonly used action will be “START COURSE”. Clicking on this is the fastest way to get started. Gnomelive is comprised of a set order of learning. In most instances you will read each section and then take a quiz to be granted access to the next section. You can take each section’s quiz by clicking on the TAKE SECTION QUIZ.

After you complete each section’s quiz you will move along to the next section automatically. At the end of each chapter you may have an essay and/or test that you must complete before you’re allowed to proceed to the next chapter. To move backwards and forwards through each course, just use the QUICK ACCESS bar. It is found at the very top in the black bar. It is labeled as “Jump to Chapter/ Section”. From this menu you can also access your opened essays and tests.

After you finish going through all sections, essays and tests you will be told that you are finished with your course. A note about ESSAYS Essays are to be complete works of the student. Do not copy and paste from other sources as this is plagiarism and when found the student will be reported to their university. A note about TESTS TESTS ARE TIMED. Once you start a test a timer begins and continues until the time the test is to end. Leaving the test does NOT stop the timer. You can always track your progress by clicking on your course icon on the main page of gnomelive. In the far left hand corner you can see what percentage you have completed. You can also click on VIEW COURSE OUTLINE to see a full outline of the entire course as well as your current position.

QUIZ GRADE CALCULATION Quiz grades are based on a +/- system. For every correct answer given a point is given. For every incorrect answer given a point is taken away. The minimum score for any course is 0%. The maximum score for any course is 100%. How does this help? Simple. You can take section quizzes as many times as you would like. We encourage it in fact as it will help reinforce the information as question order is random so you'll need to read the question again and again and answer correctly each time to ensure that your grade increases. If you're remembering the answers, over time your score will improve each time you take a quiz. If you're just randomly selecting answers or not retaining the information, your score will suffer. Each course has a different number of total quiz questions based on total content. Some courses may have 250 quiz questions while others 350.

To find your quiz grade take the total number of points earned divided by the total number of quiz questions and then multiply by 100. If you scored 330 out of 350 that means your quiz score is (330/350)*100 or 94.29%.

ESSAY GRADE CALCULATION Essays are graded as 1 point for a complete and accepted essay and a 0 for no essay or an incomplete essay submitted. To find your final essay score take the total number of complete and accepted essays and divide by the total number of essays available. If 7 essays were accepted out of a possible 8 that means this student would have an essay score of 87.5% or a high B.

TEST GRADE CALCULATION Tests questions are evenly weighted. Your final test grade is comprised of total number of questions correct versus total number of questions available. So if you see your score is 12 out 15 that means you scored 12 questions correctly out of an available 15 questions. To convert this number to a percentage scale divide 12 by 15 and times that by 100 and you will find that on this test the student made an 80% or in letter terms a B.

OVERALL GRADE CALCULATION Grades are calculated very simply. Quizzes! .................................................................................................!10% Essays! .................................................................................................!10% Tests! ! .................................................................................................!80% ________________________________________________________________ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 100% To find your final grade follow this equation (Essay Grade as %)*0.1 + (Quiz grade as %)*0.1 + (Test grade average as %) * 0.8 = Grade For example if the student had an essay grade of 87.5%, a quiz grade of 94.29% and a test score of 80%, their final average is (87.5*0.1)+(94.29*0.1)+(80*0.8) or 82.18%.

Please note that no grade curving will occur in this class. What you earn is your final grade.

You can view all of your grades by clicking on VIEW GRADES under each of your courses.

FOR SUPPORT Have a question? Check out the online FAQ and Knowledge base at http:// You can also submit a support ticket if you are unable to find an answer to your question there at that same address. Please send all technical questions concerning gnomelive to support by submitting a support ticket at Your professor can only assist you in questions concerning course content.


That’s it! In 10 minutes you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of gnomelive!

Welcome to gnomelive  

Welcome to gnomelive