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Chapter 13 - Protecting Your Sexual Health _______________________________________________________________

AIDS and the Immune System _________________________________________________________________________________

Now, where does AIDS come in here? I am glad you asked. Although the whys and wherefores are not known, much has been learned in the last two decades. First, AIDS is a loss of immune function, leaving the body defenseless against numerous diseases that are harmless in the presence of a normal and healthy immune system, but fatal without immune protection. In the AIDS patient, a virus, the human T cell leukemic virus (HTLV-III), targets the helper T cells of the immune system. In all candor, the AIDS virus is a wimp. The immune system can easily kick its butt without much trouble. The problem is that the virus is smart enough to flee rather than fight. In a matter of fact, it goes and hides in the helper T cells so that the immune armed forces can‟t find it. It is kind of ironic, isn‟t it? The virus actually hides in a significant division of the immune defense. That‟s what it does…how it does it we still don‟t entirely understand. It is speculated that the receptor cites (a protein called CD4 ) which are found on the surface of certain subtypes of white blood cells such as helper T cells, macrophages and monocytes allow the virus to dock and penetrate the cell. After entering these immune system cells, the virus quickly turns these lymphocytes into manufacturing plants for more of the attacking viruses. It does this by penetrating the immune system cell and pouring its own nucleic acid into the cell, altering the DNA control functions within the cell and causing the newly modified DNA molecule to program the production of more of the deadly viruses. Millions of lymphocytes are brought into the cycle as the virus multiplies and effectively destroys the AIDS patient‟s entire helper T cell population. When helper cells shut down, all commands become muddled. As a result, no new antibodies are produced and no effector or killer T cells evolve. In short, no immune work gets done because the helper T can‟t call up the immune reinforcers. The invading virus is deadly in its virulence and within a host helper T cell, it can reproduce itself a thousand times faster than an ordinary virus. This explains the rapidity of the disease process. The virus destroys the T cells so fast that soon all of the helper T cells are completely wiped out. Once this has occurred, the virus dies out because there is no where for it to hide. But unfortunately, by the time the virus dies out, the AIDS victim, essentially without an operating immune system, has also lost his life to anyone of many body invaders. The previously healthy person now has no immune defense. He or she has an immune deficiency…a deficiency he acquired by reason of the viral infection. When this results, a simple cold virus can kill a person whose immune system has been compromised by AIDS.

Antibiotics _____________________________________________

Inevitably, when talking about AIDS, the question surfaces, “Why is it that an antibiotic can be used successfully to treat syphilis but not AIDS?” In order to understand why that is the case, you have to know the difference between a virus and a bacterium. A virus is a microscopic unit considered by many scientists as the smallest of all life forms. It is a totally inert chemical particle composed of a protein coat that encloses a core of DNA or RNA. By itself, a virus performs absolutely no function and remains inert, but once it enters a host cell…human, plant or animal…it becomes a vibrant dangerous living unit. When a virus attaches itself to a susceptible cell, it penetrates into the nucleic fluid of the cell. Once inside the cell, it sheds its protein coat and pours its own nucleic acid into the host cell. The host cell‟s DNA structure becomes altered, taking the structure of the nucleic acid of the attacking virus. Consequently, it changes the invaded cell into a manufacturing plant that generates yet

Chapter 13 - Protecting Your Sexual Health _______________________________________________________________

more viruses. Bacteria, on the other hand, are single cell living organisms that are encapsulated in hard, inflexible walls. They are propelled slowly by flagella that extend from their exterior walls. Bacteria are significantly larger than viruses and their destructiveness to the human host comes from the chemical toxins released as waste products of bacterial food consumption. These toxins or poisons cause cell death and resulting disease symptoms depending upon which tissue, organ or body area is targeted by the bacteria. In laymen‟s terms, the bacteria eat and poop all over the body. The poop is toxic to the cells. What the bacteria eat is an assortment of amino acids…the building blocks of a molecule protein. Now, let me answer your question as to why antibiotics can destroy bacteria, but will not affect viruses. Actually, the answer is rather easy. Chemists were aware that bacteria need to eat amino acids to live. They could not poison the bacteria because putting poison in the body would kill other cells too. Therefore, they came up with this brainy idea. They created antibiotics which resembled amino acids, but were in reality bacteria junk food. In fact, they made this bacteria junk food look more appetizing to the bacteria than the real amino acids. I said that bacteria are dangerous, but I didn‟t say they were all that smart. When bacteria see antibiotics like penicillin, they easily mistake the molecules for their much needed amino acids and engorge themselves on what amounts to be nonessential junk food. The interior of the bacteria becomes filled with the wrong molecules. As a result, there is no space left for the real amino acids or a healthy piece of protein. The end result is that the bacteria die of starvation. This is not the only way antibiotics work to kill bacteria, but it is the easiest to understand and I am all about making things easy for you. You can thank me later. The reason antibiotics cannot be used to kill viruses is that viruses are inert substances; consequently, they do not eat. And there is your answer…syphilis is a bacteria and AIDS is a virus.

How to Use Antibiotics _________________________________________________________________

Now, I said that bacteria are not too smart, but people can be even dumber. Take Hiedi Bromawitts…please do. Actually, everyone else has. Hiedi was named as the 2004 Hoo of the year by S&M Quarterly. (Just make believe here…okay!) It‟s been said that Hiedi has covered more beds than Cannon sheets, has served more men than McDonalds and has been tied up more times than Trigger. With a track record like that, you know that if you sleep with this woman, you are going to eventually run into one of those little bad boys like syphilis! I told my boss that, but he listens about as well as you do. You guessed it, after doing the deed with Hiedi, he came down with a good case of syphilis…chancre, burning urination, the whole nine yards. Naturally, he went right to the doctor. The doctor took one look at him and said, “You have been sleeping with Hiedi. Now you big lummox you have syphilis.” The good doctor told him not to worry because he was going to give him penicillin, a strong antibiotic that would clear the syphilis up in no time. The doctor gave him a ten day supply of penicillin and told him to take it for ten consecutive days. In less than three days after taking the penicillin, my boss felt like a new man…no chancre, no burning urination, no nothing. Thinking that he was cured, he decided to save the last seven days of the medication for the next time he slept with Hiedi. In reality, he felt so good he went out and made love to Susie Slut. Two days later, Susie is at her doctor‟s office. It‟s syphilis! The doctor gives her penicillin to take care of it, but the antibiotic doesn‟t work for her. Meanwhile, my boss‟s syphilis resurfaces. Of course, he gets out his leftover penicillin and starts taking that, but it doesn‟t work either. Why? I said bacteria are not real smart, but they are not exactly idiots either. What happened? Well, as soon as my boss took the penicillin, the bacteria gobbled it up like Rosanne Barr would a bag of chips. Almost immediately the bacteria started getting sick from eating the penicillin. Since they weren‟t eating the real amino acid, they weren‟t pooping all over the place. Consequently, my boss started feeling like a spring chicken on a sunny day. The problem was that although the bacteria were not functioning at a hundred percent, they were not entirely eradicated yet. My boss, thinking that the penicillin had cured him, stopped taking the prescribed antibiotic. When this happened, the bacteria started eating the real amino acids which restored their health. In fact, those that remained alive mutated into a so called antibiotic resistant strain, against which the antibiotic was no longer effective. Their restored health caused the relapse in my boss. Now, here is the important part. When my boss tried to use his leftover penicillin, the bacteria recognized it as the junk food that made them sick in the first place and they said, “No way are we going to eat that crap again.” Like I said, bacteria are not real

Chapter 13 - Protecting Your Sexual Health _______________________________________________________________

smart, but they are not exactly idiots either. Let‟s face it. How many times do you have to eat at the Waffle House before you know you don‟t want to eat there anymore? In other words, by not taking all of his medication, my boss taught the bacteria not to eat the penicillin. As a result, the bacterium that was now in his body was penicillin resistant. Worse yet, by sleeping with Susie Slut, he passed those penicillin resistant bacteria to her. People have made this mistake so many times that we now have bacteria out there that are just about resistant to every antibiotic on the market. Therefore, if you are taking antibiotics, it is imperative that you take the full prescription even though you might feel 100 percent better before you have consumed all your medication. Now that I‟ve gotten all of that off my chest and in the process saved your life, a thank you will be sufficient…let‟s look at some of the most commonly used narcotics.


Antibiotics Chapter 13 - Protecting Your Sexual Health _________________________________________________________________________________ ___...

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