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Dear Rucka, Letters to King of the Intruwebs

Dear Rucka,

Dear Rucka,

Dear Rucka,

I’ve been watching you get very popular on YouTube for the past few years. How do you plan to get to the next level?

I’m a rapper too. Do you wanna do a song together??

My little brother listens to your music all day. I don’t think he gets that you are joking. Do you think you might be hurting kids by teaching them the wrong message?







What’s the next level? Talking about my favorite cartoons on a Vh1 special? I’m pretty content with doing my thing on the Internet. I’ll stick with it for now. Unless you can get me on Vh1?


It sounds like your brother got all the good music taste in the family. I would suggest you listen to some of my songs with him, so that you may catch up with his intellect. Also, it’s a good chance for the two of you to bond instead of sending me hostile letters. Please write me again soon, to let me know how you’re being a better sister.

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