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spiraling away. Oh the bathos! The phloem cells of a vascular plant–– I failed to understand this was us in our little garden.


Each cassette contains two simultaneous episodes, one-hundred-four minutes of sieve-tube element, of saccharine content parsed out along a rotating head drum that reads as part of a companion cell tight with organelles whose diagram shows a complex of cylindrical forms that spin or pull to direct, characters like frogs croaking difference in the sameness of night onward to the flowery end.

EPISODE I pretend voices until finally admitting it is a search for yours in my own.


Black VHS in black VCR, yours the hidden noise within so many mixed metaphors. Frog that no one could find though I scan the yard with a flashlight.


G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...

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