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IT ALL STARTED one evening at a

club in Tucson, Arizona. I was decked out in a black dress, stilettos, hair down, and Christian Dior red lipstick. I was scoping the club, doing my typical “walk around” to see who was there. There were four bars and three dance floors with 1000 or so people, so this took a bit of time. The music changed from R&B in one room to techno in another. Then, there he was, the guy that I had noticed many times in other clubs. I always wanted to speak to him but the timing was never right. That night he was looking damn good, and I was on my fifth tequila so nothing was getting in my way. I made eye contact and approached him with confidence. We just looked at each other and he said, “You wanna get a drink and get outta here?” Without saying a word I placed my hand in his and we headed to the bar. We ordered 2 shots of tequila with orange slices soaked in sugar. Then we were off to his car. We got in his Mercedes and drove to his place, which was up in the foothills. I already knew this guy was a little nuts, but what came next surprised even me. We had five or six more tequila shots, only then the sugar was on my neck and the orange in my mouth.

He asked me to sit for a moment and said, “I have something for you.” He returned with a long fur jacked in his hand and said, “Put it on.” Without a second thought I started taking off my dress and bra. I’m not sure if that’s what he had in mind, but who wouldn’t go along with that? So at this point I’m wearing my stilettos, panties, and the beautiful fur jacket. Another few shots and he hands me a single car key. I knew this was not the key to his Mercedes; he told me to go check out the garage. This was the best surprise… It was a racecar! He asked me if I wanted to take a ride. Apparently caution went right out the window, because I grabbed the keys and jumped in the driver’s seat. Because there were houses under construction down the road, there was just a long paved road with no traffic. The perfect drag strip! We headed out to the road and I got it up to 150 MPH. Damn that felt good! Nothing feels sexier than driving a powerful machine while wearing next to nothing with tequila flowing through your veins.

XOXO, Molly PHOTO courtesy of MISS MOLLY

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