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JackinthePocket: Joe from Bear in Heaven asked, “When was the last time you popped one off?” Rob: [Laughs] This morning. We popped off about a dozen. We stopped at a party supply store. Mary: Yeah, we’re always popping them off. Rob:  We can’t stop. It’s a sickness. [Laughter] JITP:  What exactly is popping off? Rob: We’d tell you but then… Mary:  It’s when people have a balloon-popping fetish.

Rob: We were on tour with Bear in Heaven and Mary’s sister’s boyfriend had sent her a link to a YouTube video. At first it was really dark, and it kind of made me sad. And then I realized that this guy was just like, totally cool with it and totally stoked on himself. It’s a little old man in boxer shorts in a room filled with balloons.   He has a thing for sitting on balloons until they pop.

tried it with clothes.  You’re kind of sitting there and there is this tension like, “When is it going to pop?!” and then it pops!   Mary:  Weirdly enough, whenever we play with Bear in Heaven there are balloons around....

Mary:  At the end of the video he’s like, “Do you like popping off? Email me if you like to pop off– poppingoff@ yahoo… or something. Rob:   I guess it feels…. Well we’ve tried it actually.  We all tried it. We weren’t like nude or in our boxers.  We PHOTO by G’NAT

G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...

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