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feud. I would cluelessly nod my head and play along. In order to feel less like a loser, to learn more about the mysterious world of pop music, I spent nights sneaking and recording Top 40 tunes from the radio on my tiny tape recorder. As technology progressed, my longing to stay astride with the pop music parade turned into a dire need to be ahead of the curve. I wanted to know about the next big thing before it hit the mainstream. The day I was dropped off at college, the rock n’ roll floodgates opened. High speed Internet in my dorm room was a newfound luxury that gave me access to full albums by artists I knew little to nothing about. Independent radio stations in town promoted music that I could actually identify with. And I could purchase tickets to

concerts without first having to ask for my parents’ approval. The shows I attended in the first year of university became my drug of choice. I would attend a minimum of 5 performances a month. The roar of the crowd, the bright lights, the vibration of the bass through my body made my heart feel like it was going to burst through my ribcage. I saw girls sob with ecstasy when they shook hands with a handsome lead singer. I saw guys push and shove the shit out of each other for fun in a mosh pit. I wanted to know more about the bands who conducted so many people into feeling so many different emotions.

adulthood quickly wore off. To lift my spirits I began to attend 2-3 shows a week. Chatting with bands allowed me to live vicariously through their tales. Jack in the Pocket was my way of sharing these interactions with other music lovers. Every interview changes how I hear their recordings. There have been times where interviews have blown up in my face, other times when the conversation was like an awkward business transaction. Then, there were the magic moments when questions opened the doors to incredible, hilarious, insightful, and/or completely insane stories like these:

A few months after I graduated, I got my first “real” job as a customer service representative/bitch for a non-profit company. The novelty of



Justin: Like, I got cut by a girl once. JITP: Like, knifed?! Justin: Yeah. I was hanging out at

a bar with her. And she just had this knife hanging around her neck. And all of a sudden, I felt sharp pain in my arm, and I look down, and she was like trying to dig a little cut into me. She was super-attractive, and PHOTO by G’NAT

I was trying to see what happened.

the money man.

And, they all show up. I was trying

Justin: He’s an Italian baron. So,

to get away from them with this girl. I was trying to get away with them, and they all show up like five minutes later with this dude Kody, who’s like this friend … Matt: He’s our friend who has

basically just limitless money. He’s

he’s sitting there watching this girl cut me with a knife like, what are you doing? And I was trying to go

along with it, but it hurt. And then I look over at her arm and she’s got all these cuts on it too and she’s like, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...

G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...