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The Columbus, Ohio based indie music blog, is masterminded by Katie Pearce. She collects stories of bands on the road and the shenanigans they encounter.


Hello, my name is Katie. I am an audiophile and a record hoarder. Whether it’s performing, going to concerts, collecting vinyl, surfing through thousands of mp3s online, or talking to musicians in person, I am officially, deeply, and hopelessly obsessed with every facet of the music industry. This infatuation stemmed from my childhood years of living in a censored and strict household. From

an early age, my parents encouraged me to learn the violin and piano. My parents were hyper-aware of the changing world of media and would not let me listen to the radio or watch television unsupervised for fear of it spoiling my innocence. Middle school friends would endlessly gab about the latest Britney Spears music video they saw on MTV, or the newest N’SYNC/Backstreet Boys/98 Degrees

G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...

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