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Jet Juice Jet Juice hails from Philadelphia but currently resides in Columbus. He has been involved with music production for the last four years. At 16, he is the youngest producer on staff at Knowbodies Business. Juice comes from a musical family. His father owns his own studio and record label; however, Juice decided to pursue his own path, with aspirations to own his own record label. Juice is featured on Knowitalls - Millennium Apocalypse.

Deja Vu Deja Vu has been involved with music production for four years. He produces music with the specific goal of helping people strive for selfimprovement. On the Knowbodies Business production staff, apart from Rasul himself, he is the go-to producer. The fact that he’s a 17year old high school student has not hampered his ability to be an effective producer in studio and live applications. Look for the single produced by him, Blow Up, on Knowitalls – Millennium Apocalypse.

Fyur aka Hot Bandit Fyur (Hot Bandit) is head of promotions & PR for Knowbodies Business. You can also catch a cameo or two from Fyur on Knowbodies Business tracks here and there.


G'NAT mag : Episode 03  

In the "Sci-Fi Holiday" third episode of G'NAT mag we talk with musicians, producers, indie journalists and poets, all the while bearing wit...

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