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Rasul the Knowbody Rasul Muhammad Elder was born in 1981 in Jersey City, in the shadow of the New York Skyline. It was this unique setting that seduced the young Elder into a life of rhymes. Hip Hop was in full swing, and Elder’s father, Raw Street Poet, Rap Lord Supreme, was at the epicenter. It was with his father that Rasul, at 11, performed with Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, The Bran Nubians, King Sun, and Just Ice, just to name a few. As a young teen, Elder developed a talent for songwriting, and by 16 he had recorded an album with producer Dark Blue. At 17, Elder toured Europe with his teenage friends U.N.3, playing shows with Mobb Deep and Foxy Brown. At 19, Elder moved to Richmond, Virginia, to learn recording engineering at the Sound of Music Studios, coowned by David Lowery of Cracker and John Morand. Elder learned the art of analog recording and became Rasul the Nobody. He performed shows with Safety Hawk, a Punk/ Hip Hop band, before forming Tiger Bomb, a Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/Punk band. Both bands toured extensively. In 2004, Elder organized the Ingredience Hip Hop Festival in

Richmond. By 2005, Elder was The Hip Hop Music Director at WRIR 97.3 FM. He formed a show called Ingredience Radio, which featured artist

Nicole Wray, and the Wailers. Rasul formed a friendship with Drummie Zeb of The Wailers and joined his side project the Razor Possie/Ragwa, with members of Parliament Funkadelic and Bad Brains. They did one National Tour.

In 2006, Elder became the First Poetry Grand Champion of Richmond, V i r g i n i a , and went to the National Poetry Slam with a Richmond based team. In 2008, Rasul became Rasul The Knowbody Elder and attended the National Poetry Slam with Slam Nahuatl out of Richmond, taking second place for group pieces. Then, in 2009, Slam Nahuatl won first place on Broadway at the Sound Bites Poetry Festival, fifth at Southern and returned to Fried, Nationals revered. Elder also released a solo album titled The Hexagon Sound Track ,which sold 10,000 copies that year.

such as the Roots and Jean Grae. This was also the year Elder did his first poetry slam tour, founded Ingredience Magazine (which later became RVA Mag), and released his solo album W.W.W.D.O.T.C.O.M. Rasul worked at Donland Studios, with Busta Rhymes’s producer Chucky Madness, Mad Skillz,

Elder currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, where he is the founder and Slam Master of the KnowVernacular WordSlam Team, Victory Sound Lab, and Knowbodies Business. Since moving to Ohio, Elder has penned songs with D.O.B. and Khil, featuring M-1 of Dead Prez. He has toured with Talib Kweli, and has done shows with Curren$y, Big Krit, MGK, and AZ. He released Circle and the Square in 2012, performing nationwide on the Full Circle Tour.


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