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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch by Nagaraj on January 12, 2013 in Apple, How To's

One of the biggest complaints of Apple is having the limited access to its devices.The only access is offered through iTunes, that too we have limited access and we cannot control many parts of our phones or tablets. Today i am going to present How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch

Method I : DiskAid DiskAid is a free program for Windows and Mac that lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as an external disk and copy files and folders via USB between your device and computer.

How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch Features:        

It’s completely free Compatible with Windows and Mac OSX Supports iPhone 1, 3G,4,4S and all versions of the iPod Touch Automatically detects the device (just plug) Allows you to Transfer files from PC to iPhone or iPod Touch To navigate between all the files and folders in your iPhone Support drag & drop No need jailbreak

With DiskAid you will have access to the Media folder of the iPhone, or if you have a jail broken iPhone you can access the Root folder. Download DiskAid :

Method II : i-FunBox The i-FunBox, is a powerful file manager that can be used for the iPhone and iPod Touch, lets you navigate and explore everything on the Apple device like a USB or a memory card that is connected to the computer.

To launch this application you just have to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the PC and start the program,It is portable and require no installation. After connecting the device, it will will read the contents of the devices in seconds and show them in a dual panel display sorted in folders.

With i-FunBox, you can transfer all the files you want on your iPhone or iPod and vice versa (mobile to the PC) in an easy and simple way, so they can take advantage of your device using it as a storage unit or as a portable disk USB, allowing them to back up all your favorite music and video files. The only requirement needed is that you must have iTunes installed. Features:      

No installation required Easy access to the contents of the iPhone Transfer Files easily, simply drag and drop It is portable Compatible with XP, Vista,7 License: Free Tutorial:

How to Transfer File from PC to iPhone or iPad Touch using i-Funbox

Download i-Funbox

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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone  

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