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Protocols of the High Command of WW3 Compiled by the Prime Minister

Suppressis Mali, Aliquam Libertas, et agentes vocem ad eos cum nemo Striving to supress evil, protect freedom, and give a voice to those who have none. Watch our Vision Video

Our Goals Long Term Goals Our long term goals stretch far beyond any future election. We plan to be a permanent presence in the Forums. People may succeed the older, but the Party is designed to stay.

What We Do NOT Ultimately Want, But Will Be Useful Power

Though we do want power as a result of an election, it is a temporary power, more of a badge to do something. We would rather do that something with or without a badge.

Less of Power, the more we want Responsibility. Popularity We believe popularity breeds cliques within the Forums. We seek to work with all, regardless of who you are. To us, all members(and non-members) and their inputs are equally respected. But popularity helps in spreading our principles.

Less of Popularity, the more we want Respect for all. Position Though we want the glory of winning a short-term election, we cannot let it blind us from winning a long-term struggle. An elected party only has a badge. A non-elected party can serve the Forums as an elected one.

Less of Position, the more we want Resilience.

What We Do Want To Suppress Evil We are God's soldiers. Though we value freedom, it is secondary only to righteousness. We want to instill in our members a love for God's Word and Truth, and to actively shun moral evil where it arises in the Forums. We cannot allow for schisms and conflicts between.

To Protect Freedom We believe that the Forums should have the most possible liberty, as led by the Holy Spirit. But also, we would like to respect those that are higher, such as our moderators and administrators, whether or not we agree with their rules. but if we are given a chance to enact a change, we will stand for freedom.

To Give A Voice To Those That Have None We want to give a voice to those that are not highly active in the Forums. We believe they are not integrated in very well, therefore, a dropoff results. We value the input of our members and implement them swiftly; giving credit where it is due; and make this Party their own.

And To Leave A Legacy The Forums remember the parties for what they have done. We will do better. We will make our presence known, and we will record our victories. We want do something as permanent as the Ranger program, Newsletter, and the Elections. By His grace, we will.

Short Term Goals Short term goals are per election basis.

Definite Improvement More than victory, we want to see the Party improve qualititatively and quantitatively. a). Legacy Threads: Our legacy threads (threads that mark our influence on the Forums) must be written. If we win, our quota is ten threads or more or one for each Ministry + Royalty. If we lose, half that. We need to train those to write and maintain the Legacy threads. b). Number of Appointments: If we increase our staff by at least 25% per election, our goal is met.


For short-term elections, our goal is victory.

Planned Defeat

If we cannot achieve victory, we must plan our fall. This will mean putting the Party members in a state of "hibernation" until the next election.

Our Plans The Plans will be implemented whether or not we win or lose. A. High Command Plans 1. Moderatorship: install a WW3er if possible 2. Ranger program: install a WW3er if possible or desired, not desired, yet 3. Newsletter: install a WW3er if possible, Whitney in the process 4. Appoint Losing Parties 5. Merge with and make the "I Lost the Prez Party" a separate branch. B. Royal Family Duties: 1. Serious: Write a Mock Government, Parliament of the Ministries thread (DONE) 2. Seriously Fun: Maintenance of the Royal Family thread by new events every month or so, merge Chat monarchy, and the Knighthood Order. 3. Chapel: Universal Prayer Request/ Prayer Chain Program and./or Devotional (NOT FINALIZED) 4. Artist Loft: (NOT FINALIZED) C. Parliamentary Duties: 1. Library: ??? (how to implement our platform) 2. Student Body: I would like to steal BSP's idea of making a video for the Forums. Or do something better. Unless we merge with them. Then we shall support this idea. 3. Marketplace: The Marguerite Plan 4. Debate Hall: Continue DebateComp 5. CP! Groups: (NOT FINALIZED) D. Duties of Both Branches: 1. New Members: Welcomes and make friendships. Suggest Chat. 2. Birthdays: if Mikay's party merges with us, we will incorporate her Group Card program 3. Chat: Higher participation and Q&A 4. Skype: Monthly Party Calls 5. Social Networking: Introduction of new members to CP! Facebook Group and G+ Community. 6. Maintenance of Parliament/Mock Government thread 7. Game Time: Maintenance and expansion of WW3.

Our Structure Party Branches High Command The High Command is the head of the Party. From the High Command, orders are issued to the Parliament of Ministries and requests to the Royal Family. They are to orchestrate the Party. Also known as the "Strategic Command".

Royal Family The Royal Family is the face of the Party. The Royal Family is concerned with the social and ceremonial functions of the Party. Also known as the "Ceremonial Guard".

Order of the Knighthood A branch currently residing within the Royal Family. Contains the Knights. Once it expands, it will become a separate branch.

Parliament of Ministries The Parliament is the arms and hands of the Party. The Parliament is concerned with legislative and bureaucratic functions. Also known as the "Tactical Command".

Our Duration The Party is meant to be "eternal", that is, it is to exist whether or not we win or lose, and whether or not the elections are upon us. It means that all persons that have positions will keep them forever unless they actively do not want to be part anymore, they are banned from the Forums, have graduated, etc. However, their positions are reserved to them until further notice, if they remain in the Forums.

Our Manuevers If it is ever necessary for an election, the Party is designed to split up to four different parties, and possibly more if we merge.


Diplomacy with the other parties must be peaceful enough to allow for merges. This will be done if the party in question is close to our ideals. With merging, the combined parties will keep its own separate identity, but will run as one in the election.


After the elections, the Party recommends hiring the talent of other parties to our party. Smaller parties than us are preferred. They may make up a new Ministry or Branch, depending on size. This will greatly increase our chances of winning.


In the event of a merge or assimilation, a separation may follow if it is necessary. Today, we are capable of splitting into four parties, maximum.

Our Staff July 2012 Commander-in-Chief/President Schylar Reed of Gondor Strategic Commander/Vice-President Joshua Loomis of Erronithia King Adam Narya of Narnethia Prime Minister/Coordinator gmx0 (Samx) of Neo Samosa Supreme Dictator Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo King Adam of Narnethia Mother Queen Whitney of Silveria and Verne High Queen Sofia Soul Pea Princess Mia Lady Victoria Lady Olivia of Luminne Duchess Chelsea Grandmaster of the Royal Knighthood Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands Royal Knight Melessa of Esmarga/JB Empress of the Forums Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo Royal Translator Southern gal Chaplain Samx Prime Minister/Coordinator gmx0 (Samx) of Neo Samosa Head of the Ministry of Truth/Supreme Propagandist Connell Howard of Majestic Dawn Head of the Ministry of Love Katherine/Katie A of Sho-rock Head of the Ministry of Peace Whitney of Silveria Head of the Ministry of Intelligence/Intel General Dawson of Dawesomenia Head of the Ministry of Plenty/Rations Officer Esther Mielke of Idiosyncratic Igloo Head of the Ministry of Chivalry/Grand Marshall Shadow_Knight of the Shadowlands Head of the Ministry of Goodwill Kaitlyn Semones Head of the Ministry of Music Bob Head of the Ministry of Freedom Trenster of Trentopolis Head of the Ministry of War SWAGIN Shadow of High Rahn Empire Head of the Ministry of Chat LaurenE Head of the Ministry of Linguistics Southern gal

Today is a the start of a new Era in the Forums. And you are part of it.

Protocols of the High Command of WW3 #1  

The first of the Protocols of the Valiant Defender's Party.

Protocols of the High Command of WW3 #1  

The first of the Protocols of the Valiant Defender's Party.