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Honoring the Legacy of Dave Gavett: Headmaster, Alpine Coach, Theater Director and Teacher


EDITORS Chris Crowell Diane Jewell

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DESIGNER Diane Jewell

Project-Based Learning Is Inspiring Students 3-4 by Alice Rodgers

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Alpine Update by Steve Utter



Nordic Update by Garrott Kuzzy


COVER PHOTO A living example of Dave Gavett’s leadership at GMVS is the Kelly Brush Race Arena, which has been improved dramatically in close collaboration with Sugarbush Resort. GMVS now has two dedicated training trails with two private surface lifts and a chairlift to allow for continuous training on a variety of terrain. We have warming buildings at the top and mid-run with a clubhouse at the base. Our 150+ rolls of b-net offer unmatched protection. GMVS also owns snow guns to ensure great early season training. See the tribute to Dave on page 9.

A Tribute to Dave Gavett


GMVS Alumni: A Lifelong Passion for Skiing


GMVS Racing on the World Scene


Class Notes


Alumni Community Events


International Students at GMVS


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Green Mountain Valley School- GMVS


Greetings from Dave Dear GMVS Community, It is with love and gratitude that I write this final letter for our school magazine. GMVS has been so much more than a job or a ski academy to me. It has been a family and a community in which I have married, raised my boys, and have felt great love and support for 37 years. In retiring as Headmaster, I am departing from an incredible school with a powerful mission. GMVS truly does “develop the whole person with a life-long love of learning, sport and adventure”, and I am proud of that.

As the school year comes to a close, I will certainly miss working with the dedicated GMVS trustees, faculty and staff and will miss the parents who’ve shown support of the school in so many ways. However, I am especially thankful to all the students and alumni who’ve inspired me over the years. It has been a privilege to watch all of you grow and mature as students, as racers, as thespians and as human beings. I am honored to have been one small piece in your lives. You truly make me proud to have been part of GMVS for so many years. The sadness I feel about retiring from GMVS is tempered somewhat by knowing that I will finally have more time to correspond with alumni—an opportunity which I have truly missed in recent years. I’m also grateful that the Board of Trustees and Search Committee are working tirelessly to find the school’s next leader. I have complete confidence that they will choose the best candidate to further our mission and enable GMVS to become the best ski academy that it can be. I wish everyone well in the GMVS community, and I will love GMVS forever. Sincerely,

Dave Gavett GMVS Headmaster


In this issue, you’ll see examples of many alumni who have maintained a passion for skiing well beyond graduation and are still involved in the industry in some way, shape or form. This issue also captures how the past few months have been amazing in terms of race results- current GMVS students and alumni raced this season on the international stage, at the highest levels, with great success. In addition to showcasing impressive depth of talent in racing, we are also sending our seniors off to excellent academic institutions for college.

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Project-Based Learning Is Inspiring GMVS Students by Alice Rodgers

We can all readily acknowledge that memorization, regurgitation, and the quest for grades are temporary strategies, the results of which can dissipate over time. Deep learning, on the other hand, stays with us forever. When engaged in deep learning, we are motivated to think critically, solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, direct our own learning, and continue learning! Motivations such as the need to solve real world problems, problems that are meaningful and relevant, are at the center of project-based learning. In project-based learning, students are active, not passive; projects engage their hearts and minds and ignite their curiosity. Effective project-based learning has several key characteristics. It • Leads students to investigate important ideas and questions, • Is framed around an inquiry process, • Is differentiated according to student needs and interests, • Is driven by student independent production and presentation rather than by teacher delivery of information, • Requires use of creative and critical thinking and skills to investigate, draw conclusions, and create content, and • Connects to real world and authentic problems and issues. Since our four-day workshop with the Buck Institute for Education last spring, GMVS teachers have been integrating project-based learning into their curricula at all grade levels and across several subject areas.

U.S. History, Grade 11 Wonk Book

n, n-Fictio o N e iv Creat 12 Grade Podcast A n Rice: Peas o dcast wn po

the heir o ated t he theme of y e r c s t t s. The Studen focused on g storie gy for s e in ll d e o t is d ep olo an writing t audio techn nected class: n a c v nd on cast rele iting a d e pod learned d n online g a n in a d r o o t c s e r uct d prod finishe host.

Based on the Washington Post’s daily blog, a wonk book is a daily commentary on key issues including economics, politics, and domestic and international issues. Students created daily wonk books and rotated through the roles of editor, reporter, and writer.

Alternative Geometry, Grade 10 Angle-Angle Similarity Students utilized the angle-angle similarity postulate to determine the height of a pole on campus. The pole and person make right angles with the ground, and the height of the student is known. Using a mirror on the ground to create shadows, students measured the shadows and created equations to solve for the pole’s height.


Civics , Social Grade 9 M edia the Fir st Ame to Advance ndmen This t class Using

gather stream ed so s to cial m unified create edia a n a r t r h a e tive a single nd ar matically and p tic o the Fir st Ame werful mess ulate a age a ndmen bout t.

Advanced Biology, Grades 11 and 12 Mad About Trout While raising brook trout from eggs to alevins, the Advanced Biology class studied the importance of biochemistry in supporting the aquatic organisms. The project culminated with the release of the avelin into the Mad River.

Project-Based Inquiry, Grade 12 All the students taking Project-Based Inquiry were required to draw on previous knowlege in math, physics, science and art to build working solutions to real-life problems. Students learned to research scientific topics, write a research proposal and build a working preliminary model.

Josh and Forrest designed a radiant water heater with an insulated water holding tank and tubes through which water could circulate and be warmed. The tubes were arranged to take advantage of convection currents.

Model of wind turbine

Victor and Timmy used radiant energy and a Fresnel lens, creating an inexpensive way to purify water for third world countries.

Tubes for warming and circulation

Insulated water holding tank

Fresnel lens purifier


Jimmy and Carter chose to harness wind power with a home-sized wind turbine that could be cheap and accessible to the 1.3 billion proverty-stricken people in the world.


Alpine Update by Steve Utter

After last year’s record cold temperatures, this year marked the warmest winter in 121 years. GMVS rallied throughout the season to create the best training and racing opportunities possible, and our racers thrived. Continuous training would not have been possible without the cooperation and generosity of Sugarbush Resort, which provided instrumental resources and support throughout the season. Intense snowmaking early on allowed GMVS to have training before most other eastern mountains had trails ready. Sugarbush also offered other trails to GMVS for training, including Elbow and Spring Fling. As temperatures began to creep up at the end of February, the resort made a tremendous effort to help us host FIS races when other mountains couldn’t. We are truly grateful. Our coaching staff also worked tirelessly. Head Coaches continuously watched the weather and adjusted schedules to optimize training, while all coaches put forth an incredible amount of effort with fencing-- setting, resetting and moving net to various training venues. Because of the adverse conditions, in-season training was skewed toward slalom. As a result, we hope to refocus efforts on giant slalom through our spring and summer camp opportunities. GMVS shined throughout the season, demonstrated incredible depth of talent throughout all age groups, and achieved all our Alpine goals in spite of challenging conditions. We look forward to another successful season and colder temps next year!

GMVS Alpine Success This Season (Not Including Alumni) Silver Medal- World Youth Olympic Games Ali Nullmeyer (U19) Silver Medal- Longines Future Champions Ben Ritchie (U16) 2nd place- U19 Nationals Downhill Logan Slattery Eight U19 racers at US Alpine Championships One U19 racer at Canadian Nationals Two U19s at Junior World Championships 2nd Place- Overall Boy at U16 NationalsBen Ritchie 12 racers at U16 Nationals (including one U14) 27 racers at U16 Eastern Regional Championships (more than half the racers representing VT) 1st place- Overall U16 Boy at Vermont State Championships- Max Martin 2nd place- Overall U16 Girl at Vermont State Championships- Izzi Nolan 10 racers at U14 Eastern RegionalChampionships




Nordic Update by Garrott Kuzzy

The 2015/16 winter threatened much of the New England Nordic racing season. With little natural snow, the racing schedule was at constant risk. Long adventure skis on the Catamount Trail were non-existent. Getting lost on the ski trail? Impossible. The winter was spent chasing ribbons of snow at the few Nordic centers in the east with snowmaking. As it turned out, these small man-made trails of up to 5km made a great training and teambuilding environment. Skiers were constantly under the watchful eye of coaches. This supported any technique adjustments, leading quickly to big improvements. Socially, the team spent a lot of time together, and the younger skiers had more opportunity to learn from the older skiers. This training environment helped lead to a successful season, despite challenging conditions. All four Eastern Cup weekends were held on man-made loops. GMVS qualified three skiers, Forrest Hamilton ’16, Elliot Ketchel ’17, and Walker Bean ’17 for the Junior National Championships in Telemark, Wisconsin. These boys finished in the top-10 of their races and led Team New England to the overall team victory. A big congratulations to GMVS alumnus Nick Gardiner PG ’15 who stood atop the podium after the 10km classic race. GMVS skiers had a strong finish to the season at the Eastern High School Championships (EHSC) at Rikert Nordic Center in Ripton, Vermont. Forrest, Elliot and Walker finished with overall EHSC rankings of 1st, 4th and 5th. Together, these GMVS racers helped solidify another season victory: Team Vermont’s win over all other New England State Nordic teams. Our two boys eligible for the U16 New England Championships, Tanner Ketchel and TK Despres, qualified and competed for Team Vermont. As first-year U16s, this was an excellent accomplishment. Tanner and TK were joined by our third 8th grader, Carl Kellogg, and our G7 skier, Charlie Purcell, at the Bill Koch League Ski Festival in New Hampshire, with hundreds of youth skiers from around the Northeast. All three GMVS 8th graders had top-5 finishes.


The Nordic team also had several winter camps. We spent two weeks skiing on early season snow in West Yellowstone, Montana. Another highlight of the winter was a trip to Maine to watch a series of Biathlon World Cup races in Presque Isle. The Gumbies represented their green racing suits on television across Europe,

forerunning and spectating on the sidelines. Margo Nolan, a GMVS alpine racer who joined the Nordic squad full-time in December, said one of her favorite aspects of Nordic skiing was that the team skis in so many different places. The week in Maine showcased that aspect. We skied at a different touring center every day, exploring the powder-filled woods. The team also traveled to Montreal in March to watch the Nordic World Cup races and cheer on former GMVS racer, Caitlin Compton Gregg, 2010 Vancouver Olympian and bronze medalist in the 2015 Nordic World Championships. Caitlin and her husband, 2014 Sochi Olympian Brian Gregg, spent a week on campus at GMVS after the Canadian World Cup races. Caitlin shared her World Championships experience with the school during one of our Tuesday assemblies and spent the week training with the Nordic squad. GMVS Nordic also continued the tradition of working with the Mad River Bill Koch League (BKL). GMVS Nordic Coach Katrina Howe spent time at most of their weekly practices, joined by GMVS teammate, Lizzy Martin PG ’16. The Greggs led the final BKL practice of the season and kids left with signed posters. We are preparing for the spring and summer, including a visit from students at the Oberschulzentrum Mals, our partner school in Mals, Italy. GMVS will once again host the USSA Regional Elite Group camp in June for New England’s top junior Nordic skiers, as well as two summer camps, June 15 - 18 and June 18 - 21. We would also like to extend a big thank you to the Rikert Nordic Center in Ripton, whose tireless snowmaking efforts kept us on snow daily this winter.



“GMVS is a wonderful combination of hard work, strong

A Tribute to Dave Gavett: Looking Back with Admiration In a field where most careers last only five to 10 years, Dave Gavett has done something truly remarkable. Under his direction as Headmaster for nearly 30 years, GMVS earned its reputation as a premier ski academy with excellent academics and some of the best young racers from around the world. It has evolved into a modern campus of classrooms, athletic facilities, library, dining hall, and dormitories. GMVS has graduated a string of successful athletes (not only ski racers) as well as impressive scholars. It has inspired young student-athletes to pursue their passions and challenge themselves, both in sport and in life. Undoubtedly, Dave’s passion for the school has shaped every major programmatic and physical change at GMVS, and his name is synonymous with the institution. When asked about his legacy, however, Dave refuses to take any of the credit. “Everything we’ve ever done here has been collaborative,” Dave says. Whether it was building a new structure on campus, orchestrating a theater production, or clearing the Brambles trail at Sugarbush to create additional training space, the staff, students, and community were always deeply involved, and they were always willing to pitch in when the need arose. Dave Gavett has made many changes at GMVS during his tenure, but he is proudest of what he hasn’t changed. “Student-athletes come together through a shared passion for ski racing, and GMVS uses ski racing as its metaphor for life…to teach lessons about perseverance, hard work, failing and trying again. That’s what GMVS always has been and always will be.”


Whether studying on the side of a river, in front of a wood stove, in the LEED-certified library, or in the renovated Weiss Academic Building, GMVS academics have always revolved around the need to be creative, spontaneous, and efficient. Gavett says, “Our strong academics have always made GMVS stand out. In recent years, we’ve really had to change with the times and become more deliberate and scheduled, but our student-athletes still face the same challenge of how to get it all done in one day.” “During a meeting in his office, Dave told me that perseverance is what will bring success. My family had taught me that hard work and taking chances was the key to success, but in Dave’s office was the first time I learned the word ‘perseverance’, and it lives on with me every day.” - Daron Rahlves ’91

Theater The theater program has come a long way! The first year, only two students signed up to be in the play, and Dave had to convince eight more. Last year, more than 50% of the student body participated in the annual production.

“Dave taught me how to tie a bowline knot while I was on the lights crew. I still use the knot today.” - Ben DeFlavio ’09

Dave created the theater program with full support from Al Hobart, GMVS’ original founder. “When I asked to organize a theater production, Al said, ‘You should always do what your passion is.’ Theater truly brings students together as a group, allows them to step out of their comfort zones and do something they can be passionate about.” “Dave worked so hard with the theater production and pushed us so much to be our best. He truly brought out the best in everyone.” - Kelly Brush Davisson ’04 69

character and a great deal of fun.” - Dave Gavett


“I have great memories of a GMVS kayak trip. Dave was our leader and we had the absolute time of our lives. It was one of the most enjoyable and educational experiences of my life.” - Adam Julius ’81


Throughout the decades, GMVS has created experiences for staff and students through adventurous trips and character-building events. Regardless of results during race season, students and alumni carry the memories of these moments with them forever.

10 7

“Dave has always cared about the whole child, not just the ski racer, the student or even the actor. He inspires the faculty here to do the same, and this care sets GMVS apart from other ski academies and high schools.� - Andrea Harris

11 6

Dave Gavett at GMVS: A Timeline

1973- GMVS founded 1978- Bragg campus purchased; Dave arrives as coach and teacher 1981- Nordic program created 1982- Doug Parker Gym built 1984- Dave becomes Headmaster 1985- Weiss Academic Building built 1986- Dave leaves GMVS temporarily to coach USST 1987- Gazebo built 1989- Dave returns to GMVS as Headmaster 1993- Ski Club built 1990s- Dormitories and Hobart Building renovated 2002- Doug Parker Memorial Sports Center built 2007- Library built 2014- Racing Performance Center built 2015- Weiss Building Renovated; Kent Coughlin Science Center named

“Dave’s leadership over the years and his passion for GMVS has made the school what it is today. He has also been a great friend and partner of Sugarbush and, because of his efforts, we have benefited greatly.” - Win Smith, Owner & President, Sugarbush Resort

A very heartfelt thank you to Dave Gavett from the entire GMVS community. Your leadership, dedication, commitment and service have made GMVS what it is today. You will be dearly missed.


“There were a number of people who laid the foundation of GMVS, but without question, Dave Gavett has been the architect and builder of the GMVS we see today with its many and varied successes.” - Al Hobart, Original Founder & former Headmaster, GMVS

12 7

GMVS Alumni: A Lifelong Passion for Skiing One measure of a school is what its graduates carry forward - and what they create - from their formative school experiences. By this measure, GMVS has a rich heritage. Most young racers arrive on campus with hopes and dreams of making it big in the ski racing world and quickly realize how very competitive the path to the top is. Yet at the root of their desire to succeed is a genuine love for the sport. Although they follow a variety of paths in the search for fulfilling careers and lives, many of them can’t stay away from skiing for long. The enthusiasm they originally had for the sport at a young age continues to bring them joy and fulfillment as adults. The GMVS passion lives on! In light of Dave Gavett’s retirement, we reached out to alumni via email to ask whether they are still involved with skiing in some way and what the most important lessons were from their GMVS experience. We found that dozens of alumni still make skiing part of their everyday lives, and they seem to have learned many of the same life lessons at GMVS about hard work, determination and perseverance. The overall theme seems to be one that Dave Gavett would wholeheartedly embrace:

Live your life with passion. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love!

1619 3

Robert Siegel ’79: CEO, Bomber Skis Bode Miller, KT Bren and I are the active owners of Bomber Ski, together with Travis Cloud, another GMVS alumnus. KT and I are running the company as co-CEOs for now, and Bode plays a very active role in the company, including the design of Bomber skis. (Never before has there been an individual with such a combined level of knowledge of both ski racing and the engineering and physics of skis.) Jennifer Kennedy Zanca ’79: Coach, past Director US Adaptive Team, Orthopedic Nurse I coached the US Adaptive Team during two Paralympic events (Albertville ’92 and Lillihammer ’94) and two World Championships. I became the Director of the US Adaptive Team during a challenging time but was able to secure funding and make initiatives to support a full time coaching staff, keep the National Championships and the US World Cup alive, and find the appropriate people to carry out the goals of the disabled and adaptive skiers. Since leaving in 2001, I redirected my work towards a career in nursing (orthopedic surgery). Mike Minnerly ’80: Head Coach of the Champlain Valley Union (CVU) Alpine Ski Team My return to skiing/coaching came in the early 90’s with the GMVS ski club. I coached with the club for four seasons and then took a break from coaching until the early 2000’s. In 2003, I was approached by CVU to take over the program and have been with it ever since. The love and passion for ski racing has always been there. Coaching at a public school is different from academy coaching but just as rewarding.

Doug Lewis ’82: US Ski Team, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Alpine Analyst for Television, Owner of ELITEAM I am now working as the Alpine Analyst for Universal Sports and NBC Sports covering all the World Cups for both men and women. I also run ELITEAM Conditioning Camps for young athletes, and 2016 marks a milestone for us - 25 years of inspiring young skiers to push their limits. Everything I do in some way is related to my ski racing career. Jill Sickels Matlock ’82: Coach, Extreme Skiing Competitor, PSIA Ski Instructor, Owner of International Mountain Adventures, Board Member of Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation I coached for several years after college at GMVS; CVA; Crested Butte Ski Club; and Crested Butte Mountain Resort. I took up Extreme Skiing (Big Mountain Skiing) and won four US Extreme Skiing Championships in Crested Butte, earned five top-five finishes in the World Extreme Skiing Championships in Valdez, Alaska, and earned other podium finishes in New Zealand, France and Argentina. I was a sponsored athlete with The North Face and named by POWDER magazine as one of the top 50 skiers in North America. In my quest to make the PSIA National Alpine Team, I received Colorado Ski Country USA’s Instructor of the Year Award and was also named as one of SKI magazine’s Top 100 Instructors. My husband and I have a ski travel business called International Mountain Adventures and take people skiing all over the world. I am also the VP of the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation, whose mission is to help fund and promote skiing for all the area youth.

“Being surrounded by peers who shared a common passion and desire to excel set GMVS apart from every other school.” - Robert Siegel ’79 Jim Despres ’84: Former owner of Ole’s Cross Country Center, Warren, VT I attended UNH where I studied Business and skied on their Nordic Team. I have been involved with skiing and the ski industry since relocating to Waitsfield from Boston. In addition to managing several local cross country centers, I owned Ole’s Cross Country Center in Warren, VT for a number of years as a hobby business, while traveling the Northeast, building golf courses as an occupation. Ole’s kept me connected to the sport, and it provided quality Nordic skiing in the Mad River Valley.


Still Involved in Skiing

Steve Putnam ’81: US Pro Tour, ski lift designer, Snowbird Ski Team Coach After graduating from Middlebury, I studied Natural Resource Planning at the University of Vermont while working and racing on the US Pro Tour. I moved to Utah to pursue civil engineering. I worked for a research group that looked at snow dynamics and developed remote sensing techniques and equipment for avalanche warning systems for state departments of transportation. Now I work for Skytrac Lifts (partially owned by another GMVS alumnus, Carl Skylling) which engineers, designs, fabricates and installs ski lifts. I specifically do the civil engineering work which encompasses surveying of the lift alignment, and the design and layout of the lift alignment along with calculation of loads on towers and foundations. I also work for Alpentech, a company that specializes in Mountain Resort Planning.

720 14

AJ Kitt ’86 US Ski Team, PSIA Ski Instructor, NASTAR Pacesetter, U12 Coach I spent 12 years on the US Ski Team, got involved with NASTAR and focused on coaching at the race clinics at NASTAR events. I am the traveling pacesetter for NASTAR. I really love being around the great enthusiasm that the NASTAR community has- there are kids, adults and seniors, all of whom race with passion every day.

Erica MacConnell ’96 Athete Management and Sports Promotion I ski raced for UVM, coached the UVM Ski Team while pursuing an MBA, and then I went to work for a sports marketing agency in Burlington. For the past eight years, I have managed Olympic athletes (mostly skiers), securing endorsement deals and supporting them with marketing, brand building, and media. I work closely with the athletes and the sponsors to negotiate and maintain successful partnerships.

Sally Knight Utter ’87 US Ski Team, US Pro Tour, Assistant Director of the Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club, Head U10/U12 Coach After I graduated from UVM, I reconnected with Steve Utter while training for the Pro Tour. I bartered coaching for training. Long story short, Steve and I fell in love, got married and when I was pregnant with our first daughter, I retired from racing and started coaching. I coached with the GMVS Men’s FIS program for a few years, then coached U8-U16 as the Director of the Mad River Glen Race Team, and eventually made the move to the Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club. Jenna Ginsberg ’90 Owner of All Sports Events, FIS TD After graduating from Bates, I worked for Sunday River’s Competition and Events, Entertainment and Parks and Pipes departments. I started All Sports Events as a side business at Sunday River, until I decided in 2007 to give it my full attention. In addition to owning All Sports Events, I am a FIS Technical Director and enjoy traveling to races all over North America where I serve as representative of the Fédération Internationale de Ski. Daron Rahlves ’91 US Ski Team, US Freestyle Team, X Games, Brand Ambassador and Event Promoter for Rahlves’ Banzai Tour My career is skiing- from competing at the highest level of racing, to free skiing, and now passing on skills I learned throughout my career to mentor US Ski Team athletes. I make corporate appearances for all kinds of brands, businesses and foundations. I helped in the creation of the documentary film about the Hahnenkamm, STREIF: One Hell of A Ride which was a huge honor since Kitzbühel, Austria was a very important part of my life. JP Daigneault ’92 Program Director and Head Coach, Northwood School I had a job building software for Verizon, but after watching Bode Miller at the Olympics in 2002, I was inspired to return to ski racing at GMVS as a PG. Let’s just say my ‘software’ for skiing was still pretty good but the ‘hardware’ (my body) wasn’t really ready to handle it. I had a great time and tasted a bit of the old glory, but I injured myself pretty quickly and that was that. In the spring of that season, everyone I worked with at GMVS convinced me to stay, and next thing I knew, I had been at GMVS for six years. In 2014, I moved on to coaching at the Northwood School in Lake Placid. Wendy Scipione ’93 Owner of SkiPix.com I was coaching ski racing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. With my business degree, my love of ski racing and the artistic side of myself, I took a risk and started my own sports photography business (SkiPix.com) which began with shooting ski races and has expanded to shoot all types of sporting events in Colorado and around the country. I must say even after all these years, I still get the urge to toss the camera aside and jump in the course myself. Nothing beats ski racing!

15 6

“Even after all these years, I still aside and jump in the course my - Wendy Scipione ’93

Scott Kennison ’97: Equipment Manager at GMVS I continued to ski race after graduating from UVM. Then I took a job outside of the ski world selling circuit boards. The owner of the company was a former ski racer and loved the fact that I had that background as well. I think he only hired me because he skied masters races and wanted me to train with him. After three years, I went back to the ski industry when I became the National Race Director with Völkl skis and Marker bindings. After a few years of talking to GMVS and staying close to friends in the Valley, I finally made the decision to come back to my roots.

Ryan Kerrigan ’03 Nordic training club in Stowe, VT After GMVS, I continued to UVM where my passion for Nordic skiing grew. I saw a need for more structured training in the Stowe/Waterbury area and thought a training club would further excel high school endurance athletes, so I started one myself. The results are real and we have a blast!

Kelly Brush Davisson ’04 President of the Board of Directors, Kelly Brush Foundation When I was 19 years old, skiing for Middlebury College, I had a ski racing accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. After that accident, I started the Kelly Brush Foundation which has two missions: advocate for ski racing safety and provide adaptive sports equipment to people with paralysis. We have been very involved in ski racing safety and making sure ski clubs have the proper equipment to make both racing and training safe for racers at all levels all around the country. We also set out to change the culture to make safety a priority rather than an afterthought. We have accomplished this in many ways but always have more to do! Peter Kling PG ’06 Development for the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center, Trip Leader and Coach I am a volunteer trip leader with a program that visits 40 rural villages across the state of Alaska each year and gets 4,500 Native kids skiing. The lion’s share of these villages do not have cars. It is a remarkable way of life that exists in the U.S. The subsistance lifestyle is very much a way of living. The program is the most rewarding experience I have had through skiing. Sharing the passion with these kids, and seeing how empowering it is and the speed at which they learn a new skill over the course of a week, is incredible.

Ben DeFlavio ’09 Global Rescue, Boston College Ski Team Head Coach After GMVS, I took a post-graduate year at Mount Mansfield Ski Club, skied for St. Lawrence University, then started working for Global Rescue. I knew I wanted to get back on the hill somehow, so I started to explore the option of going to graduate school and coaching at the same time. Boston College was my best option to couple coaching and school.

l get the urge to toss the camera yself. Nothing beats ski racing!”

Joe Swensson ’04 US Ski Team, Graduate Assistant Manager, University of Denver Ski Team After graduating from Middlebury College, I wanted to see how far I could take my ski career. I spent a couple of years on the NorAm and Europa Cup tours, focusing on Downhill and Super G. After reaching a plateau, I switched sports and pursued ski cross. I had immediate success, mostly due to my size as well as the slalom and GS skills I received from my years at GMVS.

Ali Spencer ’10 Athletic Trainer, GMVS, U12 Weekend Coach I knew I always wanted to stay in ski racing. I studied health sciences and athletic training while ski racing in college. When I learned that the position opened up at GMVS for a new athletic trainer, I jumped on it immediately, as I knew that I always wanted to return here and give back to a school that had given me so many opportunities. Daniel Bell ’11 Head U16 Coach, Winter Park Competition Center When I left GMVS, I found myself wanting to coach ski racers to positively affect young athletes’ lives and promote a love of the sport in the same way that GMVS did for me. While studying at Bates College, I coached part-time at Gould Academy and fell in love with coaching. Bigger mountains and competitive ski-racing drew me to Colorado, where I happily landed in Winter Park.


Allie Rood ’06 Action Sports Videographer, Jackson Wyoming It took me a long time to get involved in film, because it is such a competitive and intimidating industry. What really pushed me into it was the idea to make an all female ski film. In fall of 2014, Unicorn Picnic Productions premiered “Pretty Faces” at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO. It was incredible to be part of such a dream project from its inception. We poured our hearts into the film, and were nominated for “Movie of the Year” at the 2015 Powder Awards.

16 7

What They Learned from GMVS

Alumni often speak to the valuable lessons their GMVS experience taught them about hard work, determination, prioritzing, and managing time. Those lessons directly apply to life after GMVS and have helped them tackle challenges and strive to be the best they can be.

“The struggle may be the most important part of the process.”

“Pushing limits and suffering through tough times is the only way to go farther than you think possible.”

“I learned to challenge myself, set high expectations and work hard every day. I also learned that the biggest gains in life come from being outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and holding yourself accountable.”

“The perseverance and work ethic I learned from GMVS in the class room, gym and outdoors... propelled me into an amazing ski career that lives on to this day.” - Daron Rahlves ’91 “Good things come to those who go after their goals, work for what they want, and make the most of every opportunity.” “No matter where you are in the world and what you have to get done for class or for work, it can be accomplished; there are no limits.” “Work ethic.” “It is okay to work really hard for something and not have it pan out exactly as you had envisioned. It makes you figure out Plan B.” “Trust in your abilities, skills, and talents and know that you’re cabable of far more than most of us allow ourselves to dream.” 17 6

Some Ski Racing Dreams Do Come True

For some alumni, the hopes and dreams of racing at the highest levels actually come to fruition. Throughout the years, GMVS has graduated dozens of racers that moved on to represent their countries and race around the world. Below is a list of the GMVS alumni currently racing at “the next level”: Drew Duffy- USST AJ Ginnis- USST Brian McLaughlin- US Collegiate Team Andrew McNealus- Redneck Racing Tucker Marshall- Redneck Racing Charlie Raposo- British Team Sandy Vietze- US Collegiate Team Thomas Walsh- US Paralympic Team

McLaughlin, Duffy, Ginnis, and Vietz at the USST Naming Ceremony

Marshall and McNealus of Redneck Racing

Raposo of Team Great Britain

“GMVS taught me to be respectful, self-reliant, independent, fiscally responsible and to take ownership of my actions. What I learned at GMVS has spilled over into everything I do.” - Thomas Walsh ’13

Thomas Walsh after earning one of his two World Cup gold medals

As GMVS alumni share stories of their passion, they not only keep members of our community in touch, they also inspire current and future GMVS student-athletes to find and pursue what they love, whether in skiing or in other life pursuits. Alumni are creating the ongoing story of GMVS, and their news is always welcome!

Calling all GMVS alumni: Please send us your news and photos to share in the next magazine.

Jennifer White, Alumni Relations Manager alumni@gmvs.org


Duffy after winning Top Junior award at US Alpine Championships

7 18

Congratulations to GMVS alumni graduating from college this year!

Kane Boynton ’12 University of Michigan Susan Campbell ’12 University of New Hampshire Simona Croccolo ’12 Castleton State College Samantha Davis ’10 University of British Columbia Miles Derrick ’11 Colby-Sawyer College Christian Gonzalez ’12 St. Lawrence University Anna Kikut ’11 Dartmouth College Sara Kikut ’11 Dartmouth College Sam Quisenberry ’12 Babson College Jacob Wulfson ’12 U.S. Air Force Academy

Class of 2012 on graduation day 19 6

GMVS Racing on the World Scene GMVS skiers have had great success at large-scale international events this year:

Ritchie at bib selection ceremony with Mikaela Shiffrin

LONGINES FUTURE SKI CHAMPIONS RACE Congratulations to GMVS U16, Ben Ritchie, for his amazing silver medal finish in the Longines Future Champions Race in San Moritz, Switzerland. Ben was the single U16 boy chosen to represent the United States. He raced on a portion of the World Cup trail in San Moritz, Switzerland, with representatives from 14 other countries. GMVS Coach Tim Curran says, “Ben works incredibly hard! His fundamental movements are very sound and the result is smooth. He has speed that deceives the eye. Ben is a pleasure to coach. He’s always listening, inquiring and trying to better his craft. Ben’s results are a testament to his strong commitment.”

FIS ALPINE JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Two current GMVS students and two alumni represented their countries at the World Juniors in Sochi, Russia this year: Ali Nullmeyer ’16 (Canada), Drew Duffy ’13 (United States), Francisco Allendes ’18 (Chile), and Charlie Raposo ’14 (Great Britain). Alumna Alexa Dlouhy ’14 was also invited to race for the United States but chose to stay in the U.S. where she currently attends Dartmouth College and races on the Alpine Team.

Allendes’ race start on the Jumbotron screen

Francisco wrote about his experience in Sochi, “One of the most surprising things for me was the infrastructure that Rosa Qutor had. It was incredible how many lights, gondolas and chairlifts the resort had. For us as athletes, the treatment was amazing…My experience there was awesome.”


Nullmeyer with Silver Medal for Canada

LILLEHAMMER 2016 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES GMVS Senior Ali Nullmeyer triumphed in all three events at the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, winning the silver medal in the Women’s Slalom, and placing 5th in the Giant Slalom and 7th in the Super Giant Slalom for her home country of Canada. The Youth Olympic Games took place February 12-21, when more than 1,100 athletes ages 15-18 competed from 70 different nations. Nullmeyer said, “My time off the hill was just as exciting and busy as my time on the hill which made it such an unforgettable ten days.”

20 7

Class Notes


Steve Tremmel ’74 This winter in CO, our youngest daughter, Aleks, 8, began her ski racing career, challenging Lindsey Vonn. From the beginning, parents were on edge as she flew down the GS course. In the end, she came in slightly behind Lindsay, but vowed to keep working on her technique. When interviewed afterwards, she was quoted as saying “Well, I guess it would have been a little unusual if I beat Lindsey in my first race.” Lindsey Vonn was reached in Europe and said, “I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I am insanely jealous of her pink bases on her skis.”


Al Mandell ’80 During my winters, I currently teach avalanche courses and am a ski guide for Acadia Mountain Guides, Synnott Mountain Guides and Backcountry Ski Japan. Here is a photo from a recent trip to Japan where I was teaching an avalanche and ski guide course to an Australian-based ski guiding company. I spent a month in Japan this winter so far, am guiding in Quebec’s Chic Chocs for two weeks in late February/early March and will be in British Columbia and Iceland for April and May.

Tom Johnston ’80 Tom will be the Chief of Race and will prepare snow surfaces for ski events at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. He prepared surfaces at last season’s World Championships in Beaver Creek as well as the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.


Ben Binger ’93 After 10 years in the Washington D.C. area, Annie and I finally broke free and moved west to Park City, Utah with three kids and a dog in tow. We left many great friends behind but living within five minutes of the ski slopes has lessened the pain -- we are taking full advantage. I am working for the F.B.I. in Salt Lake City, chasing crooks all over Utah, Idaho, and Montana. I was able to get a few master’s ski races in this winter and it was a blast. We’re looking forward to a little mountain biking this summer and some visits from friends -- so come on by.


Jeremy Transue ’01 Hunter Transue gets his first race bib!


2000s (cont.) Eliza Handbury ’06 John Bulgrin and I were married on December 19th in New York City. We were introduced by fellow alumni Sophie Elgort and Sean Praskievicz, who were both in our bridal party, and Maddy Talias captured the day (photo attached). We - along with Sophie, Sean, Maddy and Meghan Luck traveled to Australia to celebrate for a second time on February 19th! John is Director of Sales at ComScore and I am Manager of Auction Relations for Sotheby’s International Realty, based at the auction house on York Avenue. We are moving to New Canaan, CT, this spring. Noah Brautigan ’07 I am living in Salt Lake City, working as a trail design consultant with John Morton of Morton Trails. We are designing recreational trails and Nordic racing trails all over the northern US, as well as in Asia. I am also in the second year of my MSC in Geography at the University of Utah, completing climate change research on the Greenland Ice Sheet. I also coach The Utah Nordic Alliance (i.e. Salt Lake City Ski Club) Junior Competition Team.

Michelle Seares ’09 I am excited to announce that I will be graduating with honors from The George Washington University Law School in May, 2016. It has been a crazy three years of hard work but has been so worthwhile. This year, I served as a Notes and Projects Editor on the George Washington Law Review, and my Student Note (essentially a legal thesis), “Wellness at Work: Reconciling the Affordable Care Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act”, is forthcoming in Volume 84:1 of the George Washington Law Review, which will be published in April, 2016. After graduation I will be working at Covington & Burling, LLP in their Washington, DC office. Haven’t gotten to do much skiing in the past few years but I hope to make it up to Vermont sometime soon! Katherine Jondro ’09 My boyfriend and I just bought our first house, and continue to explore the Pacific Northwest in search of awesome backcountry lives and new bike trails. Sarah Moore ’08 and Daniel Moore ’10 Daniel and I are actually both living in BC at the moment! He’s studying Forestry at UBC and I’m working as the Marketing and Communications Supervisor at Live to Play Sports. Carelle Raymond ’08 and Laura Gelabert ’09 enjoyed some skiing at Kitzbühel together!


Fred Durand ’08 and Natacha Lefebvre ’09 We are finally settled in our new home after two years of renovations to finish the house. We are very excited to be expecting a little boy, Léonard, at the end of May. He will most definitely be a little skier - maybe a future member of the GMVS family!

7 22

2010s Samantha Davis ’10 After what seems like forever, I’m finally graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia! I’ve been lucky enough to get plenty of experience working on the environmental side of resource development in Canada throughout my studies (and hope to continue that after graduation) and recently returned from a semester abroad in Switzerland. It’s safe to say that after all my amazing experiences during university, moving into the real world will be bittersweet. On the plus side, Whistler Mountain is only two hours away, so I spend plenty of time still skiing and chasing powder as much as possible! MK Cirelli PG’11 Classes are going really well. I am in Organic Chemistry and it is pretty tough. The season is going well so far. Technically I am a senior, but, due to my transfer I will have one more year of classes to finish up my degree in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science. I’m the captain of the UVM Nordic team. I placed 2nd in the NCAA 15k Regional Championships Classic, was Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association (EISA) skier of the week Jan. 28, 2016, and was named to the UVM NCAA squad to race in Steamboat Springs, CO. I am also running track for UVM this spring and running cross and track for UVM next year.

Antoine St-Louis ’12 I am now racing on the Ultra Trail World Tour for the “The North Face Team”.

Charlotte Raymond ’15 Since all the Quebec girls from last year could not make it to the Montreal alumni event, I thought it was a good idea to send a picture of us all together at the NorAm in Tremblant!

Gen Frigon ’15, Charlotte Raymond ’15, Mikaela O’Brien ’15, Alexandra Lacasse Courchesne ’15


GMVS Community Events Birds of Prey, Beaver Creek, CO, December, 2015

Drew Duffy ’13, Gordon Gray ’99 Sean Duffy P’12, P’13, P’19

Gunnar Shaw, Betsy Devaney, Ellen Hall Adams ’74, Bob Devaney, Katie Sachs, Peter MacConnell P’96, Eva Shaw ’15, Mika Smith ’15, Anna Duffy ’19, Dave Kubiak ’98, Betsy Duffy P’12, P’13, P’19, Susan MacConnell P’96, Sean Duffy P’12, P’13, P’19, Gordon Gray ’99, Matt Ross ’86, Terry Kellogg, BOT P’20, Howard Smith P’15, Drew Duffy ’13

Erica MacConnell ’96 and her dad

Drew Duffy ’13, Daron Rahlves ’91

Holiday Gathering, Waitsfield, VT, December 2015

Kelly Glander ’13, Liezl Cosentino ’14, Ellie Boynton ’14

Montreal, Quebec, January 2016

Laurie Grouis-Joanisse ’05, Malcolm Pinnell ’11, Carelle Raymond ’08, Gab Lepine ’05

Jen Robillard, Staff, Cindy Morton P’08

Jay Kearns BOT, Suzanne Peterson, Lu Putnam, HBOT

Seb Gonin ’15, Sarah Despres, Staff

Natacha Lefebvre ’09, David Mofford ’08, Kerry Jackson, Staff


Brendan Todd ’14, Alta Vietze ’08, Brendan Todd ’14, Emily Hammel ’09, Megan Monette, Staff Megan Monette, Seb Gonin ’15, Kelly Glander ’13, Ellie Boynton ’14, Neil Gallagher ’14, Jay Boland ’14

7 24

19 6 25

720 26


International Students at GMVS by Jen Robillard

As a parent, having a child who is happy, healthy, and has a passion is a true gift. We all do whatever is within our power to allow our children to pursue their dreams. However, it is a true act of faith for parents to send children to pursue that passion in a foreign country, to pass from childhood to adulthood far from home among people who don’t speak their language. As the Director of International Students at GMVS, working with these courageous students and their families is one of the best parts of my job.

Our international population varies from year to year. Currently, 25 of our students are from outside of the U.S. The number of students who come with a first language other than English is much smaller. My first ESL (English as a Second Language) class at GMVS was a group of nine athletes from Japan, Spain, and French-speaking Canada. This year, we once again have students from all these countries, plus Chile, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Conversational skills in English develop quickly for most. When I tell students in August that they will probably be able to understand 95% of cafeteria conversations by Thanksgiving, they are incredulous. Academic English skills take longer to develop. Generally, it takes five years from the time a student starts academic writing in English to reach the level of his or her peers.

Most international students come to GMVS for the same reason all of our students do. “I came to GMVS so I could study at a high level and ski at a high level,” said one, “and I did.” What led them to GMVS often had to do with the state of education and junior ski racing in their home country. Many countries, for example, don’t have dollars to support their athletes, or they require that athletes forego an education to maximize training opportunities.

When I asked alumni international students about their biggest take-away from GMVS, there were some common themes. “For me, it was learning to balance work, life and family. Ten years later, other people in my Masters program are still trying to figure this out.” Another said that for him it was English. “Now my work is almost entirely in English. I could never have done that if I hadn’t come to GMVS.” For many of our international students, though, the answer is no different than for many of our American students. “This may sound corny, but for me, it is one word: friends,” said one. “Well, besides meeting my wife.”

Photos L to R: Arabella (CAN), Maria (ESP), Sam (ESP), Flo (FRA), Maite (CAN), Carla (ESP) at VT State Championships; Max (GER) and Taiga (JAP) at Stowe; Lindley introducing Amelia (CHI) to her first creemee; Taiga (JAP), Francisco (CHI), Antonio (CHI), Adria (ESP) in the cafeteria.

19 267

GMVS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jane Goldstein P’09, Chair

Mike Krupka P’16, P’18, P’20 Vice Chair

James Hildebrand P’96, P’99 Treasurer

Jill Maynard Nolan ’82, P’17, P’19 Secretary

Jamie Armstrong ’83, P’17 Charlie Brush P’02, P’04 Larry Dickie P’99 Ex Officio Dave Gavett P’14, P’16, Headmaster Lindsay Getz ’02 Al Hobart Sherman Hoyt Jay Kearns P’80 Terry Kellogg P’20

TJ Kingsbury ’97 Michele Kinner P’06, P’08 Brooke Laundon ’96 Fredric Leopold P’12 Doug Lewis ’82 James Preston ’80 Peter Rapelye Leslie Reynolds P’87

Staff Recognized for Exceptional Service It is bittersweet to say goodbye to Jeanne Hullett, who has worked tirelessly as the Office Manager and Registrar at GMVS since June, 1997. Jeanne has managed many critical pieces of behind the scenes operation and paperwork to support the GMVS community. Her welcoming attitude and warm smile has greeted staff, students, parents and guests on a daily basis. When reflecting about GMVS, Jeanne says, “It’s a truly unique place with great kids and wonderful staff. There have been a lot of memorable moments—gala, opening day, all the kids, meeting the international parents for the first time… There’s just a lot of good stuff here!” Jeanne is excited for retirement and has a huge list of things she wants to do. She can’t wait to spend more time with her husband and do things like hike, kayak, bike, travel and ski! We will miss Jeanne very much but wish her all the best in retirement.


Jeanne Hullett

720 28

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We truly thank you for your contributions!


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