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I see my work as a time-based installation that puts time and space in a loop. It fills up the gallery space with an absurd perpetual motion in space of three cauldrons stuffed with polenta. It resembles cable car systems in Romania which now are very often found in meaningless spaces, built with the appearance of reviving touristic attractions of forgotten areas; in fact they are only mechanisms for transferring public European funds to preferential construction companies for overpriced projects. Projects that look more like stadiums built in the desert. Spinning the cauldrons with polenta is an absurd act that cancels the object’s original meaning. It makes them useless objects to look at in an absurd rational movement. But this way they become meaningful, somatic, and dangerous. The installation was constituted as a temporally fragile, unfinished work, as so many provisonal but definitive projects that surrounds me.

Route DN12C, photo D. Oboroc


DouBleStéré5 - 23.03  

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