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GMT Customer Case Study

Legal & Trade Results DD Significantly reduced scheduling costs by well over £20,000 DD Departmental shift adherence has risen considerably by 5% from 94% to 99% DD The forecasting of calls is within 2.5% accuracy on a monthly basis DD 7-10% reduction in resource forecasting results thanks to the ability to utilise historical data to forecast resource

Business Situation In 2000, Legal & Trade Financial Services Ltd. set up a project team to look into how to improve resource utilisation in its contact centres. It focused on reducing the time-consuming, paper-intensive manual processes associated with forecasting and scheduling tasks, and more efficiently managing agent resources in terms of shift adherence and fulfilling customer service goals.

Trade was concerned that it was not utilising resources in the most effective way – particularly in terms of matching how many agents were assigned to particular inbound calls. The contact centre has a sophisticated queue management system for inbound calls and Legal & Trade wanted to improve its scheduling processes to better predict and respond to this demand.



Legal & Trade is a member of the IRMC family of companies and from its head office in Preston, Lancashire, operates under two key brands in the UK. With 500 employees, Legal & Trade Collections Ltd is one of the UK and Northern Ireland’s largest debt collection operations providing collection services to the finance, retail, home shopping, communications, utilities, local authority and government sectors. LTFS’ other business arm is Revenues Management Services Ltd, a leading player in the business process outsourcing market providing endto-end customer service solutions across a diverse range of business sectors.

The team at Legal and Trade evaluated a number of the leading workforce management solutions before making the decision to purchase GMT. GMT Planet Workforce Management offered a cost-efficient workforce management solution that met Legal & Trade’s needs now and would fulfill anticipated requirements for the future. In particular, the GMT Planet solution stood out because of its powerful, robust and accurate forecasting, and the ability to schedule staff based on availability, skills and proficiency.

Legal & Trade shares its parent company’s objectives for continually looking at ways to exceed service levels and targets, and wanted to improve service as it grows its business and expands into further contact centre services in both the public and private sectors. With 500 employees based at its primary contact centre, Legal & © 2009 GMT Corp. All Rights Reserved.

“We needed a true real-time agent adherence tool with displays and configurable thresholds and GMT Planet offered us just that,” explains Andrew Duckworth, Call Centre Manager. “The Real Time Adherence feature reduces the time spent on manual shift monitoring and allows us to view individual shift patterns – clocking in and out, breaks, ACD calls, other inbound and outbound calls and AUX states—in real-time.”

GMT was involved from the outset in the integration of the software, working seamlessly with Legal and Trade’s switch/telecoms and IT system personnel.

Benefits of GMT Planet ™ Since completing the integration of GMT Planet, Legal & Trade has realised a considerable return on investment. “GMT Planet has enabled us to completely eliminate the manual handling of paper-intensive scheduling and forecasting tasks,” confirms Andrew Duckworth. “We’ve reduced paper processing costs and now can effectively evaluate contact centre and individual agent performance against goals and the budget in minutes rather than days. GMT Planet frees up managers’ time spent sifting through reports for other types of activities including improving upon the industry-leading levels of service our customers expect from Legal & Trade.” GMT Planet’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, graphical interface and library of over 130 customisable reports have also proven to be indispensable benefits for Legal & Trade. In addition, Legal & Trade is benefiting from the campaign forecasting feature of GMT Planet which allows it to schedule agents around online catalogue and other advertising campaigns. “GMT Planet has exceeded our expectations in several areas,” states Andrew Duckworth. “Since deploying GMT Planet, departmental shift adherence has risen considerably by 5% from 94% to 99% and lost time has been reduced dramatically, particularly around the scheduling of calls. The forecasting of calls is now a highly efficient process and the accuracy is outstanding, as it is within 2.5% accurate on a monthly basis. In addition, the ease-of-use and intuitive interface of GMT Planet has made it easy to quickly train new employees to use the solution efficiently.” GMT has allowed Legal and Trade to be more flexible with holiday entitlement, enabling them to clearly identify what dates are forecasted to be quieter and can therefore allow additional holidays. The management of exception types such as doctors’ appointments is also beneficial, as times can be given when there are sufficient resources to allow these. GMT’s Employee Time Centre has been a huge added bonus as all individuals can clearly see their weekly schedules and can plan and work around these. Employees have reacted very well to the new system, and after the initial changes involved, it has benefited all.

Legal & Trade Profile Legal & Trade Financial Services, founded in 1926, is a member of the IRMC family of companies that provide client solutions through its global contact centre network

of nearly 6,000 employees. Within the UK they operate under the following brands:

»» Legal & Trade Collections Ltd – one of the UK’s

largest debt collection operations with the UK and Northern Ireland coverage.

»» Revenues Management Services Ltd – a leading

player in the business process outsourcing market providing end-to-end customer service solutions.

Quick Facts

DD Business Type: Debt collection and business process outsourcing

DD Operation Type: Call Center DD No. of Employees: 6000 DD Region: United Kingdom

About GMT GMT’s workforce and cash optimizations solutions create competitive advantage by enabling companies to improve customer service and sales, while decreasing their variable expenses. The company’s product line combines precision forecasting and intelligent scheduling with powerful analytics and performance management tools – together delivering a complete solution that is priced to deliver quick return on investment. GMT serves financial services and contact center customers worldwide, including ABN AMRO, Citibank, Nielsen Media, Pizza Hut, SunTrust, UPS, Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo. The company is privately held with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and offices in the U.K., Australia, and India. For more information, visit our website at

GMT Europe Ltd, Trigate, 210-222 Hagley Road West, Birmingham B68 0NP, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 845 0800 350 Fax: +44 (0) 845 0800 366


Challenge Solution Trade was concerned that it was not utilising resources in the most effective way – particularly in terms of matching how...

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