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Using 21st Century Tools to Help You Save Time in the Classroom

Scan Apps  

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allows you to scan documents using your phone or device with a camera after scanning, it creates a pdf file that you can email to yourself What can I use this for? o Scan notes or important documents and then upload them to your teacher websites or cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc…) o Students can scan homework, writings, classwork and upload to Edmodo or Gaggle Droid: Scan to PDF iPhone: Cam Scan Free Other Droid Scan Apps Other iOS (Apple) Scan Apps

The Document Camera: A Time Saving Device Ever have a time when your students complain, “I can’t see!” Ever experience walking an object, picture or book around the room so everyone can see? Ever wish you could do a demonstration so that all students share equal access, not just the ones lucky enough to be in the front row? The document camera helps all of that.

What is it? A document camera is a device that hooks up to the computer and captures an image of an item under its lens. This is then either captured into the computer or projected through an LCD projector so the whole class can see it.

How can it be used? Whenever you have felt you needed to do a better job making an activity more accessible to a larger group of students, the document camera is your tool. Here are some links that give some ideas on how to use the document camera in the classroom: Why Would I Use A Classroom Document Camera? Document Camera Magic: Eleven Dozen Ways to Transform Teaching 101 Ways to Use a Document Camera 100 Uses of Document Camera

Screencasting Programs/Apps  

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What is screencasting? a digital recording of all of the action on a computer with narration Examples: Khan Academy videos, tutorials, instruction What can I use this for? o Record instruction and upload to your website o Allows absent students to view important pieces of instruction o Remediation- lets students review instruction at their own pace o Create “how to” tutorials o Have students create screencast as a performance assessment Screencasting programs: o Educreation o Screen Cast- O- Matic o Jing Everything you wanted to know about screencasting Tutorials: o Screen Cast-O- Matic Tutorial o Educreation o Jing

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