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Downbeat A Collection of True Poetry By Skyler Guengerich

Melody Tick- tick- tick, tick- tick- tick Metronome keeps beat As I play play play In the piece and like the piece Floating through the notes Skimming over lines Going through Tick- tick- tick, tick- tick- tick Up and down Down and up Against the soft ivory keys Tick- tick, tick- tick Knowing I could play play play But letting my hands Tick- tick, tick- tick Slowing down At least for now‌.

Light Sometimes when I am Playing A light appears Like my backwards shadow From the notes it emerges Floating Fading into tick- tick beats Beside me It sings the notes And I sing back And I play Fast And Smooth And gentle And it does not go until the song is through And the final Note rests The light is strange Loyal Wiser than I Pure song Pure soul Lately it flickers It’s silent A soul that is dying

Broken I was worried about my soul which started cracking And stopped singing And began to fade into darkness And got smaller And weaker And I was pretty sure I or someone had Done something to kill it And I would be lost And I would be alone Without hope Without joy And I would try try try But I would be broken Tick- tick Tick- tick Sooner or later

BUT! My soul did not break It is not dead like I thought Instead my soul is changing Inside me Slowly, but sure It changes with me And the loneliness has stopped Now that I realize I’m changing too

And I look at my soul And listen And reach Wondering if it is anything like me Which it should Be like me Because it is me But sometimes I am Surprised Because of a perfect light That rarely shines. You think you know me? Ha. Look again.

Bare I always wear a mask Why do I? Because I don’t like the feel Of bare soul Showing Judging looks, Nasty sneers, Juicy gossip, Little lies. No harm done when said and seen To and by a wall With thick paint I only show myself In moments of weakness Poetry or when I cry

I prefer the poetry They just think my writing Is “deep”. That’s okay with me If they think that. I do not have to explain Myself

I am not Who you think I am So, before you judge, Whisper, tease I suggest you get to know me A little better Than now.

Alien Baby I do not know how I Once a baby Became me Growing up in a Poor environment A trailer With smoke around me With alcohol Drugs Her guy “friends” One new every night The “cleaning” trips Were the worst A four year old left With four teenagers When the week passed “Mother” was not home I was placed in the care Of the neighbors

Another week passed No sign of mom

I went to my aunts My mum came back I thought I was safe Now that She was back Until the dark car came

To take Me away And I was placed with an old lady Who was mean and harsh

I went to the people who are now My parents Somehow, they fell in love With the short hair, Crooked teeth Blue eyes I have a family who loves me I remember

Dear Old Piano, I have only seen it In pictures Black with a taint of red, smooth, new My anxiety builds And my heart sinks As I feel like I am betraying An old friend

As I play you, my mind Doubts What if it’s not The right sound? And the keys? Smooth? Pedals? Sadness creeps closer So, I make the most Of my last memories With you

Ticking Ticking, ticking now, My soul is ticking away. Tick-tick: playing on.


A Collection of True Poetry From the Life of Skyler Guengerich

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