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Spring Break Rhew

I had the weird tingling feeling people get when they are anxious. I wondered what it would be like once we started moving. I did not remember what flying was like, because I hadn’t been on an airplane since I was two years old. Just to make matters worse, I had become more prone to motion sickness. We heard the safety instructions, and rolled to the runway. We gained speed very quickly, and then something changed. I said, “Dad, something just happened.” And I looked out the window. I saw Charlottesville below us. Not just the airport. All of Charlottesville was in my sight. If I had known exactly where my aunt’s house is, I could have seen it. We were officially on our way to Chicago!

The man Natara

I was six years old As I walk to the store I see a man A dangerous man Who is he I do not know He is walking towards me I am scared Should I run or should I stay It is a dangerous choice I could run But would he chase me What do I do I start to run He walks faster What does he want He yells to me I do not hear him He says to stop I ran all the way home Now that I am fourteen I still wonder if I had made the right choice

The soccer ball Natara

loose and my team win the final game of the season

Purry Natara I want a a kitty please Asking Asking Please Always it was no Days weeks months they all went by so fast That day that oh so wonderful day It was normal I was waiting to leave Passing the time by sitting with my mom The doorbell It rang I jumped to my feet Mommy answered Who could it be? All never forget the man A tall man With curly brown hair He held a cat I stared at it it stared back the man asked a question those word is this your cat sadly the answer was no kitty kitty it climbed into my moms arms we said well take her we fed her some fish put her in a basket and left we named her Purry now you know why I will never forget that day

What Is It Really? What does it mean? being together with family Does it mean and friends Holiday spirit? Everyone eating together We can all be happy and jolly warm, dry, full, cheerful We can all be nice under one roof But, what does it really mean? That’s the best Christmas present yet Deep down inside Being warm, dry What does Christmas mean? full to the rim of delicious food Getting presents And covered in love No, Christmas means giving not receiving by people where love grows together Christmas means giving other people presents like a bond That doesn’t seem right to hold us all together You can’t buy I thought so much good fortune, happiness or For so long Christmas spirit It is now time for bed Isn’t that what you’re doing After all that thinking If you could buy it Something paid off what would it be? I now know money? What Christmas means How can you buy money? What it’s really about No, it just isn’t right Family I’m being a Grinch It’s really all mental And if you think all the things I’ve said are right the things about getting presents and money you’re a Grinch too Christmas means Whitney Love,

Mama Chía Mi querida abuela, Mama Chía Mi abuela que vive en Panamá. Mi abuela que me da comida deliciosa y una cama cómoda Mi abuela que Me limpia la ropa y me da amor. Ella cocina todo el tiempo. Cada persona que viene al portal Ella viene y le pregunta -¿Quieres café? ¿Tú has comido?Ella cocina y cocina. Toda la gente en la comunidad la conoce Mamá. Le llaman Mamá Mamá como su madre Su madre quien les quiere Su madre que le da de comer y Su madre que siempre está allí.




I run from my bed fleeing from the covers like the devil is chasing me. The comforters seem to pull me back, back into the deep dark cozy warm and super snugly blankets. The time is 6:30. I see all the presents from my bed and I almost faint because the presents were really big I mean enormous. I see two giant presents just for me. Well at least one because I didn’t have my glasses. The present for me is filled with Legos that I love. I abuse the other presents like a rabid animal, inside are great things. My mom and dad are yelling at us until we show them the presents we got them. Mom loves the scarf we got her, dad loves his snowboarding boots. They thank us and fall back asleep. After an hour or two which seems like 5 seconds we go to my grandma’s house for sledding. We make jumps for fun and we made the mistake of making the jump over the icy, thorny, and torn up, mini ravine. By her house. Emily had wrecked twice so we decided to go up to the house. After sledding everyone is covered in snow. Our grandma gets us hot coco and blankets. We snuggle with the fuzzy fleece blankets by a smoldering fire. We watch the TV on the Chrismas channel. Last but not least presents filled with joy and excitement my cousin and I get loads of presents. at lunchtime We fill our stomachs with great food. After lunch we play football and have a great time trying to run from the other people trudging through the snow. After getting tackled we spent at the least one minute trying to get out of the snow. We have so much fun falling down tackling each other and much more. Tired and hungry we have a snack we eat and go back to playing. The dogs are running around like nuts chasing us and nipping at our feet. We run back in the house and wait the dogs out. Once they go in their kennels we get back to playing.

That Is My Favorite Christmas

Nancy’s sleepover By: Beth Anne I was really exited riding up the driveway. I had just come from a dance recital. I was delighted for the sleepover. The first thing I did was run away into the yard with Nancy, excitement flowing through my body. Nancy and I made chalk paint. Later we went farther into the yard and made mud towns with Whitney, Maddie and many more people. We had a scavenger hunt.Maddie found the prize, a huge s’more kit. Later that night we had a camp fire making s’mores. I put a paper plate on a stick and made a big torch. That’s when Nancy aunt let us loose into the yard and we had a huge pillow fight. Whitney and I were partners and we hid behind the boat. When the pillow fight was over one of Nancy’s neighbors brought over her two boys that were cross country runners. She said that if we tackled them we would get 5 dollars. I out ran both of them very pleased with myself I broght them to Nancy and Maddie who tackled them. Then it was time to get into the tent and watch a movie late into the night. In the morning we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We kept playing in the yard until about noon. That’s when we put on our bathing suits and headed down to the lake. I grabbed a grape soda and started to walk. Once we got there we splashed in the water. After a little play my mom came and it was time to go home.

Ski trip Sheridan

Stop. I walk into the familiar room. Walking through the warm, bright and friendly hallways. I prepare for my wonderful day skiing. Stop, as again, at the door. I take a breath and walk out on the wet cold snow. I put on the polycarbonate sticks to race down the snow. The ski lift went up and up. It starts rocking back and forth. We reach the top. The cart swung once at the drop off then the cart subsides its frightful, horrid swinging. Once we get off the cold metal cart Reese and I discus what might of happened to make the horrid swinging start. I halt at the steep, white, icy slope. It was rated at difficult and had a log cabin for people who had gotten hurt. That made me jump. The icy ice crystals make things worse than before. I decide to go down first, I lurch to the slope and turn swerve and crash and tumble once. I see Reese rush past me with a trail of ice crystals, streaming behind him. I thought in my mind” what a dummy to not turn on a slope like this.” He totally crashes off to the side because he did not turn like he was supposed to do on this slope. Thoughts rushed as every turn turns into a memory that was hard burned into my memory like a hard drive. I had reached mid-point. The lift had kept going during my crazy ride and Reese finally pulled up and I said to Reese: better slower speeds than faster speed down a DIFFICULT SLOPE. The rest of the day was slow and steady for all of us to go skiing together.

Under water Audric

We are very far away. I can barely see land. It is the farthest place I have ever been swimming. My dad and I go back up gasping for air and then back down. I see a cool rock and I turn around. I don’t see my dad so I turn back around quickly. I see the rock moving. Five seconds later I am face to face to a creature. It is a shark! It was thin and the eyes were looking at me. I feel a tugging on my arm and I now it is my dad. Then the shark swam away. We go up for a gasp of air. I am freezing cold. I tap my dad on the shoulder and show him where the fish are. I am super happy seeing all those colorful fish. Some are red, green, blue, black, and purple. It is amazing. I am snorkeling with a mask and flippers. Then I stop. I see the coolest fish of all. It is red, green, and purple. It is super big and skinny. I try to get close to it but it goes away. I am so happy I am in the Caribbean’s. Then I go to deep and water gets in my snorkeling tube so I go up for air. After, my dad and I talked about the fish and the shark to my mom and sister.

Coliseum Audric

I was reading a book about the Coliseum in Rome, when I was somehow sucked in to the book. I figured out that I was in Rome, Italy. I walked around and I saw it. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw the Coliseum. I took a tour. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I figured out that it was created in 72 A.D. and finished in 96 A.D. It was created for an emperor named Titus Flavius Vespasian. It is 157 feet high, 620 feet long, and 513 feet wide. You could seat 145,000 spectators. There are about 80 numbered entrances on the first floor. The second and third floor each had a statue. On the forth floor there were wooden seats. On the third second and third floors there were marble seats. The fourth floor was for women and the poor. The third floor was for slaves and foreigners. The second floor was for the middle class. The first floor was for the distinguished private citizens. Then I saw the oldest book I had ever seen. I touched it and I found out I had been sucked into the book. I was back in my bedroom where I was reading the book. It was an incredible trip.

Falling Blythe Brewster We run, we soar, we land, I fall. I land with a thud. Brown and white flash before my eyes, not to mention my life. I sit up. I can’t breath. I can’t think. All I know is that something just happened that wasn’t suppose to. This is trust at it’s greatest. You just have to believe. But I don’t want to! I could walk away. Leave all this behind me . Never to go again. Instead, I look again at her. She seems to say, “I’ll take care of you” I place my foot gently back in it’s place and swing myself up into my throne of leather. I breath, I settle, and off we go. Millions of thoughts flash through my mind Why am I so scared? I just got back on. Am I crazy? As my pony approaches the jump, I go into auto pilot, my brain takes over, I forget about my fear, because I am a rider, and I will ride on.

Please Shave! Blythe Brewster

I believe that Mr. Pitera should shave his beard because of three big reasons: He could get anything stuck in it, I find it distracting and so do many others. Also, if we get Mr. Pitera to shave in class, then Mrs. Pitera doesn’t have to do it while he’s asleep. I find that the beard is distracting when I am trying to learn, and I know I’m not the only one. It is distracting because he bites on it, and it draws attention to the beard instead of what he is saying. If Mr. Pitera doesn’t shave, all those people will flunk and Mr. Pitera will get fired and become a hobo on the streets. That would stink! Another thing is that you never know what could get stuck in it. Capital “G” Gross! Also, when he drinks milk, he could get a literal milk mustache. If visitors come in and see crumbs stuck in his beard and that would be bad. Then Dr. Work would be really mad that he had lost the school students and money. Even if Mr. Pitera doesn’t shave, Mrs. Pitera will do it while he’s asleep. Shouldn’t we save her the trouble? If we get him to shave, Mrs. Pitera will be really grateful and bring Douglas and Charlie in for a long time every day. That would be awesome! I hope you take my arguments into consideration and persuade Mr. Pitera to shave. It would please visitors, the people who are distracted by the beard, and Mrs. Pitera. If Mr. Pitera doesn’t shave, it will only please the people who don’t want him to shave. I think we can agree that it would be better for him to shave and please the greater community. Blythe Brewster

Water Skiing By Emily Boesen

It was the last day. I’d been scared to do it before. All the gear had been sitting in the breezeway for the whole week. It was tantalizing. My cousins wanted to do it, why not me? I was ready. We all got on the boat. We went all the way across the lake to a spot where the water was calm. It looked like a slab of glass laid out before us. As the boat treaded through it the glass parted. All was silent. I felt like an intruder with the loud boat. My cousin went first. She didn’t stay up long. She went a couple more times but got discouraged. Then it was my turn. I jumped into the water; it was as cold as ice. I shivered, my teeth were chattering uncontrollably. My uncle helped me get into the skis. I got situated. I attached my feet to the skis. I took a deep breath, I was ready. The only thing I could hear was my teeth chattering, my heart pounding, and the motor starting. My mom counted down with her fingers. Three….Two….One. The motor roared, I fell almost the second I got up. But I felt elevated. I was so happy that it was impossible for me to feel frustrated. I went again and again and again. I was so happy. It must have been the best day of my life. I was sad it was the last day in Michigan. How had I ever been scared? In the morning, a couple hours before we were leaving, my cousins and I went out on boat again. This time we didn’t go all the way across the lake. Both of my cousins went before me this time. Then it was my turn. I got in the water, got situated, I was ready. The motor started. I was off!!! This time I stayed up!! I felt amazing with the wind rushing past and blowing my hair. I laughed out loud. I knew it was cold but I didn’t feel cold, I felt exhilarated. I wish I could have done it again and again, but my mom was calling me, it was time to go. I sadly trudged up the hill. I looked back at the boat one last time. I made a silent promise that I would do this every day next year. I hopped in the car and we drove away from paradise.

Grandparents Grandparents By Emily Boesen

• I roll a five. Yes! I knock Opa’s piece back home I rollthen, a five. Yes! knock Opa’srolls piece back home and but then, oh no! but oh Ino! Oma a three I see her Omaenormous rolls a three and I see her enormous green piece over my green piece looming overlooming my pathetic pathetic and small blue one and I am sent back home. Playing Trouble and small blue one and I am sent back home. with my grandparents is serious business. I begin to laugh, really hard with grandparents is serious and Playing really loud.Trouble Hearing me, Oma my and Opa begin to laugh too. We mustbusiness. have been really loud because my dad peakshard aroundand the corner I begin to laugh, really really and loud. gives usHearing a curious expression, butand prettyOpa soon he is laughing too. me, Oma begin to laugh Who knew that playing Trouble with my grandparents could be so much too. We must have been really loud because my fun? dad peaks around corner gives My grandparents recentlythe moved up fromand Florida to liveus withamy Auntcurious Lori in Maryland. It is really but fun because live so closer expression, prettythey soon hemuch is laughing so we can Who see them a lot more, holidays. I with can make too. knew thatespecially playingonTrouble myso many more special memories spending time with them. I love my Oma could be so much fun? and grandparents Opa! • My grandparents recently moved up from Florida to live with my Aunt Lori in Maryland. It is really fun because they live so much closer so we can see them a lot more, especially on holidays. I can make so many more special memories spending time with them. I love my Oma and Opa!

The haunted house Aaditya Channabasappa There is a house in Virginia. It is large, black, and spooky. Nobody lives in it now but the last person who lived in it moved to California ten years ago. People think the house is haunted and that is why the man left. Whenever somebody wants to go to my house (which is right next to the haunted house) they crossed the street. After they pass the haunted house they cross the street again to come inside my house. Kids ask me “Is the house really haunted?” I answer “I am not sure.” Then the kids ask in a mocking way “Are you scared?” I know they aren’t so I reply back “no way, anyway ghosts aren’t real” but actually I am very scared. It’s just I do not want to be a teased my whole entire life that I am scared of a haunted house. In February I had a sleep-over. I invited all my friends Colton, Jack, Audric, Rhew, Macon, Will, Tilghman, Bibb, Robert. When it became night we played truth or dare. Jack went first. He dared Tilghman to go into the haunted house. He said “Okay” and went in the haunted house. When Tilghman went in the haunted house something touched his shoulder. Tilghman said “What Jack?” But no one was there. Tilghman got a little frightened then he heard something. He said “Okay guys it is not funny, no really come on out guys.” Then he saw something. It was white, floating, and see through. Tilghman screamed with terror. When Colton, Jack, Audric, Rhew, Macon, Will, Bibb, Robert, and I heard that scream we knew that Tilghman was in trouble. So Jack said “Since I dared Tilghman I will go and find him.” He went into the haunted house. When Jack went in, he saw the same thing Tilghman but this time it was bigger, way bigger. Jack screamed “GHOST!” Then we figured that everybody that went in would get caught by the ghost. I said “I will go to the haunted house and find them.” And so I went in the haunted house. I went inside expecting a ghost but this time there was a hole. I heard a yell from the hole. I jumped in wondering what I might find. Guess what I found? I found Tilghman and Jack. The ghosts were guarding them. I guess I must have been loud because the next thing I knew was Bibb was looking around for me.

I whispered “Bibb, Bibb over here.” I told Bibb that we needed everyone to save Tilghman and Jack. Bibb went to get the other boys while I stayed and watched what happened. An hour or so later Bibb came back with the other boys. I told everybody my plan. I told them that the way we can get Tilghman and Jack. First two or three people had to be decoys. When the ghosts go after them then we can get the key and save Jack and Tilghman. Colton and Bibb said that they would be decoy. Rhew, Macon, Will, Audric, Robert, and I were going to get the key. Colton and Bibb went out of hiding. The ghosts went to them. The rest of us ran for the key. My plan worked! We got Tilghman and Jack and told the decoys to come out. We were about to get out of the house when a ghost came out. We all tripped on stone and rolled out. Colton said “finally we got out of there.” “Yea” said Bibb. “I hope we never go in there again” said Audric. Robert suddenly noticed that his $200 watch fell off. He told everyone to go back to the haunted house. Audric said “noooooooo”




don’t shave shave!!!!Don’t Robert I think that Mr. Pitera should not shave his beard. I think for one reason, who doesn't want a beard? He shouldn't have to worry about getting kisses. Finally beards make him look awesome because he is Mr. Pitera. Who doesn't want a beard? His beard will keep his chin warm during the harsh winter season. Whenever he thinks, he has a beard to scratch, and that will help his thinking. When it gets cold his teeth won't chatter because the snow keeps off of his chin. When he's hunting leaves will get caught in his beard and make his face camouflaged so the animals won't see him. He could use it as a musical instrument like a guitar. He could pull six hairs out and start playing it. You shouldn't have to worry about kissing because it's flu season and Mrs. Pitera might have the flu. Mrs. Pitera could have just taken a drink of water and you guys could get your lips stuck together in the cold winter wind and that wouldn't be pretty coming to work like that. Mr. Pitera's beard is an awesome look for him since he doesn't have many other hair options. A beard is a manly thing and Mr. Pitera is extremely manly. Plus you should not lose your manly look. The beard just tops off the glasses look with his bald head. Girls can't grow beards so it shows that he is a man and it is important to honor that. He will never have to deal with those razor blades ever again. It is just a tradition for a man to keep his beard long. Famous people have beards like the actor who played Dumbledore in Harry Potter and famous holiday icons like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy have beards. Famous proud Americans like Abe Lincoln and General Burnside had beards so I think Mr. Pitera should not shave his beard. Who doesn't want a a beard? He should not shave no matter what anybody tells you. Kissing is not a priority for men in the winter season but keeping warm is and a beard will keep your chin warm. An awesome look is like a favorite toy you had as a child and you don't ever want to loose that toy so you should not loose that awesome look. Mr. Pitera's awesome look is his beard so he should not shave his beard.


by Phiala Deal I swing my hands back for the jump ahead I keep my eyes fixed on the stands with nobody in them I force my right leg forward I do half a rotation in the air with my legs together Then land on one foot keeping my balance I have just landed my 523 waltz jump In a freestyle session at the Charlottesville Ice Arena It was perfect I jumped high and strong Just like Katie said to Just then the clock strikes 12:45 Katie comes over ready to teach me a new jump Then tells me to practice it 500 times But I think 523

Mr. Pitera should not shave his beard One without the beard there is no more Mr. Pitera. Two you will lose your reputation as the big man. Three without the beard you will no longer be a stylish or a handsome man . Again without the beard there is no longer a Mr. Pitera. Everyone knows that you are awesome and because you have an awesome beard. When you have the beard you like an Alaskan bush man [no offense]. The people that see you will give you a lot of attention and a lot of money. For the second time you will lose your reputation as the big man. The other reason [besides that your awesome] is that you look gigantic with the beard. If you shave it you might as well be on the show little people big world. Also if you shave the beard you will look tiny and Mrs. Pitera will have to get on her knees to kiss you. For the third time without the beard you will no longer be stylish or handsome. That beard of yours is awesome if you shave it you will no longer get the ladies. Again if you shave that beard Jenifer Lopez will fire you from her modeling agency. If she fires you , you will be a hobo on the streets of New York. Finaly again one without the beard there is no more Mr. Pitera. Two you will lose your reputation as the big man. Three for the last time you will no longer be stylish or handsome. So thanks for your time and please use my suggestions because they will help you for the rest of your life. Plus when I am rich and faymous and you’re the number one teacher in the country just remember the advice I just gave you.


Story of Willopiles Will

Hello my name is Willopiles. I was born from a basketball on the planet of Basketballet. My parents were the co gods of basketball. On basketballet there is everything basketball. Basketballet is the biggest planet in the galaxy of sportan. On basketballet, we play with basketballs the size of earth, the rims are a thousand feet tall, and the courts are as big as the sun. When I was born, I had black hair and brown eyes. I was one thousand feet tall. Regular sized people in the galaxy are 10,000 feet tall. My two parents, the co gods of basketball were both afraid of me because I was a better basketball player and that I would take over the basketball world. My parents names were Defense and Offense . When I was three I could already dunk on a thousand foot rim. My parents were immortal but they were about 80 in mortal years. When I was five I challenged my parents to a two on one game. I won. I became the god of basketball. I came out with new shoes, new apparel, and new basketballs. I beat everyone who challenged me, even that little guy from earth named Micheal Jordan who thought he was so good. I built a huge arena called basketballet basketball arena. It could fit one million sportan sized people. I also arranged a basketball league call BBA also known as the basketballet basketball association. Everyone from the galaxy of sportan started worshiping me. I built a giant mansion the shape of a basketball next to my famous arena. I still live happily ever after as the ruler of the basketball world.

The End

I hear the car roll up I walk outside my sister said that my parents got something. Then I see a brand new puppy jump out of the car. I feel sick and about to cry, it’s like every one forgot about Daisy. That can’t be true I won’t believe it, but I’m not the only one who doesn’t really like him that much. Ford and Robin don’t seem too thrilled about him. I think Ford is almost as sad as me. As time goes by I see that he isn’t that bad but I still miss Daisy. I Feel like she is still with me though, every time I go to my Grandmas house I visit Daisy’s grave. I noticed that the flowers that we planted are starting to grow; I also see a bush which reminds me of where the red fern grows. I know that it is not a red fern but I like to pretend it is. I’ll never forget that cute playful dog I wonder if my Grandma’s dog Tiggy misses Daisy. I hope Daisy likes dog heaven. I wish I could see her again, and maybe when I die I can see her again. Until then I want you to know that I still love you.

Don’t Shave! I don’t think Mr. Pitera should shave his beard, because he will lose his awesome look another reason is no more inside scoops with the mountain men or Eskimos last when it is cold in the winter time his face will freeze off. If Mr. Pitera shaves he will lose his awesome look he might lose some attention from his friends, man friends especially. If that happens there is a possibility of him losing a spot in the awesome beard club that will be a big embarrassment. So if after he shaves if he comes to school sad you will know why. Possibly if it is that bad he will move to Alaska and live there but, the Eskimos won’t like him because he doesn’t have a beard. He will be forced to live in the mountains but without his beard he will freeze his face off and possibly die. If Mr. Pitera shaves he will not be able to talk to the mountain men or Eskimos. Most of the things that he knows are from the mountain men and Eskimos. For instance they taught him how to perfectly comb his beard but if he shaves all that advice will go to waste. That advice is hundreds of years old, and that is secret. Another one is how they secretly talk. That is there most secret secret and it also has gone to waste. Last one is how to perfectly place food in there beard so you can never go hungry. If Mr. Pitera shaves, then when he finally starts the climb Mt. Everest he will notice that he forgot to bring a face warmer and he does not have enough food. So he does not make his legendary climb. If he did have a beard then his face would be nice and toasty, and he would have plenty of crumbs after the biggest meal in his life it was like thanksgiving in December. He could just eat the crumbs from his beard, but if he does shave he will starve and freeze. I don’t think Mr. Pitera should shave because he will lose his look, he won’t have any more inside scoops with the Eskimos and mountain men, and last his face will freeze off. SO DON’T SHAVE!!!!!!!! Essay done by Colton Moriarty

SPORTON Hi my name is Sporton god of sports. I wear a brown toga and sandals crafted by Hephaestus. I have blond hair. My parents were mortals. My Moms name was Laxy. My Dads name is Footballios. Zeus took me in because I had special powers. I can control anything that has to do with sports. I also control the weather of a sports game. When I was a teenager I used it for trickery and mischievous reasons like pranks and stealing things. Zeus was so mad he threw me off Mount Olympus and I had to get back up. It took me 10 years to get back up to Mount Olympus. First I was thrown off into the Underworld. To get out of the Underworld I had to do a favor for Hades. I had to go to the island of Crete and slay the Minotaur. I took a ship to the island and when I arrived I saw a castle. There were bones scattered throughout the island. I was terrified but I approached the castle. I went through the arch into the castle and there were more bones inside the castle. I heard a roar echo throughout the castle and I knew he was here. I went into the main entrance and I saw the Minotaur laying down on top of a pile of bones. I approached him silently and jumped on top of him. He hit me off with a huge horse bone. I was flying through the air and hit the side of the castle. I ran up to him and drew my sword. I swung with all my might and beheaded him. I took the head back to Hades and he let me go. I spent the next nine years doing favors for the other gods. I helped Posidon clean his pool for a year – it was surprisingly big.

. I helped Athena shine her shields and sharpen her arrows. I helped Aphrodite make a dress. When I finally got back up to Mount Olympus I begged my father to let me back in. He agreed but he said there will be consequences for your doings. I told him the stories of all the things that I had done and he said it sounds like you have learned your lesson�


Don’t shave Bibb Mr. Pitera should not shave his beard. Mr. Pitera would look like the awesome freaker guy. Charlie and Douglas would not recognize him. He could get warm during the winter. Basically he would be a good father and person if he keeps his beard. If Mr. Pitera looks like the freaker dude he will make this class fun and happy. It would be a fun environment and a serious work place. People visiting Grymes will think he is awesome and a good teacher (which he is) and send students here. Then he will get a raise. Then Mr. Pitera will become rich and retire at 50 and live his days in a lake side cabin. He could fish, hunt, paddle board, go boating or tubing with Charlie and Douglas. Mr. Pitera would be mistaken for him If he doesn’t shave his beard, I will give him a free freaker. If Mr. Pitera does shave his beard, Charlie and Douglas would not recognize him and say, “Where is papa?” Then they would start crying his wife would kick him out then he would be miserable. Charlie would be a juvenile delinquent and Douglas would be arrested for stealing from a jewelry store. His wife would be crying you would still be living on the street and everybody would be miserable. Then his wife would go bankrupt Douglas would get adopted and then thrown out. Charlie would run away from prison and live on the street. He would live on the street and no one would know or care. During the winter he would be warm and cozy. At the cross-country skiing resort you would be happy and warm. You could have icicles draping from his beard. That way he could survive in the cold because unlimited water. When he is skiing no snow will get in his shirt and make him cold. Mr. Pitera should not shave his beard. 1.Mr. Pitera would look like the awesome freaker guy. 2. Charlie and Douglas would not recognize Mr. Pitera if he shaves. 2.he will be warm during the winter.

My Discovery Jack

I am a scientist. I am one of the Otzi scientists. It was a huge honor to be part of the Otzi team. This is Otzi the iceman. He was found on one of the mountains on the edge of Austria and Italy border. We think he was found in Italy. We were not sure if he would stay preserved throughout our testing but with high tech tools and computers we were able to keep him preserved. Otzi is one of the many mysteries of the world. If he had died a few feet away from where he did the world may have never known him. He was found in 1991 by 2 hikers. We have come to the conclusion that he has been in the ice for 5,300 years. That is a very long time. An arrow head was stuck in his left shoulder. We think that an arrow killed him. On Otzi’s left side he has a tattoo. Otzi was actually not that fat he had very little body fat. Really I am not that surprised because he had to make his own food. The thing I like the most about Otzi is that he has been mummified for that many years. It is almost impossible to be preserved for that many years without being eaten up by bugs. That is why I like Otzi.

Grymes 5th Grade Literary Magazine 2012-13  
Grymes 5th Grade Literary Magazine 2012-13  

Grymes Memorial School 5th Grade Literary Magazine 2012-13