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EPSILON BETA: BEHIND THE MASK Spring of 2012 Newsletter

Inside This Issue: 1: Behind the Mask 2: Wise Words from the GCD 3: Professional Relations 4: Reflections of a Pledge Master 5: Community Service Fundraising Athletics 6: Founder’s Day Pledge Quotes 7: Farwell from Graduates


- Class of 2012 8: Once a Brother Always a Brother


Wise Words from the GCD Brothers, We had another extraordinary year! The amount of work that you put into our fraternity astounds me. I would like to review what I think were our accomplishments and important moments this year. Bianca Hernandez, Jeremy Meehan and Rachael Wiles along with the Rush Committee planned a great Fall semester of rush events which lead to a rigorous pledge program. After 7 weeks, 22 new Brothers including 2 faculty members were inducted into the Fraternity. This makes us one of the largest organizations at the FSOP, and for the first time, we have over 120 Brothers with faculty included. We are proud of their training and look forward to many great things from our new Brothers. We donated almost 775 hours to community service and professional projects; however, this was probably an underestimation do to not counting the hours the pledges donated to community service projects. This was about 150 hours less than last year. Maybe next year we can strive for 1,000 hours of donated time. 71% of the P2 and P3 Brothers donated over 10 hours with Brother Joey Rancour donating more than 100 hours. I want to thank the Community Service and Professional Programs Committees for their great job with all the programs. At times, I felt as if we were having a program every week. I want to especially thank Megan Garcia and Adrianna Dimando. I believe that we had more projects planned during the year than any other time in our history. The Social Committee headed by Ray Ali did a great job this year. Our social events were some of the best that I ever attended. Drs. LaGrange, Yablonski and I had a great time at the Founder’s Day Ball. Regent David Wilson and Vice Regent Nancy Luu ran efficient meetings with proper rituals. David’s agendas with Nancy’s graphics kept the meetings running smoothly. Nancy is quite a graphic artist and will be hard to replace. Who is going to make all our t-shirts? Ashley Kilgore had perfect minutes with few changes ever needed. Chris Freeman diligently collected all the money, Sandy Shaffer planned the rituals and Jonathan Jean kept order. We could not forget Kim-Ly Nguyen reminding us of the birthdays; however, next year I want someone else to start the singing. Anh Phuong wrote great Mask articles and even got a picture on the cover. Our website, Texas Rally webpage and Province report looked like it could win a techy award for Marcus Martinez. I was very pleased by our participation with other chapters in our state and Province. I thought it was great that we hosted in the Texas Rally and won. It took a lot of work by Anna Patel, Melissa Mora and Amyn Madhani. During Province, your hard work really showed. All the Brothers should be proud that we won Best Chapter, Most Creative Presentation and Most Philanthropic Endeavors. I am sure Lauren Alex’s Chapter of the Year Report can put us in the top 10 nationally. Also, I want to thank the Scholarship and Awards Committee for this great Awards Banquet and determining the honorees. They did a really good job with all their charges this year. Congratulations to Nancy Luu for winning the Michael J. Gres Brother of the Year Award and all of the other award winners. This was the first year that monetary prizes were given to the FISH award winners. Forty-six of our Brothers received Scholarship Honors and David, Nancy and Bianca were given the Grand Regent’s Letter of Recognition. 2

Andrew Castillo and the Athletic Committee had many intramural sports teams. With their planning, we had a great time at the Annual Golf Tournament. We had almost 50 Brothers on the links. The Finance Committee headed by Jose Martinez met the budget with all their great ideas especially the Boo-grams and t-shirts. Amyn Madhani was also a big help with selling KΨ things on the side. The Graduate Relations Committee lead by Gabbie Raymond did a great job with graduate gifts and our newsletters. I heard many graduating Brothers remark how nice the mortar and pestles were. Ankita Patel and her committee worded hard with the other two fraternities this year. Congratulations to them for having our first all fraternity rush, tailgate and winning the Fraternity Bowl along with raising over $200 for the Red Cross. Finally, I need to wish our graduates farewell and good luck. This was our biggest pledge class with more than 30 Brothers graduating in a few short weeks. I challenge them to continue to be involved in the chapter with either their time, and less importantly, their money. Remember that Kappa Psi is for life! Speaking of money, I am proud that over $1,400 was donated to the chapter by alumni and faculty this year. I want to especially thank Cynthia Nguyen and Joseph Tran for their gifts of time, guidance and donations to the chapter. I challenge the new graduates to give gifts like Cynthia, Joseph, Kim Ericson, Jon Cuevas and Amy Morton. I must emphasize that we would rather have your time than your money. Please come out and join us for events. Again, I would like to congratulate all of our Brothers. I have high expectations and every year you are able to surpass them. With all this being said, I can truly say that I am “Proud to be your Brother.” - Dr. Maize

Professional Relations This year our Professional Relations Chair, Megan Garcia did a fabulous job with putting together so many professional projects for the Brothers to attend. The main one this Spring semester was the Rho Chi Health Fair, in which Brothers Yvonne, Megan, Brian, Kristen, Desi, David, and Ankita volunteered. This health fair specifically targeted areas of San Antonio that housed refugees who spoke many different languages other than English and Spanish. The Brothers help set up two booths at this health fair: poison prevention and nutrition. Our main audience was the refugee kids who we educated, while their parents received information on Diabetes, Immunizations, and Breast Cancer. Brother Ankita contributed enormously by using her impressive language skills to speak Swahili, Gujarati, and Hindhi to a few of the refugees. 3

Reflections of a Pledge Master Brothers, Epsilon Beta has done gone far the past couple of years and has gained recognition nationally. I am proud to be a part of our Chapter and look forward to what we can achieve in the future. I wanted to be Vice Regent of Pledging so that I could have a hand in bringing in another great group of Brothers to strengthen our Chapter. The pledging process is a time for teaching the Pledges about our Brotherhood so that they understand where we came from and what we are about. We started the Rush season with an interest meeting where we served Rushees snow cones and I gave a short presentation about Kappa Psi. Our yearly barbeque was a little different this year. We joined with the other two fraternities to have the first Co-Rush event at FSOP. We served burgers and hot dogs at Brackenridge Park. We had a great turn out with Rushees and Brothers from all Fraternities. Our Sumo Smackdown was a barbeque we held a few weeks later. Brother Jose and Brother Rudy were our chefs for the evening. We had dueling matches between Brothers and Rushees wearing Sumo Wrestler outfits. Everyone was quite entertained! Our ice skating event was another first as a Rush event. Brothers and Rushees enjoyed a couple of hours on the ice at a local ice skating rink. We had skilled skaters and those that could not stay on their feet. Overall, it was a fun time. The 2nd annual Casino Night was a hit again this year. Brothers and Rushees played Poker and Black Jack. We also had an Iron Chef Cook-Off where Brothers prepared their best appetizers and desserts. Brother Chuong won with his famous 7-Layer dip! Our final event was the 3rd annual Speed Rush which was during the first week back for the Spring semester. I would say this event is a favorite for most Brothers. It gave Brothers a last chance to get to know more about each Rushee in short interviews. I was very happy with all of our Rush events and appreciate the help from our Brothers. To prepare for pledging, Brothers came together for meetings in the Fall to help plan out where we wanted to go with the pledging process. Pledging began in mid-January and was seven weeks long. We began with 23 student Pledges and 2 Faculty Pledges. There were pledge meetings every Tuesday. At their first meeting, rules and requirements were explained to all Pledges. They elected a Pledge Captain and Historian. The Pledges continued to learn more about our Brotherhood, as well as themselves, each week. The first pledge event was our annual Scavenger Hunt downtown. Pledges were divided into four groups and given clues to take them around the downtown area. Brother Dr. Gottlieb was our Waldo again this year and awaited Pledges at the Tower of the Americas. We ended the night with a social at Hooter’s. Faculty Brothers joined in celebrating the new Pledges and winning team of the night. Game Night and Bowling Night were our next Brotherhood events. Pledges organized both of these nights. For Game Night, Pledges organized a trivia game where they stumped Brothers with questions about their Pledge Class. The winning team won a trophy and bragging rights! A few days before Bowling Night, Big Brothers were revealed to the Pledges using a “Famous Couple” match-up. For Bowling Night, Brothers and Pledges came out to show their family pride in a couple of “friendly” games. The New Haven Musketeers regained their title as champions. 1st and 2nd Functions were held again this year. Pledging ended after 2 nd Function and the Pledges became Neophytes. After 2nd and 3rd degree, our Neophytes officially became our new Brothers. We welcomed 22 student Brothers and 2 Faculty Brothers. Pledging was a huge success this year and we were very happy to welcome our New Brothers. It would not have been so successful without the help of my Pledge Trainers, Brother Rachael Wiles and Brother Jeremy Meehan. We also had plenty of help from our Pledge Committee. We met every week to take new ideas and suggestions from Brothers. With this new group of Brothers, I am confident that we will grow our Brotherhood and continue to make great achievements. I am very proud, happy and honored to be your Brother. Fraternally, Brother Bianca Hernandez


Community Service On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Kappa Psi Brothers teamed up with Animal Care Services (ACS) of San Antonio to pass out flyers and spread the word about the many services the ACS provides to our community. We were proud to participate in this education event and hope our efforts helped bring San Antonio one step closer to becoming a No Kill city. Brothers volunteered with the San Antonio Food Bank at Haven for Hope on February 28, 2012 and helped prepare and serve dinner for the homeless in our community. It was a great opportunity to give back to other and team up with an organization that does great work in our community. In a school wide blood drive, numerous Brothers gave blood to help meet the needs of hospitals in our community. Each Brother potentially helped to save 3 lives by giving blood. During the months of March and April, Kappa Psi Brothers and Pledges collaborated with SSHP and donated teddy bears to the SSHP Teddy Bear Drive. Brothers volunteered with Any Baby Can, a local organization that offers counseling and support for families with children with special needs. Brothers played with the children while their parents attended counseling and support group meeting. Brothers enjoyed playing games with the kids and we look forward to additional events with this great organization.

Fundraising The Fundraising Committee, held by Brother Jose Martinez, continued its efforts to raise money for this Spring semester. They exceeded their expectations for the year which allowed for more money to be allocated to social events, scholarships, and donations to charities. Some of the highlights of the spring semester included, selling Kappa Psi gear at Province and Easter candy sales. The candy sales fundraising event was not only the biggest money maker for the semester, but was the first opportunity for pledges to be active in the fraternity. Many pledges showed their dedication to the fraternity and surpassed our expectations for the fraternity. Something different we did this year was create and sell FSOP t-shits . Brother Nancy did a wonderful job with the design and we sold the t-shirts to the whole school. Another big success this semester was the fundraising event held at California Pizza Kitchen, where the Brothers and their friends and families enjoyed gourmet pizza and we raised a good profit for the Red Cross. We were very grateful for the efforts of the pledges and know that next year’s committee will be in great hands.

Athletics This Spring semester was filled with intramural accomplishments for Kappa Psi Brothers. The Brothers won 2nd place in Kickball and 4th place in Softball. On April 18th, Kappa Psi held our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament. Thanks to Brother Andrew Castillo and the Athletics Committee for a great job in putting together another successful tournament. Congratulations to Brothers Randi Rolland, Drew Young, Yvonne Solitaire, Chuong Le for winning the golf tournament. 2 nd place went to Brothers Ramon Cereceres, Krystina Pieniazek, and Rod Sanchez, and Dr. Lord. Other prestigious awards included “Up and Coming Golfer” awarded to Brother Mel Mora and “Best dressed” awarded to Brothers Drew Young, Krystina Pieniazek, John Chen, and Nephy John who looked golfer-chic in their polos, khaki shorts and matching long tube-socks. After the tournament the Brothers met at the Hangar for some refreshments and appetizers.


Founder’s Day Brothers Ray Ali, Amyn Madhani, and the rest of the Social Committee put together a wonderful formal this year at the Westin on the Riverwalk. Brothers were served an exquisite, delicious three course dinner and then danced the night away as high profile DJ Scoop dropped the beats. Brothers were also able to try on silly costumes and headwear and snap goofy funny photos on our “Kappa Psi Picture Booth”. Also that night Brothers were able to celebrate Brothers David Wilson, Roxi Afshar birthdays, as well as have a special moment to remember Brother Michael Gres on his birthday. All in all, Brothers had a great time! As Dr. Maize exclaimed, “Brothers looked as if they were going to the high school prom!” This night was a great night to celebrate our many accomplishes throughout this past year, as well as set the bar for the 2012-2013 calendar year to be hopefully our best year yet!

“Pledging was a great experience! I got closer to my pledge Brothers and we all now work as a team due to the experience” – Nathaniel Oyesfeso

“Pledging Kappa Psi was the best experience I’ve had at pharmacy school so far. I’ve met so many new friends throughout the whole pledging process, and I’m very excited to be involved for recruiting next year’s pledges.” - Rachel Pareya

“Overall, pledging went really well. I got really close with all of my pledge Brothers, and built life lasting friendships with them. I also built bonds with the active and some graduate brothers who were helpful in the process and kept motivating the pledges because the best was yet to come.” - Desi Villarreal


Farewell from Graduates - Class of 2012 Dearest Brothers, As I sit here writing this letter, it is hard to believe that soon we, the Class of 2012, can proudly call ourselves Doctors of Pharmacy. It feels like it was just yesterday when I moved halfway across the country from Nevada to start my pharmacy school career. But as I prepare to embark upon a new chapter in my life as a resident at Kaiser Permanente in California, I can’t help but get a bit emotional as I look back through these past three and a half years. I am very proud of our Fraternity for all that we have accomplished during my years as an active Brother. We started out as the underdog, a new chapter amongst other highly regarded and wellestablished chapters. And now, we have moved to the top of our Province. I know that you will continue with this momentum and move to the top of the Southwest Region and, eventually, achieve Top Ten Chapter nationally. Also, I am a bit sad because you, my Brothers, have truly become a family to me. You have been there for many of highs, as well as the lows, of my life during pharmacy school. I want to thank all of you for being there to celebrate with, to commiserate with, and to laugh with. I challenge you to continue to build upon our Brotherhood by initiating strong Brothers and teaching them what our motto, “One for all and all for one,” means. Furthermore, I challenge my fellow graduates to remember that we are Kappa Psi for life and to continue to keep in touch with our Brothers. With that in mind, I am not saying goodbye, but rather, I am saying, “See y’all later!” PTBYB, Maribeth Tecson Class of 2012

Hello Brothers! The last four years of pharmacy school sure has gone by quickly. Now that classes are over and I am waiting for graduation day, I wake up each day reflecting on all the great times I’ve had with all my pharmacy friends and not surprisingly, all the great moments were with my Brothers! These are moments I will always remember and cherish as I move on in my career. I think back to when I first entered into the fraternity, I didn’t exactly know what Brotherhood meant. Today, I can confidently say Brotherhood to me means people who volunteer their time to help you when you didn’t even ask, people who never hesitate to say yes, and those who you can count on 24/7. The pledging process for me has created an indescribable bond between us Brothers that is unlike any friendship I can ever develop. I see the spirit and excitement with each pledge class that has entered after me and it makes me smile to think that our fraternity is growing each day with such motivation to be a better person, friend, and most importantly a Brother. Even though I am graduating, it is not the end. I know that the bonds I have created with my fellow Brothers will always be there. I encourage all Brothers, especially those who are graduating to keep in touch, show others what Kappa Psi is all about, and remember that we are “All for One and One for All!” Proud to be your Brother (PTBYB), Rosa Tran Class of 2012


Once a Brother Always a Brother Hi Brothers! Since graduation and becoming licensed, I have pretty much just been working. To be honest, work has been a tad bit rough, but only because I am still getting used to being “the pharmacist.” I am still adapting to this constant fear that I will overlook something or that someone will ask me something I cannot answer. But all in all, it is an awesome feeling to be able to apply what we were taught at FSOP to help others. Getting paid for it is a nice bonus too. A lot of interesting things have happened this past week working as a pharmacist, but the one story that I want to share with Brothers right now is this one: Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a newly licensed pharmacist. It is your first eight-hour day on the job with your new title. Your boss sends to you open a store you have never worked at. You show up and do not know any of the technicians or anyone else working in the store. Your relief pharmacist is not scheduled to come in until way later. The phone keeps ringing; cars keep coming up to the drive-thru; customers keep approaching you at the counter; you are slowly becoming more and more behind; and you can swear that the technician can sense the fear in your eyes. One hour passes, then two, then four. At this point, your counter is full of things to be checked and the computer flashes colors constantly reminding you that you are still immensely behind. Somehow you have managed to survive to this point without any major incidents but things are still not looking any better. Mind you, this is your first day and you are still nervous as hell. Finally, you see your relief pharmacist walking up, and on top of all the other things, you start worrying about what they are going to think about the mess you have made and how pissed they are going to be to find out how behind you are. Imagine all of that. Then imagine that the pharmacist walking through the door is someone you know! A friend, an old preceptor, a Brother! That all just describes my first day as a pharmacist. I was nervous as hell. I could feel myself only barely keeping afloat with the workload and scrambling to get things done. Then lo-and-behold, the next pharmacist that walks through the door is a Brother who also happened to be a previous preceptor of mine. All he said when I apologized for the mess was “It’s all gooooood. I’m here to help.” He was totally cool about it. That sense of impending doom I had for the past few hours completely dissolved. Point of my story? They were not lying when they told us about those 99 helping hands being everywhere. I will never forget my first day as a pharmacist and how there was a Brother to help when I needed it. PTBYB,

Brother Cynthia N. Nguyen, PharmD

Kappa Psi Epsilon Beta 8


Behind the Mask- Spring 2012  
Behind the Mask- Spring 2012  

Kappa Psi- Epsilon Beta Spring 2012 Newsletter