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New Hope Celebrates has been committed to serving our diverse and special community since 2003.


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Cover Photo - New Hope Lambertville Bridge Photo by ffolkes Sedneff

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New Hope Celebrates is a 501(c) 3 organization: EIN: 26-1802593

Scott Drake Photography

Every year, this LGBT – friendly town throws a week-long party in May called New Hope Celebrates Pride that draws more than 13,000 visitors and features live musical performances, dance parties, comedians, art exhibits and a grand parade down historic Main Street.

Our Mission Mission New Hope Celebrates brings people together to share in a celebration of our history, diversity and the inclusiveness of our community.

Vision As a voice for our local LGBTA community we strive to achieve our vision where society is free of prejudice, discrimination and hate, within our community, and across our borders.

Values Creativity We inspire locals and visitors through creative ideas, events, art, entertainment,and the talents of everyone in our diverse community. Diversity We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone, bringing people together to share as one community. Inclusivity We open our arms and hearts welcoming everyone as we create a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Working with other local non-profit groups for the greater good of the community. Sustainability We are dedicated to promoting our communities as a culturally diverse destination not just for the LGBT community, but for all who believe in equality. We plan for the growth of our organization to ensure that future generations can know our history and celebrate with Pride.


Our Communities The “Bridge” symbolizes a long standing friendly symbiosis between the unique yet connected small town communities of New Hope and Lambertville, NJ. Though in different states, the towns grew up fertilized by the seeds of shared water--first the Delaware River, an important symbol of freedom from Revolutionary days, and later the man-made canals, which brought industry and prosperity to the entire Delaware Valley. Voted top 10 places to live and work in the USA.

New Hope, Pennsylvania Initially settled by the Lenape Indians, a group known for their hospitality, New Hope has long been recognized for it’s unique mix of eclectic commercial and artistic establishments as well as it’s charitable, humane service organizations. Binding them all together is a veritable “stew” of different kinds of people who coexist peacefully and equally. For LGBT and Allied individuals, New Hope is a Mecca–where discrimination and segregation are non-issues. Blessed with scenic beauty, New Hope is nestled alongside the lowlands of the Delaware River and surrounded by lush mountains, forests and lakes. Hence, water sports abound and yet there is acreage to explore - from hillsides of horse farms and historic sights to cozy countryside dotted with covered bridges. You can see it on foot, cycle, car, motorcycle, trolley or train! You will experience what folks in New Hope and Bucks County know best–that life is meant to be lived, not merely lived through.

Lambertville, New Jersey While both towns evolved because of common bodies of water, each took on their own characters. When New Hope emerged as a more boisterous haven of the arts, Lambertville maintained a distinct essence of culture, developing an outstanding standard of proud, austere reverence to the past and a commitment to subtle and traditional excellence. Currently a walk down Bridge or Church Street pays awesome homage a long history, with fine antique stores, a bevy of multi-ethnic restaurants and specialized shops alongside some of the most notable “old school” as well as contemporary art galleries in the area. Determined not to be a river reflection of it’s neighbor to the west, Lambertville is the essence of individuality – not a “sister city” but more the quiet and beautiful, distinguished “first cousin”– a remarkable and memorable entity of perfection. Visit Lambertville and experience why this community has for centuries epitomized harmony and equality, while maintaining a diverse and amazingly beautiful spirit that is all it’s own.


Crossing the bridge for equality in 2013 was the first Pride Parade to cross state lines and expand the celebration into both New Hope, PA. and Lambertville, NJ.


Presidents Message It is very rewarding being involved with an organization focused on highlighting equality and inclusiveness for all, but especially for the LGBT community. Each year we have our Pride festival to highlight and celebrate the inclusiveness of New Hope PA through a week of events including drag shows, an interfaith service, FACT bingo, musical entertainment throughout town and of course our Parade and Block party. We also host other activities throughout the year, partner with other local organizations and are sponsoring a LGBT history project called Retro-scope. We are fortunate to live and celebrate in community that accepts and embraces diversity. Although a great deal of progress has been made in terms of marriage equality, more work is necessary to have a world free from discrimination and hate. 34 states are lacking anti-discrimination laws - meaning that employees can still be fired simply for being LGBT. Our fight against discrimination is no different than the one started with Martin Luther King calling for children to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. We must continue to use our influence to help others and to raise awareness around discrimination and inclusiveness until everyone is free from hate.

Sharon Fronabarger NHC President


Victory Lace struts her stuff at the Ferry St. entrance to the 2014 Block Party and vendor fair.

“We know that there’s such a rich history of the LGBT community here in New Hope,” said Sharon Fronabarger, president of New Hope Celebrates. “One of the things I really like about our festival is it’s more than just the LGBT community, it’s the entire town. I kind of think about it as this is our town celebration of how awesome this town is.”


Key Events Word AIDS Day Observance December 1st Annual Candle light ceremony in partnership with FACT Bucks County.

LGBTA History Exhibits - Online archive at retro-scope. - Portable exhibit showcasing a portion of the online archive.

High Heel Drag Race October As of 2015 NHC will now sponsor this local annual fundraising event.

Local Partner Events Through The Year Local businesses participate by hosting various special events throughout the year to engage the community.

Annual Pride Flag Day Second Sunday in May Kick off of our Pride Week Observance and partner events.

NHC Pride Weekend Third weekend in May - Annual Pride Parade - Starting in Lambertville, NJ. Crossing the bridge to New Hope, PA. - Vendor Fair - Featuring various vendors, Pride Partners & Sponsors - Block Party - Featuring local & National Entertainment

Annual Pride Weekend Partner Events - The Raven & NHC present Saturday Night OUT & Sunday Tea & Pool Party - Ladies 2000 & NHC present - Ladies Party @ Havana



Our annual and year-round events include activities for LGBT and ally friends and families and include dances, parties, comedic performances and an exciting, colorful and dynamic parade that has been twice marshaled by the Governor of Pennsylvania and twice by a US Congressman. The parade is the cornerstone event of a week-long festival held in New Hope each May. With an estimated 13,000 in attendance and projected retail sales revenue of over $1.7 million, our festival was named “Most Outstanding Multi Event in Bucks County” in 2012 by Landmark Towns. We were also recognized as BEST, Suburban Pride by the readers of the Philadelphia Gay News in 2014. The NHC has been spotlighted on both local and national news broadcasts. Featured on the LOGO channel. NHC is currently featured twice yearly on Philadelphia’s Comcast TV News. There have been literally hundreds of articles published about New Hope Celebrates through the years from small publications in Sheboygan, WI. to the New York Times. Opportunities for Pride Partnerships are everywhere, from banners at specific events, to invitations for wealth and legal service seminars, educational opportunities to sales/show participation in a day long “Pride Fair” and more added ever year. • 2013 Established Retro-Scope is a web-based archive dedicated to the preservation, celebration, and sharing of New Hope, Pa’s LGBT history and living community. It is a product of New Hope Celebrates. • 2015 New Hope was named among the “Top Ten LGBT Small-Town USA Destinations” by the venerated online Huffington Post. • 2013 Hosted NERP - New Hope was honored to be the host city for NERP’s (North East Regional Prides) 2013 conference in March 8-10, 2013. • 2012 “Most Outstanding Multi-Event in Bucks County” by Landmark Towns. We were also recognized as BEST Suburban Pride by the readers of the Philadelphia Gay News in 2014. • 2009 the founder of NHC - Daniel Brooks was honored by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an “Outstanding Citizen” for work on behalf of NHC in keeping New Hope’s LGBT population within the mindfulness of others. • 2008 Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell walked in the May 17th NHC Pride Parade and then spoke to citizens of that community from the porch of Havana Restaurant.


Pride Flag Day

Our official kick off of our annual Pride Festival. Festival opening day celebration began at 12:00 Noon. The Flag was Unfurled above Starbucks at Bridge and Main Streets and featured a 100 foot Pride Flag on loan from our friends in Key West. Followed by many fun filled downtown activities.

Photo by The Hunterdon County Democrat

Annual Pride Fair

50 Vendors , 5 Hours of Live Entertainment with an estimated 4,500+ attendees during the day. A truly amazing day in Lambertville and downtown New Hope. Each Year NHC hosts it’s annual Pride Fair. In conjunction with the Bucks County Playhouse. We featured local and national entertainment. Offerings select vendors presenting their goods and services to the community. It’s great exposure for our Pride Partners and local sponsors and truly fun filled event for all.


New Hope Lambertville Bridge 2012 Pride Guide Cover photo by ffolkes Sedneff

Annual Pride Parade

30 Groups, 12 Floats, 4 Marching Bands, 500 Marchers, and an estimated 7000 spectators in New Hope & Lambertville. On Saturday May 26th 2015 NHC we will celebrated it’s 10th Annual Pride Festival. Joining our friends and neighbors across the Delaware River in Lambertville, New Jersey. This was our second Parade across the bridge. We are the first Pride organization to host a Pride Parade in two states.

The Josh Zuckerman Band

Dario - 2014


Kristine W - 2014

NHC By TheNumbers Numbers By The Updated December 2016

Local Population 4,000


3,000 2,000


1,000 0



Visitors & Revenue Estimated During Pride Week

BY THE SQUARE MILE New Hope = 1.4 Bucks County = 622 Pensilvinna = 46,00

BY THE SQUARE MILE Lambertville = 1.13 Hunterdon County = 438 New Jersey = 8,729

LOCAL BUSINESS Restaurants & Bars = Inns, Hotels & B&B = Shops = Galleries = Sites & Attractions =

LOCAL BUSINESS Restaurants & Bars = Inns, Hotels & B&B = Shops = Galleries = Sites & Attractions =

29 20 19 20 12

16 4 27 30 15

15,000 Attended during the week $2.5 Million revenue earned

Social, Web & Mobile Reach Annual Growth 2,400 1,800 1,200


1,900 1,687 955

600 0




Of the LGBT Population we polled are connecting via Mobile & Desktop


The Annual Pride Guide Distrbution & Views


Printed guides published in May 2015 - Digital in 2016




Annual Expense Distribution - 2015

2% 2% 25%



Digital guides viewed online and at



■ Pride Parade Expenses ■ Pride Fair Expenses ■ Website & Social Media ■ Advertising & Media Buys ■ Graphics & Marketing ■ Out of Pocket Event Expenses ■ Accounting & Membership Dues ■ Expo & Event Fees

25% 35% 13% 10% 5% 3% 2% 2%

Geographic Reach Our Reach Extends To These Geographic Areas

* Baised on past and present print, online advertising and our media outlets.

PENNSYLVANIA Bucks County Philadelphia Reading Allentown Pittsburgh DELAWARE Rehoboth Beach NEW JERSEY Hunderton County Atlantic County North Jersey South Jersey

The LGBT community is an untapped market worth

NEW YORK Manhattan Brooklyn Queens


3.72 Trillion Annually


FLORIDA Fort Lauderdale Key West

Would pay a premium for a product/brand that supports the lgbt community. 82% of allies say they are likely to purchase good or services from a company that supports LGBT equality.

Washington DC District of Columbia

* Source 2016 Center for talent Innovation


Additional media Coverage via press releases and news coverage. - Huffington Post - Gay Cities - Edge Media - Pilly Gay News, PGN - GO Magazine - CBS News - NBC 10 News - ComCast News - You Tube - LOGO

Would tell a friend about a brand that impressed them.


Would switch to LGBT - friendly brands and encourage friends and family to do so aswell.


LGBT community represents a higher median household income. * Source Q-Digital

Our Media Affiliates - Print & Web Advertising Reach Go Magazine - Out In Jersey - Scruff Social App- Edge Media - Pilly Gay News, PGN - ICON Magazine The Intelligencer Bucks County Herald

30,000 20,000 1,300,000 40,000 15,000 75,000 149,521 47,500

Copies of each issue are distributed across the U.S. -100k online Online views in the LGBT community visit our home page. Regional online views of NHC Pride Fest 2015 Ad Online views - 30k downloads daily readership Weekly - 25k pass around rate - 50k online weekly readers Monthly readership Weekly readers, 280,321 across all digital platforms Weekly readers


Pride Partners 2015-16 Pride Partners Titio’s The Raven New Hope Lodge The Bucks County Playhouse The Rrazz Room Mystickal Tymes Me Salon PARX Casino

2015-16 Pride Sponsors Angel Hearts Angel’s Cards Antiques on Union Bacardi Bangz Salon Bucks County Playhouse Bucks County Bank Celtic Iberia Traders Country Fair Chocolates DiSh Catering Dunrite Pool Heath’s Service - EXXON Heartland Payroll First Friday’s Giant Foods Giampolo Law Group GMG Insurance Havana John & Peter’s Johnson & Johnson Care With Pride J&J Karla’s Bar & Restaurant Key West Business Guild The Logan Inn Mojito - Cuba Caribe Ladies 2000

Lambertville House Makefield Dental Lab. Martine’s Me Salon - New Hope Mystickal Tymes New Hope Arts Center New Hope Solebury Dentists Olivia’s Bridge Street Inn Party Gurlz Productions PARX Casino Pudge Cakes Razz Room Reinboth St. Philips Church Tyler Park Center for the Arts The Cub Room New Hope Lodge The Raven The Wishing Well Value Towing Service Vintage Rockefeller WaWa Wessel + O’Connor - Fine Art Wild Ginger Zoubi


2015-16 Media Affiliates Philadelphia Gay News Bucks County Herald Bucks Happenings Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing EDGE Media Go Magazine Gay City News ICON Magazine Landmark Towns

The NHC Team 2015 to September 2016 Executive Board of Directors Sharon Fronabarger, President Jenn Wohl, Vice President David Coccagna, Treasurer Christina Mertz, Board Member Armando Martinez, Board Member Gerry Mason, Board Member Gordon Pulaski, Secretary

Committee Leaders Gordon Pulaski - Creative Director Jenn Wohl, Gerry Mason - Parade & Pride Fair Elisa Fusco, Christina Mertz, Armando Martinez - High Heel Drag Race

Special Contributers Daniel Brooks, NHC Founder - Retro-scope curator Geri Delevich, Former Board Member, Key West Flag Acquisition Robert Szwajkos, NHC Attorney at large Missy Flok-Duncan, Pride Fair Trisha Dasch-Tharp, Bucks County Playhouse

Photographers at Large Scott Drake Photography - PGN Christine Wohl Ramirez Photography Gordon Nieburg - Bucks County Herald

Memberships & Affiliations - Interpride - The Greater Lambertville New Hope Chamber Of Commerce - Bucks County Visitors Center - FACT Bucks County - - NERP Northeast -


Financial Overview Revenues


Pride Event Income


Grants & Donations


Sponsors $22,900.00 Merchandise Sales


Total $65,700.00

Expenses Pride Fest & Entertainment

2015 $26,449.00

Pride Parade


Marketing & Advertising


Operating & Development


Total $48,767.00

Operating Capital



* This is an overview and not intended to be a detailed record, for additional financial information contact us at key word treasure report. Registered on Guide Star:


Kim Weimer, Intel Photographer Pride parade in New Hope Lady Nutella blows a kiss to the crowd as the Pride Parade makes its way through New Hope on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

New Hope Celebrates PO Box 266 New Hope, PA 18938

New Hope Celebrates Annual Review  

NHC Annual Review 2015-2016 New Hope Celebrates has been committed to serving our diverse and special community since 2003.

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