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Spheros Alex Reith

What is a Sphero Sphero is a spherical robot toy. It is a white orb wrapped in polycarbonate plastic, capable of rolling around, and controlled by a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

How To Connect

1 Hit your sphero twice 2 Open Bluetooth settings 3 It will flash 3 colors 4 Select your sphero

What is coding? Actions

Coding is a language that tells computers what to do. Computer programming will use coding, typing out text commands. Drop coding is similar to building with legos to create a structure.


Set Heading

Set Speed

Set Color





Play Sound

On Collision


Events On Start Program Every program starts with 'on start program' On Collision Found in events, when a sphero hits anything it'll follow this code Switch to LightningLab

Movement roll is easier

roll -time -speed -angle

speed up or slow down Set heading Set speed Delay Set speed Switch to LightningLab

Color Set Color Choose from any color Set light to 0 for off Fade Set color Set time Set color Switch to LightningLab

Sound Speak Type anything Siri voice Play Sound Categories Subcategories

Switch to LightningLab

Miscellaneous Loop Loop (controls) will repeat an action(s) a set number of times Delay Delay (controls) will pause for a set number of seconds before continuing an action. Switch to LightningLab

Guess and Check When working with lines, or any code, things may not go as you want •run your code •make slight adjustments •repeat your code

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