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Soul counselor reveals few secrets of setting up first date Written By: Gabriel Moisescu Meeting girls is only the beginning. Once you have met a girl you clicked with, it is time to start the really hard part: moving from strangers to lovers. And she’s not going to give you much help with this. You are the one who usually has to organize the first date, schedule a time with her, and guide her through the date from the awkward beginning to smooth goodbye kiss. Worst of all, at every point in the date, the woman will be looking for reasons not to date you. You may find that despite all the effort you made, she is not ready to kiss you, and she does not respond to your suggestion of meeting up again. You have just wasted your time and spent your weekend drinking money on a date that led nowhere. Arranging the Date Dates should always be arranged over the phone, not over email. You may be emailing her regularly by now, but when it comes to arranging a time and a day to meet, it can be frustrating to keep emailing back and forth with suggestions and corrections. Too, when you make the effort to call her and talk in person, it gives her a good feeling. It will feel more personal and reassure her that you are genuinely interested. That extra personal contact will also make her feel guiltier about backing out of the date, because she verbally agreed to it over the phone. With emails, it is easier to ignore them or conveniently “forget.� If you can, make sure that you call her on her home number rather than her cell-phone number. With cell-phones, she may take your call when she is out and about, and distractions may make her forget about the date she agreed to, or she may have nothing to actually write the details down on. Always send a follow-up email after a date (if you have her email address) mentioning that you are looking forward to seeing her again on such-andsuch a day and place. That way, if she has the details wrong, she will note them on your email.

Have a plan before you call her. Suggest a certain day, a certain time, and a certain place. This shows her that you have thought about what you are going to do beforehand, and women love well-planned-out dates. It also shows that you are a decisive person who will make decisions on your own without waiting for her to take the lead. Too many men act like the woman is doing them a favor by accepting the date. They ask her opinion on where and when they should meet first and go with whatever she says. Avoid this at all costs. Once you start dating regularly, there will be much more give and take with your dates. Right now, make the decision yourself (you will probably be paying for it, after all). Choose a place and a time that you feel most comfortable with. The more familiar you are with the venue for the first date, the more confident you will appear to her. A first date should not take place on her territory, such as her favorite restaurant, or her favorite bar. This will give her all the advantage. Be aware that she may be unable to accommodate the date and time you chose. Make sure that you issue your invitation at least several days in advance, as most women do not agree to first dates on spur of the moment. You do not know if she is seeing other people at the moment, and if she has a busy social life she’ll have to fit your date in. In fact, she may act as if she is quite busy just so that you get the impression that she is a hot commodity. Play the game at first and be the perfect gentleman: arrange things well in advance. Avoid too far in advance, though: you should have your first date no greater than a week after you met for the first time! Be aware that the day and time you suggest (or the day and time she suggests) will tell a lot about your intentions. Usually, if you suggest meeting for drinks after work one weeknight, it means that you want to start out cautiously and see how much rapport you have before making a greater commitment. If you suggest meeting for dinner on a Friday/Saturday night, it implies that the night may carry on into drinking, dancing, and even sex. On the other hand, if you decide to meet for the day on Saturday or Sunday, it shows her

that you are interested enough in her to want to spend a whole day in her company, and the date will be much more relaxed and activity-based. More advices on:

Soul counselor reveals few secrets of setting up first date

Soul counselor reveals few secrets of setting up first date  

Meeting girls is only the beginning. Once you have met a girl you clicked with, it is time to start the really hard part: moving from strang...