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GMMP System Net goes Google. Customized Google Apps presentation for GMMP System Net.


Google Apps can make your company more profitable, productive, and innovative. Here are a few areas GMMP System Net can benefit from going Google:

Efficiency Productivity Trust Innovation

GMMP System Net goes Google


Efficiency: Lower total cost of ownership

By switching to Google Apps your company of 4 employees could save

$31,261 a year

GMMP System Net goes Google

Google Apps only costs $50 per user per year. That's less than your company will spend on morning coffee.

Estimated savings over Microsoft® Exchange 2007, assuming average IT manager hourly wage of $70 an hour. Estimates are based on sample customers of a similar size, and may not reflect your actual experience with Google Apps or Microsoft® Exchange 2007.


Efficiency: Access anytime, anywhere

Employees at GMMP System Net will be

2.8 times

Access your files from any place with internet. Plus, Macs, PCs and Linux can all run Google Apps. Blackberry® devices, smartphones, Outlook® and Entourage® accounts are compatible, too.

more productive while mobile

GMMP System Net goes Google

The average employee in the company became 2.8x more effective while working mobile within 6 months after adopting Google Apps, (Telegraph Media Group Internal Study, 2009).


Efficiency: Bigger inboxes, less clutter

GMMP System Net could add

98GB of email storage space

Enough for

245,839 emails

Gmail inboxes are 50 times the industry standard So employees will spend less time deleting emails. Plus, that new space will be organized into conversation threads, reducing the number of inbox lines by 47%.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Calculations based on an average email size of 418KB (Osterman Research Study, 2010). The number of lines in employees’ inboxes decreased by 47%, or 510,000 emails per day across the organization (Motorola Mobile Devices Business internal stat, 2009).


Productivity: Less spam, more time

GMMP System Net could put the

112 hours employees normally spend dealing with spam to better use. Gmail saves time by filtering out spam and protecting you from viruses. Hope you won't miss those inspirational chain letters.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Assumptions: 5 seconds for an employee to click open and email, ID it as spam, and delete it. An average user receives 77 spam emails each day which are blocked by Google Postini Services (Google internal stat, 2009)


Productivity: No more version control

At GMMP System Net, if

10 team members working on a project each make

5 revisions there would be

50 versions of the same document floating around. Yikes. Technology is supposed to make things easier, but too many attachments get complicated. With Google Apps, there's a single online copy of each document, so everyone knows that they're working on the latest version of a doc, spreadsheet or presentation.

GMMP System Net goes Google


Productivity: Integrated email, IM, and video chat

Employees at GMMP System Net could communicate

36% more

with integrated email, IM, voice and video chat. Along with saving money on the company phone bill, Gmail's built in IM, voice, and video chat make collaboration and communication more efficient.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Employee communication increased by 36% within 6 months after adopting Google Apps. (Telegraph Media Group Internal Study, 2009)


Trust: Automatic updates

Save 4 hours per year with automatic updates and keep your data safe and sound. With Google Apps, updates and security patches are automatically installed. So instead of installing patches, changing passwords and fending off viruses, your IT department can contribute to the company in more productive ways.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Assumption: 5 minutes for each user to update and restart their machine after each Patch Tuesday (12 times per year). Microsoft® had 71 “critical” and “important” security alerts in 2009 alone.


Trust: 99.9% uptime reliability


uptime GMMP System Net will get

108 hours of additional productivity each year. When it comes to servers, downtime is a downer. But with Google Apps, GMMP System Net will experience more reliable access to files and emails with no planned downtime. Other server systems have at least 36 to 90 minutes of planned downtime a month.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Companies with on-premises email solutions averaged from 30 to 60 minutes of unscheduled downtime and an additional 36 to 90 minutes of planned downtime per month, (The Radicati Group study, 2008).


Trust: Data security GMMP System Net could avoid losing

3GB of data from lost or stolen laptops.

And GMMP System Net will spend

$11,339 less recovering from data loss. Losing things is never fun. But with Google Apps all your data is stored online. That means you'll need 0 thumb drives and lose 0 gigs of data if anything happens to a company laptop.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Assumptions: 60% of employees have laptops; 10 GB of data stored per laptop; average laptop cost of $2000. According to the FBI, 1 out of every 10 laptops are stolen in the first year of purchase, (FBI, 2005). A typical lost or stolen laptop costs employees $49,246 due to value of missing intellectual property or other sensitive data. (Ponemon Institute, 2008.)


Trust: Data Recovery

GMMP System Net could save


in data recovery services. GMMP System Net may spend as much as $600 in data recovery services to protect from a natural disaster or hardware meltdown. But by going Google you'd spend $0 and wait 0 weeks to recover files.

GMMP System Net goes Google

Assumptions: Average data recovery cost of $150 per user per year. Calculations based on companies of a similar size.


Innovation: Continuous updates & new features

Plus, nobody likes waiting for new stuff. That's why Google has automatic updates. You'll instantely get the newest features instead of waiting years for the next version to be released. In the past year, Google Apps has released over a hundred new features and innovations without any patches of installations to worry about. Here are a few new ones: Google Drawings Upload any type of file Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exhange Translate documents in Google Docs Message Log Search in Message Security Google Docs shared folders Translate in Google Sites Google Apps Script

GMMP System Net goes Google

Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise server Custom template creation in Google Docs Google Secure Data Connector Gmail drag & drop attachments Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Google Groups in Apps Export all documents Google Sites templates


So here's the bottom line if GMMP System Net switches to Google Apps.

Time saved: Money saved:

224 hours/yr. $43,201/yr.

Time to go Google Learn more at

GMMP System Net goes Google


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