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Letter from the Editor Happy New Year to you all. I wish you God’s richest blessings and all the best for the rest of the year. I hope that with God’s help, you will achieve the goals you have set for yourselves. Thanks to all of you who are taking the time out to view Gospel Music Magazine on your desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads, etc. We hope to have your continued support for the rest of our issues. This magazine has been the realization of a two year dream and bringing this to you, is a really fulfilling feeling that can only be paralleled to a mother giving birth. It has been a challenge putting this first issue together, due to resource constraints, however, with God all things are possible. Do enjoy the magazine and remember to check us out on facebook and also our website. Feel free to give us your feedback and see you next month. Regards, Rohan Parker Founder/CEO Gospel Music Magazine

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Hoszia Hinds

D . A. JAY It is the Word (message) not the music

D.A.Jay describes himself as a Danchall/Reggae singer doing what God has called him to, bringing souls to Christ. In these times, in Jamaica when contemporary gospel music still gets flack in some circles, he is unapologetic of his style. For him it is the WORD (message) and not the music which is important. This stance illustrates a resolve ingrained in his character. This 28 year old has a remarkable story filled with determination and transformation. Born Dwayne Anthony Jackson, in the rural community of Watt Town, St Ann this young man showed promise from an early age and teachers and classmates often marveled at his aptitude for learning. He lived a fairly idyllic childhood but life for Jackson became difficult at age 12 when he was forced to drop out of school. Matters became worse when at 13 he was thrown out of the family home by his father. D.A.Jay has now forgiven his father and they are rebuilding their relationship. His talent as a songwriter was unearthed by his English teacher, Ms Lazarus; she gave him the confidence to see the merit in his work. With her encouragement he experimented with rhymes and poems. His musical influences range from reggae gospel to R&B gospel but the persons who have had the most profound spiritual impact on him have been his cousins Collin and Clayon Thomas with whom he lived. He got saved in 2000 and it was their influence which lead him to the Lord.

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D.A.Jay has amazing songwriting skills. He has written songs for artistes including Prodigal Son, Jai and Omari. He has collaborated with Prodigal Son, Jai, Goddy Goddy, Jermaine Edwards, Jermaine Cowan (Canada), Az 1 (Anguilla), St Matthew, Craig C, Troy Anthony (Bermuda), SOP and Ordinary. GMM: How would you describe your style of music? GMM: Favourite colour? Favourite food favourite time of year? Favourite morning beverage? DAJ: My style of music is a true blend of the majority of genres; from dancehall, R&B, hip hop DAJ: Favorite color is Black. to reggae. I compose all my songs with melodies, Favorite food is “Jerk Pork”(sorry if I offended and pack my bars with thought provoking lyrics. I anyone) have a thing for using appropriate literary devic- Favorite time of year is Christmas Day, home with My family. es so listen close to get the meaning. Favorite Morning beverage is Orange Juice. GMM: Why did you decide to do gospel music? Is it GMM: What are you doing when you are not writa career? How long have you been doing gospel? ing lyrics or recording songs? DAJ: I got saved May 20, 2000, and I started doing music officially in 2004-2005. I started out as DAJ: I practice my craft constantly, by rehearsa rapper and transitioned in 2008 to my Jamaican ing and thinking of new concepts, I don’t play sports, so I go to the GYM. roots, focusing on Christian Dancehall and Reggae. I think it is only logical for me to sing Gospel, based on the talents God gave me. It is a ministry. GMM: How did your collaboration with Assassin come about? DAJ: Assassin is a mentor of mine. I admire his perceptions as a musician...he is a positive secular artiste. I was working on a cd back in 2008 and I reached out to him through to do the collab with me; he agreed without hesitation. GMM: What is the creative process you go through when writing a song? DAJ: Music is something I’ve been preparing for in advance. I read a lot, I’m always seeking knowledge, I know about rhythm structures, literary devices, and rhyme structures. I don’t write songs either, I make them up in the studio with the headphones on, while listening to the beat. I reflect on the concept in my mind and just sing straight from my heart. God takes over. It is really him that makes the song.


“just released my album “Breakthrough” on iTunes and other cyber stores”

GMM: If there was one gospel artiste who you would want to do a song with, who would it be? Why? DAJ: I think I’ve already collaborated with all the gospel artistes. But if I had only one choice. It would be “Jai” he is a real musician and a melodious singer and we see eye to eye where music is concerned. GMM: You have recently released an album. Tell us about it; your favourite track(s), the producers who worked on the tracks; collabs; where is it available? DAJ: We just released my album “Breakthrough” on iTunes and other cyber stores. We are planning on doing the physical launch very soon, in early 2012. This album has 16 tracks. The theme of this album is “HOPE IN THE LORD.” The tracks were strategically done to complement that phrase. There are tracks like “Breakthrough,” “Better Mus Come,” “Free” and “Be What You Want” that will inspire every congregation, politician, gunman, whoever, to hope in the Lord. The “Better mus come” music video is already out. The producers on the album are Dale “Dr. Dzzle” Virgo, Jay Crazie, Kevin Butler, and Evan Brooks.

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My favorite tracks? hmmmm...u know what, all my songs are like my children, I love them all, but I’m always listening to my last recordings. The one that I’m listening to constantly now is “OVA.” GMM: Fill in the blanks to complete the sentence: DAJ is a ________________ person. He has _______ brothers and ____________sisters and ____________ _______________ ______________ family. Before doing music he was ______________. His all time favourite song is ___________ and one two things he hates most are ____________ and ________________. DAJ: DAJ is a HUMBLE person. He has 2 brothers and 4 sisters and LOVES HANGING WITH family. Before doing music he was a Mechanic/Computer Engineer. His all time favourite song is Kurt Carr: Awesome Wonder and two things he hates most are Lizards and Liars. GMM: What is your favouite scripture verse or passage DAJ: My Favorite Scripture of all time is Phillipians 4:13...I Can do All things through Christ That strengthens Me...I Can.

Natesha’s Enterprise is a registered organisation at the Companies Office of Jamaica that specialises in event planning, production and promotion and the management and booking of gospel artistes. We aim to work together with communities and host an event for the entire family annually, and give part proceeds to a community project. We not only plan, produce and promote our own events, but we also employ our services to paying clients. We do events such as weddings, birthday parties, gospel concerts, road shows, pageants, company launches, church functions and any event that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you need entertainers for your event, we can provide such for you. We have established relationships with popular and reputable artistes, bands, MCs, producers, radio personalities and other high calibre persons within the gospel music industry. We also offer services in the areas of public relations, marketing plans and promotional strategies; all at a reasonable cost. If you are looking for an event planner, producer and promoter, or if you are interested in booking any of our artistes, please call us at 876-333-6121 or email

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GMM|N E Enterprise

Founder/Managing Director for Natesha’s Enterprise, Corlena Bailey started the company in 2011 with a vision to unify the residents in her home community of Water Lane in Vere, Clarendon through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Being a respected resident, she planned to host a gospel concert for the community pending for May 2012. Part proceeds will go towards the development of the Community Centre. Underneath the portfolio of Natesha’s Enterprise are four gospel artistes namely: Sir Lancelot, Redeeming Flame, PDee and Syran. Sir Lancelot (Leo Lewis) is a dynamic gospel artiste whose desire for music started at an early age. He is a member of the Faith General Baptist Church and a teacher at his alma mater, the Glenmuir High School. In 2006, he entered the JCDC gospel song festival competition with the song “Hold On”. In 2009, he entered the competition again and became a finalist with the song “Buss Out”. Sir Lancelot is now working on his album and recorded rough mixes for three other tracks, namely “Where does you future lie”, “Gimme mi mountain” and “I’ll Wait”, which are currently being aired on Love 101, Prosperity FM and other internet radio stations. PDee (Patrick Douglas) is a powerful and dynamic gospel artiste who is also a God fearing worshipper. He has been ministering on the gospel seen from a tender age. His style of music is predominantly gospel dj and dub poetry, but his ranges extend way beyond these genres. PDee introduced songs such as “Wake Up”, “Jamdown” and the very popular “Class By Yuself”. PDee considers himself a down to earth individual and this is evident in his music embedded in love, life and reality.

Syran (Syran Spence) is a man of God who gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2004 and became a member of the Newtown Baptist Church. Since then, he has been ministering for the Lord through music. As with most persons, he developed a passion for music at an early age. His song “Touch Not The Lord’s Anointing” are currently being aired on Love 101 and Irie FM. Syran has other singles out such as: My Needs and One Door. He is currently working on his album. Redeeming Flame (Wayne Williams) is a singing legend in his own right and has been singing for the Lord since 1990. He gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1988 and is a member of the Bethel Open Bible Church. In 1998, Redeeming Flame was a finalist in the JCDC gospel song festival competition with the song “No Greater Love”. In the summer of 2011, he completed the recording of his second album, Perilous Times with songs like “Some Trust In Chariots”, “Victim” and “Perilous Times”. There are plans to launch his album really soon.

You Can’t Take It with You by Dr. Woodrow Kroll

“And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1 vs 21 A few years ago, advice columnist Ann Landers printed a supposedly true story of a tightfisted husband who was married to a gracious woman. The wife put up with his tightwad behavior for more than 40 years. At age 60, “Ollie” was stricken with cancer. Toward the end, he made his wife promise, in front of witnesses, that she would place in his coffin all the money he had stashed away so he could buy his way into heaven. She agreed and assured him, as a woman of her word, she would do as he asked. The morning after his death she took the money (about $26,000) and deposited it in the bank. She then wrote a check and put it in the casket four days later. She knew he couldn’t take it with him.

Job, however, never entertained the foolish ideas of the tightfisted husband. He realized that he would leave this world as naked as he entered. He was wise enough to know that he would take nothing away from this world but himself. What we make of ourselves in terms of character rather than possessions should be our concern as Christians. A godly nature steeped in an understanding of God’s Word and God’s ways is far more valuable than earthly wealth or honors. When we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, what we are will be of greater importance than what we had (2 Cor. 5:10).

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Begin now to cultivate those things that will not be left behind when your body is placed in the ground. Set aside some time each day to spend in the Bible and prayer. Develop an attitude of compassion and generosity. Allow God’s Spirit to create in you a clean heart and a steadfast spirit. These are riches you can take with you. You have to leave the world naked, but not destitute.

So it’s 2012. If you didn’t get the message before, happy New Year. In the spirit of a new year, we hit up a few of our friends on facebook to find out what their new years’ resolutions are.

My new years’ resolutions are...1 to actually live up to my promises for the new year 2 Get closer to God 3 just do the right thing cause its right.. -Deborah H. Rosewelt

Well don’t really have a resolution just some plans, complete my album and reach as many ears. -Rondell Positive To spend more time in the presence of the Lord in trying to understand his purpose for my life this year and to carry out His tasks as He instructs. -Corleena Bailey Continue to do what I always do, try to take over the world. Also, to walk in the fullness of the blessing of the Lord like never before prov. 10:22. -Noland Ridgard I choose to relinquish plans to come under full control and direction from God in 2012. The Lord has spoken some thing over my life for 2012 with my part being only to seek Him prayer, fasting and the word and watch Him work on my behalf. -Shelloma Hyman

New Year resolution a three words.. Yearning. Learning. Growing.

-Aundre Austin



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The 2012 ACGMA (Atlanta Caribbean

Gospel Music Award) celebration is poised to take Atlanta by storm. Birthed from an effort to give back to the Artists and individuals who have made the music possible, the awards will be more than recognition of talents. All winners in their respective categories will receive financial support reflecting 100% of the proceeds from the event, exclusive gifts from the sponsors, as well as worldwide exposure. The star studded night is designed to allow the fans to appreciation the individuals who continue to bless them in so many ways. The voting process has already begun, and will run through 3/31/2012. The artists with the most votes in each category will win. The event will be held at the Marietta convention center, and is expected to be aired locally and internationally. Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Music Award was born from watching Caribbean gospel music artist ministers, and give their all, while often time receiving not even a bottle of water in return. Yet, they continue to find the money to develop quality music, provide transportation and all the necessities of life. Many can become discouraged, frustrated, and even walk away from their true “call� to ministry. Therefore, as a community, we have to find a way to give back to these individuals. The Vision: The goal of AGMA is not to be a fund raiser, nor to bring attention to any one organization, but primarily to allow the Caribbean Community of Atlanta and surrounding areas to give back to the artists who have given so much of themselves for our spiritual encouragement.

The event will be held annually, and will emphasize the recognition of Caribbean Gospel Artist. The Process: During the year, radio hosts, promoters, fans have an opportunity to identify and nominate artists from 15 categories. The categories includes; song of the year, artist of the year (male & female), best Collaboration, best group, best new artist, etc. Nomination ends the last week in December, and from each category, the top four individuals with the most nominations will go on to be on a ballot. The actual voting process begins January 1st, and extends for 3 months. The award celebration is held in Atlanta, and those nominated will especially be invited to partake in the celebration. The winners for each category will be determined 100% by the total number of votes. Another deciding factor is determined by an independent committee of 7 individuals (Radio Hosts, Producers, Artists, pastors, and Community Leaders) , who will look at each nominee carefully, and decide whether or not the number of votes is a true reflection of the public’s opinion. If there are serious discrepancies, this committee can vote on the actual winner, based on their best judgment. The Celebration: All tickets are presold and the community is encouraged to show their support for the individuals by attending the event. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales, and advertisement will go towards the award which will be presented, and well as a cash prize in each category. The exact cash prize value will be disclosed during the voting process. This event will not be a concert; instead, fans will primarily be in attendance to support these artists whom we deemed to be heroes of our community and culture.

The nominations for the 2012 Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Music Awards (ACGMA) are closed and voting has begun. With 18 categories and a total of 90 nominees in all categories (5 nominees per category), making a choice seems a pretty challenging task. To vote, you may visit index.htm, and follow the directions. The voting process is as easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3. Below is a list of nominees and the various categories in which they have been nominated. Best Collaboration 1. Brotha George & Terryann Douglas - Hear My Plea 2. Hopeton Lewis & Miriam Drakes - What Heaven Means to Me 3. Michael Reid & Maxine Duncan - I’m Bless 4. Nanamous & Jabez - When Father God Calls You 5. Ryan Mark & Kevin Downswell - Already Done Radio Personality of the Year 1. Basilla Barnaby - Love 101fm 2. Davon Richards - Sela 88.9fm 3. Nadine Blair - Love 101fm 4. Omar Trowers 5. Stephen Dunkley - Partifm 91.3fm Best New Artist - Female 1. Anndean Charles 2. Ivy Edwards 3. Jerment “Jcee” Campbell 4. Latoya Hall-Downer 5. Terryann Douglas Medley of the Year 1. Janet Lewis - God Medley 2. Jermaine Edwards - When I think of the Good ness of Jesus 3. Jevanni Williams - Remember When 4. Leonie Grey - Jesus is Nice 5. Sharon Wiles - Jesus Name So Sweet

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Best New Artist - Male 1. Brotha George Wright 2. Claudius England 3. Garfield Bowen 4. Rhoan Dell 5. Ryan Berry Performer of the Year 1. DJ Nicholas 2. Jai Kingston 3. Jevanni Williams 4. Omari Edwards 5. Stefan Peninsilyn Most Uplifting Song 1. Claudius England - Done for Me 2. Janet Lewis - Just Started Living 3. Jermaine Edwards - Peace in my Soul 4. Ryan Berry - Never Fail 5. Schreffler Germal Maxwell - Never Give Up Gospel Music Promoter of the Year 1. Bro Gary Smith 2. Hopeton Lewis 3. Homa Morrison - True Grace Productions 4. Ernel Ellington - MOG Productions 5. Tommy Cowan Best Group Ministers 1. The Grace Thrillers 2. La Twain 3. Nu Generacion 4. Perpetual Praise 5. Sons of the Prophet (S.O.P.)

Album of the Year 1. Brotha George Wright - Worship with Christ 2. Damaul Francis - Live On Gospel Anthology Vol. 2 3. DJ Nicholas - School of Volume 4. Omari - Heal Jamaica Heal the World 5. Ryan Mark - Liberation Artist of the Year - Female 1. Chavelle Franklin 2. Janet Lewis 3. Judith Gayle 4. Latoya Hall-Downer 5. Andrene Lewis

Artist of the Year - Male 1. Odayne Rhoden 2. Patrick Reid 3. Schreffler Germal Maxwell 4. Sean Lypher 5. Stefan Peninsilyn


Producer of the Year 1. Canute ‘Neil’ Ellis 2. Gawain Garnet Gibson 3. Hugh Campbell 4. Marlon Anderson 5. Rhoan Dell

Behind the Scenes Person Worship Song of the Year 1. Chavon Panton - TEENage Observer 1. Janet Lewis - My Worship is for Real 2. Lurline Dumay 2. Jermaine Edwards - Peace in my Soul 3. Patricia Bowen 3. Jerment “Jcee” Campbell - Let me Worship You 4. Tommy Cowan 4. Kevin Downswell - God is moving 5. Wendell Lawrence 5. Ryan Berry - How Great is our God Gospel DJ of the Year 1. Dunamis Reinz - Gangsta Life 2. DJ Nicholas - Cut if off 3. Prodigal Son 4. Sean Lypher 5. Stefan Peninsilyn - KFC Radio Station of the Year 1. Grace Deliverance Radio - 92.1fm 2. Hope for Life Radio 98.1fm 3. Kingdom Link 101.7fm 4. Love 101fm 5. Partifm 91.3fm Song of the Year 1. Alleluiabwoy (Oral Pusey) - Believe in the Bible 100% 2. Brotha George Wright - Hear My Plea 3. Lafleur Durrant - Bun di Devil out 4. Ryan Berry - Never Fails 5. Stefan Peninsilyn - KFC

(c) Courtney Sappleton

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In June 2005, Jamaica

experienced the birth of a new sound in Gospel. On the Shout Backing Band was to be the pioneer band that would take that new sound to the next level. With their original introduction being the backing band for DJ Nicholas, they are now seen as the premiere backing band for major events and production requiring musical professionalism and skill.

They have also shared the stage with international recording artist such as Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Toby Mac, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, Papa San and others.

Production Festivals

“Louder than Ever” contributing four tracks to that project, two of which were recorded live. They also did the cover version of the recording “Be Magnified” for Jayson Mighty’s Debut Album.


They have participated in festivals and productions On the Shout Backing Band such as The Jamaica exists not only to play great Cultural Development Com- music, and enrich mission (JCDC) Gospel Fes- the experience of their tival Song Competition, Fun audiences, they also would in the Son, Denbigh Agrilike to see lives change Accomplishments cultural Show, Portland Jerk having come in contact Festival, Genesis, just with Jesus Christ through With over 20 years of musi- to name a few. their music. The band cal and production experistrives for excellence in the ence, they have worked music industry as well as to Recordings with and toured for artinspire other ists such as Ryan Mark, DJ The band has participated musicians to greatness. Nicholas, Jason Mighty, in the recording of DJ NichCarleen Davis, Judith Gayolas’ second album le, Kevin Downswell, Prodigal Son, the late Moses, Galimore and others. (c) Courtney Sappleton

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(c) Courtney Sappleton


Name: - Karl Gibson (bass player, band leader) Favourite song you ever played: “Close to You” by Kevin Downswell What can we find you doing when you are not re hearsing or playing music: I love spending time with the family, my wife Danielle and son Darnell, we’d go out for ice cream or movies depending on the mood. Otherwise I’d be home practicing.

Birthday: March 4 High school attended: Oberlin High School

Name: - Jermaine Green ( drums) Favourite song you ever played: Good Shepherd” by Chevelle Franklyn What can we find you doing when you are not re hearsing or playing music: Playing dominoes or football Birthday: February 4 High school attended: Bridgeport High School

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Name: - Adrian Scarlett (Keyboard) Favourite song you ever played: Do not have a fa vourite song What can we find you doing when you are not re hearsing or playing music: When I’m not rehearsing or performing I am in my studio creating new music. Otherwise I am hanging with friends, watching tv or surfing the net Birthday: September 27 High school attended: Brown’s Town High School

Name: - Jovan Norman (Guitar) Favourite song you ever played: “Bible” by Kevin Smith What can we find you doing when you are not re hearsing or playing music: Playing dominoes, football or at the theatre watching a movie Birthday: October 12 High school attended: St Jago High School

Name: - Shawn Allwood (Keyboard ) Favourite song you ever played: Do not have a fa vourite song What can we find you doing when you are not re hearsing or playing music: When I’m not playing music, I’m out spending time with my girlfriend and family which I deem very important seeing that our schedules are hectic and quite unpredictable Birthday: January 7 High school attended: Excelsior High School

On the Shout recently returned from Africa. GMM sought to get a little bit of info on their trip and also some of the experiences of the band members. GMMJA: How long was the trip? OTSB: 2 weeks GMMJA: Where was the trip? OTSB: Nigeria , Africa GMMJA: Where did you perform? OTSB: At “The Experience” in Lagos and Calabar, Nigeria. The event is put on by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, founder of the church “House On The Rock” in Nigeria GMMJA: Who were some of the artistes on the show(s) you performed on? OTSB: Kirk Franklin, Micah Stampley, Don Moen and Panam Percy Paul

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GMMJA: About how many people did you perform in front of? OTSB: The show has seen over 500,000 people attend however this year the concert was held indoors in the ballroom of a hotel, Eko Hotel & Suites, due to a bomb threat in the area. The church in Nigeria is under attack and several churches were bombed there just around two weeks ago. Around 200-300,000 are reported to have been at the concert. GMMJA: Were you the backing band for any other artiste? OTSB: No, the band only played for Chevelle Franklyn

GMM|ON THE SHOUT|BAND| GMMJA: What was the best part/most memorable part of the trip for the band? OTSB: “Overall we thought that the most memorable part of the trip was the first night of the concert, seeing so many persons hungry for God in a country where there is so much violence against them. Another memorable moment was when we just arrived in Lagos. We were escorted by the police from the airport to the hotel. The drivers however, both the drivers of our vehicle and the police escorts were driving extremely fast. They would hit into other vehicles and still continue driving without stopping.” The band later learnt that driving like that is common in Nigeria. Karl Gibson’s (bass player) most memorable moment was: “We went to the church service where the preacher shared the Word from the Bible and confirmed in my spirit some things that I needed some answers to that changed my thinking and life forever.” Jovan Norman’s (guitarist) most memorable moment was arriving in Nigeria and finally being reunited with the band. “The band traveled a different route from me and so there was a two days separation in which I was by myself. Therefore I would have to say that the best part of the trip was reuniting with the rest of the band. As at this point it felt as though the trip had finally begun.” Adrian Scarlett (keyboardist) recalled his most memorable part of the trip as: “Being in church on the Sunday morning. That allowed me to get familiar with Nigerian culture and the Word was so powerful that it change my attitude towards life forever.” GMMJA: How did this trip come about? On whose invitation? OTSB: Chevelle and her manager approached the band to play for her for this particular show. She was looking for a competent and steady band that did not play secular and On the Shout Band was mentioned to her by a few persons. Chevelle was invited primarily by the government of Nigeria along with one of the head pastors, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, who is the founder of the show “The Experience”

GMMJA: Is this the band’s first trip to Africa? OTSB: This is the band’s first trip to Africa however Adrian (keyboardist) has been to Africa prior to this trip GMMJA: What are the plans for the rest of the year for the band? OTSB: “Well, we have couple major shows both here and abroad to look forward to. Here: Fun in the Son in Kingston, Elasha Spring Festival in Negril, along with a few in island school tours and overseas: Barbados and Antigua both with Dj Nicholas.” Karl Gibson, bass player and band leader added: “We are definitely going to focus on building our unit and becoming more recognized in Jamaica and in the Caribbean as a band. We also have some upcoming plans for this year and the near future but won’t be able to say until later.” GMMJA: What exactly is On the Shout Records? OTSB: On the Shout Records is a Gospel recording company backing both established Gospel artistes such as Dj Nicholas, Kevin Smith, Dunamis and Jason Mighty as well as an upcoming artist Ron Testify GMMJA: What exactly does On the Shout do? OTSB: On The Shout provides booking and recording services for artistes and is also involved in outreach ministry, primarily through their event ‘A Betta Tomorrow’. The company hosts events that draw the attention and support of thousands of persons, all with the aim of sharing the Gospel. On The Shout Band is a part of the company and serves as the backing band for the company’s artistes. Members of the band, namely Shawn Allwood, Karl Gibson and Adrian Scarlett also produce songs for some of the company’s artistes. The band however does not play exclusively for On The Shout artistes and also serves as backing band for concerts or shows whenever the opportunity arises.

PAPA SON’S - ‘MY STORY‘ It’s always good when Papa San comes to Jamaica. November 11, 2011 was no different as he was on island to launch his 5th album entitled My Story. By all reports it was a high energy, intense evening inside the Swallowfield Chapel in Kingston. The launch saw artistes like Carlene Davis, Omari, Kevin Downswell, Sharon Wiles and Tiffany Hall. The album features collaborations with Nicole C. Mullen and Trey Lorenz and songs like Devotion He Paid It All

DJ NICHOLAS’S - ‘SCHOOL OF VOLUME‘ DJ Nicholas went scholastic for his 3rd album release. The album entitled, School of Volume, plays upon the school setting with tracks like Divine Mathematics, Good English/Bad English and Holy Ghost Gym. The album was launched October 29, 2011 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, which coincidentally is DJ Nick’s birthday. The album will be available on iTunes, or

BLU I STEPPA’S - ‘1 GOD‘ Blu I Steppa, whose real name is Louis Delahaye, launched his debut album 1 God, on September 26, 2011. The album has songs like ‘One God’, ‘Dutty Rag’ and ‘Bad from birth’. The album features Fresh Start on ‘Krabbit’, JSon on ‘God Junkie’ and D.A.Jay on ‘Spread It’. The album is available online at Itunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.

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J. CEE’S - ‘NAH COMPROMISE‘ It was a lovely Saturday evening on November 19, 2011 when Jermet Campbell aka J.Cee launched her debut album entitled Nah Compromise at the Waltham Park New Testament Church. Nah Compromise has 17 tracks including Lighthouse, Nah Fi Run, Somehow, Air I Breathe and features Lypher on track 3, ‘I Know Who I Am.’

D.A.JAY’S - ‘BREAKTHROUGH‘ D.A.Jay launched his long awaited debut album Breakthrough, which is available online at iTunes. There are 16 tracks on the album like ‘Breakthrough’, ‘Better Mus Come’, ‘Free’ and ‘Be What You Want.’ The album was launched on November 11, 2011. Be prepared to hit the rewind button a few times because D.A.Jay delivers lyrics like no other.

OMARI’S - ‘OMARI PRESENTS HEAL JAMAICA‘ On April 3rd 2011, Omari launched his album Omari Presents Heal Jamaica, Heal The World. The 17 track album was unveiled in the streets of New Kingston along the Knutsford Boulevard. Performing at the launch were……. The album also features collaborations with Papa San ‘Impossible,’ Craig from Voicemail and Chavaugn from C-Sharp, with ‘The Call,’ Nasha from Florida with the ‘God

RYAN MARK’S -’ISRAEL’ The next time you hear about Israel, it may not necessarily be the biblical tribe that is the point of reference; but it just may be Ryan Mark Reynolds’ third album. The 18 track album featuring Crissy D, Kevin Downswell, Jah Dai and Dunamis, was launched July 2nd 2011 at the Jamaica College Auditorium. Performing at the launch were artists such as Omari, Prodigal Son, Lypher, Dunamis, Kevin Downswell, Saphire, La Twain, Goddy Goddy, Supa, Kevin Smith, Goddesta and last but certainly by no means least, Crissy D. There were quite a few producers who worked on this project, among them are Ryan Mark himself, Carl Morrisson,Danny Brownie, Nicholas Brownie, Rolando Blake, Kevin Butler and Romeish Records. With so many tracks on the album we thought it would be hard for Ryan to have a favorite, but he did….“Already Done” featuring Kevin Downswell.

“Beautiful, God fearing, Loving, Friendly and Honest.”

Hanging with

KERRON ENNIS GMM caught up with Kerron Ennis recently. She’s been off the local gospel music scene for a while and yes we know you may have missed her. Now she’s back and GMM had a little têteà-tête (yep Google it) with her. GMM: Five words to describe you. KE: Beautiful, God fearing, Loving, Friendly and Honest. GMM: How long have you been doing music? KE: I have been doing Music for 8 years (since 2003).

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GMM: What is the best thing about doing gospel music as a career? KE: Seeing lives changed and affected. GMM: What is the worst thing about doing gospel music as a career? KE: Dishonesty and disunity among peers.

GMM|Kerron Ennis GMM: What is your most memorable show? KE: very show for me is memorable because of the favor I receive from God and the health to accomplish his work. I leave feeling like if I died the same day I did his perfect work without compromising. GMM: What is the best collab you have done? KE: Daddy Oh and Holy Ghost Church with DJ Nicholas. GMM: Who is the one person you would like to collaborate with and why? KE: Chevelle Franklyn she’s an angel. GMM: How did you get started as a singer? KE: I started singing at the age of 8, when I sang my first song Let There Be Peace. From then I moved on to the JCDC Competition then started working with Perpetual Praise with Ms. Nadine Blair. After that I started recording with Clifton Clarke. GMM: What challenges, if any, did you face in the early days trying to get into the gospel music business? KE: I was a female minister surrounded by a lot of men and that was very hard for me. GMM: On a scale of 1-10, how much would you say you love doing gospel music? KE: 10. It’s my life!!!

GMM: What encouraging words can you give to those who are on the verge of giving up on life generally? KE: Everyone has problems. If we should check our neighbor we may find their problem is far worse than ours, so we must remember to rejoice in all things and don’t give up on God and this precious gift of life that he has given us. He has all our blue prints, so trust him with it. GMM: What or who inspires you? KE: My inspirations come from the lifestyle of Minister Chevelle Franklyn and the Word of God that encourages me how to live in Christ daily. GMM: When you’re not working on a stage or doing promotions and shows overseas, what can we find Kerron Ennis doing? KE: Spending quality time with her husband. As ministers we must know that family is precious to God. We often get so busy that we hardly find quality time to really show our spouses how special they are. GMM: What did you want to be when you were younger? KE:A music teacher GMM: What one thing can you tell GMM that you’ve never told anyone else? KE: I’m destined for Greatness. GMM: What are you most afraid of? KE:Souls going to hell that I have the opportunity to reach.

GMM: What other philanthropic or social activities have you spearheaded or been involved in? KE: Currently I do public speaking and Drama Producing.

GMM: In your opinion, how, if any at all, has gospel music changed over the years? KE:It has drastically changed. In every genre, the music is reaching more people.

GMM: Exercise routine??????? KE: Hmmm. I love Gilad.

GMM: What have you been up to lately? KE: Working on my next album I’m Alive.

GMM: What is the hardest challenge you have ever had to face in your Christian walk? KE: Peer pressure. It’s hard to say no when one forces you to say yes it takes the strength of God.

GMM: What’s next for Kerron Ennis? KE:Another dimension in Christ; that’s what’s next.

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Mid-life weight gain/Creeping Obesity Contributed

Many people during their ‘mid-life’ years experience slow and steady weight gain. This generally comes when least expected, but takes a good few years for the full effects to set it; weight gain. This is actually referred to as ‘Creeping Obesity’, in which you gain weight slowly over a longer period of time (few years), and all of a sudden realize what’s happened not truly recognizing the root cause. Well, that’s what i’m about to share.

If there were 4 keywords to exercise, they would be “Eat Less, Move More” When you do the exact opposite (Move Less, Eat More), that’s where Creeping Obesity comes from. It is due to people not realizing the fact that they are eating just slightly too much, and not exercising at all or just not enough. With this pattern, it could take you a whole month to gain a pound. But compound that over a few years and one could gain 30-40 pounds...probably not what anyone wants. How do we stop it? Rock the 4 keywords. Don’t slack off as you age with your bodies; exercise and eat properly instead. If you “ Eat Less (and) Move More”, you’ll be on a good track to continued great physical fitness and good health.

Singleness & Sex: A Conscious Perspective

Singleness and sexual abstinence are unlikely bed fellows in today’s world.

Young people, whether they are Christians or not, struggle with how to manage their sexual feelings. The pointed question that most single Christians should ask their pastors (but might be afraid to) is: “Can Christianity help to meet all of my needs, including sexual ones?” My answer is “Yes, yes, yes!” but not by merely following a list of “Thou shalt not ...” The next question they may ask is: “If ‘yes’ then why do I and my friends secretly fantasize about potential sex partners while pretending to be prudes in public?” My answer is because they are not conscious Christians. Conscious Christians guard their hearts. They listen, read and watch the print and electronic media critically, and critique popular culture from a christocentric worldview. They are not easily hypnotized by the dancehall lyrics to obsess on their ‘need’ for sexual gratification and material possessions. They believe that their answers to life’s questions are primarily contained in one book - the Bible. Conscious Christians understand that they live in a world of paradoxes. Paradoxes such as the Biblical view of sexual intercourse within the context of marriage versus the humanistic view of sex between consenting adults as a human right. Paradoxes create tension within the Conscious Christian’s life. Accumulated tension however can force us to take the path that leads to sexual intercourse outside of marriage. So if you are an unmarried Christian who is struggling with sexual desire, the first thing you should do is learn more about yourself and how you deal with your anxieties. Learn to release tension as it arises [Eph.4:26]. You can resolve it through intentionally forgiving others, trusting in God’s faithfulness towards you and daily meditating on God’s word. Knowing God in this way is awesome!

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GMM|Singleness & Sex

Research is now showing that sexual climax and meditation have the same effect on our brains. An article in Scientific American revealed that orgasm and meditation lead to a short-term halt in the incessant flow of our internal dialogue produced by our egos. Riddhi Shah in a recent article published in the Huffington Post said: “The French term for orgasm is “la petite mort” or “the little death,” in reference to the period of tranquility, crystalline awareness and transcendence experienced shortly after a peak sexual experience.” Learning to meditate improves your emotional wellness. It lights up your left prefrontal cortex - that area of the brain associated with joy and happiness. First, understand that meditation is simply repeated focus on one thing, whether a scriptural passage, your breath, a word or a feeling. Second, find a quiet place early in the morning and before you go to bed to sit and focus in a relaxed state for initially 10 minutes each time you sit. Third, pray with thanksgiving afterwards about whatever thoughts that entered your mind during meditation and other concerns you may have. Try to be consistent with your new found daily spiritual practice. Getting in tune with yourself and God is the path to a fulfilling conscious life in Christ, whether you are single or married. “While orgasms can make us hunger for the experience of sustained transcendence, meditation is the only path to actually achieving it,” concludes Riddhi Shah. Sidney McGill, MA, DMin.

Dr. Sidney McGill is a Christian psychotherapist with postgraduate qualifications in sex and couples therapy. For consultation, he may be reached at 307-9040 or

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In the beginning Hoszia Hinds began his musical journey from the age of 10. H In the beginning Hoszia Hinds began his musical journey from the age of 10. He always loved to sing but didn’t want to sing other peoples songs, so he spent long evenings, creating and writing his own music to whatever was going on in his head. Hoszia’s younger days were days of struggle and hardship, as he tried to maintain and provide for his other 12 siblings. He grew up in the projects, which had easily entwined him to his former gangster lifestyle; there were so many negative influences that pushed him down the wrong pathway of life.

The encounter One day he got into a brutal altercation with another man causing him to be seriously damaged. He awoke to find himself in an operation room in the local hospital, with an almost severed hand, and a tremendous amount of blood lost. While there in the room, he heard a voice speak to him. At first he thought it was a nurse, but after looking around he saw no one in the room, and fell back in the bed, a few seconds later he heard the same voice speak to him again and it said “Hoszia it’s time to serve me the Living God or you will die.” When Hoszia regained strength he was startled at the fact that God spoke directly to him and he knew that this was the turning point for his life. He gave his life completely to the Lord in 1996. Although he felt he made the right choice and became a Christian, the environment around him tugged at his heart, he had a mind battle and the pleasures of this world, but he was determined to be a strong, God-fearing Christian and willed himself to the things of God. He had a desire to do God’s work even though he was faced with poverty. He continued on his journey in pursuit of the King of Kings and to know God’s purpose for his life.

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Family Man Hoszia saw his wife at age 10 and between him and God, claimed her to be his. He later saw her again at age 14 and said hi to her and he knew in his heart this girl would be his someday. At age 16 he was invited to a church called “ Power In The Blood Assembly” to his great surprise he saw this girl again. Hoszia knew that he and this girl were destined to be together. In January 2002, he married Tracy, then 20 years and he 21 yearsold. His relationship with his wife is very strong, respectful, honourable, faithful and God controlled. He added his first and only child - a Son “Treszia” to his family in 2007, his marriage growning stronger & more loving each day. Hoszia and his family are currently members of the “THE PEOPLES CATHEDRAL CHURCH.

GMM|Hoszia Hinds

The musical sojourn In 2006 Hoszia pioneered as a solo artiste and released his first single called ‘ All I Need.” In 2007 he received his first nominations from the Gospel Flame Awards as New Artiste of the Year. 2008 saw Hoszia releasing his first Album – “THE COMING OUT.” He produced his first Music VideosI’m Calling and The Coming Out. Hoszia won Gospel Flame Awards as “MOST IMPROVED ACT.” He was nominated in 2008 for Gospel Music Channel Awards USA - SOUL Category he made it to the top 5 finalist along with other artistes such as Marvin Sapp, Dewayne Woods, Blind Boys of Alabama and Kevin Lebar. He was nominated in the 2008 Barbados Music Awards as “Gospel Artiste of the year.” In 2009 Hoszia won Flame Awards as “ARTISTE OF THE YEAR, “MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR and “BEST COLLABORATION. Following his outstanding performance ministry, he was selected to represent Barbados at the THE BOBBY JONES GOSPEL RETREAT SHOW in Hollywood Florida where he ministered ALL I NEED. He shared that stage with other artistes such as: Deitrick Haddon, Canton Jones, Vickie Winans, Byron Cage, Dr Bobby Jones which gave him the further opportunity of being featured on THE WORD NETWORK and “FAMILY MAGAZINE” USA. He was nominated in 2009 for Gospel Music Channel Awards USA - SOUL Category and made it to the top 20 finalists.

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In 2010 Hoszia continued his journey across international waters. He also released his second Album “BREAKING OUT” with several Music Videos “Thirsty”, “None Of That” and “Never Say Never.” He won the 2010 Ensound Music Awards for “Best Caribbean Gospel Album of the Year” In 2011 Hoszia released his third album”THE RACE AGAINST TIME” and his music video “Giving Up is Not An Option.” He continues to travel to various countries across the Caribbean, USA, Canada and Europe spreading the message of Jesus Christ in song & word. His focus is to proclaim Jesus in his ministry and impact his generation with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. That’s why he ministers so passionately and he is not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus to everyone in this world professionally.


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