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February 2010 - #1

Exclusive Interview With Hollyoaks Beauty Emma Rigby

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Piled on the pounds? Our personal trainer Lewis Bailey will tell you how to shed that Christmas weight.

Personal trainer Lewis Bailey of Elite Fitness Consultants tells you how to shed the pounds and keep the weight off. Uh oh, Christmas is over and all those selection boxes you have been scoffing are starting to take their toll. Yes ladies, it is time to put that bag of Maltesers down, get your ancient Nike trainers on and get back to te gym, After all a New Year means a new start, But if your New Year dreams of losing weight are turning into slow, painful nightmares I am here to help you shed the pounds and stay slimmer. Now ladies, have you ever noticed that men seem to be able to lose weight a lot quicker than women with less effort? Unfortunately women are at a disadvantage when trying to lose weight. The reason for this is down women’s physiology. Women have more lipogenic enzymes (fat building) whilst men have more lipolytic enzymes (fat burning). The reason for this is women have the amazing ability to sustain another life within their womb for nine months and then continue to feed the child from their own milk…..truly amazing! So when you are trying to lose weight there are a number of factors that you take into consideration: Muscle – Each pound of muscle burns around 10 calories per day, hence one of the reasons why it is so much easier for men to lose weight as they carry more muscle tissue. So in order for women to burn more body fat you must get 24

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more muscle. Diets – The big misconception is people believe the less they eat the slimmer they will become, right? Wrong! Research shows that reducing the amount of nutrients in your diet will send your body into its survival mode and will increase your lipogenic enzymes (fat storing) by a whopping 50%. So when crash dieting, you will increase body fat and will lose nothing but water and muscle tissue, which tricks you into thinking you have burnt fat. Time – Remember that you will not gain muscle tissue quickly like men can so in order for you to increase the tissue to burn more calories it will take time! By eating a balanced diet, reducing starchy carbohydrates and exercise 4 times per week you should aim for losing 1-2 pounds per week of fat. Don’t be fooled by the scales, because as you increase muscle tissue you may not lose any weight initially. Motivation – When you don’t see any results in a short space of time the motivation tends to go out the window. This is a critical point. Try visualisation techniques, think of how you want to look and keep thinking this picture at least ten times per day. Remember ladies - summer is just around the corner, the perfect bikini body is in reach - don't let yourselves down. Want more tips? Contact Lewis at

GMM - Feb - Issue 1  

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