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Guardian May/June, 2013


Dear Readers, June has always been one of the most popular months for weddings. This tradition goes all the way to early Roman times thousands of years ago, when they celebrated the festival of Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. According to historians, June weddings also come from the Celtic calendar. Even the term “honeymoon” has a historical origin, referring to the first moon after the summer solstice – June 21 – which was called the “honey moon.” Trinidad and Tobago is so very fortunate to have great weather all-round the year. Despite our two seasons, we still bask in the sun or dance in the rain. Nothing ever stops us from having a good time and a marriage is just another reason to celebrate. In this month’s issue, we provide you with some insightful ideas and inspiration to help to make each moment memorable. While marriages today are now a reflection of a couple’s love and commitment to one another and while traditions may change, have fun reading what’s inside and making you day special in your special way. As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences! Lisa Jessamy

Associate Editor Special Publications Unit

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When I look into your eyes I see the colour of your love for me When I look into your eyes I feel the magic of your soul I'll never let you go The Colour of Your Love by No Chains DEAR READERS






Decorations (Wedding Themes) WHAT’S THE COLOUR OF YOUR LOVE















By: Simone Sant-Ghuran


In a perfect world, all wedding vendors would be professional, easy to work with and fit your budget! However, in the real world, vendors can fall anywhere along this continuum. If you’re an engaged couple, I’m sure you are in the midst of finding out that each wedding vendor operates based on his/her own standards of professionalism and customer service delivery. This is coupled with the fact that packages, prices, terms and conditions vary; which is precisely why the onus is on the couple to ensure they receive value for their

In a less traditional setting, the wording of your invitation can be as creative as you want. Some options can be lyrics from your song, quotations or even verses from your favourite poetry. Personalising your invitation can be fun and inspiring thing you can do together as a couple. However, just don’t forget to mention the following: • Your name and the name of your fiancé, including last names. • The date, location, and time of the wedding. • The location and time of the reception. • Reply information.

How-to List names If your parents are divorces, the best decision would be to list the name of the bride’s parent at the top of the invitation. Your bride’s mother’s name should be the first line and her father’s name right thereafter. The words “and” is not necessary. If the bride’s mother is remarried, then “Mrs.” should be used, followed by her first name, maiden name, and married name.

money but also have an enjoyable experience interacting with wedding vendors. Generally, it is best to interview several wedding vendors in each category (e.g. Photography, Catering etc.) and follow your instincts about them, as well as your budget. There are some clues you can glean upfront, such as, the way wedding vendors answer their phones and return your phone calls and e-mails. Should you find yourself having a difficult time getting ahold of them or if you find that you have conflicting views

Here are some more tips on wording your invitation: Your divorced parents have remarried. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saucer Mr. and Mrs. Green Littlebee request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Sweet Apple Littlebee One or both of your parents are deceased. Miss Jane Smith and Mr. John Doe request the honour of your presence at their marriage  You have been married before. Solution: If your parents are issuing the invitation, include your married name: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Chaser request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Pixie Prettyalot

Or you and your fiancé may issue it yourselves: Pixie Prettyalot Chaser and John McEnroe request the honour of your presence at their marriage

that can’t seem to get resolved, perhaps it’s time to find another vendor.

Here are some tips to use when selecting wedding suppliers: 1) Attend reputable bridal expos. This way you can compare and contrast vendors’ offerings and look at products and services on the spot. 2) Exceptional vendors will offer advice, will be reliable and trustworthy and will do everything in their power to get your business. Never let a vendor feel as though you are doing them a favour by booking them. Remember if you are the paying customer, it is in the vendor’s best interest to cater to your needs and treat you respectfully. 3) Find out about the supplier’s professional qualifications and/or years of experience in their area of expertise. 4) After phone calls or emails, always try to make an appointment to meet your vendor. When you arrive, ask to see his/her portfolio of work and any letters of recommendation from past clients or testimonials. Remember that testimonials featured on a website are often not enough, so ask if you can get references to call or email. 5) Be sure the supplier takes note of your budget and preferences and records these de-

tails. Be wary of a supplier who seems disorganised, is repeatedly late and commits everything you say to memory! 6) Ask about the supplier’s full range of services. Some wedding suppliers can provide more than one service or product, for a package price. 7) Once you have decided on the vendor and determined the product/service details, get all the specifics in writing. This can be on an invoice or in the form of a service contract. In your contract, ensure you specify date, location and setup time. 8) Enquire about how much deposit is required and when it should be paid; as well as when the balance is due. 9) Ask about possible hidden costs such as transportation of items to the wedding site, breakage fees, costs for site visits or for further consultations, assembly, “clean-up” or dismounting charges. 10) Once you pay a deposit, always ensure that you get a receipt 11) Ask about back-up equipment, substitute staff or contingency plans. In the end, always bear in mind that you hire wedding vendors because of their expertise but the only expert on what you want for your wedding, is YOU!


Duchesse Encore stemware

Luxury meets tradition with the Duchess Collection by Vera Wang; which is characterised by a classic, elegant crystal with the minimum of decoration; limited to simple, but powerful designs that add just a touch of sparkle.

Love Knots Toasting Flutes

Love knots frames

Beautiful sterling silver Love Knots characterise the elegant Vera Wang Love Knots collection. A slender profile of fine crystal is offset by a silver-plated base accented with a delicate bow. Raise a toast with these elegant Love Knots Toasting Flutes.

Perfect for a treasured photo of the bride and groom, wonderful as a gift for couples and friends alike.

Gilded Weave

This 4 piece place setting is inspired by the Greek and neoclassical accents that renowned New York designer Vera Wang uses on her bridal gowns, the Gilded Weave Collection features beautiful fine bone china characterized by rich and ornate design details.

Naturals Graphite

Elegance is often characterized by simplicity, which serves as inspiration for the Naturals Collection by Vera Wang; featuring practical casual dining dinnerware decorated with an understated, yet beautiful palette of neutral colours. This selection epitomises elegant and simple design, featuring an organic shape and neutral graphite glaze; making it ideal for informal and everyday dining.

(DH Gift Bridal Registry Logo or the Logo) Vera Wang Wedgwood gifts are the perfect choice for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts. Get them exclusively at DH Gift. For more information contact or visit DH Gift at The Falls, West Mall 1(868) 632-6527 or Long Circular Mall 1(868) 622-0500


Guardian May/June, 2013


Make a statement with some classic or popping coloured heels.

Add flattering pieces of accessory that make your look all the more irresistible.

Saturate your sultry silhouettes in colourful bandeau or bandage dresses that showcase show-stopping femininity. Give a bridal style a fresh and pretty update with colourful and wispy organza dresses.


For any occasion Bridal, Vintage, Clean Beauty, Glamour Specializing in Bridal Make-up Tel: 680-1894 Appointments and Trials Email:



Lisa Jessamy

Having a challenge choosing a theme for your wedding? Have some fun and take the quiz that helps you to choose the best colours to match your relationship. You are at a restaurant and your partner is late for dinner, what do you do? 1) Pick up the phone and call to find out what’s happening 2) Call to say you are going home 3) Order in the meantime, understand that when your partner gets there he/she will join in 4) You make friends with the people nearby, waiting is never a problem 5) When you make plans you go together

You frequently go together to: 1) After work limes on Fridays, social gatherings 2) At the movies 3) You have a special date night 4) At a cruise party 5) To church or family get together Sex is normally a topic that you: 1) Talk with friends to get their opinions 2) All about kissing each and publicly dis-

Mostly 2’s Luscious Greens and Mostly 1’s Orange and Rich Browns Forest hues– You are the couple all - You are a couple who love to socialise and both of you are well respected and accepted by your peers and friends. You are the outdoor type and love physical challenges.

about snuggles and good times. You bask in each other’s company and feel safe and secure in each other’s arms. You both love attention, looking and feeling good.

playing your love 3) About going to a Latin dance party and intensifying the romance for later 4) Find thoroughly satisfying 5) A private matter You friends can usually find you: 1) Doing something outdoors 2) At home 3) Shopping 4) They can’t, you both have just decided

Mostly 3’s Bright Yellows and

to go on a weekend trip 5) Volunteering at a charity On your wedding day your reception music would probably be: 1) Reggae or Alternative Slows 2) Smooth R&B 3) A mixture of everything you love 4) Classical slows with a bit of Jazz 5) Oldies and inspirational love song

Mostly 4’s Rich Berries and Earthy

Golden Tones – Individuality yet com- Reds – You both are deeply passionate and committed to your love and mon vision are the cornerstones of your relationship. You both don’t mind life together. You both love to travel expressing yourself as an individual or and experience new things. This couple radiates charisma, personality and as a couple. You both understand positivity, making others feel relaxed each other’s needs and are willing to and valued in your company. let your partner have their space.

Images Courtesy:

Mostly 5’s Calm Blues and Serene Violets – You are a couple of spiritual truth and inner peace. You are comfortable staying at home and watching a good movie together. You both have stable jobs and set goals together and do the things that are necessary to keep each other committed and devoted to each other.


Bakery Treatz was established in 2003. On this, our tenth anniversary, we can safely say our success is directly attributed to our loyal and diverse customer base and our delicious product selections. We have specialised in various key aspects of wedding planning, including not only the cake, but also desserts, edible tokens such as customised cookies, cake truffles, cupcakes, and a range of appetisers, ideal for the now popular cocktail hour. We have done hundreds of wedding cakes of all different shapes, sizes, flavours, and designs, all determined by our customers’ own preferences and sometimes budget. Ultimately, we strive to continually raise the standards of what a cake should look like by incorporating numerous personal elements within the design, even if we are using a picture as reference. So the cake transcends beyond a simple duplicate and becomes an original yet sweet representation of all things important to the customer. Nowadays, most brides have a theme in mind, which may be based on the season, holidays, seaside, a vintage look, glitz and glamour, or even hobbies. It's important to find out what she's looking for, sometimes, it's simply to outdo a friend’s cake! We've had young ladies coming in with pictures and wanting to know what we could do to make it better, as their best friend stole their cake! And boy do we love that challenge! Within recent times, another major focus has been on dessert buffets. People love small beautiful desserts, especially if they are eye appealing and taste even better! A dessert table is one of the main attractions at the reception, sometimes, more than the food itself, as almost everyone leaves room for that extra “sweetness” to complete the festivities. We’ve added a wide variety of individual desserts that can complement any event. Our list includes mini chocolate cups filled with your choice of mocha mousse or custard cream, individual black forest squares, mini gourmet cupcakes such as carrot, red velvet, chocolate chip and coconut cream, creme caramel, mini cheesecake bites, fudge brownies and so much more. Cupcakes have moved from being part of the cake table, to an edible token on the guests table or part of a dessert buffet. A very popular request is the chocolate fountain, which we will setup complete with fresh strawberries and cake kebabs for dipping. We do have a wedding events manager, who will meet with our brides and grooms, and go through details of cakes, tokens, appetizers and desserts. She can be contacted at 721-CAKE (2253). Brides may also email us at for an initial consult to be followed by a meeting.


Fabulous Frills and sparkly gem In June Couture fashion is in. It is all in the details. In June we will see some fabulous frills, mermaid dresses that provide simple elegance. Dresses shine with Swarovski crystals that frame the strapless sweetheart neckline and lace appliqués that are layered to create a subtly textural bodice with dramatic dropped waist. (Image courtesy

White Tuxedo Get the look right with a light weight suit in the right colour - White.

How to create boutonnieres for the boys Here’s a clever DIY, we discovered on These boutonnieres were created with leaves that were made using gorgeous fabrics and fresh flowers topped with grosgrain ribbon. What you’ll need: • Decoupage glue • Wire • Fabric • Floral tape • Wire cutters • Scissors • Paint brush • Leaf outline • Flowers (Chinese Lanterns) Create it! 1. Cut a length of wire to the length of your leaves plus a good length to wrap. 2. Cut a piece of fabric that is double the length of the leaf outline, brush with glue. 3. Fold the fabric in half with the wire inside and press flat – let dry overnight. 4. Centre the leaf outline over the dried fabric. 5. Cut out the leaf outline using good scissors. 6. Cut some lovely fresh blooms with a good length of stem. 7. Wrap the stems and wire with florist tape and secure, trim the ends. 8. Finish by tying a little ribbon around the base (this also secures everything together). Simple and sweet, this is the perfect DIY wedding detail for your June wedding.


The wedding toast, a celebratory symbol of matrimony, is often overlooked during the planning stages of weddings and feared or underestimated by those called upon to present it. The main purpose of the toast is to congratulate and encourage the couple. Toasts also serve to connect all the attendees, most often the reception is the first time the two families are coming together. Finally wedding toasts entertain and set the tone for the rest of the reception. Toasts are also integral to events leading up to the wedding reception. At the engagement party, toasts may be more informal and impromptu and are led-off by the hosts. A good time to commence toasting at the engagement party would be mid-way when all of the guests should have arrived. Allotting time for toasting at the rehearsal dinner is also recommended and commonly practiced. The parents of the groom are usually the hosts of this event and should speak first. This event provides a great opportunity for cousins and extended family to convey their best wishes in order to keep the toasting segment of the actual wedding reception program reasonable. Traditional wedding reception programs feature fewer speakers: the father-of-the bride, best man, groom and maid-of-honor. Contemporary weddings accommodate many more speakers. In the interest of time, during the planning stages the couple should decide how much time will be spent on toasting and who will speak. These persons should be notified in advance. Once formally asked to deliver a toast, understand that this means something to the couple. Of all the people they could have asked to speak they chose you.

• Prepare ahead of time.

Start writing the toast about a month before the wedding. A toast should be 2 – 3 minutes in duration. Think of one word or a few words you would use to describe the bride, groom or couple and develop a theme or story around that. Consider how you them and something

that stands out about their relationship. These should provide a solid foundation on which your toast is written. Decide on how sentimental or humorous your toast will be at this stage and stick to that. Be careful not to produce something overly sappy or with over the top humor.

• Practice

Aim to have a final draft two weeks before the wedding. Deliver the toast to several people and obtain feedback on your delivery. Use the evaluations provided to improve, particularly on areas such as your use of gestures, vocal variety and eye contact.

• On the day of the toast

Ensure that you are familiar with the space to be used. Find out if a microphone will be provided or not and your position in the speaking lineup. Pay attention to your grooming particularly your nails and hands. Ask someone to give you “the once-over” especially if multimedia is being used (video and screen). Limit drinking prior to delivering the toast; too much alcohol will impair your speaking ability and memory. Cue cards are acceptable; however limit their use only to keep your speech on track. Speak from the heart and be yourself.

• The Toast

When your time comes to speak, stand with your glass within reaching distance, ensure that you have everyone’s attention and that each person has a filled glass, smile and make eye contact with people in the audience, finally turn to the couple and begin to speak. • Opening Boldly State who you are and your relationship to the couple, even at smaller intimate receptions this is a good prac-

tice. At larger receptions, people will be genuinely curious about who you are and why you were asked to speak at the couple’s union. Let them know succinctly. • The Body: Toast don’t Roast Insert a short poem, quote or story at this stage. Keep details positive, focused on and personalised for the couple rather than providing too much information about you. Best men and maids-of-honor should be mindful that the audience consists of parents, grandparents, god-parents, new in-laws and even close business associates; therefore risqué inside jokes should be avoided. • Close with Confidence Once you have concluded the oration, raise your glass, look around for agreement – others in the crowd with raised glasses and propose “the toast”. Say something like “Here’s to the happy couple. Cheers!” Clink glasses with those close-by, finally take a sip of the drink and sit down. As “the big day” approaches” keep in mind, that a well executed toast makes for a memorable gift to the newlyweds and is something that will leave a lasting impression on all in attendance. Do you need assistance preparing your toast for an upcoming wedding? On Saturday June 15th Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club will be hosting a wedding themed meeting. Come hear award-winning speeches about marriage, hear sample toasts or practice toasting yourself! There will also be a mixologist on-hand giving demonstrations on how to select stemware and choose champagne and cocktails for toasting. Attendance is free of charge. RSVP Nadia Portillo at 4738292 or via the Area 12 Clubs Blog PHOTO: Richard Cook


The month of June is one of the most popular months for weddings. If you have been chosen to fill the shoes of the best man, you better be prepared because it’s not every day you can be considered to be the best. If you want to take this role seriously here are a few things to help you along the way. PLAN THE BACHELOR PARTY. Chances are you are the groom’s best buddy, so you are at an advantage, you know what the groom likes. • Start by having the end in mind. Make it fun. Not anything out of this world or accident prone because you would want your buddy to be ready for his big day. • Surprises can range from the very wild party to a casual home gathering, Consider his interest and personality when choosing what you want to do. • It’s nice to surprise your friend with what he’ll be doing at his party, but be sure to cater to his personality and interests. Get fitted for a tux/suit. In former times, etiquette dictated that the groom pay for rental or purchase of the tuxes for his groomsmen. These days, the groom often expects you to pony up the dough yourself. Personally, I find it in poor taste to ask someone to be in your wedding and then expect them to pay for their own tux, but it’s become a common practice. Whether you’re buying or renting, paying or not, you will likely be expected to get fitted for your

tux or suit. You’re responsible for showing up to the appointment and making sure the other groomsmen do as well. Go to the rehearsal. The day before the wedding, there will be a rehearsal held where the actual wedding will take place. It can’t start without you, so be sure to arrive on time. It should only last for a half an hour or so. Go to the rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal, those in the wedding party (and other family and friends the couple may have invited) will head over to the rehearsal dinner, typically held at a restaurant. There is usually toasting at the dinner, and while you are welcome to make a toast, I recommend holding off until your big speech at the wedding reception. You don’t want to use up your best material. THE DAY OF THE WEDDING A wedding day is a whirlwind of activity. Your job as the best man is to take the burden of stress off the groom and onto your shoulders. You’ll be his go-to guy: his support, assistant, and valet. You make sure things are in place, that the groom has what he needs, gets to where he needs to be, and stays relaxed. If you do your job right, the groom will only need to worry about walking down that aisle. BEFORE THE CEREMONY Hang out with the groom as he dresses for the ceremony. Keep your friend calm and relaxed (although not with spirits). There may be some downtime before the ceremony, so play some video games and just chill. Skip questions like,



In the park


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“Dude, are you sure you want to do this?” and instead offer calming encouragement. Make sure the groom has whatever he needs. Not just for the wedding but for the honeymoon as well. He may not be coming back to his house/hotel/apartment before heading off into the sunset with his bride. So make sure he has the marriage license, that he’s all packed, and that the luggage, tickets, passport, etc. get put in the car. Drive the groom over to the wedding location. Get there at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Distribute the boutonnieres and make sure the groomsmen are wearing them properly. They should be placed in the buttonhole of the left lapel of one’s suit jacket. If there’s no buttonhole, then pin them there.

church at the conclusion of the ceremony. Sign the marriage license. After the wedding, you may be asked to be a witness and sign the marriage license.

At the Reception Dance with the matron/maid of honor and the bridesmaids. Kick off the toasting with the best man speech. This is the job that probably first comes to mind when you think about being AT THE CEREMONY the best man. And it’s Enter with the groom. The order of the wedprobably the job you’re ding processional varies by the type of wedding most nervous about. and the couple’s faith tradition, but most freBut don’t worry, we’ve quently the minister or priest, best man, and got you covered with a groom (in that order) come into the church foolproof plan to knock through a side door at the front. your speech out of the Hold onto the groom’s ring. It’s your job to keep park. the ring safe and sound in your pocket and to fish An interesting side it out at the appropriate time during the cerenote: The best man mony. This is one thing you absolutely don’t want used to also read to flub, lest you end up as a clip on America’s Fun- telegrams from wellniest Home Videos. wishers who couldn’t Don’t faint. See the aforementioned reference make it to the ceremony to AFV. Decorate the getEscort the maid/matron of honor out of the away car. During the reception, sneak out with your groomsmen and decorate the bride and groom’s getaway mobile. Make it kitschy, a little embarrassing, but not uber annoying. And of course, don’t get too carried away and damage the car. Use your judgment in how far to take it by how good of sports the bride and groom are. Tying some cans with string to the underside of the car is classic, as is writing on the windows with window paint. Stick some balloons on the outside and stuff them in the interior. Tape some ribbons to the hubcaps. Stick on some window clings. They make personalized wedding specific ones, but I would go with something truly random like Dale Earnhardt, I Love My Coonhnound, and Hannah Montana. But that gives you an idea of my sense of humor. If they’re renting a limo or a slick set of wheels, you’ll probably have to skip this step. After the wedding, bring the groom’s tux to the cleaners or back to the rental shop. Take care of this while he’s on the honeymoon. Written with information from


RICHARD COOK has been an active professional photographer who has over 18 years of extensive international and local experience. He studied in Canada majoring in Art and Photography and started his career in New York City as an assistant photographer. He then decided to make our beautiful island paradise his home base, taking advantage of the scenic locations for amazing backdrops as you can see in his specialty wedding photography also showing our diverse cultural island life. His talent led his career to be more versatile by expanding in the areas of photographing food, fashion, people and places. Richard is true professional as can be seen from the caliber of his work, from photographing numerous celebrities

from Halle Berry to Nelson Mandela to being the Official Photographer for the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant (Trinidad Division). He continues to grow in experience from his work between here, the Caribbean and the USA and has gained an established list of clientele. They in turn immediately realise that he is passionate about his job because he does what he loves and loves what he does.


Tobago has a rich historic past having been captured more times than any other island in the Caribbean. Over the centuries it’s been fought over by the French, British, Dutch and the Courlanders and each of these nations have left their mark on the island. In 1807 15,000 slaves were freed on Tobago following the Abolition of the Slave Trade and they too have also contributed to the rich cultural tapestry of Tobago. Prior to the discovery of Tobago by the Europeans, the island was home to three early Amerindian cultures including the Arawaks and the Caribs. Here are some suggestions to make the most of your visit to Tobago and discover more about the island's fascinating history.

Fort King George and the Tobago Museum

Built in the early 1770s by the British, Fort King George is Tobago's best preserved fort. It sits on the hill overlooking the island's capital Scarborough and was used as a military prison more than a hundred and fifty years ago. Several of the fort's buildings have been preserved including the Officers' Mess, powder magazine and lighthouse. Cannon grace the manicured grounds which has incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Inside the restored Barrack Guard House is the Tobago Museum, home to thousands of artifacts relat-

ing to Tobago's past. There are examples of early Amerindian pottery, antique maps and coins and military relics as well as displays relating to slavery. A real historic highlight of your trip.

The Battle of Scarborough, 1677

Two of Tobago's bloodiest sea battles took place in February and December of 1677. The Dutch and French both wanted control of Tobago and when the countries' warships met the result was the death of thousands, including French and Dutch women and children and African slaves. Three centuries later and the remains of twenty warships and their undiscovered artifacts are still in the muddy bottom of what is now Scarborough harbour. This bloody period of Tobago history is about to feature in a new docudrama, Tobago 1677. Filming has already taken place in Tobago and now the production company, Oceans Discovery, is currently editing the footage before the film's release. Visit the film's locations including Fort King George and


Silk Cotton Tree at Runnemede

Towering some 40 meters above the Northside Road, this silk cotton tree has witnessed more than two hundred and fifty years of Tobago's history and firmly links the island to its African roots. The folk story of Gang Gang Sara, the most well known in Tobago folklore, is the epitome of this. Gang Gang Sara was the resident village obeah (voodoo) woman in the 1700s. She had flown to Tobago straight from Africa and settled in Les Coteaux, but after her husband died, she tried to fly back home. She launched herself from a silk cotton, but sadly she had eaten salt and could no longer fly, so she fell to her death beside the great tree.

Mystery Tombstone

Can you solve the mystery of the tombstone at Plymouth? The tomb of Betty Stiven, who died in the 18th continued on p. 15


If You Are Dreaming Of The Ultimate Destination Wedding

continued from p. 14

century, is inscribed with the strange epitaph: Beneath these walls are deposited the body of Mrs. Betty Stiven and her child. She was the beloved wife of Alex B Stiven. To the end of his days will deplore her death, which happened upon the 25th November 1783 in the 23rd year of her age. What was remarkable of her, she was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it except by her kind indulgence to him. There are many theories about what this means, the most common is that this was an inter-racial romance between a white slave master and a black female slave. At the time this would have been taboo. Others claim that Betty gave birth to her child while unconscious. To date none of these theories have been proved although that doesn't stop people from trying to guess.

Tobago Cocoa Estate

From the 1860s to the early 1920s Trinidad and Tobago was one of the biggest producers of cocoa in the world. It was grown on many of the larger plantations, such as Roxborough and Richmond, and by individual farmers. But production virtually came to a standstill after prices collapsed and the crop developed witchbroom disease. Hurricane Flora in 1963 was the final disaster for this once thriving industry. But Tobago is once again making its mark with cocoa. Duane Dove is reviving the 47-acre Roxborough Cocoa Estate, and his crop is now in demand all over the world. Tours of the now renamed Tobago Cocoa Estate offer you the chance to get your taste buds around a piece of Tobago history. To find out more about these and many more exciting historic adventures on Tobago or to book your stay visit the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association's new website at or phone 868 639 9543.


M Tobago’s newest resort specializes in delivering dreams. The choice of locations both indoors and out provides you with the perfect resort. The diverse and delicious menus to choose from are amazing. And the quality of food and service is simply the best. Dreams are delivered here.

THE GRAND WEDDING • 3 Day / 2 Night accommodations for the couple in a Deluxe Oceanfront Room

AGDALENA GRAND Rate: $1,399 USD per couple valid through December 18, 2013 (includes all taxes & service charges)

SPECIAL WEDDING OFFER: Book 5 rooms and Bride & Groom will receive a Complimentary Upgrade to a One Bedroom Oceanfront Suite!

• Full Cooked Buffet Breakfast • Minister Fee • Decorated Wedding Arch • Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere

For Reservations and Information:

• Wedding Cake – 10’’ Single Tier

Phone: 868-660-8500 Fax: 868-660-8503 E-Mail:

• Sparkling Wine & Chocolate Covered Strawberries in room • Resort Remembrance Gift

Tobago Plantations Estate, Lowlands, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies


Guardian May/June, 2013

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Wedding Bells May June 2013

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