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The Main Factors Regarding Transcreation When It Concerns Translation Services Many businesses potentially would like to expand into foreign countries, while benefiting from a more global market. Entering into a foreign market is challenging for lots of factors including having to deal with another language in a totally different culture. If you use a simple and literal business translation of your company's website and its merchandise you might lose some important meaning that transcends the words themselves. The process of generating a translation that maintains intent, context and meaning is called transcreation and is a relatively recent word here, when translating from culture to another one. It can be unfortunate to lose the real meaning of words when translating, but there is however a greater danger. When attempting to convert brands and marketing campaigns into other languages you can sometimes send a totally unintentional message, or even worse, offend your target market. The Chevy Nova ad campaign as an example is perhaps the best known instance. In Spanish, Nova may sound like “no va†which translated means “doesn't go." It's uncomfortable to advertise a car whose very name seems to mean that it doesn't work well. It can be a whole lot worse when the interpretation is offensive. Buick was forced to rename its LaCrosse the Allure in Canada when it discovered that LaCrosse was very close to a word in Quebecois meaning masturbation. Same held true for Toyota's MR2 roadster, when converted in French was just like another offensive word in the culture. These simple mistakes and potential disasters for your marketing campaigns would have to be avoided and a good translation company will help you with that. This is when transcreation is important. What you should be looking for is translation that retains the integrity of the meaning, context, tone, and style associated with the words on the page. Whether you need basic documents interpreted, internet sites or more complex projects like branding, you will want to make sure that the translation company you choose can translate more that simple words. A lot of the sub text that is necessary to understanding the true meaning of the words could be lost if computer translations were used and therefore losing out on a possible market. This is particularly correct when you are translating advertising and marketing materials. Marketing try to convey something more than information, they appeal to the imagination and emotions of the customer. When targeting a different language or country, you need to do much more than translate the words. It is important when going into a major international market to get translators from that particular country with a background in your industry to make sure the content meaning remains intact. Translators with an engineering background would comprehend your material if you in fact were an engineering business wanting to expand into that market, much more than someone who doesn't know anything about your line of business. The translation and transcreation that you are looking for would most likely come from a translator with the right background. It is also a smart idea to ask for more than one interpretation by more than one translator. Your message would at

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The Main Factors Regarding Transcreation When It Concerns Translation Services this stage be more consistent and accurate which is the goal. Another very helpful idea would be to have the translated material translated back into an English format. You may want to ask for some assistance to understand why a particular translation conveys a particular message since the translation is not likely to be very literal. When trying to find business translation services, you really should think of the translator you pick as a cultural translator. Not only are they making words easy to understand in a foreign language, they are helping you understand the culture of your target market, which is the best way to guarantee success. With experienced technical translation furnished by Communicaid, your company transactions will go perfectly. More details on Communicaid are available on the corporation's website,

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The Main Factors Regarding Transcreation When It Concerns Translation Services