2015-06-01 - HealthCare Quarterly (Vol. 8) - Top Doctors 2015 - Spring 2015

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TOP DOCTOR Dr. George Alexander SPECIALTY Plastic Surgery IN PRACTICE 20 years

What colleges have you attended and where did you earn your medical degree(s)?

I attended Rutgers University and obtained a bachelors of science degree in biology with emphasis in physiology. I then moved to Washington, D.C., where I studied at Georgetown University’s School of Dentistry. Although I enjoyed it and did well in the dental school, I decided a medical career was best for me. I applied and was accepted to Georgetown University’s School of Medicine where I obtained my MD. I love that place!

Why did you choose this particular specialty and when did you know this was what you wanted to do?

I always knew I would go into surgery. As a young medical student, I performed open-heart surgery in a research lab. I thought I would be a heart surgeon. A great career, but I became more enamored by the profession of plastic surgery. Of all surgical specialties, plastic surgery has more variety, with different operations, in virtually all parts of the body. My favorite course in medical school was anatomy, and plastic surgery is really surgical applications to all of human anatomy. When I graduated from Georgetown University I knew I would go into plastic surgery.

What are some of the things in this field that have captured your attention?

What has caught my attention in the field of plastic surgery is the continual advancement in surgical techniques and materials, with its attendant improvement in patient outcomes and higher degrees of patient safety.



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In the subspecialty of aesthetic (cosmetic) plastic surgery there has been an explosion of nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures over the last one to two decades. One obvious example is the injectable medicine Botox, now a household word.

What is the most rewarding part of your job as a medical professional?

Appreciation. The most rewarding part of my profession is happy patients expressing thanks for the care I provide, and the expression of trust and confidence from my respected colleagues.

What is the biggest problem you see in the health care industry?

I had the pleasure of serving as past president of Clark County Medical Society, which broadens my response beyond just plastic surgery. The biggest problem I see in the health care industry today is the delivery of the highest quality health care to the many patients who need and deserve it. Over the 20 years of practicing in Las Vegas, I am happy to see more and more high quality physicians and surgeons in our community. We need to continue to foster retaining and attracting the best doctors and nurses, to our community. We need to continually improve our infrastructure, which includes medical schools, residencies, and hospitals. There are many moving parts to this solution, but the “good news” is that we have a lot of intelligent and dedicated people who are tirelessly working to make this happen.

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