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he 2011 Men’s Conference, ‘Building

teaching on ‘Gods Plan for Man’, covering the

Men. Raising Sons ‘ was a huge

how-to of good success. “I felt empowered, all

success! Each speaker did a

of the men seemed to be relaxed, and just


ready to hear the word and fellowship” – NS.

job, sharing

After closing, all of the men determined to

the Word of

come back the next day for our basketball

the Lord, with

tournament, cookout, games, and more than

the upward of

anything the gender specific teaching that

200 men that

would be provided.

showed up. Our own Pastor, Dr. Dimitri Bradley opened up with a

1 Building Men. Raising Sons!

At 8:00 a.m. sharp the following day, men began to arrive for continental breakfast,

and to receive their t-shirts and cologne. “You

Then, there were games and fellowship.

can’t help but sense the anointing when he

The men enjoyed spades, basketball,

teaches; he is a dynamic man of God!’”– AJ

horseshoes and more as they waited for the

Each session offered the men a unique look upon life, one in which they could better connect with God, others and the world around them.

2 Building Men. Raising Sons!

next and final speaker, Maryland’s own, Dr. Ray McQueen. His teaching on ‘Courage’ concluded the meeting properly, with its simple, yet strengthening message on how to face the challenges of life, and be fearless in the process. We look forward to an even more dynamic meeting in 2012!

Q and A Q:

Why is pornography wrong, aren’t I in the privacy of my own home?


As men we are highly visual and

must realize what we give our attention to can shape our desires. By constantly focusing on

Pornographic merchandise and material

sexual lust, as is the case with pornography,

is addictive, as it triggers arousal hormones in

you may find the desire to fornicate or commit

both the body and brain. The multi-billion

adultery. That being, it can become more and

dollar industry owners know this, and have

more difficult to abstain from these sins as a

set it up to create repeat viewers, draining


you of your time, money and resources.

3 Building Men. Raising Sons!

The Bible makes it clear that when lust

focus on the Word instead (Matthew

has developed, it brings forth sin (James

5:28).Guard your life from sin and its

1:15). Do not allow Satan to use your God

consequences, by guarding your eyes from

given visual nature, to put you in bondage,

sinful imagery.

If you have a question pertaining to manhood that you would like to submit to the Pastor, to be answered here in our monthly Q and A segment, email us at

4 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Article Developing Self Esteem


elf esteem is defined by Webster as,

to operate with full confidence in whose they

‘A confidence and satisfaction in

are and what they can accomplish by His

oneself.’ It is God’s will for his sons

power on the inside of them. Then why do so few men have it right? The Scripture says that David encouraged himself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6). This took place directly after he and his men were attacked by an opposing army. What can we take from this? All too often we allow the attacks of this life to define who we

5 Building Men. Raising Sons!

are, instead of looking to the Lord. It is God’s plan for you to have self-esteem and operate

successfully in the earth. As you begin to find

can do through you, and walk in a new level

out, and meditate on what He has said about

of victory!

you, in spite of what is taking place, then you will develop a healthy confidence in what He

6 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Events  The next G-Men meeting is Friday, March, 23 at 7:00 P.M.


1 Samuel 30:6

7 Building Men. Raising Sons!

 And David was greatly distressed; for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.

Bulletin  If you have not turned in your assignments for the commissioning process, please do so by contacting Jamiel Cotman at 804-833-7628.

Thought 8 Building Men. Raising Sons!


Your talent will never outweigh your love walk and faithfulness. God promotes those like Him (1 John 4:8).

9 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Mens Newseltter March 2012  
Mens Newseltter March 2012